Best Gamers Keyboard 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Gamers Keyboard 2020 | Reviews and Guide

For a gamer, the keyboard is not only that object which is used to type our emails or our messages, but rather a technical tool that will enable it to achieve the best possible performance or in the games he plays. His choice is not trivial.

Generally, a good keyboard gamer will be coupled with a mouse pro gamer to have the basic equipment of the player Pc. The vast majority of computer games are played with the mouse and keyboard, but some accessories can complement that duo headset gamer, a seat gamer, a suitable screen … And if some prefer the joysticks for their virtual games, they do not also the accuracy of the combo mouse / keyboard gamer!

It must be said that the keyboard of a player is subject to all sorts of pressure when its uses: the keys are hammered by its owner in some games, the keyboard is sometimes hit in annoyance and do not even speak crumbs and other drinks that come try. Therefore, it is necessary that the keyboard is resistant gamer.

But this is not the only quality required. As you will see in our buying guide, there are many points to be checked when buying a good keyboard gamer, so it offers the best results In Game and resists for use … agitated.

Read our top gamer keyboard with 5 accessories passed in review, before discovering how to buy the best keyboard gamer in our buying guide!

Comparison Best Gamer Keyboard

Above all, for you to get an idea of ​​what the market offers keyboards gamer now, Best Compare offers a comparison of 10 keyboard gamer that we considered interesting.

Logitech G213 – Best Gamer Keyboard 2019

Best Gamers Keyboard 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the keyboard gamer Logitech G213

Logitech is a well known brand of players around the world, since it manufactures and distributes numerous accessories dedicated gamers. Among them, the keyboard Gamer G213 Prodigy, part of this range of equipment for use by both casual gamers as professionals.

This is a keyboard as pretty as pleasant to use, with lots of customization options. It has in fact more than 16 million colors which allow very precise retro lighting, depending on your preference. You want your arrows twinkle in blue, and the main control buttons light up in shades of red? It is possible, and this allows the keyboard to be beautiful on the one hand, and especially to be very functional.

All light effects are configurable via the Logitech software provides, and you can even save your preferences for each game. In the dark, playing comfort is thereby multiplied and you will not have to rail against the keyboard when you press the wrong key!

The Logitech software also allows you to configure the keyboard shortcuts by assigning the keys you want to control your games and defining handy shortcuts for the F1 through F12 keys!

In terms of customization, we enjoyed the multimedia controls located on the top-right of the keyboard gamer that control playlists without having to leave the game. Those who like to play with their music will be thrilled.

To complete its practicality, it is important to clarify that it is very good gamer keyboard spill-resistant and crumbs to prevent small accidents that happen quickly enough during the parts sometimes furious!

Beautiful, functional, it must now focus on the technical features of this keyboard gamer. First, it is a wired keyboard with a cable 1.8 meter long, sufficient for normal use. It is lightweight, with a weight of just 1 kg and is quite small. Besides, players with larger fingers might find his keys a bit small …

On these buttons are mechanical, which corresponds best to the players, and react perfectly when pressed frantically same. Anti ghosting system allows for play without having to worry about any lock! The return is good – it is about 4 times faster than on a keyboard standard- and during our most violent clashes on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we have suffered no problems.

For maximum comfort, the keyboard gamer has an integrated wrist rest and is reclining to ensure maximum comfort even if you play for long hours on. MMORPG fans who travel virtual worlds for many game nights know how important it is to play without tiring.

This product is the first choice of our top gamer keyboard and it is not trivial: practical, functional and very well thought, we feel that this keyboard was designed by players, for players and this is certainly one the best keyboards mechanics of time.

Corsair K55 – Best keyboard for FPS Gamer

Best Gamers Keyboard 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our review of Corsair K55 keyboard gamer

We have here a gamer keyboard QWERTY, in fairly simple design but with many possibilities.

