Best Bracelets Connected To Iphone In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Bracelets Connected to iPhone in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Owners of iPhone are often technology enthusiasts, keen to stay on top in terms of technical innovations and advances that are made, whether in terms of telephony, but also the accessories that come to connect to the Iphone.

The last major innovation concerns the connected watches and bracelets connected iPhone, which gradually will install the wrists of most users. But for now, this new technology remains low, and some still see as a gimmick. The best example is the Apple Watch proposed to 400 euros which, despite its many possibilities, remains an extension of your phone yet.

But what about the bracelets connected IOS? Unlike connected watches, bracelets connected Iphone is particularly aimed at those who want to take care of their bodies, their health, everyday. Indeed, their first features are to measure the heart rate, follow your athletic performance and evaluate your quality of life, to enable you to stay in your best.

Compare Best offers here a complete shopping guide, which will help you select the best strap connected iPhone. You will find this guide just after our selection of bracelets connected IOS and description of their functionality. You will have all the cards in hand to health acquerircet accessory that will change your life!

The best bracelets connected iPhone 5 products passed review

Here is a selection of 5 bracelets connected to iPhone, we have chosen for their qualities. For each one, you will find his specialty and what differentiates it from its competitors.

Fitbit wristband connected iPhone – Charge 2 Special Edition

Those looking for precision in the results via their wristband will have a close eye on this bracelet model connected iPhone from FitBit brand. The latter is not at his first attempt on the quality of material related to smartphone and it’s not this bracelet which we will say otherwise.

Best Bracelets Connected To Iphone In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

First, it is its look and design that we have seduced quickly. The bracelet is quite minimalist but once around the wrist, it is the most beautiful effect. Discrete, it will even be possible to combine it with your daily outfits for sports use but also for monitoring health at any time.

It fits most adult wrists, with its dimensions of 21.8 x 2.3 x 1.3 cm and unisex side is well thought out. Namely also work with a lithium-polymer cell that is included.

Now it’s time to see what offers this bracelet connected iPhone which is located in the upscale bracelets market. The stated purpose of this product is to offer near-professional results for accuracy. And after checking with doctors, figures confirm that we are no different.

It is thus possible to monitor your heart rate directly from your wrist continuously. You will also get a great number of your daily step account of the distance covered, the number of calories you have burned and the number of installed floors. Moreover, we appreciate the function that tells you how long you stay active or inactive. This prompts to move frequently!

Other features convenient the unit, it has a function monitoring remarkable sleep. By wearing the bracelet the night, he will analyze your sleep phases to optimize it. It will pay to wake up at the right time, via a slight vibration which will not disturb the person with whom you share your bed In use, this feature allows you to be more fit every day!

Finally, this bracelet connected IOS receives data from your iPhone. It will be possible to see on the small screen calls or SMS notifications and reminders to your calendar. Convenient when you run, for example, not to have your phone on you!

In the end, we have a product of excellence, that fishing by the fact that it is not waterproof. At this rate, we would have preferred it to be used by swimmers! But aside from that, this bracelet connected delight the owners of Iphone wishing to combine style and performance in everyday life.

Bracelet connected IOS Willful the brand, to major sporting

The Willful brand offers here a bracelet connected IOS dedicated to sports, at a relatively low price.

Best Bracelets Connected To Iphone In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The bracelet is rather nice, with a screen large enough to be readable at a glance. Attention however its size, because it seems to address women wrists (and children) first. Those of us who have too wide cuffs felt an uncomfortable pressure, despite the widest setting.

Otherwise, this tracker activity has a nice sports design that the reserves mainly practitioners of sports activities rather than use everyday. Moreover, its features leave no doubt about its use.

The bracelet connected Iphoneoffre a wide range of options for athletes who choose. Let’s start with the most classic, with a function of activity tracker that includes measuring your heart rate directly from the wrist, an accurate measure of your steps and the number of calories burned every effort. This will follow his performance while taking care not to get hurt. It is also among the good ideas of this product, the ability to set a maximum heart value not to exceed. You will receive a warning signal if you reach it!

Apart from these functions monitoring activities, accurate and complete, it is by its 4 modes sports strap that pulls out of the game. Depending on the activity performed (on carpet running, jumping rope, situps …), you can set the right way to get the most accurate results for this activity.

But that’s not all. It offers a cycling mode to record the data of your bike route, and a swimming mode. Yes, that connected IPhone wristband is waterproof (IP67 standard). You can swim, surf but also take your shower or washing dishes with!

His abilities related to sports are well designed and offer precise results for all activities.

This bracelet connected IOS is also convenient to receive notifications (vibration) when you receive a call or a text message, or you have a message or activity on different social networks you use. Those who like to lose nothing of their news feed will be satisfied, seeing display the caller’s name on the screen of this bracelet connected who gets certain benefits of connected watches.

