Best Essential Oils Diffusers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Essential Oils Diffusers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

You are looking for the best essential oil diffuser on the advice of your friend polluter repented and high priestess of the eco-chic, you have abandoned good old aerosol synthetic perfume in favor of essential oils to refresh the atmosphere of your home.

Except that the incense burner certified fair trade Guatemalan clay that you offered barely fit in your living room minimalist design. Will you give up your new environmental consciousness for so much? No, you’re just going to opt for the 2019 version of this artifact: an essential oil diffuser electronics.

The best essential oils diffusers:

Best Essential Oils Diffusers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

There are plethora of essential oil diffusers models on the market, the costs vary greatly depending on the technology used. For this selection, we considered the following criteria:

Find now without further delay our selection of essential oil diffusers to buy eyes closed. strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs.

Best Essential Oils Diffusers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Victsing – The best essential oil diffuser made in wood

The first essential oil diffuser is selected from the VicTsing brand, a company specializing in electronic equipment and accessories for the car as the house. This is an ultrasonic diffuser equipped with a flush tank in a 150ml plastic timber imitation case. It combines the benefits of light therapy to aromatherapy thanks to its LED lighting that changes color depending on your mood. Finally, the diffuser works on outlet and its small size (12cm * 10cm) allows it to fit easily on a bedside table or a shelf corner.

Design and Features

This essential oil diffuser fits perfectly into any interior, with its smooth curves and wood effect of such quality that it is difficult to imagine that this is a plastic object if we do not touch. Two buttons adorn the front of the unit, one to set the timer, the other to adjust the light. The timer can opt for a distribution of essential oils for an hour, three hours or continuously. The capacity of the diffuser (150ml) enables an overall autonomy of the device estimated between 6 and 9 according to the selected distribution option. A safety cutting power to the device if the liquid level is too low, thus avoiding the risk of overheating or shorting.

The diffuser of the LED lighting is adjustable in terms of colors (seven colors available), the brightness intensity (high or low) or change of color (change of color or permanently fixed color throughout the ‘use). A function “night” is also planned in order to enjoy the benefits of essential oils during sleep unhindered light.

Plugged in, this diffuser is effective over an area of ​​10 m² according to the manufacturer. It comes with a leaflet.


Users appreciate the appearance of wood and the discreet side of the diffuser so aesthetically that noise. Safety in case of too low water is also put forward as a positive. However, opinions are mixed about the small size implies a range of relatively low unit when used continuously, and the low amplitude of action of the diffuser: beyond 20m, many admit force dose on the amount of essential oils to feel the benefits in the house. This essential oil diffuser is recommended for buyers who want to test this type of product, or that provide for occasional use and / or in a small space.

Best Essential Oils Diffusers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Salking – The best essential oil diffuser ultrasonic

If you are looking for a refined decorative object coupled with a diffuser of essential oils, you may just find your happiness with Salking brand. This company has developed essential oil diffusers with attractive looks, that stand of wood or sleek trends in favor of aesthetics oriental or Mediterranean as selected ranges. Of a capacity of 100ml, it can also act as pilot thanks to its LED lighting that changes color depending on your mood. Timer and automatic shutdown are also counted among its features, perfect to help you relax during your home yoga session or to refresh the atmosphere of your office. Also running on sector, essential oil diffuser ultrasonic comes with a user manual and a glass measuring in addition to its power adapter. Little more interesting: a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

Design and Features

The model proposed by Salking consists of three parts:

features side, diffuser offers 4 broadcast times (half an hour, an hour, two hours, and 3 hours and more) that can be selected by pressing the on / off button. Its capacity 100ml allows a range of about 5 hours before needing to refill the tank. In case of too low water level, the unit automatically turns off. An indicator light indicates which program is positioned diffuser. A second button to select the color of the light (7 colors available) and its variations (fixed or color change gradually as time passes). A “night” mode is also available. This ultrasonic diffuser can also be used in single humidifier, if you do not add essential oils to the water. Salking guarantees effectiveness of the device for surfaces from 20 to 25m².


This essential oil diffuser achieves virtually flawless as users. Original design, ease of use and cleaning and reasonable price … The promise of a premium quality product seems to be holding. We nuancerons these users Returns noting a weak autonomy of use (5 hours before recharging against an average of 7-8 hours for other broadcasters presented) and the need for an electrical outlet nearby, limiting the places where the object could be placed.

Best Essential Oils Diffusers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Youngdo – The best essential oil diffuser electric cold

The main interest of the model proposed by Youngdo, besides its original aesthetics with elements of decor faux wood, holds in his oils of broadcast mode essentielles.Youngdo offers a misting of essential oils cold activated by an ultrasonic component its base, so as not to damage the natural qualities of the oils. Both diffuser, humidifier and night with its colored LEDs that change color depending on the mode selected, this object has many strengths to fit discreetly in your home.

