Best Hammocks Inflatables 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Hammocks Inflatables 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Among the more innovative items in recent years, can not miss the inflatable hammock! This hammock is a canvas that fills with air to turn into a comfortable sofa or sofa air and it can be installed everywhere. At the beach, in your garden, on a terrace, in a room as a pouf or even within a pool, it will be ready to welcome you for a relaxing time!

The interests to opt for an inflatable hammock are many. First, it is extremely easy to use. As you will read in our buying guide, it inflates in no time and deflates as quickly. It is also convenient to carry, since once deflated, it will turn into a backpack! Ingenious and really nifty to have it with you at all times, it will be a good companion beach or hiking.

Lightweight and durable, thanks to making recycled plastic membrane, it is also fun! The flashy colors of some models and design will surely this inflatable hammock subject trend next summer!

To choose your inflatable hammock, there are some criteria to be taken into account. To help, Best has listed the comparison! We also reviewed 7 quality products to help you in your quest for the best model of inflatable hammock.

Our selection of 7 airbags as practical as comfortable hammocks!

For you to have a good overview of inflatable hammocks available on the market, here are 7 quality products with variable characteristics. The most resistant to low, from funky to sober, you only have to choose the one that fits you!

1. Original Fatboy – Lamzac, the inflatable hammock original air!

Best Hammocks Inflatables 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The inflatable Lamzac Hammock Fatboy is a precursor models on the inflatable hammock market. Dubbed the Original, to stand out clearly from the competition, it is indeed a very complete product that can satisfy as many needs.

Whether its shape when inflated, which approximates a silicone banana or a big pouf, or funky colors (blue, red, taupe for the classics, but also Hawaii Blue or Lime green if you like originality), this air hammock model is really very pretty.

To inflate it, it’s a piece of cake! Take the hand, but once it’s done, it will fill the air in seconds and is ready for use immediately.

It is manufactured in high quality ripstop nylon, which gives it a rock solid. Note that a weight of only 1.2 kg, it is capable of supporting up to 200 kg load. Therefore, it will adapt to all sizes, from the smallest to the heaviest!

This inflatable hammock Lamzac also conspicuous by its dimensions when it is folded, with only 35 x 18 cm as a shoulder bag. It will be enough to pass the strap over your shoulder for you permanently with a sofa ready to welcome you in your adventures beaches or your moments of relaxation in kind. Better yet, it can be useful in troubleshooting, in a situation where you would need an extra bed!

I bought this inflatable hammock Fatboy after seeing an afternoon on the beach. What comfort! This will be in a very comfortable position, and make jealous on the beach! The ideal is to have a little wind to inflate it, but it can also inflate current pace moderee.La canvas seems very strong and all folds down to a minimum size! Sending fast through Amazon Prime!

Once inflated, it is 200 cm long and 90 cm wide, which again allows any type of gauge it slouch comfortably. When we installed it, you realize how it can be comfortable. What easily take a nap while others are agitated around.

This hammock inflatable model is primarily intended for outdoor use and more specifically beach or swimming pool, as it is sealed for several hours. We can only regret that deflates after about 5 hours, but it’s still quite honest. However, it will be impossible to use it to spend a full night, failing to wake up on the floor.

If you are looking for the best model of inflatable hammock, the Lamzac Fatboy will be the one for you. It is certainly more expensive than the competition, but this is the original product and its comfort, ease of use and durability will make you quickly forget the price difference.

2. Intey – The inflatable hammock perfect for the beach!

Best Hammocks Inflatables 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The inflatable hammock Intey is a model that fits many types of terrain. Ideal for the more adventurous who like to go camping and hiking or for more relaxed who love lounging on the sand during their holiday!

This sofa inflatable Hammock put on a very easy plant to attract users, since enough it is filled to 80% of air to inflate and be comfortable. For this, a little wind, a simple fan or even a hairdryer will do! Once it has taken the shape of inflatable chair loin, similar to a large plastic cylinder, it takes 6 to 8 hours. So you can get an early night this inflatable hammock in an emergency!

This model is manufactured Intey brand rather ingenious way, as it has a sealing system ensuring total leakage. It indeed has a locking system with a snap lock that allows air to stay inside the mattress with no possibility of escape.

The hammock sofa is very well packed in his bag, very simple to set up I have to say that it is really very good, I am great and totally comfortable when I moved. Wait to try it at the beach next summer.

