Best Ethernet Cables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Ethernet cables in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The world of connectivity is not as simple as it seems. The cables and the technologies that make up has changed, and if the models pre-2010 sound familiar, many are new to the menu.

Find the best Ethernet cable to your modem can become quite a daunting task. And for good reason: Specifications may seem confusing or unnecessary. Yet they are not unimportant.

An Ethernet cable offers a much better quality connection than WiFi, and it is already commonly used in most professional facilities to create reliable and efficient networks. But it’s time he win back our lives and be part of our online tools. And use it for free provided by your cable company Telecom may be insufficient, even disappointing.

We will introduce five models in some categories that have been innovating on many fronts. Ergonomics, flexibility, transmission quality, technology used, CAT5, 6 or 7 … These terms have no more secrets for you through our comparison and buying guide.

All cables that we will introduce are compatible with RJ45 ports, which are standard equipment in the field of Ethernet connections.

Compare Best Ethernet Cable


UGREEN CAT 7 – Best Ethernet cable 7

Best Ethernet Cables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our review of the ethernet cable UGreen CAT 7

connectivity firm came from the other side of the Channel, UGREEN is a versatile brand that makes it affordable professional technologies and offers tailored product lines for home use. The cable that we will present stands out from the competition, and for several reasons. Let’s see what it has to offer

General presentation

The most surprising aspect of this Ethernet cable UGREEN is that it is flat. We will speak further of this feature in the buying guide. Let us simply in addition to being more compact and discreet, he almost loses none of its technical characteristics. It is more efficient use a STP model for copper fibers. This design limits the radio or electromagnetic interference and thus ensures fluidity and network consistency.

It comes in 7 lengths to fit your needs. Versions 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 meters, for a drastically declining prices, you can plan your upstream wiring depending on its use.

In terms of ergonomics, there is a neat finish. The head is shielded – ie metal rimmed – for durability, and despite its small thickness materials used inspire solidity. A small rigid plastic cover protects the tip to prevent inadvertent disconnection. Small flaw, however: it makes the removal of the plug a little tricky. However, it welcomes the choice of a flat design, which allows to slide behind the desks, under carpets, and ensure connectivity ultra discreet.

transmission of the Ethernet cable quality

This cable is a CAT 7. We’ll talk about some characteristics in the buying guide, where we will present their specificity. This is the latest technology in Ethernet connectivity, and offers excellent performance.

With no less than 600MHz bandwidth (more than twice that offered by the CAT 6 cables), it offers a transmission speed up to 10Gbps. In practice, this means a loss of information and small bandwidth download that may exceed 1 Gb / second.

AmazonBasics CAT 5 – single Ethernet cable, reliable and cheap

Best Ethernet Cables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the AmazonBasics RJ45 ethernet cable cat5

The AmazonBasics line is an initiative of the world’s largest retailer, which aims to provide the greatest public good quality products. Amazon put on sustainability, simplicity and competitive prices.

General presentation

Available in three sizes – 4.2, 7.6 and 15.2m – this classic white cable using CAT technology 5. Do not be distracted by this point, the CAT generations do not determine exactly the quality of the product itself.

A CAT 5 is a model certainly exceeded by some Ethernet latest cable, but its UTP cabling system is more effective for this type of model for the reduction of noise and interference. It is, for example, the one that is most used in the fields of banking and construction.

In terms of ergonomics, the small safety tab is appreciated, flexible, which prevents inadvertently actuating the nozzle connection and allows to keep in good condition for longer.

transmission of the Ethernet cable quality

CAT 5 Ethernet cables provide 100MHz of bandwidth and transmission that goes up to 1Gb / s. In practice, this is about 130M / s of actual download rate. This is serious, and its technology is consistent: the quality and stability of the transmission are guaranteed. In case of malfunction, this Ethernet cable is guaranteed 1 year.

Rankie 5-Pack CAT 6 – The Ethernet cable for short connections

Best Ethernet Cables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the Ethernet cable CAT 6 Rankie

Range of connectivity following the JETech brand Rankie is known for the seriousness of their products. The design is simple but well made, and for fairly competitive prices.

General presentation

This product consists of a pack of 5 cables of different colors – black, red, blue, white and green. They are available in various formats, 30cm, 90cm, 1.5m, 2.1m, 4.5m and 3m. We like the idea of ​​a color code to identify the connections easily, if eg LAN or network connections.

The CAT 6 is a good model, although the choice of the right cable to make appreciable advantage to interference. We appreciate the clean design and good quality rubber reinforced tip.

For that price, the possibility of having 5 Ethernet CAT 6 cable is quite unique, and this is one of the cheapest products on the market.

transmission of the Ethernet cable quality

Because it is a CAT 6, we can expect about 250MHz bandwidth. The speed of raw transmission, it is to 1Gb / s. We can expect a comfortable 100Mb / s download.

