Best Action Games for Xbox One | Best comparison

Discover the best Xbox One action games, in this selection of securities that guarantee you hours and hours of intense battles, epic and rhythmic in various universes. Whether fans of fantastic worlds, universes S.F or more colorful worlds, you will find with these 10 games to satisfy all your desires by taking advantage of the Microsoft console.

The independent action game in the dreamlike atmosphere blockbuster the most violent, ready to clashes that will test your reflexes and your gaming skills to hardships. And if you do not know how to choose the best action game for you, we book you our advice and recommendations in the final purchase guide.

Best Action Games for Xbox One

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

1. Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is the fourth installment in a series of violent action games, intense and dark, but it stands out from its three predecessors by offering a top view, the Diablo. This is a Hack and Slash nervous that we offer the studio Airship Syndicate and he resumed own the franchise universe and some of its famous warriors, it also helps to embody the last fighter of the Apocalypse, Discord which uses two guns to knock out enemies.

The universe of Darksiders is fully respected, with a cartoon artistic touch that characterizes and charismatic characters. What quickly be immersed in this dark story and an adventure that oscillates between two distinct phases: the fighting and puzzles. Very well balanced, this mixture changes the player frantic struggle moments to phases of reflection and platform, that can vary the pleasures and never get bored. Between his dungeon level design thoughtful, thrilling scenes on mounts, or titanic monsters, Darksiders Genesis will surprise more than once.

And for even more fun, know that it is possible to play two together, online or in split screen. In this case, the difficulty adapts and thickens, to provide enough challenge players noted.

Darksiders Genesis is a very successful action RPG that will allow owners of Xbox One discover a fascinating universe in a fast-paced game!

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

2. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

The franchise Plant VS Zombies became known a few years ago with a wacky tower defense mobile, in which plants and zombies (hence the title!) Battled to take control of areas, blow traps and good strategic decisions. In this third installment, we find the two clans for a large scale war!

plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville offers the player to pass through several cities, modeled in a 3D childish. But beware, this does not mean that this is a game for children. The goal, according to the selected game mode is to capture an opponent’s territory, eliminate all enemies with your teammates to capture the enemy base or follow different mini very fun missions in particular in the way the conquest of the very successful turf.

And to achieve your goals, you will learn to use your characters on the fingertips and to know the special features of each. Between the devastating attacks, faster or magical abilities trips available heroes, the choice is vast and one can only smile at the offset look and unusual attitudes of the characters.

With a central hub, which takes the form of a colorful city, where you find other players and where you can learn more about the history, and a multi-player mode in split screen two, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is a very entertaining action game, playable with family and friends!

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

3. Control

The studio Remedy Entertainment has become known with the title Max Payne, very adult, or the strange but captivating Quantum Break, and it comes back to offer us this supernatural story that puts you in the shoes of Jesse Faden, a young woman in search of his missing brother.

Control is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) visually very nice, if not lavish at times. Not everything is perfect, including a dialogue sync / lip movements is poor, but sometimes attends scenes breathtaking. The heroine lives in a world where the paranormal in its neighborhoods and the scenery is changing, evolving, driven before our eyes. As disturbing as fascinating.

The title immerses you in taking scenario, which can be discovered little by little. You have to search, read documents and be careful around to pierce the mysteries, but you’ll be rewarded for your perseverance by a thrilling story.

To evolve in Control, you have a scalable weapon that fits your situation, taking various forms, as well as telekinetic powers that provide a sense of exhilarating power. Facing you, enemies a tad silly at times but numerous and aggressive, which will give you a headache.

With agonizing music and atypical universe Control can be considered one of the best games of action of the Xbox One, with an experience that will mark you for a long time!

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

4. Blazing Chrome

Fans of the old action games, you will be served with the Blazing Chrome that offers retro adventure where only your weapons and your reflexes will save you.

Very typical year 90, the title of the studio JoyMasher recall good memories for players who have already laid their hands on the famous Metal Slug and are found in Blazing Chrome, both these animated pixel graphics and gameplay and funs nervous that gives its spice to this type of action play.

You progress through the levels (4 + 1 bonus) stuffed enemies and vicious traps, that will put your nerves hardships. In this game, the errors are fatal and must demonstrate talents controller in hand and a Tactical empowered dose because running into the pile does not pay.

Level graphics, we are faced with a title that makes a nice tribute to Run’n gun the 16-bit consoles and fans of that time will be in heaven, with the proliferation of details and nods to the screen. Younger find it a more of a challenge than often offer current action games, but with a max ‘of fun to go!

