DC Universe Falling Apart?

The entire dc universe already needs to be rebooted. Batman v superman was aweful. Justice league was aweful. The only character development they have is superman. They waa trying too hard too compete with Marvel and just rushed a justice league movie.

Only certain characters work being dark. DC wanting to make everything dark is foolish. Hack Snyder making Superman a manic depressive schizophrenic was idiotic. He doesn’t work being dark like that and even making Batman a serial killer when his most popular incarnations in the comics are when he doesn’t kill. So now this crap with Dick Grayson being a cold blooded murderer is another foolish attempt to be overly dark.

I will admit that this past season of Supergirl was a disappointment compared to Seasons 1 and 2. Yes, Legends is a comedy, but I have no problem with that. Arrow is past its ‘best before’ date — this last season took material for a three episode story arc and stretched it out to a full season, with several episodes in which nothing of any consequence took place. The Flash is just plain awful.

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