Best 3D Pens 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best 3D Pens 2020 | Reviews and Guide

3D pen market is constantly changing and this is normal because it is a young product. New manufacturers entering the market of 3D printing each year and bring with them new technologies. So we did a little updating of our comparative item for 2019, to present you the latest Pen 3D models available!

If you can draw and you would like your drawings become embossed designs, 3D pen will be an ally perfect. But technology is changing very fast, then Best Comparison reviewed 7 products you find on Amazon to help you make the right choice. For you and for your children, a 3D pen will be a wonderful gift!

Our Choices: For Kids

Best 3D Pens 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best 3D Pens 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best 3D Pens 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choices: For Kids

Best 3D Pens 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best 3D Pens 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The best 3D pen 2019

What is a 3D pen?

A 3D pen is actually something that looks like a large version of an ordinary pen or pencil. However, instead of using the traditional or graphite mine ink that is used in a pen or pencil, 3D printing pen works with plastic. Yes, you read well, plastic.

Ah, now you have to ask yet more questions on the subject! Perfect. Like for example, does a 3D pen is difficult to handle? Or is that a 3D pen child exists? Or is it even just a good thing? Well yes. First, the use of 3D printing pen is not so different from using a normal pen or pencil, just stand in the same way. But if so, you’ll see, there are many ways to use a 3D pen.

1. 3D pen Lovebay – For children and adults

Our opinion on the pen 3D Lovebay

One of the main benefits of a 3D pen is to develop creativity in children. In addition to drawing your little can create a figurine or a small object in relief, using his pen. The brand Lovebay has understood and here offers a complete 3D Pen, with all the accessories needed to start well!

In addition to white and black Pen 3D and LCD screen that displays the temperature of the plastic, there are many elements in this pack. First, it contains 12 multicolored PLA plastic filament that will give shape to the drawings from the first moments. These filaments have the additional feature of glow in the dark, which can create amazing items.

There are also protections for silicone fingers which prevent the material does not attach when the molten plastic is key and a door Pen 3D very useful when you need to ask the tool for a moment. Very stable, with a base at three feet, it perfectly holds the pen. It is therefore easy to use and very safe, which makes it perfectly recommendable for the youngest (from 5 years). However, it recommends that an adult supervises the use.

I bought this out of curiosity and I was not sure what to expect. But this subject surprised me! Indeed, it is an object of high quality and easy to use. The pen has a small screen that adjusts the plastic flow (to write more or less thick) and view the pen temperature (to melt the plastic). The pen comes with a reusable box for storage, it is convenient. There is also a manual that explains how to fix it and how to use it. I therefore recommend this 3D pen, you will spend time having fun. Be careful not to burn yourself!

If we dwell a bit more detail in pen and 3D features, we note that its temperature is adjustable (3 speeds) which facilitates the use. Thus chooses the heating rate and the filament type (PLA or ABS) that is inserted. In 30 seconds, it is ready to use! It is also possible to define the plastic flow to better control the amount that comes out. In addition, we appreciate its almost instantaneous cooling system that avoids the danger of burns!

This is a 3D pen that loads easily with a USB input and a supplied cable, and has a standby mode that after 3 minutes of inactivity, it turns off automatically. The user manual provides you will quickly understand how to use, and design PVC card could give some creative ideas for your child. And if an adult wants to use it, there is of course no problem!

This pen is a complete 3D model, very well finished, which also benefits from an excellent price / quality ratio. Upon receipt, it can be used as the pack includes the essential and it will be perfect for a knowing moment with a creative child!

2. The 3D smart pen brand Meterk

Our opinion on the pen 3D Meterk

The Meterk brand offers here a model of 3D Pen cheap, which is convenient both for children and adults who love to create. If you are a designer, a graphic designer, you have the soul of a designer, then this pen 3D printing could be a good choice.

It is a very light product that does not even weigh 50 g. This makes it very comfortable to use and no fatigue. Its small size makes it handy as well as an adult by a child (with dimensions of 17.7 x 2.6 x 3.5 cm) and it will allow more creative of you to easily express their talent.

This 3D pen is charged via a 220V AC adapter supplied connected to the tool via a USB cable. Just plug it to see a red glow, which will change to green when the pen is ready for use. The power indicator indicates whether a reload is necessary shortly. It can also connect directly via USB cable to any external battery, which allows to use it from anywhere!

