Best Dry Hair 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Dry Hair 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Our hair is one of our most valuable assets … This is why it is so important to take good care of them. One of our favorite allies is of course the hairdryer. With new technologies that continue to rise, choose a hair dryer is much more fun than before, but also much easier. Indeed, given the amount of makes and models on the market, it is not always obvious. We will have to learn and take into account your needs, especially if you bet on a high-end model and therefore more expensive. Believe us, it’s hard to resist when you see what they are capable. device to device differences are slim, but may be decisive when making your purchase. Each hair dryer, you will find some similar characteristics regarding power, number of speeds, temperatures, cold air and the number and type of hubs. When it comes to design, price, having a standard feature or rather innovative, that’s when things change and we are here to enlighten you.

In this comparative hairdryer, Best Compare reviews the 7 most popular models on the market with a buying guide at the end to draw your attention to the details not to be missed.

Our selection of the best 7 hairdryer

These reviews are there to give you a concrete idea of ​​the performance of each product. Here you will find all the information you need before buying your hairdryer.

1. Babyliss Pro Light 6610DE – The hairdryer favorites users

Best Dry Hair 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Here is a product that will seduce you. For the performance you’ll get its price is more than reasonable. The hair dryer Babyliss Pro Light 6610DE is the ally of those who want to use at home for every day. It is unanimous among the public when it comes to the price / quality ratio. It features ionic technology which makes the hair softer and shinier.

His Pro AC motor has a power of 2100 W, which is more than adequate for a hair dryer that is not classified in the range of professional … The air speed is 100 km / h for drying convenient and fast. You can adjust the machine’s performance depending on the nature of your hair thanks to 6 different speeds and conditions suggested here: hot air, medium and cold air (this feature to fix the hairstyle).

Finally hair dryer that does not dry the cheveux.Il dries quickly, it has several fashion: fresh air, warm air through air and which is significant especially in the summer not to sweat after dried hair. My hair is smooth and silky soft, no need to flat iron to tame my sacred epaisseur.J’en’m thrilled! My flat iron is stored and not ready to be pulled!

Another important point: the design. The Babyliss Pro Light is available only in black, with transparent parts on the sides. It has a hub end (6 x 75 mm) for precise styling and one designed specifically for curly hair. It is round (12 cm diameter) with peaks and it helps to improve the look of your soft curls.

This device is incredibly convenient: you will find a removable filter in the back, easy to clean. In addition, after the handle Babyliss thought to add a suspension ring. Weighing only 500 grams makes it very handy. Finally, the power cable is 1.65m which is the only downside we could find for this hair dryer.

Babyliss is the European leader in personal care. With a product of this brand, you are sure not to mislead you and especially with this model that we presented.

2. Silk Pro Remington AC9096 – The hair dryer strongest market

Best Dry Hair 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Described as the most powerful hairdryer that exists, Remington AC9096 Pro Silk unbeatable. This model offers unique features compared to the range in which it is classified. One of the first noticeable features is its AC motor, the kind that is used usually in the salons of beauty professionals. This type of engine guarantees a long lifetime of the device with performance that not faint. This hairdryer justifies its power through two other characteristics; 2400 W and 140 km / h air flow. These two elements combined enable very fast drying even on long hair and thick. Add to that an ion technology with 90% more ions than standard hair dryer and you get an excellent product.

Remington has attention to detail to optimize the care of your hair. Indeed, the inner gate is covered with ceramics and silk proteins that are perfect materials to distribute the heat and prevent damage to the hair and scalp. You can adjust the temperature and speed of 6 programs according to the desired result. Here, you’ll still have a unique feature: the button “Turbo” that increases the 10% airflow. You also have the cold air that fixed key hair at the end of brushing.

I use this hairdryer over a year now and I am very happy. Duet with a good brush (and some pliers), it is impeccable brushings easily (and also dries the hair in fourth gear) .I long hair, thick and curly. So I need power and I should efficacite.Celui it very well. It is powerful, does not burn and has a function of anti-static effective type. It “grid” not by prolonged use.

