Best Mattress Shape Memory 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Mattress Shape Memory 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Although some people often just a single mattress, and some even tend to think that a mattress and a mattress topper is the same function, the latter two are actually two different products with very specific functions.

To make short, the toppers are generally used to protect and enhance the comfort of your mattress if needed. Just as there are many types of mattresses (in memory foam, latex, spring …), you will also find many top mattress to suit your preferences and needs.

You will find both waterproof mattress pad to give your mattress optimum protection, mattress toppers orthopedic properties for those suffering from pain, models more or less soft or firm if you find your too hard or too soft mattress, ecological models natural latex or bamboo … in short, there really is something for everyone. And you have a standard mattress 1 place (usually 90 x 190 cm) or mattress king size (180 x 200 or 200 x 200 cm), most models offer a wide choice in terms of dimensions.

Looking for a mattress topper? Well today, after testing many brands and many models, Best Comparison you prepared a comparison of the top 8 toppers sold on the net. Depending on your needs, we are sure you will find the model that suits you best!

The best mattress topper to 2019 of shape memory

You want to protect your mattress and enjoy comfort? Discover our comparison and selection of our top 8 toppers sold on the net. We are sure you will find certainly a topper that perfectly suits your needs and your expectations!

1. Dodo Surconfort Reflex Eco Label – The cheap mattress topper

Best Mattress Shape Memory 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Who says Made in France was overpriced? The Dodo brand proves you completely the opposite. Created in 1937, the Dodo brand specializes in the manufacture and distribution of bedding (pillows, duvets and mattress toppers course). Rather recognized on the bedding market, the Dodo brand is particularly appreciated for offering quality products, comfortable, affordable and its friendly approach environment.

Regarding the topper Dodo Surconfort Reflex Eco Label, we rather recommend it to people who like to sleep on a soft sleeping surface and / or looking to make a little more flexibility in their mattresses. Indeed, with 6 cm thick and a packing 100% silicone hollow fiber polyester, this mattress topper provides a very comfortable, good air circulation, while providing a pleasant side inflating it and its envelope 65 % polyester and 35% cotton provides good softness.

Perfection. Gentle, soft and comfortable for the topper. It’s like a duvet with elastic, great! I researched a mattress topper. After several attempts with expensive products, this mattress topper Dodo is really great and perfectly complements the new mattresses a bit hard.

Easy to set up, it has 4 elastic mattress pads on each corner that allows you to fix and maintain your mattress effectively. Egalementfacile maintenance, the cover of this mattress topper has a zip closure to allow you to remove and put on quickly and you can spend the machine at 40 ° C.

If you opt for the top mattress Dodo Surconfort Reflex Eco Label, you can take comfort in its standard version 1 space (90 x 190 cm) or 2 places (140 x 200 cm). As a pledge, this model also features the Eco-label certification and therefore, opting for the mattress topper, you are sure to choose a model respectful of your well-being and the environment.

Overall, for a model with such comfort and such quality, having reviewed, we found that this mattress topper was a very reasonable price and we recommend it.

2. IABED – One of the best mattress topper memory foam

Best Mattress Shape Memory 2020 | Reviews And Guide

You do not know the brand IABED? Well, we must admit that before this comparison, we do not know! And true to say, after having reviewed this topper shape memory, one must say we were so pleasantly surprised by the comfortable pillow top mattresses and high quality.

If you want to enjoy comfort, a shape memory mattress is considered by many users as the best of the best. However, failing to not have this type of mattress you can afford the IABED mattress topper memory foam. First, what we liked with this model is that it is available in many sizes to suit all needs and all types of mattresses, and if you opt for this mattress topper, you can choose between the standard model a place in the 90 x 200 cm, Queen Size 160 x 190/200 cm King Size 180 x 190/200 cm and 200 x 200 cm.

