Best Value Price Drones | Best Comparison

Best Value Price Drones | Best comparison

The drone has been democratized in recent years and enthusiasts can now enjoy these technological devices at very reasonable prices. But how to navigate the countless offers of drones on the market? For best sensations of flight and results video on your expectations, choose the best for your drone use.

Depending on your budget, your expectations and your experience with UAVs, the correct model is not necessarily the same for all. However, manufacturers are working to provide ever more efficient devices for users, even the uninitiated.

With our selection of 7 drones quality / reasonable price and our final purchase guide, you will have no trouble finding the model for you. Prepare to discover the joys of drone pilot and take photos and stunning movies!

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

How we chose the drones in this comparison?

In order to establish an appropriate selection, keeping only UAV models that will delight their buyers, we had to make a drastic sorting in the market offer. For this, we rely on professional experience returns, who used these machines for making clips or photos. Their opinions are very important, since they know exactly what differentiates a good drone of a model that does not fulfill the contract.

The user comments are also essential to know what each model is actually, when used in a non-professional context. drone flying enthusiasts are demanding and they do not hesitate to praise the qualities of a good device when necessary, and to provide constructive criticism when a drone does not meet expectations.

For this comparison, we considered the following criteria:

Owning a drone is sensational and you will realize even impossible experiences and almost unimaginable even a few years. A dive in the future that will delight those who will engage in the discipline, with the best drone hands!

The best value drones with cameras price

You want to fly one of these small devices for fun, to perform tricks in the air and to draw incredible images? Here is our comparison of the best drone 2020, this desire can become a reality quickly.

Best Value Price Drones | Best Comparison

1. Drone GPS D80 Potensic – The drone at the best quality / price

Users seeking a high-performance UAV, equipped with the latest technical innovations in flight, should find their happiness with the D80 model Potensic brand. This product, which is among the best UAV less than 200 euros, offers a lively feel and has great finishes.

This device weighs about 430 grams and has 4 propellers (and 4 other are provided to compensate for a case-sensitive), which gives it a very good stability in flight. Gray Metallic, it is rather pleasing to the eye, and technology enthusiasts will be delighted to see him twirl in the air.

In terms of options, it is a drone that uses a brushless motor, which allows fast gear changes, lower energy consumption and especially increased power. This allows the device to take 15 to 20 minutes in the air, with its high-performance modular battery, which is appreciable. It is able to reach 40 km / h and can fly up to 500/800 meters away via the remote transmitter where you can set your smartphone.

Control through the phone allows you to draw a path to be followed by the drone for a very intuitive, and you can also set a landmark around which the UAV will fly to a circularly-cons indication from you . Perfect when you want to record or perform a 360 ° picture of a monument or a specific place.

It has a flight system assisted GPS, which can always know the position of the device (no risk of loss) and an automatic return feature that allows you, in case of low battery or urgency, to return to you easily. Moreover, a double protection that reflects the battery level and the distance at which you are the drone, will go back if the battery level is low or you too may find yourself out of reach. This brings a huge flight of comfort and welcome security.

Among our favorite points about this model D80 Potensic, note the Follow Me mode, which allows to connect your GPS drone of your smartphone. Thus, the flying machine will follow you (whether you are on foot or by vehicle) to capture images on the go.

In terms of image, the module offers a 5.0 GHz direct transmission fluid and wide-angle camera 120 ° in 2K provides impressive image quality. Only downside, the need to have a 5G smarpthone to use the FPV function.

Here we have a very powerful drone, a quality / price ratio. It equals without difficulty some more expensive models and allow those who want a GPS drone fly high to satisfy their craving! Between easy use and excellent workmanship results, it is a model that we highly recommend.

Technical characteristics of the drone:

Best Value Price Drones | Best Comparison

2. Drone EACHINE E520S with 4K Camera – Best drone for video

The Eachine brand offers here a drone that impresses with its design, since it seems straight out of a science fiction film. Black, with a plastic coating resistant and the ability to fold for storage, one quickly finds that it has received great care in its design.

It is a model drone ideal for those wanting to make nice video since it has a wide angle camera HD 4k real-time rendering allows impressive. It supports SD memory cards for storage that offers a sharper your movies. It is also possible to use the First Person View mode (FPV) for total immersion in flight. What is taken for a bird!

Several flight modes are available, beginning with the tracking mode (Follow Me) that allows you to go about your activities – sports, walks … – while having the drone that follows you automatically, based on the GPS position your phone. Another interesting way of theft, theft by trajectory that allows you to plot a route on the screen of your cell phone before the drone will follow this predefined path.

