Best Multifunction Robot Kitchen In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Multifunction Robot Kitchen in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

If you like to eat well, but you lack the time to cook or simply you have neither the desire nor the talent to make delicious preparations, so why not choose the best multifunction robot?

A food processor is a small device capable of achieving great things in the kitchen. Depending on the model you choose, it can chop, slice, mix, chop, knead well, climbing whites and help you achieve the best recipes.

So it is not a kitchen accessory, but a complete assistant that will make life easier. He will sit with you during your accomplishments and your guests like family members should not remain marble while tasting your delicious meals!

Best Comparison to put together a comprehensive shopping guide that allows you to see more clearly in the Pharaonic offers for robots multifunction kitchen, and we will also present five products that meet the quality standards we have set. So you can easily choose the best food processor for your kitchen!

Best food processor: how to choose the right robot?

There are many multifunctional robot models on the market. We have spent 5 reviewed, among the best of the range, allowing you to have a clear idea of ​​what they are capable.

Philips HR7762 / 90 – The Best Robot Multifunction 2019

Viva food processor Philips brand is a 3 in 1 model designed to simplify the lives of its users. It has many accessories that allow it to 28 different uses, making it a very complete model.

Best Multifunction Robot Kitchen In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

In appearance, the model impresses with its small size allowing easy storage in a closet or even a permanent place on the countertop. This is an important quality, as we well know, when you start to put a camera at the bottom of a closet, it is the fate rarely. This convenience is enhanced by its storage box for accessories, in which each accessory has a definite place. It is significant to keep the food processor and all its elements in full.

Apart from this practical aspect, the multifunction robot Viva is a model that has a bowl 2 liters, enough to make preparations for substantial family meals. The bowl will contain sauces, purees and other mixtures and pour easily into the plate or serving platter. But be careful not to get too hard to mix elements as the bowl is plastic it is feared that it can crack.

But what really interests us is its two main functions: the chopper and blender. The grinder allows you to cut, slice or grind all kinds of ingredients in a jiffy. It is ideal for preparing sauces, compotes, purees, deserts or meals for your babies! The blender is about the best place for him to create smoothies and fresh juices. Simply place all the elements in the bowl and operate the unit for a rapid result pleasant to consume. These two functions make this so versatile, but that’s not all: there are 9 accessories that complement its use.

It has 4 stainless steel discs that include the ability to grate and slice in different thicknesses, making chips cheese ideal size or powder, which is convenient to make delicious desserts, and make emulsions or creams smoothies easily. For us, the little extra is the disc that allows to make home fries in an instant!

In addition, this multifunction robot is equipped with a mess that makes it easy to carry and no effort pasta of all kinds, and a blade useful for making jokes and other mixtures in meat bases.

This is a two-speed robot, which has a pulse function to accelerate the preparation of minced or give a boost during the beating of cream or eggs. It has enough power for all preparations with a 750 watt motor and has convenient suction cups which it attaches to the table for stability.

We love it! It’s just a shame not to find a recipe book in the box, which would make good food more easily, but there are many preparations instructions for robots online. For the rest, it is a model of functional robot and cheap that we recommend.

Best Multifunction Bosch robot

Bosch offers here a very complete and very compact model, which allows more than 40 activities in the kitchen! It has a powerful 1250 W engine that guarantees top performance, and it is true that the use, multifunction robot surprised.

Best Multifunction Robot Kitchen In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Let’s start with its design, which is not the strong point of this device. It has indeed a very old school look, similar to the first food processors. In addition, it is designed in plastic, which makes us fear a certain fragility in case of preparation based on hardliners as fruit or vegetables. However, for our purposes, we did not encounter any problems. To see in the long term.

Next, we must recognize it a more than respectable point is very compact. Despite all the possible applications it offers, this multifunction robot ranks very easily! It will be perfect for those who have a small kitchen or closets overflowing already. Its 1.5 liter bowl allows for small preparations, perfect for family meals. If you have many guests, it will, however, emptying the bowl and repeat the operation.

Now let’s look at the essence of this food processor: preparations that allows us to do. And this side of the robot Bosch impresses. It has indeed 40 features, from simple slicing vegetables or kneading dough easy preparation of cream of all kinds. It will make any mixes easily, and propose a uniform made easy to use in a recipe. Soups from this robot are delicious!

