Best Awakening Mats Baby 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Awakening mats Baby 2020 | Reviews and Guide

During pregnancy or the birth of your little blonde head, the first toy that comes to mind for it to awaken gently while having fun is the playmat. That said, we see fairly quickly during the search of the famous play mats that the number of references on this type of product is impressive and it is not uncommon to end up completely lost in his research.

One of the first questions we ask is: should we take the music or not? Should we choose plastic or cotton? In short a lot of questions arise.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choices: Musical Carpet

Best Awakening Mats Baby 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best quality price report

Best Awakening Mats Baby 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Awakening Mats Baby 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choices: Musical Carpet

Best Awakening Mats Baby 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best quality price report

Best Awakening Mats Baby 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our selection of the best 7 play mats 2019

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

Although the number of references herein to the playmat, appear to be an obstacle to their selection, we still managed to offer what seems to us the best options. This selection is based on several axes here.

1. Fisher-Price – Best evolving musical play mats

Fisher Price is one of the most popular brands in terms of items and toys for young children. Typically the playmat Fisher Price are particularly popular and not without reason since they offer many advantages. Quality, durability and versatility, make it a point of honor to satisfy its young consumers and their parents.

Design & Features

The awakening mat Fisher Price for children from birth to two years. In terms of design, we can say that although it is standard in design, a mat and an arch, he knows how distracting in terms of colors. It offers a true visual experience for your little ones with pretty flashy colors. But of course, this playmat Fisher Price has other advantages that will make it very fast indispensable to the developing baby. It can adapt to changing this by offering activities that will achieve both back the first months of his life and on the belly. According to his movements, he will also be able to trigger sounds and lights that will be consistent with his age.

Indeed, this playmat Fisher Price is not static; it offers a range of 10 toys as well as music, his connection to his jungle theme and lighting effects for it to awaken gently and pace. Your child can count on removable toy in her stroller also since they can be transported without the carpet Toucan image that will be a great source of discovery so that musical touch.


It is difficult to say that the playmat Fisher Price jungle does not seem to be a complete product to help her baby to open up to the world. In addition to the security that the brand offers in the design of the carpet, adaptability we note that it has demonstrated. It is possible according to the age of his little move objects as needed and to propose a completely different universe. A nice and scalable rug that deserves its place in our selection.

2. Tiny Love Gymini – The best play mats from home Tiny Love

Based on the theme of the forest, playmat Tiny Love is a nice discovery for your little angel at birth and remain some time with him. The universe that offers functionality and adaptable to its 1 or 2 years will help your child develop confidence.

Design & Features

This activity mat Tiny Love is more than an accessory, it is a world of discovery focused on the theme of an enchanted forest that hides in itself a whole universe to allow your little one to discover, touch and play for many hours and never get bored. This is a musical carpet whose melodies are played by a woodpecker. Remember that this is an enchanted forest! During each stage of development of your child, he will discover new activities to increase motor skills and offer a new vision of the game. From 6 months to develop his imagination, he could indulge in a little hide and seek game with his companions always.

Moreover, its auditory awakening will gently through sounds and melodies offered by the many accessories included in this playmat Tiny Love that will prove more than just an accessory playground.

> If you need a mat for nontoxic baby, go here.


This first set of partner your child will gently and effectively assist in the discovery of the world around him. More than a toy infancy, this awakening Tiny love mat will allow your child to create a tactile and auditory universe that will follow during key periods of development and learning. Each of the new positions it adopts give it access to new activities that will allow it to obtain new capacities according to their age and stage of development. What a good time with that character will be reassured to find throughout his childhood. Do not forget the presence of mirror that will confirm him what mom and dad say what baby is the most beautiful.

3. Bright Starts – The best evolutionary activity mat

Bright Star offers here to all children from birth not a carpet 1 2 or three in 1, but 5-in-1 easily follow up the three years since it turns into pool ball for his delight . Here is the short presentation of the steps that will allow your child to discover the world.

Design & Features

First, there is this evolutionary enlightenment of the carpet fairly large 122 cm with edges that are recovering before becoming the famous ball pool that appeals to all young children to enable enhanced security. Indeed, at a time when children begin to gesticulate, it will give parents a very significant barrier. The general theme of this changing mat is the jungle, a world often echoed by the many possibilities it offers in terms of both colors as sounds. Moreover, a very friendly elephant will provide not less than 20 minutes of music for his pleasure. This evolutionary carpet comes in two color ranges: the unisex version with bright colors and more girly version with a range of pink predominante.Bien course, the musical elephant is not the only activity that will be proposed to small because this evolutionary musical carpet offers a wide variety of accessories ready to adapt smoothly to the specific needs at each stage of your child. The structure of the mat will allow your child to make discoveries sensory and motor. Moreover, everything is designed to not require you to make additional spending because it is truly all inclusive.


