5 Best Phone Holder For Car In 2020

5 Best Phone Holder for Car in 2020

Our Choice: The Top Rated

5 Best Phone Holder For Car In 2020

The best magnetic

5 Best Phone Holder For Car In 2020
5 Best Phone Holder For Car In 2020

Our Choice: The Top Rated

5 Best Phone Holder For Car In 2020

The best magnetic

5 Best Phone Holder For Car In 2020

Staying connected is more important than ever in today’s world. To use your GPS application drive, you’ll need the best support phone to keep your smartphone under the eyes easily. However having your hands safely on the road handy phone for you and your passengers remains a big problem. Fortunately, there are more and more fasteners specifically designed for smartphones drive. Find the perfect support for your phone model can be complicated so there are different options available at present.

When buying a car holder phone, do not settle for the cheapest option, because they can often be fragile and insecure, which could damage your phone. You can also find some cheap universal phone holders do not correspond exactly to the shape and size of your phone, which can make it difficult configuration.

We have selected the best in this article car phone holders that make using your phone safe and legal driving. Some are compatible with the charging cables to keep your phone powered on the go, and some allow you to change the orientation of your phone according to your preferences. Most phone carriers we have chosen are compatible with all smartphones, and they are not that expensive either.

Best Phone Holders for Car in 2020

1. SENDIS – The best car phone holder

Very flexible, this support can squeeze the very stably phone to avoid the fall of the halfway phone. It is designed with natural plastics, non-toxic and meets environmental standards. You can install the phone holder on the breakdown of your car.

Design simple and elegant, it will not block your line of sight. Free your hands to make reading your phone easier. 360 degree rotation and easy adjustment for angles that allow optimal view. This support is compatible with iPhone 5s 6s 6s longer 5c 4 4s, Samsung Galaxy Note, Nexus, LG, Sony, HTC, MP3 players, GPS devices and other Android smartphones.

On one block, shares in the ears that can shake the phone, so it is stronger than average. This telephone support is very good. Also reliable because it secures the phone and straightens easily. There is no risk that your phone falls.

In conclusion: A very good product, easy to use. The rear button opens itself, no need to shoot and to adjust according to his phone up. It holds up well to the air vent and the phone is held inside. It comes in a small cardboard box owl. We can highly recommend this support because it is really great, strong and discreet.

2. IZUKU – A great universal car phone holder with 360 rotation

Different with the brackets with spring clip which slide easily, the IZUKU terminal has two different levels of pressure, with the appropriate level the support is securely connected to the ventilation strips. It provides perfect protection without the risk of scratches if you do not want to scratch your equipment! The high-quality media IZUKU protective material offers a free installation for your mobile phone or your car. In addition, the support IZUKU trembles ever, even on bumpy roads. The installation of the ventilation grid also reduces the parasitic reflections that we have at a fixation on the windshield.

The housing is made in high quality plastic, very robust, stable and superior to conventional materials. It has been designed to withstand extreme temperatures even if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time phone support IZUKU has excellent durability. IZUKU warrants this product for life, the unlimited guarantee on quality defects with a service customer friendly and always available.

Just press the small button on the back of the support to slowly release your phone. It remains in place through the lower supports and does not fall. For the establishment, put the phone on the lower supports and firmly pinch the jaws. All this requires only one hand.

To conclude: The robust housing guarantees high stability and long life. Silicone materials are non-slip and prevent scratches on your phone and car. The carrier can be rotated 360 °. The lateral jaws can be opened by simply pressing a button, and use of one hand. The support can be adapted to different degrees on your ventilation slats and when driving on bumpy roads you can opt for a tight fit. This universal support is compatible with almost all smartphones, it is suitable for iPhone 7 7plus, 6S, 6S more, 6, 6 more, 5S, 5C, SE, Galaxy S7 edge, S6 edge, S8, S7, S6, A5, A3 Note4, Note 3, Note 2, Huawei, Wiko, HTC Nexus, Blackberry etc.

3. AUKEY – Best Car Phone Holder Magnetic Ventilation Grid

Our opinion on the support for magnetic phone car Aukey

Aukey offers with this magnetic support a solution to have on hand your smartphonelorsque driving. For this you just need to come just place your phone on the support already in place in your vehicle and voila, the 4 magnets do all the work.

