Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

The summer finally arrives!

If you are a particular fan of citrus juice in the summer, you will love our selection of the best electric juicer to accompany your favorite dishes a breath of fresh air and many vitamins! The electric juicer are real assets in the kitchen. You will no doubt enjoy the speed they offer to prepare your orange juice, lemon or grapefruit preferred and homemade. More than just a fashion, homemade becomes a real alternative to industrial, to the delight of your health and your taste buds.

Newbie or used, you will find in this selection of electric juicers for all budgets and to suit all your needs.

The best juicer 2020 Electric

1. Moulinex PC120870 Ultra Compact: The best ergonomic electric juicer

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

The ultra compact model PC120870 French manufacturer Moulinex allows you to squeeze your favorite citrus with ease.

Very compact and cheap, he slips and stores everywhere, ideal for small kitchens. The cord storage is also integrated in the unit for maximum space savings for a minimum of space. This makes it the best juicers electric ergonomic!

Regarding functionality, the central cone has a double rotation center to extract all the juice squeezed fruit. With an output of 25W, just hold and lightly press the lid on the cone to extract very quickly and easily fruit juice. With a capacity of 450ml, you can make your favorite fruit juice for the whole family! The on-off function of the device is automatic so you can go about your business without worrying about pressing. You can also check the level of juice through its transparent walls, allowing you to adjust the number of fruits according to press the desired quantity of juice.

Super juicer! Silent, it is small and does not clutter the kitchen. Moreover it is easy to wash and a nod was her orange juice in the morning! You can buy without worry. I recommand it.

User juicer Moulinex PC120870 Ultra compact

One big advantage of this model is that it is very easy to clean since the juice tray, pressing cone and the protective cover can be directly put in the dishwasher, in the upper basket.

Finally, the Moulinex PC120870 is almost disconcerting ease of use, so that an infant (under adult supervision) can achieve. The device is virtually autonomous, leaving you the simple task of keeping the lid on the fruit, leaving you the opportunity to take your second hand!

The juicer Moulinex PC120870 Ultra Compact video:

2. Braun CJ3000: Breakfast juicer compact at the best quality / price

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

Released in 2014, the juicer Braun CJ3000 is a small juicer convenient and easy to handle. With an output of 20W and with a Stop & Start system, perfectly fulfill your expectations and allow you to maintain control over the extraction of juice. With the Stop & Start system and the pulp inverter system you choose indeed the level of pulp extracted at your convenience.

Like the previous model, Braun CJ3000 has a multidirectional rotation system to extract the most juice from your favorite fruits. It also has a tank that saw can easily measure the amount of extracted juice and manage if you use this juicer for your culinary preparations. The device also has a cable range to a maximum practicality.

Very happy with this purchase. Works great, great prices, fast and easy cleaning, extraction of juice very easy. I recommend it for its practical and cheap single appearance. The best electric juicer for its value.

User juicer Braun CJ3000

Braun proposes a practical model, available at the price for a good quality to the German. The CJ3000 is the best electric juicer in terms of quality / price! Note that the capacity of 350 ml, which will be quite ideal for singles or students. The device is unobtrusive and low noise, so you can use it early in the morning without disturbing your neighbors or your relatives. The cone makes it easy to extract juice from all citrus fruits, from least to most imposing as grapefruit.

For maintenance, we strongly recommend good clean or rinse after each use to prevent the white material not fade too quickly.

The juicer Braun CJ3000 video:

3. Russell Hobbs 22760-56: The best electric juicer and elegant design

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

With the model 22760-56, English Russel Hobbs offers an electric juicer middle of fast perfect range for couples. Stylish design with brushed stainless steel, its head and black keys, it marries perfectly in any kitchen.

The device has two interchangeable cones for you to squeeze fruits of different sizes. The small cone suit of lemons and limes, while the large cone for oranges and grapefruits. Also included the pulp filtration screen and a protective cover cones.

This model offers a rotation system and integrated automatic change of direction: the camera handles everything for you for a real time saver. The cord-range will also store and hide the power cord to keep your kitchen tidy and design.

This juicer is very efficient, easy to use and clean. Also it takes very little space. I did not use it as much by buying and besides I no longer buy bottled orange juice! The best juicer electric farewell to bottles of orange juice full of preservatives bad! I highly recommend this product.

User of electric juicer Russell Hobbs 22760-56

The power of the device is 60W power that extracts the juice in no time fruit. With light pressure on the fruit, the cone rotates automatically without you having to put on the hands. Once or squeezed, the juice goes through a pouring spout elegant, allowing you to enjoy the flow of juice. The spout has a stop-drip system to avoid soiling your work surface, and is located 13 cm from the base to insert beneath a tall glass.

Finally, cleaning is very easy since all detachable parts are dishwasher-safe.

The electric juicer Russell Hobbs 22760-56 video (in Italian):

4. Electric Juicer Aicok: The best quality / price for families

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

Released in late 2017, Aicok we offer with its electric juicer a convenient and effective device noise-free! Indeed, it has a quiet pressing system that allows you to use at any time of day (or night).