The hair dryer Remington AC9096 comes with an ultra-thin hub for even smoother hair and an air diffuser that will give more breadth and volume to your hair. On the handle, there is a suspension ring to easily hang the unit in your bathroom. The cord, very convenient with a length of 3 meters will allow you to easily handle the hair dryer while you blow dry. The grid on the back is removable and it is advisable to clean it from time to time, especially if you use frequently your hairdryer.

With this model, you can get in your results as to the hairdresser! Note that the hairdryer with such performance typically cost much more expensive than this one.

3. Philips Dry Care Advanced – A hairdryer cheap, stylish and powerful

Best Dry Hair 2020 | Reviews And Guide

If you want to combine good performance and low price, you are in front of the ideal device. The hair dryer Philips HP8232 / 00 has a lot of elements that make it really interesting. In addition to being powerful, it is beautiful. Its sleek design, white with golden lines will base fits in your bathroom.

Let us first discuss power: 2200 W power for a frizz-free hair. You will get a perfect blow dry with hair smooth and shiny. Philips has also thought about the health of your hair. The ThermoProtect and ionic functions are combined and give flawless results. Your scalp is protected and your hair preserved from heat stress caused by blow drying … Another important quality: you can dry your hair quickly even at low temperatures. To further tailor the device to your needs, you have 6 settings for temperature and speed. This feature includes key cold air is used at the end of brushing for fixing the hairstyle. Moreover this is very significant summer, where you can dry from beginning to end your hair that way. Philips was able to make simple adjustments, but practical.

I was looking to replace my professional hairdryer with a powerful hairdryer but for less. For the price I’m blown away by it! Powerful, it dries quickly, thanks to its various hot keys froid.Le hairdryer is light, and I find it much quieter than my professional hairdryer precedent.En summary a great product for a bargain price!

Now let’s look at the accessories. This hair dryer is supplied with a fine air concentrator and a volume diffuser. Beware though if you plan to use the diffuser. The holes between his spikes are too broad and diffuse too much heat. It is best to use this low-temperature accessory. With cord 1.80m what you will do your brushing comfortable. At the end of your hair, you can hang on the wall with the suspension ring. Small flat, the weight of 1 kg can use your arms if you have long, thick hair.

4. GHD – The most professional hairdryer

Best Dry Hair 2020 | Reviews And Guide

A coveted model, GHD (Good Hair Day) Air is the first professional hair dryer that has captivated consumers. After success in England, it is gaining ground in France and we will explain why.

GHD does not his first success. The brand has already proven with his Styler and with this new hair dryer you will not be disappointed either. It is a suitable product for use in salon or at home. It is perfect for those looking for the highest performance.

GHD has worked its product to make it unique. It dries the hair two times faster compared to a standard hair dryer. Its engine is obviously the type AC Professional with a power of 2100 W. The brand has invented his own ionic technology, exclusive GHD. This removes static electricity and smooth the hair cuticle to get a perfect result. Your hair does not dry out with use, because the temperature is adjusted to maintain hydration of the hair. You can adjust the temperature on 3 levels and wind speed of 2 different levels. With the cold air button, get even more protection for your hair.

I recommend eyes closed, hair dryer professional who takes care of the hair while blow drying as a haircut! I am blown away!

Another thing that makes this unique professional hairdryer: ergonomic design, suitable for right handed for lefties. As for accessories, we find two hubs and a cord extra long 3 m. A not insignificant point, the sound muffled when produced brushings makes work enjoyable especially if one has to spend much time on a thick hair.

The price to pay will be heavier than average, but still reasonable considering the results. GHD offers you the opportunity to get professional results at home. Know that your device is guaranteed for 2 years.