Two types of magnets are sold with support so that you find, as usual or not shell with your smartphone, the ideal way to use the support. Designed for use with all smartphones on the market such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the other whose maximum weight does not exceed 500g. The Aukey support is incredibly easy to use and supports through its powerful magnets iPad and other tablets.

The exterior rubber clamps protects your air vents of any kind of scratches. The spread your in the clips are different and will firmly secure it on your different sized air vents. However it is not recommended for irregular or round air vents.

Small and lightweight, you can take it all during your travels. AUKEY easily install with one hand, no tools needs, just simply drag the media into your air vent.

Not only can you use it as a car carrier but also you can place it on a table, your desk, make selfie, for FaceTime calls, watch the movie, etc.

To conclude: Aukey signs a perfect product it is possible to put the phone without asking any question and usable with one hand. The metal plate for keeping your phone is in the casing of the latter, the support system is completely forgotten in everyday life. The other method is to glue the metallic gel pad directly on the back of the smartphone if you use it without shell so that it is held on the support. This is an excellent product that must be in your possession if you are looking for a simple solution to have your car handy phone.

4. UGREEN – Telephone stand louver car

Our opinion on the support grid phone to car Ugreen

UGREEN can securely hold your smartphone to your car’s air vent, and with it you will not ever see inquieterez over to see him fall from the holder. It fits well on your air vent, as much horizontally and vertically to maximize your comfort and safety on the road.

It can hardly be simpler in terms of operation and no manual is present or required for this item. It allows rotation 360 degrespour a perfect view and optimal positioning of your device. It gives a good impression of quality, it is heavy and has beautiful finishes for a modern design boilerplate.

It allows you to set your phone to the optimal position for perfect viewing. The claw of the support is rubber and high quality, it will not damage the grid even if you use it every day without any complicated setup or additional parts to assemble. It adapts well to all kinds of conditions and even rough roads and ensure safety for you.

This support is compatible with all smartphones and other devices size 3.5-6 inches, such as Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 More / 8 rating / S7 / S7 Edge / A7 / A5 / A3, iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7/7 Over / 6S / SE, Huawei Mate 10 / Mate 9 / P10 / P9 / 9 Honor / Honor 8, LG V30 / V20 / G6 / G5 / G4, GPS and MP3 players etc.

Once in place the set is the most beautiful effect and quality of the holding through its silicone side arms that allow even use the touch screen to navigate without disconnecting the device from the holder.

To conclude: This support is not really necessary for any purpose or for all users but could soon become little more convenient which can not happen. In addition to providing a nice design with good quality finish and good performance, it is proposed to very acceptable prices.

5. TOPlus – Best Support Phone Car Sucker

Our opinion on the car phone holder suction cup TOPlus

This TOPlus support with its ultra sticky sucker will offer a foolproof security. Its secure suction cup sticks well stably on the windshield, dashboard or other smooth surfaces, which prevents your phone from falling.

Its telescopic boom can range from 10cm (3.9in) to 16.5cm (6.5in) and pivot up or down to a height of optimal vision and thereby prevent block your view while driving. The extendable arm may well hold the phone or device width from 50mm to 95mm, and its rubber coating protects the phone or device from scratches. Its highly flexible head offers endless angles of vision. The tray can rotate 360 ​​°, which offers the most comfortable and suitable for, it ensures a safe and enjoyable driving.

Compatible with almost all smartphones, and GPS as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S6 / S6 Edge Over / Note 5, Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus / 6S / 6s Plus / 5S / 5C / SE, Windows & Android devices, HTC One M9 M8, iPod Touch, MP3 player, LG, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Xperia and other smartphones between 1.9 inches and 3.7 inches wide. A small button on the back lets you enlarge or shrink the width of the media to allow maximum compatibility with all smartphones.

Convertible can turn into a desktop stand, ideal for watching videos, reading, recording video, surf the Internet, Facetime etc. Place your phone in the perfect angle to relax safe manner.

It is advisable to clean the suction cup with a cloth soaked in soapy water and make sure that the installation area is clean. Before removing the cup, open the hook, do not put too much force. Also, for your safety, do not install or adjust the position of the support during driving.

To conclude: The media is all plastic, black, with very good finishes. Coating the part holding the smartphone is different from the support, it is in a material somewhat “softer” and “rubbery” for maximum traction. At the rear it has a rag that keeps the smartphone so that it does not fall. The clamp system is very well thought out. Simply insert the phone in the holder and screw with the knob. It really works very well and it did not move a muscle. The ball can change very easily the viewing angle. Quality is at the appointment.