It is made of 210T polyester fabric, waterproof and resistant, which gives it a more than acceptable life, but that’s not all. For maximum comfort, you will find on the side of the sofa air mesh bag that allows to store your belongings: keys, cell phone, books, a table, a bottle of water … What have within reach hand everything necessary.

It is true that once lay in this inflatable hammock, we did not want to leave! Besides, you can lie down in it in the direction of the length (260 cm) or in the direction of the width (70 cm), as if you troniez on a sofa or ottoman. Dual use which multiplies the possibilities! It supports up to 200 kilos of charge.Et if you were to leave it empty for a while, outdoors, remember that fixing nails are fournispour keep up. We see qu’Intey really thought of everything!

When folded, you can carry it on the shoulder, like a classic shoulder bag, as it weighs only 1.25 kg and measures 35 x 22 x 10 cm. Perfect for that goes everywhere!

It comes with a manual in French that will help you instantly understand how to use a handy storage bag and is also sold at a low price. An excellent choice if you are looking for an inflatable hammock for your next vacation!

3. Nouvot – A very good cheap inflatable hammock

Best Hammocks Inflatables 2020 | Reviews And Guide

If you are looking for a model of inflatable hammock at low cost, which can be installed as well in your garden, on the beach, or when you are camping, this inflatable sofa Nouvot the brand is for you.

It is a model that floats, as it is designed in waterproof polyester, and so that you can relax in a swimming pool. It is very easy to clean (a simple phone to simply sponge) and this allows the passing of a garden at your home quickly. In addition, this inflatable hammock does not deflate too quickly!

This hammock of Nouvot brand swells three times, without pump, and even a child can easily perform this procedure. Simply unfold the hammock, to agitate in the air so that it rushes inside, then close the web via a sealing system. A closure strap makes it possible to ensure that your inflatable sofa does not let air escape. If there is wind, the inflation is instantaneous, and if there is none, it will be enough to move back and forth in the air to inflate.

Very good product and consistent with the picture. We received the package very quickly. The small bag is really very practical, you can carry it anywhere. Moreover, everything is really compact and does not take up much space.

It is suitable for almost all sizes with dimensions of 190x70x50 cm! Moreover, it can support more people with 150 kilos of authorized load. Perfect for making an ottoman on which your kids will settle comfortably, or for selfish pleasure as a good nap!

Among the main qualities of this cheap inflatable hammock, there’s headrest, both soft and comfortable, the side pocket that can store books or laptop, its small weight (it is barely 800 grams) and the bag transportation provided for transforming the small backpack. It will not take place in a suitcase, since the bag does not exceed 30 centimeters. Convenient to carry with you in all your getaways.

Available in Blue and Green, this sofa air is a pretty cheap product, but who manages to be very qualitative. It is comfortable, convenient, and seems very durable. An excellent price / quality ratio!

4. Etmury – Interior and exterior inflatable sofa hammock

Best Hammocks Inflatables 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Etmury brand offers here an inflatable hammock that stands out from other models on the market, with an atypical form. Unlike its competitors, sofa air does not have a trench in the center. While on many hammocks, you sink by installing on the hammock, it is more like an inflatable bed! Level comfort is top!

It has a pillow headrest that can easily take naps, reading or lounging on land or water in a very comfortable position. Its composition, woven ripstop nylon 210T and airtight plastic gives it resistant appearance and skin contact is quite nice.

In addition, selected materials offer him a strength which is reinforced by seams that adorn this model inflatable hammock. You can use it both on the beach, on the grass of your garden during a festival or on a hike, without fear that it pierces. Perfect for backpackers and those who want comfort, anywhere!

I saw a vendor to demonstrate this sofa when I was in Barcelona … I faint. The bag inflates very quickly by capturing the ambient air. No need to pump or anything! And when you want to put it away, it’s that simple, just remove the strap and basta. The air escapes and you can fold the mattress / hammock / couch / buoy.

This product Etmury mark is an inflatable hammock sofa that can also be installed inside, to serve as an extra ottoman or even emergency bed. It is large enough to accommodate most people, with dimensions of 200 x 85 x 65 cm, and it supports a weight of 200 kilos. If you want to carry it when it is deflated, it will not be complicated either: it weighs less than a kilo and folds to fit in a supplied carry bag.

Regarding the inflation, it is very simple, since a gentle breeze or a little wind will be enough. Otherwise, you can shake it in the air by making swift moves and he will fill. Simple and effective, the moment you enter the movement!

