The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Ice Cream Makers in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

In recent years, the ice cream makers have democratized in French homes greedy homemade recipes. You also dream of delicious ice cream without additives, dyes or preservatives? This decision is wise and all your honor.

To meet your expectations, the secret is to equip a quality ice cream machine with features that you match and facilitate particularly the design of artisan ice cream. Nowadays, the number of ice cream makers is therefore on the market, sometimes leaving rightly users lost face information and the incredible choice of models.

To help you in choosing the best ice machine for your use, Best Comparison reviewed 5 ice cream makers of quality you find in the contents of this comparison. Similarly, a buying guide will help you understand the important features to consider in order to elect the best ice cream maker to make your house sorbets and ice creams. Whether for one-time or daily use, one thing is sure: you will find the ice cream maker that is made for you through the selection of the best ice machine!

The 5 best ice cream maker in 2019

The comparison of these 5 best ice cream makers

H. Koenig HF320 – Professional crushed ice machine

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice cream maker H. Koenig HF320

You have a birthday to prepare and have enough time? The ice cream maker Koenig whose use is intuitive will be your best ally for making sorbets ice cream-like in less than an hour long! Unquestionably quieter and faster than ice cream maker accumulator with its silent turbine and less than an hour cycles, she will seduce you in “ON” mode as “OFF” with its beautiful design in brushed stainless steel and with its liquid crystal display LCD 3 modes of programming and remaining time!

Of a capacity of 2L and with a lid to trap, you can add ingredients during or at the end of turbines (chocolate chips, cookies, gingerbread, cookies, dried fruits, etc.), in order to perfect your preparations sweet. Likewise, it offers the possibility to change the program during turbine. Cleaning is easy, especially as the tank runs dry. So, no need to brine between the holder and the bowl, which is really convenient and relieve you of a cleaning at this level.

This is the best ice cream maker that we have reviewed. With a program to crush ice, you can even make your house tops! Its integrated chiller saves you refrigerate your sorbets, the KOENIG turbine cream maker does and in less than one cycle time you can serve your guests of your delicious ice cream and sorbets who expect more than being eaten!

Note: one teaspoon of ice and a measuring cup are provided

KRUPS GVS241 – The Best Ice Cream Maker Krups

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice cream maker KRUPS GVS241

Amateur ice creams and sorbets, you were followers of ice lollies and enjoy opening your freezer and enjoy immediately your sin? With its fast process, the ice cream maker KRUPS offer you this pleasure, in addition to the pleasure of enjoying your own homemade ice cream without preservatives, colorings or gelling!

This icemaker is working in cold accumulation: it is therefore necessary to leave your ice cream maker in the freezer about 12 to accumulate enough cold. When pouring preparing your delight in its tank with a capacity of 1.6 liter, in just 20 minutes your sorbet will be as smooth as what you will salivate.

If you want to make a second ice house, you only have to put the bowl of your ice cream maker in the freezer for 6 hours only! The bowl is not very large, it is safely stored in a freezer cabinet. Convenient to satisfy satiety gourmet in your family, is not it?

Its electronic screen will allow you to visualize the process and be warned of the end of the preparation. Moreover, a tone alerts you of the end of the cycle and the ice cream maker will stop automatically, allowing you to wander about your business without worrying about preparing your dessert.

Of an excellent quality / price ratio, the ice machine makes delicious sorbets and ice creams. All elements are removable and therefore easy to clean.

Our advice: Leave the tank cleaned permanently in the freezer so that your ice cream maker is always ready to use.

Seb IG500131 – A very good ice cream maker turbine

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice cream maker Seb IG500131

With the ice machine Seb, give in to all your desires without additives or ice you are! An ice cream maker that allows you to perform a wide variety of recipes house, ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurt and will guarantee the result of a homogeneous texture without crystallization.

You will get a tasty ice in record time (20 to 30 minutes), but remember to pour into the bowl while the engaging so that the wiper motor does not harden and does not block the propeller.

His tank of 1L enables feast about 4 people, ideal for your home? Especially with its compact size, you can take it on vacation because it fits all types of freezers (drawers, chest or freezer). What’s better than enjoying its icy recipes for your summer vacation after a barbecue?

Its elements (excluding motor) can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand, since the bowl was thawed.

Our advice: keep the bowl between -13 ° C and -15 ° C to 24 take the ice well.

Note: A book of 15 basic recipes provided

LAGRANGE 409001 – The perfect family ice cream maker

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice cream maker LAGRANGE 409001

Your family loves frozen desserts and want to satisfy them quickly with an easy to use ice machine the process is faster? The model LAGRANGE is ideal and you will fully satisfy increasingly ensure 1.5L preparation!

This ice cream maker Cold storage requires refrigeration freezer about 12 hours before use, but as soon as you pour your recipe just barely 20 minutes to get your dessert ready to serve!

Not at all bulky and extremely intuitive to use with its colored lid with a secure opening for inserting your fruits, your children will enjoy realize their ice cream! The bowl dissociates and fits easily in all types of freezers. Cleaning is also very easy and convenient.

Its electronic display with backlight allows you to monitor the remaining time of preparation, but the ice cream maker stopping automatically, you do not really worry about it. She works for you and alert you when it’s ready, practice is not it?

Our advice: Leave the tank cleaned permanently in the freezer so that your ice cream maker is always ready to use.