The device consists of a drip spout that allows viewing the poured juice, power cord cover, a grid anti-pulp and also offers two interchangeable cones of various sizes, suitable for small citrus a large citrus as well as for the other. The rotation of the two cones is one way, without altering the compression quality. Indeed, the juicer of Aicok has a power of 85W, largely sufficient to extract the entire fruit juice in one direction of rotation.

This juicer works very well and it is not very noisy. It must be washed immediately after use to prevent the pulp sticks to different parts of the device. If you like the result I recommend juices.

User juicer Aicok

In materials, Aicok has relied on an outer coating of stainless steel designed to resist corrosion and rust. To prevent transfer of undesirable particles in the juice, Aicok chose reveter the stainless steel sieve to absolute purity juice.

Cleaning is very simple since each removable piece can easily be rinsed with tap water. Also note that each piece can go in the dishwasher. Also, the transparent cover allows to properly protect your dust accumulation device.

5. H.Koenig AGR86: A juicer professional

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

The AGR86 H.Koenig model is elegant, original and has many advantageous features.

The design of the device is sleek with its blue pastel matte and its top in stainless steel. It is very convenient because nothing surpasses it. Quality is at the rendezvous because the model is in line with professional juicer. The engine is robust and will stop in case of overheating, the better to start then. The rotation is performed in a single direction, for good power 160W.

In terms of features, AGR56 features an articulated arm for pressing citrus of your choice without soiling your hands, unlike earlier models evaluated. It is also made of a non-drip spout that allows to sink the juice very easily without the risk of spilling the work plan. A particularly positive point is the silent pressing system that will avoid waking your family. The camera certifies that none of his compostants contains Bisphenol A, making H.Koenig AGR86 the best juicer healthy and complete!

After a week of use, I am very happy. No need to force on the handle, while orange juice, currently the spout works great. Device silent, the best juicer for me! I highly recommend.

User juicer H.Koenig AGR86

Unsurprisingly, cleaning side parts of the device are compatible with the washing in the dishwasher.

The electric juicer AGR86 of H.Koenig is in the high end in price, since it is proposed to € 49.90 with free delivery. However, the device was previously proposed 99 € or an interesting 50% discount. It is ideal for regulars pressing citrus fruits wishing to discover the electric juicer.

6. Moulinex Direct Vitapress PC603D10: The juicer electric “smart”

The Vitapress Moulinex Direct offers a particularly innovative feature: the ability to customize the most of your experience and your pressing juice. Indeed, it has not two but three different cones, perfectly suited to the size of each citrus to avoid soiling his hands in the fruit of pressure to the device. Also, you have the ability to modulate the level of pulp in your juice with the pulp filter, to satisfy everyone’s tastes!

features side, the ignition system is controlled by a system start-stop automatic. Indeed, the machine senses itself when you place the fruit on the cone and starts automatically. The device offers a spout metal drip. The Vitapress Direct has a very ergonomic location for all glass sizes.

Perfect ! Compact, it is not too high nor too big to stay on a work plan. Possibility of partial or total arrangement of the cord under the block. The nozzle is raised to stop the flow to go from one glass to another. It is little noisy, press it well and cleans up easily in one shot underwater. The best electric juicer in my opinion.

juicer User Moulinex Direct Vitapress

The direction of rotation is unique, which aerates be enough in view of the power of the device (100W) to well extract all the fruit juice. The machine are relatively noisy. It also provides a system for cord storage.

At the cleaning, consider well the wash after each use to prevent the pulp remains adhered to the pressing cone and the gate. We recommend cleaning the tap.

Finally, the proposed price is around € 40, making this model one of the most expensive juicer power of our selection, ideal for regulars who want to move to a higher range.

7. Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E: The best juicer professional

With the model ES9240050B BXCJ00E, American Black + Decker offers a juicer excellent professional quality. The important parts of the machine are stainless steel for maximum durability.

The device has a powerful 100W motor for ultra-rapid extraction of juice from your favorite citrus. The aluminum pressure lever keeps the pressure on the citrus fruit without hands wet. The device also has an anti-drip spout and slip rubber feet to prevent accidents unwelcome during pressing. The machine is sold with two cones of different sizes, each adapted citrus pulp and a stainless steel filter.

With Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E you choose to fill the glass directly after pressing or maintain juice das reservoir through the drip system.

Despite the good engine power, this model remains relatively quiet.

I’ve had several months I use it every morning for my juice and no worries. It is really top. The best value you can have! However I find it is not suitable for those who want a pulp-free juice.

Black juicer User + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E

Design is about to him representing the professional quality. The body of Black + Decker stainless steel anti-fingerprint ideal for external cleaning and square and compact to the nest on your own in any kind of corner.

The device has removable parts to wash them directly in the dishwasher.

With all these features and the quality offered, the model Black + Decker makes the best electric juicer professional.

Finally, the price is very attractive considering all the features and quality since it is proposed to € 46.99. It will be perfect for regulars pressing citrus fruits wishing to move to upscale to win in comfort and speed.

