Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The least we can say is that the heating material technology continues to evolve. Old classic cast iron radiators, we are today, with electric heaters much more sophisticated. It should be noted in fact that manufacturers in this field, tirelessly looking for ways to upgrade their equipment to ensure each user, more reliability, efficiency and comfort. Thus, the electric heating will include the day.

These followers are millions today and reputation transcends borders. Whether indeed the radiator oil bath or fan heater (etc.), they will undoubtedly emerge as the ideal solution for anyone looking for an effective heating alternative for a small area. These are excellent electric space heaters. They are also very popular for the warmth they offer and their affordable price. They are also lightweight equipment that perfectly fulfill their mission.

Our selection of a look:

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Our selection of best economic electric heating

Find out in this article, our Best Comparison of the best electric heating for the year 2019, and a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose your electric heater when the time comes.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Digital radiator Bath Oil Pro Breeze, the best electric heater 2019

In all seriousness, you will not find at the moment, better electric heating the Pro Breese. High performance, this digital radiator quickly radiates heat inside the house, while maintaining the temperature to the desired level.

Breese Pro Features

The radiator Pro Breese oil bath is particularly equipped with a powerful motor of up to 2500 watts of power and a dozen hot columns. This device also includes a timer 24 hours and four options for the power level settings. Supplied with a remote control of its CNC is amazingly simple. In terms of security, you can sleep without fear in your ears, because this equipment has an automatic switch in case of fall, but especially preventive protection system against overheating.

In relation to the design, we can say that the Pro Breese has a serious advantage in its design. Its light gray color gives it a very elegant look. Moreover, it has the merit of being super ergonomic and extremely easy to install. This radiator oil bath also has four multidirectional wheels that allow you to move easily and according to your desires. The length of the power cord is the convenient hand and you can the folded easily on the cable-range incorporated.

Regarding its size, the apparatus has a weight of 16 kg for a thickness of 26 cm, a width of 55 cm and a height of 67 cm. So you can see that it is a very compact and very practical for endless days of winter.

Heating Performance & power consumption

With 4 adjustable heating power, digital radiator oil bath Breese Pro ensures high performance that is capable of adapting with ease to your needs so you can enjoy and maintain the room temperature at a level ideal in winter and during periods of cold. To offer a heating solution for maximum efficiency, this equipment includes in addition a thermostat that regulates the temperature automatically around your device.


The Pro Breese radaiteur digital comes in the end, as the most powerful electric heating device market. This ensures its role as effectively in any type of room. It offers several adjustment options, and advanced technology facilitates the acceleration of the flow of hot air, which allows the radiator to heat much more quickly and efficiently than conventional oil bath equipment, with fluency the ideal temperature. For that alone, we would definitely recommend it!

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. The radiator oil bath Electric AEG RA5521

Considered by many as the best radiator market oil bath alongside the Pro Breese, AEG RA 5521 has everything to please really. Inspired by the German know-how and true to quality Swedish-made, one could indeed expect better of this subtle technological mix.

Radiator Features bath electric oil AEG RA 5521

In general, when it comes to electrical appliances, power is seen as one of the criteria if not the most important for decision. On this point, we must immediately say that the AEG RA 5521 provides with its high power of 2000 watts. In the electric heaters universe, you just there one of the highest ranges of the market.

Regarding its functions, radiator oil bath electrical switches on once it has been plugged into a conventional sector. It hosts a very essential thermostat to set the desired temperature with perfect precision. However, unlike some electric heaters, this model has no electronics, but saw its performance we can consider this as just superfluous.

The German simplicity also deserves to be exalted to this AEG 5521 whose size is among the best in the industry. It must indeed 64 cm in height, for 45.5 cm wide and 24.5 cm thick. In other words, it is a device to dimensions optimized for easy storage and ensure that it takes very little space in your home: for additional heating, there is nothing as important . With a small size, rapid heating capacity and weight of 11.3 kg lightweight, you’ll have no trouble moving thanks to its wheels, and out for 1 or 2 hours.