Note: an ice cream spoon stainless steel is provided

AICOK – The best ice machine cheap

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice machine AICOK

With its fast process, AICOK cream maker allows you to perform multiple delights homes without preservatives, colorings or gelling!

Because of its cold storage system, it is important to store at least 12 hours before using the freezer bowl of your ice machine. Once sufficiently cooled, your preparation is ready in just 20 minutes! The bowl is easily detached from the device to be safely stored in your freezer (drawers, cabinet or safe).

By setting the timer you will be notified of the end of the preparation, practicality which prevents you supervise your recipe and allows you to leave you. However, this ice cream maker does not have the “automatic shutdown”, which means to be present from the end of the cycle to turn it off manually.

Of an excellent quality / price ratio, this ice machine has a powerful engine and a funnel and a whisk divinely mixing fruits and creams to make delicious sorbets and ice creams and yogurts houses.

The whip, the lid and bowl are removable and therefore easy maintenance of your device.

Our advice: Leave the tank cleaned permanently in the freezer so that your ice cream maker is always ready to use.

Buying Guide: How to choose an ice machine?

Weary industrial but still delicious ice cream, you want to get started in designing your own ice creams, sorbets, granitas and frozen yogurt? Understandable and laudable idea now asks to choose the ice cream maker that matches your needs and requirements.

The type of device

Whatever the ice machine you choose, they all have a mixing blade that ensures homogeneous redistribution of cold and creamy texture of your frozen preparation. Similarly, the tank is removable systematically to enable you to prepare your recipe out of the device but also for easy cleaning, which is not insignificant you will agree.

However, there are 2 types of distinct ice cream makers whose operation and preparation vary as follows:

– The ice cream maker cool pack

Requires refrigeration prior to use between 12 and 24 hours (depending on model). Regardless, you must anticipate and store accordingly the bowl in your freezer when you want to prepare your dessert. However, if you are vigilant and arrived to organize well, the design process is very fast: between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the model. Similarly, it is possible to perform a second ice leaving only bowl refrigerate 6 hours more.

– The turbine cream maker

Allows carrying “instant” ice without having to refrigerate the first bowl. This is explained by the “integrated chiller” automatically on ice cream turbine models. In less than an hour, you get your ice recipes!

The 6 optional features for choosing the best ice cream maker

The volume of the tank

Depending on ice cream models, the tanks volumes ranging from 1L (SEB IG500131), 1.6L (LAGRANGE 409001, AICOK and KRUPS GVS241), or even 2L (H.KOENIG HF320). Depending on your appetite, the number of people in your household or your use (during anniversary for example), you assess how much you estimate your needs in terms of capacity of the bowl of your future ice cream maker.

For information: 1L ice helps fill up to 4 people.

The power of the device

The power of your ice cream maker can vary between 6 watts (SEB IG500131) and 180 Watts (H.KOENIG HF180) or more. This is an important element to consider, however eprenez me not to rely solely on this criterion you:

For turbine ice cream with integrated cooling unit, the more power is, the greater the cooling rate is fast. However, for the cold accumulator with ice cream, the power of the device will not improve its operation or its design speed.

The price

While this is not a technical requirement, the investment you want to allocate your ice cream maker is an important factor, which is evaluated according to YOUR use (occasional, daily).

The ice cream makers accumulator are close in terms of the costs € 50-90, while Turbine ice cream and cold integrated group represent a much larger budget, ie over 200 € (eg H.KOENIG HF320).


Through this selection of 5 best ice cream makers, we hope you have routed to your shopping choosing an ice machine to satisfy your desire to achieve your icy recipes home to your taste and to your image. But also for answering your questions about the important criteria to consider in order to elect the one that suits you.

Keep in mind the importance of its optional features which make sense in the comfort of your preparations and the volume of its tank if you have to carry your recipes for many mouths.

Our ultimate advice: Choose turbine cream maker to avoid having to refrigerate the bowl of your ice cream maker in cold storage, in which case, the power of the device you buy is important because it demonstrates speed.

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

The summer finally arrives!

If you are a particular fan of citrus juice in the summer, you will love our selection of the best electric juicer to accompany your favorite dishes a breath of fresh air and many vitamins! The electric juicer are real assets in the kitchen. You will no doubt enjoy the speed they offer to prepare your orange juice, lemon or grapefruit preferred and homemade. More than just a fashion, homemade becomes a real alternative to industrial, to the delight of your health and your taste buds.

Newbie or used, you will find in this selection of electric juicers for all budgets and to suit all your needs.

The best juicer 2020 Electric

1. Moulinex PC120870 Ultra Compact: The best ergonomic electric juicer

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

The ultra compact model PC120870 French manufacturer Moulinex allows you to squeeze your favorite citrus with ease.

Very compact and cheap, he slips and stores everywhere, ideal for small kitchens. The cord storage is also integrated in the unit for maximum space savings for a minimum of space. This makes it the best juicers electric ergonomic!

Regarding functionality, the central cone has a double rotation center to extract all the juice squeezed fruit. With an output of 25W, just hold and lightly press the lid on the cone to extract very quickly and easily fruit juice. With a capacity of 450ml, you can make your favorite fruit juice for the whole family! The on-off function of the device is automatic so you can go about your business without worrying about pressing. You can also check the level of juice through its transparent walls, allowing you to adjust the number of fruits according to press the desired quantity of juice.

