Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2020 | Reviews and Guide

They have been widely criticized as unnecessary gadgets in the early 2010s, but since then there has been change. So, we all have good reason to want to get the best robot vacuum cleaner. Whether because it is interested in new technologies, because the household is a chore, or years of cleaning are just well-worn a back that did not ask, the robot vacuum cleaner is nowadays a universal answer.

The beginning was quite uncertain, and for good reason: the technology that made them had to adapt to the needs and demands of consumers. But with the rapid progress in the fields of batteries, cartography, the famous IoT (Internet of Things), connectivity … have a very good vacuum cleaner robot is not an impossible mission. We must still keep in mind a few things, so as not to be disappointed. First, there is not – yet – vacuum cleaner robot as good as a real vacuum in power. Then, the entry level market is heavily contaminated with more than mediocre models that discredit the efforts of many leading brands.

That’s why Best Comparison decided to work on this comparison. First, to answer the question: What is the best vacuum cleaner robot. Then, to look more closely at this technology prowess that runs through many changes. The idea? Select models “future-proof” as they say in the middle. That is, already has performance that protect the obsolescence for the years to come.

The best robot vacuum 2019

iRobot Roomba 680 – The best robot vacuum in value

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our view on the robotic vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 680

If you are interested in some way to the market of robot vacuums, you did not miss that name. Roomba does not only produce excellent vacuum: it is at the forefront of the technologies that make up, and as we shall see, that’s saying something. The Roomba 680 has established itself on the market as a reasonable model. This means that compared to some of its competitors, its price will not borders on indecency. And yet it is full of qualities that are sometimes lacking in more expensive models.


The design is not to avoid when talking to a robot vacuum cleaner. There are great chances that you see him walk in your apartment often enough, and it is far from trivial. And that’s good: it is rather pretty one. Black and gray, with a minimalist interface, it inspired both confidence, strength and ease of use.

On the top of the unit, there is a removable handle for lifting, three modes of travel, some programming commands, and a nice button “Clean” power. It has no screen, unlike some models like the Botvac, but it does not matter. We must not be distracted by this kind of nonsense that are likely to impact the price and battery life.

In general, this is not the most compact. its thickness 9,3cm impact its ability to pass under all the furniture and all the obstacles: this is unfortunately a bad point for the Roomba 680.


Above all these orders, a little button opens the central box and access to the various parts. The dust container, brushes and wheels are easily accessible for quick maintenance. Note that the AeroVac filter specific to the robot vacuum cleaners, should be changed every six months.

Overall, the Roomba products are rather easy to maintain. Especially as where some competitors have a little forced on homeowners rooms – that is to say replaceable only with the brand – this model will pose few problems.

Intelligence navigation

It is a primordial point when talking robot vacuum cleaners. Roomba this range then have the three modes of successive movement. Unlike some models that are perfectly random – and who will walk up to battery drain – it embeds a small computer that schedules a little tasks.

Initially, it will hug the corners and map the room. Then it moves in concentric circles from a point that will be determined as the center. Finally, it draws several parallel strips to cover most of the space.

It is equipped with several sensors. The first is the dust sensor. If it finds a floor is still dirty after being passed, it will turn around for some time to clean thoroughly. The second is a vacuum sensor. This is an important option if you have a staircase. The first robot vacuum cleaners generations committing indeed regularly suicide by jumping from the top of the steps and falls sometimes could seriously damage the unit. Finally, it is possible to establish a “barrier” virtual with two small tags delivered with the product. If you want to define a space where it does not need a vacuum cleaner does its job as the food corner of your pets, or current puzzle, one can thus mean that his services are not required in this place-there .

The Roomba 680 also has an obstacle detector. However, it can happen to him hitting an object or to misjudge distances, but no one is perfect. iRobot boasts particular system “anti-node” a behavioral algorithm that helps the device to generate electrical son by examples. In fact, even the best robot vacuums have difficulty understanding and managing these situations, which can make him lose valuable time.

Programming and Connectivity

Roomba 680 is programmable. However, in this price range, it is not possible to pair it with a smartphone to remotely control. WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth appears that beyond 500 or 600 € and is not really relevant as the smartest models of major brands.

In this case, we must be content with a fairly minimalist programming system, but effective. Everything is done from the interface on top of the vacuum. By clicking on the small button “calendar”, can be programmed to clean regularly, with a limit of 7 times a day.

Cleaning quality

If we determined that the Roomba 680 is the best choice value of the moment is because it has a formidable advantage. Its suction power is much more satisfactory than some more expensive models.