In addition, it has a knife Supercut enabling it to slice or chop with great precision. No more kitchen knives! For recipes that require specific preparations with food sizes to follow, this multifunction robot will be a committed choice of cuisine!

Among the innovative features, we note the possibility of extracting fruit and vegetable juices, thanks to the centrifugal force. Convenient to create juice or where you need only the liquid portion of a food.

The powerful engine of the machine that nothing can resist it, and it is true that during our preparations, we did not encounter any difficulty. By cons, it is a bit noisy. Few silent multifunctional robot models but it is a point on which the robot could improve. Since we are in reproaches, we also regret the fact that no cookbook is available when purchasing.

This model of multifunctional robot Bosch is perfect for food lovers, who enjoy various recipes. You will with this robot companion of choice that will almost all of the most painful action for you!

The multi-purpose kitchen Robot Klarstein

The third model we reviewed is the multifunctional robot Lucia Rossa of Klarstein brand. Superb is the first adjective that comes to our mind when we discover this Red Metallic model, manufactured in stainless steel. For those who like modern appliances and want to give a contemporary touch to their kitchen, this is the model you need. By cons, it will take up space on the countertop or in your closet because it is an imposing robot. Indeed, it is quite high (23 x 48 x 64 cm) and above all quite heavy, with 11 kilos.

Best Multifunction Robot Kitchen In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

After these findings aesthetic, it’s time to see what the device in the stomach. And at this level also there, one can only be impressed by the quality of the model and the features it has.

With a powerful motor of 1200 Watt, this multifunction robot is capable of mixing, chopping, beating or kneading easily. You can create any kind of preparations in a snap, from simple to the most complicated paste emulsions, through soups or smoothies that will delight lovers of healthy foods. It’s a bit noisy, like most multifunction robots that power.

These preparations can be made very easily, since in addition to drawing, this device has 6 adjustable speeds, and has a 5 liter bowl with scale that allows for large amounts of any preparation. If you have to organize a Christmas dinner, a celebration and you have many guests, this multifunction robot will become your best friend!

It comes with 12 tips, easily cleanable and interchangeable, including 4 specially dedicated to preparing pasta (macaroni, penne, tagliatelle, spaghetti). It also has 2 meat hooks, to achieve the best meat preparations. It happens when using the chopper function as meat hangs somewhat in the grid, but just off the unit for a moment and remove the surplus, to solve this slight concern. It also has a whip of high quality that will help make foams or more smooth creams.

He assembled and disassembled easily and has an ingenious its mechanical arm locking system that offers him an appreciable comfort of use and all the necessary security. It’s simple, you realize everything you want intuitively!

Ultimately, it is for us the best multifunction robot in this range. Both beautiful and powerful, easy to use and offer quality results, it will delight the cooks who love to get involved in beautiful preparations!

The Food processors DO322800 SEB

For those looking for a small food processor practical and cheap, this model of the brand SEB could get your attention.

Best Multifunction Robot Kitchen In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

If we soon realize that it shines not with its design and is designed entirely of plastic, which suggests a reduced life if you do not take enough care, it however has some advantages to make.

First, we appreciate the fact that it is so compact and easy to store. Its small size (43.5 x 19 x 22 cm) and light weight of 2.85kg make a model that easily fits in any kitchen. If you need more space in your home but want to buy a food processor, this type of model is relatively interesting. Moreover, its bowl capacity of 3 liters is a very good surprise for a model of this size! The blender has a capacity of 1.25 liters, quite reasonable.

In terms of functionality, it appears very complete, since it has all a range of accessories that allow it to decide, cutting grate or make juices and smoothies easily. It is also able to mount the egg whites and kneading. Regarding this last feature, we found it a bit light, with its engine 750 Watts kneaded, certainly, but then request a small additional manual kneading.

By cons, we appreciate the juicer provided which allows a good juice fresh each morning! Another very positive point is its built-in storage tray, which can easily store all accessories. A brilliant idea, which should inspire other brands.

However, this food processor has some kinks that come tarnish his performance. Let’s start with its suction system meant to keep the unit attached to the table. Too little adherent, they prove inefficient in use. Next, we must admit that this little model is very loud, too loud for its size. The last fairly negative regarding the difficulty is clean: some accessories, including blades, are quite difficult to wash, with residues of food that get stuck everywhere …

It is not the best food processor you’ll find but its price / quality ratio make it a model quite interesting and suitable for smaller budgets.