Design and Features

Curvaceous, the essential oil diffuser Youngdo is composed of a transparent lid and timber imitiation, under which lies a cup of 220ml of capacity to accommodate the mixture of water and essential oils to be broadcast. The base in this cup contains the electronics for creating cold mist and the controls to customize the use of the object. The MIST command manages the generation of mist: a short press activates or not the production of mist, and duration (3H or 6h). Note that the capacity of the cup ensures a continuous action from 6am without recharging. Moreover, the device automatically turns off if the water level is too low for safety. LIGHT button, meanwhile, allows to turn on or off the light, as well as choose the color thereof (among seven colors) and the intensity of lighting. It is important to note that it is possible to use the diffuser only dormant mode without fog distribution. A little more if you want to save space on your shelves and bedside tables! The diffuser is supplied with its operating instructions, as well as a measuring cup.


This diffuser would it all by users: he installs a gentle atmosphere and fragrant in the house, while being easy to handle. We note however two points which may be troublesome in the long run. The broadcaster does not have to switch to speak, and he will have some tinkering with the device to understand if it is actually on or off (within the disconnect between uses). On the other hand, a slight sound of water is heard during use, which can help with relaxation and for some seriously annoy others. Finally, we note the price a bit high compared to other similar products on the market. A therefore recommended for occasional use or for a gift to a friend.

Best Essential Oils Diffusers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Dodocool – The best essential oil diffuser for car

Followers of the car looking for an alternative to the horrible neon fragrant fir Dodocool the brand has thought of you! Similar to a thermos cup, this essential oil diffuser ultrasonic plugs into the socket of the cigarette lighter of your car and ensures fragrant cabin for 4 hours of streaming without recharging. Simple to use, it also offer the luxury of a colored LED lighting, to entertain the kids in the back. Slim and consumer energy, essential oil diffuser would prove a good compromise for those who want a greener solution and less hazardous to health to create a fragrant atmosphere for your trips.

Design and Features

The essential oil diffuser Dodocool comes in the form of a rather compact black thermos (16.7 x 11.2 x 8.5 cm) that fits easily in most cup holders present in cars. Under the cover, a cup of 70ml welcomes water and essential oils that will turn into steam, once the camera started. Two buttons are located on the front of the bins: one is the switch of the diffuser, the second allows to switch off the LED and the position on the color of your choice. It is not possible to adjust the density or steam intermittently. This diffuser delivers steam continuously, without any noise, for about 4h. A safety stops the operation of the apparatus if the water level inside of the diffuser is too small and a fan in the bottom discrete avoids the risk of overheating and burning. It comes with a user manual and an adapter to plug it into the cigarette lighter of the car. It is guaranteed for one year by the manufacturer.


In practice, this diffuser proves functional and satisfies those looking for a cabin subtly scented, without sacrificing elegance. However some points for improvement are noted for this object really becomes essential in all cars. On the one hand, the broadcaster does not propose alternative power that the cable connected to the cigarette lighter of the car (or USB cable, or rechargeable), which may affect the side “nomadic” of ‘apparatus. Moreover, some note a lid sealing default, while others believe the LED light as an accessory or even annoying when driving at night. Finally, deliberately wanted as universal design does not fit all cup holders, causing instability and risk of burns to driving.

5. Elehot – A diffuser and mist of essential oils

If you are looking for a device that allows multiple settings for a range of long-term, the essential oil diffuser Elehot might interest you. Sleek and pretty basic in form, this diffuser is distinguished by features that adjust light, the amount of mist released into the atmosphere during use, duration of use and an original fashion, candle mode. The multiple combinations offered by this device, which can be used diffuser in mist or single pilot, you guarantee an experience of aromatherapy and light therapy fully customized, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Design and Features

The essential oil diffuser ultrasonic Elehot does not go unnoticed. With its 23cm height of 16cm wide, it imposes on your shelves. Between aesthetics and functionality, the brand has made its choice: the white plastic, transparent object would fit in a care practice but difficult to find its place in a contemporary interior design. The detachable fireplace provides access to the cup for water and essential oils with a capacity of 300ml. This quantity provides a diffusion time estimated between 6h and 10h according to the selected fog density. The base includes all touch controls to set the broadcast program of your choice. The “candle” mode is a little originality among broadcasters presented: it recreates the changing light of a candle flame, to accompany your meditation sessions or yoga. The intensity of this light is adjustable. The color mode lets you choose the color of the LED lamps of the unit from 14 colors. It is also possible to change the light intensity (strong or weak) and choose between a fixed color or a gradual color change. The integrated timer provides a broadcast on predefined period of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or continuously. You can opt for two fog densities: a thick fog (moisture 20-30ml per hour) or a light mist (10-20ml of moisture per hour). Quiet and with an overheating protection, this diffuser is supplied without accessories and runs on mains.