Despite a fairly low wattage – required for battery purposes – it provides a fairly correct suction quality. In most laboratory tests, it picks up more than 85% of heavy debris (crumbs, etc …) and 95% of fine dust.

It is thanks to the presence of two silicone brushes, effective even for picking up pet hair, and two side blades. These blades, which lack other robot vacuums, used to fill the vacuum of space corners. Indeed, the Roomba is round, like most robot vacuums. These small blades allow push dirt in the corners vacuumed up himself.

Note that the previous vacuum cleaners robots 2017 and sold less than 500 € will be generally more effective on hard floors, with results rather mixed on rugs and carpets.

Generally, if the Roomba 680 is doing so well is that it evolves more slowly than a conventional vacuum cleaner. In fact, it has more time to collect all the dust. The main drawback, however, is that it’s about as loud as a normal vacuum cleaner at around 65dB. We recommend use in your absence, via the programming interface!


The Roomba 680 has an hour of battery life, but this is not a problem at all. With its load platform, it is able to look after itself of its battery, and resume tasks where they left off if it weakens too.


The Roomba 680 offers outstanding value: cheaper than other competitors, it offers the features you would expect of such a product. It is reliable, smart, and brings real added value to your routine household.

iLife A4s – A vacuum cleaner cheap robot that is worth seeing

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the robot vacuum cleaner iLife A4s

You know iLife? Yet it is one of the most recognized brands in the world of robot vacuums. And A4s with its price below € 200, is still a big favorite in Europe. At that price, we tend to be suspicious. But if it is not the most complete model and most innovative in the world of robot vacuums, it fulfills its specifications very satisfactorily.


We discover a more elegant design than the Roomba 680, which however was conspicuous by its simplicity and elegance. The iLife A4s is coated with metal brushed the best effect. And partce that most of the controls is done from the remote control, the interface is minimal.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2020 | Reviews And Guide

On top, we do not find a handle, and a power button. Again, as the economic models will not have a screen, but it’s really not a problem.

The iLife A4s is more compact than the Roomba: 7cm thick only, it is more likely to slip everywhere!


Like the Roomba 680, maintenance is very easy. As it is more compact than the last, the reservoir must be emptied more often – about after each cleaning cycle. This will extend the life of the unit. The included filter is a HEPA. This is a standard in this area. HEPA filters are hypoallergenic thanks to an extremely narrow mesh capable of retaining dust mites and pollen, even finer. They are not the cheapest, but just change it once a year.

Intelligence navigation

as soon as the Note looks as close to A4s iLife: all around the hull, on a 180 degree angle, there is a long strip of infrared sensors. This is how the vacuum cleaner will identify and map the room space.

As Roomba 680, it will use three modes of movement. First, it circulates around the corners and then flows in circular patterns, and finally covers most of the space by parallel strips.

It has the same vacuum sensor, but it should be noted that it is not equipped with a dust collector as Roomba. It also regrets the lack of virtual barriers: before releasing the iLife, make sure your home is well “robot-proof”!

Programming and Connectivity

Again, that is a higher price – or in one or two years – that we can find vacuum cleaners robots equipped with full connectivity.

Meanwhile, and design concerns, iLife has transferred most of the top buttons of the device to a remote control. From there, you can program the device to go off at a certain frequency or at a specific time, regularly or occasionally.

Cleaning quality

The low cost and impressive battery of iLife – we’ll talk later – is partly explained by a reduced suction power enough. With a rotating brush that directs dust to the suction motor, strong power however is not really necessary.

In addition, it is equipped with the same system of flexible blades Roomba to clean in the corners. Like many robot vacuums, however, we recommend regular cleaning of carpets, with which these small devices have more difficulties. However, on hard floors like tiles and flooring, iLife A4s managed to pick up 90% of the dust.

It is also much quieter than many of its competitors, with a sound level recorded at approximately 40dB: This is 20 less than the Roomba 680!


The iLife A4s an impressive battery life of up to 1:50. When the battery is too low, it seeks its recharging platform, you can leave the ground level. It is fully autonomous from this point of view, and is doing it alone!


The iLife conspicuous by its compactness and intelligence of its design. It is not as innovative as other more expensive models, but this is one of the most complete and efficient equipment for that price! The savings to the mark on some small details are rather clever, and can significantly reduce the price without much impact the user experience.

Roomba 650 – The big brother of the 680 still has a lot to offer!