The multifunction food processor HR7628 / 00 Philips 2

Like the previous model, this small Philips food processor is intended primarily for those who want a complete device at low cost. And that is what provides the brand with his Robot in Daily collection.

Best Multifunction Robot Kitchen In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Design small and light (with a 24.4 x 24.4 x 37.7 cm dimensions and a weight of 3.4 kg) is provided with a blender with a capacity of 1.75 liter and a bowl of 2.1 liters, sufficient for most preparations that you have to perform.

This is a fairly powerful model, with a 650 watt motor two speed but has a pulse function that offset this weakness when a burst of power is needed. Entirely of plastic, it comes with 3 interchangeable discs easily, which will allow you to chop, grate or cut to size your fruits and vegetables. Among the more practical aspects, particularly its large feeding tube, especially for a model of this size will facilitate the integration of different ingredients.

It is designed so that nothing leaks out of the device and confirmed that once the preparation done, everything is clean around the robot. This is because the unit is closed at its center, which is a great idea.

Another valuable feature is the side of its disc emulsifier, perfect for creating delicious desserts or your mayonnaise and other thick sauces.

All accessories are changed very easily by clipant and declipant and cleans without difficulty, under running water or by putting it directly in the dishwasher. A good point which does not dread the time to do the dishes!

In the end, we have a very valuable model multifunction robot, which has an excellent value for money. He did everything we asked him simply, without frills, and should satisfy all cooks who need a little helper in the kitchen to make life easier.

Buying guide: choose the best multifunction robot

To buy the best food processor must take into account different criteria that we present here. Then, it will do more to make your choice!

The engine and gears

Depending on the engine power, a multifunctional robot will be able to more or fewer shares with greater ease for devices with more powerful engines.

If models with an engine of less than 1000 Watts will sometimes struggle to knead dough completely or make a perfect smoothie, the most powerful multifunction robots will these tasks without any problems.

Note that devices with a less powerful engine (<1000 W) must possess a Pulse button to offset this weakness. By pressing this button, you will, just for a moment, a power boost that will allow you to perform the desired task in the energy consumption of a price somewhat higher.

The accessories

The best food processor for you will be the one that will help you do everything you need in the kitchen. If you’re the kind of cooking vegetables and meat-based dishes, so prefer models with utensils that grate, slice or cut in various sizes and meat hooks.

If you’re more specialists desserts, while the most important accessories are the whip and tips on how to make the powder or chips. Knead is also very important, so choose a powerful engine, preferably, to make your pies or cakes.

In addition, it is important to keep an eye on the holding capacity of the bowl and the blender provided. Between 1 and 2 liters are sufficient for small preparations, but many families will have to move towards models with a capacity of at least 3 liters.


According to the multifunction robot model you choose, you will not have necessarily the same features. Some do not intend to cut and slice, others are merely devices for mixing or centrifuges.

We must therefore take into account the features of each device according to your needs. The more complete will be true kitchen assistant, which will cut, will decide, will hatch, which extract the juice and food press fruits, which knead and heats sometimes yeast to allow preparations to go up.

The most sophisticated devices even going to cook food.

The matter of the Robot

It is important that the robot is tough, and that’s why we prefer devices with stainless steel tanks and a metal base. More expensive, but they last longer and withstand a fall and to use with harder foods (ice to crushed ice, nuts, bony parts of some meats …).

Plastic multi-function robots are however offered at lower rates, and is a good alternative for smaller budgets.

The dimension

The size of a multifunction food processor is important for a reason: storage. As we mentioned above, a device of this type must be able to stay on your countertop for very frequent use or be easily stored in a closet while remaining accessible.

Too often users too bulky devices eventually get bored of having to take out the full box and then everything clean and store in its box the robot.

So we advise you to prefer a compact and space saving, or a model that fits easily.


Among the greatest fears multifunction robot users, there is the cleaning of the different parts of the Robot! This is especially the older models that were real headache to clean.

Today, manufacturers come to propose multifunction robots that washes easily, and for some, who even in the dishwasher. A relief.

So be attentive to cleaning instructions when you choose your robot.

The price

The most expensive robot is not necessarily the best food processor. The price is mainly a functionality indicator, as more a robot is sold at a higher price, the more it will be able to do many things.

Prices range from 50 euros and 300 euros for models that resemble professional equipment.

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