Best Sweepers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Sweepers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

We will not lie, we all like to have a clean and well maintained … This only request to have the appropriate equipment and minimal effort. If you still want to properly maintain your home efficiently and spend hours, a sweeper is a simple and effective solution for easy cleanup.

The sweepers are actually quite simple. They have a flat head with rotating brushes and a tank for receiving dust. So when you clean your carpet sweeper, rotary brushes direct the dirt will be sucked into the reservoir. A sweeper is actually quite similar to a vacuum cleaner with a handle that allows you to hold and direct the device easily and, if you are looking for the best model, well, you will find many sweepers whether on internet or in stores.

The main advantage of sweepers is they can access hard to reach places (unlike most vacuum cleaners). In addition, the sweepers are generally more economical in terms of energy consumption and wireless, they will provide greater comfort (because we all know that lugging the vacuum with the wire is not always comfortable).

So if you are looking for a sweeper, Best Comparison you reviewed 6 models, according to will fully satisfy you and that are part of the best sweepers sold on the net.

Our selection of mechanical brushes 6 2019

After many brands and many models reviewed, we believe that the 6 models that we present below will allow you to maintain your home with maximum comfort and offer you a complete satisfaction.

1. KB 5 – Sweeper Karcher

Best Sweepers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

At Karcher, the design of a product does not make concessions in terms of design, even if it is a simple mechanical broom. Though single is not exactly the most appropriate term for this sweeper KB 5. As we said earlier, the design is successful, it is in front of an object that is pleasant to see and exudes quality ( it will not work in a nice apartment).

From a more practical standpoint, it lacks not qualities. The length of the handle to start is quite sufficient with 112cm, enough to ensure a comfortable daily use. Furthermore the handle also has a double flexible hinge. It’s easy with the sweeper Karcher reach the most inaccessible areas, whether in your living room, your kitchen or bathroom. Always in use, many will appreciate the fact that it operates using a battery, thus avoiding drag permanently a power cable.

Then, like many other manufacturers, Karcher integrated bag system to receive dust and other salete.La dimension of it (0,37L) is quite reasonable. We would have appreciated more capacity but at least it prevents the sweeper is too bulky or too heavy.

Use of this Karcher electric broom and easy, convenient, space-saving. I use it everyday. I recommend it for a kitchen maintenance, or part of average size. Request some time to clean it. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

This sweeper Karcher has more of a special mode for quick cleaning: the Quick’n’clean. The name is suggestive enough, the blade becomes more efficient thanks to an accelerated rotation of his brushes. Very handy to clean quickly in an emergency. Note however that the battery may drain faster. This is also the small complaint we make this sweeper signed Karcher (autonomy of only 30 minutes, which is quite short). Knowing that requires a load of 3 hours, that somewhat limits the use that can be put. We must therefore think reload every time you do not use it to avoid being caught unawares.

Otherwise, the use of this sweeper is fun and facilitates still good life. This model clearly demonstrates that Karcher is still one of the leaders in this field. The KB 5 is recommended in view of its many qualities and for a price that is very affordable.

2. Quick and Clean – Electric Sweeper Vileda

Best Sweepers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

For the cleaning of all kinds, Vileda offers Quick and Clean, a model that does not miss assets. At his presentation Quick and Clean is really nice in its red color. especially can easily distinguish the dirt around the brush. The Quick and Clean has 2 rubber brushes placed on the front. These are very effective to capture all dust, crumbs and other, including through increased mobility of the brush head. It can adapt in this way to surfaces or obstacles. Also the shape and arrangement of the brushes make ideal for tiles and parquet cleaning (depending Vileda). Another practical advantage of these two brushes, they can be removed easily, thus when the need arises to remove them to extract any dust or dirt that would have hung.

Weighing only 0.45 kg, this device is very lightweight. This lightness will immediately notice the use and convenience. No thread on this model, instead, we have the right to a Li-ion battery (like those found in smartphones). Good battery life so, but it will still 3 hours to recharge fully. Vileda also offers a 2 year warranty, enough to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Collect more than I have imagined dust and debris. I use in troubleshooting (daily) to not leave the vacuum cleaner. For example, the cat litter granules are swallowed in one pass. It is becoming very light. Anyway I’m happy with my purchase.

Unfortunately, the Quick and Clean suffers from a defect which may be prohibitive for some buyers: the noise. Indeed, once in office, the engine is far from being discreet. He constantly reminds our ears. This can be seen especially when compared to other models offered by competitors or even by Vileda. To stay in flats, it was also noted bag capacity of only 0.2 L, forcing the unit to empty frequently.

