Best Tables Changing Wall In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best tables Changing Wall in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

A happy event for? Congratulations ! For many people, the birth of a baby is one of the most intense life experiences. However, the preparations that come with the arrival of a child are often very stressful and, believe us, we quickly forget something, even making a list of everything you need. Stroller, bottle, car seat … we will not mention you all the accessories you need to welcome as it should be your baby (because there would still be tomorrow …), but one essential to have well understanding the changing table.

We do not think it is necessary to introduce the function and utility of a changing table. This is one of the essential accessories for one of the favorite activities of the parents (mostly fathers) … changing diapers. Just as there are many brands of baby accessories, table models changing abound. You will find both wooden models, than plastic, of all colors, with more or less original designs and in what concerns us, we have tried and tested several models of tables Changing wall.

Best Tables Changing Wall In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

If you have the advantage of having a room specifically for your baby, it’s really the top, but even then, with all the necessary items, it can sometimes be difficult to find room for everything you and your baby need, so if you are looking for a compact changing table and allows you to best optimize your space, a wall changing table can be a rather interesting solution. Indeed, as the name suggests, these changing tables are attached directly to the wall to save maximum space.

So interested? If you need a changing table wall today in this new comparison and after having reviewed many brands and many models, Best Comparison have prepared a selection of the best 5 Changing tables wall sold on the net.

Our selection of 5 Wall changing tables 2019

You think a wall changing table and what fits you perfectly? Great ! It’ll just choose the model you go buy now. We invite you to discover our selection of the top 5 baby changing murals, we are sure you will fully optimize your space to make the fabulous activity diaper changing a little easier.

1. Roba Junglebaby – The Best Folding table wall Changing in Roba

Best Tables Changing Wall In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Ever heard of the brand Roba? Until this comparison, we either … The Roba brand, founded in 1927, specializes in the manufacture and marketing of children’s furniture, toys and accessories. With over 85 years of experience, the brand is considered one of the leaders in the market and what we can already say is that we really were not disappointed by reviewing this table changing wall Junglebaby.

Measuring 79 x 63 x 19 cm, the wall changing table Roba Junglebaby appears as a changing table shelf, with a space of exchange that can be folded to save maximum space and out when your baby need to be changed. Rather, it is a detail but if you created a room specifically for your child, you certainly want your changing table match with the decor of the room of your baby? Well, if you opt for the wall changing table Roba Junglebaby, you have a choice of models and colors and you can choose the model in plain white, dark white or natural wood (even if we think that all these versions are relatively master key).

To provide optimum comfort for your baby during the exchange, the changing table comes with a mattress of 59 x 72 cm padded polyester (65%) and cotton (35%). This mattress provides baby belly soft and respectful surface of his skin and, in case of accidents (which is not uncommon believe us), it is very easy to maintain and you can totally switch it machine. Overall, this changing table PVC is strong enough and has a capacity of 15 kg and thus you can use until your child is perfectly clean.

Used daily for nearly a year, baby is 11kg and above will always carefree. The quality is pretty good for the price, some flaws but pleasantly surprised by the strength of the together.We have fixed on a wall hard, no risk of fragility that side, I do not know what it can give on the other wall type.

Easy to open and close, the wall changing table has shock absorbers that allow a slow slide and safely. Besides the fact that this model allows you to effectively save maximum space, the wall changing table Roba Junglebaby also has the advantages of having two shelves, which allow you to store everything you need to exchange your baby (wipes, cream, layers …) and you can even use them when the changing table is folded.

Do you know what phthalate? Phthalate is a chemical derivative of the plastic which is used in particular to make it more flexible. Often present in toys, clothing, cosmetics … this chemical created almost 3 tons per year worldwide has been known to be an endocrine disruptor that can affect the growth of your child. Although now controlled for the safety and health of your children, the brand Roba simply decided not to include phthalates in her changing table wall (and in most of its products).

Overall, we found that the installation of this wall changing table was quite simple, choosing this model, you are guaranteed to have a space of lasting change, respectful of the health of your baby. Overall, after having reviewed, and for a model of this quality, it must be said that the wall changing table Roba offers a price that is in the middle (for other similar models).

2. Roba Baumann – Excellent comfort station cheap

Best Tables Changing Wall In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

As you have already said, although we mark was unknown until then, Baumann eventually turns out to be one of the leading brands in the world of childcare, so you will find many of its models in this roundup . If you have a limited budget but are still looking for a functional changing table, it was found that this model could be a good solution.

