Best Irons Loop 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Irons Loop 2020 | Reviews and Guide

In the world of heating tools, few are as versatile as the classic curling iron. Based on some simple factors such as the size and shape of the iron associated with your specific technique, you can do: improve natural curls and waves to create a specific texture. But with so many different options, how can you determine what curling iron will give you the loops of your dreams? What size do you need ? Clip or no clip? This is why at Best comparison, we decided to create this article listing the best curling irons the moment.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: Quality / Price

Best Irons Loop 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Irons Loop 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Irons Loop 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: Quality / Price

Best Irons Loop 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Irons Loop 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The best curling irons the moment

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

How did we make our selection?

We made our selection of these products in relation to different criteria we considered important. Indeed, define what made a good curling iron can be a bit complicated, but we still found several useful criteria that could answer our evaluation.

In itself, all curling irons offer the same service that is to fasten your hair and this, regardless of make or model of the device. However, this may differ are the result and especially the comfort that the device can bring. It is very easy to find a curling iron, but finding a curling iron that suits you, which is ergonomic, but also quality is much harder. Also, one must take into account that each person has varied expectations and especially at her hair. Some consumers prefer a quick and ergonomic use, just enough to create ripples and others prefer very defined curls that will take much longer to achieve. We must therefore remember that everyone is different and that the choice of a curling iron is very personal.

We made our selection of products by looking closely reviews posted on Amazon as well as those offered by other suppliers. Through this, we established specific criteria to select the best items of the moment and especially through consumer reviews on Amazon, we have determined other more personal characteristics such as income and visited curly hair.

It was not easy at all to make a selection. Indeed, the market is filled with a lot of very similar products but also brands that are established there for many years. That’s why we decided to focus on the most present in the market brands, as some lesser known brands could not collect all the criteria that seemed important. Thus, the criteria that helped us make our selection are durability, quality, ergonomics and finally the end result offered by the device.

1. The best curling iron of at Remington (CI91X1)

This curling iron home Remington is the best device that the brand offers especially at the price / quality ratio. It allows for many hairstyles and suitable even for hair rather short. It is professional and can help you get a hairstyle worthy of a hairdresser once you have taken the hand to use it!

Design & Features of this curling iron

The device is pink and has a conical shape which becomes thinner on end. He moves from 38 mm up to 25 mm on the end. The cone diameter is covered with a special coating that only Remington offers. It is made so that it grabs the hair by adding strength to the hair heats well, but it still allows to let let it slide.

The curling iron also offers another function called PRO + for adjusting the iron temperature to 185 ° C. This prevents heat alters the hair, make them bright and keep them healthy. Of course, you must always remember to protect your hair with a spray thermoprotective even if iron does not damage. The unit also comes with a heat resistant pouch so you can store your iron after use or if you just want to take him on vacation. It is also under a one-year warranty that is extendable to two years.

In terms of safety, the unit will stop only after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Performance and Manageability

The iron design allows for more sophisticated hairstyles that can adapt to long and short hair. The main interest of the diameter is getting tighter curls at the tips. In order to get beautiful curls, it will still take the hand and fit, but it is not very long. The unit quickly heats in just 30 seconds, so this is a device that will suit you if you are pressed.

Also, the device itself is very ergonomic, because first the temperature is locked, which prevents you to increase or decrease the temperature if you make a bad move. It also has a rotary cord of 3 meters, which is very useful for the back of the head and also to ensure the freedom of your movements even if your mirror is at the other end of the room.


In short, this is the best curling iron of at Remington that can be likened to a professional curling iron. It is very good and offers a two year warranty in case. It allows many hairstyles on long hair and short. The product is very ergonomic and should satisfy all customers looking for quick and easy product to use. It is also very easy to handle.

However, the tapered iron will perhaps not to the taste of every user because the loops are tightened only at the end.

2. The best curling iron cheap home Calor (CF2112C0)

This curling iron at the lowest price of the Calor brand is a very good camera that allows to easily obtain sophisticated hairstyles professional look without having to leave home. It can be used on short hair, medium length, long and all thicknesses to satisfy all users.

Design & Features of this curling iron

The curling iron is pink and black, which gives it a professional look while being very aesthetic. It has a very fine heating portion of 16 mm in diameter and it can heat up to 135 ° C. There is also a heat insulating part on the end so you do not you are burning when you realize your hairstyles. However, remember to always use a protective spray when using a curling iron.

The coating made of ceramic promises to keep the hair shine to keep them shiny. The late appearance of Iron helps the hair to good grip on the heating part and the fact that it takes to run the iron over him even after clipped wick allows you to have a result very satisfactory. It also optimizes the distribution of heat to obtain a homogeneous result on all your hair. Concerning security, the iron has an auto-off function after one hour of inactivity.

