Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best comparison

The following article will present you one of the best appliances ever invented devices: wireless steam brush! This invention revolutionized the world naked household cleaning. After great research and a lot of products reviewed, we selected the top five wireless steam broom that exist today. No more heavy buckets, dirty water splashing, traces of mop, and even detergent. These little wonders allow you to effectively clean your floors and some vertical surfaces. Clean this way, you not only save time, but also to adopt healthier habits for your home and the environment.

The best cordless steam brooms in 2020

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

1. Black + Decker FSM1630 – The best wireless steam brush our selection

This model steam broom is great on every point. There are many positive things about this model that make it a very complete product. And to top it all, the value of this wireless steam brush is a top of the market.

Black + Decker really well thought out design, with the steam brush is the most beautiful of our selection. It is very elegant and will be based in any decor. The colors are gray, white and turquoise for parts. The tank is gray and transparent, removable, which is convenient for filling with water. Patina are microfiber and can withstand 100 cycles of washing machine. In short, it is a modern brooms, and very little space that will please everyone.

The main advantage of this model FSM1630 Black + Decker steam. The stream is very powerful with its 1600 W constant, according to consumers. This technique allows to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs without chemicals. You simply select the type of soil you clean and thanks to the AutoSelect technology, the amount of water and the temperature will adjust automatically.

This cordless steam brush will fit very well with tiles, flooring, linoleum and marble. There is also a Steam Boost button that allows you to add 50% more water for ten seconds, to cleanse stubborn stains or heavily soiled floors. You can add tap water without worry, since the device has a scale filter. The tank is rather small. It measures 460 ml, and that’s the only thing we have to say about this brush. It takes 15 seconds to heat and changes from red to blue when it is ready, a small detail really nice.

The wireless steam brush comes with four accessories, two rectangular pads, including a detachable 2 in 1 that converts delta-shaped (a single property in our selection) to reach every corner of your home. The head is rotating 180 ° to slip between the furniture and in the corners. There is also an adapter for carpet and a resting mat. When you ask your steam brush on it, the steam is automatically cut and standing. A 6 meter cable is included for charging and in case you want to use.

The performance and design were so well crafted that it has earned the rating of 4.5 / 5 by the Club of Experts “On women” magazine. We completely agree with the ruling, and highly recommend this product to all our readers.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

2. Bissel 2240N – The best wireless broom mop

The following model is unique. It has a fairly complex technique for an almost automatic cleaning. This cordless steam brushes is one of the best brushes of the market due to its performance and its large capacity tank.

The design of the steam brush is modern and gives a robotic air device with curved parts and sharp edges. The neck is long and metal. The top of it is black, some parts are gray and others blue details. The tank is gray transparent, removable and can contain up to 900 ml. This is one of the best capabilities that are found in wireless steam brushes. We do not find such a large volume in the other models. It will be convenient not to have to stop in the cleaning to fill the water tank.

As for controls, there is a button to activate the machine and to spray more water. The latter emits a “beep” each press, which is a bit tedious as consumers. The only notable flaw in this wireless brooms in terms of design is that it is quite bulky and will not fit in the recesses of your home.

The SpinWave Bissel technology is very interesting. Instead of a simple mop Microfiber is a system composed of two powerful buffers that turn on themselves at high speed. They do all the work for you and the machine advance alone, there are more than the guide. Be careful not to go too fast, otherwise marks will appear behind your pass. Buffers are microfiber and machine washable. They can spend on any hard floor: tile, linoleum, vinyl siding and hardwood. You can clean for 20 minutes wireless with the lithium ion battery of 18 V.

Bissel provides you two formulas 236 ml which can be used, one for the prosecution and one for the rest of the soil.

Bissel is a leader in the world of household cleaners since 1876. Their innovations are inspired from real life and that’s why their models are so popular. These innovations have a price, and that’s why this wireless steam brush is a more expensive of our selection. It is ideal for quickly wash supermarkets.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

3. Polti Moppy – The best steam brush without cheap and lightweight wire

Polti thought an ingenious model. In terms of appearance, Moppy is no different from a conventional mop. However, it has the power of steam to effectively clean without detergent. Also note that the price is very correct, it is even the best steam brush model wireless cheap our selection.

Here, instead of the bucket, that is a base which supports the steam brush. It is black and white, with a tank which is transparent to the sides to check the level of remaining water. The capacity of the tank is not the least: 700 ml to be quiet a long time.

