Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

Yoga is an ancient practice that is recognized for its many virtues: stress management, physical health, emotional balance … Whether yogi aspiring or experienced, it is essential to properly equip themselves to practice yoga with confidence.

You must have a yoga mat which assures you a comfortable and safe practice. It is important to move towards a model where the size, thickness and material correspond to your practice and your level. There are now many yoga mat models and it can be difficult to make the right choice. This is why it is important to inform, compare features according to specific criteria.

The best yoga mats in 2020

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

1. Yoga mats Movit: A yoga mat Fitness and easy to carry

The yoga mat Movit is available in various sizes in many colors, which leaves you the option of choosing a suitable carpet for your size and your tastes.

It is without doubt the best yoga mat for those who have practical varied and seeking the versatile material. With its comfort and its thickness, this carpet can also be used mats for building muscle or gymnastics.

If you practice an activity that makes you sweat, the advantage of this mat is able to wash easily. You can also use it outdoors on a ground not necessarily own lawn or sandy guy. A simple sponge and soap enough to give it a facelift, freshness and cleanliness.

Elastic transport allow you to carry your yoga mat easily. If you practice yoga room is an excellent compromise. You can get there on foot, bicycle or by public transport with your carpet to the shoulder.

The only complaint one can make this yoga mat Movit is to score easily. The foam tends to scratch or to sink when it takes shocks.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

2. Yoga mats Manduka Eko Lite: An extra fine carpets for stability

The yoga mat Manduka Eko Lite offers a non-slip surface that allows you to go further in your practice. The requirement of the positions requires quality equipment that gives you security and stability.

This carpet is the best yoga mat for experienced practitioners or those who wish to evolve to the next level. Its thickness of 4mm allows to be truly anchored in the ground. You can feel the connection between the earth and your body when performing your postures.

As a yogi you environmentally conscious and want to protect nature by consuming products that respect it. This natural rubber yoga mat is designed with total respect for the environment.

If you are allergic to latex, this equipment is for you. Made up of 99% latex, this yoga mat is made of natural fibers. It is therefore the ideal partner for people with sensitive skin who want to favor soft and breathable materials.

Beware, if you are sensitive to smells, you will certainly notice the rubber smell that emanates from the carpet. You can hide the smell with a few drops of essential oils.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

3. Yoga mat High Pulse: From Cork to mix originality and performance

If you’re looking for a cheap yoga mats and quality, the carpet High Pulse will meet all your requirements. This mat natural cork is for nature lovers who need a mat for practicing yoga or meditation.

Its original aesthetic and crude should entice you. In addition, cork is a soft material, antipolluant and hypoallergenic. This yoga mat is a perfect compromise between ecology and performance. It ensures you maintain seamless thanks to its non-slip surface, even if you tend to sweat when you hold positions for long minutes.

Waterproof, antibacterial, self-cleaning that carpet offers many advantages in terms of hygiene and maintenance. You do not have to clean your carpet after every yoga session.

The yoga mat High Pulse has a thickness of 4 mm, which stabilizes the positions and to connect to its anchor points. Whether beginner or advanced, this rug can suit your practice.

Rather heavy to carry despite his shoulder is a yoga mat that is perfect for a home practice.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

4. Gaiam Yoga Mat: The mat ideal for beginners

If you need to book a yoga mat to begin the practice of yoga in good conditions, the Gaiam yoga mat is that it takes you. Lightweight and soft, it offers unparalleled comfort to explore new positions. Discover the key positions: the dog upside down, the lotus or the triangle.

Its thickness of 6 mm allows you to write your movements and postural changes without injury.

This is a PVC mat that is ideal for practicing yoga in room or at home. Easy to carry, this yoga mat rolls and does not take up much space.

Be careful if you tend to sweat, this yoga mat is not absorbent and tends to become slippery when in contact with water. This is why the Gaiam model is more suitable for beginners or for those yogis who practice meditation.

We love the aesthetics and prints reminiscent of mandalas. You can choose between different units each more beautiful than the other.

As a bonus with this yoga mat, you can download a workbook to guide you in learning about your practice and bring you home.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

5. Yoga mats Lotuscrafts: For versatile use and universal

The yoga mat Lotuscrafts allows the practice of all types of yoga, Hatha yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa through. If you are looking for a practical yoga mats and versatile, it is a model that fulfills the contract.

Certified free of toxic substances, this mat is safe for your health and for the environment. If you have sensitive skin it is an essential criterion.

The non-slip surface allows you to vary your posture and practice yoga in all conditions. If you like Bikram yoga is a device that may be suitable for hot and humid environments. You can as well use indoors and outdoors. Note however that the side surface of soil that may lack adhesion on smooth floors.

You can choose your Lotuscrafts yoga mat in the color of your choice: soft, natural shades to accompany you in your practice.

The weight of this carpet remains light at 1.2kg, so you can take it to go. If you like to practice yoga in nature to enjoy the serenity of the landscapes that surround you, this is equipment that will bring you satisfaction.