5. Babyliss Pro Digital 6000 E – The hair dryer of the future

Best Dry Hair 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Voted best hairdryer of 2016 (and it is still on the podium in 2019!), Its main asset is the hair protection. And we will all agree that this is one of the key arguments when choosing a hair dryer. This product will be an ally of the already fragile hair as it does not bring more damage. We counted countless innovative features and useful …

Its digital EC motor (2200 W) is one of the most innovative on the market since it allows for superb performance without using the hair in the long run. Indeed, the heat of 70 ° that product is optimal and constant. These two elements combined help make your blow drying without worrying about damaging your hair. In addition, the Babyliss 6000 E decreases by 30% the drying time, which is really a valuable asset.

Excellent product; cheaper than the latest version or the Dyson … Good maneuverability, original design, dry effectively without damaging the hair thanks to the different programs, the cord is long which is convenient, the tips are numerous and sufficiently complete presentation box to understand the specifics of the device. I have fine hair and since I have the hairdryer they are more beautiful and larger, I get compliments. I totally recommend this product.

You will have several innovative drying programs. There are multiple speed settings and temperature, cold air button, the “high ionic” function for hair more smooth and silky. The device already has an air speed of 208 km / h unheard of until now. When you add to that the “turbo” function, you can dry your hair in no time. It is 30% faster than a standard hair dryer.

Although it is very powerful, it works silently hairdryer (50% more than the others). All this does not affect its weight which is very light and makes them pleasant brushings. His only weakness is its design, gray and blue mirror that leaves mixed views.

As for accessories, you will receive two hubs and a diffuser. The filter at the back is of course removable and easy to clean. A final feature of the most innovative: the application’s Club “My Pro Digital” for even more benefits. Good to know: Philips offers a 5 year warranty.

6. Air Remington D7779 3D – An upscale hair dryer, alternative to Dyson

In line with the last review, here is another new generation device. The Remington Air 3D defies all limits. Its innovative design is similar to Dyson, but much cheaper. The appearance has been revised to amplify the power of 3D airflow. It still remains in the price range of premium products and we’ll see how it warrants.

One of the best features is the 3D airflow. It is a unique concept that takes the form of a powerful and uniform air blast. It dries the hair specifically, it facilitates your blow drying, and with a with a remarkable quality. It has 3 temperature and 2 different speeds to suit your desires.

Excellent product that perfectly mania. Packaging is qualitative, essential accessories are present, and the perfect heat management.

Inside the device is a ceramic grid infused with a care to micro molecules generating ion, this technique eliminates frizz and enhances the natural shine of the hair. You will get 2 times more brightness than with another device. The styling temperature adapts continuously to prevent the heat hair abyss. With an output of 1800 W, be sure that you will get perfect results. It can be used by individuals as by professionals.

The design of this hair dryer Remington is unique, we appreciate this kind of innovations that are good after a ton of traditional models. Moreover, it is easy to handle and be comfortable during brushings.

Remington was very well thought out its product. All those who have dreamed of Dyson model, but are held back by the price will now be able to offer this little wonder with high quality performance.

7. Basuwell – A very good professional hairdryer

Basuwell located in the ranks of the hairdryer high-tech. It has several useful and innovative details. Some are even unique and available only on this model, which could easily lead our choice to this product.

Basuwell presents technology negative ions that are already familiar accompanied by far-infrared: This feature further reduces the static rate, your hair will be impeccably smooth and protected from heat. This model also has a professional engine 2100 W. This improves 4 times the life of your device while giving outstanding results. Especially as the drying time is reduced by 50%. You have 5 different programs of temperature and speed in addition to the button “cool shot”. The other two are hot air temperature and average air which adjusts detail your device.

Another unique feature: 4 different hubs. You will have a hub end, another slightly thicker, another comb and a volume diffuser. The most convenient is the comb, which can take good hair.