Measuring 85 x 49 x 76.5 cm, the table Roba Baumann Wall changing is actually quite similar to the previous model. Again, there is a table model changing shelf, with a space of exchange that you can fold up to maximize your space. Level design, it is a fairly classic natural wood colors and therefore, no matter the decor of your baby’s room, this model is quite happening everywhere.

For folding and unfolding easily and safely, this wall changing table has a locking system and openness to easy catch than you can handle in one hand (which leaves you free for the second hold your baby). Again, there is a comfortable padded mattress and soft for your baby to ensure optimum comfort at the time of exchange. With a capacity of 15 kg, this model also ensures a long life and durability.

With this model also, you have two shelves allowing you to store accessories in exchange for your baby and you have everything at hand that the time diapering your child has arrived.

Overall, it was too no complaints about this model, quality is the appointment, installation is rather simple and it is a functional wall changing table that offers a good space for exchange while remaining a prices very reasonable.

3. EcoWare – A professional table wall Changing

Best Tables Changing Wall In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Another brand that we were unknown until then, the EcoWare brand. This brand is part of Emeis Group, based in Brussels, specialized in the field of hygiene and health for over 10 years. With other brands like EcoDryer and Do not touch me that most often found on Amazon, the brand was the basis for professionals but rather has recently turned to the general public and, after testing this table wall-changer, we must say we were pleasantly surprised.

Just by its design, the wall changing table EcoWare appears on being a professional model of the style of those found in nurseries or maternity, which does not however prevent you from using it at home. While there was clearly preferred the shelves with previous models as changing tables, the Ecoware model is still quite functional and has some advantages.

With this model, there is a fold-exchange space that allows you to have a beautiful space to change your baby and, on the part that hangs on the wall, there are two areas where you can put diapers and wipes to change your child’s diaper. However, what particularly stands out the changing table wall EcoWare other models, is really its health side and very safe. Indeed, to give your baby a safe space for exchange and healthy, the changing table has an antibacterial treatment and a seatbelt.

My childminder wife uses it for the children she keeps, very especially for security.

For other accessories you might need, this wall changing table also has 2 hooks on each side, where you can hang in there a bag with all the necessary, such as clothing, creams, etc … The only downside that however we accept this model is that we have just wish there is an integrated mattress to provide baby more comfortable (but nothing prevents you to buy one separately).

Installation is fairly simple and, overall, even if we find that this wall changing table is a model may be a bit expensive for personal use at home, considering that it is still a fairly professional model the price of the wall changing table may therefore seem reasonable enough for more intensive use in a specialized body.

4. Wicky Butterfly – Happy Wall changing table Geuther home

Best Tables Changing Wall In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Geuther is a German company specializing in the design and manufacture of wood furniture for children that combines safety, comfort and quality. From food, foreign exchange, the baby is awake … you particularly recommend Geuther mark for the quality of its handcrafted products guaranteed “deutsch qualitat”.

A small changing table classic wall, functional and of very good quality, that’s what this model offers Wicky Butterfly. Measuring 75 x 71 x 59 cm, this model is also a changing table with a folding shelf exchange space that you can take to save space when your baby has changed.

What particularly distinguishes the changing table wall Wicky Butterfly Geuther from other models is its handcrafted design offering very good strength and excellent durability. Indeed, this wall changing table is made of wood massive beech, ensuring your baby a natural exchange space and providing a natural design that suits all the decorations.

Free Table for the arrival of a little girl, buyers are delighted with the ease of installation and use.

Very easy to handle, this wall changing table opens and closes with one hand and to ensure maximum comfort to your baby at the time of change, we also appreciated that this model has also a soft and comfortable mattress. Moreover, although it has enjoyed the models of brand Roba, one must admit that practical level, this wall changing table is very compact and therefore ideal for small rooms. However, with this model, although it may be enough, you have only one storage shelf (still allowing you to store a few diapers, clothing and other accessories.

Overall, installation is very simple and fast and we have no doubt about the quality of this changing table wall. Nevertheless, even if the production seems fairly upscale, all the same it was found that the changing table Wicky Butterfly Geuther was at a pretty high price.

5. Badabulle Easy – The Wall changing table natural wooden home Badabulle

If you are expecting a baby and you are right in the purchase of all necessary, you will certainly come across some of Badabulle brand products that offer numerous articles in the field of childcare. always offering more innovative products than each other, the brand offers Badabulle really all you need for your baby, whether for meals, bath, going out, awakening and of course … the changes.