Performance and Manageability

This iron is mainly used to achieve very tight curls and highly structured hairstyles. It is very simple to use, because there is press a button to activate it. Iron promises the realization of hair worthy of the catwalk, as it was done in collaboration with Elite Model Look.

Iron is handled very easily thanks to its ergonomic shape. It has a long and rotating cord of 1 meter 80 which optimizes its use and even if you have short hair. It also ranks very simply because it takes up very little space and can take a weekend or holiday. The fact that the loops are tight, this allows the hair to take good fold and stay long enough. On the finer the hair, the curls hold up to 3 days.


In short, this cheap gives a result close to a blow-dry hair salon. It is suitable for all lengths and all hair thicknesses. It is very ergonomic and is easy to use, there is only a little help to take at the beginning to use it optimally.

However, it is not provided with a thermally protective pouch or with a warranty, which is a shame for a brand that reputation. Also, there is no glove sold and this increases the chances of getting burned.

3. The curling iron Curl Secret Ionic most advanced in Babyliss (C1050E)

The curling iron of the Babyliss brand is a fully automatic machine that will help you achieve very sophisticated hairstyles in no time. It is suitable for hair shoulder-length long. Indeed, this device does not fit with short hair and very long hair, because short hair are struggling to wrap and long hair are too long to be completely wrapped.

Design & Features of this curling iron

The curling iron is very dark purple on the entire unit. The appearance gives bright lounge side of hairdressing and beauty that can also easily adapt to the decorations of a room. The unit is fully automatic and it is very easy to use. Simply put the bit in iron and it will wrap the hair inside.

It offers the possibility to have 3 different positions duration: 8 seconds to wavy curls, 10 seconds for large curls and 12 for tight curls. The iron may be set to two heat settings: 210 ° C for fine hair and / or sensitive and 230 ° C for normal hair and / or thick. Obviously you need to think about protecting your hair before each use. The apparatus also has a ceramic coating to obtain a smooth and glossy effect on the loops.

Performance and Manageability

The apparatus in Babyliss is very powerful, especially with the Auto Curl Technology system that provides loops quickly and effortlessly. This iron with automatic buckle makes a noise every step to alert you when the loop is ready. The unit handles very easily, you just take the hand in relation to the insertion of the loop. It is also very ergonomic because it is very light so it does not hurt the arm when the door and has a rotating cord which does not lock you in your movements.

The curling iron also offers a new feature in this new version: the ionic function that removes any static electricity. This allows for the more hair soft, shiny and healthier. The unit is unfortunately not provided with a pocket to take it on the go, but it can easily fall into a suitcase. It is not under warranty, which is pretty bad for a brand name.


To conclude, this is the ideal device for all people who pressed shoulder-length hair long. It also is suitable for all hair types. The unit is fully automatic, which is a very good point, because the easy hand to take and saves many hair styles.

4. The best curling iron automatically at Remington (CI8019)

5. The curling iron Babyliss Paris (C325E)

6. The curling iron conical in Remington Pearl Wand (IC95)

7. The curling iron Beauty Gun Madame Paris

How to choose a curling iron?

If you are looking for the perfect curling iron, know that it exists and is probably in this selection. However, the best curling iron depends on expectations and consumer desires. That’s why we decided to write a specific guide to steer you in your selection so you can choose the best curling iron that will suit you best.

The main criteria to select the best curling iron are temperature, the size of the diameter of the device, the coating and the heating time. Also keep in mind that there are two types of curling iron.

FAQ – Answers to all the questions you have about a curling iron

How does a curling iron?

A curling iron is very easy to use. Indeed, you just turn it on and wait until it warms up. Depending on the model and the type of materials used for the heating part, it heats faster or slower, but usually it takes about 5 minutes. It is important not to forget to turn it off because all curling irons may not have a security that turns off the device when it has been idle too long and motionless.

How to use a curling iron?

A curling iron is easy to use, you just manage to take the hand. Simply select your wick and wrap it around the iron. Depending on the result that you want, vary the size of the wick and the time she spends to heat. If you would rather loose curls, take fairly wide strands and let it heat up shortly. However, if you want tight curls, you need to take smaller bits and let the heat longer. However, be careful not to let your lashes too long on your iron, you might burn your hair.

How to use a curling iron on short hair?

To use a curling iron on short hair, you must choose a rather fine iron because your lashes are obviously shorter than if you had long hair. Then just choose the thickness of the wick, leaving it for the time you want. The rule is the same, if you want defined curls, take fine bits and let the heat any longer!

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