Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Conversations, creamy cappuccinos precariously on a coffee table, tapping and computer keyboard in the background, a playlist of jazz atmosphere … You are in a cafe? Not at all ! You invited your friends to come relax on your sofa. And cappuccinos? You’ve just made yourself with your recent purchase: a milk frother that turns your drink warm in air and comforting sweetness in a jiffy. Flat white, cappuccino, hot chocolate or latte sparkling tricolor … You will take back a cup? Let’s explore the 7 best models of aerators to electric and manual milk.

The best milk foamers in 2019

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How did we make our selection of the best milk foamers in 2019?

With the mode Hygge and quality surcotee large chains slats providers, many of us have discovered the talents of baristas at home. If earlier the milk foamer was known only to a few aficionados cappuccino, it is now very easy to acquire the Holy Grail of air milk in shops or on the internet. To help you in your research, we have established our selection on the following criteria:

Ready to perfect your mastery of latte art? Discover now our selection of aerators to milk!

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Ozavo – The heated milk frother cheap

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2 – Vava – The milk frother power with ease

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Nespresso Aeroccino 3 – milk frother professional

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Arendo – A great milk frother cheap

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. Aicook – Best heating milk frother

6. Sedhoom – The best milk frother manual

7. Simpletaste – The frother semiautomatic manual milk easily

Buying Guide – All about the milk frother to read before buying

Choose milk frother for your personal use may seem a little complicated when one decides to embark on the delicate art of coffee specialties. Information and advice are plethora of internet: between Zoe advice, influenceuse Instagram that specializes in latte art, Francesco, barista emeritus for a large American chain, and Nicolas, friendly tenant of the pub in your neighborhood, it is understandable that you feel lost. Yet it is just a matter of common sense! How to make the right choice ? Find some answers in our shopping guide!

Automatic, manual, electric?

These fall aerators milk into three broad categories:

What frequency of use?

Do you plan to drink a latte every morning, or rather grant you a little milky sweetness occasionally? For daily use, an automatic milk frother as Ozavo or Arendo can be a good investment: it heats and produces a quality foam quickly and unattended, allowing to do anything until the program completed. For occasional use, a semi-automatic milk frother, cheaper and easier to use and store, is an option not to be overlooked.

Easy to clean?

A milk frother well maintained has a better chance to remain effective in the long term a frother neglected milk. Most automatic milk foamers have a bowl covered with a coating nonstick for easy cleaning with a sponge. However, it is important not to use lots of water to prevent damage to electronic components of the engine. Recognizing this weakness, more and more manufacturers offer milk foamers with a detached tank engine, which makes cleaning in the dishwasher.

In the case of aerators semi automatic milk, it is best to focus on models to whip off the handle (like the milk frother Sedhoom). Thus, you reduce the risk of engine damage due to soapy water splash.

Accessories and spare parts included?

According to the manufacturers, the milk frother can be supplied with accessories (such as silicone spatula in Aicook), additional whips (Vava model), or extra batteries to be ready to use right out of the box (model Simpletaste). These little more, though not essential, are significant. In the same vein, be sure to check the duration of the product warranty, especially if you make a purchase reconditioned.

Buying Guide – All about the milk frother to read before buying

Whether manual or automatic, all milk foamers operate on the same principle. They consist of a whip spring that rotates rapidly on itself. This movement allows the incorporation of air in the milk and participated in the creation of thousands of microbubbles, which will form the milk foam.

Respectively called milk frother electric and manual frother milk a misnomer, the aerators automatic or semi automatic milk both give a creamy foam of excellent quality. However, beginners and busy people prefer a morning automatic milk frother (electric) for creating the milk foam quickly without supervision.

Nothing’s easier ! Pour cold milk into the vessel until the height recommended by the manufacturer (usually until mid height), after installing spring whip at the bottom of this one. Close the lid, select the desired program (hot or cold foam) and start the unit. Most devices will automatically stop at the end of the program. Pour the milk into your cup and enjoy!

In a pitcher with high edges, pour the desired amount of preheated milk (in the case of a hot foam). Attention milk should be warm but not hot, to lather properly. Place the whisk in the pitcher. It should remain just below the liquid surface in order to incorporate air without creating large bubbles. Press the switch and whisk milk until desired consistency.

The milk foamers (sometimes called whips emulsifiers) are common objects, available in all stores selling household appliances. You can also procure in stores specializing in selling tea, coffee and accessories associated with these drinks.

The frequency of use (daily or occasional), the time you have to prepare your coffee and the budget that you agree to devote to such an object, are important criteria for acquiring a milk frother for your needs . For more information, check out our buying guide!

A simple wet and soapy soft sponge can be enough to clean your milk frother. Some automatic models are even compatible with the dishwasher.

Whether of animal or vegetable, be sure to choose a fat milk and high protein for milk foam, which “holds” the last drop of your drink. Fat makes it possible to form bubbles in the emulsion (by forming a thin film around the air incorporated by whipping). Proteins, in turn, act as a binding agent, which will “stick” the bubbles together to create a more or less dense foam. It should be noted that the animal milk and vegetable milk produce slightly different consistency foams and can add an extra flavor to your drink.

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