Heating Performance & power consumption

The good power of 2000 W radiator AEG oil bath allows it to display high heating performance with ease in a room of 20 m2. Moreover, this device is able to maintain through use in larger rooms, such as those from 30 to 35 m2. However, it will take longer before the heating takes in this case, but once launched, you will be simply dazzled.

Equipped with a thermostat to regulate the temperature and rapid heating system, it should be noted that a large gap exists between the level of electricity consumption AEG RA 5521 and an electric heater. The first is indeed much more economical, and optimized properties you avoid unnecessary consumption. In doing so, the AEG 5521 is as an economic electric heater.


There’s something to be a little proud of the German manufacturer when viewed AEG AEG RA 5521. radiator oil bath This is a very high quality camera which has no superfluous. Designed to heat the room, it completely fills its function. And despite the lack of a screen, it heats all the same very quickly. So, it is quite advisable to all those who want to spend the winter and through periods of extreme cold in the greatest comfort and greater softness.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. The electric heater Clatronic Kh 3077

The Clatronic kh 3077 looks undoubtedly like the best cheap electric heating for a room in the home, office or a small workshop. Therefore, it is much appreciated and knows a huge success with a large number of users.

electric heater features Clatronic kh 3077

The electric heater Clatronic kh 3077 is a fairly ergonomic auxiliary heating which has as such a very easy to use. It is equipped with two switches (0 and 1) and a thermostat which adjusts the desired temperature according to the three power levels available: 750 watts, 1250 watts and 2000 watts.

While we note the absence of a reel to store the cable when not in use, this heater has 2 small wheels however, that allow you to carry it with ease from one place to another. With small dimensions of 57 x 42 x 19.5 cm and super light weight of 2.60 kg, you can even wear it just in case of need.

In terms of design and manufacturing quality, it notes that this is a small device in compact white metal and cool, which also presents some black accents here and there. The finishes are conform to what can reasonably be expected, even if they are not bluffing. The finesse that characterizes the metal walls suggests that the quality is quite correct for once.

Heating Performance & power consumption

The electric heater Clatronic kh 3077 provides heating performance that will surprise many. Not only heats very quickly, but it only takes a few seconds to feel the heat escaping and warm the entire room. For a room of 20 square meters, this will require still a few minutes. Obviously, the level of effectiveness will not be the same at 750 W, 1250 W and even less than 2000 W when your radiator reached a level of optimum performance ideal for slightly larger rooms. Its power consumption system, convection, however, it is less economical in terms of energy AEG RA 5521 for example.


Overall, it is noted no unpleasant surprises at the 3077 Clatronic kh that fully plays its role. Compact, easy to use, heated very quickly and with competitive prices, it stands out as the ideal equipment for all users looking for a powerful and cheap electric heater.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. The fan heater DREXON 923 200

It is certainly not by pure chance that the fan heater DREXON part of this comparison of the best electric heating. It is comparable to previous models and those that follow, and on the contrary you will be pleasantly surprised by what he is capable of doing.

Features r {adiateur blowing DREXON

This radiator stands as the most classic booster heater you currently find on the market. However, it is perfectly able to effectively meet your heating needs in any room of your choice. With maximum power of 2000 watts, it heats quickly indeed your home. DREXON the addition was equipped with a mechanical thermostat that you can use to adjust the heating temperature level you want.

The fan heater 2000 W DREXON also takes safety into account by including a system for switching off the heating in case of falling or tipping. Anti overheating security mechanism still allows this, your machine to stop automatically when the heat reaches a critical threshold.

On the design side, we can say without hesitation that this is a stylish model with its presqu’ovale form that holds in place. Its white purity releases a pleasant feeling. Right in the middle of the switch (on / off) and the safety button, you have a red LED operation that accentuates its charm.

In terms of size, this radiator measures 22 x 13 x 27 cm and has an almost zero weight of 1.10 kg. In other words, it is a very light equipment to be easily transported daily through its integrated carrying handle.

