Best Pedometers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Pedometers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Your doctor has repeated your friends noticed and even four-legged behind which you run seems to suggest: you are too sedentary. But is this really the case? To have the heart net, nose and Aunt Huguette you discreetly advised not to take the blueberry pie seen your fitness, why not invest in a small pedometer?

Whether in the form of a wristwatch or an mp3 player to slip in his pocket, the primary function of a pedometer is the same: to measure the number of steps you take in a day. Long before the rise of technology “wearable” and the notion of “quantified self”, the pedometer already offering an easy and fun way to get an overview of its degree of activity (or inactivity) through a given understandable by all. As technology advances and demand an audience of seasoned athletes, other features have been added: distance traveled, calories eliminated, recording daily performance monitoring over a long time, heart rate measurement or the intensity of effort, synchronization with mobile … These evaluation criteria that can help you define your sporty profile, and help you set goals to improve your health!

Best Pedometers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Want to try? Best comparison to reviewed for you 5 pedometers that can suit different types of users, from the curious sedentary seasoned athlete. If you are already a few models of the eye from the shelves of sports shops, we suggest you take a look at our shopping guide to not relegate your pedometer at the bottom of the closet reserved for sports equipment not used. So, do you ever do 10,000 steps recommended by public health organizations?

Our selection of 5 pocket pedometers, and 2019 bracelet watch

Our Choice: Daily Use

Best Pedometers 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Pedometers 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Pedometers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: Daily Use

Best Pedometers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Pocket Pedometer Nakosite – To measure your efforts in the long term

Discreet (78x34x12mm for 28g), the Pocket Pedometer Nakosite is as your ally to be active every day, and maybe even lose weight through walking! To do this, calibrate your device with the date, your weight, the distance between your feet and the goal you set for yourself every day, and start walking!

The pocket pedometer Nakositepresente follows: a step counter, the evaluation of the distance, the estimated number of calories burned, exercise time monitor, and function shows, in addition to modes recording data. Little more practice, a progress bar tells you at a glance how Pasil you have to do to achieve your goals. Similarly, a discrete alarm tells you when you have reached a plateau in the performance of these. Data recording is done in two ways: daily and monthly. In fashion monthly, daily data is recorded over a period of 30 days so you can compare your performance and assess your progress over a month. Note: the pedometer works Nakosite according TriAxis Advanced 3D technology, to better detect movements made, regardless of the position of the pedometer. This technology reduces the margin of error when counting steps.

The applications of our smartphones are great, but none works on mine when the screen is locked. Suffering from multiple sclerosis, I wanted a pedometer to motivate myself and not remain cloistered at home. I wanted not connected to a totale.J’ai autonomy chose this one after having extensively detailed reviews of several devices. And I’m thrilled!

Clipped on a belt, this stylish pedometer curvaceous (to optimize the contact with your body) estlivre with a cord, a button battery, and an e-book download from any platform, for use keys in hand .

In practice, this pedometer is satisfactory for those looking for a motivation to be a little less sedentary daily. These emphasize the ease of use of the pedometer, accuracy on the distance traveled displayed and the auto zero at night … if they have managed to properly calibrate the pedometer to its start! Indeed, many people have complained of difficulties in calibrating their pedometer and therefore false results due to the poor calibration. Some also noted differences in performance depending on the place of attachment of the pedometer (a belt or around the neck). So this is more of an object of motivation analysis of sports performance.

2. Pocket pedometer Walking Style IV OMRON – Simple and effective

Produced by the company Omron Healthcare, professional medical equipment supplier, the Pocket Pedometer Walking style IV is all about ease of use and readability of the data collected.

It has the following functions:

This makes a 15aine days I received this pedometer. It is very convenient and seems accurate enough, compared to other systems compared in parallel. His memory over a week and its specific record faster steps (hiking, Nordic walks in my case), compared with no classics performed in the day. The time is a + to watch happen when trekking.

The Omron Pocket Pedometer is available in three colors: blue, white and black. Its modest dimensions (42 x 13 x 57 mm to 18.1 g) allow you to wear it discreetly under your clothes. A large digital display makes the consultation of data convenient and comfortable, and reliable 3D technology Triaxis assureun counting your steps, the pedometer is attached to your hip or in your pocket or purse. Finally, it comes with a cord, user manual and a button battery.

Users of OMRON Walking style IV were attracted by its ease of setup and use, and that, whatever their degree of affinity with new technologies. The pedometer is also considered reliable in data retrieval. However a small problem: design, deemed too bulky compared to its big brother in the same range, much more discreet.

3. Pocket Pedometer HPC650R Daffodil – For the curious who want to test

While length (69x33x9mm), discreet and affordable, this pedometer is perfect for people who are interested in such products but want to test the operation before choosing a more sophisticated model. The Daffodil is characterized by its simple features, common to all pedometers this selection: counting steps, distance traveled, the number of calories burned and a clock function.

Add to them the ability to record your daily performance for a week and you get a convenient and efficient tool to assess your level of physical activity. “The data without the frills” could be the motto of this Pocket Pedometer! Available in four colors (black, white, turquoise blue and red), this pocket pedometer comes with a lanyard for wearing around the neck, a battery and a small manual.

Very easy to use and setup, it has not made my day, the distance in km, calories expended and the equivalent time in minutes !!! possible goal setting number of steps to reach it tells the time with a memory of the last 7 days for the price it’s great to balance my diet my expense (12,000 steps / day and I lost 3 kilos in 3 weeks by paying attention to my diet, between 2200 and 2400 calories per day for a man without sports).

Most users, non-sporting, satisfaction felt in this unpretentious provides, in a single glance, the information they need. However, some regretted the absence of clip to attach it to a belt and a screen too small for people who do not have good vision. A significant drawback to a basic.

