Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Many of us eat rice frequently, often accompanying a dish with sauce or as a single starchy full, and cooking is different at each tasting. It is a fact, rice apparently so simple to cook requires some know-how to be delicious every time! The proof of the rice consumed in Asia, in Japan for example, and its perfect texture, which allow to eat bowls and bowls without any seasoning. But what is the secret of preparation of this rice? A rice cooker!

This device offers an optimized cooking rice, and allows you to prepare larger quantities of rice and keep warm. You will have at any time a loan rice to use for your meal! It is also an essential device for those who want to prepare sushi, maki and other specialties requiring sticky rice, and for lovers of bulgur, quinoa, who can also cook healthily these foods by choosing the best rice cooker.

Compare Best reviewed to help you choose 5 quality rice cookers and we have established a list of important points to consider when making your purchase.

How to recognize the best rice cooker

You might think that buying a rice cooker is very simple, since it is only cook rice. But there are as many ways to prepare the rice rice quality, and the preparation of the starch is an art in some.

The best rice cooker should enable you to get perfect rice, simply. It will be a rice you can eat without adding anything to it, which can be used in the preparation of dishes, snacks or desserts, and will be available at any time. Indeed, a good rice cooker can bake a large amount of rice and keep it at the right temperature without changing cooking.

In addition, some models of rice cooker offers the possibility of steamed vegetables or some fish, for example, through a basket located above the tank. During the automatic preparing your rice, your cooking ingredients slowly enjoying the steam that emanates from above. What prepare a full meal without any effort!

Here we present five models of rice cooker, identifying for each of their qualities and defects. You will then find a comprehensive shopping guide, in order to choose the best rice cooker market.

Compare Top 5 Best Rice Cooker 2019

Best rice cooker Russell Hobbs, the 19750-56

This rice cooker to high capacity tank with its 1.8-liter, can prepare large rice doses and will be ideally suited to families.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

With this model, you can indeed make up 10 rice doses. This will have some reserves for weeks or you do not have time to cook, for example. This model is also interesting for its steam basket located above the tank: it allows you to cook fish or vegetables for preparing your rice. This is very effective for fish, less for some vegetables for rice will be ready before steaming vegetable is completed (to maximize efficiency, cut the vegetables into small pieces).

It is sold with a glass meter which allows to dose your rice as well as a small plastic spatula to serve without breaking. It also has a transparent glass cover that monitors your rice.

This rice cooker is solid thanks to a stainless steel manufacturing, not too heavy with a weight of about 1 kg for moving without bad if you can not leave it on your constantly work plan, and it will denote not in the kitchen next to other devices.

We especially appreciate its automatic stop function when the rice is cooked and the keeping warm function that allows a consumable rice at the right temperature at all times.

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Best rice cooker with Sencor, SRM 0600WH

This model of rice cooker of the brand Sencor can prepare about 450 grams of rice, with its 0.6 liter tank. For comparison, it is 3 times less than the model that we presented earlier this rice cooker and is therefore more suitable for couples or solos for many families.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

In 30 minutes you will get rice to the perfect texture, just by adding rice and water in good quantity in the tank. With the measuring cup provided, it is a breeze. There is also a plastic rice paddle in the box.

This rice cooker is useful because once cooked rice, it stops itself, and it can keep your rice warm for 6 hours. Not so need to constantly monitor. Only downside, the tendency glass lid to rise slightly during the strongest cooking phase which causes slight splash on your table.

It is also easy to clean with an adhesive and simple anti tank to store because the power cord can detach.

In the end, this is perhaps not the best rice cooker market but it is a model that has a good price / quality ratio and that will be perfect for a student for example!

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Best Rice Cooker Tefal, the RK102811

The Tefal brand offers here a rice cooker family can cook up to 900 grams of rice. The model is a very nice hand, with a black coating metallic look great, and although a little heavy (2.4 kg), it finds its place in the kitchen easily.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

We recommend it mainly for large consumers of rice or for larger families. Convenient, since you will just pour the rice into the tank of 3 liters and cover the water to start cooking, it is also dual functions. He holds a basket efficient steam that can cook vegetables or fish during preparation of rice. Feel like a salmon meal / rice? It will be ready in less than 30 minutes without any fatigue!

Among its major qualities, makes it perfect for all types of rice or cereals and legumes. Fans of quinoa or bulgur will be happy to prepare these foods with this rice cooker. In addition, the Keep Warm function is convenient and keeps the rice at the right temperature without sticking rice at the bottom (as is unfortunately sometimes the case).

We regret that the wire to plug is so short, leaving fewer choices as to the disposition of this rice cooker in the kitchen, but that’s a detail outweighed by its ease of cleaning with the tank , cover and steam basket are dishwasher-safe.

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Le rice Cooker Techwood TCR-102

This small model and 1 Liter tank proposed by Techwood offers a good value for money.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

We have a very standard model, however, allows for optimal cooking rice. Supplied with a spatula (plastic) and a shot glass, you have nothing else to do than put rice and water and wait. When your rice is ready, the red rocker light orange and rice cooker gets hot holding position.