Heating Performance & power consumption

The simple and ergonomic design of this space heater promotes taken extremely easy hand. But what impresses more is its high level of performance that allows you to have the best temperature heating in rooms from 20 to 30 square meters. Moreover, this device also offers a cold ventilation solution for the same use in warmer weather.

In terms of electricity consumption, we imagine that it is a model just as economical as it heats quickly. Once connected, it does not wait long minutes before start and start releasing indeed the expected heat.


Quiet and perfect for heating for example the shower before bathing, fan heater DREXON is the ideal equipment to provide heat in your rooms and endure much beating the winter cold. Its features are just copies and it does exactly why it was created. In addition, it is guaranteed for 2 years. We therefore recommend the full.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. The electric radiator mica without oil Duronic HV101

The electric heater HV101 Duronic fully meet your expectations if you’re looking for a nice auxiliary heating and efficient for the bathroom, bedroom, office or a small garage … Its particular characteristics indisputably ranks him in the category Bestsellers in the market right now.

electric heater Features Duronic HV101

The design of Duronic HV101 is clearly one of the strengths that hold right away attention. The electric heater was indeed a very polished look, sober and elegant which gives it a really nice side. Totally black, this camera has a grid cover on both sides to protect its panels in mica. The appearance slightly wider small base from the top further enhances its charm.

The manufacturer also no detail as to the quality of manufacturing Duronic HV101. It’s just remarkable, with aluminum and steel materials that confer robustness to the equipment. The finishing and assembly are for their flawless, so, this space heater is comparable to models sold much more expensive.

Concerning its dimensions in the average is still significantly with a height of 65 cm, a 50 cm length and a thickness of 23 cm, all for a light weight 6.24 kg. The presence of two wheels on the bottom amply facilitates the movement of this powerful super radiator.

Heating Performance & power consumption

Very easy to use, the mode of operation of the electric radiator Duronic HV101 is based on a traditional system of two-button double-position: 0 and 1. These buttons reveal even the presence of three power levels distributed among 1000, 1500 and 2500 watts of power. The existence of a built-in thermostat to adjust the performance of your device to the desired level … and when set to 2500 watts, that’s just part of the most powerful on the market.

In terms of heating, this model is comparable to an oil cooler, as his two mica panels perfectly store heat to allow it to stay hot for a while. The diffusion of heat is from all sides, it is still very fresh. The Duronic HV101 is able to quickly heat a room from 20 to 35 square meters, and you will not need to set it to maximum power.

Smart technology allows its thermostat moreover him to turn and stop automatically according to the temperature set: what easy not only the safe use of your device every day, but especially avoids excessive consumption energy for the greater good of your savings.


The Duronic HV101 is an excellent electric heater, with super friendly look. Very powerful, it does not consume a lot of energy and ensures a perfect heat preservation. There is also no way to omit any objection on its price which is quite good in terms of performance. We thus recommend without hesitation.

6. The fan heater Brandson

Those looking for an extra heater that combines performance and beauty will not be at all disappointed with the fan heater Brandson. Compared to other models of this comparison, it appears from afar as the most visually appealing. Suffice to say that it’s 2 in 1 comfortably enjoy the warmth during cold in your home while bringing a decorative touch as well.

Radiator Features blowing Brandson

The first point that truly weighs the electric heating advantage is its good power of 2000 watts. However, it incorporates an adjustment function that offers the possibility of using this device in 1000 or 2000 watts depending on your needs. In addition, this radiator is provided with an IR remote control which can easily control the distance. It is also possible to adjust the Brandson the heating temperature ranging between 10 and 350 C.

Side design, it is clear that there is a perfect combination of high heat output of this radiator and black white attractive structure made with durable ABS plastic. The heating elements are in turn designed ceramic, which gives us the finish, a fan heater very robust. His aesthetic accentuated the class must definitely in electric heaters and it will be just perfect for supplemental heat coupled Deco piece in your living room for example.

