Best Clearomiseurs For Electronic Cigarette | Best Comparison

Best Clearomiseurs for Electronic Cigarette | Best comparison

The clearomiseur is by far the most important piece of your vape kit, and one that will determine the quality of flavor, intensity and ease of use in general. It is also the most complicated to choose: and because the price ranges are very tight, and the best clearomiseurs are not always the ones we think.

Yet, leaning closer to, these small devices have a very mechanical operation that is not complicated to analyze. And once one sees more clearly, what distinguishes a good and a bad Clearo is rather obvious. But we are given appointment in the buying guide to address it further.

Best clearomiseurs for electronic cigarette in 2020

Best Clearomiseurs For Electronic Cigarette | Best Comparison

1. More Veco Tank – A mini economic clearomiseur

The Veco More tank is a tiny clearomiseur cheap startling quality. We just Vaporesso, one of the market leaders. His strengths ? Adopt the most positive trends of the market at a competitive price.

The first thing – and most important – we can note about this Clearo is that it is compatible with said resistors EUC, Eco Universal Coil. As its name suggests, is one of the most popular designs. We always prefer to opt for a model whose resistances are easily accessible.

The peculiarity of the EUC is functioning a little different. It’s kind of cartridge system where one does not replace the heart of the resistance, instead of throwing the entire room. Not only the practice is more environmentally friendly, but is also relatively cheaper.

That does not stop owners to opt for resistance compatible with Veco, ranging between 0.3 and 0.5 ohms. These data indicate that this Clearo be suitable for direct inhalation vape to a power between 35 and 50 watts. Attention from there, make sure to choose a battery that makes sense if you vapez lot during the day. Be advised to opt for a 2000mAh battery and not having to recharge during the day, even when it begins to lose autonomy over time.

The capacity, it is a bit limited. With only 2ml, it is likely that we have to fill it often. However, it is very simple, since it clearomiseur fills the top ideal for not having to take everything apart.

On remarque at a church here just paraitre surprenant y quelques annees in, but here if to commence repandre: the airflow is not en haut et en bas. Ces deux points permettent de mieux the assurer deslizante en bas du pyrex. Et effectivement, y in tres peu IT Declare.

For occasional steam, looking good reliability over time and a pleasant taste, it is a safe choice. Competition is fierce at that price point, unusually low for this type of model, but the Veco Plus is undoubtedly one of the best: with its performance, compatibility with a large number of resistors and ergonomics.

Best Clearomiseurs For Electronic Cigarette | Best Comparison

Cubis 2. Pro Joyetech – An entrance clearomiseur versatile range

The Cubis is a pro clearomiseur of Joyetech, one of the biggest brands in the world of consumer electronic cigarettes.

The first detail that draws attention is the design and choice of materials. A fully metallic clearomiseur is more pleasing to the eye, certainly, but it also has serious advantages. Already, in terms of hygiene, since it cleans more easily and the water dries much faster on contact. But also comfort and solidity. The chrome look or matt black, we can anticipate that it will go very well with most battery models for a sleek look and elegant enough.

The filling is done from above. As we have already mentioned, this is a good place to prevent leaks, but also to save time. The bottom filling requires indeed separate the Clearo its battery and carefully remove the tank holding it upside down. It is therefore not unusual that liquid seeps into the fire and has to be cleaned afterwards. When you know you filled his Clearo between one to two times a day, and not always in the best conditions, it is a problem. The choice of filling up is definitely a big advantage.

The airflow also is at the top: one in the other, it is certain to avoid leaks, especially as gaskets supplied appear to be of a quality quite satisfactory.

Compatible resistors are known for their quality, and range from 0.5 to 1.5 ohms: it is suitable for a relatively low wattage. This is not the most recommended for recreational vape and intense, where it fetches a higher wattage. By cons, for vaper safely without releasing a large amount of smoke, it is positive and always appreciate some discretion when choosing their electronic cigarette. The capacity of 4ml, it is comfortable to hold a good day.

The Cubis Pro is a reliable Clearo without major problem, which has many advantages of comfort and design. If you want a Clearo that is forgotten, that does not cause special problems and that allows you to unobtrusively vaper without undermining the flavor, it is one of the safest choice.