This evolutionary enlightenment carpet actually has a price that must be taken into account. That said, given the longevity he has shown and adaptability for all ages, this purchase is more than just an investment infancy toy. In addition to being complete, it offers an innovative vision of the playmat and its benefits seem clearly superior quality. Moreover, we note that the carpet pass machine for easy maintenance which therefore provides a necessary hygiene in the early days of your child. Let us not forget that it is part of the playmat recommended by the Montessori method.

4. V-Tech Lumi – The best carpet waking V-Tech

V-Tech is one of the brand that will play an important role whatever happens in toys discovery of your child. So when talking about carpet waking V-Tech course we look all the features of this very closely and we clearly expect the best. This musical awakening carpet and scalable offers interesting possibilities that do not contradict the reputation of the brand.

Design & Features

Difficult when one mentions V-Tech not to talk of the electronic side first. In this area, the carpet of awakening V-Tech does not disappoint. On the contrary, one can clearly speak of a musical awakening carpet since it proposes no less than 24 songs, six songs and around 12 sound effects. The big plus of all musical functions remains that they are adjustable. Unlike other models, so you can dose the sounds. There is also a sun capable of removable light effects which, if any, can serve as pilot in the cradle of your little angel or that may be attached to the stroller of your dear brown blondeou head for fun in a circumstance. A maximum of accessories provided on this playmat V-Tech are removable and can be installed on the stroller of your little one. This playmat can also be classified in the category of evolutionary enlightenment since mats can be used from birth until three years of your child with all its possibilities and especially thanks to the musical base celui- this. In terms of colors, it can be said that they are flashy without being aggressive. Thus allowing your baby to discover the colors without being overly stimulated.


Although expectations of a waking V-Tech rugs are generally quite high, we can say that the brand meets the specifications loads up hand with this musical and evolutionary enlightenment carpet. Pretty and practical, it offers clear what help your child become a great through play and discovery. The big plus of this model remains clearly the ability to use all the elements separately to help your child maintain his world with him in all circumstances.

5. QQPP – Floor mats thick for awakening baby

It is not obvious to propose a playmat for little without arches. Indeed, it is very rooted in the mentality that it is necessary to have toys suspended for amuser.Pourtant QQPP the brand offers us an ingenious alternative. Besides, it would please many playmat to the Montessori method.

Design & Features

This playmat without arches is clearly surprising on several aspects. Initially, because of the colors used which recall the earth and the autumnal shades that can be found in the forests. Its colors and assemblies provide a feeling of fullness and even zen. Moreover, it is not because it is without playmat arch it does not offer real opportunities games. Rather, it is designed on the principle of puzzles. A game so full that will help your child to work as fine motor annalistic his mind. Moreover, it is possible to complete the 9 slabs 1cm with another set to move to double the original surface is 2x 1.25m. This playmat can from the first days of baby use protects soil so that baby safe. It also has ledges which allows to carpet without arches turn into balls pool games add hours to your little angel. As this carpet is made of foam slabs, its storage is simple and transport.


We see that all parts used in the design of this playmat without arches have undergone extensive testing in order to match the safety standards required in Europe and the US, so safe that your children will enjoy this model of another kind with endless possibilities. When speaking Montessori play mats include this model without the risk of betraying this pedagogy. Indeed, the child is free to move and to give free rein to his imagination. In short, a model known.

6. Ludi – Best playmat cheap

A Montessori playmat takes into account a number of factors to be recognized by the professionals of this pedagogy. Everything is reviewed whether the size, color, comfort, and other factors that will be important. It’s a safe bet that this model wins with Montessori professional all the votes.

Design & Features

The conclusion is obvious at first glance, this playmat is specially designed for all bits from 0 to 1 years. It appears that the colors are particularly soft and conducive to the visual development of the young child. Although they are bright, they are absolutely not aggressive and did not enerveront your little one. We also note the presence of two factors that will increase the comfort of your child once installed. First, it has a head which hold for a very young baby is a plus because it will be installed and gently confortablement.Ensuite, you will certainly enjoy the rather large dimensions of it with 1.32m of long and 1.02 wide that you will live its first moments of discovery rigged with him. This rug has 8 activities mainly focused on the drive discovery. Thus, he will discover with pleasure the different textures and toys that go down from the ark. The shape of the carpet is original and will please a lot more people.


So yes, we can clearly speak of a playmat Montessori. Because in this teaching, the principle is to offer playmat that allow babies to be free to move and discover the world around them. But beyond that, there is a playmat that will appeal to the greatest number of children. While it is simple but extremely friendly and more, which does not hurt ensures a world of security around baby. We believe this model gently will make the difference for youth all. There is also a musical sound chip for small breaks.

> If you need a mat for nontoxic baby, go here.

7. BabySun – Best playmat quality / price

BabySun brands is a must in a baby universe. We find brand products both on the net and in the biggest chain stores for children. Therefore, when the brand released a playmat it’s always good to learn.