CSL CAT 6 – The Ethernet cable design and well thought

Best Ethernet Cables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the Ethernet cable CAT 6 CSL

A major player in intelligent connectivity, CSL attention to the design and the design of its products, even the most basic.

General presentation

With its aggressive design red and black and durable materials, 5m cable has it all. It is available in sizes ranging from 25cm to 30m – limit beyond which the transmission quality is not guaranteed with Ethernet. In terms of colors, you can choose between white and black, but the cap keeps the distinctive red range CSL.

This Ethernet cable is flexible, with a rubber coating that provides good grip and easy attachment. The anti-fold sleeve is thick enough to prevent the tip is bent or damaged and thus ensures durability.

transmission cable quality Ethernet

As with all CAT6, the displayed performance is 250MHz bandwidth and 1GB / s transfer rate. This is 100Mb / s of actual download rate. Its clever design allows it to be flexible, but in return it is rather provided against interference. It is however not shielded – that is to say it has no rigid coating to protect the copper fibers. Electromagnetic interference are possible, without them too heavily impact the transmission quality.

Boomile CAT 6 – The best cable ps4 (15 meters)

Best Ethernet Cables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the Ethernet cable CAT 6 Boomile

The CAT 6 cable 15.2m measure and is guaranteed 1 year.

General presentation

If its length can be prohibitive, this type of cable may be convenient to branch in a big house. Because it is flat – as UGREEN – it’s easy to make a discreet and effective connection even over long distances.

With ultrasimple design and competitive price for a product of this length, Boomile has relied on the quality of the network itself.

transmission cable quality Ethernet

A flat cable length (15m) is a risky choice if you want to minimize data loss. If their design is practical and comfortable, it does not allow such an effective shielding level of round cables. For occasional use, and if this problem is not you, it CAT6 cable provides sufficient performance.

How to choose an Ethernet cable? – Purchase guide

Before buying an Ethernet cable, one must keep in mind several factors. As we have already pointed out, the technologies that make it up are more complex than they appear. Without going into too much technical detail, we will help you navigate this market and make the right choices to optimize the stability and quality of your connection.

Wifi or Ethernet: what’s the best connection

The two connection methods have undoubtedly their advantages and disadvantages. Factors such interference, latency or bandwidth should be considered to make the best choice.

Ethernet offers virtually no latency. For gamers, this is an important point: if your internet connection to the source is of good quality, there is no reason you encounter lag.

Moreover, it is often provided against interference. A saturation era of radio waves and electromagnetic, this is important: interference may reduce the quality and stability of your connection.

Or if some cables have shielding or designs thought to avoid this inconvenience, nothing is in place to protect your Wi-Fi. Consequently, Ethernet cables often offer better performance from this point of view.

This is not to mention the issue of security if methods – more effective – exist to crack a Wi-Fi code, it is virtually impossible to interfere in a physical connection.

Despite progress WiFi, cables always changing faster, and it is certain that they will always offer a more stable and efficient connection.

CAT 5, 6 or 7: Which Ethernet cable category choose?

Firsthand, these three types of cables are identical. However they are quite different and you know their characteristics will make the right choice.

The CAT 5 are often a little less expensive, and they are Ethernet cables oldest yet available on the market. Their main limitation is their bandwidth of 100MHz and incompatibility with a connection to the power source of 10Gb / s. Therefore, your connection will rarely exceed the 100Mb / s at best.

CAT 6 and 7 fared much better, with respectively 250 and 600 MHz bandwidth. It is thanks to new methods of cable insulation which ensures a better flow of information, a limit losses and, inevitably, a better transmission quality.

For a domestic connection, the difference will probably be relatively imperceptible; but if you are a gamer or you need a lot of bandwidth, this factor is more important than it seems.

How to limit interference with an Ethernet cable?

The world of connectivity is definitely more complex than it appears. In simple terms, there are two types of primarily publicly available cables.

STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) have an insulator which protects the copper fibers radio and electromagnetic interference. If you see the word STP, you will find that they are generally more expensive and rarely flat.

UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) are the most common. The sheath surrounding the cable is rubber and does not protect the connection.

Factors to keep in mind are the length of your cable and sources of interference. More your cable is, the more likely it is to lose data en route. Similarly, the proximity to a power pole, power lines or large wiring inevitably cause interference.

flat cable or round cable?

It is easy to be tempted by a flat cable: they design, ergonomic and perfectly adapt the corners. However sheaths which are composed of is inevitably thinner or more flexible, and therefore less protective copper fibers. Whether against interference or twists, flat cables are less forearmed.

If round cables pose all the problems we know them – they are more difficult to store or to effectively wrap for example – they guarantee a better quality connection and open the way to more effective insulation systems.

The market for Ethernet cables has not (too) secrets for you. Be sure to always select a cable length for your needs so you do not end up with an unnecessary length. Feel free not to pay the price: the gap between budget each product is not huge, but the durability and quality of insulation are two factors that you will quickly forget the extra few euros you have invested.

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