Best Clearomiseurs For Electronic Cigarette | Best Comparison

3. Eleaf Melo 4 D25 – Best clearomiseur for all uses

Eleaf is one of the best consumer brands. Among their greatest hits, we could cite the Nautilus and Nautilus mini, two ultra-popular ClearOS models for reliability and ease of use. The Melo range, she has always addressed to a more informed public, with excellent build quality. Melo 4 is a continuation of this success, for a price quite affordable. And its advantages should suit everyone, whatever the type of vape: it is rare enough to be noted.

In terms of design, it is well recognized Eleaf’s leg, which focuses on sobriety. Where some models would pass the weapons for ClearOS cyberpunk war Eleaf understood that some vapors want to go unnoticed – and incidentally, to keep their equipment in a pocket.

Melo 4 enters the sub-category clearomiseurs ohm – that is to say, they are compatible with low resistance. This is generally the safest choice in terms of flavor, since it is an important wattage that reached the best balance of this view.

The capacity of 4.5ml is correct, especially as the optimized design of the inside of tank allows the whole to be more compact. And that is a signature of Eleaf whose ClearOS are often thinner and longer than those of the competition. the hole may Regrettably for filling, that is a little narrow, necessarily. It will aim well if you use a refill bottle whose tip is rather broad.

Compatible resistors are part of the category of mesh-enhanced – that is a mix between cotton and mesh. Cotton absorbs the liquid and puts it in contact with the resistance, that we knew. The mesh, by contrast, is a microscopic metal grid that minimizes the volume of the cotton. As a result, fluid accumulates in an area smaller and more contained. There is also less chance that would have surplus liquid escapes in the form of droplets that do not burn – it is a recurring fault on the cheaper models, and a real health hazard.

The resistors are available in 0.3 and 0.5 ohms. This is, in our opinion, one of the most practical strength amplitudes: they allow two very different uses of the electronic cigarette. And this is confirmed by the fact that we can change the default stack, rather narrow, which seems more appropriate for an indirect inhalation.

0.3 ohms, we can go up to about 80W, a suitable power to a good punch of flavor and smoke. While at 0.5 ohms, we can still practice an indirect inhalation, ie aspire longer with less steam.

This is also where the great strength of this Clearo: it should, in fact, agree with everyone. Especially as his performances as 0.3 to 0.5 are quite satisfactory. In the first case, the flavors are intense, rich and worthy of a more expensive Clearo frankly. 0.5, it does not pose frequent problems in this tranche, ie the accumulation of fluid – which slows combustion, increases the risk of droplets and thicker smoke unpleasantly. Very positive, so.

Melo 4 is by far the best clearomiseur general public of the moment. For its versatility, simplicity and reliability of its construction, but also by the quality of compatible strengths: we advise eyes closed to anyone who would move from one world to another, from direct to indirect vape, depending context.

Best Clearomiseurs For Electronic Cigarette | Best Comparison

4. SMOK TVF16 – The clearomiseur for direct inhalation larger tank

SMOK is a brand whose reputation has been variable in the past. Specializing in low cost in the early 2010s, she pioneered in clearomiseurs of producers arena by offering a quality more than an always competitive price. And TVF16 is probably one of their most interesting recent models with million sold worldwide.

The SMOK not part of the most discreet clearomiseurs. With a diameter of 30mm and height of 65mm almost, it’s almost twice as big as the Eleaf. But this is not a disadvantage: it also allows it to offer an incredible capacity of more than 9 ml.

Among the changes made by SMOK this model compared to previous (whose TFV14, already a good Clearo), note two things. The first is the filling from the top, it was time to introduce; the second is the airflow, wider, allowing more intense vape and good experience in direct inhalation.

Also new, no more unscrews the top to complete the Clearo: a small button to open it as a valve. There’s something to be worried, to the idea that liquid 9ml could spread to the bottom of your pocket if you press it accidentally. But the button is rather small and requires a fairly substantial pressure to be triggered. Normally, there is no more risk than with zipper models, very popular.

The resin mouthpiece, an opening of 16mm, can not be changed: it is characteristic of clearomiseurs for direct inhalation, and thus leave no choice for those who prefer an indirect inhalation.