This diffuser is recommended for users who want a long-term distribution of autonomy and willing to create a true personalized experience. Most users appear very satisfied with the device, highlighting the candle mode, and the option to choose the intensity of the fog. However, there are some consumers who question the longevity of the device in a context of intensive daily use, noting some manufacturing defects.

6. Onsing HS – The essential oil diffuser wireless

The essential oil diffuser ultrasonic HS Onsing is the larger of this selection and perhaps more attractive. With a capacity of 550ml, it guarantees a fresh and fragrant inside for hours without stopping. Its floral aesthetics gives a holiday atmosphere to your rooms, enhanced by LED lighting. Little more significant compared to its competitors: a remote control which can set the machine to necessarily touch it! What motivate a daily use without even thinking about it!

Design and Features

The design of the essential oil diffuser Onsing HS combines all the trends characteristic to breathe a holiday atmosphere in your home. Shaped rounded slab, its imitation wood coating is flower-shaped finementsculpte on top to let a colorful LED light for a tropical atmosphere. The lid unscrews so you can fill the cup with a capacity of 550ml with water and essential oils. This ability allows the diffuser to operate without recharging for at least 6h continuously into a piece of 25 to 30m, by providing a mist rather thick. Two buttons attached to the diffuser base used to configure it to your needs. These parameters are also accessible from the remote control, which operates with a battery provided round, within 3 m around the unit. 7 LED color with a dimmable are available for this diffuser, which can be used as a night light. Color can be fixed or change over time. A night mode turns off the light and diffuse low density steam throughout the night to enjoy the benefits of oils without losing quality rest. As with the previous model presented, the density of the mist is also adjustable (thin or thick), thus allowing play on the fragrance released and the autonomy of the object. The timer offers four broadcast times (1h, 3h, 6h, or continuous). Note that a security automatically turns the diffuser if the water were to fall into the cup. This diffuser is supplied with the remote control and its battery, a measuring cup, the device outlet and a manual.


This essential oil diffuser will conquer aromatherapy aficionados who have not been convinced by the aesthetic of Elehot. More compact, with similar features and more remote, it answers everything users require this kind of product: beautiful, easy to use and clean and efficient long. However, these advantages are qualified. Some users state that the remote control tends to blur the waves for mobile phones and television when used. Also, be careful when cleaning the device: water drops can seep into the motor section and the damage sustained. Finally the difference in density of the fog is not easily noticeable.

7. VicTsing – A pilot of essential oil diffuser

Why set this ultrasonic diffuser model as a pilot while all other models presented may also fall into this category? Simply because of the aesthetics that broadcaster, which makes great semi transparent materials, thereby increasing the amount of scattered light. But do not panic, this object is an essential oil diffuser effective on small surfaces or for occasional use. In a childlike simplicity of use, it will find its place on all side tables, you wake up and your favorite book.

Design and Features

Modern and purified, this essential oil diffuser White plastic base and the transparent plastic top cover lets pass maximum light taking up minimal space. With a capacity of 150ml, this essential oil diffuser ultrasonic ensures streaming 5h in normal mode (35-40ml per hour), double in sleep mode (12-20ml per hour). A timer is used to adjust the activation time of the apparatus (3h or continuous); anti-overheating associated security prevents any risk of short circuit due to lack of water in the receptacle. Another control button can select the color of the light (8 colors available), its intensity and its variations (fixed or changing color). Finally a last button activates the sleep mode, which is characterized by the extinction of all the bright lights and lights on the device as well as dissemination of essential oils in smaller quantities to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in the night. The diffuser is supplied without accessories but the manufacturer offers a one year warranty.


This essential oil diffuser is good value for money and meets casual users, with rather small areas, or those who want to test these products without breaking the bank. He reveals a little less effective for uses in the long term or in spacious rooms, because of its rather low autonomy compared to the same product range. Moreover, we regret the few options in the settings of the timer, and some sealing problems due to poor dispersion of the fog.

How to choose an essential oil diffuser for your needs?

From simple roller flavored nebulizer high-tech that turns your home into real spa, the essential oil diffusers abound. Why so many choices? Just because the uses of these objects are very different from one person to another. Here are some tips to help you find an essential oil diffuser suited to your needs!

therapeutic uses or “recreational”?

In general, buyers of essential oil diffusers are divided into three categories: those that use essential oils for therapeutic purposes (clean the air of an apartment, for example), those seeking a long-solution term to perfume the atmosphere, and those who want a versatile object to satisfy both needs depending on their mood.