Super juicer! Silent, it is small and does not clutter the kitchen. Moreover it is easy to wash and a nod was her orange juice in the morning! You can buy without worry. I recommand it.

User juicer Moulinex PC120870 Ultra compact

One big advantage of this model is that it is very easy to clean since the juice tray, pressing cone and the protective cover can be directly put in the dishwasher, in the upper basket.

Finally, the Moulinex PC120870 is almost disconcerting ease of use, so that an infant (under adult supervision) can achieve. The device is virtually autonomous, leaving you the simple task of keeping the lid on the fruit, leaving you the opportunity to take your second hand!

The juicer Moulinex PC120870 Ultra Compact video:

2. Braun CJ3000: Breakfast juicer compact at the best quality / price

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

Released in 2014, the juicer Braun CJ3000 is a small juicer convenient and easy to handle. With an output of 20W and with a Stop & Start system, perfectly fulfill your expectations and allow you to maintain control over the extraction of juice. With the Stop & Start system and the pulp inverter system you choose indeed the level of pulp extracted at your convenience.

Like the previous model, Braun CJ3000 has a multidirectional rotation system to extract the most juice from your favorite fruits. It also has a tank that saw can easily measure the amount of extracted juice and manage if you use this juicer for your culinary preparations. The device also has a cable range to a maximum practicality.

Very happy with this purchase. Works great, great prices, fast and easy cleaning, extraction of juice very easy. I recommend it for its practical and cheap single appearance. The best electric juicer for its value.

User juicer Braun CJ3000

Braun proposes a practical model, available at the price for a good quality to the German. The CJ3000 is the best electric juicer in terms of quality / price! Note that the capacity of 350 ml, which will be quite ideal for singles or students. The device is unobtrusive and low noise, so you can use it early in the morning without disturbing your neighbors or your relatives. The cone makes it easy to extract juice from all citrus fruits, from least to most imposing as grapefruit.

For maintenance, we strongly recommend good clean or rinse after each use to prevent the white material not fade too quickly.

The juicer Braun CJ3000 video:

3. Russell Hobbs 22760-56: The best electric juicer and elegant design

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

With the model 22760-56, English Russel Hobbs offers an electric juicer middle of fast perfect range for couples. Stylish design with brushed stainless steel, its head and black keys, it marries perfectly in any kitchen.

The device has two interchangeable cones for you to squeeze fruits of different sizes. The small cone suit of lemons and limes, while the large cone for oranges and grapefruits. Also included the pulp filtration screen and a protective cover cones.

This model offers a rotation system and integrated automatic change of direction: the camera handles everything for you for a real time saver. The cord-range will also store and hide the power cord to keep your kitchen tidy and design.

This juicer is very efficient, easy to use and clean. Also it takes very little space. I did not use it as much by buying and besides I no longer buy bottled orange juice! The best juicer electric farewell to bottles of orange juice full of preservatives bad! I highly recommend this product.

User of electric juicer Russell Hobbs 22760-56

The power of the device is 60W power that extracts the juice in no time fruit. With light pressure on the fruit, the cone rotates automatically without you having to put on the hands. Once or squeezed, the juice goes through a pouring spout elegant, allowing you to enjoy the flow of juice. The spout has a stop-drip system to avoid soiling your work surface, and is located 13 cm from the base to insert beneath a tall glass.

Finally, cleaning is very easy since all detachable parts are dishwasher-safe.

The electric juicer Russell Hobbs 22760-56 video (in Italian):

4. Electric Juicer Aicok: The best quality / price for families

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

Released in late 2017, Aicok we offer with its electric juicer a convenient and effective device noise-free! Indeed, it has a quiet pressing system that allows you to use at any time of day (or night).

The device consists of a drip spout that allows viewing the poured juice, power cord cover, a grid anti-pulp and also offers two interchangeable cones of various sizes, suitable for small citrus a large citrus as well as for the other. The rotation of the two cones is one way, without altering the compression quality. Indeed, the juicer of Aicok has a power of 85W, largely sufficient to extract the entire fruit juice in one direction of rotation.

This juicer works very well and it is not very noisy. It must be washed immediately after use to prevent the pulp sticks to different parts of the device. If you like the result I recommend juices.

User juicer Aicok

In materials, Aicok has relied on an outer coating of stainless steel designed to resist corrosion and rust. To prevent transfer of undesirable particles in the juice, Aicok chose reveter the stainless steel sieve to absolute purity juice.

Cleaning is very simple since each removable piece can easily be rinsed with tap water. Also note that each piece can go in the dishwasher. Also, the transparent cover allows to properly protect your dust accumulation device.

5. H.Koenig AGR86: A juicer professional

Best Juicer Electric | Reviews & Buying Guide

The AGR86 H.Koenig model is elegant, original and has many advantageous features.

The design of the device is sleek with its blue pastel matte and its top in stainless steel. It is very convenient because nothing surpasses it. Quality is at the rendezvous because the model is in line with professional juicer. The engine is robust and will stop in case of overheating, the better to start then. The rotation is performed in a single direction, for good power 160W.

In terms of features, AGR56 features an articulated arm for pressing citrus of your choice without soiling your hands, unlike earlier models evaluated. It is also made of a non-drip spout that allows to sink the juice very easily without the risk of spilling the work plan. A particularly positive point is the silent pressing system that will avoid waking your family. The camera certifies that none of his compostants contains Bisphenol A, making H.Koenig AGR86 the best juicer healthy and complete!