In terms of design, there is a mix of metal and plastic rather irrelevant – with plastic dominant for the moving parts. In itself, this is not a problem, but we regret the choice of colorful rings. One can certainly change, but by default, it must be admitted that it is not pretty …

Finally, if this is not the look you are interested in the first place, the build quality should please you. Several pieces testify: the airflow, for example, slides smoothly or particular difficulty. On some models less well designed, they can accidentally open the tank trying to broaden or narrow the airflow – and this is very annoying.

This Clearo is compatible with all resistance range SMOK, which are quite correct. They have been known to have a failure rate slightly higher than average – that is, there are some chances of hitting a resistance that does not work. We advise buying the latest generation, 2018 and which do not exhibit this problem.

SMOK is an excellent choice for direct inhalation at a reduced price. The ClearOS SMOK do not compete with other, more expensive models, but it is difficult to find such a quality design and flavor intensity for such a low price.

Best Clearomiseurs For Electronic Cigarette | Best Comparison

5. OBS 2 RTA – A clearomiseur RTA near the prefection

The OBS is a clearomiseur somewhat special: it helps to save money and enjoy a better quality vape thanks to its resistance to replace yourself. This is what has made it one of the most popular models, but it is far from its only quality.

OBS is a brand recognized for its inventiveness and 2 RTA is a popular Clearo yourselfers. Completely removable, interchangeable parts, it offers a great freedom to vapor and this is very valuable. It is also a great option to embark on sustainable resistance without too much difficulty: the system is designed to be usable even by laymen. No worries then, you do not necessarily put both feet in the world of vapor-yourselfers.

Despite its 5ml reservoir, it is a little wider than some competitors. This is mainly due to the famous system of resistors that take a little more room.

We immediately noticed, however, that they do not look at all like what we used to see: it is a large bell metal. So how to change its resistance? We begin by unscrewing the base of the main structure – so far, no difference. We discover the resistance itself. These are two Philips screw, which are suspended two metal resistors wound so as to form a tube. This is where you insert your cottons that hold the liquid and put in contact resistance.

From there, we discover one of the great strengths of the FSA. It is a Clearo that offers great freedom of vape and allows, with the same fluid and the same equipment, to vary the experiments. At 25W and a closed airflow, it was a cold and tenuous smoke, and fresh and clear taste. At 45W and airflow ajar, was an intermediate volume of vapor and good resistance of flavor, too. At 65W and airflow completely open, steam and hot flavor and ultra-intense. We can push it to 80-85; beyond the taste deteriorates.

It is a versatile model that can allow both to enjoy a vape utility, discreet and quick as a tasting vape longer and intense.

The OBS is not clearomiseur easiest or most intuitive. But this is probably one of the most fun! If you fancy a little fun with your electronic cigarette, or if you simply want to save on your expenses resistance is the best DIY and more enjoyable to use. Without compromising on flavor – and that’s rare!

6. Skrr to Vaporesso – Best clearomiseur sub-ohm upscale

The Skrr is another Clearo Vaporesso of a sub-ohm quality that approaches the high end. And it’s a clearomiseurs best available on the market.

Like all sub-ohms, it will be particularly suitable for vape direct inhalation, for maximum steam and flavor. With its tank 8mL – and quite greedy consumption – it is indeed more suitable for recreational use.

The tank is filled by rail, that is to say that the upper part is attached to the remainder of the apparatus. Instead unscrew, as is the case on most clearomiseurs, we do simply slide the cap around its axis a little thumb pressure. On some less qualitative models, it’s a little risky to opt for this type of design because a single press of the fireplace in your purse or pocket can open the tank – and 8 ml of liquid, this is not nothing. In this case, the build quality is excellent, and you should be free of such worries.

The airflow is set down, which suggests some leaks – fortunately rare. There are four inputs for maximum flow and balanced. When mounting in Watts, the amount of steam – and taste – is truly spectacular. If you are also looking a Clearo which allows for tricks, it’s a very good plan.

Especially since the new resistors are Vaporesso also speak of them since 2018. The QF Coil System brand, which ranges from 0.18 to 0.5 ohms, are renowned for the loyalty and intensity of taste. a liquid can be used from 70%, which is pretty impressive for a thick taste, rich and silky. The design is quite different from what we used to see, even if it starts to be copied, with varying success, by input-end brands. The particularity ? A particularly important airflow crossing the resistance and provides very high smoke loading, even at a lower temperature.