To give you maximum comfort, this mattress topper 6 cm thick has a foam filling shape memory 100% pure. The shape memory foam is ideal for those suffering from pain in the back, lower back, pelvis … Indeed, adapting perfectly to the natural curves of the body, it helps to provide comfort adapted to all types users and provides precise support to suit your needs to relieve pressure points.

We tried it last night and it is a great product and great quality. I bought it on sale flash and worth every penny. We are very pleased with this purchase and feel the difference. It is as if we had a new mattress. I love. I previously had a mattress on Conforama bought 3 times more expensive, and this is as good as the old.

Sleeping having too hot is almost impossible. That is why this mattress topper IABED insulation technology we appreciated that optimizes airflow to offer you nights sleep cool and comfortable throughout the year (and c ‘ is a real plus for people who tend to sweat a lot during the night).

This mattress topper also has a good cooling bamboo cover, with good absorbent properties for maximum protection to your mattress against moisture. In addition, to offer a space for sleep more healthy and comfortable, the cover of this mattress topper is also hypoallergenic and treated against dust mites. Thanks to its high-quality manufacturing materials, this mattress topper is certified Oeko Tex and CertiPUR (which are part of the highest certifications in the bedding market.

So overall, after having reviewed, we can say that the mattress topper IABED really offers great comfort and, as a bonus, if you opt for this model, you get 30 nights of trial to test its comfort directly at and you be money back and 10-year warranty. The shape memory foam is often a material which is rather expensive, but in regard to the toppers IABED, it was found that he was at a rather affordable price.

3. Mattress Memo Viscosoft – Choice mattress pad 180×200 cm

Best Mattress Shape Memory 2020 | Reviews And Guide

It is perhaps not as recognized as the Dodo brand but Viscosoft still has a good position on the existing market and in that respect this Memo mattress topper, as it is in our comparison you understood that he has some very interesting features.

First, as with the previous model, we enjoyed this topper is available in various sizes and if you opt for the mattress topper Viscosoft Memo, you can choose between the version 1 up in 80 x 200 cm and 90 x 190/200 cm, 2 places 140 x 190/200 cm, Queen Size 160 x 200 cm and King Size version 180 x 200 cm (which reviewed).

Again, like the previous model, there is a lining of shape memory viscoelastic foam (5 cm thick this time), which adapts perfectly to the curves of the body of each user to offer a comfort that meets perfectly your needs. Moreover, the advantage of the shape memory foam is that it also provides a very good sleeping independence, that is to say, it absorbs shocks, what is particularly interesting when you sleep with a partner so the movements tend to wake up in the middle of the night.

Product for a very firm mattress firm. This mattress topper will bring the little extra needed. My bed has become cozy while remaining dynamic and that does not stop moving and changing places unlike many mattress shape memory (some was like sleeping in a hammock).

The perforated shape memory foam topper that already has good air circulation, but to offer you even more freshness, this model also has a bamboo viscose cover. With 4 straps, this ultra-resistant mattress pads and slip is placed very easily on your mattress and, with its zip closure system, you can easily maintain the cover of your top mattress and spend machine.

With toppers Memo Viscosoft Also, it was found that one advantage of a very good comfort with a lining of memory foam, while enjoying a topper in very good quality / price ratio. Also, if you opt for this mattress topper, you get a bonus of 3 year warranty.

4. Mattress Restbulle – A good mattress pad 80×200 cm

Best Mattress Shape Memory 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Another brand which we previously unknown but, having reviewed, we really found the topper Restbulle fully deserved its place in our comparison.

First, if you opt for the mattress topper Restbulle you again a choice of sizes, from 80 x 200 cm up to king size model 180 x 200 cm and 200 x 200 cm, going well understood by standard size 1 square 90 x 190/200 cm, two places in 140 x 190 cm and Queen size 160 x 200 cm.

Product for a very firm mattress firm. This mattress topper will bring the little extra needed. My bed has become cozy while remaining dynamic and that does not stop moving and changing places unlike many mattress shape memory (some was like sleeping in a hammock).

