Best Hedge Hedges Telescopic | Review & Guide

Best Hedge Hedges Telescopic | Review & Guide

Owning a garden, often means tall trees, hedges and therefore you exceed heavy work! As the ladder is not safe and convenient alternative, choose the perfect solution: the telescopic hedge trimmer. This is the best garden tool to cut height cleanly, easily, safely and quickly.

But there are many models on the market and choosing the right hedge trimmer telescopic remains difficult.

That’s why we designed this telescopic hedge trimmers buying guide: to help you make your choice based on your needs and budget. and offer a selection of the best trimmers telescopic market. You can also find many tips and criteria for choosing its telescopic hedge trimmer for work at height in order to have a well maintained garden!

The best trimmers telescopic 2020

Best Hedge Hedges Telescopic | Review & Guide

1. Bosch UniversalHedgePole 18: The best telescopic hedge trimmer battery

With its popularity and reputation, the Bosch brand is one of the world’s leading tools and gardening. It develops for the public as for professional and reliable, easy to use and rather economiques.C’est the case with this telescopic hedge trimmer Bosch UniversalHedgePole 18 handy and efficient and excellent value!

The telescopic hedge trimmer battery operated ion 2.5 Ah 18V (not included) that can pool its batteries if you have multiple Bosch appliances. The operating time is about an hour with a 80 minute charge time.

This hedge trimmer comprises a cutting blade 45 cm with 16 mm interval between teeth. With telescopic handle you can reach 2.60 meters maximum height, which is impressive enough for this kind of tool. Despite a simple electric motor of 45 W, the vacuum cutting rate is 2400 revolutions / minute, and gives you a good power and relative ease for recalcitrant branches.

All machines deployed with battery does not exceed 3.6 kg and the work is comfortable and enjoyable. For long sessions you can bring along the strap hips that is provided. It relieves stress and gives good support when working at maximum height.

Side security, anti blocking function provides the user instantly metering engine power depending on the resistance encountered and avoids situations where the blade patina destroying them branches.

Easy to use and solid, telescopic hedge trimmer Bosch is perfect for small high branches. It will offer real guarantees to prune your hedges efficiently and as all Bosch tools, it is reliable and durable. Offered at a price quite cheap for this type of device, it is a best value price our selection!

Best Hedge Hedges Telescopic | Review & Guide

2. Greenworks 51 cm 24 V: The best hedge trimmer telescopic not expensive and powerful

The American brand Greenworks has placed only a few years at the top of the lithium battery on sales of garden tools. With DNA focused on innovation, it still offers cheap models, clever and easy to use. This size hedge Cheap telescopic Greenworks 51 cm 24 V is particularly surprising power and offers a good cutting ability for a few dozen euros only!

The telescopic hedge trimmer is battery powered 24 V, which gives it a power greater than many equivalent tools. Indeed, the engine provides a vacuum cutting speed of 3000 revolutions / minute: you are guaranteed not to see many branches resist!

In addition the blade is 51 cm (big enough for a telescopic device) and has an allowable diameter of 18 mm for the branches. The telescopic shaft is made of aluminum is spreads over two meters in length. Folded, it is barely larger than a round of classic hedge trimmer.

Finally, weight and maneuverability side is flawless! The device is 3.3 kg with its battery and is rather easy to handle. The soft-grip ergonomic handle is very comfortable and brings a lot of stability when working at the maximum height. In addition, the swivel head allows you to easily cut corners and in all positions.

If you are looking for a telescopic hedge trimmer that can trim height and for a cheap price, Greenworks 51 cm 24 V is definitely for you. It is an extremely pretty robust tool very handy and powerful for its price and it offers ample capacity cut in most cases. A bargain not to be missed if you want to equip yourself without breaking the bank!

Best Hedge Hedges Telescopic | Review & Guide

3. Einhell GE HC-18 Li T: The best telescopic hedge trimmer multifunctional

German specialist for garden tools, Einhell is a brand that manufactures powerful and effective products. This versatile telescopic hedge trimmer also benefits from trimming your hedge height that cut thick branches with the tool of cutting. The result is quite stunning and this unit should not disappoint lovers of trees and hedges well trimmed.

This hedge trimmer telescopic operates on a battery 18 V-3 A range Power X-Change Einhell. These are very powerful and flexible batteries on any tool Einhell this range.

