Best Hair Removal Pulsed Light 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Hair Removal Pulsed Light 2020 | Reviews and Guide

A magical tool that permanently removes unwanted hair? It has everyone dreamed of. This article will help you choose among the 6 best epilators pulsed light that you can find on the market in 2019.

Because if you are ready to equip you with this little device extremely convenient, there are many parameters to take into account. The best pulsed light hair removal is not universal: it is that which precisely meets your needs.

Yes, the pulsed light epilator models are many and will be more or less suited to the use you want to do, so we must carefully observe the different functions of available devices before making your choice. But do not panic, this selection will help you!

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best Hair Removal Pulsed Light 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Hair Removal Pulsed Light 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The best value for money

Best Hair Removal Pulsed Light 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best Hair Removal Pulsed Light 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Hair Removal Pulsed Light 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The best value for money

The best epilator with IPL

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

Hair removal with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) was previously performed by dermatologists. It then spread to the sale of epilators for domestic use. Faced with this enthusiasm, many brands have proposed devices allow customers to be able to obtain permanent hair removal close to those professionals. And it must be said: the pulsed light hair removal is a great solution to get rid of your hair.

To help you in your choice, we selected using test customers feedback and expert advice 6 of the best epilators in IPL 2019. And here are the criteria that we have allowed to draw up a review of these IPL epilators:

To facilitate the work of all these criteria, here are the six best models of epilators pulsed light. Among these 6 devices, you may find one that is right for your use.

1. Lumea Prestige – Best pulsed light epilator from Philips

Start with the Lumea Luxury: the best device pulsed light hair removal Philips brand.

Design & Features

This beautiful device has been manufactured in a thoughtful design to facilitate its handling and use. Luxury Lumea shape approximates that of a hair dryer, with a much finer and an ergonomic handle head which allows to limit the weight of the object. Easy to use, all knobs and pulsed light trigger are placed on the handle to be in the user’s hand. And something rarely offered by the brands it is available in 4 different colors.

On handling that convinced in addition to a relatively large size, its design allows perfect sliding on the reliefs of the skin, even in the most hard to reach places.

Corn quelles texts Guests here font du Lumea Prestige un des meilleurs epilateur chalk Pulsee?

First, there are 5 levels of light intensity, in order to adapt better to your hair and your skin. These are adjustable at the handle, and guarantee everyone a gentle but effective treatment. The results in time then depend on your hair and your skin as long as you have dark hair and light skin, it will give excellent results after just two sessions! Dark skin or people with fair hair should arm themselves with more patience.

It is also sold with 4 tips tailored to different areas of hair removal: body (4 cm²), face (2 cm), underarms and bikini. He adapted to the face has its own built-in UV filter glass to protect your skin and eyes from UV.

Manipulation et performance

This accessory differs from most pulsed light epilators because it works on wireless sector, which will guarantee absolute freedom of movement. With this feature, you will be much more convenient and you can use it anywhere, without the wire does not come to disturb you.

Furthermore, Philips guarantee high autonomy, ranging from 27 minutes to 2 hours depending on the chosen intensity. The time required full charge is 60 minutes. Always on autonomy, you will enjoy by opting for the epilator Luxury Lumea a guarantee of 250,000 flashes before changing the bulb, which is observed in the average.

In terms of management flashes of pulsed light, you can opt for the “rapid flash” mode (which activates the pulsed light at a speed of 3.5 ms steadily) or “manual flash mode” ( which emit a flash only when you press the corresponding button).

our Verdict

With its elegant design and ergonomic, our verdict on the epilator light pulsed Luxury Lumea is very positive.

It will seduce primarily by its elegance, efficiency and comfort. With its wireless option and suitable tips, it is very convenient to reach areas complicated. Its autonomy allows cover different areas of tweezers in one session and its 5 levels of intensity provide real comfort and treatment tailored to each of the areas to be treated. The treatment is virtually painless as you find the level of light intensity that matches your pigmentation.

If you are ready to pay the price, this is for us the best hair removal pulsed light to adopt.

2. Silk Expert Pro 5 – A best of pulsed light epilator at Braun

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 of the Braun brand is said to be the most secure, fast and efficient epilator with IPL market.

Design & Features

In fact this model has something: a compact and optimized design that is 15% smaller and 25% lighter than its predecessors. Because of its size, this Braun epilator can be transported very easily. It is also provided with a pocket given the colors of the epilator (white and gold). Its aesthetic qualities and practices make this device a choice of excellence.

In terms of ergonomics, everything has been thought that this beautiful instrument is most effective on all areas to be treated. Very handy thanks to its lightness and by its slightly curved shape, there is no worry to have by choosing the Braun Silk Expert Pro is a handy accessory for its modern design and finish very neat.

