Best Gps Watches 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best GPS Watches 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Choosing the best GPS watch

Sport and health become a priority for more and more people, and it’s a great thing! And to achieve the best performance and have an optimal follow-up, have a Gps watch can be a great idea!

However, it is not easy to navigate. The models are increasingly sophisticated, more and more, and everything depends on your usage and needs. If only the GPS function you want, then no need to buy a watch complete sport! Take a look instead at the best gps and you will find your happiness.

But if you are a seasoned athlete, anxious to have the best available technology, so choose the best shows Gps is a crucial step. It may be a complete model for the practice of several sports, watch Gps special running or cardio model that will serve as an assistant.

We know that the choice is far from simple. That’s why Best Comparison conducted a comprehensive buying guide you will find after passing reviewed 5 GPS watches qualities.

Best GPS Watches: 5 GPS watches in past reviews

In your quest for the best GPS watch, you’ll see that there are models each with its specificity. Some will be more suited to sports health conscious, others focus on performance monitoring. The key is to choose well, according to your daily life.

To help, here are 5 Gps watches each with unique characteristics.

Garmin Fenix 3 Silver – The Best GPS watch (Sport)

The Garmin brand is well known among fans of sports-related technologies, since specialized in this field. She presents here a Gps multisport watch that is among the best models in this range.

Best Gps Watches 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Begin by its appearance, elegant and discreet allowing to wear during your practice different sports, but also can associate your clothes everyday. Its silicone bracelet is the most beautiful effect and black (our model) really gives it a quality watch appearance.

As such, it is provided with a display of very good quality, easily readable with a resolution of 218 × 218 pixels. This screen is also customizable via the Connect IQ shop. By connecting the watch to your smartphone, you can actually create your custom dials, add widgets and arrange them however you like. You can add navigation screens, for maximum data and results, and have around the wrist a real little performance monitoring computer!

The interface is rather clear and does not train (it’s a recurring defect on some GPS watches), and it soon becomes a natural ally for shopping and excursions in kind.

Let us now enter the details of its features. This watch Gps is very rich, and will be the perfect compromise between the ideal and precise Gps shows connected to train.

It provides monitoring of heart rate by measuring it directly from your wrist, thanks to Garmin Elevate technology. It’s easy to follow his race results but also at any time of day, without having to carry a bulky belt to measure your heart beats. You will also receive a tracking your fitness every day.

In addition, its GPS function is very thorough. The system picks up GPS and Glonass signals, which avoids getting lost during mountain hikes or trips forests, for example. This watch Gps Garmin also has a self climb function that will delight mountaineers.

We have a model that is truly designed to offer the best performance for lovers of mountains and climbed, especially. The technology called Fenix ​​features a 3 altimeter, barometer and a compass to help you achieve your best performance safely. In use, the accuracy of these tools is admirable.

Finally, a handy little extra feature is the tracker activities. You can control with a simple glance at the screen, the number of steps taken each day, distance traveled and number of calories burned. If you wear it overnight, this GPS watch is able to provide relevant information about the quality of your sleep (by analyzing the sleep phases and your nocturnal movements).

Basically, here we have the best multisport GPS watch, complete and deadly accuracy, which also benefits from an impressive battery life (20 hours in training mode, 50 hours in tracking mode, more than 6 weeks if you use it only as a watch). For sports enthusiasts who want an effective natural performance security partner and ally, this is the model you need.

Watch TomTom Runner – The Best Gps Running Watch

Tom Tom is a famous brand for its GPS navigation system among the best in the market. What could be more logical than to find this expertise on a GPS watch?

Best Gps Watches 2020 | Reviews And Guide

This GPS running watch is for all fans of races, which take performance seriously. The goal is to offer its users a condensed system that allows a glance to be aware of its results and thus to adapt pace and goals easily. Quickly, we realize that it is very simple to use and particularly convenient.

First is its superb extra large screen that seduces. With a single glance, you will have access to your performance in real time: you can easily check its uptime, speed races, the distance traveled, the layout of the course and the number of calories burned . A simple way to control his pace and keep intact motivation.

In terms of design, we appreciate the fact that the watch is very thin and the bracelets are interchangeable. You can change the color of your watch according to your desires. However, it will be hard to wear this model in civilian clothes. To reserve for sports!

Then we really appreciate the simplicity offered to change the data on the screen. The GPS running watch has only one button, making the most qu’aisee navigation. Even running, simply touch one button, which takes into account the left and right, up and down for a perfect navigation.

This watch is a well thought training partner. You can define your objectives and set personal challenges and motivates shows offering you vibrating alerts to signal that you are a certain percentage of completion, as well as graphic results that you achieve in seconds or you stack up against your goals. Too bad the heart rate monitor is optional!

The watch Gps Tom Tom runner also has other features qualities that will delight the most sports. An Indoor function to assist you in the dining room, on carpet in particular race, water resistance to 50 meters and increased resistance to weathering, as well as Quick GPS feature that allows you to get your position and in a few courses seconds.