Why ask this question? Simply to eliminate certain technologies from the start. Indeed, for therapeutic uses, the soft heat diffusers, or ventilation are not recommended, the first reducing the benefits of the oils trickle, the second is not powerful enough to “infuse” a room. A nebulizer is highly recommended in this case. To use “ambient” or versatile, a mist ultrasonic model is an appropriate solution to combine efficiency and budget. And you’re in luck, because our whole selection is based on this technology!

What area to be covered?

According to the proposed uses, the technology used and the workpiece surface, the essential oil diffusers will prove more or less effective. Most manufacturers recommend:

Light or not?

Although LED lights associated with an essential oil diffuser become increasingly the default template, it must be remembered that this is a bonus, not essential to the functioning of the diffuser. If you opt for a model with lights, check if it is possible to adjust the intensity of light (as on the Elehot model for example) or whether it is possible to extinguish it in the context of night use (the image of the “night” of VicTsing diffuser). Finally, some models like the HS Onsing propose to use the camera LED without turning on the essential oil diffuser, which can be advantageous to optimize small spaces decorating.

Battery life before recharge

This last criterion is determining whether you choose an essential oil diffuser mist (ultrasonic). The maximum duration of use before recharging water and essential oils of such a diffuser depends on three criteria:

The first criterion is fixed. Logically, the widest broadcasters generally offer greater autonomy, such as HS and Onsing Elehot models. To extend the “life” of the diffuser, these models also offer to adjust the density of the mist emitted during the broadcast. More fog is thick, the more battery life before recharging will be short. Night modes VicTsing models take into account this parameter, reducing the fog density during the night. Finally, timers or regulators broadcast frequency (continuously or intermittently) complete the arsenal available to manufacturers to optimize the autonomy of the diffusers, by automatically switching off the device after a defined period before it working.

Fair questions – all your questions about essential oil diffusers

How Does an essential oil diffuser?

If one focuses on electric essential oil diffusers, there is now four main technologies on the market.

Broadcasters nebulizers propel essential oils vertically through a fine glass nozzle, using a pump. At the outlet of the nozzle, a breath of very fast and transverse air comes accommodate essential oils, which are therefore laterally projected on the exterior glass walls. The flow of essential oils and air are both very highly accelerated by venturi effect, effect of the shape of the two nozzles. The high speed of these two flows and the angle at which they intersect, creating a very high dispersion of particles of essential oils which are therefore propelled into the atmosphere with a strong kinetic and very low weight. This technology is ideal for therapeutic use or for large rooms, because it preserves the benefits of oils (through a cold distribution) while the diffusing away from the source of expulsion. In noble materials such as wood and glass, these broadcasters are quite expensive to buy and more fragile.

Misting broadcasters, or ultrasound, have a much simpler operation. At the bottom diffuser is a small tablet ultra-sound, which vibrates at high frequency; above this pellet is a receptacle for water and essential oils to diffuser.Les vibration of the chip will create a mist of cold water (it is not steam) which carries the particles essential oils that are found on the surface of the water. Less effective than a nebulizer for therapeutic use, these broadcasters nonetheless an excellent option to consider for parts slightly smaller, due to their relative affordability and versatility of their uses.

gentle heat diffusers consist of a single wound resistance in a welcoming oils receptacle to be broadcast. To preserve the benefits of essential oils, this resistance must not heat above 40 ° C. This system is for small volumes, due to its low power.

Broadcasters ventilation are less popular but are an economical solution to scent the atmosphere (they are ineffective in the context of a therapeutic use). They operate with a disposable blotter, on which is deposited the essential oils, and through which is passed a powerful blast of air. Some manufacturers have recently produced by broadcasters ventilation without blotting for a “green” solution. To reserve for small spaces or as a flavor booster.

What essential oils to use for streaming?

All essential oils can not be used in diffusion in the atmosphere. Certainessont recognized as irritating to mucous membranes or harmful to the lungs. Lists describing the properties and uses of different oils available in the market are easily found on the internet. It is recommended to use water-soluble or essential oils with a low viscosity to facilitate the dispersion into the atmosphere as well as the diffuser cleaning. You then create your own mixes to vary the pleasures and boost your body!

How to Clean an essential oil diffuser?

According to the technology used by your broadcaster and frequency of use, maintenance procedures differ. For nebulizers for example, cleaning is required when you are not using it for a long time, to prevent the pump clogs. a cleaning liquid is poured specifically designed for this purpose in the tank and start nebulization for about twenty minutes to clean the system.

For misters, it is important to clean the machine weekly and do not let water stagnate more than three days without use. the cup is emptied and it is rubbed with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol to disinfect or vinegar to dissolve greasy residues and possibly limestone.

If in doubt, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. This is still the best way to keep the object in the optimum operating condition!

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