Finally, two more gadgets functions but we really enjoyed: Find Phonequi mode allows to ring your phone away when you do not get your hands on it. A relief for the heads up that lost every day! Another nice feature is the remote control function, which controls the camera or the camera of your smartphone remotely. Perfect for group photos!

Is it a perfect logged bracelet? There are some points that can be improved, as the visibility of the screen in bright sunlight (which is difficult) or its Bluetooth feature that sometimes disconnects. But overall, the value for money of this bracelet connected iPhone is very good, and sports will be delighted with their purchase.

Willful – The connected strap that works with iphone 4, 5 and 6

In the same range as the previous bracelet Willful mark also was the model that differs by more varied sports functions.

Best Bracelets Connected To Iphone In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Let’s start with its style and design, fine and feminine, that the reserves to an audience of sports women. It will be quite difficult to combine with civilian clothes because it is clearly oriented sport! It is comfortable to wear and is quickly forgotten when practicing his favorite sport.

But where it differs is with its numerous sports modes. It is indeed not less than 14 disciplines that can be performed and the results will be adapted. Guests can dance, running, horseback riding, the treadmill, yoga, hiking, fitness, playing basketball or badminton, tennis or football and enjoy the climbing or cycling. The bracelet, for each of its sports offers tracking specific activities and allow you to monitor your performance.

Thus, you can know your heart rate, the number of steps, calories you have burned and the distance traveled for each of these activities. You can view all of your performance on the screen of this bracelet connected IOS or the VeryFitPro application.

That’s not all, because this bracelet also offers the opportunity to swim since it is waterproof, and has a sleep tracking feature enough thrust. After a few days you will sleep and wake you based on your sleep cycles, to be more fit every day.

For 5 to 10 days of use, simply load it (via USB) about 2 hours, which is quite satisfactory if you do not use permanent connectivity to the smartphone. These allow you to control the camera and camera phone remotely. Very practical, to take pictures from a distance, photos of a group, without having to set the timer. You can also change the music in your phone using this strap connected iPhone as a remote control!

Finally, notifications of calls and SMS will be practical for those who do not want to log out completely when playing sports. You will also be informed of any activity on major social networks, via a vibrating notification. Besides, this notification also notify you when you stay too often still. What motivate you to move!

The quality / price of this bracelet connected IOS is very satisfying, and it will delight women or children who will use it. We deplore the rough translation of some modes in the application, but other than that, this model will be a good ally for health keep you in shape!

Nakosite – The bracelet connected iphone cheap

Here is a bracelets connected the cheapest on the market, yet it is far from skimping on performance.

Best Bracelets Connected To Iphone In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

This model of the brand is Nakosite a bracelet connected suitable for any wrist, as it has a pin locking system (small holes that are clipped). In use, it must be admitted that the bracelet may tend to detach, which is annoying. But after this defect, we must admit that its light weight (18g) and 3 colors of interchangeable straps supplied (black, blue and pink) seduce quickly.

Nakosite here offers a wristband for sport, with many features. Its main functions include the pedometer and calorie counter that allow you to monitor your daily activities. The results looked like we pretty accurate, despite some incongruous data from time to time. Lights out, we turn back and voila. Attention, it does not have heart rate monitoring!

The bracelet against by a monitoring sleep easy, analyzing your light sleep phases and sleep deep. You can, on this or the results, define what are the best hours to bed and wake up, to be on top of your game every day.

Practice for health, it is also not to cut the world, even during a sporting activity. You will be notified via a discreet vibrating function, all calls or received text messages and notifications on Facebook and Whatsapp. The connection with your smartphone is through Bluetooth, and the unit recharges easily via USB (2-hour charge for a week of use approximately).

If sold as waterproof, it can actually be submerged under water. However withstand much splashing, rain or your sweat. What keep the wrist during your hardest efforts!

Some points tarnish the overall opinion on this bracelet connected iPhone. First, the screen sometimes lacks clarity when exposed to too strong light. It would have been better lighting or to adjust. Furthermore, notifications of arrival Sms do not happen every time on the bracelet. Small defects, that is forgiven when you see the minimum price at which it is proposed model.

So we advise the priority to those who want a simple model at unbeatable prices. Most athletes will have to choose a model a bit more professional.

Lintelek – The bracelet connected cardiovascular iphone

If you need a complete model bracelet connected iphone, you might be interested in this model of Lintelek brand.

Best Bracelets Connected To Iphone In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

On solid appearance, with a handy adjustable clasp to fit different types of wrist, this bracelet style is also very pretty. It is available in different colors and if the red to our preference, you can choose between a black bracelet, blue, mauve or pale green. What have a bracelet original visually connected and adapted to your outfits!

But design is not everything, so let’s see what it offers in terms of features. Here again, it does not disappoint. He has a heart rate monitor from your wrist that provides truly accurate results. After comparison with high-end models, we had very similar results. A good point, which optimizes your daily activities. Keep track of your steps, distance traveled each day and how many calories you spend, so you create a customized health program and you will fit easily, using a connected strap.