It is intended primarily for players anxious to have a responsive keyboard and allows never to be frustrated by playing. This is sometimes the case for those who play with a standard keyboard, whose keys are blocked when pressed too quickly over. Here, the concern is nonexistent thanks to its Anti ghosting system allows for a perfect meeting.

Players appreciate this attention, as well as the quality of the membrane keys. This will play with a near-silent keyboard. However much press hard on the keys, the sound remains only moderate. Those who play the night while family sleeps know how this can be important!

Moreover, speaking of games night or in dark spaces enough, you should know that this keyboard is backlit and that its lights are customizable. There are three configurable areas that will light up as you wish. You can choose between dozens of colors and a static mode or a flashing light effects mode. The report is good and this will not go wrong button during the most intense action sequences!

To continue playability that makes this keyboard gamer, note that it has 6 buttons programmable macros. This simply creates effective shortcuts to get a combo very quickly. Convenient when playing a game where you send magic spells, or to quickly change his weapons in Counter Strike. These configurations can be made directly, without having to go through a software, which is very convenient to use.

And for even more fun, play with your own playlists and adjust the volume or change songs without leaving your part, with keys multimedia controls you find on this very good keyboard gamer.

A little attention that we really liked: the Windows key lock that prevents to leave the game accidentally during sessions flaming games! Hammering the keyboard and fraggant anything goes, it often happens that one touches the Windows button that brings us back … to the main PC screen. With this blockage, you will know more this unfortunate experience!

It ends with his finishing, plastic but good qualities, and its convenient wrist rest for long parts of games. So hard to blame him anything, especially small price at which it is proposed. The keyboard gamer Corsair is a very good model, full and pleasant to use, we recommend to players of any type. However, for pro gamers, we always advise to prefer a keyboard with mechanical keys.

Razer Ornata Chroma – The Best Gamer Keyboard Razer

Best Gamers Keyboard 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the keyboard Razer Ornata Chroma

All players have already heard of Razer. Whether his mouse, its gamer headsets or keyboards, it has built a solid reputation in the video game for PC. And discovering this keyboard gamer Ornata Chroma, for we understand where does this reputation.

You have to know first of all that this gaming keyboard features a new technology developed by Razer. This is a key called mecha-membrane system, which offers a fusion touch membrane technology with mechanical key system that is often advised to players. In fact, is there a difference? Yes, and it’s pretty obvious!

The playability is toppled, with a very pleasant touch, a quick return and especially great precision. We tried this keyboard gamer with different FPS (on PUGB on Star Wars Battlefront II and Overwatch particular) and in sessions on various adventure games like The Witcher 3, with an unparalleled gaming experience to date with keyboard of this type. We can combine speed and accuracy easily, and finally get the results to match our talent!

In addition to this new technology, the ergonomics of this great gamer keyboard Razer actually an object that will quickly become indispensable to the most active players. Its keys are arranged halfway up, allowing a player to trigger faster any action. And you are not limited in action, with its anti-ghosting technology that allows use of 10 keys at once.

This keyboard gamer is customizable in color, with a good quality of backlight that provides very cool effects, including lighting effects that react to your play. Something to be more immersed in a virtual world! Moreover, these sets of lights does not stop there because if you have other devices to the Razer brand, you can extend these effects to them! Your mouse, headset or mouse pad will light up in turn. Although it may seem gadget, the effect will delight and impress players competing!

Finally, a removable wrist rest will enable those who like to extend their gaming sessions for hours not tiring. Attention which proves that the manufacturers are aware of the expectations of gamers!

In the end, this keyboard will correspond perfectly to beginner gamers as the most experienced and even professional players accustomed to the mechanical should find their account.

Logitech G910 – Best Mechanical Keyboard Gamer

Best Gamers Keyboard 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the keyboard gamer Logitech G910

Looking for the best mechanical keyboard gamer? So it could be that this model of Logitech draws particular attention, and rightly so.