When we were reviewing this model, we found that a small portion of rice attached to the bottom of the tank, but without burning. So just detach it gently with a spatula and then be able to eat without problems.

Non-stick, the tank is easily cleaned. Be careful not to scratch collecting rice with metal utensils! And for the more clumsy, you should know that the cover glass is: do not do it down!

Simple and compact, this model will satisfy casual rice cooker rice eaters.

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Rice Cooker cheap Tristar, the RK-6127

Here is a simple rice cooker model, comprehensive and effective.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Sold with a plastic spatula, serving spoon and measuring cup, it has a non-stick bowl, which ensures that your rice will not stick to the walls during cooking (indeed, the tank is 1.5 liters cleans very well). Well balanced, we get a delicious rice!

This rice cooker is medium in size, and can be recommended for a family of 4-6 people (but also a preparation for 1, 2 persons …). It provides most cooking with red LED which turns orange when your rice is ready. It thus keeps the rice warm until you eat, and it also has a safety system that prevents dry running.

The base of the rice cooker is stainless steel, and the basket is removable to facilitate cleaning. The cover is her glass, it can monitor your rice when cooked and has a steam vent valve. We note, as the model of Sencor presented above, some splashing in the highest cooking stage. It’s not dramatic but your work plan should be wiped.

Two very nice items complete this pattern: non-slip feet ensures perfect stability and a guarantee of 24 months!

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Shopping guide for choosing the best rice cooker

After learning of 5 products listed above, you may have noticed that the main characteristics of the best rice cookers are quite close. So we must look at in more detail specifics in order to choose the best rice cooker! Here are the points you need to consider when choosing your model.

The tank and its capacity

This is the vessel that will determine the amount of rice you’ll be able to cook every preparation. If users solo can be content with smaller capacities (<1 liter), it is advisable not to opt for a rice cooker too small.

The reason is simple: the purpose of this device is to make rice for a meal, or so for a special night (sushi party, birthday, preparing a dish for a big meal). Therefore, it is desirable to have the possibility of making a sufficient quantity at once.

Note that even the large vats used to cook small amounts of rice. So, as to let the opportunity to do more, in case of unforeseen events.

its dimensions

For storage reasons mainly, it is good to check the size and weight of your rice cooker. The device will be very useful and you can not do without it quickly, it remains easily accessible! For this, you need a minimum of space or choose a small rice cooker.

If, for lack of space, you had to put in the closet after use, prefer a compact and lightweight that will rank easily.

Supplied accessories

Generally, a good rice cooker comes with a minimum spatula and measuring cup. The dosing cup is used to put the right amount of water and rice, but can do without after multiple uses because dosage become natural.

However, this is not the case of a good rice paddle. The experts will tell you: take care of the rice when it is served! For this, a spatula (mostly plastic but the wood will be even better) will be your ideal ally. It collects rice gently, without breaking the grains, and so serve your family a rice as good as beautiful!

Accessories can be found in retail if it was not sold with the rice cooker of your choice.

its operation

The best rice cooker will have the following features:

This is the minimum, but there are also models offering programming cooking rice (rice for a warm home from work!), A cooking control panel or the possibility of making certain dishes directly in rice cooker.

The uses proposed facilities

Among the most important optional features include the presence of a steamer. Ideal for those who want to eat healthily cooked products, the basket of steam rice cooker is more significant.

We also appreciate the rice cooker with non-stick bowl, for 2 reasons: they provide cooking perfect rice without it sticking to the tank, and they are easy to clean, even in the dishwasher.

The power

A criterion which is measured in Watt and which determines both the power consumption of your device but also its power. Basically, plus a model to a large capacity, more power will be high.

With equal capacity, so prefer the most powerful model.

The price

Of course, the price of the device will affect your purchase. If rates remain fairly homogeneous rice cooker, a price difference there is depending on the size and capacity of the model principally: the more you want a rice cooker that produces large amounts, the more it will be expensive.

In addition, you will find on the market in rice cookers much more expensive than those that we have presented here; they are often professional models purchased by Asian (Chinese and Japanese in the first place) to prepare their rice. As individuals, such models do would be of any use!

The best rice cooker for a tasty rice at any time

The best rice cooker for you will depend on various criteria: the number of family members who take advantage of this machine, your weekly consumption of rice, your curiosity about cooking (Asian or African in particular), which will push you to do more or less revenue from rice …

Anyway, the opinions regarding the acquisition of a rice cooker are all going in the same direction: once you have one, can not back off while cooking rice to the pan! We realize with how this food rice cooker can be good, and it’s a safe bet that you will go to eat rice in many forms: nature, sushi or maki in a good chicken coconut or in the form of desserts …!

With the best rice cooker, you will have all the time a delicious rice ready to be enjoyed!

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