How have 3 stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizon? | Guide

How Have 3 Stars In Animal Crossing: New Horizon? | Guide

Keke will perform live on the square of your island once obtained 3 stars.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the note of your island, you can unlock new units and bring the characters for special events. It is Mary who will award this note – from 1 to 5 stars – and essential to have 3 stars to progress. But how do you increase the odds of your island?

We give you several tips that you will spend 2 to 3 stars easily! Follow our tips to make your town more attractive and meet Mary and Tom Nook … that will reward you!

Get 3 stars for your island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, our tips!

To get 3 stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your island must have the best reputation. If you talk to Marie, the resident office, it will provide you valuable tips to help you drive up the odds of your city.

Here are some tips that will help you pass a course!

Invite more villagers in your city

For 3 stars, it is necessary that your city has at least 7 people! For this it is necessary that visitors love the place and decide to settle permanently.

At this point, your campsite must be installed and attractive and you can start assigning plots of land to newcomers. With the help of Tom Nook, you can sell pieces of land to the characters who want to stay!

If you use Amiibos, scan them and run, during 3 days, the tasks they trust you, so that they are convinced that your town is the best place to live!

Building fences for your garden

In the store of Tom Nook, you are what build fences to delineate gardens, plots and limitations of different areas of your city. This is a prerequisite for a well-organized city, which offers access to the 3 stars.

With these barriers, you are free to create parks, playgrounds or the most original courses to give your island stunning style!

Get rid of weeds

A clean city is a city that attracts, it’s as simple as that. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, clean the island’s capital to increase its reputation and it will therefore make it as clean as possible, particularly by removing weeds.

For 3 stars, it is not necessary to get rid of ALL the weeds, but better get the maximum, especially in the higher areas of your city and between the rocks, where they tend to proliferate .

Plant pretty flowers!

Your city is cleaner? Go there prettier! And what could be more appealing than beautiful flowers to decorate your island!

Planting flowers is essential to achieving all 3 stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and we will have to plant various species, from anywhere. Check Timmy and Tommy to buy some plants, visit the cities of your friends to bring some specimens that you do not have or do a little excursion on Mystery Island, to unearth rare flower colors that will color your city!

Think of the water!

Connect the various neighborhoods of your city

If the look of the city is crucial to earn stars – we like all cities with enchanting scenery – do not neglect its infrastructure!

In order for your city to be functional, add bridges and walkways, so that people can move easily from one area to another. Do not spend all your bells in the most expensive bridges currently. Be content of the minimum, which will save precious bells and win 3 stars!

Decorate your city with the DIY Items

To get 3 stars you must place 25 decorative elements in your city. Tom Nook will give you recipes for you to expand your buildings and give your city the style that fits you.

Know that objects and the most expensive furniture will have more impact than the cheapest items. However, this is often your originality will be rewarded, so let your imagination run free to create a universe as fun and extravagant as wanted!

In addition to making your own decorations, do not forget to pop the balloons using the slingshot to retrieve gifts!

It brings you a rating of 3 stars in Animal Crossing New Horizons

As to measure your progress, feel free to visit Mary to know the score of your island. By the time you finally reach the 3 stars, a nice surprise awaits you: Keke Skiboy, who will do a concert on your island the next day! He comes regularly thereafter to play you a little song.

A beautiful event, that is not the only reward relating to the obtaining of 3 stars. Once completed the concert, Tom Nook will give you access to a great module Remod’ile the application that is one of the best features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

With it, you’ll be able to modulate the island at your leisure, playing on colors, landforms, waterways, roads or cliffs … And it’s a new game that awaits with 1001 creative possibilities.

Your turn to get these 3 stars asap!

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