This pen is just awesome. Good already filament samples under vacuum, the power cable is flat to avoid the nodes and the packaging is very well done. The product is very easy to use, in some tests I could already make words and towers. Super 3D pen.

It has an LCD screen that displays the temperature of the plastic filaments and the speed of extrusion of the material. Thus, you can easily control the speed at which the fate plastic PLA (odorless and nontoxic) for greater creative precision. This is important in order to stay careful when manufacturing small objects!

When it is hot, simply insert the color chosen for filaments they melt one by one in the 3D pen. With one touch will activate the cast of the next filament when you run out of material. Moreover, be aware that the initial package already includes 16 threads of different colors 6 meters each, which allows very fast start to manufacture its first 3D models.

Sold with 3D pen Meterk, you will also have a base to remove the pen when not in use or the time that the nozzle to cool down a bit, an instruction manual to understand how to use it (it n ‘ not so intuitive if it’s your first time) and a drawing board.

Those who own a 3D printer can make some adjustments especially on the impressions of the machine, using this handy 3D pen. Note that to use it, it must be plugged in but the cable length allows use shamelessly!

For smaller budgets and those who want to start using a 3D pen, this could well be the best!

3. A Pen 3D children and starter kit offered by 3Doodler

Our opinion on the pen 3D 3Doodler

With this set of special boot child, 3Doodler brand offers a complete kit to younger creators destinations!

You will find, in addition to 3D pen for children, a full palette of colors filaments (48 pieces!) To a good start and give free rein to your imagination, unlimited (or almost), and a guide that will allow novices become familiar with this item. But that’s not all !

The pencil 3D printing 3Doodler charge via a USB cable and you can use it without difficulty while plugged. But once full, it has a battery life of one hour, allowing younger (over 6 years) to enjoy themselves freely, even outdoors. It was designed specifically for kids and it shows in the finish. The nozzle can be touched safely and quickly cooled the plastic for a very intuitive. A child will be able to draw in the air without any stress!

It uses a non-toxic plastic and BPA at low temperatures, making it as safe for the children and your pets (whose curiosity sometimes pushes to want to snack creations …) and the fact that you can easily adjust the heating rate and the output of melted plastic will help speed the smaller building very pretty things quickly.

This pen has literally amazed us! I definitely recommend it for an original gift for developing creativity. It’s amazing all that can be done with and there are many models on the guides. It is easy to use and very fun.

The brand offers 3Doodler (aside) construction kits (the kits DoodleBlock) that are kind of molds for making a nod a specific object: a rocket, a robot, a monument … One then sees all the potential of this 3D pen for children.

The fact that it is also lightweight (230 grams) as well proportioned for a child’s hand (14 x 3.18 x 3.18 cm) makes it very handy, and younger will be delighted to give life to all what goes through their heads. For those out of inspiration, stencils and a practical guide will start.

Building on a very good ergonomics and a colorful design, this 3D pen is great for the younger! Adults will turn to a model less childish, because it is clearly to awaken the creative instinct of children. And in this light, it is the best 3D pens!

4. Pen 3D printing 3D Hero

Our opinion on the 3D Hero pen

If you need a 3D pen cheap on Amazon, it is perhaps to this that you will turn. You will be able to acquire a complete package, designed for both adults and children.

This pen 3D printing 3D Hero is a classic model, but works reasonably well. It is quite late (1.59 x 2.4 x 24.7 cm) for a very convenient handling, though a bit long in the hands of children. However, its low weight (45 g) is an advantage not to tire in use.

It is sold with an adapter 220 volts for the French sockets and you can load it as well by this means with a portable battery or USB cable. But be careful, because it can only be used if it is plugged in! It has a flag to indicate its temperature and a button groups all options for action: load plastic, activate and stop. Convenient ! Note a heating time may be a little longer than on other models presented here, but nothing too disturbing.

Relating to plastic filaments, it accepts that the PLA. You will find in the pack 4 spools of 3 meters, in 4 different colors. Therefore, it is possible to use upon receipt and you can insert standard refills, as long as you respect the PLA material.