After a week of use, I am very happy. No need to force on the handle, while orange juice, currently the spout works great. Device silent, the best juicer for me! I highly recommend.

User juicer H.Koenig AGR86

Unsurprisingly, cleaning side parts of the device are compatible with the washing in the dishwasher.

The electric juicer AGR86 of H.Koenig is in the high end in price, since it is proposed to € 49.90 with free delivery. However, the device was previously proposed 99 € or an interesting 50% discount. It is ideal for regulars pressing citrus fruits wishing to discover the electric juicer.

6. Moulinex Direct Vitapress PC603D10: The juicer electric “smart”

The Vitapress Moulinex Direct offers a particularly innovative feature: the ability to customize the most of your experience and your pressing juice. Indeed, it has not two but three different cones, perfectly suited to the size of each citrus to avoid soiling his hands in the fruit of pressure to the device. Also, you have the ability to modulate the level of pulp in your juice with the pulp filter, to satisfy everyone’s tastes!

features side, the ignition system is controlled by a system start-stop automatic. Indeed, the machine senses itself when you place the fruit on the cone and starts automatically. The device offers a spout metal drip. The Vitapress Direct has a very ergonomic location for all glass sizes.

Perfect ! Compact, it is not too high nor too big to stay on a work plan. Possibility of partial or total arrangement of the cord under the block. The nozzle is raised to stop the flow to go from one glass to another. It is little noisy, press it well and cleans up easily in one shot underwater. The best electric juicer in my opinion.

juicer User Moulinex Direct Vitapress

The direction of rotation is unique, which aerates be enough in view of the power of the device (100W) to well extract all the fruit juice. The machine are relatively noisy. It also provides a system for cord storage.

At the cleaning, consider well the wash after each use to prevent the pulp remains adhered to the pressing cone and the gate. We recommend cleaning the tap.

Finally, the proposed price is around € 40, making this model one of the most expensive juicer power of our selection, ideal for regulars who want to move to a higher range.

7. Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E: The best juicer professional

With the model ES9240050B BXCJ00E, American Black + Decker offers a juicer excellent professional quality. The important parts of the machine are stainless steel for maximum durability.

The device has a powerful 100W motor for ultra-rapid extraction of juice from your favorite citrus. The aluminum pressure lever keeps the pressure on the citrus fruit without hands wet. The device also has an anti-drip spout and slip rubber feet to prevent accidents unwelcome during pressing. The machine is sold with two cones of different sizes, each adapted citrus pulp and a stainless steel filter.

With Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E you choose to fill the glass directly after pressing or maintain juice das reservoir through the drip system.

Despite the good engine power, this model remains relatively quiet.

I’ve had several months I use it every morning for my juice and no worries. It is really top. The best value you can have! However I find it is not suitable for those who want a pulp-free juice.

Black juicer User + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E

Design is about to him representing the professional quality. The body of Black + Decker stainless steel anti-fingerprint ideal for external cleaning and square and compact to the nest on your own in any kind of corner.

The device has removable parts to wash them directly in the dishwasher.

With all these features and the quality offered, the model Black + Decker makes the best electric juicer professional.

Finally, the price is very attractive considering all the features and quality since it is proposed to € 46.99. It will be perfect for regulars pressing citrus fruits wishing to move to upscale to win in comfort and speed.

Buying guide: all you need to know about electric juicer before buying a

The number of pressing citrus

As you have seen in our reviews, some juicer offer the possibility to adapt the press to selected type of citrus.

If you like all citrus fruits and intend to make orange juice, lemon and grapefruit, it is wise for you to opt for an electric juicer that fits the size of citrus. It may be legitimate to ask why more pressing cones sizes exist and if it makes a real difference to the user experience. The different cone sizes fit perfectly to the different forms of citrus. This is a real pressing comfort since it will limit splashing on you and your work plan. A second advantage is that of security: since the pressure of the citrus fruit on the cone manual juicer for these models, there is a risk of dragging the fruit, especially if the cone is too small compared to -this. You risk not only to bring down the fruit, you splash and splash your surrounding business. You also may derail your hands on the device in use.

The different sizes of cones thus enable you to optimize your comfort and to secure maximum pressing, for you and your loved ones.

A reservoir a a spout

Among the electric juicer, you can choose a model with tank or with payment by the glass.

tank models can be interesting if you are more used to prepare the juice to other people in your home. Different models exist and can store up to 1 liter of juice. Be careful though not to keep the juice for too long because it would lose all its vitamins and essential nutrients! If the home-made is a real choice on your part in a health concern, opt for models with glass.

Many new models offer a more elaborate system of pouring spout ergonomically to fit different sizes of glasses. They include the ability to simplify to the maximum the pressing process and service.

Some models offer a rather hybrid system, which can be extremely useful if you have a family. These include Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E presented above. Although it is not initially made to contain juice, anti-drip system helps keep aside. Featuring in addition to many features, it is ideal for families love us citrus!

The power of the device

Many people do not pay attention, but the power of the electric citrus press must indeed be taken into account in your choice.

If you plan to use the device occasionally (holidays, weekends, holidays), you can afford to use a machine with less power without risk of damaging the engine. However, be sure to take a proper power, more than 20W. However, we highly recommend choosing a powerful device if you plan to use it daily or at least several times a week. Thus, your engine will last longer and will withstand wear and use multiple back-to-shot. Opt for a professional quality device such as Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E or H.Koenig AGR86 for a lower cost than the first.