There is also a reminder when you stand still for too long a time. For those who do not think to stretch your legs frequently, it is an essential reminder.

The strap connects to your smartphone to use the GPS function and offer you a visual overview of your path and you can also remotely control the camera from your phone and music that are stored within it. In full workout is more than pleasant! While continuing your business, you can put music that you boost for maximum performance!

On the touch screen, you will also see the name of a contact person who called you and a notification for sms or activities on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.

Finally, there is a sleep tracking feature that automatically analyzes the quality of your sleep, to optimize it. Following the rhythm provided by this bracelet connected IOS, you will find your vitality.

Too bad the VeryFitPro application to see the activity tracking is so poorly translated! We even recommend to use it in English, if you can. Among the criticisms, it should be noted sometimes very readable screen in the sun, and a weather function that we appeared … unreliable.

For the rest, it’s a bracelet connected iPhone which has a value for money more than adequate. It will appeal to conscious users to monitor their health every day, at work or during physical activity.

Buying guide: criteria for buying the best strap connected iphone

You saw the choices bracelets connected for IOS is quite extensive. For this reason, we have prepared this buying guide that will allow you to choose the best strap connected Iphone depending on the use you want to do, and the most important selection criteria.

The main use you make of it

You’re not a great sportsman but you want to take care of your health on a daily basis? Or conversely, you are a sports fan and you would like to more accurately track your performance? Then choose a connected bracelet can be a good solution. But depending on your profile, recommended bracelets may vary.

For those who want to improve their lifestyle and their health in general, without embarking on a sport, good strap connected include at least one activity tracker and a tracking mode of sleep, so optimize its pace day and night.

For athletes, monitoring heart rate is crucial to improve its performance.

Finally, in both cases, those who like to keep an eye on what is happening on their phone and social networks to which they are subscribers will have to choose a bracelet that allows to receive notifications from the smartphone via Bluetooth functionality. This is true of all the models we have reviewed above.


Related to the above criteria, the features of the various bracelets are often quite similar, so it’s often a particular function that will make you opt for a particular model, with equal rate.

Among the most interesting optional features include the recall of inactivity, which tells you when you stand still for too long, as well as various sports modes that adapt the results to a given sport (cycling, swimming, yoga …) .

We also liked the remote control functions of a smartphone, found on some bracelets connected iPhone. They allow for example to change the music to your devices while performing a sport, or trigger the camera or the camera. therefore not essential options, but very practical!

the design

Since you wear to permanently wrist bracelet connected IOS will be pretty! It depends on taste, but we like the models that leave the choice of color and those are happening everywhere, so it can be worn even in civilian clothes.

Some models are very sport, and can not be combined with outfits travails, while others are only for women. You see it in the design, but also in the size of the bracelet: Consider this data when you buy a wristband connected!

The quality of the screen

A key criterion because you use most often this bracelet connected to the outside, the screen must be readable and have a good light. Unfortunately, this is a point that is lacking in a lot of models. Too exposed to the sun, some make it difficult fast reading the displayed information.

Also check that the display is fairly large characters, for the same reason of ease of reading, and do not hesitate to prefer touch screens connected to your bracelet IOS. When you run, for example, does not have to touch the screen rather than manipulation of large changes everything.


For convenience, it comprises several elements.

First, the connectivity of the bracelet. Depending on the phone model you have (IOS, but Android or Windows Phone) and the version of the operating system, make sure that the bracelet be logged adapted. For most recent smartphone models, there is no worry. However, if your camera has a number of years, first check.

There is also the battery to be taken into account. If in general, bracelets can last a long time (one week / 15 days) with a single charge of 2 hours, it should not be overlooked that point. Some models use coupling with GPS / Bluetooth continuous hard … much less time.

Finally, the strap connected iphone preferred will also be one that binds well to the wrist, which is comfortable to wear and use.


An option for some, but a real challenge for others. The seal is not only important for swimmers or surfers!

Indeed, when you play sports, you will sweat and it can damage non-sealed wrist. Moreover, is it not better to not have to take it off when you wash hands or that you shower?

tight connected We love bracelets for these reasons, but this option is not necessary if you use the bracelet to track your daily health condition, without practicing too intense activities.

The application which is related

All results you get on your bracelet screen available on compatible applications with your logged bracelet.

This is the best way to track your performance and you create a custom workout program. But all are not equal!

Between the poorly translated applications and those that do not work with all phones, sometimes it’s hard to know what to choose. Fortunately, most bracelets are compatible with many sports applications, to let you choose your tool.

The price of the bracelet connected

We find bracelets connected at variable rates, depending on the quality of the connections of materials, but especially in relation to the proposed features.

If you have a small budget, you will find bracelets under $ 20 that are the minimum, but still convenient for those not wishing to follow too pushed. For prices ranging between 30 and 100 euros, you pass an array with more accurate models and complete.

Finally, beyond, you have a strap connected iphone premium results and precision close to that offered by a professional equipment.

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