This model called Spectrum Orion is known and appreciated by gamers for one major reason: it is considered the fastest keyboard in the world. Its mechanical keys allow him feedback awesome keys and use, the result is simply amazing. Parts enchainent with under the fingers, a keyboard that responds with a very appreciable accuracy. Kills can accumulate on the best FPS with ease and game errors or kills can not be charged to the keyboard!

League of Legends players also appreciate the 9 customizable G keys that are also very well positioned. We quickly made this keyboard a second pair of hands, as its use becomes intuitive in just a few hours. Ditto for the media controls to control your music in leaving the screen game.

In terms of finishing, we have a very good keyboard gamer, strong and able to last over time, with a number of potential estimated at 70 million keystrokes. What guarantee of many gaming sessions for the coming years.

Among the points that we have the most attractive, the possible connection with mobile devices must be mentioned, type smartphones. The keyboard is equipped with a smart dock that allows it to insert a smartphone by downloading the application ARX control, you can get real time information on your part, your results, statistics and track your performance. Real gamers will be even more motivated to explode the scores!

Just like the first model Logitech keyboard gamer that we presented, it is also backlit. This gives it a nice style to the eye and makes night games easily. You can customize the button illumination according to the games you play and save your preferences for each of them. With over 16 million colors, the effects are striking and will impress your opponents! Everything is configurable via the Logitech software.

This very good mechanical keyboard gamer is it free of defects? Almost, because only its high price may put off some buyers. Yet it is the best mechanical keyboard gamer that we had in the hands recently, and we can advise you if you like to enjoy your 100% games!

Spirit of Gamer – keyboard gamer cheap

Best Gamers Keyboard 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the keyboard gamer Spirit of Gamer

For a good keyboard gamer at a small price, let’s look at the model of the brand Spirit of Gamer. Designed specifically for practitioners of video games, this model is a semi-mechanical QWERTY keyboard, robust and futuristic design (which will not please everyone).

Regarding the aesthetic appearance, several points to note. First, its finishes, which are good qualities for such a cheap keyboard. The chassis of the keyboard is made of metal, and the buttons seem solid. The sensation to the touch is good with this hybrid key system that reproduces a touchdown on mechanical membrane keys. During the phases of the game, it responds well and even if it is nowhere near the precision offered by some models, it will be well above any standard keyboard.

If one is interested in its backlight function, we can confirm that it is the most beautiful effect, but it is not really customizable. This is actually a rainbow sky mode that will light up your keys at random, to make them visible in the night. This is an aesthetic option but does not add much to the game convenience since you can not assign to certain categories of keys light.

Finally, we appreciate its multimedia playback function that can control music and playlist through the well laid keys on keyboard gamer.

In terms of game we tried this keyboard gamer on Fornite and World of Warcraft, especially for rendering quite correct. The Anti-Ghosting function allows all the desired actions without any blockage, through a system of 19 simultaneous touches!

In addition, there is a feature that differentiates the use for gaming than you normally done from your computer. The Play mode / Office allows especially to block the windows so as not to leave your party unintentionally key, and this is very handy during phases of intense shoot!

Among the minor complaints we can do it, we find that it is not compatible with MAC and the Playstation 4. Another fault, the noise a bit annoying that are the keys and do not mind if you play with headphones, but may irritate your loved ones. Finally, it was noted that the space bar is sometimes blocked. This can be annoying when some are lost because of their equipment …

But this keyboard gamer, offered at a small price, is a good model. If we do not recommend the big players, it will be quite adequate for most casual gamers and those who want to have fun, with a tight budget.

Buying guide: buy the best keyboard gamer

To buy the best keyboard gamer, you have to be able to understand the specific features that are offered by the different market players. Here is a buying guide that highlights the key points you need to consider for choosing the best keyboard gamer, who will accompany you during your virtual games!

The touch of style

The choice of style touch is crucial, because of him and that depends all the sensations of games you will experience. There are 3 main styles of buttons: mechanical keys, the keys and hybrid membrane keys.