If you are looking for above all the flavor and smoke density – at the expense, it’s true, discretion and practical aspects – the Skrr is Clearo you.

7. Vandy Kylin – Best clearomiseur RTA upscale

The Bandy Kylin is a great clearomiseur with two choices tank 2 ml to 6 ml. And as OBS, it can replace cotton resistances. But it has other advantages.

As the OBS, the Vandy Kylin shines with its versatility demonstrated by the inclusion of two mouths, one open and short, the other closed – type Delrin – that are more adapted to respectively direct and indirect inhalation. There are also 2 pyrex, 2 and 6 ml respectively.

Everything in the building so inspired modularity. One can even adjust the liquid flow – based on the percentage of VG. But the most original aspect is its rebuildable tray. It also has a very satisfactory construction quality, with real gold finish. This is not to show off: gold naturally improves conductivity.

Those who prefer a montage in single coil – ie with a single resistor – might be disappointed: you can bypass the dual-coil design, but care must be taken to seal liquid to prevent the arrival leaks. And it is generally not recommended.

The process is as simple as the OBS, and can therefore recommend clearomiseur to profane – but be ready to be applied by placing the cotton to avoid burn too fast or to chain dry-hit .

The result of such a setup, it is a flavor intensity and an impressive vapor density. The taste of loyalty, if you’ve mounted your resistance is among the best. The airflow with four entries is very effective for large runs, but it has the advantage of also offer vape more discreet and subtle by closing a little.

Care should be taken not to use liquid whose concentration of VG exceeds 60-70% high wattage. Indeed, they take too long to get in touch with the resistance with this type of design.

The Vandy Kylin is a clearomiseur RTA upscale, relatively simple in its class and pleasant to use. The modality and generosity in pieces offer freedom for various uses: and it counts.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about a clearomiseur before buying a

You’re just starting in the world of vape, or looking to upgrade your equipment: sooner or later you will want to change clearomiseur. Your chance? Technology has improved enormously in recent years, and the quality of materials and design is at its peak. We will help you stay on top.

The role of a clearomiseur

Technically, in an electronic cigarette, clearomiseur is a coil, or a coil, connected to a current. This coil will heat up and turn the liquid into vapor. But rather so that means the resistance.

Today, the term refers clearomiseur the entire tank, the mouth of the chimney and resistance.

The different types of clearomiseurs

One can quickly get lost in the jargon. RTA type coil, setup, Tea, fireplace … So we must begin by clarifying some of the terminology. The plateau is the lower clearomiseur, which will be resistance. The fireplace, as its name suggests, carries the smoke.

To make easy, can be distinguished clearomiseurs rebuildable, and the classics.

The FSA, for rebuildable Tank Atomizer, ClearOS are the most popular of the category rebuildable. That is to say, those whose resistance can be “rebuilt”. At end of life, it can replace cotton without throwing any resistance: just clean the coils and know replicate the setup of the manufacturer. It is an economy, but also an ecological gesture.

Conventional clearomiseurs like Melo 4, are the simplest to use and most popular with novices. They are also more suitable for vape utility, for which we will prefer to minimize required maintenance.

The level of resistance in ohms

Above 1.0 ohm, the smoke is lighter, less humid, and quite similar to what it feels like pulling on a conventional cigarette. These models are aimed at so-called vapor “utilitarian”: those looking primarily nicotine. And until recently, they were not as customizable.

Below 1.0 ohm, considering that it is a sub-ohm clearomiseur said. The smoke is thicker and heavier hits. It is also in this category that you will get more flavor.

Today there are many models which, like Melo 4 are compatible with different types of resistance. This will vary vape experiences as you wish.

Maintenance of clearomiseur

It is important to regularly clean his Clearo, making sure to never wet the resistance. This maintains a clean taste: indeed, some liquids are sensitive to light or temperature variations, and the deposit they leave on joints and walls can gradually alter the taste of your liquid.

If you find the taste turns coal is that your resistance is burned and he’ll have to change it.

Caution also never submit to a wattage too high. Calibration can be a bit tricky, especially if you have purchased new hardware. It is therefore recommended to start with a lower wattage and climb gradually from 5 to 5 maximum, until the temperature, smoke volume and optimal flavor.

