Best 4K Uhd Bluray Player In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best 4K UHD BluRay Player in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Looking for a Blu-ray player? You are not the only one. When DVD was introduced in the late 90s are, it was such a revolution compared to VHS that success was immediate. But the popularization of HDTV format as in competition DVD and Blu-ray. Today, it is clear that it is the Blu-ray that has survived the transition: it is one of the few formats to hold on in the world of streaming and paperless media. And Blu-ray players in?

They took a facelift. If they are so successful is that they are the best option to get the best high definition TV. Yet it is far from simple media player as at the time of the first DVD. The time is the versatility of the Hi-tech equipment and the best Blu-ray players are now resourceful.

While Netflix and other providers dematerialized gaining popularity, it is important to make the most, as a consumer, the fierce competition that has occurred in this area. That’s why you wrote Best Comparison this roundup of the best products and a comprehensive shopping guide: although there are help you make the right choices and invest in a Blu-ray player that is not close to being obsolete.

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best 4K Uhd Bluray Player In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The best general

Best 4K Uhd Bluray Player In 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best 4K Uhd Bluray Player In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best 4K Uhd Bluray Player In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The best general

Best 4K Uhd Bluray Player In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our selection of best 5 Blu-Ray player

1. Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD – A best Blu-Ray player 4K 2020

For movie buffs, have a good Blu Ray player is obvious but still need to opt for a model that exploits the full potential of this video format. Sony, expert since the brand created the Blu Ray format, offers here a Blu Ray disc player for combining images in 4k cinema quality sound and Internet capabilities for multiple use.

This Blu Ray player uses UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD technology, which allows you to enjoy a picture 4 times sharper than that offered by a conventional Blu-ray (Full HD). So you can use the full potential of your TV screen and watch your movies or favorite series with an impressive level of detail. Even by viewing films already seen 100 times, we rediscover many items with this accuracy in the image.

The picture quality of Blu ray will be enhanced by HDR10 technology, which optimizes the brightness level and the Dolby Vision that enhances the colors. Thus, your screen will be 100 times brighter than usual with a game on the intensity of the light areas and dark areas, which brings out the colors. Images of Nature, especially in becoming breathtaking!

Very good blu-ray player 4K can also download apps like Netflix. Also if you have a recent Sony TV you can control the TV with the remote control of the player and vice versa is very convenient. The upscaling 4K is really good blu-ray 1080p really well displayed. Also it is compatible HDR what really brings a plus if you have a compatible TV.

Even if you do not have a 4K-art television, UBP-X700 features a HDR-SDR converter that will convert the image to best optimize for your device. Thus, you will enjoy all the same a quality well above the one you have used your screen!

But if the image is critical when you love cinema, sound is equally important. The Sony Blu Ray player uses advanced surround sound in Dolby Atmos and DTSX which codecs are used by movie theaters. The sound quality that emanates from the speakers is remarkable and with a facility worthy of the name, you will experience the film in total immersion. It also supports most other audio and video formats (DVD, DivX, MPEG2 …), so you can play all your media files.

Finally, its wireless functionality allows you to have permanent access to your services streaming or VOD favorites in a flash: with the remote control, simply connect to Netflix or YouTube to watch what good you want. What enjoy their videos with ease!

With the correct dimensions, design a mat and a small price, Blu-Ray player to UBP-X700 really all!

2. Sony UBP-X800 – Another very good Blu-Ray 4K

With this Blu Ray player 4K Ultra HD, Sony hits hard and offers users a complete device for watching movies or listening to music in the best conditions.

With technology 4K HD, you will home a visual rendering equal to that offered the best cinemas. Movies and series can be seen and reviewed with a level of detail never achieved. The system supports color spaces BT.2020 that provides a wide range of color shades, for a photo-realistic image. And with ultra HD, brightness will be adjusted to your screens with deeper blacks and brighter whites for an immersive experience. It’s simple, you’d look out the window as the images are sharp!

But the Blu-Ray UBP X800 Sony reader does not forget the audio quality, far from it! With Dolby Atmos and DTS codecs: X, the two most used audio systems in the cinema, you will have a sound striking. With the speakers in your TV or better, a home theater complete, you will hear the precise detail sound: a drop of rain that falls, a creaking door, a police siren in the distance … The purity of the sound is amazing and provides a more immersive experience than ever.

We also appreciate that the reader has two separate HDMI outputs: one for her and one for the image. Still on the subject of sound, the Hi-Res Audio team that the unit is the equivalent of HD audio. So when you listen to your favorite albums via the drive (CD, MP3 or via a music streaming site), you hear exactly what the artist wanted to do! Music lovers are delighted to be able to enjoy their favorite music with such quality.

high quality, template image, sound, everything is finished nickel, huge plus is the almost total absence of noise and vibration, the unit is very well designed, no fan noise or disk or the laser arm as my old model, I highly recommend!