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the Roomba 650 vacuum cleaning robot

Released in 2014, the Roomba 650 is prior to 680. Already equipped iAdapt – the navigation software continues to be competitive today in this price range – it continues to offer value for money very advantageous. Let’s look at it more closely!


In many ways, the Roomba 650 is very similar to the 680. And this is the case for design as well. It is black, with a discreet yellow circle around the main controls. Supplied with the product, we have a replacement filter, charger and charging platform.

The 650 shares the same problem as the 680, that its thickness prevents it from passing under low furniture and in some corners.


Like most of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners, maintenance is minimal. There are two brushes can be cleaned regularly: one is nylon, the other made of silicone. It is easy to remove, and that’s good. As for the longevity of this type of device, it is advisable not to neglect this aspect of the interview!

The filter is a HEPA, unfortunately, but it is still effective. As it is a proprietary format, it will be important to purchase a new compatible filter when changing it.

Intelligence navigation

The Roomba 650 is not making the best of navigation via iAdapt even if the software is still used on some contemporary products, and that’s unfortunate. Accordingly, the displacement of the robot is mainly random.

This is not the most effective, but it matches the patterns in the price range, and appeared at that time. The price advantage of the manufacturers has been to design robots that fro several times in the same place to ensure that the entire surface was covered, rather than performing an upstream planning.

However, it has the dust sensor, such as 680, for detecting the dirtier areas and insist priority thereon.

As for the detection of obstacles, this model has the same problems as the Roomba 650. That is to say it tends to strike the front to ensure their presence, and that n is not the most gifted to map the location. Since it has the same limitations with cables than its competitors, we still recommend a maximum floor storage to avoid accidents.

We welcome nevertheless the presence of virtual barriers that isolate a portion of the room!

Programming and Connectivity

The Roomba 650 uses the same programming system 680. All controls are via the interface on top of the unit.

We can program the robot vacuum cleaner so that it fires every day at different times. If this feature seems basic, keep in mind that all the robots do not offer this service; yet, try it and adopt it!

Cleaning quality

Because of its more random navigation system as other models, it is difficult to accurately assess the effectiveness of the Roomba. However, its level of aspiration is very satisfactory since laboratory tests prove that reached 95-98 particles even thicker.

This is an excellent score, which can be explained by the fact that Roomba has been one of the market drivers in terms of robot vacuum cleaners. however we regret that it has a rotary blade on the right side. He nevertheless manages to pass well in the corners.

We recommend, as always, for apartments with hard floors or carpets fine where such devices will be more effective.

In terms of noise, it appears more or less the same result as its little brother, the Roomba 680: approximately 65dB. As it is not more discreet, it is better programmed when away from home.


Its range is slightly less than 1 hour, but the browser allows it to assess the task and to recharge itself if needed. Simply well clear the charging station, and he knows the back alone.


Easy to use, interesting design, impressive results in terms of aspiration: the Roomba 650 is not the most complete model in terms of features, but it keeps its promises!

Eufy RoboVac 11 – The robot vacuum cleaner that offers a lot of features for a small price

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our view on the robotic vacuum cleaner Eufy RoboVac 11

Most robot vacuum cleaners that we have presented it came out several years ago, and continue to compete in terms of value with the price increase of this type of devices. Well, this is not the case of RoboVac 11! Launched in early 2017, he resolved to keep the best of the older models and propose a new competitive product at low prices. Deal ?


It can not really be excited about the classic design Eufy, but has the advantage of being convenient and does not take up much space.

Like many robot vacuums, it is round, with a damper in the front not to damage when hitting an obstacle – or damaging furniture!

The top of the device greatly resembles iLife, with a brushed metal effect lacquer and glossy nice. The buttons are minimized because, as we shall see, it must go through the remote control to access most commands.


Empty his RoboVac 11 could not be simpler. To empty, simply return it and pull the lever for this purpose to detach the dust tank. And fortunately: its volume is less than most other models, daily maintenance is strongly recommended.

By purchasing the RoboVac 11, also has two replacement blades, but they usually last long enough. The main roller is made up of two rows, one silicon and one in nylon bristles. The latter, usually ends up reaping the long hair, but it’s easy to remove for cleaning, an action that must be performed about twice a month.

Intelligence navigation

There are five modes of movement, which can be programmed from the remote control.

The first “self-cleaning”, instructs the robot vacuum cleaner to explore the house. With no camera or laser sensors, displacement is however quite random. We already know, this type of navigation is not the most effective. This does not mean that the vacuum cleaner does not clean the entire apartment, just that it may take longer than necessary by returning repeatedly to the same place by mistake.