The materials

We advise you to opt for a healthy and resistant material such as stainless steel. Easy to clean, very robust and quality, it is ideal if you do not want to clutter with too long cleaning. For those looking for an electric juicer cheap, you can also opt for a plastic model. Prefer plastic without BPA, harmful to health. For that, we recommend the juicer H.Koenig AGR86 that is guaranteed BPA-free!

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask about electric juicer

In order to choose the best device to suit your needs, assess the future of your usage frequency electric juicer. If you’re new, and use the device infrequently, we recommend switching to an electric juicer entry such as Moulinex PC120870 Ultra compact, ideal to make the hand.

If you are a follower and looking for a more convenient and fast device, we recommend you opt for a higher-end model, especially if several people in your household use the device daily. For smaller budgets, the juicer of Aicok or model Braun CJ3000 satisfy you fully.

The use of electric juicer is broadly similar to all devices. However, some models offer a pressure lever and some not, and some models offer a set manual or automatic route.

To use an electric juicer, select the type upstream citrus you want to use. Place the container under the spout (if any). Then select the squeezing cone corresponding to the size of your citrus. Position your citrus on the pressing cone and snap the ON (ignition is automatic for some machines). Use the required number of citrus and enjoy!

Choosing an electric juicer or manual depend on several criteria: the habit of consumption or not, budget, frequency of use. If your budget is tight, you use the juicer less than 2 times a week and you’re new at this, you can opt for a manual juicer that will be a good choice to start in the pressing of citrus. If you can afford to spend a little more, you want to use the machine regularly and that you have used a manual juicer, you can opt for an electric juicer.

The electric-juicer you simply will squeeze the best all types of citrus: grapefruit, oranges, mandarins and clementines, lemons. It is especially suitable for pressing of this type of fruit to extract all the juice. The juice extractor is a more complete device as it allows to extract the juice of all the fruit juice and vegetables. You can cook juices, sauces, soups, sorbets and other dishes. Choose the electric juicer if your wish is to simply and quickly prepare citrus juice, without the fuss. juice extractors are generally more expensive and more difficult to clean.

Unlike the juicer, the centrifuge allows to crush fruits and vegetables due to the centrifugal force. It allows to separate the flesh and the pulp from the juice of each ingredient, without the need to cut the upstream. Centrifuges have a cost much higher than the electric juicer and are not specially adapted to the extraction of citrus juice. Indeed, under the crushing effect, you may find citrus skin in your juice. Opt for a juicer if you want to make fruit and vegetable juices globally. Opt for an electric juicer if you really want to consume citrus juice!

The main advantage of the lever is to apply the necessary and sufficient pressure interlocking electric juicer, without engaging your hand and you risk putting everywhere. The lever is a real comfort during pressing and a way to secure the process. Indeed, you are not likely to slip your hand when pressing and injury, or drag the fruit and the reverse. Still, the lever is frankly not necessary and you can completely do without, especially if your budget is not very high. This is actually on the highest-end devices that include the pressing lever.

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols – Forget The Cramps!

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols – forget the cramps!

Forget muscle cramps and fatigue with the best percussion massage guns.

Running, weight training, swimming and crossfit from time to time: there is no denying it, if there was an attack of unexpected zombies, you’d probably be one of the last representatives of the human species to survive. While other engulf the seasons of the last series in fashion, you, you brave the elements to get your daily dose of endorphins and redraw your quadriceps. Except that just, for some time, said quadriceps pull a little more than usual. You have tried massage a physiotherapist, but you can not afford the services of a weekly professional. Have you considered investing in a percussion massage gun? If that is the case, our comparative massagers guns might interest you.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: Best

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!

Quality / Price

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!
The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!

Our Choice: Best

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!

Quality / Price

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

percussion massage guns currently on the market will want easy to use and accessible to everyone, from amateur looking to not turn into Robocop after each session, to the professional athlete (or physiotherapists) who wishes to optimize muscle recovery capacity and improve performance. To help you in your choice, we used the following criteria to select models in this roundup.

Power: percussion massage guns are used for a massage of all body muscles in order to promote physical recovery. They must be strong enough to handle both surface muscles of deep muscles, regardless of the morphology of the user. The speed (the factor determining the power of the device) is expressed in this comparison in number of percussions per minute. We favored massage guns that allow you to vary the speed and power that they adapt to your needs and not the opposite.

Autonomy: the percussion massage guns require a significant amount of energy to function to the best of their abilities. The battery capacity and autonomy are important criteria to consider for the gun does not fall down during a recovery session.

Ergonomics: good ergonomics can not only use the gun only massage without needing to be an expert in physiology or a contortionist, but also to reap the benefits of a deep massage on a specific area body. The ease of use and accuracy are key elements when it comes to taking care of his muscles and his health.

The product’s versatility: the adjustment of the power of percussion massage gun enters the versatility criterion as well as accessories that enable a massage experience closer to that lavished by a health professional. Successful products offer different head massage and various programs to meet your expectations.

Value for money: it is possible to find massage guns hammer prices on the market, from the entry level to the questionable performance, the equipment used by health professionals and sports. We focused in this comparative select products with proven quality and accessible to all budgets.