This device is a multifunction-tool since it has a head with hedge trimmer blade and another with chainsaw for cutting and pruning large branches. The tool change is very simple and the two heads can work with an adjustable angle. The blade of the hedge trimmer has a length of 40 cm and has a tooth pitch interval of 16 mm. The pruning tool has a cutting length of 20 cm, which is sufficient enough for the ends of branches.

Finally, the battery life is about 40 to 50 minutes with a full load but you can aquire 2 batteries work longer. The telescopic handle enables deployment up to 1.82 m in length and the machine is supplied with a shoulder strap to help support its 6.20 kilograms.

The telescopic hedge trimmer multi-function will be perfect if you have trees to prune your hedges and more. This powerful tool will allow you to have clean cuts and easy whether for young or old hedges and tree branches up to 15 cm diameter approx. Robust and very manageable despite its weight, this telescopic hedge trimmer is a great buy because it is offered at an economical price for a tool 2 in 1!

Best Hedge Hedges Telescopic | Review & Guide

4. Ryobi RPT4545E 450W: A hedge trimmer cheap and effective

Ryobi is the great Japanese specialist electrical equipment and this brand constantly produces devices good value for money. This is increasingly the case in garden tools and especially with the hedge trimmer on telescopic sector, which is practical and effective. It is certainly a model that will offer the most extensive with a total reach of 2.7 m.

With a 45cm blade that telescopic hedge trimmer suit all types of hedges of our home gardens. The maximum allowable size for the branches is 18 mm, which is pretty good for a telescopic hedge trimmer. This will allow you to cut 90% of young shoots of your hedges: only the trunks and large branches will need another tool.

The cutting head of the hedge trimmer is articulated and adjustable 135 °, so you can easily cut the tops of hedges without discomfort. The telescopic handle 2.7 m is one of the strong points of this unit. But maneuverability is waiting for you with a comfortable and equipped to handle grip that allows a solid support. Finally, the harness provided with the tool, makes it easy to balance the 4kg of the appliance when fully extended.

The sound level is also a positive point to note for this tool mains powered via a cable 4 meters long.

Offered at a low price, this hedge trimmer Ryobi is a good choice for people who already have high hedges. Its workability beyond 2 meters 50 height is an undeniable advantage. Reliable and well designed, this device has a pleasant usability and represents a bargain not to be missed for easy trimming hedges and the lower branches of your large trees!

Best Hedge Hedges Telescopic | Review & Guide

5. Black + Decker GTC1843LB-XJ: A fast and effective telescopic hedge trimmer

The reputation of the famous Black + Decker brand is well established in tooling portable electrical. This model of telescopic hedge trimmer is in this line with a remarkable finish, perfect ergonomics and a working scale that allows you to easily reach the top of your hedges!

With its blade 43 cm long and the interval between teeth 12 mm, telescopic hedge trimmer is rather to be classified in the category of tools for young hedges and thin. The power of only 18 W also prevents tackling dense vegetation and very hard. Nevertheless, 1m98 with telescopic handle length, this hedge trimmer rather lightweight (3.2 kg) allow you to work at height. In addition, the cutting head is completely articulated: you can work on the top of the hedge, or even on the opposite edge, without difficulty.

The 18 V battery allows you to cut up to 100 square meters of vegetation without stopping. For this, it will provide a full charge takes about 2 hours.

Finally, this handy device is perfectly designed in terms of ergonomics with ease to access commands. It also has a double switch command for a total safety of the user when handling.

In conclusion, the telescopic hedge trimmer Black & Decker is typically the kind of ideal for hedges not too dense and relatively young, or to trim the ends of the branches of your trees. It is offered at a reasonable price and if you do not need a powerful hedge trimmer for thick hedges, this is certainly the purchase not to be missed. In addition, the design and reliability Black & Decker are waiting for you to make sure a lot of confidence if you make that choice!

6. Ikra HRT Pro 500: A large hedge trimmer telescopic quality

Originally in the garden, the German brand Ikra today one of the European specialists in garden tool for professionals and the general public. Its devices are all designed in close collaboration with users and meet a quality requirement. This is the case with the telescopic hedge trimmer mains powered which is a robust and reliable machine, with excellent cutting ability.

With its blade 51 cm long and a maximum diameter of 22 mm for the branches to be cut, it is clear that this telescopic hedge trimmer is one of those that have the best cutting performance. It will be perfect for thick hedges and mature and branches already formed. In addition, the boom can reach 2.40 m, which gives you the means to go up very easily.