We can blame him that he deflates after about 2 hours of use, which requires you to redo handling inflation. It is not dramatic, but if you fall asleep too deeply on it, you may wake you down!

Aside from that, this is a product with finishes more than adequate, which perfectly fulfills its function. A little more for its original design, the storage pocket with zipper and comfort it offers. A good selection of inflatable hammock at great rate.

5. Aukuyee – The multipurpose inflatable Sofa Hammock

Best Hammocks Inflatables 2020 | Reviews And Guide

If you’re looking for a cheap inflatable hammock, multifunctional and designed for comfort on land and water, then the model Aukuyee be interested.

This sunbed air, as likes to call these inflatable hammocks, is made of polyester mesh 210T waterproof polyester, which ensures a good seal and good wear resistance. At touchdown, the hammock is pretty nice, but the seams are quickly very hot in the sun and it will wet the frequently.

It is capable of supporting 200kg load which allows multiple people to use it at the same time as inflatable sofa. In his first role hammock, it allows the user to lie down and put his head on the headrest for this purpose, but also to enjoy the back support that makes it particularly comfortable. But be careful if you are tall, because over 1 meter 80, will exceed your legs!

Once installed it is very comfortable, and the very solid, a good plan. I’m 1m82, I pumped my ankles beyond! It amounts to 2 with my girlfriend for a total weight of 130 kg! Perfect Ultra light to transport, quick to inflate when you took the shot.

The best part is definitely the time it takes inflated, since you can enjoy 6 to 8 hours without any worry. It is really appreciated as it can and doze without fear. We also like its 2 side pockets to hold all your belongings when you’re at the beach, for example, and the fact that it is supplied with a carrying bag and a manual in French.

For inflation, it is relatively easy and well explained. Once opened, the fabric should be stirred into the wind for 70 to 80% air enters. Then you only have to close the opening of the hammock in the rolling several times before closing all thanks to strap system for this purpose. To deflate, it is just as easy, and it will now simply store it in its carrying bag to take him or you like without difficulty because it weighs only 1kilo with dimensions of 30 x 20 x 14cm.

Whether you use it for camping, hammock as inflatable beach or relax in your garden, this model of the brand Aukuyee offered at a very small price you satisfied for sure!

6. Outerdo – The Hammock Inflatable Lounger

The inflatable lounger hammock style Outerdo is a product that looks like an extra bed, with a pillow to the head that makes you want to fall asleep to it. It provides very good support for the back and shoulders and allows you to relax and enjoy a moment of well-being earned.

To inflate it must however take the hit tomorrow. When there is enough wind, simply open it for air fills, and trap it by closing the opening in time for the inflatable hammock take shape. But when there is no air, it is for you to create wind waving his arms to bring enough air into the canvas. It is not necessarily easy the first few times, especially when one is small, because the fabric is awesome! Otherwise, it is possible to use an electric blower or fan, but it takes some of its usefulness, because you can not make it out of you.

Concerning the quality of this inflatable hammock Outerdo, anti-deflation system can be appreciated that assures him about 6 hours held without softening. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon reading and dozing on the sofa air. It is also waterproof so you can use it both on land and in water.

Hammock easy to install. Just a little wind and presto, it’s done. The manual is in English but with logic and with the help of little character shown in this leaflet, installation is simple. Folded, it fits easily into a small bag. Comfortable, it is more often used by children! No regrets, I even considering to buy another.

The side pocket for storing your things and having them on hand at any time, and it comes with a storage bag rather pretty. Be aware that however this flashy blue inflatable hammock with a tendency to attract mosquitoes in summer …!

This model of the inflatable hammock Outerdo brand is interesting for its design and comfort, especially for those who suffer from back problems. However, with dimensions of 180 x 75 x 55cm, it is not suitable for the most impressive people. In addition, we must learn to inflate properly to enjoy.

7. Fansport – The Hammock inflatable air design

Fansport offers here an inflatable hammock that shines with a very original design! With banana reasons, it does not go unnoticed, and it is therefore to be reserved to those who assume their taste! With a manufacturing polyester 210T, plastic waterproof breathable TPU and a thickness of 0.15 mm and reinforced stitching, that is a solid model is expected to last in time.

Its shape is also close to the banana, and it has a square head comfortable support, which offers quality support to your shoulders, neck and head. It can take a nap without difficulty above, on land or on water, because it is also waterproof.