This model drone 4k Eachine also has a mode Back home a touch activated. Your device will then return itself to its starting point, which avoids losing the drone but it disappears from your field of vision. Finally, the headless mode the device is intended primarily for children or beginners, since it allows to give directions to the drone by remote control, avoiding risky maneuvers that often neophytes. As such, the addition of an altitude hold function is a great idea that can film and photograph without the camera trembles!

With a charging time of about 3 hours to a flight time of 16 minutes, a flying distance of 200 meters and the accessories (such as protections for propellers, a set of extra propellers …), it is a high model comprehensive range! Consider buying 4 AAA batteries to put in the remote control, if you choose this mode of control. Otherwise, your smartphone will do!

Here’s the best drone for the video in this roundup, as beautiful as efficient, which will accompany both beginners and those who already know how to use such devices. Stable, easy to handle and can provide beautiful images, this is a very appropriate choice for a drone that range.

Technical characteristics of the drone:

Best Value Price Drones | Best Comparison

3. Drone SP650 of Snaptain – The best start to drone

The SP650 drone Snaptain brand is certainly the best model to learn the basics of piloting and video in the sky, and it is among the best drones within 100 euros. Admittedly, this is a reliable model, easy to control and aesthetically very successful.

Start with the latter, with this quadricpoteres drone black, small (27cm x 27cm x 11cm) and lightweight (125 g), which is very ergonomic. Even if it’s your first drone, you will have no trouble in the handle! The flight duration is correct (about 12 minutes per battery, but there are two supplied) but the reduced charge 2-3 hours and satisfying.

It has four features that facilitate its handling, as its altitude hold button that allows you to freeze the drone at a point in the sky to make a video or a stable picture without any blur. Another button lets you take off or land the drone easily, which proves quite handy when you start. This prevents sudden movements and uncontrollable surges … very common!

The SP650 drone also has a headless mode to control only with the right stick on the controller, without worrying about the orientation of the device, and a way back to the house that gives your drone to return to its point initially, without your intervention. When he walks away and you’re afraid of losing it, that’s a saving functionality.

piloting the sensations are very good and the drone may effector various interesting maneuvers, as the flip 360 which will strike at high speed spectator or rotation, which saw the drone hold its current height while twisting on itself. What do some catch sensational views! There is also a flight function in a circle that serves to surround a perimeter sets, to film a place in 360 ° for example, and the trajectory flight parameter of defining a path from your smartphone, and then see the drone borrow the specified path.

The P650 is equipped with the new 1920 x 1080P camera, which allows for great pictures and a wide angle lens 120 °, which expands your field of vision for artistic shots and panoramic lens 90 °. To store your achievements, you can choose from the memory of your smartphone or inserting a micro SD card up to 128 GB, which improves increasingly rendering.

This versatile UAV transmission Wifi is very complete, it allows as much fun in steering the craft to have fun filming or photographing with a visual rendering quality. Undoubtedly the best drone beginner this selection, in addition offered an attractive price.

Technical characteristics of the drone:

Best Value Price Drones | Best Comparison

4. Drone E58 Foldable to Eachine – Best drone under 100 euros

Eachine offers here a folding drone at a small price, able to satisfy fans looking for a functional model to make small movies or catch some original views. In addition, it has 3 speed modes that allow more competitors to drone shopping with their friends!

The E58 model has a camera with 720p HD Wide Angle, for a more than correct photos and videos captured. The sharpness is the rendezvous and 120 ° angle allows for pictures of beautiful landscapes, from the sky. The transmission via WiFi Live also works very well. Of course, it is on an input range drone, so the images will not be equivalent to a drone to 150 or 200 euros, but the result is more than acceptable for this price!

The steering is not very complicated, with convenient headless mode for simplified maneuvers and automatic trajectory function to provide a route to follow your flying machine, just by tracing a finger on the implementation of your smartphone dedicated to this drone. Simple and effective, it will not be a concern even for a beginner total.

It also has an atmospheric pressure sensor that stabilizes the in flight, and thus filming / photographing a target without trembling. This prevents blurred shots too once you look at them on the screen.

In terms of design, it is very classic, but the fact that retracts promotes transport and easy storage. Moreover, its dimensions are going in the same direction with a size of 19 x 16.4 x 7.6 cm and a weight of just 300g. It is supplied with protective equipment for propellers and propeller replacement in case of accidents and the remote control that requires 4 batteries not included, has a range of about 60 meters.

This foldable Drone E58 is one of Eachine drones at the best quality / price, with a reduced rate for more than acceptable capacity. A nice gift for a flight enthusiast who can entertain easily, or for a child who dreams of owning his first drone!

Technical characteristics of the drone

Best Value Price Drones | Best Comparison

5. Drone SP600 of Snaptain – Another very good model to start

Among the drones within 100 most popular euro market, we find this model Snaptain the SP600, with varied features. For a novice user, who wishes to discover the pleasures of flying and photography wide angle, this is a great product.