The best percussion massage guns in 2020

1. Weesey – Massage gun at the best value

2. Recoveryvolt – The public all massage gun recommended by professionals

3. JFG – The multi-speed massage gun

4. Evieun – Good value for money, the futuristic look and more!

5. Cotsoco – The frame percussion massage pistol to last

6. KYTD – The best percussion massager this roundup

7. Euopat – The percussion massage gun small budget to great effect

Unless you play sports intensively or have already toured a physiotherapist, it is unlikely that you regularly see percussion massage guns on the shelves. And for good reason: although starting to democratize, this object is rather expensive to buy. Furthermore, it requires a fairly good knowledge of his body to avoid injury, soliciting more than necessary already strained muscle. To help you make the right choice, and that, whatever your budget and your needs, follow the guide!

Faster, more powerful!

percussion massage guns are designed to mimic the benefits of a therapeutic massage thus facilitating either the preparation of muscles for training or recovery after exercise. The rhythm of percussion and the force of impact are crucial to maximize the benefits of massage without damaging the muscle fiber. The speed is expressed in number of percussions per minute. The impact force when it is indicated on the package, is expressed in number of millimeters indicating the depth of impact of a hammer. Some percussion massage guns, such as Recoverypro, used to adjust the force of impact.

It is also recommended to choose a massage gun that offers a wide range of speed settings and the further away speed amplitude possible, as the model of Cotsoco brand that offers varying the pulse rate between 1300 and 4600 percussions per minute.

A question of time and endurance

The selected programs, percussion massage guns are more or less energy. The battery is a key criterion to take into account, in order not to find themselves short of electricity in full session recovery. The recharge time and its terms are also interesting data to be reckoned with. Some massage guns (like Recoverypro) propose a charging stand, which does not need to be plugged in to recharge the unit. This feature can be useful if you want to recharge your massager at the gym, while you do your exercises. Most models are opting for a more traditional mode, which results in the form of a cord plugged into outlet to insert at the base of the unit. In this case, be sure to check that the plug is adapted to French standards.

Ergonomics for the welfare

You may have no desire to play contortionists to massage your middle back and your gym partner is perhaps not the fiber of an occupational therapist. In fact, be sure to check the ergonomics of the device by asking yourself the following questions:

percussion massage guns fall into two categories in terms of design, which greatly influences their ergonomics. Those hammerhead are a bit lighter and offer easy handling. However, certain areas of the body can be difficult to massage precisely because the massage head remains at a fixed angle (horizontal). The triangle models, by contrast, offer two points of grip and often can rotate the massage head at an angle of 90 °, allowing you to reach precisely any area of ​​your body.

Finally, remember that you go use this object for several minutes and it will vibrate more or less intensely depending on your selection: more it will be lighter, your wrists will thank you.

The accessories, the little extra that can decide between two competitors

Finally, the accessories can play in your choice of a percussion massage gun. Depending on your usage, you may be interested in a wide range of massage heads. Regarding the latter, make sure that you can buy them separately, especially if they have a silicone coating. Successive cleanings after each workout, wear the silicone material and may tear. If you want to integrate a cream or massage oil in your recovery routine, stainless steel heads (such as the Evieun model), easier to clean, could get your attention. Finally, robust carrying cases and manuals containing professional advice are little more significant.

What is a percussion massage gun?

A percussion massage gun is an electronic massage device. From the medical and professional environment, it helps to relax the tension in the body by reproducing a massage technique (pat), with the piston movement of the massage head of the unit.

The massage head of the device (often silicon) makes a piston motion at a predefined rate before start-up. She just tap the area of ​​the body to massage with varying strength and helps to relieve tension in it.

Can a massage spray is effective?

A percussion massage gun acts on two factors: the flexibility of the fascia, a tissue essentially of collagen that surrounds the muscles and organs, and blood flow. The massage will relax micro contractions of the fascia and maintain flexibility, to reduce tension and muscle pain. Moreover, the massage will speed up blood flow in the area worked. The solicited muscle will thus both be better oxygenated and more quickly eliminate waste, including the famous lactic acid responsible cramps and muscle pain during exercise. Thus the percussion massage gun accelerates muscle recovery and reduces soreness.

What massage pistol choose?

Depending on your business, your needs and your budget, you will not choose the same pistol percussion massage your sports partner. To help you in your choice, why not check out the buying guide our comparison?

When to use a gun massage?

A percussion massage gun can be used before a sport, in addition to a warm-up to prepare the muscles for the effort. However, in most cases it is used to accelerate muscle recovery after exercise or to relieve tension in the shoulders and back caused by stress or days spent sitting in the office.

The Best Accessories For The New Nintendo Console Switch

The best accessories for the new Nintendo Console Switch

You come back from the store after buying the latest Nintendo console, the Switch? Go home and complete your set-up by controlling these essential accessories for your new console.

The Best Accessories For The New Nintendo Console Switch

The new Nintendo console, the Switch, is an all-in-one console giving you a gaming experience as the games console but also as a portable console, and that with a single device. Unfortunately it does not mean that the Nintendo Switch, fresh out of an original case, has all it takes to make you enjoy a complete gaming experience.

As with any other consoles, Nintendo Switch lack of some essential accessories that you will have even more fun and that will allow for downloading and storing more games. Also Joy small-Con shifters are probably not the best way to play all the biggest games, like the last Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild (available on Amazon).

You own or buy soon the Switch? Here is all you should definitely you obtain or add to your shopping list!