For a gamer, we will always advise you to focus on mechanical keys. They are those that allow for the fastest return and get pinpoint accuracy. You can press less hard on the mechanical keys on other styles of buttons and get a perfect result. In return, the mechanical gamer keyboards are more expensive and noisy.

The alternative is to opt for a membrane keyboard key. Cheaper, much quieter, these models are attracting more and more gamers even if their accuracy is less. Above all, it is their life that will be affected by this system: a membrane keypad to deteriorate much faster than a mechanical keyboard, especially if you are a big player.

In our top keyboard gamer, we presented the best mechanical keyboard gamer gaming keyboard with Logitech G910, which illustrates the capabilities of this type of model.

Finally, rarely, there are hybrid gamers keyboards. They combine the softness and silence models membranes with efficiency mechanical gamer keyboards. However, many players prefer the mechanics all these hybrid models, but it’s only a matter of feeling.


When you play, you often do at night or in the dark, is not it? It is a common practice in the video game world, or the most inflamed later sessions were held in the evening or sometimes in poorly lit rooms.

Therefore, the backlight on your keyboard gamer is essential to see what you do. Apart from the appearance design / aesthetics that will show off to your opponents, it is in the game of comfort that this setting makes sense.

On a good keyboard gamer, you can customize the colors and assign them to specific keys or certain areas of the keyboard for easy use and quick handling, even in the dark.


We like keyboards that allow you to easily configure shortcuts.

Some models have buttons specially positioned to make life easier for your games. You can, following a preliminary adjustment, launch your most powerful spells or perform outrageous combos with a push button corresponding shortcuts!

Fonction Anti-ghosting

A key feature for gamers!

On a normal keyboard, the number of keys that can be used simultaneously is limited. This results, when you push too fast or multiple keys at once, not to record your actions.

However, for a gamer, it must be possible to press several keys at the same time and above all we need the keyboard records all actions, even if the orders were typed quickly. It is the function of the anti-ghosting, which allows for very many actions without worry. Depending on the model, the number of possible simultaneous actions varies (5, 10, 20 etc.).


When you want to buy the best keyboard gamer, remember to check its dimensions and ergonomics. It should not be too small, so you have no desire to press the right buttons, not too big not to clutter your desk!

In addition, if the weight will only import the pro players who frequently travel with their equipment, be sure to check the length of the connecting cable, which must be long enough to not hinder your movement (at least 1.5 meters).

In addition, gamers keyboards with wrist rests have our preference, because this accessory will change the way you play. Ends cramps!

The type of connection: Wired / Wireless

There are 2 types of keyboards: wired keyboards that we have presented here, and keyboards without son. These are fairly uncommon for the time because they are still very expensive, but they should be democratized in the coming years.

Meanwhile, we have no problems playing with a wired keyboard!

The strength of the keyboard

A keyboard designed for gaming must be solid. It will indeed be subject to many acts of abuse ranging from simple phone rage overthrow of a glass of soda, via falls or snacking over his keys. He must be able to protect themselves.

Some keyboards are provided with anti crumbs systems / anti splashing very valuable when others put on the quality of their finishes to be strong and durable.

In terms of longevity, mechanical keys remain largely higher, with a number of possible strikes tens of millions!

His style

Very subjective, this setting can be important if you are already equipped with hardware gamer. Indeed, some keyboards Razer as the model we reviewed it possible to link together the devices of the same brand, for a rendering beauty.

It is indeed style and performance do not find improvement. But a player every right to enjoy the material and throws in some impressive models of keyboards, with futuristic designs and striking effects of light!

The rates

The inevitable last point to be considered is the price of a gaming keyboard. Prices are varied, since they vary between 20 and 200 euros. These differences are explained primarily by the touch of style and quality of materials.

If the tightest budgets can be content with a keyboard less than 50 euros, the most pro gamers will have to move to more expensive models, but their will greatly improve performance!

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