Best Barbecues Gas Or Charcoal | Review & Guide

Best Barbecues Gas or Charcoal | Review & Guide

The summer season is fast approaching. What better than a good barbecue with family or friends to enjoy it? The gas grills offer an interesting alternative to traditional barbecue charcoal. Although they are generally more expensive than these, gas grills offer optimal dining experience: cooking is possible right from the start of the appliance and cooking methods can be multiple (griddle, grill, rotisserie, smoker … ).

We offer below a selection of the best gas grills so you can find your way. Indeed, it’s essential to study all the features and possibilities of each barbecue, so choose one that will bring you full satisfaction.

The best barbecue gas or coal in 2020

Best Barbecues Gas Or Charcoal | Review & Guide

1. Weber Spirit E-310 2 Black: the best gas grill

Weber is one of the key brands in the barbecue world. The model 2 Spirit E-310 Black is the best model for beginners and regulars gas grills. Indeed, thanks to its high performance cooking system and ultra-fast piezo ignition, enjoy your grilling much faster than with a charcoal grill. The Spirit E-310 has 2 burners 3, leaving you master cooking the management according to your preferences; it also has a griddle cast iron enameled steel to prepare your perks quickly and safely: potatoes, vegetables, but also bits of meat that you can not hide on the grill. Finally, Flavorizer bar barbecue cooking permits stable, optimal, juicy and very tasty, which makes no difference with charcoal grills in terms of quality and taste.

The barbecue also has a storage space in order to keep all your preparation tools, and two side plates preparation for convenience and maneuverability in cutting your ingredients.

The Spirit 2 E-310 is extremely easy and very quick to assemble even for one person. You can mount it in just one hour, with a mobile application where you can watch video for all installation steps. Its two wheels allow you to move easily, effortlessly. Weber sign so with this model the best high end barbecue easy installation and use.

You will not to worry about cleaning because this model allows management fats under control, saving you a long scrape fat. The cleaning will be easy and quick with a brush when the unit is still warm, followed by a sponge with a simple detergent. It is also possible to clean your oven in pyrolysis mode.

Best Barbecues Gas Or Charcoal | Review & Guide

2. Campingaz Barbecue Xpert Gas 100 L: The best quality / price ratio

The Campingaz Xpert 100 L is the best input gas grill range, with a quality / price very attractive. It is ideal for beginners and amateurs who want to change their habits while having fun, without putting their health at risk. Indeed, gas cooking is better for health than coal.

The grill has two burners 7,1Kw isolated projections of fat by an aluminum protection, allowing you to choose the mode and the cooking level. Cooking is constant, ensuring optimum flavor for meats and perks. In addition to grilling, you can opt for the rotisserie fashion while keeping the lid open. Close the cover for a low-temperature cooking that consistently warm your preparation, preserving their nutritional qualities. Ignition is quick thanks to the Piezo system to make the faster your grills. The total capacity of cooking is ideal for a family as it is possible to cook for 5 people at once.

The Campingaz Xpert 100L is a rugged, sleek design that has two folding side shelves to prepare your grill and side dishes. Although he has no closed storage, you can store your tools on the shelf of the lower part of the unit.

The two big wheels of the barbecue will allow you to easily carry it wherever you want. For safety, the barbecue has a wheel locking system to ensure the best balance to the device and store it with confidence.

Finally, mounting the grill is very easy and will take at most one hour. Use of this gas barbecue is done with a propane tank, not included in the command.

The Campingaz Xpert model 100L is positioned as the gas barbecue with the best price / quality ratio, ideal for smaller budgets.

Best Barbecues Gas Or Charcoal | Review & Guide

3. LBD Campingaz Class 4: the best grill to medium-end gas

With the Class 4 LBD, Campingaz offers us the best of the grill to medium-end gas, for those who want quality and choice for a limited budget.

This model stands out very clearly on its power and various cooking methods. Indeed, Campingaz Class 4 LBD has 4 stainless steel burners of 12.8 kW and when a very rapid Piezo ignition system, to make the faster your grills. Enjoy interesting simultaneous cooking options, since the cooking surface has a 50% standard grid and 50% a steel grill. The device also offers the option of leather “oven” mode where you can manage and monitor the cooking with the integrated thermometer. There is also a simmering hinged grid to use as you wish, plus a “Culinary Modular” system optional use (pizza stone, wok, paella dish sold separately).

Campingaz also features an integrated cleaning system “InstaClean” for an ultra easy cleaning of the unit allows you to detach each used part of the tank and clean it directly in the dishwasher.

The barbecue has a large storage space in underbody and two folding side shelves steel to cook your perks. The wheel lock system to store the barbecue safely and easily. Finally, Campingaz with your purchase of a storage bag with XXL cord to store your barbecue without incident.