It is in the form of a small conventional drone, with dimensions of 31.5 x 31.5 x 12 cm and a light weight of 180 g and has four propellers, which guarantee a good stability. You can also test this with the mode Maintain the altitude that can stabilize the camera in the sky for perfectly crisp recordings.

Regarding theft features include the very amazing ability to control the drone with gestures …! Indeed, this gesture control system allows you, moving your hands or by opening the palm, directing the device. It’s very intuitive when you do it!

Other significant mode, flight mode trajectory that can draw the route to be followed by the drone on the smartphone screen, or headless mode which allows to learn the craft. This drone Snaptain has an off button / landing it will be enough to press to see the machine fly or to land gently, and an emergency stop button. Moreover, it is able to make some moves in the sky, thanks to its 360 °! Top, for aerial freestyle sessions!

The SP600 drone is equipped with a 720p HD camera with adjustable, which offers more than correct rendering photos and videos when viewed on a screen and wide angle 120 ° allows wide shots of, the most beautiful effect. It is also possible to use the RV, with the right headphones (not supplied), which will give the impression of flying!

With a flight time of about 15 minutes, 2 batteries provided that load in 3 hours and a control remote control distance of 80 meters, this drone perfectly fulfills its specifications.

This is a very good model cheap, able to appeal to young people who want fun learning drones and those who want an inexpensive model, but can provide visual results up to expectations. Vr 3D mode is more significant if you have a headset!

Technical characteristics of the drone:

6. Drone D18 Optical Flow with Camera Protensic – A drone with a top value for money

Protensic offers foldable drone and very resistant, that will be perfect for children and for adults who want to have fun. Far from being a toy, he has good qualities both in terms of finishes in the opportunities it offers.

This black AR.Drone is relatively nice and has good taste to bend, for easy storage. You can drag in a bag or pocket without any concern, allowing to take it anywhere without having to worry about space. It has two removable high-capacity batteries that guarantee a flight time of 16 to 20 minutes (2×10 minutes), which is fine, and they recharge easily via a Micro-USB cable.

The steering is fairly intuitive when one has grasped the principle and some features are there to help us. First, take off button and easy landing, avoiding the bad maneuvers, then the optical flow mode, where the drone is programmed to follow its driver, without any intervention of the latter.

The D18 drone is equipped with self-protection function is triggered in case of low battery or the device is located too far from the remote control, eliminating the losses that occur frequently with less reliable devices. In addition, the machine is equipped with a collision avoidance system which compensates for the lack of agility can make younger proof discovering the joys of flying drone, and an ABS plastic finish that makes it very strong .

For movies and pictures, it is equipped with a WiFi HD 1080P camera, filming and retransmits live through a wireless transmission, an adjustable lens 90 and two speed modes that help you learn the handling gently, before embarking on flights with more panache. We can not make loops or figures with this device, but the sensations offered are still very friendly and instructions in French will help you grasp the basic movements to send your drone in the sky!

The D18 drone has a quality / price very interesting and it will help younger or beginners to become familiar with these devices. If lack of possibilities of movement (no looping!), It remains easy to drive and offers good shots with a 1080p HD camera of choice.

Technical characteristics of the drone:

7. Drone S5C of Snaptain – A powerful drone at bargain prices

Those who have a small budget will be delighted to know that it is possible to obtain a functional drone and good quality without breaking the bank. It is still Snaptain offering this model S5C, mainly for children and beginners.

With these four propellers and blue and red lights that illuminate his arms, the drone in a toy aspect is reinforced by its plastic finishes. However, it is strong enough to cope with potential shocks, thanks to its 4 collision barriers.

This unit has 3 speed modes, suitable for beginners and experts and offers a maximum speed that can reach 3.5 m / s, which is impressive when pushed to the max! With several drones, you can do some nice shopping! It easily pilot with his gravity induction system that can control it by moving your smartphone up, down, right and left, or through a convenient headless mode which is easily mastered.

The S5C drone Snaptain offers fashion Altitude Keeping for sharper pictures, a button back to the home that once pressed, instructs the device to return to its launch point and a system Flip 360 ° for aerobatics enthusiasts.

It is equipped with a 720p HD camera, which enables real-time broadcast in WiFi on your devices and recording and video and high-quality pictures. As a bonus, the device is compatible with virtual reality helmets and you can control the drone as if you were on board.

With its powerful 550 mAh battery – you will find two copies in the box – the drone can fly between 7 and 10 minutes, which is more than reasonable for a model at this price. And the charge is rapid, with only an hour to fill the batteries.