Comfort level, there is a lining of 8 cm resilient foam, providing a sleeping surface both soft and breathable mattress pad and is therefore ideal if you want to bring a little more flexibility in your current mattress. For you to take advantage of great sweetness, this topper also has a very nice cover of 100% cotton.

Easy to maintain, this mattress topper is completely removable and machine fair and overall we were very pleased by this model Made In France. However, despite the comfort and quality are really to go, we still thought it was toppers ultimately a fairly standard model and therefore, even if it offers great advantages, it was found that his price was perhaps a little high.

5. Mattress Dreamzie – Orthopedic mattress topper

Best Mattress Shape Memory 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Dreamzie is also a brand that has managed to make their way on the bedding market and if you are looking for a mattress topper that will optimize the comfort of your mattress and will provide comfort for your pain and bring you good nights sleep, mattress topper could be a very good solution.

Small dot on the size, if you opt for the orthopedic mattress topper Dreamzie, you have a choice of no fewer than 12 dimensions ranging from 80 x 190 cm up to king size model 200 x 200 cm (via all sizes standard 1 up, 2 seater and Queen Size).

Again, there is a mattress topper memory foam form so first of all, you can expect a very good comfort. Its ergonomic design and orthopedic allows you to enjoy a comfortable tailored specifically to your body, giving you precise support and taking care of your pressure points. In addition, you sleep on your back, side or stomach, this topper is suitable for all sleeping positions.

Too bad we be limited to 5 stars because this product earned 10! I feared that its thickness gives me bad back who purchased a very firm mattress spring because of this back pain. But since I sleep on it, some small pains upon waking disappeared. It was so soft and at the same time, the form of memory that the body takes a natural position. No more pillows to support arms or raise the feet. Only drawback, it’s hard to get up in the morning, we want to stay longer!

The micro perforated design of this mattress pad has been designed to optimize airflow and to give you some cool, but you will also find a bamboo cover that, already recognized for its environmental virtues, also evacuates effectively moisture and provides antibacterial and hypoallergenic natural properties to ensure a healthy sleeping environment cool and comfortable.

To ensure manufacturing materials environmentally and your well being, this mattress topper was certified Oeko Tex Standard and CertiPUR, indicating therefore that topper contains no harmful substance. Overall, no complaints there really has to do on the topper Dreamzie, quality and comfort are waiting for you and after you have reviewed, we found it a great quality / price ratio.

6. Mattress Visco Premium Viscosoft – Good toppers 140×200 cm

We’re back again with a topper of Viscosoft brand and, again, if you’ve always wanted to experience the comfort of a shape memory mattress, you can always go back on this mattress topper Visco Premium which offers all the qualities of the viscoelastic foam.

As we respect, we reviewed the Premium Visco in the version topper 140 x 200 cm (2 places) but if you want to enjoy the comfort of this model, you also have the choice between models 1 place 80 x 200 cm and 90 x 200 cm, or templates 2 places in 160 x 200 cm (Queen Size) and 180 x 200 cm (King Size).

Have these 7.5 cm thick, pillowtop mattress offers all the properties of the foam shape memory: plush comfort that adapts to all sleeping positions and all body types, a very good sleeping and independence a mattress pad that takes care of your pressure points and relieves pain.

However, the shape memory foam has not only advantages (that would be too good …). Indeed, it often tends to material to retain heat, so if you are a person who tends to sweat a lot at night or if you just like to sleep in a cool room, the shape memory foam is not not to abolish but look good if the mattress topper or mattress you choose has an element to bring you a good freshness. Some models use a micro design, while others rely on a very breathable cover and, with regard to this topper Visco Premium, the lining of memory foam is impregnated with a special gel to give you a good feeling cool throughout the night.