Finally, note that editing is the weak point of the Class 4 LBD, count to 2 hours to mount the entire unit. However, it is possible to mount only; we advise you to encourage where possible to mount the electric screwdriver.

Best Barbecues Gas Or Charcoal | Review & Guide

4. Weber 14501004 Master-Touch GBS: the best charcoal barbecue!

Weber 14501004 Master-Touch GBS 2015 is a must for barbecue lovers. This charcoal barbecue will delight every palate, even the most demanding, with its high capacity and quality of cooking.

This grill allows you to cook a very large amount of food for your best moments with family or friends. Indeed, it has a cooking surface of 54,5cm diameter under a bell format / cauldron. This format allows cooking in “closed” mode, to truly secure the firing and greatly reduce smoke. Weber 14501004 Master-Touch GBS is positioned as the best choice for small gardens, allowing you to enjoy a good summer barbecues without being disturbed by smoke!

This grill model is specifically designed to quickly raise the temperature, unlike many other charcoal barbecues. Cooking food is excellent and finely smoke.

The grill has two wheels and a foot to handle and dispose of your device wherever you like.

The ignition chamber is not provided in the package, but know that it’s very easy to turn on. Weber offers several colors according to your personal taste: black, smoky gray or khaki. This model is equipped with a built-in thermometer to cook food at your leisure and in your way of cooking favorite.

But be careful do not use gasoline or alcohol ignition, it is highly advisable to turn it with a spark fireplace.

Weber 14501004 Master-Touch GBS is easy to maintain and offers an easy, fast and smart recovery ashes. Weber also offers a range of practical accessories (waffle iron, griddle, pizza plque …) that you can add to your initial order, for even more gustatory pleasure.

Finally, note that Weber’s customer service quality and always at the rendezvous!

Best Barbecues Gas Or Charcoal | Review & Guide

5. Char-Broil Gas2Coal 330: next generation hybrid barbecue

The Char-Broil American offers with its 330 Gas2Coal the best innovative barbecue. Can not choose between gas or coal? Why choose ? This model offers the most undecided of us both cooking methods. Indeed, it is possible to convert the device in gas mode or coal in less than a minute, without special tools and in just 4 steps.

The apparatus is composed of three central stainless steel burners with electric ignition as well as additional side burner to heat favorite sauces as an accompaniment to grills. American sign with Gas2coal 330 best barbecue with quality materials such as old version modernized, including its cast iron grates for a pronounced marking on your meat. It also offers a patented charcoal tray to prevent outbreaks and unwanted fat poured on the flames to protect your health and evenly leather. The model also has a built-in lid thermometer and a heating side shelf to keep the heat of your dishes or warm up your dishes.

The Char-Broil barbecue Gas2Coal is a family-friendly as it makes cooking for a dozen people, ideal for families, barbecue enthusiasts or for summer holidays with friends.

This model also has a discreet storage element at underbody, ideal for storing all your accessories and utensils. The design is open with a blood red tape in the 3 central burners. For more mobility, this model has two wheels. Note that the package is particularly heavy with 76kg. The barbecue place weighs about 47 kilograms.

The installation of the device is long enough as it takes up to 2 hours of installation. It is recommended to be at least 2 people for this maneuver.

6. Greaden Phoenix Stainless steel: Healthy BBQ and secure

With gas BBQ Phoenix, Greaden offers all the pleasures of the barbecue without its drawbacks! Indeed, the burners of the gas grill has a flame tamer innovative system to regulate their intensity so that your ingredients are roasted without being charred or fat. In addition, the barbecue offers a vivid entry of food to limit degradation of the nutrients they contain.

The Phoenix gas grill has 4 burners and an additional side light for a total power of 17.5 kW, which allows you to use the device in all circumstances, including to party with friends. The device offers many cooking modes that will appeal to all tastes with its grill, plancha, and stove for cooking all kinds of meat and plant foods. It also contains a built-in thermometer in the lid. Greaden also concocted a more significant with integrated bottle opener!

Cleaning is fast and easy since the base of the burners can be dismantled easily. The barbecue is easy to handle thanks to its wheels that you simply slide, without having to lift it.

The materials are of the highest quality, stainless steel 304 and every detail is looked after to ensure greater security for storage and use as well as good weather resistance due to corrosion and oxidation system. The grill and griddle are enameled cast iron grill to enjoy as it should. Finally, the cover is reinforced to ensure the best convection “oven” mode and good heat preservation.

The barbecue has a storage space and two lateral panels, an additional burner being recessed in one of them.

Finally, the 29 mbar butane and propane 37 mbar are both usable, but Greaden advocates the use of 13kg propane.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about gas grills and charcoal before buying a

The desired or cooking methods

One of the main questions to ask when one wants to buy a barbecue, is to know what cooking methods is desired. Indeed, there are on the market a multitude of devices to meet very specific needs. You can choose between gas grill, charcoal, electric or grilled. The gas grill is excellent compromise between taste, cost, health and safety, available for every budget and offering many cooking methods.