It comes with four additional screws, more spare screws and a special screwdriver for careful handling, which make it very complete!

If you need a powerful drone mini price, S5C model Snaptain brand should satisfy you. The images that the camera produces are good bills and control is facilitated by the different options to suit beginners and children. At that price, difficult to ask more!

technical feature of the drone:

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about a drone before buying a

If the desire to acquire a UAV and discover the joys of driving tickles you, so choose wisely! To help you, there were the most important points to consider when buying a drone.

Its size and weight

The first thing to know about the dimensions of drones is one of more than 800 grams craft must be declared online. If you are not a professional, focus less weight for you to avoid this constraint.

The weight of the drone can affect its stability – the smaller will be more sensitive to the wind – but a slight drone will be brighter and uses less power, enabling increased flight times. In addition, weight and overall size will impact the ease of transport and storage of the drone.

Some models, like the drone of Protensic D18, has the luxury of being foldable and fit in your pocket!

The type of camera

While some appreciate the drones only for the pleasure of flying the aircraft, the primary function of these small devices is shooting with the ability to film or take pictures from otherwise inaccessible areas. For this it is essential to know the camera is equipped with the device and its capabilities.

For easy to do, the higher the resolution, the higher your images will be beautiful, whether in movies or pictures. Avoid models that only offer of 480p or images that do not support high definition, if you want to view them on PC screens or on a TV.

For conclusive results, you can focus on the wide angle cameras and those that adjust remotely via the remote control, as well as models with quality wireless transmission that will live display of your images on your smartphone.

The ultimate drones comes with support of the VR through a fashion FPV (first person view) that offers sensations of piloting striking. As such, the Drone GPS Potensic D80 is a very good choice.


To take advantage of your device, you must be able to fly as long as possible! The flight time will depend on the battery power used and varies between 5 minutes to the weaker models and 30 minutes on the professional drones.

The good compromise? Drone with a flight time of 10 to 20 minutes that recharge faster and / or who have two batteries for a replacement in the express action.

Available flight modes

Best drones allow all types of drivers to have fun, offering more flight modes, such as flight path makes the drone follows a predefined path by your care, the flip mode to perform aerobatics or follow me mode, which adjusts the drone automatic tracking mode, by connecting to the GPS in your phone!

Some models are innovative, as is the case for the UAV Drone SP600 of Snaptain, with a control system by movement, which allows you to direct or engage taking pictures simply by shaking hands!

Finally, it’s nice to find a button back to the House for not seeing your drone from to unknown horizons, without possibility to recover it, and a function of take-off / automatic landing, which will simplify you life .

The scope

Scope determines the range to which you can control your drone and it will be important if you in anticipation of sending the craft explore places that you can not access. Otherwise, control 50 – 100 meters just need!

Security features

Improper handling and hard landings are common to and the UAV must be able to roll with the punches. We appreciate when they are equipped with anti-collision as is the case for S5C drone Snaptain and protective barriers system, lengthen its life.

Some drones also provide spare propellers and protections for them.

Value for money

Best drones will be neither the most expensive nor the most massive, but one that fits you and meets your budget. There are now models with an excellent price / quality ratio, which prove that there is no point spending 500 euros in a drone if you’re not a professional. Compare the features and options, and then make your choice depending on what you thought you spend!

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask on drones

Choosing your drone will depend primarily on your experience. There are drones to beginners drones to regular churchgoers and even models for competition, since they are able to fly at breakneck paces to participate in races.

Then we have to determine what you want to do with: only the fly? Take some beautiful photos? Make videos and quality clips? Use the RV? Depending on that, you will opt for a model with a more or less powerful camera, which will vary the price.

Consider the available features and users who intends drone and you will already have concrete elements to make your choice.

Drones with remote control (used by individuals) are small devices propeller powered by a battery. They can operate with a provided controller and via an application running IOS or Android, for control via Smartphone.

It has transmitters that allow it to meet the required maneuvers, gyroscopes to stabilize moving, WiFi transmission system for sending images on your screen, an accelerometer and a front camera, capable of capturing the landscape.

Depending on the direction of rotation of the propellers and the selected function (follow me, FPV, flight path …), it will use the WiFi and GPS function of your smartphone to locate itself in the air and be able to find his way in case of loss.

Where to fly its drone?

Depending on the country you are in, the legislation concerning the UAV flight is not the same. In France, it is necessary to consult the website to know the allowed or forbidden places for this activity.

It is forbidden to fly in the city, to fly over the houses and use the device near military complex or airport.

For a quiet and pleasant flight, fly in your garden or in a secluded park in the countryside and away from prying eyes. Above all, keep in mind that it is forbidden to film people without their consent with your drone!

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