Super 3D pen with 4 samples 3 meters PLADans the box you have finger guards (2 sizes), cable and 220v power socket with French. Spatula and instructions and a template sheet. This pen filled its functions perfectly and did what I’d recommend it and has a charger with French outlet.

In the package, it also has 2 protectors fingers, great for the kids but do not get dirty too small finger of an adult man. Among the smaller more innovative, we have this spatula is used to loosen the created objects. When you make a small plastic animal, a cart or a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower, for example, the plastic may be attached to the sheet or board you are working on. With a spatula, you can undo it without risk of damaging it!

In addition to the user guide, there is a guide with bosses for Pen 3D, which allows beginners who have never used this type of tool to make their first creations easily. It must be said that the pen is fairly simple to learn, and you can easily make small repairs on plastic objects, or give free rein to his desires to manufacture all kinds of things.

It is reported that the plastic flows too quickly sometimes, especially when you’re not comfortable with the 3D pens, so that you recommend rather for adults than for younger people, who have a tendency to make small blocks of plastic. But aside from that, it is a complete 3D pen pack and enjoys a very good price / quality ratio. It is recommended!

5. An intelligent 3D printing style Homecube

Our opinion on the pen 3D Homecube

This pen 3D printing brand caters equally to younger (over 8 years) who will awaken to the creation and design, and to adults who find it a perfect tool for fun, create or repair certain items. In addition to a 3D printer, it’s great!

It is sold with 3 filament coils 3 meters long, plastic PLA 1.75 mm. However, it also accepts ABS plastic wire. In the package, there is also an AC adapter, a manual (in English) and several small accessories: two fingers protectors and a cap to reseal the pen when it is at rest. There is also a small plastic window which allows the creations off. Ingenious!

This pen has a 3D LCD, able to point you in the heating temperature, the plastic output speed and the type of plastic you can insert. Everything is adjustable, and in particular we appreciate the fact that there are four flow rates for plastic, which avoids we end up with a lot of material which freezes. For those who have children and want to introduce them, this is a non-negligible advantage.

It is an intelligent product, which will be able to go to sleep automatically when it is not used. This avoids unnecessarily melt plastic! On the LCD screen, you will see the word SLEEP and you only have to press the Forward button to reactivate.

After hesitating between several products and are not expert in question, comments have guided me towards this 3D pen and I have no regrets for having made this choix.Il is very easy to use (my daughter 9 years has also mastered after 10 min), the yarn dries very quickly and really helps make 3D. For a price quite reasonable, creative hours ahead!

It is fairly simple to learn, because its interface is well thought. It is not too large (20 x 11.8 x 7.4 cm), but a little heavy (399 g). However, this does not bother when you get into the creations from a sheet or hand in the air once you master the craft. There are also patterns for 3D pen and very good tutorials on the net, to learn how to create the most beautiful objects!

The only thing missing? A support for the asking when you do not use it. We can also blame him that it is a bit noisy, which disturbs the tranquility of the person using it. For the rest, we have a product as reliable as efficient, and one of the best 3D pens available on Amazon.

6. Pen 3D printing low temperature Eryone

Our opinion on the pen 3D Eryone

The Eryone brand offers here a 3D pen to particularly original design, which is designed for easy handling. If you can find it quite unsightly (!), We must recognize that it handles wonderfully!

This pen 3D printing low temperature accepts two types of plastic: the PLA will heat it to 170 °, for artwork successful or small patches on printed plastic objects in 3D, and the PCL which will be heated that 90 °. It will freeze faster! You only have to press the material change button to change it without having to set the temperature.

In practice, there are two possibilities: either you hold the button that enables the output of melted plastic (useful for detailed work but tiring in the long run) or you engage flow continuously pressing twice on the same button. So you really control your production!

For our manual activity he missed more than pen! Received very quickly and very satisfied with this purchase as much by its ideal size for children but also how to load it really convenient pen! The plus models that facilitate early uses. Looking forward to lots of sculpture!

It heats quickly enough and an LED tells you when it is ready for use. Then, instead of creation. It is unfortunate that the nozzle remains hot for a child too curious might get burned by touching. In this case, we recommend supervision when using this 3D pen with a small and buying finger guard.