After reviewed, there is no denying the changing table wall Badabulleeasy really stands out from all the models that we present above. Measuring 72.5 x 56 x 18.5 cm, this wall folding changing table offers a compact exchange space that you can hang on the wall to save maximum space.

To ensure your baby optimum comfort during the exchange, the wall changing table also has a soft padded mattress and comfortable, fully removable and you can switch machine at 30 ° C. This time, we do not find the storage shelves but two baskets where you can store everything you need for your baby and you can take with you here need.

Happy with my purchase; received quickly, good quality … everything is the mattress, small pockets and even star stickers to decorate.

Ideal for your baby and to optimize your space, Badabullea brand also thought of the rest of the family. Indeed, when you close the table to wall station, you enjoy a mirror. Convenient, no? Rather, it is a detail but we also enjoyed the star stickers provided with this wall changing table that allows you to decorate this model as you like, which can be a good business if you have other children.

Clearly, Badabulle brand offers exceptional table wall station, both in terms of quality, comfort than practicality. As concerns us, we absolutely love this model, but we must still admit that it requires a certain budget, but we assure you that the purchase is worth it.

Buying Guide: What-are the best brands of baby changing?

Whether for a changing table and other baby products, this market has no shortage of products and brands and so if you are expecting a happy event, even if it can even be confusing enough, you will be spoiled for choice. As with any purchase, choosing a well known brand and often guarantee of safety and quality, because the products are recommended by many users and known brands often have long years of experience. If you need a changing table for the imminent arrival of your baby, look together what are the most popular brands.


Offering changing tables and many other accessories, whether strollers, car seats, booster … if you’re right in the purchase of the necessary for your baby, it is likely that you come across products Italian brand Brevi. The Italian brand is known for products of very good quality, comfort, design and functionality, even if you do not find in this comparison, it nevertheless remains one of the market leaders of childcare.


It has already presented you the Geuther mark briefly in our comparison, especially with the changing table Wicky Butterfly. German products are often recognized as being of high quality and in regard to Geuther brand products, quality and practicality are the hallmarks. high chairs, beds, parks … this German brand offers numerous high-end products, although prices are often high, you are still safe to buy sustainable products every time.

Tiny Love

Specializing in baby products and children’s toys, the American brand Tiny Love has also been awarded several times for the educational benefits of the awakening of the baby products it offers. This is indeed the brand philosophy that tends initially to promote awareness of children but also offers many baby accessories like baby trotter, high chairs and changing tables.


Roba is also a brand that you can find in our comparison. Specializing in the design and marketing of children’s furniture, the brand offers as well as changing tables dressers and other items to make life easier for you and your baby. Design, functionality, quality, brand does not skimp on the means to offer products that respect the well-being of your children and the environment

Up Baby

The mark up Baby offers many baby products, from high chairs, beds with umbrella and passing of course by changing tables. Appreciated for design, functionality and quality of its products, the brand is also known for the advice and tips she shares with parents to help them promote the healthy development of their children.

How to choose a changing table?

During his first weeks of life, your baby will need to be changed about 12 times per day. From birth to potty training, so you might have to charge you from the drudgery of diapers about 4500 times. Choosing a good changing table seems therefore essential. Here are some things to consider when choosing the model that suits you best.

Comfort and safety

Above all, the most important and that your baby comfortably and safely. Donations, if you plan to buy a changing table, prefer models with comfortable changing mat and possibly a safety belt which will prevent your baby from falling if you have to turn the eye for a few seconds (and this happens more often than is believed).

Functionality and practicality

All the accessories your baby needs can take up much space. This is why many parents opt for changing tables more practical, compact and functional. You can choose a table model with wall changing as we present you in our comparison with folding exchange spaces and storage spaces, but there are other types of model. For example you can choose a convenient changing table that will allow you to store all clothing, bed linen and all the accessories for your baby.


In general, changing tables are designed for your comfort and that of your baby. Nevertheless, when you plan a changing table, always put yourself in position to know if the height of the model for you. We generally do not meet changing tables too high but too low models with which you break your back when you change your baby there.

The materials

If you need a changing table, instead we recommend you to go on a natural model and instead choose changing tables in solid wood that will offer you a good robustness and durability. However, nothing prevents you from going on other models but recommends that you avoid changing tables plastic. As we mentioned with the model of brand Roba, many plastic products have phthalates, a harmful chemical substance, so if you opt for a changing table in plastic, make sure you see the mention without phthalates.

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