Blazing Chrome is a real success, only playable or two, with sustained action throughout the adventure, a soundtrack of thunder and Boss that you will scream your TV. Everything we love in a quality action video game!

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

5. Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice

Players who blame the recent equity securities of too much ease or lack of challenge will be delighted to learn that Sekiro: Shadows die twice is one of those tough games, in which the death hit you on numerous occasions. We find the key ID Software, responsible for Dark Souls, an adventure that takes place in feudal Japan revisited.

In skin Sekiro (or wolf, in French), a ninja who plays his stealth and its ability to advance the sword, you will cross a lavish decor that will delight lovers of Japan. Sekiro The graphics are beautiful and the soundtrack that rocks your games is as much. But do not expect a journey of discovery quiet because death is everywhere in this game!

With a very punitive combat system, which will ask you to control against attacks and to have perfect timing, Sekiro: Shadows die twice asks the player to invest and to practice the sword, failing to get slaughtered each fight. From private to Boss disproportionate, all the enemies you can be fatal. Sure, you can try a stealthy approach, in the style of Tenchu ​​games of the past (the same studio!) But you will not escape the dual katana and it will be ready.

This game is one of the best action games on the Xbox One, with its own universe, its dark and haunting atmosphere and intense battles that will provide you great joy, with each victory. A must-have!

6. Devil May Cry 5

The latest installment of the Devil May Cry saga was released 12 years ago, so it’s a real pleasure to find Dante and his little friends in one of the most enjoyable beat’em all we know. In Devil May Cry 5, you incarnate the demon hunter of the most world class (Dante), Nero and his mechanical arm ultra-convenient and V, which uses a panther and a volatile to go to the break-pipe. Three very different gameplay, to vary combat and defeat the many enemies they encounter.

Devil May Cry has not changed and it is still moving forward in corridors-sets tortured, destroying demons that you stand in the way of the most stylish way possible. And no matter which character your privilege to do so, the gunfights are still heady and you will master your demon hunter, the more you will enjoy to chain the craziest combos.

If the scenario does not shine by its originality, the game often very funny turns out because of the strong character of the protagonists and cutscenes will make you smile more than once. The music is punchy, gothic atmosphere unique to the series always as pleasant and varied enough monsters throughout the game. Special mention to some colossal Boss!

Unleash hell in this Devil May Cry 5, which reminds us how good beat’em are rare nowadays.

7. Came

Developed by the independent studio A44, the action-RPG Ashen offers the player to embark on a dreamlike adventure in a semi-open world, which has its own mythology. If Graphically, the title is not up to the best action games Xbox One of his generation, his strength is not there.

Very quickly, when you enter this new world, we see odd shapes that compose, its unknown creatures, its inhabitants … and we understand that we will take a trip, in the third person, alone or with others as it is possible to walk his land in multiplayer mode.

In Ashen, fighting require practice and it will be careful to dodge and strike at the right moment to win. It will therefore be strategic and well kitted before going browse the dungeons of the game, which are particularly well thought out. The game offers a challenge statement, without being too difficult a Sekiro!

The map is vast, but it is not accessible in full and you have to perform various missions to access new areas, prompting the player to explore. This is also a pleasure to travel the lands of Ashen, who will surprise you more than once.

If the soundtrack is bland, overall, and the beginning of the game is quite slow, we are quickly taken in this universe made of light and shadow and it becomes difficult to let go of the joystick before have discovered the secrets of this poetic action game as we would like to see more often!

8. Gears 5

The saga of Gears of War has profoundly marked the history of Xbox, since securities (especially 1 and 2) offered both a gripping storyline, charismatic characters and especially continuous action based powerful weapons and big muscles. The return of the series was more than expected and Gears 5 exceeds expectations.

We find the view in 3rd person and frantic shoot stages in this fifth installment, but welcome news are emerging as the most open world that allows to go from mission to mission, the little Jack customizable robot or small phases appreciable exploration. The fights are pleasurable, and history will take you to the guts from the tutorial.

Visually, it’s a great show with 4K 60fps which honors the power of Xbox One. Clearly, we take in the view and some scenes will remain etched in your memory for a long time gamer. The sets are sublime, the level of detail, with smoke, explosions or collapse is simply amazing and left speechless once.

Regarding the soundtrack, nothing to say, the work is excellent and music that accompany your adventure are very well made, as the impeccable sound effects. Finally, the multiplayer modes and its elimination, horde or flight offer under an infinite life, if you like the games online.