Mains powered and with a 500W motor than enough for this type of work, this hedge trimmer is also particularly effective because of the quality sharpening the teeth of the blade. They are sharp laser and provide clean cuts and frank.

Finally, with a comfortable grip handle and a hip strap to relieve your efforts, this device is quite ergonomic gardening. Nevertheless, we regret that it is a little tricky to handle when fully deployed. The 4 kilos engine are ultimately pole and create a sometimes unstable imbalance after several minutes of work.

This Ikra hedge trimmer is overall a very good camera. IL fill those with high hedges and thick or have fairly large trees with branches good size. Its strength and quality blade far outweigh its weight and maneuverability at full height and very reliable product proves a good deal at the price it is often suggested.

7. Greenworks pruner and hedge trimmer 40 V Lithium-ion: A versatile telescopic hedge trimmer and cheap

This comprehensive gardening tool of the American brand Greenworks, specialist in electrical devices in lithium battery, is rather clever. Its versatility and ease of use make it an excellent choice to efficiently maintain your garden.

The telescopic hedge trimmer is to supply battery (not supplied) 40 V part of the common batteries that range from Greenworks. It proves powerful and great autonomy (one hour of work without interruption).

This telescopic tool is equipped with blades for trimming hedges along with a pruning tool and bucking for larger limbs. The change of aircraft is made without specific tools and in less than a minute. The hedge trimmer is used to cut to 51 cm long with a maximum diameter of 28 mm and the saw can tackle branches up to fifteen centimeters in thickness. This really allows any cut without problems in the garden.

Rather handy and ergonomic, this tool has a non-slip grip, dual controls for security and an automatic lubrication system. The scope of the telescopic handle is 2.40 m while deployed, and allows to tackle branches located approximately 4.5 meters from the ground ..

This practical and handy telescopic hedge trimmer Greenworks is a sure garden tools. For those who want to do more than just trimming hedges, this versatile and reliable tool will be a good buy if you have for example already mature fruit trees. Its price a bit higher than average is quite justified by its ability to work, autonomy and versatility: it will be easy to make profitable investment!

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about the telescopic hedge trimmers before buying a

The sleeve length

If you are looking for a telescopic hedge trimmer is for you to use height. So the telescopic handle length will be essential.

Most sleeves of this type of hedge trimmer are either of metal or fiberglass or plastic and consist of several parts that slide one inside the other.

It will be important to measure your hedges or your tree branches to prune, to get an idea of ​​your needs. Depending on the age of your hedges, it may be useful to add a few feet to estimate their future development.

Once you have this amount of work, subtract ahead about your size. For example if your fence is 3.80 meters high, you will need a telescopic handle about 2.05 meters if your height is 1.75 meters (3.80 meters least 1.75 meters). This is a rough calculation does not take into account the length of your arms nor that of the plate to have a little leeway and especially work comfortably without always outstretched arms.

The cutting capacity

The cutting capacity of a hedge trimmer depends on the blade length and the interval between the teeth of the blade. The blade length has an impact on the hedge deep you can cut in one pass. While the gap between the teeth indicates the maximum diameter of the branches you can cut with your tool.

It is the kind of hurdles you have in your garden that will influence your choice. These can be more or less thick depending on their age and type of vegetation that constitutes them. Do not forget, either, that your fence has a good chance to grow up and have thicker branches. It is therefore always choose a device with a cutting capacity slightly larger than just necessary.


This feature is especially important for trimmers telescopic battery powered. The length of your hedges and the amount of work to be done will be important but it is advisable in all cases to choose batteries that give at least 40 minutes of work continuously (this corresponds in fact to the working sessions at least 1 hour 30 minutes counting all the stops of the unit)

In addition, today many brands of devices operating ranges on the same batteries. So you can have multiple (2 or 3) that are common for your gardening tools and DIY. So you can charge several batteries in advance to have more autonomy in your work.

The characteristics of the blade

Most telescopic hedge trimmer have dual action blades, that is to say two moving blades. They are much more effective, are less prone to blockages and provide cleaner cuts. They also cause less vibration. single-cut models (a fixed blade and another mobile) are less powerful and slower and tend to avoid.


The telescopic hedge trimmers can be divided into two categories. Those equipped only hedge trimmer blades and those who have a second pruning or cutting type tool.

These are great if you also want to prune the branches of some trees. They require capacity greater cut because of their more imposing diameter. A cutting tool or pruning will be wise. This is generally a plate topped with a chain saw. The blade length of these small tools is about 20 cm, which is enough for most garden trees.