It relies mainly on its infrared sensors that inform immediate obstacles that present themselves to him.

Programming and Connectivity

As most of the entry model range we have selected, you can not pair it with a smartphone. However, programming via the remote works very well, with one exception. We can define the frequency of cleaning, but it is impossible to specify a different schedule for each day of the week.

Otherwise, the remote control is fairly complete, with among others a navigation option to take control of the robot vacuum cleaner. Useful ? If you want to order it from the sofa, a little. Playful ? This is a very good way to put her children in household.

Cleaning quality

The suction power is slightly higher than the Roomba 650. It cleans very efficiently most soils, and is also suitable for carpets and rugs, which is very admirable for a small robot.

This performance is due to two facts. First, the optimization between the battery and the vacuum is improved, because it is a fairly new model. Then there is the length of the brush and side blades, due to the compactness of the robot vacuum cleaner, offers better ground coverage.

In addition, the noise level is very low: only 30 to 35 decibels!


The RoboVac holds about 1:30. What is quite admirable is even set to maximum power – for thicker rugs or carpets – it takes at least 1:15!

After use, the RoboVac automatically returns to its base.


Investing in an older model, for value, it’s a good plan. But investing in a newer model who gets all the revenue of previous success, its just a good idea. The RoboVac 11 shows that some companies are still listening to customers. Its affordable price and optimization of its basic function (aspiration!) Fact that we forgive him easily the few gaps that present in functionality.

iRobot Roomba 615 – A good robot vacuum

Our view on the robotic vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 615

This is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in 2019 that will amaze you with all these features and ease of use.

Super powerful, it can be used ideally on all floors, and cleans carpets and rugs as well. He is really smart because it detects changes in the levels, avoiding falls down stairs. But this robot also has road ability; it can also go over the power cables, and manages to climb onto carpet provided they are not too thick. Well some times when the

Another example of what can make this vacuum cleaner robot with artificial intelligence? When cleaning is finished or when the battery is low, it automatically returns to the basic load to the energized.

And finally on its autonomy: The programming of cleaning cycles is well designed: the robot has an internal clock, and can set the start time for each of the 7 days of the week, which is important for those whose lifestyle changes when comes the weekend!

It features high-performance sensors that detect even small particles of any (dust, pet hair …) and allows you to clean more thoroughly with its advanced cleaning head.

The bonus that we love: with its Spot Clean mode, this vacuum draws debris from a small area, which is convenient to suck food from spillage for example. Super easy to use, simply press the “CLEAN” and the iRobot Roomba starts to suck without you need to do manipulations or program it.

No need to break the ears … and back to vacuum: the iRobot Roomba does it all alone for you. His Xlife battery and allows you to have 2 times more cleaning cycles with a lifetime much longer than other batteries intelligent vacuum cleaner. In addition, it is guaranteed one year

A few hiccups but that are important that are particularly related to its size! Because of its height is 9.3 cm, it it is not possible to sneak in many furniture such as dressers, wardrobes, sofas … And it is not better width side has maximum width of 33 5 cm properly prevents turning around most chair legs or furniture for example.

Moreover, it is complex to clean, which will also require some time

Dirt Devil M607 – Best Chinese robot vacuum cleaner

Our opinion on the robot vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil M607

With its special shape and power, at an unbeatable price, this robot vacuum will quickly be indispensable in your home. This is the best Chinese robot vacuum cleaner, with a very good value for money. The Dirt Devil brand has become known by its qualities and is one of the best vacuum cleaner sales in the United States and Germany in particular.

It is very convenient to keep your surfaces clean, in addition to your regular vacuum cleaner. You may also plan to use it in multiple sessions in the week, to manage the various parts of your home.

Simple to use it is very suitable for hard floors (wood or tile) but also carpets and rugs 2 shave brushes XL removable. It also offers three different cleaning modes that are pre-programmed to clean everywhere and in every corner: random trajectories concentric spirals and walls and edges.

Another good point is its size: It is small and thanks to 7cm in height, it fits in corners and under tables, chairs and furniture. Certainly it can mount small slope but it is advisable to rid eg cable surface to avoid the muddle.

For less than € 100, you have a device that defies some vacuums more sophisticated robots: it has one of the trash filling indicator that alerts you if it is necessary to empty it during the program. It also has an anti-collision band that allows it to retain the barriers, which also has the interest to spare your furniture and baseboards.

Bit noisy, it has a battery life of 60 min is light (less than 2kg). By cons, so, it has a small reservoir, reducing its autonomy.