Finally hairdryer which dries not cheveux.Il dries quickly, it has several fashion: fresh air, warm air through air and which is significant above all was not transpire after dried hair. My hair is smooth and silky soft, no need to flat iron to tame my sacred epaisseur.J’en’m thrilled!

The design of this device is less work than its competitors. We find all the necessary accessories, but the appearance is reviewing. This device is light, which is important for long hair. It has a long cord 2.7 m with a loop for hanging.

The filter at the back is removable which makes cleaning easier and improves the life of the hair dryer.

This model is CE, 2 year warranty and customer service Basuwell is available 24/24 if needed.

Buying Guide – How to choose your hairdryer future

The power

Power is one of the first factors to consider. The powers of the models vary, expressed in watts and can really make a difference in your choice. So how to set the power you need?

First, ask yourself what you shoe use your hairdryer and take into account your hair type. If you use your hair dryer at home, not every time you wash your hair and in addition you have fine hair, then you will need a simple model without great performance. By cons, for long thick hair that need constant care, you should bet on a hair dryer much more powerful look professional if you do not want to spend hours in the bathroom.

The more the hair dryer is powerful, faster you be drying your hair. This is something that needs to be really careful. In general, count from 1800 W to a powerful hairdryer.

On the other hand, the power defines the lifetime of your hairdryer. Today, almost no hair dryer is manufactured without ionic technology, and this is a function that requires energy. The power supports all functions of your device. Over the hair dryer is powerful, better will be the results of brushing.

In conclusion, it is better to invest a little more and be quiet for a while. It is possible to find very reliable and powerful models around 30 €.

The technologies included

Like the power, this point is to define your needs and your desires. As we have seen, there are a lot of technologies. Every day new features are developed and if you follow the trends and you will see that there are all it takes to satisfy you. Of course, for all these benefits will require a large budget. Prices range from 15 € to 400 €. Some will be satisfied with a camera around 20 €, the time it takes to dry the hair. Nothing more. By cons, for weakened hair or thick hair, be careful to protect your hair. A damaged hair will bear less stress caused by heat drying. Of course, you can always protect your hair with treatments applied to the prerequisites, but dry hair remains an almost inescapable point and you’ll need to choose carefully your device. Same with long hair, thick, or both, that must be tamed daily. It is simply unthinkable to have hair dryers without ionic technology to care for thick hair. The main goal is always to make them even more hair silky and better protected.

Precisely see certain technologies together.

this is the most common technique. She smoothes the hair by producing negative ions that eliminate static electricity produced naturally during drying. This is a feature that is available on most models and is advanced must if you want a nice brushing. Your hair will be silky and shiny if you let them dry in the air. Some models combine this technology with others, making your more powerful hairdryer.

it is a practice increasingly used. Manufacturers cover the inner gate device with ceramic. This material enables to better preserve the hair fiber in evenly distributing the heat diffused. This technique is less common than negative ions, but you will find several models of very good quality.

when you think hairdryer, we often think of hot air automatically. But the cold air’s strengths are many and often forgotten. It is also a fairly common feature. Its main function is to fix the hairstyle at the end of your blow dry. It is also handy if you want to preserve your damaged hair from heat. Another asset which we do not often think, is its use in the summer that can save your life.


One point that we forget sometimes, but it is very important if you want to comfortably make your blow dry. It will specifically inquire for this because it is not always included in the description. If you buy in the store, you can judge for yourself if the models are exposed. If you buy online careful. Again, if you know that you will use your device quickly even if it is a bit heavier, it will not matter. But for a person who has long hair, have a slight hair dryer is essential.

Some brands are aware of this problem and want to adjust the maximum number of consumers their products. You can easily find high-performance models is very light.

the design

In general, brands are such that their product is not only effective but also attractive to the eye. However, some models this criterion can be very important for some consumers, especially if you want to hang your hair dryer to the wall of the bathroom. The most common color is black, it melts throughout and is very elegant. As it is a product used mainly by women, the color purple, pink or white is also quite prevalent among the models.

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