But what are the characteristics that make Silk Expert Pro 5 of the best hair removal pulsed light?

The device has usage patterns quite varied. The “fashion slip” triggers rapid flashes of pulsed light and allows you to move forward on a continuously area. Otherwise you have the “normal mode”, “mild” or “ultra-low” for a personalized treatment depending on your skin tone and your skin sensitivity.

This model also has the main advantage SensoAdapt a contact sensor for added security. It emits flashes when it detects that it is completely in contact with skin and measures your complexion continuously 80 times per second to adapt its performance to your skin. The SensoAdapt contact sensor also protects from UV rays, and it is the only pulsed light technology that adapts automatically and continuously to your skin tone.

Manipulation et performance

The handling of this little gem of technology is very easy, thanks to its lightness, clarity of its 4 modes and ergonomics. He displayed great maneuverability for precise quite honorable.

In terms of performance, you will enjoy by opting for the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 a guarantee of 300,000 flashes, which is considerable. In addition, the device can link the pulsed light flashes with only a two-second intervals: enough to be effective over the long term.

our Verdict

Its technical characteristics and its sleek look and compact form of the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 one of the best epilators pulsed light, high quality and reasonable price. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for an IPL epilator high performance!

3. IPL 10,000 more SalonPro – The best epilator of the brand Beurer

Star of Beurer family, we present the epilator IPL 1000+, which pleases by its reliability and good price / quality ratio.

Design & Features

The grip of the IPL epilator Beurer 10000+ is nice and light. It is also very easy to use since it comes with only three buttons:

The main feature of this little device is its large effective area. Indeed, its XXL light area covers 7 cm²: it guarantees a comfortable and fast application, about 26 minutes for the complete hair removal!

For ease of use on the most sensitive parts which require more precision such as the face, the epilator IPL 10000+ has a suitable tip. It will reduce the pulsed light surface to achieve a more targeted treatment.

This superb IPL hair removal device suitable for men and women, and can be used on all parts of the desired body: legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, chest, back, face …

Manipulation et performance

Applicable with 6 levels of intensity and a contact sensor, it will allow the epilator to adapt in real time to your skin and your hair.

There are two functions that regulate the flash output to process hair removal areas:

Finally, it is equipped with a dropping of 250,000 flashes pulsed light to ensure a long life with you!

our verdict

The epilator Beurer pulsed light IPL 10000+ aligns to other epilators our selection in terms of performance. This is a high quality product, reliable and affordable.

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4. Remington i-LIGHT Essential – The best value

The Remington is a must among the best epilators pulsed light! You probably will appeal to its simplicity and low price.

Design & Features

This device is to look sober and unisex. Black and white on a white base (which allows the rest without damaging it), it is very nice to grip and light to hold. Besides its lightness, this model has an ergonomic shape designed to be handy and comfortable.

Manipulation et performance

This model is suitable for both women and men. With 3 modes “Simple Flash”, “Flash continuous” and “Multi-Flash”, it can quickly process and accurately legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, but also accurate and sensitive areas such the underarms or bikini.

It is easy to use: you just have to select the level of intensity that suits your skin tone and the treatment area. Indeed, you yourself will be asked for the desired intensity level flashes. There are 5 different brightness levels, allowing you to perfectly adapt the device to your needs and your pigmentation.

In terms of performance, this unit is also equipped with a skin prototype detector. This will allow you to use your eyes closed, without any risk. Before starting the IPL when you drop the light window on the area to be treated, the device will check if the skin can receive the light flashes safely. If the result is positive, it will then be possible to launch the flashes. Otherwise the device simply will not.

The generic tip Remington opens with a light scattering window measuring 3 cm. It is designed to treat difficult areas such as the armpits. If this electric epilator also proves very efficacious on areas of the body that the face is that it is equipped with 3 nozzles designed specifically in addition to the skin sensor and 5 levels of intensity. So you can deal accurately and easily the most sensitive areas of your body.

our verdict

The Remington i-LIGHT Essential tribute to the ease of hair removal pulsed light method: it is for-sure one of the best epilators you can buy. Indeed, with 3 bits and 3 modes of pulsed flashes, you can tweeze every part of your body with ease and efficiency.

5. Yundoo – The best epilator with IPL for budget

Number 2 of the IPL epilator sales on Amazon, the model presented by YUNDOO has something to seduce more than one with its mini price and power.

Design & Features

With its sleek look and compact, this little device could almost be retro style. Yet, it is a jewel of technology in 2019 we book here YUNDOO brand. This small wonder is affordable, efficient, and even available in three colors! You can choose between the elegant white color, champagne or pink.

Manipulation et performance

This IPL epilator can be used for men and women, and all parts of the body including the face.