In terms of size, you a nice fan heater ceramic which is 41 cm high, 17 cm long and 13 cm wide, all for a minimum weight of 2.25 kg. Compact and super light, so take just as you will have no difficulty to transport and manipulate.

Heating Performance & power consumption

The fan heater ceramic Brandson is a high performance device that be used with equal effectiveness in a room of up to 30 square meters. Super quiet, it goes very quickly on and heats your home with exceptional speed.

Possible alternation of power level between 1000 and 2000 watts you can finally consume much less energy, while enjoying optimal efficiency from the radiator.


Like previous models, the fan heater Brandson is doing very well. This is a fast model with double power level that allows a net diffusion of heat to the desired temperature. It has an edge over the others in terms of aesthetics: it is an elegant super model with finishes that are just perfect. So, recommend without any hesitation.

7. The radiator inertia Jarpa 49590

Boasting of convenient features, the Jarpa 49590 is among the best radiators inertia on the market, why it deserves its place in this comparison.

Characteristic of the inertia radiator Jarpa 49590

The modern and unique design of this radiator inertia immediately attracts the eye. It is a compact and discreet whose white color ensures perfect integration into any room in your home without, however, affecting the decoration. There is also an all black version offer you a wide opportunity to choose your preferences. Provided with a holder that allows to fix it to the wall, this device has a flat horizontal shape. Its body has been made with safety glass, while the chassis for its part is lacquered steel.

With double insulation, radiator inertia Jarpa 49590 has in addition to the IP24 protection index. All this, assuring him accordingly, perfect protection against foreign objects and water jets when cleaning or bathing.

In terms of power, this extra equipment receives a good engine 1000 watt, followed by a trained heating unit from massive cast iron elements. The heart of heaters for its part is designed ceramic, which keeps the heat efficiently. The 49590 Jarpa finally has a digital screen backlight on which you can read various data such as the heating temperature, among other …

This heater has a backlit digital display that lets you see different data such as temperature for example. Several other features also impressed with this unit. This is the case of the weekly programming that you can customize according to your needs, the frost option to prevent the room from being too cold, prolonged fashion, ecopilote option, the option ecocitizen or the parental lock system for child safety, to name a few.

Heating Performance & power consumption

This radiator inertia is capable of heating an area of ​​10 to 15 square meters with its 1000 watts of power. The diffusion of heat is evenly. The released heat is also very soft, which protects you against sudden and abrupt changes of temperature.

This additional heating is further provided with an electronic thermostat that allows you to adjust the heating temperature from 13 to 30 ° C with good accuracy of 0.1 ° C. Its thermal inertia system allows it to continue to shine for a while after stopping … anything that allows you to consume much less energy and therefore reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

You can adjust the temperature of the heating system from 13 to 30 ° C with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C. This is facilitated by the electronic thermostat it has. Even after his arrest, he continues to shine for a while thanks to its thermal inertia. Thus, you make more money on electricity bills.


Featuring an automatic thermal safety function for safe use, the 49590 Jarpa reports to finish, such as radiators inertia of superior quality with many practical functions to be programmed according to your desires. There are no complaints about his very neat and chic aesthetic. Moreover, it is super easy to install and use. This heater that will not disappoint, that’s for sure!

How did we make our selection of the best electric heating?

Choosing the best electric heating necessarily involves consideration of a number of criteria determining in the field, and the selection of models that have been presented above was made in scrupulous compliance with this requirement. Among the elements that we have thus served as a compass, you have:

The power

This is probably the most important element when it comes to electric heater. Depending on the size of the room you want to heat, you always rest assured that the model you choose is powerful enough to perform its function effectively. For a small room, it is clear that average power radiator will do. By cons, since it is the great outdoors, we recommend that you surf a higher power of 2000 watts at least.


When buying, necessarily opt for an electric heater with a safety system that stops the machine automatically in case of overheating your engine. Most models offered today also adopt an ergonomic design that provides waterproof protection of your entire system against splashes, dust and water jets. These are very interesting in this sense.

