Best Walking Shoes for Men

Best Walking Shoes for Men Whether you are looking to go on a hiking trip or partake in other outdoor or athletic activities, a walking shoe will contribute significantly to its success. This type of shoes is designed to provide you with protection, comfort, stability, flexibility, as well as safety while carrying out different outdoor […]

Blackwashing In Movies

Why do they need to have the same skin color to be relatable? I agree I related to Katara a lot growing up watching the show. And she was darker skinned than me. I also related to Jake Long, and my favorite x-men character for a looong time was Storm. I just don’t see why […]

Using Solar Panels To Filter Water

This panels wouldn’t help in big populated cities like Miami where you don’t have big open spaces I’m working for electrical company after Irma and let me tell you trucks couldn’t circulate on the streets because of the big amount of trees down and now after almost two weeks branches are there I suggested something […]