One can easily carry this air hammock with you, for any activity. It comes with a light and nice carrying bag (the same reasons banana) and small (30 x 21 x 13 cm), with a weight not exceeding 900 grams. For your beach holiday, go out in kind or your week of camp, it will be a fun and convenient ally!

Lightweight, compact, no bigger than a handbag … he carries everywhere easily. It is very simple to set up only on condition of having vent.Il may be that deflates … the fact of moving, you just have to tighten it or deliver it to the air. I love ! Much more comfortable than my beach towel!

To inflate it, it needs to be air (impossible to inflate inside) but even with a slight breeze, you will have no trouble filling the air. With a simple movement back and forth, it will swell and you just have to tighten the closure strap to make it airtight. Once full, it takes 2 to 3 hours without problems. That’s enough for a nap in the garden, but not for a full night!

Original and simple to use, in addition to enjoying good finishes, this model inflatable hammock everything to please those who want to stand on the beach!

Shopping guide for choosing the best inflatable hammock: What are the most important parameters to choose?

After reading these reviews inflatable hammocks available, discover everything you need to know to buy the best model for you. Why choose these air sofas? How to use it properly? What should we be careful before acquiring one? It tells you everything!

Why adopt the inflatable hammock?

The inflatable hammock is an innovative product that combines real comfort and practicality of use. Anywhere, you just have to break your small storage bag and install your air hammock to enjoy a relaxing time.

It is just as nature lovers (beach, mountain ..), campers, festival goers, and those who just want to relax in their garden in the best conditions. In addition, it can serve as buoy floats on water!

How to inflate an inflatable hammock?

The inflatable hammock is a fabric which, once open, will fill with air. Designed in a very light material, it just needs a little air to take its complete form. This is why inflation is easy.

Once completed, you only have to shake the canvas in front of you so that air enters. The hammock will then take the desired shape and you will have to close the opening by rolling it on itself. The best models are provided with a seal equipped with a clip, which ensures complete sealing (as in the inflatable hammock Intey for example).

If there is no wind, you can create artificially with a hair dryer in particular!

To deflate, proceed as for a down, rolling on to empty of air and return it to its small storage bag!

Or find / buy an inflatable hammock?

Inflatable mattresses come from Netherlands, but the immense success they meet that they are available for sale everywhere now. We find air hammocks models in specialty stores in the camping or hiking, but also on the net at rates often more advantageous.

Hammock Hammock Inflatable Vs Classic

We talk about inflatable hammock in opposition to traditional hammock, but what differentiates these two products?

The Hammock classic to its fans and it is true that power swing while lying is a feeling that only a hammock in the former can give us. In addition, just find two attachment points (poles trees, …) to have an extra bed. For nights under the stars, this is the best! Moreover, one can find traditional hammocks at prices defying all competition!

The inflatable hammock for him even easier installation, since only a little wind to avoirun support nap immediately. It is easy to transport, is often more comfortable and especially … it floats!

The criteria for selecting a good inflatable hammock

To choose its inflatable hammock, there are several points that must be taken into account. Here we detail you our key selection criteria and the important points to get an opinion on the quality of an inflatable hammock.


A good inflatable hammock must withstand frequent use and can be placed anywhere. In addition, it must be sealed if you want to use on the water. It is recommended hammocks designed Polyester 210 T and fabric water resistant, like the proposed model parAukuyee.

The inflation ease

This is the main point when we want a practical hammock! Normally, this is very easy, as illustrated perfectly the inflatable hammock Flatboy. A simple gesture, a little wind, and voila. However, some very fine models require a little more air than others and will air and out.

The swollen hold time

They vary between 2 and 10 hours, which makes a big difference. If you want to enjoy your mattress properly, without having to re-inflate it several times during the afternoon, we advise you the models that take at least 4 hours.

If you think you use it as an extra bed for camping, for example, plan a holding of 6 to 8 hours.

The dimensions

This criterion depends mostly on your size. If smaller riders will have no trouble to take place in most sold models, taller people will have to choose an inflatable hammock of a suitable length.

The extras

We like to find side pockets, a good head support or a small patch kit for emergencies, when buying an inflatable hammock.

In addition, models that take their game by offering original patterns or individual design (like Etmury) deserve our attention.

The price

Inflatable hammocks came at rates that take between 20 and 40 euros. There is some more expensive models, like those of Flatboy, which are recognized as the precursor of the field. Here you pay a recognized know-how and guarantees to have a sustainable product.

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