Design & Features

You immediately notice the world of forest animals. Certainly this recurring theme in the playmat child was already seen and reviewed but say it bluntly, it appeals to children. Moreover, the advantage of this model is firstly its line of orange, blue and green. Although we can fear a cacophony of colors, all shows just the opposite. Yes, the record is very harmonious, even tender. You will see later that compared to other play mats models, either from Fisher Price or V-Tech or another, there is a real change in textures either in the hanging toys or on the carpet itself which will allow your child to discover a wide range of tactile sensations. Moreover, we can say that this is an evolutionary enlightenment mats that offer as many activities your child the time it will remain static on the belly that from the time he will stand on The belly. It is also noteworthy that the hanging toys are removable and can be used to your child when traveling by car or stroller. There will always be something to do.


Like what, simplicity is good. This playmat was created to entertain your child largely through his own imagination, to make him discover new sensations at their own pace and help him according to his desires to develop its capabilities at their own pace. Of course, all this in the most perfect gentleness and respect safety standards. Short, simple yes, but effective for your child to flourish and grow in joy and discovery.

Everything you need to know about the activity mat before buying one:

After selecting playmat we have presented to you, we want to provide some additional information on this product beacon for young parents and also answer the most common questions on the subject.

A playmat what’s the point?

To be sure of making the right choices for the future playmat your little one, you must first understand what it is. Indeed, some parents buy it without really knowing why just because we have to and therefore choose a model that is not optimal. The awakening carpet marks the beginning of the discoveries of your child. Depending on the model chosen your child develop his motor skills his sensory skills, auditory, fine motor skills. In short, the playmat is clearly his first playground in which he will learn to feel, imagine, turn around, and discover the different textures and materials.

That should have a playmat?

Ideally, a playmat is a grouping of several types of different games. It has hanging toys, a variety of materials and texture on the carpet, at least one mirror and parts to handle and open. In some, it is possible to find sound activities. Colors are also important because they are the starting point of visual discovery of your child. According to recent studies on this subject, it is better you avoid pastel colors as well as too aggressive colors.

Choosing the playmat?

Several criteria must be taken into account to select the playmat that will fit your child, but also to your lifestyle. That’s why you need to consider maintenance playmat for example. If you are active parents who work or have already older kids, you probably will not have time to choose a play mat that washing by hand, so you will orient towards a model that passes machine. The thickness and carpet comfort are also important criteria that will decide the welfare of your child. To ensure maximum safety for your child, make sure that the carpet meets the standards in France in the matter. If you are parents who move a lot, both made sure that the carpet is easily transportable and it has a cover provided for this purpose. After, we also need a model that you vouschoisissiez plait.On remark that if the playmat appeals to parents, they are more likely to go out if the model was imposed on them.

How much is a playmat?

There are many types of play mats: the evolutionary play mats, musical awakening carpets, play mats without arches, playmat approved Montessori course each type of carpet prices different. Similarly, depending on the brand, the playmat Fisher Price have a schedule, and the playmat V-Tech or the waking Tiny Love carpet. Basically, one can count for a quality carpet, the prices will certainly be between 45 and 90 euros. This is justified by the accessories that make it up, the quality of materials and brand. That said, a playmat is generally an investment you make for at least 1 year and it is the first toy for your child.

The most common questions about the playmat:

Carpet of awakening to what age?

Specifically, most of the playmat is designed for newborns. But in reality, at birth the child is not really open to the discovery that offers this kind of article. But it can still help your child change environment. We see most of the time that young parents buy this type of carpet before the birth, which makes sense because once baby with us, you will definitely not want to go shopping and baby changing so quickly that if the playmat not already with you, or you may receive too late.

When put baby on playmat?

It is found that babies from 2 months are much more likely to make discoveries that offers a playmat, some are really receptive as from 3 months. That said, if you install your baby from birth on a playmat adapted, this will allow him to discover another environment than the recliner or bed The important thing is mainly to ensure its thermal well-being. Of course, the playmat is the favorite toy of children who are not yet walking.

play mats with or without arches?

For younger people, it is strongly recommended to use activity mat with arches. However, over time your child will have other needs and arches may pop. The easiest way is to choose a model with removable which will be simpler arches anyway for maintenance of carpets and storage.

Carpet arousal or park?

Although this issue is quite common, it should be understood that a playmat has neither the same purpose nor the same use as a park. The park is intended to delimit the game space infant or young baby to ensure its security while the playmat is there to entertain and assist in its development. It is each parent to choose what is important to them.

Where to put the playmat?

The advantage of the playmat is that it can be positioned anywhere either in the living room, in the bedroom, on the terrace and even a park. However, according to the soil on which it will be installed, it may be necessary to provide under a blanket or mat-type gym so that your baby warm. It is obvious that the playmat is always placed on the floor and not on a table or height.

How long can I use a playmat?

Everything will depend on the options that offers your carpet of awakening, if you choose an evolutionary enlightenment carpet that turns your child can use up to three years. Usually your child will let you know when it’s time for him to put away his first toy and move on to the next step.

Anyway, do you trust and have fun choosing the first cue your child. It’s your turn !

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