Too bad we be limited to 5 stars because this product earned 10! I feared that its thickness gives me bad back who purchased a very firm mattress spring because of this back pain. But since I sleep on it, some small pains upon waking disappeared. It was so soft and at the same time, the form of memory that the body takes a natural position. No more pillows to support arms or raise the feet. Only drawback, it’s hard to get up in the morning, we want to stay longer!

With this model also include a cover viscose bamboo ultra-resistant, non-slip, which optimizes airflow to also offer you a good freshness. Completely removable covers, you can easily remove your cover to move the machine when needed.

It is assumed that the topper Visco Premium is, as its name suggests, a fairly high-end model that offers great advantages and therefore, even if the price is justified if you are looking for a more economical model, we recommend you rather to find the first mattress topper top of our rankings.

7. Mattress Viscogel of Viscosoft – The mattress pad 160×200 cm

Since we do not change a winning team, still continue with another model Viscosoft brand, Viscogel toppers. Like most models that you present above the mattress topper is also ideal if you want to improve the comfort of your mattress while enjoying all the shape memory foam properties.

This time, we decided to enjoy a comfortable and XXL have reviewed the Viscogel toppers in its version Queen Size 160 x 200 cm but you can also enjoy the comforts toppers version 1 person in 80 x 200 cm and 90 x 190 cm, 2 places 140 x 190/200 cm and King Size version 180 x 200 cm.

Just awesome, super posed on a hard mattress is that of happiness, worse nowhere. Super sleep I really recommend is the top.

Overall, the Viscogel topper is very similar to the model Visco Premium, with the sole difference that passes 7.5 cm thick 5 cm. So once again, thanks to the lining of memory foam, mattress pad that offers comfort that will adapt to your body and your sleeping position to offer maximum comfort, care for your pressure points, your pain and, if you sleep for two, enjoy excellent independence sleeping.

Again, to ensure a good freshness, the shape memory foam mattress topper that used the same technology as the Visco Premium model and is impregnated with a refreshing gel to give you an immediate feeling of freshness. It still finds a bag in bamboo viscose ultra-resistant and slip that optimizes air flow and is completely removable for easy maintenance.

If you have the budget, the additional 2.5 cm thickness mattress topper Visco Premium offer significant comfort but if you are looking for a model that still remains very comfortable and very good quality / price, we recommend you to you return on this mattress topper Viscogel.

8. Mattress Langria – Good toppers 90×190 cm

This is the first time you hear about the Langria brand? Like us! However, this did not prevent this topper to stand out and be found in our comparison. If you are looking for a shape memory mattress topper to enjoy maximum comfort, this model could be a good option.

First, if you opt for the mattress topper Langria, you can enjoy comfort in 4 sizes: 90 x 190 cm, 120 x 190 cm, 135 x 190 cm and 150 x 200 cm. With a nice thickness of 7.6 cm, mattress topper memory foam offers like all other similar models very good comfort, adapting perfectly to the curves of all body types and all sleeping positions.

Very pleasant surprise. Since this is not the most expensive, I was afraid of being disappointed but quite the opposite! Template: 1.68 m to 68 kg. Relieves me tremendously joints suffering from osteoarthritis and arthritis and on the first night. Very comfortable! Excellent finish. no smell. quickly back into shape within hours. I would buy again!

Its cover 100% polyester provides good air circulation to provide you with cool nights and is completely removable for easy maintenance. Like most mattress topper, you will receive this wound model and you just have to unwrap and leave it in the air for 48 to 72 hours to resume its original shape.

So Langria topper is a good model, good quality and offering good comfort and, having reviewed, we found that it was a good solution if you are looking for a top mattress foam shape memory price affordable.

The brand toppers

Whether for bedding products (pillow-top mattresses, pillows …), or any other type of product, opt for a recognized brand is always a safe solution, even if the big brands are usually a little more expensive, you nevertheless have insurance to buy a quality product recognized by thousands of consumers.