The highlight of Moppy is that it is very light. It will be a perfect model for those who prefer a handy brushes. The handle is made of anodised aluminum, and in addition, it is telescopic. A practical detail to adjust the size of any user.

Moppy is very intuitive, convenient and fast to use. It will appeal to those who do not want to waste too much time on housework. This model works with a system of “basic load”: here is that if the water tank and simply put the brush on it to soak up steam, which is ready in ten seconds . Then you can start cleaning. No more bucket! The surfaces dry quickly after you pass through the microfiber pads and electrostatic, also very convenient to capture dust. 99.9% of germs and bacteria are destroyed by a sudden brushes with its 1500 W of power. Simply return to the base to eliminate them and the brush is again ready for a new round. And finally, Moppy can adapt to any type of soil, even the floors. It can also rub washable vertical surfaces, such as windows or large windows.

This model is a favorite of our team. It adapts very well to children and adults interiors, because it is very powerful and compact. This is a very good choice if you want an easy product to use and effective.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

4. Arthur Martin AMP181 – The best high-power cordless vacuum broom

The main advantage of this wireless brushes is that your washer and dryer along floors. It has an ingenious system that will save you lugging a bucket behind you and that will suck any dirt, even liquids.

The water brooms wireless Arthur Martin was not the prettiest models, because of the black and blue colors which are not very harmonious. Otherwise, the rest of the design is quite classic. It has two tanks: one for clean water for the cleaning and another to recover the dirty water from the ground. Both tanks are removable, which is very convenient for filling or emptying of water. One that serves to clean water is 550 ml and that for the waste water, 500 ml.

The grip is good, with a round of 85 cm. By cons, in the comments, it is a device slightly heavier than necessary. On the head of the brush, there is a button for switching the suction function.

With an output of 2200 W, this is one of the most powerful models of the market. This is a very important point, because in general, this kind of brush does not draw very well. With such rate Watt, you can be sure that water broom will do its job. It is effective on any ground. As you work the brush, it aspires and dry simultaneously. With the button on the top of the brush, you can spray water, detergent where you want, with complete control over this function. If you do not activate it, the device will simply suck. Two speeds are available for this: high and low. Inside is a rotating brush snaps, very effective to clean and removable for flush accumulated dirt.

The lithium battery of 22 V you can switch the wireless brushes for 30 min, and the charging is done in 3.5 hours.

This device is particularly suited to soils that are often dirty; for example, when you have pets or children. Apart from the design that looks a little less worked, everything else is excellent, and it’s also a steam brushes wireless the cheapest on the market.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

5. Karcher FC5

Karcher is a big name in the world of cleaning. Their products are innovative and of high quality. Wireless cleaning brushes FC 5 brand is quite popular among consumers and we will see why.

The appearance of the FC5 remains faithful to the yellow and black colors of the brand Karcher. It is a matter of personal taste, for some it is not annoying, others find it makes it look too “industrial”. The reservoir is transparent in order to control the water level and is 400 ml. The second reservoir for dirty water, it has 200 ml. They are small enough for this power unit. As for the race, he is aluminum which reduces a little while.

This wireless brooms Karcher is 2 in 1: cleans with water and sucks at the same time (small dirt, hair, hair, sheep, liquid …). The system consists of a pair of microfibers rollers, which rotate on themselves to cleanse dirt and are constantly humidified. This invention eliminates the need to scrub your floors. The unit advances almost alone. By cons, customers have felt a bit heavy during use. After your passage, the soil is dry in two minutes and the vacuum recovered dirty water simultaneously. Cleaning is greatly facilitated; you just have to guide your wireless brushes. After each big clean, it will clean the rollers and drip tray, which is a bit annoying. Its lithium battery will allow you to use it for the cycles of about 20 minutes. Then he will have 4 hours to recharge.

The unit will be delivered with a maintenance base, the two rollers and 30 ml of universal detergent. This is a point that we like a lot at Karcher: there are a lot of accessories available when needed. There are a variety of different detergents for all soils.

This model is one of the more expensive and more developed Karcher. The others do not have the wireless option, or do not have the suction function … This wireless brushes is really convenient with all the duties performed simultaneously. You certainly will not be disappointed by its performance.