The sweeper Quick and Clean makes up in part by its dual cylinder system, making sure that it is a bit noisy. But it nevertheless gives it enough power and autonomy for treating surfaces of over 250 meters. Being a model without a motor, the price is still very reasonable, especially considering all its qualities.

3. Sweeper carpet – Leifheit Rotaro S

Best Sweepers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Leifheit will Rotaro a valuable ally to clean in all circumstances. Yet it also presents itself as specially designed for some surfaces. Indeed, the Rotaro S Leifgeit is an excellent sweeper carpet, which does not however prevent the use for other surfaces, such as flooring and tiling. Many points in its design have been treated to provide excellent results the most difficult surfaces to be cleaned.

Let’s start with a review of the main features of this broom. It has a collapsible handle long, very useful to reach every corner of your room. The present Rotaro S also two rows of bristles for optimal absorption of dust or dirt embedded in the carpet, which also makes cleaning angles.

An option to adjust the brush height to suit all types of carpets and rugs. Two circular brushes at the front that capture dust and head to the main brush in the center of the brush. The brushes are made from natural hair, as deemed more efficient.

I confirm that this is a remarkable ally in the daily battle against dog hair clumps and other reported plant debris from the garden by the animal – which itself seems fascinated by this new tool! Very effective (one pass only) on both vinyl flooring on carpet. Just look at the brushes underneath to understand that we are dealing with some serious hardware.

It is also distinguished by the fact that this is a manual and non-electric model. Which means it has no power cable, and no engine. This has the main advantage to solve the problem of battery life (it can be used as long as you like). And secondly, this is good news because it saves energy and therefore money. Who said manual sweeper does not say cleaning less effective, quite the contrary, as evidenced by this Leifheit Rotaro S, the results are not ashamed to face competition.

Last, emptying the drip tray is very easy, it is located on top of the broom and flakes easily with one hand.

4. Natural sweep – mechanical brush Brooms Bissel

Best Sweepers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Bissel has more to prove, this is one of the best manufacturers of products and world cleaning supplies. And usually they are of quality and exemplary reliability. Bissell has many sweeper models engine. The brand has not abandoned the niche of sweepers manuals as proven this model: the Natural Sweep. A model a little old did you want to say, this model of sweeper clearly stands out from the majority of what is offered by the rest of the competition by being equipped with no engine.

A manual sweeper while simplicity, where everything depends on the pressure exerted by the user. Simplicity in design but also in its use, this model has an ingenious design. The broom brush Natural Sweep Bissel has a long telescopic arm that allows to clean every corner of the house, including the most difficult to access. Bissel equipped Design 2 bags: one is located at the front, the second at the rear.

The opening of these bags system has been designed to be as easy as possible to preserve the user comfort. When one is in the cleaning, nothing more frustrating than wasting time to wade a secondary task as empty the vacuum bag. It has to be done quickly and easily, and this is what was understood Bissel with its Natural Sweep.

Very good product. Gathers dust, hair and sheep effortlessly without electricity. Brief always available for daily cleaning. Very fast delivery in 24 hours. Easy installation, very easy to use for rendering impeccable.

It’s probably still a concern to simplify that pushed the brand to not put this engine sweeper. Efforts are basically worn primarily on the quality of brushes which, although not being connected to an engine to run them, are of undeniable effectiveness. The main advantage is to preserve the most delicate surfaces. Even if it’s not intentional, sometimes some motorized broom handle so too abrasive cleaned surfaces, damaging them. With the sweeper Natural Sweep, you can exercise pressure that suits you, so this is a real plus for cleaning the most delicate surfaces

For easy handling of the brush, Bissel has equipped this model with no less than 6 wheels, which facilitates its use and regardless of the surface. Moreover, the wheels rubber coating makes sure they do not leave marks and will not damage your floors. The sweeper Bissell Natural Sweep is suitable for all surfaces and, having reviewed, we found it a very good price / quality ratio.

5. Dragon Flame Lazy 3 1 – mechanical cleaner Broom

Best Sweepers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Here is a model of mechanical broom versatile and above all at a very reasonable price. Let us review the Lazy Dragon Flame. This mechanical vacuum broom is available on amazon by Dracarys. In terms of dimensions, it is 38 cm long and 24cm wide. The set weighs about 0.73 kg and even if he does not pay mine at first glance, the Lazy Dragon Flame is no shortage of arguments. He knows how multitasking with 3 possible uses.

