Hdmi Switch – Here Are The Top 2020 | Review & Guide

HDMI Switch – Here are the Top 2020 | Review & Guide

At the time of the proliferation of devices to connect to a TV at home – Blu-ray players, game console, computer – the HDMI Switch has become almost essential, because most current TVs have only one or two HDMI inputs. Therefore, this small box with multiple HDMI ports will allow you to connect multiple devices, saving you from having to disconnect permanently different devices to make room.

Ultra easy to use, since it suffices to connect the HDMI switch on TV and different devices, however, one must ask some questions before you buy one, because according to your use, the best HDMI switch will not necessarily be the even.

With our buying guide and 7 products we have selected for you, it will be easier to choose the HDMI Switch which make your life easier!

Best HDMI Switch 2020

Hdmi Switch - Here Are The Top 2020 | Review & Guide

1. Switch HDMI de Reexbon – Le meilleur switch HDMI 4K

With this HDMI Switch capable of supporting 4K 2 * 60 HZ, backward compatible with 4K 2 * 2K 30Hz and able to read formats ranging from HDR to 720p, through 3D, here we have a model comprehensive with more than 5 HDMI input.

To switch from one device to another on the screen, you can use the supplied remote – a model of simplicity that responds well – switcher or manually by pressing the appropriate button on the case. It’s easy, in the vein of those LEDs that indicate which ports are used.

This HDMI Switch with Remote Control has great compatibility with the latest camera models. Since it is perfectly able to make on-screen images and sounds of the most current interfaces, it will be particularly suitable for owners of Xbox One, PS4 (pro) or Smart TV art.

Its level is the top, with a reproduction of the latest sound formats which suffers no default. What enjoy the latest video games and the latest films in the best conditions.

This HD HDMI switch comes with a USB power cable DC5V which ensures continuous power and vents protect the device against overheating, increasing its lifespan.

Verdict – Reexbon here offers the best HDMI switch, especially for users equipped with modern devices. With its 5-port connections, and its rendering quality, it will change you life!

Hdmi Switch - Here Are The Top 2020 | Review & Guide

2. Switch HDMI 4K Techole – The second best choice

The switch HDMI 4K Techole the brand is a simple and practical model that can connect two HDMI devices to a receiver, or a single HDMI source to two receivers. In fact, it would thus mean: you can connect a console and a Blu-Ray player to your TV or a dual-screen console (without displaying the image on these two screens simultaneously). An effective solution for individuals who frequently use multiple devices.

This product has several attractions, starting with a self-supply that requires no plug to an external source. Simply connect the HDMI cable to one side (inputs) and the other (outputs) to operate. Plug and Play as we like!

His hand switch allows to switch a source to another in a flash and the green LED indicator, which shows you which device is active, is a great idea.

This HDMI switch supports 4K, 3D display and HD audio and it will just use a HDMI 2.0 cable to get the desired result. Note that HDMI cables are not included.

Compatible with most existing devices to input (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 / PS4, DVD player or Blu-Ray, etc …) and with the TV or the best performing projectors is a switch that is stronger and more durable, due to its aluminum coating.

Verdict – For users who do not have a large number of devices, this model 2 / O is perfect and it has a quality / price ratio.

Hdmi Switch - Here Are The Top 2020 | Review & Guide

3. Switch HDMI GANA – The best quality / price ratio

This HDMI Switch UHD comes as a handy switch for owners of multiple technological devices. It has indeed 5 HDMI inputs and one output, which can connect at the same time, for example, two consoles, Blu-Ray player, a PC and projector!

If the idea of ​​not bother to unplug the different devices seduces you, you should also appreciate the remote control that lets you control everything remotely. From your couch, you can Switcher from one element to another with this remote control extremely simple: just select the number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) corresponding to the device to display and picture will appear on your screen.

With 4K resolution very well transcribed and 3D compatibility, to which is added a possible operation with Nintendo Switch, the PS4 and PS3, Xbox, Blu-Ray player, and most audio and video devices market is a reliable product that makes life easier.