It comes with 2 rotary brushes + 2 replacement brushes in bonuses, so you see what coming!

With his power of 17W, it is not too energy intensive (class C), easy to clean and it is more design.

By cons, for this very affordable price for a robot vacuum cleaner, this system offers no GPS or return based technology. This means that you must wear it, even if it is not too heavy to put in charge.

It can work for areas smaller than 60m² but not beyond by its limited autonomy.

In short, it is a good buy with an excellent price / quality ratio, ideal for medium surfaces.

Robot Vacuum Housmile – A real fighter particles

Our opinion on the robot vacuum cleaner Housmile

Hair, hair from pets, dust, small debris, etc … no particle can resist him!

Product input range, it offers indeed a concentrate of technology in a very original round appearance and is ideal if you have pets in your home to ensure net soils.

This is certainly the little robot vacuum to the most efficient price.

To start, it’s simple: you install the battery, the two front brushes, you put in charge and is ready for use. No app for the program, so it is on the technology used wisely!

Of course, with 10W, it is not super-powerful, but it is flexible and operates in two modes depending on the surface to clean: the “small room” mode with cleaning an hour that you do that to press once and the “big room” mode with a cleaning than thirty minutes for which you have to press twice.

It has its own function and random walk. When it encounters an obstacle, he gently pat it and then changes direction. For cons, the fall detector is not ultra-reliable, so pay attention to the stairs! Ditto on the impact sensor that has not always all good.

He spends all flat floors, bamboo rugs and jute for example. By cons on the thick carpet, it risks butter.

So Ideally, use it in little cluttered rooms so as not to disturb the.

A beautiful autonomy 90mn which also makes it very convenient to keep your house spotless.

Its small size (25cm in diameter and 7cm high) allows it to go anywhere, including under furniture. It is quite efficient for small parts.

Its rotating brushes fold dirt to the suction pipe, which is really to effectively clean the edges and corners.

Another good point!

There should be a charge time of 3 to 5 hours and a blue LED indicates when the unit is charging. Certainly for the price below 100 €, there is no return basis. So when its battery is depleted, it’ll just find the device and wear it for the challenge load.

It is easy to open and to clean: just lift the hood to power the small empty box with the filter. The ideal is to empty it after each use, because it is really small.

In short a good product despite some flaws also linked to its price level.

Proscenic 790T – One best robot vacuum cleaners washer Wifi

Our opinion on the robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic 790T

It offers a full service three in one: it sucks, cleans and washes, independently, saving you the household chore.

This robot vacuum cleaner is very easy to use: you connect to Wi-Fi and then program cleaning, cleaning according to your preferences at any place and at any time with either the touch keys with the remote control or you can download an app on your smartphone to do this.

Finally, you can program it with Alexa, for which it is compatible.

It performs on all types of ground: flooring and tiling course, but also carpets, which makes it ideal if you have at home pets. It indeed offers a powerful suction 1200Pa: it picks up dirt, debris and dust effortlessly, but also hair and pet hair.

It features a high-efficiency filter, a Tangle hole, and a rotating brush that attracts dust. It is increasingly little noisy.

It therefore works independently, randomly and goes almost anywhere, thanks to its compact size. With 9 centimeters high, it is able to pass under most furniture. It is truly compact since its diameter is only 33 centimeters, about 10 centimeters less than average. By cons, its sensors have some limitations and may not perceive some small items like bowls of animals for example.

Finally it is easy to maintain and returns alone to the base for charging.

Add to that his side design – shiny black and gold effect – which makes it very chic: it is not to be missed, the product that offers the best price / quality ratio.

This device, however, some caveats must be mentioned: in mop mode, the water does not flow enough, so that the cloth is wet than in the two holes to let water and does not fit enough in contact with the ground.

Moreover, the dust bin is too small, so you have to empty it regularly.

Finally, you can not put the cleaner pause: we must stop the cleaning and then resume a full cycle. In fact, the concern is twofold because if you need to stop the machine to empty the dust bin, you must then take a complete cleaning cycle.

Deik – Best vacuum cleaning robot

Our opinion on the robot vacuum cleaner Deik

It offers a three services in one: cleaner, cleaner and mop. It is a concentrate of technology, which will make you forget the drudgery of housework!

Super-equipped, it is provided with two side brushes, a brush drive very effective thanks to its V-shaped, a powerful suction 1200Pa for cleaning and sweeping. But it also offers dry cleaning.