First, it serves traditional sweeper. One can also use it as a shovel to pick up dust or debris. And finally, it also acts as garbage, to some extent because the storage bag is not too bulky one could hope. The Lazy Dragon Fly is very convenient in everyday life, you can really use it as a multitasking tool alternating uses thereof for different cleaning tasks. It is a pleasure to use and it enables faster and easier maintenance of your home.

We must not rely too much on an integrated motor because the Lazy Dragon Flame does not have one (which also has its good sides). Maintain the engine, ensure that it is not jammed with dust or avoid the wet can sometimes be a real ordeal. Problems not encountered with manual sweepers. With this model, you can perform many tasks, such as cleaning the tiles with his water tank. No risk of short circuit here, and with the microfiber spinning is really very easy.

Very good product, do his job well, do not do to go back like a vacuum cleaner. But very useful for a shot of fast broom. I recommend.

Dracarys the mechanical brush is equipped with two brushes on the outside and with a handle to hold it. The position and shape of the brush facilitates the collection of dirt in the center pushing and even fines will struggle to escape the action of the sweeper. It can be used to clean various surfaces such as wood, plastic, cement and even the most delicate surfaces such as marble. The only problem with this brush is obliged to always sweep forward and, by going back and forth, sometimes a part of the dirt already absorbed be rejected. A notable failure but again considering the price of the product is acceptable. The sweeper Dracarys is undoubtedly one of the cheapest models on amazon and market.

6. Supreme Sweep Turbo – Balai mecanique Bissell

Bissel multiplies sweeper references and the least we can say is that every time, quality is at the rendezvous. This is even true with this electric sweeper meets the sweet name Sweet Supreme Turbo. This model is equipped with a single pin of very good quality. The fibers are nylon, ensuring optimal absorption of dust.

We are dealing here with a cordless sweeper with a motor of impressive power. Respecting the market trend, it works with a rechargeable battery. The best choice very clearly, because the lack of power cable has the advantage of making your mobile broom. Daily use is very comfortable, so you get used to very quickly take it everywhere with you to clean all over the house. Although a bit heavier than some models (1.8 kg), its handling remains good and its use very fluid.

This is a rechargeable electric broom Wireless has a battery life of 60 minutes and allows a multi-surface cleaning, with consistent performance for each type of surface.

He is light. Space-saving and therefore wireless, rather aesthetic, it can help to make a quick cleaning stroke is small, when the cat puts litter next example.

However, the Supreme Turbo Sweep catches this little default on its weight on other points. The waste tank can be emptied by simply pressing a button, it has a security that turns off the engine in case of anomalies … Pricewise, it’s also a pleasant surprise, because for a brand sweeper Bissel, the price is very reasonable.

The top 3 brands sweeper

On the mechanical brooms market, the choice is yours and it has demonstrated comparative. But among all the available models, some arrive still stand out from the competition. Through their products, experiences and all their offers, three names are authoritative in the market for sweepers and cites the following brands: Leifheit, Karcher and Bissel. Turning to these brands, you have very little chance to be disappointed with your purchase. These brands have some commonalities, and they enjoy a certain notoriety in recent decades and an undeniable expertise in the market for household appliances.

In this comparison, the brand that stands out first is of course Bissel, which has no less than 3 products identified: the Supreme Sweep Turbo, the Natural Sweep and Vac & Steam Titanium. The brand is renowned in the field of home appliances by being a pioneer in the market. Also produces vacuum cleaners, Bissell has made the basis to create its range of sweepers. Its products meet a wide demand, offering both manual and electrical models range of input prices to more expensive models but developed … Definitely Bissel is the brand that we must know and parallel the one on whom we can rely eyes closed to provide quality and price.

Present in our comparison, Karcher is a pure example of German know-how. The sweeper Karcher KB 5 is durable, reliable, with good finishes. Few criticisms can be made to it. And that’s a criteria that it shares with other Karcher products.

Then we Leifheite, the specialist manufacturing base of kitchen utensils, their orientation towards household items was a natural. The sweeper Leifheit Rotaro S is an excellent model, which offers several options like adjusting brushes, emptying the tank in a hand, etc … Details in appearance but are a great addition to user experience . Convenience and comfort in everyday life are really the center of the brand concerns. Moreover Leifheite often offer a guarantee on its products for the sweeper Leifheite, you have eg 2 years warranty

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