Finally, it is obvious, the tank Pyrex is not indestructible. Avoid shocks at all costs. The risk, in addition to breaking the tank, is to distort some thread and have leaks increasingly frequent.

Transformer son clearomiseur

You’re not fully satisfied with the Clearo you bought? If you opted for a modular clearomiseur, you’ll be able to improve your experience without necessarily having to change hardware.

If you do not get enough smoke, for example you can change the resistance of one ohm lower – and conversely if you have too much smoke.

Able to change fireplace is also an asset: you can choose an open mouth, wider, which suits a direct inhalation and generally a greater volume of smoke. Or a closed mouth, longer and narrower, the most cold and tenuous smoke better match an indirect inhalation.

If you have a leak, you can also try changing your joints. It costs almost nothing and you will find in almost every electronic cigarette shops.

Finally, some Pyrex are also interchangeable to change the capacity of your Clearo. A good average is between 3 and 5 ml for not filling the tank too often, but you can opt for a 8 or 9 ml spare, if your resistance consumes a lot of liquid.

The types of filler designs

The action you will perform your most Clearo is complete the liquid. The filling method is not to be taken lightly.

The bottom filling is one less design less frequent, and rather avoid. It is indeed necessary to separate the tray from the rest of clearomiseur, and fill the head down. This design often causes many leaks, and must clean the chimney after each operation not absorb the liquid that sank … You will notice that they were automatically excluded from our comparison.

To fill the top, you have three options. Either is unscrewed the top and the liquid is poured into the tank: this is classic, but be able to put somewhere. Therefore difficult to make up, for example. By cons is the safest: once screwed, not the liquid escapes, in theory.

Some models also offer a filling slide. The cover slides to make it accessible tank: it is simple and fast. Provided it does not open too easily.

Even potential drawback with clamshell models, the cover opens like a car. In both cases, it is advisable to opt for a model with very good build quality

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask about clearomiseurs

You can find from 15 €, but they present severe limitations. For a full and satisfactory model, start at around € 20. The upscale 40 starts with, in general, a better possibility of modulation and more qualitative materials.

This price does not reflect against not the type of Clearo or type of vape. It’s more your budget and frequency of use will determine the price range that will suit you best.

Indirect drawing called classic, is to aspirate first a low smoke volume in the mouth, then all the way down into the lungs. The draw is rather tight, along with reduced flow. We prefer models whose strengths are more than 1 ohm, with a long fireplace and a thin mouth.

The direct draw, it is to directly breathe a greater volume of vapor in the lungs. The clearomiseurs with a large airflow, ideally four inputs, one sub-ohm resistance and a wide mouth should agree perfectly.

We heard many stories of batteries exploding, unburned toxic liquid … It is important to consider a few safety factors when choosing his vape equipment. The clearomiseur included.

The liquid before being vaporized, is technically toxic. Steam comes out of it, is safe from the studies published to date. It is therefore important to avoid receiving splashes of liquid in the mouth.

It is a defect that is found on the wrong models sub-ohm, or if you have not calibrated the wattage of your cigarette. If this incident happens, immediately rinse your mouth thoroughly. In case of burns or nausea, consult a doctor.

It is also unwise to vaper when your tank is empty – or almost empty. You might called a dry hit: you no longer vapez the liquid is the cotton burned and dry smoke. It’s bad for your equipment, but also for your lungs.

To avoid many of these inconveniences, choose a battery pack that displays – and control – the clearomiseur temperature.

✈ Can we take the electronic cigarette on the plane?

Yes, provided the transport cabin with up to two additional batteries. It is of course forbidden to use it.

To avoid damaging your clearomiseur during pressure changes due to the altitude, it is advisable to drain the tank and completely disassemble the unit before takeoff. Of course, that means that after a long journey it will all go back before finally take its first latte, but it’s better than ending up with major leaks in his pocket.

It depends on the type of vape – direct or indirect – but also the power and battery life.

For vape from 9 to 15 watts, 1-1,5ohm resistance we prefer. For vape from 20 to 35 watts, the 0.5 to 1 ohm resistors will do. And from 35 to 60 watts, one will select resistances of 0.3 to 0.5 ohm, that produce more smoke.

You’ll understand more wattage, the higher the value in ohms of resistance should be low.

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