It comes with a coil 3 meter plastic PLA, which is to start soon, but it is quickly exhausted. Think about getting one or more refills filament for 3D pen! In the box, there is also a book with patterns that will give you ideas, a manual (which is unfortunately not in French) and a micro USB charging cable. Beware, there is no power outlet with this model!

It is lightweight, comfortable to use and most kids love to have fun doing all sorts of shapes. So successful pen 3D model, which will make a great gift!

7. 3D talking pen for children Nulaxy brand

Our opinion on the pen 3D Nulaxy

This is the first 3D printing pen that talks! This model, mainly for children with its shape very friendly robot is indeed with a voice guidance system that will help children create while having fun. For cons, the transmitted messages are currently … in English!

Apart from this innovative aspect, we salute the original design of this 3D pen and its good grip. It must be connected to a USB power to operate but the thread does not interfere. And with only 2 buttons to use it, put on a considerable ease for use by children. Moreover, the security aspect is reinforced by the fingers protectors supplied with the model, which will avoid the risk of burns.

This Pen 3D Nulaxy supports two main types of plastic (ABS and PLA) and you only have to use 6 colors reels provided to start your creations. What to spend a fun time with her offspring, on receipt of the equipment. Changing the filament is simple, thanks to the charging slot on the skull of the little robot and just click several times on the main button to change the flow rate of plastic.

This pen arrived in time very quickly. It complies with the photo and description. I tested. He looks fine. Precision, it has no internal battery, so you must connect it via USB to operate (so needless to load hours …). That said it’s not really embarrassing. I think it is the case of all 3D pens. Contrary to what we see on photos.Je do not regret my purchase so far, I think my niece is fine to have fun, and if this is not the case it will be me.

It comes with numerous accessories, which provide a welcome comfort of use especially when you begin! Its support allows the file and make it fit right, the spatula will be very useful to take off small items that sometimes freeze against the worksheet, and bosses for Pen 3D, well made, will help beginners to make their first works. From 5 years (but with an adult), this 3D pen can be a good idea to raise your children to art.

We appreciate its intelligent sleep function that makes the switch off automatically after 1 minutes 30 and its LED system that informs you when it is ready for use. It is a bit heavy with 399 grams but its dimensions (18.4 x 15.2 x 6.6 cm) make a simple object to handle for younger.

This is a real achievement that guarantees you to spend quality family time!

Discovering 3D Pens

If you are a novice in 3D pen, this information could be used to make the best choice!

The pen is a 3D tool takes the shape of a pen, comprising inserting plastic filaments. These will be heated by an internal mechanism and plastic, once melted, can be broadcast via the nozzle of the pen.

As if drawing with a simple pencil, then you can create what you go through your head. Except that instead of the conventional ink (flat and without relief), you have there a plastic that allows the manufacture of 3D objects.

Using a 3D pen is simple, once you have taken the hand.

To begin, it will be simpler to use patterns, representing the object you want to model. By pressing the key flow of plastic on the pen, you only have to follow the lines of the drawing to give it shape and volume. Depending on the complexity of the object, you may have to make multiple parts (head, legs, tail … for a plastic cat, for example) before the stick together.

Once you master, you can design 3D structures freehand! You will now simply draw the object in space, on a pedestal, to give it life. Jewelry, toys, deco … Enjoy!

Or buy a 3D pen?

Given the success of these innovative objects, in children as well as adults, 3D pens have flooded the market. But the tool is not yet public, because we think too often expensive it wrong, it is found only in specialty shops in fine arts.

The simplest solution to acquire at attractive rates therefore remains to order online through a certified retailer like Amazon.

Buying a 3D pen: Should we buy a cheap or expensive?

Before buying a 3D pen, you should familiarize yourself with its operation and use. The “modus operandi” is different for each brand. Whether with the type of plastic filament or design, there can be so many variables and differences. For example, the new pen 3D models do not share the same design and shape as the first model 3Doodler the world. The 3Doodler for example, uses plastic filaments, which makes the 3D drawing in the air easier. Real-time 3D creation Drawing apace, is a real goal. The history of 3D pen is still very recent.

The first such project was funded a Kickstarter campaign. So not need much to master the art and 3D Pen technology. The success of 3Doodler inspired another jewel from the Scribbler brand. With productions in China, Scribbler was still able to deliver with 6 month warranty and in addition to the return policy. If you do not know quite how to go about choosing a 3D pen, it is quite normal, it can be tricky, it’s a rather complete market.

