Best Small Washing Machine For Studios In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Small Washing Machine For Studios in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Here are revolutionary products to optimize the space of your studios or small apartments. We do not think about often but the washer small model can save you not only space but also money. It is the best place for students, campers and single. Your energy consumption can be effectively reduced with the recent models, more and more efficient. These small devices are easily transportable so you can also enjoy the advantage of being able to wash your clothes wherever you go.

To choose the washing machine small ideal space for you, take into account several features like washing capacity, spin capacity, wash programs available, power and of course the value.

Some will want a more powerful model for daily use, others an economic model that consumes little water as possible … The current market offers a wide range of products so that everyone can find his washing machine ideal small format. Our role at Best comparison is to help you make the best choice possible.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best Small Washing Machine For Studios In 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Small Washing Machine For Studios In 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Small Washing Machine For Studios In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best Small Washing Machine For Studios In 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Small Washing Machine For Studios In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our selection of the top 5 models of mini washing machine for 2020

According to our research, here are the five products that we have attracted by their efficiency and are currently the best on the market.

1. TecTake 400 777 – A good washing machine small model

On the market since 2013, small washing machine has proven its quality and is ranked today as the best on the market. It combines a reduced size and performance of a traditional washing machine, with a reasonable price.

“2 in 1”, it provides washing and drying machine at the same time. TecTake integrated two wash and two separate timers for the washing drum and the dryer. It is comparable to conventional washing machines for the washing quality.

It is a model environmentally optimized to consume a minimum of water and energy. It comprises a washing capacity of 200 W and 120 W of dewatering capacity.

Another important point: this device has a high safety standard. Indeed the circuit is designed to stop automatically in case of high temperature.

This small washing machine built, quite compact with dimensions of approximately 65 cm x 40 cm x 75 cm can be installed wherever you like, and you can carry it easily in your travels. Loading is easily the top and you can wash up to 4.5 kg of laundry. As for the spin, this device will offer a capacity of 1350 revolutions / minute for 3.5 kilograms of laundry. Note that the plastic is superior, it is perfectly stable and resistant to breakage.

TecTake 400 777 is supplied with its connection pipes, a strainer for the washing drum and its user manual. This product has a good quality-price.

2. Syntrox Germany WM-200W – A small washer-dryer perfectly suited for studios

Another model that does not disappoint. Syntrox Germany of products are known to be very small, compact and quality.

The small washing machine we have reviewed offers many advantages: it is small and compact, with dimensions of 36 cm x 56 cm x 37 cm and a weight of 5 kg only. Its washing power is 200 W, and the spin speed is 300 rev / min. It respects the environment as indicated by its energy rating A +. In addition, it is waterproof to IPX4 standard.

You can wash 3.8 kg of laundry in the unit, and spin around 2 kg of laundry at a time. It has two wash programs where you can choose the water temperature. Also, there are two separate timers for washing and spinning. Some of our favorite features here is the lint filter that allows a machine more than clean.

Its stylish design, white and turquoise, with a transparent part perfectly be based in your spaces. His handle on the back allows convenient transportation. This small washing machine for studio has a pipe wastewater firmly installed for easy and rapid evacuation. Please do not let the spin basket during washing (this is not specified in the instructions).

And finally, this mini washing machine does all this silently. This is one of the washer-dryer small formats most market practices, and all with a reasonable price.

3. OneConcept SG003 – The most mobile of small washing machines

If you are looking for a washing machine as compact as possible, you have it! The OneConcept SG003, a bestseller in its class, with its dimensions of 35.5 cm x 37 cm x 53 cm will fit anywhere in your apartment. You can also wish to carry on with its weight of 5.4 kilograms. However, it will not suit those who want to wash slipcovers towels or linen slightly larger because it has a washing capacity of only 2.8 kilograms. However it is perfect for a small washing machine extra underwear or for washing baby linen, for example.

He correctly lava provided certain conditions: you will have access to hot water for best results. If you have only cold water where you want to wash your clothes, washing will be less effective. In this case, it is recommended to pretreat stains on your clothes before going to the washing machine and make two 15-minute cycles. This small washing machine for studio has short wash cycles, a single program with timer that is easy to use. The spin is not more efficient but for a device of this type, it does the job. Because of its size the OneConcept SG003 to a washing power and spin of just 180 W. Additionally, it is RoHS certified.