Buying guide: all you need to know about electric juicer before buying a

The number of pressing citrus

As you have seen in our reviews, some juicer offer the possibility to adapt the press to selected type of citrus.

If you like all citrus fruits and intend to make orange juice, lemon and grapefruit, it is wise for you to opt for an electric juicer that fits the size of citrus. It may be legitimate to ask why more pressing cones sizes exist and if it makes a real difference to the user experience. The different cone sizes fit perfectly to the different forms of citrus. This is a real pressing comfort since it will limit splashing on you and your work plan. A second advantage is that of security: since the pressure of the citrus fruit on the cone manual juicer for these models, there is a risk of dragging the fruit, especially if the cone is too small compared to -this. You risk not only to bring down the fruit, you splash and splash your surrounding business. You also may derail your hands on the device in use.

The different sizes of cones thus enable you to optimize your comfort and to secure maximum pressing, for you and your loved ones.

A reservoir a a spout

Among the electric juicer, you can choose a model with tank or with payment by the glass.

tank models can be interesting if you are more used to prepare the juice to other people in your home. Different models exist and can store up to 1 liter of juice. Be careful though not to keep the juice for too long because it would lose all its vitamins and essential nutrients! If the home-made is a real choice on your part in a health concern, opt for models with glass.

Many new models offer a more elaborate system of pouring spout ergonomically to fit different sizes of glasses. They include the ability to simplify to the maximum the pressing process and service.

Some models offer a rather hybrid system, which can be extremely useful if you have a family. These include Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E presented above. Although it is not initially made to contain juice, anti-drip system helps keep aside. Featuring in addition to many features, it is ideal for families love us citrus!

The power of the device

Many people do not pay attention, but the power of the electric citrus press must indeed be taken into account in your choice.

If you plan to use the device occasionally (holidays, weekends, holidays), you can afford to use a machine with less power without risk of damaging the engine. However, be sure to take a proper power, more than 20W. However, we highly recommend choosing a powerful device if you plan to use it daily or at least several times a week. Thus, your engine will last longer and will withstand wear and use multiple back-to-shot. Opt for a professional quality device such as Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E or H.Koenig AGR86 for a lower cost than the first.

The materials

We advise you to opt for a healthy and resistant material such as stainless steel. Easy to clean, very robust and quality, it is ideal if you do not want to clutter with too long cleaning. For those looking for an electric juicer cheap, you can also opt for a plastic model. Prefer plastic without BPA, harmful to health. For that, we recommend the juicer H.Koenig AGR86 that is guaranteed BPA-free!

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask about electric juicer

In order to choose the best device to suit your needs, assess the future of your usage frequency electric juicer. If you’re new, and use the device infrequently, we recommend switching to an electric juicer entry such as Moulinex PC120870 Ultra compact, ideal to make the hand.

If you are a follower and looking for a more convenient and fast device, we recommend you opt for a higher-end model, especially if several people in your household use the device daily. For smaller budgets, the juicer of Aicok or model Braun CJ3000 satisfy you fully.

The use of electric juicer is broadly similar to all devices. However, some models offer a pressure lever and some not, and some models offer a set manual or automatic route.

To use an electric juicer, select the type upstream citrus you want to use. Place the container under the spout (if any). Then select the squeezing cone corresponding to the size of your citrus. Position your citrus on the pressing cone and snap the ON (ignition is automatic for some machines). Use the required number of citrus and enjoy!

Choosing an electric juicer or manual depend on several criteria: the habit of consumption or not, budget, frequency of use. If your budget is tight, you use the juicer less than 2 times a week and you’re new at this, you can opt for a manual juicer that will be a good choice to start in the pressing of citrus. If you can afford to spend a little more, you want to use the machine regularly and that you have used a manual juicer, you can opt for an electric juicer.

The electric-juicer you simply will squeeze the best all types of citrus: grapefruit, oranges, mandarins and clementines, lemons. It is especially suitable for pressing of this type of fruit to extract all the juice. The juice extractor is a more complete device as it allows to extract the juice of all the fruit juice and vegetables. You can cook juices, sauces, soups, sorbets and other dishes. Choose the electric juicer if your wish is to simply and quickly prepare citrus juice, without the fuss. juice extractors are generally more expensive and more difficult to clean.

Unlike the juicer, the centrifuge allows to crush fruits and vegetables due to the centrifugal force. It allows to separate the flesh and the pulp from the juice of each ingredient, without the need to cut the upstream. Centrifuges have a cost much higher than the electric juicer and are not specially adapted to the extraction of citrus juice. Indeed, under the crushing effect, you may find citrus skin in your juice. Opt for a juicer if you want to make fruit and vegetable juices globally. Opt for an electric juicer if you really want to consume citrus juice!

The main advantage of the lever is to apply the necessary and sufficient pressure interlocking electric juicer, without engaging your hand and you risk putting everywhere. The lever is a real comfort during pressing and a way to secure the process. Indeed, you are not likely to slip your hand when pressing and injury, or drag the fruit and the reverse. Still, the lever is frankly not necessary and you can completely do without, especially if your budget is not very high. This is actually on the highest-end devices that include the pressing lever.