The 3D technology is making great strides, whether in movies, in video games, and in some activities. However, for 3D pen, there is not much to learn compared to other home electronics product. Understand and learn the details of this technology can be very easy. Indeed the evolution of this technology can be explained quickly just by comparing 3D plastic pens, 3D pen-sensitive ink.

Ballpoint pen 3D vs. 3D-sensitive ink

The Scribbler 3Doodler and brands accounted for most 3D pens products in the initial phase of the market for 3D pens. All plastic used to make 3D drawings. There is now, 3D pen-sensitive ink, cold. Indeed, CreoPop brand developed a solution, making solid ink. Opening the possibility of a 3D drawing plastic without heating. The brand managed to get rid of all the hot parts of the pen, it is an alternative more reliable and secure.

The difference between the conventional plastic 3D 3D pens and pens photosensitive ink summarizes the evolution of 3D pens. They made the 3D drawing also possible that it was in the case of plastic pens.

additional Features

The first and primary function of 3D pens is to make 3D drawings, 3D art or objects. The operation and design would facilitate loading the plastic filament, filament extrusion and drawing in 3D. In addition, some extra features can be useful. For example a standby mode would be a classic example of a useful extra feature. Or the large LCD displays that can give the product a competitive advantage. Some products even have a filament lock detection system. The 3D smart pens have very advanced options such as thermal management, LED multiple indications etc …

Type of control

The quality of a 3D pen can be boosted with a little extra control it gives to the user. For example, the temperature can be controlled in some 3D pens. You can also control the drawing speed with some models. The adjustable power supply can help to regulate the flow rate and the drawing speed. The speed regulation continuously, increases comfort and ease of design. Adjustable temperature can help refine your drawings to unimaginable points. This changes the whole experience of drawing in 3D. All these intelligent controls are that new 3D pen coming out now need to create greater attraction than their competitors.


Ergonomic design is THE necessity when it comes to recent 3D pens. Many promises have not been kept, including the 3D pen Mohoo number 1 in sales. 3D pens finest are those preferred in the current market. The best products are super small and can even be recharged via USB. Design plays a huge role in how the controls are felt once the 3D pen in hand. Ergonomics should allow easy access to different controls (placement of buttons on the pen). A light weight and ergonomic design improves the quality of 3D pen.

Type filament

The type of filament plays in your 3D drawing style. It determines how you hold the pen and with what force. A filament contains plastic, which render the 3D drawing possible. Today, there are over a dozen different types of plastic filaments on the market. Generally, the easier it is to replace, the better for use. Types of easily replaceable filament helps a lot in the long run. It makes your 3D pen used for a longer period. There are 4 main types of filaments – Standard, Flexible Composite and Specialized.


The brand name is definitely important in this emerging technology. 3Doodler invented the first 3D printing pen in the world. Scribbler offers the luxury of a guarantee of 6 months. Compare brands and models on the basis of the quality and the features available. You commonly see in this product category, misleading advertisements. It is your responsibility to review the brand and know what to expect.

Look at the comparative, test and view 3D pens in 2019

Word of mouth does not really work for 3D pens. Each artist and a person using 3D printing pen are the first generation of users. You must do so trust the reviews online and criteria put forward by the designers. Read reviews and customer reviews on Amazon for example. Beware criticism made especially when things seem too good to be true. This is the simplest way to determine the quality and value of your product. Notices will be the first-hand information you need before deciding if the product would work for you or not. Many 3D printing pen models made promises that were never kept. More information is available with test videos on YouTube. This way you can see for yourself how these pens.


You have to read the other guest reviews before buying a 3D pen. These notices will give you a real idea of ​​the use of this one.

To conclude

At present, buying a 3D printer rhymes with spending much money. Yes, a 3D printer makes sense if you want to undertake major projects that are simply not possible with a 3D pen.

However, if you want a 3D printing pen to a small exhibition of 3D art, school projects, to occupy your children, or even just try the concept, then the 3D pen is a choice adequate.

In addition, the market is relatively new, but the choices are already multiple, so this top was made. To help interested consumers choose the best 3D pen can.

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