The Weber Spirit 310 2E has the advantage of offering three cooking levels for the grill and gives you the opportunity to cook your food a la plancha, if necessary. The GREADEN offers 4 burners and a side light, to a very large cooking capacity.

The Campingaz Xpert 100 L, twist him, proposed deux niveaux de cuissons, a spit-roaster mode ainsi qu’un mode top off in a low temperature four tel.

The size, weight, volume

They are indeed decisive criteria for buying a gas barbecue. We urge you to check at what location you want to install your barbecue, and what are the dimensions corresponding to that location. If you have a terrace, remember to check with your condominium the maximum weight per meter square that you can install to meet safety standards.

Among the most heavy and bulky models, the Weber Spirit 2E 310 weighs 52 kg dimensions of 144.78 x 132.1 x 66.04 cm and the Char-Broil Gas2Coal 330 weighs 47kg with dimensions of 62.5 x 134.4 x 120.7 cm, the Class 4 Campingaz LBD weighs 50 kg, dimensions 144 x 60 x 111 cm and finally GREADEN PHENIX weighs 50kg, dimensions 146 x 60 x 119 cm.

The Campingaz Xpert 100L weighs 17.5 kilograms. Its dimensions are 98 x 48 x 99 cm. You’ll understand girls Weber models GREADEN and Campingaz Class 4 LBD are heavier and wider than the model Campingaz Xpert 100L. It is therefore necessary to determine your ability to opt for a lightweight, easy to handle but offer less cooking methods, or for a large model, robust but very cumbersome and expensive.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask on barbecues

To feed your barbecue into energy, you can buy gas cylinders in city gas stations and supermarkets. Rates bottles of propane and butane are similar but the main difference in the boiling point. Indeed, these two gases are stored as a liquid in the bottle, and butane is generally faster turn into gas in case of negative temperatures. Also, choose propane if you think the store and you live in a cold winter area.

Once your empty gas cylinder, do not forget to bring it back to the supplier at which you purchased or by a supplier accredited by the arches chosen, it will provide a new full cylinder. It is also possible to make a delivery. However, connections to your facilities are not supported.

The gas grill has a long lifespan, up to 10 years for normal use. However, proper maintenance of your device and hardware help extend its life. We advise you to clean grills, accessories and plancha (if any) after each use and dry with a clean cloth. Also be sure to remove all traces of grease on the device. Finally, note that Weber guarantees from 5 to 10 years on its devices. Campingaz, meanwhile, offers guarantees from 2 to 30 years! Before you buy a camera, so check out the proposed warranty period. So you can make the best choice of BBQ, in all conscience!

Several criteria are taken into account. First take into account the use you want to do: regular, occasional? So, choose a suitable price range. Then look cooktop necessary depending on the number of people waiting for your grill. If you are small, it is not necessary to have a large capacity. Ask yourself the question of cooking methods: are you looking for rather a classic BBQ or multi-functional in order to cook all your meals? Finally, ask yourself which site you want to ask your barbecue and make sure to measure the space it will take watching the dimensions of each device before purchase.

Electric grills are very different from other grills since it operate with a resistance located under the cooking grid. A major advantage of these grills is the fact that they do not require the purchase of fuel or gas cylinder. They are also very ergonomic if you need more space or if you have a balcony or terrace. The quality of cooking can vary by model. Opt therefore the power if you want a very simple and convenient to use device. This is also the barbecue ideal if you have a balcony or a small terrace.

The barbecue charcoal is a “classic” with rustic barbecue cooking and very qualitative. These barbecues are very economical since there is a wide range of choices suitable for all budgets. However, these grills require some control for ignition and an almost constant management focus. The volume and weight are big advantages if you do not have much space in your garden. The gas grill, it is ideal if you like to manage modes and cooking intensity and if you want your barbecue to be operational from the ignition.

The main problem of the charcoal barbecue is the bad use ignorance of the risks. The main risk is to prevent oil from burning wood and the formation of the smoke does not permeate the food. The gas grill has several features healthier: ignition, you will not burn or inspire coal dust. Meat see their cooking temperature perfectly controlled thanks to the burners and are not in contact with the embers. The thermometer also allows you to manage the cooking temperature to keep nutrients from food.

Be aware that the grill should always be clean before use, as the fat burned are harmful to your health. Use a wire brush to loosen these fats. Make then soaked overnight grid in water with baking soda, brush and rinse. Note that some grids can be cleaned by pyrolysis method (check the manual). Finally, disconnect hoses from burner and wash them with soap and water. Thoroughly dry before reconnecting. Have a damp cloth on the burners and brush grease residues. Remember to put your grill and cover it with a protective cover at the end of the season!

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