The radiators with heat limiter whose role is to block the minimum and maximum temperatures are also a good alternative security. Indeed, handling errors (sometimes very expensive) are less likely to occur in this type of auxiliary heating.

The design and design

The aesthetic is something that you should not overlook here, and no matter that this is, facilities intended for occasional use and sometimes to the prying eyes of your visitors. Regarding the design, it must be said as well that there is a wide variety of choices in terms of colors and shapes … so that everyone will have to choose only according to his own personal tastes.

In terms of design, the compact and lightweight electric heaters are as the ideal alternative for those who want something that will be easy to move from one room to another. The ergonomic designs, easy to handle will also delight users who have no time to lose. Overall, it will be necessary to dwell here on the size of the device (dimensions and weight), and possibly the availability of wheels.

The heat distribution system

This is a fundamental criterion in the acquisition of an electric heater. Models equipped with radiant panels guarantee that sense, rapid heating and homogeneous. Only drawback, they consume too much energy. On the other hand, you have electric heaters that produce warmth for comfort and above all to protect you from convection. The radiators inertia in turn prove much less energy while you ensure continuous delivery of a gentle heat.

One finds finally, electric radiators which accumulate sufficient heat before releasing thereafter throughout the room: the spread here is very fast and heat very nice except that it will spend a little more for have a model like this.

The consumption

This feature is also very important and should be taken into account when choosing your electric heater. As you can imagine, the consumption level of your device will be closely linked to its power. However, the best electric heating, including the most powerful models are very economical in terms of energy because of their advanced technology.

You have for example for this purpose, which are equipped with a power redistribution mechanism absorbed 100%, and others who have the ability to autoprogrammer due to a detector they own. This sensor adapts not only the heating period in your presence, but also stores your lifestyle to better satisfy you. There are also connected models that allow you to control your electricity consumption remotely from your tablet or smartphone.

The options

Whether you choose a wall-mounted electric heater or on foot, do not neglect especially not the proposed options. It there’s indeed models that are more sophisticated than others. This is the case for example mufflers radiators that provide a much more comfortable use of models offering protection against overheating radiator with antifreeze mode that activates automatically heating when the temperature drops it is to below 5 ° C.

Moreover, you will find the most innovative electric heaters that have an LED screen and touch where you can see all the heating data, models able to detect your presence, or those who can detect the closing or opening windows, etc.

All this is taken into account, but the final choice will obviously always depend primarily on your needs.

Electric heating or gas: what is the most economical?

The question is often to know which solution is the most cost between electric heating and heating with natural gas? If one starts from the premise that tends to push the price per kWh, then in that case it should be noted that the gas heater has an advantage in economic terms compared to electric heating. Indeed, though it requires a bit more initial investment for installation of the boiler and the connection (in some cases), heating with natural gas is found by the much more generous suite economically to warm your rooms. This is the case especially, new condensing boilers with energy efficiency helps lower consumption during use. Add to this the fact that you can also enjoy some subsidies that allow modernize low-cost facilities of this type of heating.

For its part, the main advantage of electric heating is that it really does not involve a lot of installation work compared to other types of heating. It is a simple solution that you can even get a tax credit for the fund. In addition, the electric heater requires very little maintenance, which is far from the case with natural gas heating and others. You even have some electrical heating models to adjust the temperature to desired level while avoiding overheating, and others who are provided with a programming system. The majority of homes using this solution are also equipped with a full hour meter / peak hours this … to tell you that night, electric heating is cheaper than day.

Ultimately, the electric heating which implies a low initial investment is presented as the ideal alternative for small perfectly insulated homes: small apartment or small studio. Not only is more comfortable in this environment, but we must also take into account the relatively low cost of the subscription to electricity applied to small consumers.

Heating with natural gas will be against a more economical for large spaces. And even if it involves a large initial investment, the fact remains that over the long term financial investment will largely pay for itself … especially for those who have a connection to the gas distribution network.

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