6. Yoga mats Arteesol: Ideal for outdoor practice

The yoga mat Arteeso is very durable and can accompany you anywhere for long sessions. Its material into high-quality TPE is extensible and allows to practice many dynamic postures without damaging your yoga mat. It is a carpet that is highly appreciated by the followers of Ashtanga yoga. This practice requires dynamic elastic materials and shockproof to preserve the mat as long as possible.

Extremely soft, thickness of 6mm and multi layers make the best yoga mat for outdoor use. If you like to play your favorite sport in the great outdoors, the yoga mat Arteeso is an excellent partner.

It is also well suited to the practice of yoga to the fitness or gymnastics. Its absorbent surface helps maintain a secure fit even when you sweat. You do not risk slipping or injury. This is an important criterion to ensure your safety.

You can choose the quality without compromising on ecology since its materials are certified non-polluting.

Its competitive price makes it a cheap yoga mats for a leisure practice, the outdoors weekend.

7. Yoga mats filiform: To guide you in your postures

The yoga mat slip filiform is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary of the market. Appreciated by perfectionists its alignment system is used to position your anchors according to specific axes. You can adjust your posture to the millimeter and evolve in your yoga practice with these printed marks. It’s a yoga mat that is both fun and efficient.

Rather designed for experienced practitioners, this yoga mat provides excellent support and good depreciated. Soft and comfortable, it allows a practice with confidence.

Its size is slightly wider and longer than the yoga mat and classiques.Vous can vary your posture and amplify your movements.

Its material “Grip for me” is revolutionary. It has been specially designed for practicing yoga efficient and pleasant.

This yoga mat does not neglect the ecological side since it is 100% biodegradable.

If filiform carpet has many qualities, its price remains high. If you are an experienced yogi and are looking for a high performance yoga mat to help you even further in your practice, you will love this model.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about yoga mat before buying a

Choose a specially designed mat for yoga

You want to practice yoga for the well being of body and mind, then you must do it in the best conditions possible. Equip with adequate equipment and quality secures your practice and improve your posture.

As with all sports, yoga requires technical equipment. Whether in the clothing or in hardware, you must choose the right products for your practice. They will bring you comfort and serenity.

It is important to choose a carpet that is specifically dedicated to the practice of yoga. This allows you to feel comfortable during your workout. It has a role of insulation that protects you from the cold ground you were indoors or outdoors. Yoga mats are designed in technical materials that isolate while being breathable.

They absorb sweat and prevent you from slipping when you need to hold long positions, like that of the dog upside down.

slip yoga mats are also required to bring you the stability you need to develop your balance. Excellent support is the foundation of your evolution. It improves your posture and keep them longer.

The practice of yoga is a long and tedious journey that requires all your energy. That is why if you are equipped with good hardware, you mind free to concentrate on your body.

The essential equipment to practice yoga

As a beginner you do not know what equipment to direct you. To start yoga off right, here is the list of everything you’ll need:

FAQ: it answers the questions that you have about yoga mats

You must choose a yoga mat non-slip, it is the criterion which should guide your choice. A good carpet should be able to obtain good support, stability and good grip. This is what allows you to hold your positions as long as possible. A yoga mat secures your practice. It prevents you from slipping and hurting yourself by falling.

Choose a yoga mat that fits your type of practice. If you do yoga at home, you can choose a heavy belt and without carrying system. By cons, if you practice yoga studio, orient yourself to a light and easy carpets to carry.

A yoga mat must have a thickness that ideally between 4 and 6 mm. The thickness of your carpet is an important criterion since it is what brings you stability.

Too thick carpet tends to unbalance you if it is too soft. Your anchor points must be in contact with the ground. More carpet is thicker, it will be for a gentle yoga or meditation. If you want to focus on comfort and ground positions, you will find thicker yoga mat, up to 1.5 cm thick.

Too late carpet could hurt him when to insulate you from the ground. You can feel the cold or suffer from a soil too hard when running your balancing poses.

A yoga mat should be long enough for you to lay on you and spread without your members do not exceed. The average size of a yoga mat is between 180 and 183 cm. If you are tall, you’ll find the longest yoga mat. Orient yourself towards a model of 190 cm for example. In terms of width, most carpets are 60 cm.

If you want to prioritize comfort above all, you can choose a large rug. It will be against a more difficult to transport to accompany you to the studio.

Sweating and soil are not very clean, so it’s better for your health and to protect your skin clean your yoga mat after each session.

You can wash your yoga mat with soapy water and a sponge. Be sure to rinse your carpet to avoid leaving traces of soap.

Apple cider vinegar is also an antibacterial perfect. You can pay on a cloth and rub your carpet.

It is important to regularly wash your carpet even if you have made the choice of an antibacterial material. *

Your carpet tends to slip when you sweat and it bothers you in performing your yoga postures.

When buying a cheap yoga mats, it is important to ensure that it is non-slip. A mat that slides can be very dangerous.

If the best option is to change carpets and opt for a better model, you can also use talcum powder. Sprinkle talcum your carpet before each session, it absorbs perspiration and gives you more stability.

You should not put a towel over your carpet.