GANA brand ensures more longevity of its products, with metal ports that are resistant to corrosion, but the plastic case is a little OCD. Note that HDMI cables are not provided. However, there is a USB power cable that can provide more power to the device (it works without via HDMI self-feeding but the USB connection is recommended).

Verdict – A cheap product suitable for heavy users of technological equipment to be pleased not to have to disconnect each device to install another. The infrared remote control is a nice touch!

Hdmi Switch - Here Are The Top 2020 | Review & Guide

4. Switch HDMI 1080P GANA – A very good 3-input switch

GANA brand offers here a second HDMI Switch, this time with three inputs and one HDMI output. Offered at a very small price, it is a product that will suit the majority of users, who can simultaneously connect three devices.

This Plug and Play has the advantage of automatically feed through the power of the devices connected to it. Not so need additional connections! This practice is, as much as the green LED indicator that lets you know the active port at the time.

This is a manual switch, which will therefore require the user to press the Select button on the shell, to change from a console to a Blu-ray player or a computer when he wants. This HDMI Switch supports 1080p resolution and 3D, and most audio formats of the moment. Success, which provides visual rendering and perfect sound.

Simple, discreet and strong, it suffers from one flaw. Sometimes the power of a single device is not enough to power the switch, and the green indicator will not light. In this situation, simply connect one or two other devices to the switch to give it enough power.

Verdict – A good product, with 3 connection options and rendering visual and sound line with expectations, the proposed all at a mini price. Enough to satisfy the majority of users!

Hdmi Switch - Here Are The Top 2020 | Review & Guide

5. Switch HDMI 4K Ugreen – A simple and effective switch HDMI outputs 2

Ugreen offers HDMI switch that surprised first by its design, very attractive! This small square block is a plug and play and requires no external power supply and does not take up space in your home. Indeed, it only measures 51.6 mm x 51 x 13.5 mm for a weight of 30 g. Moreover, the coating slip mat under the machine is a great idea.

This small two-way HDMI Switch has 2 HDMI inputs and one output, which therefore allow to connect two devices simultaneously. You can choose two configurations by connecting 2 HDMI sources to one HDMI display OR 1 HDMI source to 2 HDMI displays. Note however that it is not possible, in the second case, display two screens simultaneously.

This facility allows to move from a work computer to a games console in a flash, for switching from one phase job at an entertainment stage without delay. Perfect for a relaxing break!

Its compatibility with the vast majority of HDMI devices support all current resolutions (4K, 3D, but 1080P, 1080i, 720P …) and no image quality loss make this accessible object to all.

Verdict – If you do not need to connect more than two devices simultaneously, then this Ugreen switch is definitely the best HDMI switch for you. Low price, high reliability and innovative design should delight you!

6. Switch HDMI 4K Techole – a convenient switch with remote control

We find the Techole brand with this HDMI switch resistant aluminum which has three inputs for output, and is sold with an infrared remote control which makes its use more convenient. It works up to a distance of 5 meters from the box!

The ability to connect 3 HDMI devices simultaneously and change in a wink is significant, as is the fact that automatic HDMI switch does not need an external power supply to operate. However, for a power boost, it will be possible to connect the switch to a USB power cable provides (unlike HDMI cables).

This robust model supports the latest audio formats (Dolby True HD / DTS-HD audio …) and the resolutions of current images to a transcript of image quality of your movies, TV shows or games broadcast from your devices.

Note that a quality HDMI cable is required for the signals are to meet expectations, as some users lament a loss of quality in the case of HDMI Switch using cables with Chinese …

Verdict – This handy HDMI switch with his long-range remote control and 3 concurrent connections has a very good price / quality ratio, can satisfy the majority of consumers.

7. Switch HDMI 4K TESmart – Up to 5 possible connections

TESmart offers here an HDMI 4K bit visually appealing switch (with an overloaded information box!) But is very effective to use. With 5 HDMI ports split between the front and back of the device, and a high resolution 4K video compatibility (4K at 30Hz), it allows connecting 5 HDMI input devices and enjoy them easily.