Screen Protective Filter Nintendo Switch – Protect your screen and remove cover

The Best Accessories For The New Nintendo Console Switch

There is no need to write a keypad to tell you this, GET OUT COVER! And it is entirely valid with the screen Nintendo Switch! Protect your screen is essential that you replace when it’s all scratched? That’s right, nobody. So few euros spent on a hundred euro saved, it’s worth rather instantly. With a perfect application, guaranteed free of dust, bubbles, especially without frustration if you scratch. This is of course made in Japan, and is officially licensed by Nintendo. Hurry up, they go like hotcakes.

Price and Photos> Buy>

The Best Coffee Machines Pods 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Coffee Machines Pods 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Coffee is the small daily pleasure for many of us, and it brightens our mornings, give us a boost after lunch and sometimes accompanied our evenings. For this time is as valuable as possible, it is important to be equipped with a good coffee machine.

Unlike coffee machine filters or Italian coffee, which requires preparation and a little patience, to enjoy his coffee, coffee machines pod (or capsule) allow you to get your drink in seconds.

Very easy to use, since they are designed to do one or two tasty coffees and it just press a button to get coffee, good pod machine will also offer you several options. You can set the desired intensity of your coffee, length, and even his level of foam. With some models, it is even possible to enjoy other drinks!

So you can select the coffee machine most interesting pods for you, Best Comparison reviewed 5 models that achieve very good coffee, and meet with all the most important criteria of choice you will find in the final purchase guide.

Opt for the best coffee machine pod, it’s a nice way to have available a tool every day, turn your coffee break into small daily joy!

Coffee machines using pods differ among themselves in their design, their ability to make more or less good coffee and additional features. If the Senseo Philips remains one of the market leading models, other manufacturers have tried to manufacture these coffee machines!

After reading coffee pod machine models we reviewed, the following key elements to know to make the best choice to fit your home and can drink the best coffee every day.

Why choose a coffee machine pod?

The main reason a consumer to buy a coffee pod machine is the ease with which these machines make coffee. In less than 1 minute, your cup will be served and you can enjoy your drink hot with great pleasure.

Now the models are very reliable and efficient, and offer coffee lovers a wide choice of compatible pods. So even the toughest can find the coffee that suits them.

Ideal for those in a hurry, for large consumers of coffee and for those who often host guests, the coffee machine pod simplify your hot drinks preparations.

What coffee machine pod choose?

This is often the main question that arises, given the multitude of options available to us in the market. The different coffee machines pod (not to be confused with the capsules, less environmentally friendly), have specific features and technologies that make the experience more enjoyable consumer.

Depending on your case and your needs, so you choose the one that offers the services you need. To choose the following selection criteria will be the most important.

Utilisation facility

Since this is the main reason you buy a coffee pod machine, it must be understood that it is convenient to use.

This requires a legible and functional interface with the minimum possible and clear indicators buttons. Senso on machines like the model Quadrante HD7866-61, pictograms representing a cup / two coffee cups allow you to immediately understand the function of each button.

Who says usability also said ease of adjustment and maintenance. Preference is when the cup rest is adjustable in height, so that we can use the container which it is desired (this is the case, for example, Model Senseo HD7866 / 21) and when the machine tells us when must be filled with water or descaling.

The most significant of certain machines: the ability to make 2 coffees simultaneously.

Available features

According to the coffee machine pod model chosen, you will have varying features. We love when you can do something other than coffee (tea, chocolate), and when the machine allows us to create a foam on the beverage. It’s pretty, and tasty!

Among the welcome features, note the auto power, the ability to adjust the length and intensity of coffee, or the possibility of launching the preparation simply pushing the cup against the machine (which offers the Tassimo TAS3205 from home Bosch).

The rapidity

These coffee machine models are designed to produce a drink quickly. Ideally, after inserting your cap, you should not have to wait more than a minute for your coffee is ready.

It depends on the heating time of the device and its ability to link the preparations. The best is that the preheating of the machine will do at the beginning, so you can prepare several cafes row without having to wait between each.

The noise

You should know that there is no coffee machine 100% silent. However, in the pod coffeemakers are much less noisy than most coffee models, including grain, allowing drinking his morning coffee his having to endure unpleasant noises when you get up.

Depending on the model you are interested, you will find that the sound will be more or less pronounced. In order to have a silent model, Senseo Quadrante HD7866 / 21 from Philips is a good option.

The capacity of the reservoir

Depending on the number of coffee drinkers that there are home, it will adjust the capacity of the reservoir. For 1 to 2 persons, models with a capacity of 0.7 / 0.8 liters of water will be sufficient. You will make 6 to 8 cups.

For larger families, we advise you to choose a machine with a greater than 1 liter, so you do not have to remove the tray and fill it every day.

What pod?

Your coffee pod machine asks you to fill in … with pods! They may be of the same brand as your coffee, which guarantees good compatibility and quality, despite often slightly higher price, or an independent brand.

The important thing is to ensure that you can easily find pods that fit your machine. This is why we recommend choosing among the broadcast brands such as Senseo and Tassimo.

The price

This is a factor that is important, because if the initial investment may be more or less expensive (a good machine will cost between 50 and 100 euros), it will then buy the pods quite frequently. So choose a machine that offers coffee pods at affordable prices.

Good to know: the average price of a pod is 0.25 cents. At Senseo pods are found at about 0.16 cents on average, when in Tassimo it is around 0.35 cents.

