Best Mp3 Players For 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best MP3 Players for 2020 | Reviews and Guide

With an MP3 player, you can have your music library with you always to enjoy it in all circumstances! The must-have for music lovers.

With its small size, long battery life, or the sound quality it returns, the Mp3 player seduced. Many prefer to bring these players because they have music features far superior to what you can find in a smart phone.

If you pret.e.s you also equip you with this little machine extremely practical in the life of every day, there are many parameters to take into account before choosing the device that will accompany you for many years.

MP3 player models available in the market are multi-functional and will be more or less suited to use as you wish. Whether your MP3 player or you occasionally serve every day, it will carefully observe the different functions of available devices before making your choice. Best Mp3 player is not universal: it is that which precisely meets your needs.

For your convenience, you Compare Best reviewed eight models of MP3 players. Of these seven devices, you may find one that is right for your use. If you are still wondering what is the best MP3 player for you, the following will interest you.

Best Mp3 Players For 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Apple iPod Touch 7 – The best mp3 player

Best Mp3 Players For 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Sony NW-A45 – Second Place Best mp3 player

Best Mp3 Players For 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Mp3 Player Victure – An unbeatable value for money

Best Mp3 Players For 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. SanDisk Clip Sport Plus – Good for running

Best Mp3 Players For 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. Mp3 Player Mansso – The best less than 30 €

6. KINGBOX of Timoom – Under 50 € for a sport mp3 player

7. Mp3 player Agptek – A quality mp3 player

8. Stereo Player W1 Vorstik – Basic but good battery life

The eight MP3 players we reviewed allow to highlight the main qualities and defects which can be confronte.e.s when choosing a player. Whether you need it for daily or occasional use, either for sports or animate your evenings, there is a model for you. To help you in your step and ensure that you can choose the MP3 player that suits best to your needs and your use, here are the criteria to be considered when searching.

the design

Your MP3 player will accompany you in your travels of all kinds, be it in your pocket, clipped to clothing or placed on your desk: it will often be visible. While most MP3 players have simple patterns and pass everywhere, choose the design as you like to increase your enjoyment. Fans and amateurs of colors and creativity will choose a model available in several colors, while the more discreet and classic users will find simple and elegant model.

Different types of design of MP3 players available, your choice will therefore be focused on a very modern style, with clean lines, or a more traditional player to marry your type of use. Whether you want to put forward or you blend perfectly in your environment, the design of your musical companion is taken into account.


The autonomy of your MP3 player must be adapted to your use. Think carefully about how often you use and the type of travel you do with. This is something that will primarily be influenced by your lifestyle and your hobbies rather than your personal taste. Indeed, it is always easier to opt for an MP3 player with a life of 50 hours capable of serving you during long trips or on consecutive days but if your use is less, on a one-hour running day, no need to pay the price! Mp3 players have a range of 8 to 55 hours and charging time varies little (about 2-3 hours).

The purpose of an MP3 player is to enjoy your life to music, do not let battery failure spoil an important moment where the music is you need to enjoy the present.

Internal memory

Mp3 players have an internal memory ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB in our selection. It is therefore to measure the amount of music you have in your library to find out how many GB of memory you need. For example, a 32GB player can hold more than 4000 songs. If you like music, prefer Mp3 with greater storage capacity, but make sure not to waste your money if you do not count the filling!

Moreover, many MP3 players are equipped with SD card port, MicroSD and micro TF. For the music lovers among you add an external memory card can is an economical solution that will lighten the lack of space on your device.


Today, many MP3 players on the market are multifunctional. Not to lose you, think carefully about the use you will make.

For use in everyday life, the alarm options, calendar, voice notes or radio FM will be handy.

For athletes, the number of MP3 players offer applications such as pedometer, stopwatch or just the famous clipped to the back of the device that will allow you to hang it on your jogging or your sleeve.

Mp3 players have convenient control options, for example they can be equipped with an automatic stop mode, perfect for listening to the radio while falling asleep or start a bedtime story to your baby. Moreover, its limiters allow you to control the audio volume of the player and avoid both young and old to damage the eardrums.

Finally, the Bluetooth option is a necessity today, and will allow you to easily connect to many devices.

The price

The MP3 players, with their advanced technology, can prove to be costly purchases. It will always take the price into account, whatever the nature of your purchase. In the case of an MP3 player, watch and compare many models can ensure an interesting economy, since there are different brands of models whose performances are very similar, as prices can vary from several tens of euros .

In addition, careful not to have eyes bigger than your stomach. While it is always exciting to control an MP3 player with many options, do not lose sight of your real needs, so you do not spend more than that you will need in everyday life.

Finally, in addition to the various options that may offer your MP3 player, remember to check the existence and extent of the manufacturer’s warranty. It is a good indicator to verify that your investment will not be lost at the first difficulty encountered!

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