4. Pedometer pocket Ultrasport 3D – The associated design performance

The functionality of Ultrasport 3D pocket pedometer make a versatile object that satisfies both sports people novices in the use of a motion tracker. Apart from all good pedometer basic modes (counting steps, distance, calories burned counter, time spent moving and time), 3D Ultrasport proposes to set your own daily goals and help you achieve them. How? ‘Or’ What ? Through a visual progress indicator, as a gauge that fills up as you go along. Each level reached in your goals is also signaled by a discrete alarm. These small indicators and motivate you all throughout the day to keep pace.

In terms of technology, Pocket pedometer Ultrasport 3D uses, as its name implies, a motion detection system according to three axes. Thus, it bounces around your neck, it is clipped to your belt flat or vertically to the bottom of your backpack, it continues pedometer to count steps accurately. memory side, it keeps your daily data over a week, so you can measure your progress throughout the day, and automatically returns to zero during the night to be ready to go to bed jump

Good pedometer, simple, unpretentious but also easy to use. good account not convenient to take … Nothing to say.

Only available in white, it has pedometer rounded curves and a wide split screen to be able at one glance see the number of steps taken and time. It comes with a cord, an attachment clip to the removable belt, a button battery and an instruction manual. Users prove satisfied with its accuracy and the fact that the clip on the belt is removable. However, some regretted a battery power supply and not by rechargeable battery, when others are having difficulties setting the reference stride or time.

5. Watch pedometer Willful – An all-in-one strap to your wrist

To complete this selection, we offer a connected watch that also acts as a pedometer, at reasonable prices. In the line of technologies and wearable health trackers, this pedometer watch should be connected to a smartphone running Android 4.4 or iOS 8.1 minimum and synchronized with the Very Fit Pro provided pursuant to reveal its full potential. features “healthy” side, the bracelet pedometer Willful has the following characteristics:

In addition to measuring your health, the bracelet pedometer Willful offers more conventional features for a connected watch, such as:

I bought this bracelet connected to my mother there are two different days and it is very heureuse.Elle used primarily for walking while allowing it to keep an eye on your heart rate and could see his precise number steps, calories burned, a detailed analysis of sleep, etc. It is very thin, light and beautiful! The Bluetooth works fine and IP68 (waterproof) is extremely useful when you go to the sea (living near the beach), the pool or just when you shower is !

Existing in several colors (black, green, red), the watch pedometer Willful an elegant design, which is suitable for both men and women. The brightness of its color touch screen can be adjusted depending on your environment. The detachable strap reveals the USB port that allows both to recharge the watch but also to transfer data from your phone or computer. Last important detail: this bracelet pedometer is waterproof (IP68): over panic attack because you washed your hands without removing it!

Users of this pedometer shows prove pleasantly surprised with its slimline design, intuitive use and relatively long battery life compared to similar quality models (4 to 5 days). However, many are perplexed as to the reliability of the information recorded by some modes (including heart rate monitor and sleep analysis). Furthermore, USB port access to recharge the watch is difficult and increases the risk of strap breaks on the long term.

Purchase guide

You have chosen a pedometer model but you do not know yet if it perfectly suits your needs? Find below some tips to confirm your choice, step by step!

What can you expect from a pedometer?

The pedometer is a tracker moves that you communicate in real time the number of steps you have made in the day. Counting his steps, that’s fine, but to understand your activity level, you must define the repository that will allow you to compare the data collected. If you are not enthusiastic about the “10,000 steps a day” recommended, a good pedometer allows you to set your own goals, with only one watchword: to encourage you to achieve them gradually!

Keep in mind that the pedometer is an object of motivation, assistance in setting activity more than a sports coaching support. It will record and playback a series of data in a set time (one day) and compares with those you defined under him. But unlike a coach, it does not analyze your performances, or record your difficultes.Il yours therefore, upstream of a purchase, set your goals to choose a suitable model.

What are the default recorded data?

The primary function of a pedometer to count the number of steps. There are two types of technologies to harvest this data:

Pedometers also record the duration of the operation you performed, thanks to the built-in clock, and the distance from the calibration The length of your step. Note that some pedometers as the pedometer shows Willful, offer multiple calibration step, to distinguish the results achieved in different conditions (normal walking vs morning jog, for example).

Number of steps, time and distance are the basic data of all pedometers on the market.

Do I need this additional data?

With the popularity of self quantified and the development of personalized sports coaching applications, pedometers include increasingly fine features, in order to better analyze your performance and help you improve. For example, we can mention:

Depending on your goals of use, some of these features may be unnecessary. If you are not a zealous athlete need to invest in a pedometer that will analyze your heart rate. The money you have earned can be reinvested in other equipment!

The analysis of your performance

As previously reported, pedometers record your performance without the analysis. If you want to optimize your use of the pedometer, you may be more inclined to buy a model connected to an application on PC, tablet or smartphone as the pedometer shows Willful example.

The principle is simple: download the information in your pedometer directly to the application and let the magic operate! The application is responsible for providing you a-record of your activity, your strengths as those to improve. In some cases, you can even benefit from professional advice to help you achieve your goals.

In a style somewhat less high-tech, recording data on a week or a month (as for the pedometer model Nakosite) can be a good compromise for evaluating your progress over time, completely relaxed.

The autonomy of a pedometer

The autonomy of the device often well correlated with the type of pedometer diet. Overall the battery models have a range of only a few days a few years against those battery operated. To extend their life and space the battery changes, some pedometer models will power down at night or after a certain time of inactivity. A small detail for you but for ecology means a lot!

Ready to get started on the sidewalks and exercise trail of your city? Or to make a contest with Auntie Huguette to see that swallows more kilometers than pancake share? Remember your good pedometer and walk!

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