Autonomy seems optimal, since we have not had to recharge after about ten hours of use, and compatibility with the TomTom application MySports well as many running applications it offers extensive opportunities more wide: you can synchronize your data online, visit them without connections, compare your results with other sports and personalize your watch.

Precise and perfectly adapted to the needs of the athletes, this model is the best GPS shows current running!

Running GPS Watch Polar M430 – Top of the watch without cardio belt?

The watch Gps running Polar M430 is a model with Cardio wrist intended primarily for racing fans.

Best Gps Watches 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Pretty nice (maybe a bit flashy orange), this watch features a large, clear screen that displays all the results. It’s easy to see the number of steps daily, the ingenious distribution of your positions (sitting, standing, lying), a sleep monitoring to optimize your nights as well as see or are the goals you are set for your workouts.

All this is possible thanks to an integrated Gps able to follow live your performance, and trace the course followed. This is ideal for those wishing to improve with each new race. If the Gps is permanently activated, the watch has a battery life of around four days. A little light, but it amounts to a week without use Gps.

In the same vein, it is possible to receive notifications on your smartphone, warning you of activity on it, but they empty the battery too quickly. We ended the disable.

This watch Gps running also measures heart rate, directly from the wrist. A very appreciable advantage, eliminating the need to wear a belt. The results are very accurate, and after having compared with those obtained on different frequency cardio, we found that they were perfectly equal. Thus, you can easily adapt your pace and your breath to your performance.

For those who practice the sport indoors, they will be pleased to find in this model a function Indoor decorated with a accelerometer. Convenient to shopping on carpet or indoors.

Besides, if you goal is to improve yourself, know that this watch gps Polar brand has named a fashion Running Program, which defines a complete program. Coupled with the virtual platform Polar Flow, this mode guarantee optimum track all your shopping and you can see the progress made. An effective way to never lose sight of its objectives and to keep intact motivation!

Small additional features complete the set, including the recovery status that indicates how much time you have to rest before your next session, based on your health indicators. An original idea also useful, which does not hurt. We also found the Fitness Test mode Polar well designed: it is to set your heart at rest state to adapt your exercises to your current health.

In the end, this model one of the best GPS running watches. Precise, functional and practical to organize your workouts and track your performance, it will delight lovers of jogging, races, and those wishing to do sport intelligently.

Garmin Forerunner 235 – GPS cardio Better watch without belt

If you are looking for the best watch gps cardio without a belt, it is possible that the model we propose here Garmin attracts your attention.

Best Gps Watches 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Hard to beat in design! This watch is just beautiful, very close to the models of classic watches with a large 1.23-inch color screen, soft touch rubber strap, airy, which makes the very nice watch to wear. Around the dial are 5 buttons that allow you to control menus and display for intuitive use. In sport mode, or in daily life, this watch will accompany you without Gps denote.

Do not spoil this watch Gps Garmin is very lightweight (42g) and never hinder its users. It was confirmed that during our different races, it has never bothered to have the wrist.

If we talk about the best cardio shows gps GPS unbelted about this model is that the results it provides are very interesting. You can check your live heart rate to fit your performance, but also enjoy a lot of features made possible when you connect the watch.

The Gps is able to read the GPS and GLONASS signals for an impressive location quickly.

It is compatible with the Connect IQ program and the Garmin Connect software you can download workout programs, import your results to better track, and get audio feedback and sound notifications directly on your watch. It is even possible to customize your screen and add the handy widgets.

To help you track your performance everyday, this watch gps calculates the number of steps you make, the number of calories consumed each day, and the distance you travel. You will be able to set goals daily or weekly and easily see your progress. It is accessible to all, both the watch and the expertise of Garmin simplifies its use.

It is also good to use the same drive when indoors. Its function accelerometer then proves handy for indoor sports enthusiasts. Also, we liked its notifications that alert you that you have not moved for some time: practice not to be idle and to keep your health on top!

Among its many connected features available, its good enough sleep monitoring to optimize your nights and measurement of precise heart rate, Garmin Gps watch model has seduced us. If its price high, could put off some buyers, but we can make sure that the most serious sportsmen will be delighted with their purchase.

GPS Watch Sports Parnerme – the best watch Gps cheap

For those who want the best shows Gps cheap, we selected this model Parnerme brand.

Best Gps Watches 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The watch has a sporty design, which does not allow to associate with clothes every day but will give a certain style runners, both men and women. Although a bit heavy on the wrist, it is found relatively pretty!

Its large touch screen (3.3 cm diameter) displays information very legible and can be, a glance, have the same desired results when practicing an activity. Moreover, it will be perfect to accompany lovers of jogging or racing, this model is also very suitable for those who practice hiking, cycling or even indoor sports since indoor mode is available.