Among the significant features on the Blu Ray player from Sony, we include wireless connectivity allowing access to many applications, VOD or streaming music, and Bluetooth functionality. The latter allows you for example to connect a wireless headset to watch a movie without disturbing others, but also to link your mobile devices throughout the home. So you can start a song from the player and have it spread in your room, in the toilet in your bathroom … as long as your smartphone or tablet it is.

Finally, it also has a feature upscaling that enables it to optimize the quality of your files on less powerful devices such as a Single HD. What enjoy the best possible quality even without the latest equipment.

With a simple design and construction which makes it quiet, this Blu Rayu BP-X800 player that gives pride to the sound while providing a stunning visual quality will be an excellent acquisition for all those who love cinema and music.

3. LG BP250 – The Blu-ray player unbeatable value

Between the screens, advanced projectors and media players, LG has every intention of monopolizing your cinema corner. And it works: staying in the most basic lines, we have the certainty of a well finished product with basic functions. But for that price, you are entitled to what, exactly?

This Blu-ray player offers a design boilerplate shining through small details. The outer covering is made of aluminum, which has a cooling effect always nice. The front of the unit has been designated with an elegant quilted effect that recalls the sound insulation walls.

Given the congestion that can hit the TV area with its cable and various decoders, one can not but appreciate that it is so compact, with a length of only 27 centimeters. The remote is intuitive, and the batteries are included. The latter, however, uses the infrared, which has the advantage of consuming little battery but that senses obstacles and distance with the device.

We just regret the lack of a screen to monitor the reading – yet present on the majority of such devices – which forces to pass through the integrated software. Some would say that with TVs that now exceed 50 “we is anyway too far from the player to really use it.

Like all Blu-ray players, the LG BP250 is equipped with an integrated software capable of supporting audio, but also DVDs. It extrapolates the image of these last-made to offer 1080p whatever their native resolution.

The same goes for quality, announced by the manufacturer, intended to provide a rendering 4K. If you own a UHD TV, you probably have the essential upgrade of temptation of your devices. Caution, however: as for projectors is the native resolution to be observed.

This Blu-ray player uses extrapolation to provide an update UHD, but it does not really tolerate format. This is an optical effect that can duplicate the pixels in an algorithm. If the result is mixed, it will do in most cases: except particularly fast camera movements, the phenomenon is called “motion blur” will be virtually undetectable. Caution, do not tolerate the 3D, as many Blu-ray players entry.

With Dolby Digital support and Digital Plus and TrueHD of the LG BP250 wins the bet offer most cheap.

This player is very easy to level connectivity (perhaps too simple!). An HDMI connector, a power connector and a USB connector to play videos from a key. But it does its job silently.

Connectivity options are somewhat limited. The sound output is necessarily via HDMI, which can cause compatibility problems with some of projectors and TVs that do not support this format. Furthermore, the HDMI cable is not provided.

USB (2.0 only) on the front allows good load media and decode them, but that’s about all.

It is essential – and it does it well! – a great price for a brand like LG. Its intuitive use and media compatibility allows it to be versatile enough to make himself indispensable. But beware, if you want a Blu-ray player to your home with great cinema, PO Box 250 may be a little behind, mainly because of lack of connectivity options.

4. Samsung BD-J5500 / JF – The Blu-ray player the faster our selection

Are we really surprised that Samsung has also its place in this comparison? Not really: this brand has established itself in the world of television. The BD-J5500 uses an innovative design and hardware is impeccable. Lets take a look!

Fashion is in the curve! But why such a fever against straight lines, which we are well accustomed yet when it comes to pile readers under the TV? The first argument is that the noise level.

With a slightly curved design, ventilation has better airflow and does not need to brew at all costs. Result? We pass well below the 25 dB level at which one begins to consider a Blu-ray player as noisy.

And frankly? It’s pretty. Especially as the top side of the player

As for the LG BP250, Samsung has made the choice to switch screens and LED lighting. More traditional are disturbed by this new mode, but it is of interest: the lack of LED or LCD screens can eliminate distractions.

Good news: Blu-ray player offers 3D support. One can of course play DVDs and Blu-ray, but also DivX and MKV.

The integrated multi-codec allows to support a wide variety of media, whether the bitmaps or videos.

However, unlike the LG BP250, there is no 4K projection. Those with UHD TV will therefore not make the most of their equipment.

Having only Samsung that’s an interesting idea of ​​all synchroniser.Et well I’m not disappointed Express Installation and commissioning Direct Hop network and direct an update with fiber 5 minutes and it’s over. This is the TV detects the BD as she said and synchronize remotes suddenly one remote for everything. Very good !

It is in this category that the Samsung BD-5500 is revealed. He scored good points; others leave something to be desired. First, the hardware connectivity, we find that there are options benefits.

The presence of a LAN input for example opens up many features, and we’ll talk. The choice to add a coaxial port leaves more perplexed we probably would have preferred a more widely used port as an output its independent … For as for the LG BP250, those with the independent system that is not compatible HDMI be disappointed.

