Best Digital Photo Frames 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Digital Photo Frames 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Capture your finest moments (and most memorable) has never been easier. Whether it is a daily event or greater (as a birthday, wedding, baptism …), we often take pictures that we store on our phone, our tablet or our digital camera.

Although you can browse all your photos and your memories via these devices, we still recognize that nothing takes away the charm to frame your favorite photos and hang them on the wall (or on a shelf, fireplace, etc …) because times deserve just that one remembers the day. This is particularly why digital photo frames are so useful. They allow you to supervise all your favorite pictures and scrolling at any time, all on a super hyper design.

If you are looking for a new digital photo frame today in this new buying guide, Best Comparison spent for you review 6 of the best models, we are sure, will provide the perfect support for your Photos and should suit you perfectly.

Whatever photos you want to frame it, we believe that the 6 digital photo frames that you present below should perfectly suit you and beautify all your best moments in both super trendy design.

As with all devices, be it a computer, a phone, tablet … all digital photo frames are not similar. Some offer more or fewer features, higher resolution display, better design … In short, your choice will depend mostly on your desires and needs, but here are some things that might help you choose the best digital photo frame.

Characteristics of digital photo frames

Before choosing a particular digital frame, make sure it has all the required features, particularly regarding the size of the screen, the quality of the display resolution, etc … Let’s see what are the essential characteristics digital picture frames to consider when buying.

The size of the screen

In general, digital photo frame size from 5 to 12 inches. The best digital frames are the largest but, in general, from your friends at least to go on a 8-inch model. Such as televisions and computer monitors, LCD photo frames are measured diagonally. Thus a digital picture album of 8 to 10 inches is the standard photo print 4 x 6 or 5 x 7. However, there are also the largest digital picture frames up to 20 inches.

The display resolution

The display resolution determines the number of pixels horizontally by vertically, the frame can display. In short, the resolution is the size of the screen image measured in pixels. It is recommended users to buy a digital photo frame with a resolution of at least 800 x 600 or 800 x 480 pixels. This display resolution produces a pixel density of 100 pixels per inch.

The framework

The frame around the screen is made of different materials, colors and styles. They can be made of plastic, metal, wood and glass. Some types of digital photo frames also offer interchangeable face plates that can change appearance to fit your decor.

Image quality

The image quality is a very important factor of a digital photo frame. The screen surface can affect the display mode of the photo. Most of the best digital photo frames come with matte screens and non-reflective. However, there are others that come with a protective shield. This creates a bit of glare and, in this case, an antireflection coating is necessary.

The internal storage

Some digital frames offer an integrated memory which allows users to store images. This is a convenient way for users because they do not have to use memory card or USB key in the frame. The ideal size of memory to look for in a digital frame is 512 MB

The memory card space

Besides the internal memory, some digital photo frames offer memory card space and allows users to add existing storage space. The most common types of supported memory cards are SD, CompactFlash and Memory Stick. It is necessary to ensure that the memory card used in the frame is identical to that used in the camera.


Some digital photo frames offer various connectivity options (USB, WiFi, Bluetooth …). Users can easily transfer digital images directly from the computer to the digital frame via USB. Some digital frames also offer Wi-Fi connectivity which allows users to download photos from the hard drive of the computer and even connect to photo sharing sites. In addition, Bluetooth is available in most digital photo frames. This feature enables users to connect the frame with their camera or mobile phone wireless to transfer photos.

The different uses of digital photo frames

Digital photo frames are very useful to display JPEG images. However, some types of digital photo frames can also display BMP and TIFF images. Some models come with built-in speakers, mono or stereo. As such, they can play MP3 and WAV audio files when a photo slide show is in progress. There are digital frames that allow users to use them as secondary PC monitors. Many of them also come with a remote control that allows users to use them remotely.

What is the best digital photo frame brand?

People who like to hang pictures of their family and friends on their walls find that digital photo frames are a good alternative to traditional frames to beautify their photos in a design support, high tech and does not take up space. Since the digital photo frames are very diverse, it is necessary to take into account certain features to see which best fits your needs, but if you want to be sure to opt for a digital photo frame quality, you can first you turn to the most recognized brands (e that does not mean that other brands offer lower quality models).


Sony is one of the world’s leading manufacturers offering different products related to photo and imaging, such as cameras, televisions, phones, tablets, and digital photo frames with screens 7, 8, 9 and 10 inches.


Aluratek is a renowned company that manufactures sophisticated computer peripherals and consumer electronic devices. It offers products such as accessories for smartphones and tablets, digital photo frames, keyboards, game accessories, Bluetooth accessories and audio.


ViewSonic is a global imaging technology leader. It offers a wide range of products with smart displays, touch screens, game monitors, digital picture frames, projectors and more.


NIX (which you can find in our buying guide) is a London-based company known for the design and manufacture of frames high-end digital pictures. Its digital frames offer ultra-modern features and can read JPEG, MPEG-4, AVI and MP3.

To choose the best digital photo frame, so first take into account the main characteristics that most match your needs and, although you can find many quality models with many brands, you can always opt for brands Popular ensure that you opt for an effective digital photo frame and quality.

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