These versatile tools are a little more expensive and also heavier. They are therefore more difficult to handle and should be selected if you really need. In this case, also make sure to choose a model where the tool change is done easily and quickly.

Ergonomics and usability

Cut a hedge or tree branches is a challenging exercise. With this delicate telescopic handle because the majority of the weight is at the end of the handle and requires some muscle control to maintain the balance of the whole.

It is therefore important to check ergonomics, maneuverability and grip of your telescopic hedge trimmer before buying.

The weight is the most important feature of most of these devices are between 3.4 and 4.5 kilograms. Depending on your strength and physical ability, it will favor the lighter.

Another item to check is the good grip of the device including the possibility to attach it to a belt hips or shoulders. These accessories can help to make much less painful using a hedge trimmer to great heights.

Finally, an adjustable angle head will be a great addition to easily cut the top of your hedge or use your tool in a narrow angle or offset.

The reliability and robustness

If you invest in a telescopic hedge trimmer that is it makes you service for many years. The reliability and robustness of such apparatus are important. Especially since it is mechanically very busy with vibration, a major false door between the engine and the end of the device, and high speed blades.

For this, always be sure to select a product from a recognized and trusted brand. The after-sales service will not nonexistent and spare parts can be easily found when needed. Finally, look at our records-equipment of journals that described as more reliable and robust than others to select the device of your choice.

FAQ: it answers the questions you have about the telescopic hedge trimmers

A telescopic hedge trimmer is a garden tool for trimming hedges that are high or tree branches. The difference with a normal hedge trimmer is a telescopic handle is located between the assist grip and the motor of the hedge trimmer. This telescopic handle is metal, fiberglass or plastic and is constituted by a plurality of sliding tubes. It can be deployed to extend the range of the device or be folded to work in normal height or for storage.

The price of a telescopic hedge trimmer is variable. It depends on the population for which it is intended (professional or individual), its power, its engine and of course its size. But most telescopic hedge trimmers for general public are in a price range from 100 to 200 €.

You can find some cheaper models to suit promotions or among few famous or young brands.

The versatile models (included with pruning tool) often exceed € 150. It is also possible to find models beyond 200 € for cutting thick branches or work at very great heights.

As with choosing any tool, it is important to understand its needs. First, you need to know how high you have to work. For this it is necessary to measure the height of your largest hedge or the branches of trees that you want to achieve.

Subtract from that height your size. For example, if your hedge has a height of 3.50 meters and you are 1m70, you need at least a telescopic hedge trimmer that unfolds with a length of 1.80 m.

Next, set the cut length you need (at least half the thickness of your hedge) and diameter required cutting. For these dimensions, the more is best for your hedge can thicken and have thicker branches, older. Given these three criteria, you should be able to restrict the possible telescopic hedge trimmers list and then sort based on other criteria defined above in our buying guide.

The choice between a telescopic hedge trimmer or normal will depend on what you have in your garden.

If you have hedges that exceed 2 meters high, it is better to be equipped with a telescopic hedge trimmer. The use of a ladder is possible between 2 m and 2.60 m but this is impractical, a bit dangerous and causes losses of time at each movement of stool.

If you have a hedge that exceeds 2 m 60, or tree branches to prune that are above this height, no hesitation to opt for telescopic hedge trimmer.

Learn to use a telescopic hedge trimmer you can make out the cut in the vertical plane and that in the horizontal plane.

The vertical cut is made on the sides of the hedge. The procedure with a classic hedge trimmer arcs that start low and rise: just be offset from the area where you cut, considering lengthening your telescopic handle.

The horizontal cut is made at the top of the hedge and requires the cutting head adjustment. This allows you to work closer to the fence and enjoy the entire length of your deployed sleeve. Then make a lateral movement by following your hedge and leaving the flat blade.

A hedge trimmer telescopic engine is certainly powerful and generally has a larger cutting capacity. But it is a device with a major drawback: its weight and maneuverability.

A hedge trimmer has a thermal weight often exceeding 3 or 4 kilos its electric counterpart. So when that excess weight is attached to the end of a handle can be 2.50 m long, it is clear that the handling of the machine is seriously compromised. Therefore thermal telescopic hedge trimmers are practically reserved for professional use and for exceptional situations.

Almost all special does not really need a thermal telescopic hedge trimmer and may be the maintenance of its garden with an electric telescopic hedge trimmer.

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