Buying a wireless steam brushes

Ease of use

cordless steam brushes can sometimes be complicated to use. If the equipment is too bulky, which is too complicated digital panel, challenging parts to remove, you will lose patience quickly when using it. For example, when a broom swivel head, it will be easier to slip into every corner of your home. Some models, with their mops or roller systems, advancing almost alone. To you to see which system you think is most suitable for your use. Think about it, this is something that can really be decisive when making your choice.

Tank Capacity

As we saw in the article, the capacity of reservoirs vary from one model to another. A large volume of water simply lets you avoid round trips to the tap to fill your tank. When you can control the flow of steam on your brush, then you can save a few milliliters. However, if this feature is not available, the steam will come out continuously and without a big enough tank cleaning will be painful. We recommend a device with at least 400 ml clean water for proper longevity.


Over a device is powerful, its cleaning power will be. It takes at least 1300 W for a sufficient power. This corresponds to several criteria: the speed at which will be heated water, steam quality, suction power, the speed of the rollers … You’ll understand more steam brushes will have a high amount of Watts plus your cleaning will be effective. The number of bacteria and germs eliminated will be stronger and making our selection, we made sure to include models very powerful for your convenience. Indeed, it takes a lot of energy to quickly and efficiently heat the steam so that your brush is quickly ready for use, so you do not waste time. In addition, for products with a vacuum cleaner, this is even more important. It is easy to suck dust that is very light, but to suck liquids must have enough strength. It would be a shame to have this option, but it is not powerful enough.

Heating time

The heating time does not exceed 30 seconds in general. This is what it will take before using your device. In general, a lamp lights up or a small sound is heard when the brush is ready for use. Meanwhile, the water heater so that it can then turn into steam. For the duration of the cleaning, the water will remain at the right temperature. There will be no need to warm water then at least have to fill the tank. In this case, the new tour of water will in turn be heated.


The design of your wireless steam brushes is an important point because it will surely be visible in your home, as a machine is used frequently. Each brush like parts: a handle on the top with a part for holding it, a screen or gate. At the other end of the handle are the skates or rollers. On the handle itself is generally located (or) tanks, which are always transparent. Sometimes the tank can also be based on like for Moppy Polti. The appearance of the brushes is quite similar from one model to another, and this remains a matter of personal taste. To assess our models, we based on consumer reviews.


Accessories can be very important when doing your household. This can be a particular form of skating, to reach small areas or under furniture (as we saw with the Black + Decker steam brush and mop-shaped delta). There are brands that offer more detergent for you to have an overview of the products they offer and can help you in your cleaning. You can find these accessories on the brand sites or on Amazon. Sometimes there are packages available with steam brushes included.

Fair questions about wireless steam brushes

What is a wireless steam brushes?

A wireless steam brush works on the principle of a broom with a mop at the end. Except that everything is electrical and runs on lithium battery. It has a water reservoir that must be completed before use, some also have a container for dirty water. This appliance is used to clean all hard surfaces, some are even suitable for vertical surfaces. When you turn the brush, the water turns to steam and is sprayed directly on the ground. The steam brush has really revolutionized the world of cleaning.

Why use a wireless steam brushes?

The main advantage of this type of brush is that it is economical and ecological. No need to use detergent, although some models offer the option. The only thing to add is water. In addition, the steam has a high cleaning power. It not only kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs found on the floor but in addition it is very effective for degreasing and removing stubborn stains. There is no better way to clean your floors. This is a very healthy method to use when you have young children or pets. The planet will thank you too.

steam mops, or wireless?

Both methods have advantages. With wireless, you can use your device without limited time. It will be on stream all the time cleaning and for large surfaces, this is important. A wireless steam brushes can average clean 80 m² for a load which lasts 20, 30 minutes. And to reload again, it usually takes 3 to 4 hours. This is a point that needs to be improved, certainly, to be able to use it several times on the same charge. But the surface you are cleaning is not the entire surface of your home, when you add the furniture. In general, the autonomy will be satisfactory for cleaning tour.

Usage is fairly easy in general. Simply fill the tank with water, wait a few seconds as the water warms up and voila. You can add a few drops of essential oil of orange or lavender to scent, or use tea tree and lemon to enhance the antibacterial action. Then it will trigger a button or simply lift the base of brooms he starts cleaning. Some models with virtually rolls advance of themselves, it will be enough to guide them. These little gems are a gain incredible time to clean. You will not have to lug you a bucket of water, get your hands dirty and in addition, cleaning with steam brushes is much more effective.