Beautiful, intense and very rhythmic, Gears 5 is one of the best games of action of the Xbox One, simply.

9. Red Dead Redemption 2

Expected as the messiah since its first presentation, the title of Rockstar Games (also responsible for the GTA series) you place in the Arthur Morgan boots, a cowboy who travels the lands of the Wild West, with a game that makes the link with the previous episode released in 2010.

The greatest strength of Red Dead Redemtpion II is its open world, shouting realism. It’s simple, it offers what no other game has done before him: hundreds of kilometers on foot, horseback or stagecoach, and a variety of landscapes that honors the early nineteenth America century. Cities with saloon and shops to work or buy your weapons to vast deserts, through the green plains, is a virtual postcard that you find throughout the adventure.

The shoot missions, hunting or escort enchainent to advance an exciting story, with characters a bit cartoonish but you remember your Western favorites. It is not bored one second, whether in the main missions or during the dozens of side activities offered this Red Dead Redemption II.

Easy to learn, with a small onion gameplay and deep, with the obligation to establish social bonds with different characters for the sake of your character, the game holds spellbound from one end to another, despite life who blithely exceed 50 hours, excluding Online mode!

For a trip unforgettable time in the Great West, it remains you to discover one of the masterpieces of the Xbox One.

10. Dark Souls III

The last episode of the saga Dark Souls – considered one of the series of the most difficult games – plunges you into a desolate world with panoramas always as impressive as the regulars of Dark Souls will appreciate.

Dark Souls III allows you to create the character that will face enemies overpowered during the game, we will have to equip your hero with the accessories and items acquired during the adventure to hope to survive the intense fighting. Always hard too, these battles are more epic than ever and some battles against the Boss offer titanic clashes. A real slap visual, but also a better dosed gameplay than before, more fluid and lively.

It will hit the right spot at the right time, otherwise you will be killed immediately. The errors do not forgive in Dark Souls III and you will have a concentration at all times. The reward is the feeling of power you get by defeating an enemy, which only increase over the game.

If you usually advance linearly in levels, design-level is breathtaking and one can only applaud the work done by the Japanese studio From Software. The epic music will give an even grander scale battles and you will not want to let go of the handle before destroying the monsters that assail you relentlessly.

Dark Souls is one of the best action games on the Xbox One, you will not forget anytime soon. Clearly the best installment of the saga Dark Souls!

Here are some criteria that will help you choose the best action game on Xbox One, according to your gamer habits and desires!

the graphics

With Xbox One, you have a powerful and capable console to provide a visual rendering of beauty on securities who can take advantage of its capabilities. To benefit, you can opt for games at 4K and 60 fps per second to combine beauty and fluidity (like the fabulous Gears 5) or apps that offer deep decorations in a universe that please. With Sekiro, feudal Japan offered to you, and you will travel in the Wild West by opting for Red Dead Redemption II.

To you to choose between realistic graphics and more adult and cartoon graphics, perhaps more suited to younger people.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere of a title depends on your mood and your mood. Some action games will be more relaxing or more poetic as can be Ashen, while others swear by the frantic action of the Devil May Cry 5.

The overall atmosphere of a security is also marked by its music, soft or sharp, and the sound effects of the game.

Finally, the level design (ie the organization levels and their style) is not to be taken lightly, as some sagas of games among the most famous have built their reputation on this criterion, mainly.

The difficulty level

In this selection of the best action games on Xbox One, there are titles to normal or classic difficulty, as Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, or games that offer more challenge statement to delight the Hardcores Gamers. In this context, Darks Souls III takes the cake.

Depending on your gaming experience and the level of involvement that you want in the selected title, you select the best games for you.

Alone or with others?

If you want a player with family or friends, be aware that some action games on Xbox One are playable in co-operation on the same screen, which is now a rare enough to be reported. You can browse through the levels Darksiders Genesis or Blazing Chrome, two, sitting down in your living room!

Otherwise, the online multiplayer option is available on many securities of the Microsoft console, but a subscription is required to enjoy these features online. You will then have access to Online games based on cooperation or the classic Deathmatch.


A good game is not necessarily a game that lasts dozens and dozens of hours, it is better sometimes a short and intense as a game that drags on, by artificially inflating its life with quests Additional tasteless.

However, when you have one best action games on Xbox One hand, one would like it never ends! If you want to buy a game that you busy for weeks, go for the title with an online mode or those offering long-term adventures.