As on previous models, you can choose a pulsed light mode according to your needs:

With 5 adjustable levels, you can choose the intensity of pulsed light to suit your needs. The brand advises to start with level 1 and adapt according to the results and felt skin. The higher the level is high, the better the efficiency.

Small flat in terms of performance: this epilator is not a lot of power on very dark skin or light blond hair, gray and white.

Finally, it has a good battery life with its reserve of 500,000 flashes before changing the bulb.

our verdict

The epilator IPL YUNDOO a better market compared to its price. It combines simplicity and efficiency, all with a reserve of flashes that exceed those of all its competitors!

6. fluoresc – Good pulsed light hair removal

Pretty latest model of our selection: the epilator fluoresc pulsed light is a little gem of technology. This brand – little known to the general public – is expert for 17 years in product research and clinical research on skin beauty. This chain of aesthetic living here we share one of his work tools: professional quality guarantee!

Design & Features

The brand engages its model Series 3 + to an effect similar to the tools used in their living rooms. Only the design is lighter and smaller in order to be suitable for use at home. Available in 7 colors, you’ll be spoiled for choice in fluoresc for your epilator you like it.

Comes in pretty packaging with UV protective goggles and a clear manual, you are accompanied to discover the device.

Manipulation et performance

The manipulation of fluoresc epilator is particularly facilitated by its wireless option. It stands out as the most epilators light pulsed through the ability to use it without mains connection. This will allow you to use it more freely and you will be much more convenient to you and tweezers.

With its unique mode of use, you can count on 20-25 flashes per minute. It will take 8 minutes to remove hair one leg: not rocket science!

Five different levels of intensity can be selected, and will be visible with an LED indicator visible on the device. So you can adjust the intensity of the machine to your skin and hair type.

You will observe that despite its low price, the unit has beautiful surprises such as a touch sensor that allows the flash fires only when the device window is applied to the skin. With a reserve of 350,000 flashes pulsed light, you can count on a minimum of 3 years of life.

Their promise? In 3 months, the brand is committed to a reduction of 90% of hair in the treated area, from your regular treatment.

our verdict

Despite its low price, the epilator fluoresc Series 3 + pulsed light is one of the best devices on the market IPL. If you have a limited budget but want to have a tool worthy of a living room aesthetics, it’s that you need epilator!

buying the best epilator Guide pulsed light (IPL)

The six IPL epilators reviewed possible to highlight the main qualities and defects that you will be facing when choosing your device.

What are the four important features to look at when searching for the best hair removal pulsed light?

The price

Epilators pulsed light, with their advanced technology, can prove to be costly purchases. It will therefore always take into account the price, whatever the nature of your purchase. In the case of an IPL hair remover, look and compare many models can ensure an interesting economy, since there are different brands of models whose performances are very similar, so that prices can vary by hundreds of euros .

Also, be careful: it’s exciting to choose the best IPL epilator, upscale, with its many options … do not lose sight of your real needs in order not to spend more than that you will need every day .

Finally, in addition to various features that will provide your IPL hair removal, remember to check the existence and extent of the manufacturer’s warranty. Usually these products are guaranteed for 1 to 2 years.

Frequently Questions – Answers to any questions you may have about epilators pulsed light

IPL Hair Removal how does it work?

The technology of hair removal pulsed light (IPL) exists since 1990. It is to issue a strong light through the – so called – Device window on the body area you want to remove hair. This light flashes treats each area. By capturing these flashes of light intense, melanin your body degrades and the hair pigment suffered a very large temperature rise. The hair follicle that is anchored to 6 mm below the skin begins to be hit after the first session and you epilerez regularly, more hair growth will slow or nonexistent.

Overall, this IPL technique is very similar to laser hair removal, a simple difference that it is not a laser beam that destroys the hair follicle but intense light that provides a semi-permanent hair removal asleep in the hair.

electric epilator or pulsed light?

These two methods of hair removal, although they do with appearance similar devices have very different operations.

The electric epilator has no dampening effect on hair growth and often lead to ingrown hairs. If you want to keep the skin smooth you will have with him you tweeze every 7 to 10 days.

The epilator pulsed light attack the hair follicle and degrades with its flashes of pulsed light, so that hair growth is slowed or stopped.

The initial financial investment is not the same as the technology of hair removal pulsed light is more advanced.

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How to use a pulsed light hair removal?

The pulsed light hair removal works especially well on fair skin and more hair is thicker, the result is the rendezvous. That said, the different intensity levels allow you to adjust the power of the device to your needs.

Epilator effective pulsed light or not?

Yes, pulsed light epilators are effective!

Their efficiency is between that of the electric epilator that pulls the hair at the root, and the laser hair removal burns the roots. This is a solution in-between, both financially and in effects, allowing you to slow hair growth and thus reduce the frequency of your hair removal sessions.

Two points of vigilance, however:

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