The good surprise for this price, it is the presence of fairly extensive internet services. The Blu-ray player comes in itself with many basic multimedia applications it is possible to decorate for a kind of appstore. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video – The movie rental service – as well as news sites, replay, etc …

Not far from replacing your decoder, the many possibilities offered by BD-5500 is a real plus!

We can be seduced by the unorthodox design of this drive; or not. But the main question is that of the video quality. Despite the lack of 4K is a serious and responsive product that shows no ignition delay or a noticeable latency.

5. Sony BDP-S4500 – A reader appreciated by its users

For a price turning around 100 €, what is gained over an input range of products like the LG player? A lot of things. It looks it.

Sony has chosen an ultra classic design: with its rectangular shape and compact design, it becomes invisible. On a strip of several centimeters around the interface, we liked the mixture of gloss, matte and brushed. If we had to make a criticism? The product’s final appearance is very “plastic” and is reminiscent of the VCRs of our childhood.

As many devices today, there is no LCD screen or power indicator on the drive, since the integrated software transfers substantially all the data on the television itself.

Video support is wide enough for all uses. This Blu-ray player incorporates a full HD 3D support, in addition to all the most common video formats. It offers a particularly admirable fidelity color, since it can handle IRGB (approximately 16 million colors, far more than what most humans can perceive).

Attention, it can not play DivX format from a USB key.

We just regret the lack of 4K extrapolation, although the clarity of the native image and the encoding quality will not pose any problem if your screen is less than 50 “.

Good player who does his job well. It is connected to the TV and as soon as I turn to put a cd, it puts the right program on TV. He also 3D. I love this product.

In terms of connectivity, it returns substantially the same composition as the Blu-ray player from Samsung. A LAN input, an HDMI port and a coaxial will do. therefore we regret the same points: those who wanted an exit its independent will make the connection from their TV, which can cause a slight loss of quality depending on the model.

For this price, we will add a criticism: it is the lack of WiFi. Whereas on most hi-tech products of a house nowadays, it’s a feature is missing if your player is not in range router to plug in Ethernet.

However, if you have the ability to connect the cable, it offers the same services as on the Samsung player, with many multimedia applications already installed. In addition to Netflix and Amazon, we find particularly iPlayer, YouTube, and many channels of information. Instead of 250 applications is thirty which is found on that drive. But hey, it’s a BluRay player, not a computer: the key is there. We may regret only the absence of Spotify.

The possibility has however appreciated to stream movies and series from shared your router, which means you can run it from your computer without connecting HDMI. To do this, simply to have a pretty good WiFi connection from your computer and place the file share. If the speed of your router is sufficient, it should only take a few minutes.

For a hundred euros, the Sony BDP-S4500 offers more than adequate features and a very satisfactory performance.

How to choose a Blu-ray player?

You will be presented three models among the best quality-price ratios of the moment. But we also want to let you the opportunity to make your own choices and find yourself the best models! The criteria to keep in mind when purchasing.

Image quality

The great strength of the Blu-ray is that it can carry 50GB of data – against only 5 for a DVD. This means that the video quality is necessarily better, and the democratization of large screens has accustomed us to a HD resolution.

Obviously, they can play DVDs, and extrapolate the image in 1080p. This will be the case for all Blu-ray players on the market.

Sound quality

If you want a sound that sticks to the quality of the picture, here are some features to look out. A Blu-ray player that features DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD will offer the best audio quality, worthy of a movie! This is the case of the three products we have presented above. Warning: This is provided you have a hardware equipment that follows …


While it is important for you to have access to some online services from your TV, do not hesitate to check your Blu-ray player has an internet option. For most input models and mid-range, it will be a single Ethernet jack, cheaper. To take advantage of WiFi, it will often search the models around 130-150 euros.

And if your TV is already connected to the Internet, it does not matter! Buy a Blu-ray player from another brand: you have great chance to double the number of programs you will have access …!

Beware, you may have noticed that most models offer a sound output via HDMI only. This is not a problem in most cases, but note that if your sound system is a little old and does not have the correct port, you will be condemned to use the sound input of your TV. Then you can of course connect a device sound to the TV directly, but this process can make you lose quality.


The Playback function to play files from a USB 2 or 3.0 port. This applies to all products which we have spoken. It may be important to you, provided that the compatibility of the reader to follow! A support for MP3 is common, it is less often the case for FLAC. This information is still available on the data sheets of Blu-ray players.

Support 3D

If you buy a Blu-ray player today, there are chances that you buy 3D movies in the future. The idea is to encourage you to make a choice that you can take several years.

If you are interested in 3D technology, always make sure that the encoder reader can handle this format. Ideally, to be ready in the coming years, you may refer you to a 3D HD as Blu-ray player from Sony.

We hope that these details could help. In general, a Blu-ray drive manufacturer can not be wrong. Get close, however the major brands like Sony, LG, Samsung or Panasonic, because they have several advantages. First, you have the security of a certain quality and durability. But you also have the certainty of numerous partnerships with online services, for those who provide Internet connectivity.

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