Blackwashing In Movies

Why do they need to have the same skin color to be relatable? I agree I related to Katara a lot growing up watching the show. And she was darker skinned than me. I also related to Jake Long, and my favorite x-men character for a looong time was Storm.

I just don’t see why they need to be any specific color to begin with. Yeah it’s cool to see someone as a lead role that looks like you, but it’s not necessary to make connections with them. If Nick Fury being black or white is apparently the same thing (in terms of his personality and badassery), then why does he need to be black for you to relate to him?

I understand where you coming from but I disagree completely. Yes, Hollywood likes to color wash somethings like The last airbender but not to saying that blackwashing isn’t a thing is a liar. If a character has to be fundamentally change to fit the new color then you destroy the character like Nick fury the ( Samuel L. Jackson) is fundamental different than the comics one. The producer and writer both stated that about him. So, they changed him, so he can be black, so by your own argument that is blackwashing.. let’s not forget what they did to Black Panther they completely changed his identity, culture pride, his outlook and his culture xenophobia to make it more pleasing to the public. That right there is color washing

People must be catching onto more and more black washing is going on in films and series .. aka teen titans, Johnny storm from FF movie that failed.

Reality is, the actor makes the role. If the actor is good at it, people will enjoy it .. like nick fury in the mcu movies. The actor who played domino was great at it. Just the design they went with was stark contrast to the books.

There was a ton of factors to FF’s Demise then just on actor. The entire story plot was the major part.

But disagree on that Directors and Producers are going to turn down good talent just because of race. Now I am not going to say there is┬ánot race centric roles … (Superman will always be white, Black Panther will always be black) but the foremost concern with roles will always be can they make it work. Will the actor Pick up the ball and roll with it and can they create the surroundings to make it work.

And of course, height, weight, looks, ability. all tumble into this .. there are to many factors to roll the decisions up into one claim, many fall short regardless of sex and race from the very start of it. Picking someone just because of public perception is pure idiocy and will ruin the film in the end.

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