Its ultra-compact side is a real advantage: with a diameter of 35 centimeters, it can sneak easily between furniture. Its height of only 8.7 centimeters is quite impressive. It returns itself to its base when the battery is almost empty.

Despite all its technology, it remains light with 2.9 kilograms.

It is so easy to use that you do not even need to read the manual to start using it: just insert the two outer brushes and plug its charging station and it is already ready for operation (the dust and filter tray is already arranged inside) .Then press the button to make it start working. It comes with a remote control for the direct or program.

In terms of using precisely, it will save you lots of time because you will only have the handle to empty or recharge water. No editing, some programming and voila!

While the tank is not super great, if you have large rooms.

Small specificity, waste that will suck directly be stored in a water tank so that no volatile matter can escape, making this device very hygienic.

He also knows all pass through its various sensors that are more reliable: it avoids your furniture but also falls down stairs, which actually makes it autonomous, even if you have small steps into your home. Warning against by cables in which it may tangle.

Moreover, his beautiful 90-minute autonomy that it can make even parts very large (70 to 80 m²) without need to recharge. Small problem though: on carpet or carpet, it will be slightly less efficient.

Over very large areas, it is best to compartmentalize areas so that the camera does not leave in any direction, failing to clean up some small spaces. In this case, close the doors to specialize in the area.

Note that it is a bit noisy, anyway, noisier than average.

How to choose robot vacuum cleaner?

You can imagine: the world of robot vacuum cleaners has changed since its popularization in 2010-2011. Now it is important to know what we can expect, as a consumer, and for any budget. That’s why we decided to write this buying guide!

Robotic vacuum vs. conventional vacuum cleaner

We do not hide it: in power and pure efficiency, conventional vacuum cleaner took nearly a century to evolve. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaners operate via battery, an area in which there is still much progress to make: most devices plugged into sectors can generate more power.

Their major advantage is that they are independent, of course. If we made the right choice at the time of purchase, they can provide a perfectly fine job, to the point of not requiring ironing vacuuming every week.

The other advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner is that it not carry a lot of technology and features that are not available conventional vacuum cleaners; but that we will come back there!

The various navigation systems

A navigation system is a central point for choosing the robot vacuum cleaner. One is tempted to say that a vacuum cleaner that works alone can take the time he wants, and that lack of optimization of its displacement is not a major problem.

In reality, though: there are few chances that your spleen appliance corners if its movement is too uncertain. That is why we will present the different navigation systems.

The first is random. This applies to all models within 400 € and therefore those we reviewed. This means they do not have an artificial intelligence program, and limited mapping space. This is usually restricted to the detection of direct obstacles via an infrared sensor, for example. Beware, it does not mean he understands what he sees, much less that it will hold!

The second is the recognition via camera. The model has emerged in 2015-2016, but we doubt it has a true posterity. It uses two cameras to conduct a performance of the play in 3D from the collected images. But this technology is far from perfect!

The last, and perhaps the best, is the laser ranging. It is normally used by building professionals and even the army. It is thanks to this technology – in part – that Apple has developed the easy recognition of the Iphone X. In fact, laser grid regular size is projected on a environment. Depending on the distortion of the lines, the robot vacuum deducted reliefs ground. The advantage is that we can use this navigation system to perform efficient and reliable mapping of the room. The robot vacuum cleaner can then navigate with great ease in a field that recognizes and even plan its upstream tasks. The downside is that the option is very expensive, and is currently available only on newer models.

The interesting options

All the revolutionary features touted by vendors are not worth the detour. We defined some terms that can justify buying a model from another. We also chose the name as it will be stated on the specifications of a product.

RTH (Return to Home) is very common on vacuum models. This is what we talked about in the autonomy of each of the products we have presented: they return to their charging base when its battery is low.

The DNE (Do Not Enter) also called virtual fences in French. We have already addressed the issue: it is prohibit the passage to your vacuum cleaner with a tag system. One might think that such a feature is anecdotal. In everyday life, it is actually very useful, and we recommend to favor a model that provides.

The vacuum robot connected

No vacuum cleaners that we have presented in this comparison does offer connectivity to a smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth. And for good reason: the bill is not the same!

The advantage however is major. Since the implementation, we can not only access to a more complete interface to program his robot vacuum cleaner. But it is also possible to start cleaning its remote vacuum (from work one or two hours before returning, for example …).

Some brands, like Neato with his BotVac range, for example, also offer a notification system to warn of maintenance needs, as empty the bin or change a filter. This is probably one of the most important aspects of the connectivity of everyday objects, unfortunately evaded on some products.

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