This is an automatic HDMI switch, which supports the automatic detection of the input source when connecting a new device to the Switch. It will switch automatically to the new source. Of course, it is possible to switch from one source to another by hand or using the supplied remote. The latter operates in infrared, CR2025 battery.

This HDMI Switch accepts most recent devices (game consoles, laptop, PC, projector, media player …) but does not enjoy the 4K at 60Hz Playstation 4 Pro, for example.

We can blame him too powerful LED lighting, which interferes when you want to dive into the darkness to watch a movie, and the fact of having to connect via the USB power cable to take advantage of its power plain.

Aside from that, it is a solid, built to last and facilitates the daily users of multiple devices.

Verdict – Despite some flaws, this automatic HDMI switch TESmart the brand has a great rate that allows to enjoy 5 devices simultaneously. Perfect for large technology users, who want a remote controlled device.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about HDMI Switch before buying a

Let’s find out in this buying guide, the criteria that you will need to take into account to select the best HDMI switch for you.

HDMI ports name

Depending on the number of devices to be connected simultaneously, you will choose an HDMI switch with a number of HDMI inputs in line. If the models with 2 or 3 inputs will be sufficient for users lambda, a model with 5 ports will suit most fond of technology users. In this context, the HDMI Switch Reexbon is a very good choice.


The models reviewed in our comparison are compatible with the vast majority of current devices. Whether in terms of image resolution (4K, 3D, lower resolutions …) and in terms of sound, the best performing HDMI switches work with all.

But be careful with a few differences, especially at the 4K, which if it is still accepted, can not benefit from 100% of its issued with some switch. For example, the HD performance of the pro PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can not be fully replicated by some switches.

sound rendering and visual

If the HDMI cable – often purchased separately – must be of good quality, it will not make any. Best HDMI switch will offer a visual transcript and perfect sound, which will not result in quality loss compared to a direct connection between the camera and the TV.

The Switch HDMI 4K Ugreen is an example of success in this level.

Ergonomics: remote control, auto sensing, LED indicator, cable …

The HDMI switch is supposed to improve your life, and it will have to be both practical and functional. This requires certain details that enhance the experience.

First, the remote control, which if it is not compulsory, makes use of a lot easier Switch! The HDMI Switch 5 Ports Gana demonstrated perfectly. Then the models with LED indicator that make you appreciate even more intuitive use, as proposed Techole with his model with 2 inputs.

Power over USB cable to gain power but make sure that the cable is long enough, which is not always the case. Note that it is always possible to change it. Finally, there are certain automatic HDMI switch as the model 4K TESmart for even more simplicity.


The price of a HDMI switch will depend on all of the above factors, but know that for a budget of between 10 and 40 euros, there are as reliable as sustainable models, able to perfectly what they were designed.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask about the HDMI switch

An HDMI switch will allow to connect multiple HDMI devices to your TV, when it is not provided as many HDMI devices you want to connect.

So you will not have to constantly plug and unplug your appliances when you want to switch from one to another, as will suffice to switch manually or via remote control via the HDMI switch!

We must choose an HDMI switch with a sufficient number of HDMI inputs for your use, compatibility with your machines (consoles, PC, laptop, media player …) and options you deem necessary (remote control, automatic detection of new connections … ).

Although using a HDMI Switch is not rocket science, since it is sufficient to proceed in the following order:

Appeared in 2003, the HDMI (for High Definition Multimedia Interface) then a revolution in transmission of video data and uncompressed audio devices to use this technology was not that uncommon in homes.

15 years later, they are everywhere and the need to use an HDMI Switch is real, so that you can get this kind of switch in most specialty shops imaging / her and the Internet merchant sites , offering the best rates by cutting the middleman.

The HDMI switch has several inputs and one output, and its role is to allow the simultaneous connection of multiple devices to a source (such as a TV 4K), to avoid the user to connect and disconnect for-all his equipment.

The HDMI splitter allows to contrast, by duplicating an HDMI signal to two outputs. Say you have 2 TV (or TV and an overhead projector), you can then retransposer images from a video game or movie on both screens.

It is possible to combine the two uses or to opt for a device that offers the advantages of a switch and a splitter with interchangeable inputs and outputs.

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