This washer-extractor has a sleek design. The greater part of the device is transparent blue plastic, and can see the laundry inside. At the rear, it has retractable handles, designed for transport. The laundry is done from the top, which is much more convenient. Regarding the manual, it is not available in French and has no apparent guarantee.

This small recessed washing machine is the ally number one of the most confined spaces. Its price is more than adequate and perfectly matches the quality of service you offer this little device.

4. Display 4top – A small washing machine with large capacity

Here is a mini washing machine with big ambitions … With a washing capacity approaching 6 kg this unit is able to wash all you want.

It’s a good deal because for a nominal fee you will have almost the same results as a conventional machine and with three times less space used. You can even wash your covers linens, large towels, etc. Guests enjoy a unique feature: the design “Twin tub.” These are two tanks built into this machine and each can wash clothes. One of the two is used to spin.

This washing machine has built 70 cm size 60 cm x 39 cm x. It is heavier than its competitors with its weight of 13 kg, but again nothing excessive. And compared to all that will wash with, we do not want it to be a bit bigger. It is best suited for stationary use, perhaps transportation will be a little bulkier than other, you see.

This model of small washing machine for studio is very popular because it is not necessary to connect. It has two pipes, one for the water inlet and another for the flow. If you want, you can fill the water manually (while traveling, for example).

This small washing machine has an output of 220 W and is UL. It has an engine speed reaches a maximum of 1300 rpm which is almost identical to the traditional washing machines. However, it remains very quiet because the transmitted frequency does not exceed 60 Hz. It has short cycles, 15 minutes to 5 minutes to wash and spin.

The design is simple, white and blue, with three buttons on the top. Its plastic is resistant but light, which compensates its weight more consistent.

5. Aqua Laser – Mini washing machines and mini price

For those who do not want to spend a big budget to buy a small washing machine built, this product is perfect for you. It has one of the lowest price, with very satisfactory performance. It is part of small models of the smallest washing machine, its size is one of its strengths, with only 39 cm x 37 cm x 50 cm for 5.7 kilograms. It is a well thought equipment for camping trips and bathrooms studio. It sleeps up to 2.5 kg laundry wash it with a power of 160 W. You will have good and quick results while saving on your bill.

Aqua Laser has one short-cycle program since the spin function is integrated into this product. You can always find patterns of small extractors if you really need this feature you.

This small washing machine does not need a machine connection washing. Here you do not have the tool to heat the water so the washing machine to wash water temperature that you insert. It is very suitable for sensitive clothing it is recommended to wash with cold water.

The design is classic and elegant, blue and white plastic, with transparent tank to see the laundry inside. It has a single button that is intended to set the timer. You will find a handle at the back for easy transport.

Operation is simple, you will do some steps to start the wash. You will just place your machine and your detergent in their tanks, add water to the desired temperature and adjust the washing time reaches 15 minutes.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best mini washing machine

Wash Quality

Generally, it is believed that small washing machines wash less than traditional machines, which has proved wrong in our passages reviewed. This feature is obviously the most important in the choice of washing machine for small space. Be careful, as this marks can vary greatly. The best way to get an idea is to look at the washing wattage.

Quality of spin

For washer-dryer small space spin is not always very good. Some do not even have this feature. Obviously, this option is really recommended to make your life easier, especially since you will always find some models that perfectly accomplish this task. The drying speed of your machine depend on the quality of spin. However, be careful not to damage your machine with too much spin speed.


What is expected of a mini washing machine is to be able to handle easily. Contrary to what you may think some devices achieve substantial weight, especially if they have dryers. It really is advisable to thoroughly check this if you want to carry as you want your device, take it with you when you travel or come out only when you do your laundry to save space.

Programs and handling

With models of small washing machine more efficient, you will find practical programs and easy to handle. When we think of the variety of clothes that one possesses, it is essential to pay attention to this feature. For an optimal washing you want a machine that will not only wash but will adapt to any condition. Indeed, there are programs for delicate fabrics, others for thick fabrics etc.


The washing machines are products in which we want to invest. And as it comes to smaller formats, you can easily spend a little more to be sure to have all the functions you need. Prices of models we reviewed vary between 100 and 115 €. This is a reasonable price for quality products, a small investment for a product that really makes life easier.

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