Here are the biggest brands in the world of bedding:


Bultex is undoubtedly a leader in the bedding market. Rather known for its mattresses, the brand also offers different models of pillows, mattress pads and other bedding accessories. Very innovative, Bultex is one of the first brands to have placed on the shape memory foam market and is constantly looking for new technologies to offer comfort. For the comfort and quality offered by the brand Made In France Bultex, it is nevertheless up on a range of prices rather mid-range and above, it often offers great guarantees and same trial periods so you can test the comfort of its products directly to you and be money back.


Created in 1914, the creator of Epeda, Bertrand Faure, manufactured originally seating for subways, trams, buses, cars … 5 years later, the brand acquires a manufacturing patent and released the first one mattress spring we have experienced. Over the years, the brand has also been expanding in the field of bedding by offering different accessories like pillows, mattress pads and bed linen Located on the high-end market, the brand Epeda nevertheless offers products at very good price / quality ratio and, again, with good guarantees and trial periods.


Before becoming one of the market leaders of bed, the Simmons brand, created in 1870, was specialized in the manufacture of cheese boxes and telegraph wood in Wisconsin USA. This is notably one of the first brands we have actually discovered the comfort of the mattress pocket spring technology and, like all great bedding brands, it has grown to encompass the entire bedding market offering all the necessary accessories, mattresses, pillows, mattress pads …. Price level, with Simmons, there is really for all budgets, ranging from entry level to high end.


The reputation of Tempur is also more to do and, unlike other brands, the arrival of Tempur worldwide bedding was made of rather original way. Indeed, in its early days, the brand fitted to the seats of astronauts from NASA and in seeking a solution that would absorb the shocks of rocket during takeoff and improve the chances of survival of the astronauts, the brand finally found a memory foam thermosensitive shape that was a real revolution in the world of bedding. Both the mattress on accessories that the brand offers, prices are quite high and are placed on the high end.


Founded in 1888, the Dunlopillo brand was first debuted in the tire industry. This brand is one of the first to have discovered the technology of latex and the first to have patented a latex mattress white that was all the rage for its softness, freshness and its natural properties hypoallergenic and anti mites. At its inception, the brand was positioned rather on the high end but today it offers its mattresses and bedding accessories Made in France for more modest budgets while keeping an excellent price / quality ratio.

The main brands, but there are many other highly recognized, such as those you present in our comparison (Viscosoft, Dreamzie and Dodo) or Ducal Bedding, Treca, Merinos, Duvivier …

How to choose a mattress topper – The different types of toppers

With so many types of toppers available, the first thing you need to decide before you consider buying a mattress topper, is to know the use you want to do. You want a firm mattress topper for your mattress to make it more flexibility? You want a model foam shape memory, latex, cotton …?

So if you are looking for a mattress topper, depending on your needs and preferences, look at the various options available to you:


The latex coatings tend to be expensive, but as the shape memory foam, they can offer excellent support and great comfort. Natural latex is made from the rubber trees liquid. However, all the latex toppers are not natural, so be sure to check before buying it is important for you to avoid synthetic materials.

shape memory foam

The shape memory foam is one of the most popular choices these days, whether for mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows … However, a foam mattress of high-end memory shape can cost incredibly expensive. A mattress topper is a good way to get some of the benefits of shape memory foam without breaking the bank.

Polyester fibers

This type of mattress topper is often preferred because it is inexpensive and it is a very good solution for people looking for a comfort similar to the feathers or down but with allergies to these materials. The toppers polyester fibers provide very good softness but still provide less support than previous models.


The natural wool mattress topper is not always easy to find, but it is a very good solution for those who want to enhance the comfort of their mattress toppers with a natural, sustainable and above, which provides a very good temperature control for providing you with optimal comfort throughout the year, even if the wool mattress pads are often quite expensive.

Here are the main types of mattress pads that you can find on the market. Nevertheless, many brands sometimes combine the advantages of these toppers with other materials, such as bamboo viscose or cotton to meet as much as possible to all consumer needs and to offer you a good sleeping comfort in any season.

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