Its main features are as follows. It has a precise Gps which records in real time your route, distance, number of steps taken each day but also calories burned. This allows you to follow easy activities and respect for your training goals.

She has a heart rate sensor directly on the wrist, which provides live results but also offers a weekly monitoring of your heart rate, as well as continuous monitoring of your sleep. What monitor your health and fit your nights and your efforts with results. After several weeks, we understand better how our body reacts, with this watch.

It is a watch Gps compatible with the latest versions of IOS and Android On, which enables connection to many sporting applications. We recommend using hitfit that connectivity via Bluetooth will allow you to download maps for your route, and compare your results with other users.

Aside from its function Gps, running this show has many additional features that make it a model of comprehensive Smartwatch. Directly from the screen of the watch, you can check your emails Sms and receipts, but also control the camera remotely from your smartphone. A significant feature!

Via the app, you can download various widgets to customize your watch. Thus, it is possible to have access to your phone book, to have the live weather, use a calendar to set your goals … A varied use of this watch is possible, and it responds well, making its use particularly pleasant.

Some small defects, however, to note: the battery tends to discharge fast enough, especially if you use GPS and Bluetooth modes continuously. You can use it in Gps 5h mode, about a day as a watch … it’s light, but fortunately an emergency charger is provided to give a helping power the watch when tired !

Moreover, it was observed a small difference between the point where you start the business, and one or the watch begins the account. This will hinder only the most perfectionist of you but it is good to report it, because it can distort some of your results.

Finally, Hitfit application is still in the testing phase, which sometimes causes some bugs. It should be stabilized soon.

To conclude, we can say that without being the best watch gps running the market, cheap model is a very good compromise for those who want a first Gps watch their favorite sport, or for athletes to lighter budget.

Buying guide: all know to buy the best GPS watch

Now that we have taken note of Gps watch models it is possible to find on the market today, let’s look to the features that you will absolutely look to buy the best watch Gps.

the GPS

The Gps method of such a watch is its primary function, so you have to make it as efficient as possible. You can see the location via the reaction time and the accuracy of the received data (course, track racing, correctness of the number of steps, good distance calculation …).

Among Gps watch models, it is increasingly often specified that the watch reads Gps and GLONASS signals. Whether it -t it mean? Basically, the Gps coupled with Glonass signals delivers results a little more specific.

This is primarily a marketing argument, because the difference is fairly minimal, but left to choose the best shows Gps running, as the knowledge to choose the model that provides the most accurate results.

The screen

It should allow you to view the information in a glance. Therefore, it must be large enough that you do not have to wear your wrist to your eyes every 5 minutes and must be legible.

This therefore requires a fairly large screen size, a large character display and a number of unsaturated information. The best is when it is possible to organize the data displayed on the screen via an application.

You can not bring up what you is essential. Some Gps watches even have a graphic rendering, which allows to understand the results via images rather than having to read them. Convenient.

Calculating heart rate

Sports watches are used to raise your heart rate, the simplest way possible. And not having to carry a belt, some do directly from your wrist.

This practical measure your pulse must be precise to be useful. This allows you to adapt your pace and your efforts to the results that appear, and have daily monitoring of your performance.

Know that the heart rate sensor is sometimes used to track your sleep. Those who keep their watch during the night will be able to understand their sleep cycles (light and deep) and optimize their nights.

What have complete monitoring of his health.

Connected features

The best shows Gps Sport should not just provide you your sports results and performance. It must go beyond, offering you the possibility to use it for other things.

We appreciate watches that read emails or sms to trigger the camera remotely from your smartphone, read the news or the weather and even answer calls from the watch!

The must, with the best Gps watches, still be able to create a complete training program online and share it with other users to compare and motivate between sports!


Among the significant details about recent GPS watch models, there are the many customizations modalities of the screen and even watch.

Via Widgets, like a smartphone, you can bring up a whole bunch of options on your watch!

It is also possible to change the look of the show, with models with interchangeable straps that can vary the colors and adjust the watch to your dress style.

the Design

Very subjective, this selection criterion will be ignored by some, when else will give him a very special significance.

Having a watch that fits your civilian clothes can be interesting if you want to have a complete track of your daily activities, both at work and during your sports.

Also, remember to check that the watch fits both the wrists of women than men wrist.


The Battery Gps watches have extremely variable autonomies. It is important to check their durability, so you do not end up with a watch that is empty in no time.

Among the models that we spent in journals, some batteries last 5 hours Gps mode, while others may take more than 20 hours in the same mode.

The price

End this buying guide prices Gps watches. Very variable rates watches range between 100 and 350 euros, in general. They will depend on all the criteria previously seen, with watches that will be more expensive if they are equipped with long durations batteries, touch screen, built-in heart rate or functions Gps + Glonass combined.

The investment will also depend on your level of sporting practices: beginners or amateurs practitioners will not have the same expectations as seasoned athletes.

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