What is a carrier car phone?

A support car phone is a simple accessory that secures your smartphone to a location to view the screen while driving. The idea is to not really having to touch the phone, as is done in some conventional way with a GPS.

The different types of car phone holder

Above all, we must know that there are different models of phone holders for operating each of the different areas of the car. Each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages and it will be imperative to choose a suitable carrier to your vehicle.

There are mainly five types of media car phone. This ranking is compiled from the fastening system, at least in theory, because you will see that some types overlap:

The ventilation grille car phone holder

This is the most rependu model, which is attached directly to an output of the blades of the fan grill to the cockpit. Equipped with a gripper system, this support keeps any smartphone to keep an eye on it while driving.

The suction phone holder

This model is the first born in the range of car carriers. It has therefore been proven for decades because it was the same system that was also used by the old generation GPS. The suction cup can be stuck on the windscreen or on the dashboard, as desired. The advantage is the wide range of positioning given the width of a windshield, and also the possibility of direct telephone support at your leisure through the articulated support.

The CD car phone holder

Less currently installed in cars, telephone support, which is fixed into the CD changer is yet one that offers better stability thanks to its wide and deep influence in the CD player. His steady hand is therefore an advantage, the downside is that during installation you condemn the player and you will have to settle for the radio or an auxiliary listening.

The magnetic car phone holder

As the name suggests this model works with a magnet. You will need to paste a small patch on the back of your phone so it can bond directly to the car holder. The advantage is that the attachment but also the removal of the laptop is very fast. The downside is that you have to provide as many adhesive pads that mobile phones in the home for people of driving age.

But why buy a car phone holder?

The support will enable you to drive safely and have access to the screen of your phone. With the quality of handsfree kits available today, the interest is less able to phone to be able to view certain apps, such as GPS! But it also allows you to listen to music stored on your phone, verify that you called, etc.

Some choose to install their support and not to touch it. Other install and store their media whenever they start / are parked. In all cases, it is important to install the support and the phone only while the vehicle is stopped.

Once the ideal attachment type found according to your car there are still different criteria to consider to buy a high-performance car phone holder and again suitable for the use you make of it. Regardless, there are not many items to consider in choosing the best carrier for your car phone. This remains fairly basic accessories. But in order too quickly, just by choosing the cheapest carrier, you risk ending up with a carrier that can contain your phone.


If you are more drivers using the same car and often with phones of different sizes, then you need to invest in a universal with adjustable hooks car phone holder. You will be able to broaden your way or shrink the space between each hook that will hold the smartphone in position by pressure system. There are also iPhone or Samsung phone holders that are specifically tailored to these devices. It will be important in the end is to inventory all phone formats of the house to turn to a suitable model.


It must securely attach to your car to make your phone screen easy to see without blocking your view of the road. Some GPS applications for smartphones, or some road applications (presence of danger zones, etc.) a request in portrait mode phone display or in landscape mode. It is important to switch from one to another quickly without having to remove your car phone holder. The pivot option is now widespread in large part among manufacturers carriers that are suitable for the application, but this test will still retain all your attention on your selection to not receive at home a fixed support.


Depending on the mounting system you choose, it is important to be able to direct the phone while driving for either the driver or passenger can follow the instructions on the screen. To do so, choose a carrier with an articulated arm or a rotating head will guarantee visual access to the screen regardless of the positioning of the support.


What’s more annoying than to see his phone clinch its support by taking a speed bump or a roundabout? To ensure that you never have this type of inconvenience, pay attention to two things:

The non-slip mat

Best phone holders propose to place your smartphone on a slip mat where less efficient models are the rest directly on the plastic or metal bracket.

The phone support system

Again, be careful to choose the right media because you can buy either a medium perfectly suited to the dimensions of your phone (Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, etc …) when the phone is held firmly against several legs rigid plastic, or either universal phone holder that will require more attention because keeping system works somewhat like a vise tapering each side of the smartphone. In this case then make sure that each clamping leg is lined with non-slip plastic. Also if possible choose a model with clamping arms that bend slightly inward, it will ensure that even in cases of mild picks your phone does not fall.

What is the price of a car phone holder?

The first supports are from about 5 € and the most expensive models are up to 20 €. Do not hesitate to pay a little more to choose a highly rated priority support by the other guests. Tell yourself that this is the price to pay for not having to buy a new phone that would have slipped under your foot while falling.

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