How Have 3 Stars In Animal Crossing: New Horizon? | Guide

How have 3 stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizon? | Guide

How Have 3 Stars In Animal Crossing: New Horizon? | Guide

Keke will perform live on the square of your island once obtained 3 stars.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the note of your island, you can unlock new units and bring the characters for special events. It is Mary who will award this note – from 1 to 5 stars – and essential to have 3 stars to progress. But how do you increase the odds of your island?

We give you several tips that you will spend 2 to 3 stars easily! Follow our tips to make your town more attractive and meet Mary and Tom Nook … that will reward you!

Get 3 stars for your island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, our tips!

To get 3 stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your island must have the best reputation. If you talk to Marie, the resident office, it will provide you valuable tips to help you drive up the odds of your city.

Here are some tips that will help you pass a course!

Invite more villagers in your city

For 3 stars, it is necessary that your city has at least 7 people! For this it is necessary that visitors love the place and decide to settle permanently.

At this point, your campsite must be installed and attractive and you can start assigning plots of land to newcomers. With the help of Tom Nook, you can sell pieces of land to the characters who want to stay!

If you use Amiibos, scan them and run, during 3 days, the tasks they trust you, so that they are convinced that your town is the best place to live!

Building fences for your garden

In the store of Tom Nook, you are what build fences to delineate gardens, plots and limitations of different areas of your city. This is a prerequisite for a well-organized city, which offers access to the 3 stars.

With these barriers, you are free to create parks, playgrounds or the most original courses to give your island stunning style!

Get rid of weeds

A clean city is a city that attracts, it’s as simple as that. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, clean the island’s capital to increase its reputation and it will therefore make it as clean as possible, particularly by removing weeds.

For 3 stars, it is not necessary to get rid of ALL the weeds, but better get the maximum, especially in the higher areas of your city and between the rocks, where they tend to proliferate .

Plant pretty flowers!

Your city is cleaner? Go there prettier! And what could be more appealing than beautiful flowers to decorate your island!

Planting flowers is essential to achieving all 3 stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and we will have to plant various species, from anywhere. Check Timmy and Tommy to buy some plants, visit the cities of your friends to bring some specimens that you do not have or do a little excursion on Mystery Island, to unearth rare flower colors that will color your city!

Think of the water!

Connect the various neighborhoods of your city

If the look of the city is crucial to earn stars – we like all cities with enchanting scenery – do not neglect its infrastructure!

In order for your city to be functional, add bridges and walkways, so that people can move easily from one area to another. Do not spend all your bells in the most expensive bridges currently. Be content of the minimum, which will save precious bells and win 3 stars!

Decorate your city with the DIY Items

To get 3 stars you must place 25 decorative elements in your city. Tom Nook will give you recipes for you to expand your buildings and give your city the style that fits you.

Know that objects and the most expensive furniture will have more impact than the cheapest items. However, this is often your originality will be rewarded, so let your imagination run free to create a universe as fun and extravagant as wanted!

In addition to making your own decorations, do not forget to pop the balloons using the slingshot to retrieve gifts!

It brings you a rating of 3 stars in Animal Crossing New Horizons

As to measure your progress, feel free to visit Mary to know the score of your island. By the time you finally reach the 3 stars, a nice surprise awaits you: Keke Skiboy, who will do a concert on your island the next day! He comes regularly thereafter to play you a little song.

A beautiful event, that is not the only reward relating to the obtaining of 3 stars. Once completed the concert, Tom Nook will give you access to a great module Remod’ile the application that is one of the best features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

With it, you’ll be able to modulate the island at your leisure, playing on colors, landforms, waterways, roads or cliffs … And it’s a new game that awaits with 1001 creative possibilities.

Your turn to get these 3 stars asap!

In video (in English):

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best comparison

We all remember the first time pregnant, the sound sometimes more or less approximate, we had to connect to our devices via a jack to listen our favorite music or at an event. But that was before the arrival of wireless speakers with Bluetooth speakers revolution.

With models that continue to have an increasingly attractive design, more compact and easy to carry, the new generation of Bluetooth speakers have become true companions of the life of every day, and you can also enjoy your playlist walking in the street, at home, at a party …

Nevertheless, with all models available in the market, it can be difficult to find the items you offer the best performance at the best price. That is why today, in this new comparison, we invite you to discover our selection of the best Bluetooth speakers cheap.

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

The best Bluetooth speakers at low prices in 2020

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

1. Sony SRS-XB12 – The best Bluetooth speaker cheap

The new generation of small Bluetooth speaker that claim to offer a powerful sound, waterproof design, great features … a small price no shortage of models. However, the Sony SRS-XB12 is one of the few models to live up to its claims.

Let’s start with the design. The SRS-XB12 is a small round speaker set in really well designed and you can also enjoy this model in black, blue, gray, green, purple or red. Compact, you can easily put it in a purse or briefcase and take with you anywhere.

Based on the speaker, there is a control panel with the power buttons, increase / decrease the volume, play / pause (which also serves as answer / end call, or jumping tracks in several clicks).

The bottom panel of SRS-XB12 is rubberised with the rest of the outside. However, it warns you on sounds with quite low, your speaker may move a bit, and that’s why we found it very convenient that Sony includes a clip and we recommend you to use at startup.

The IP67 SRS-XB12 means it is waterproof and can therefore be in contact with water, provided that the cover protecting ports closed. It can be submerged up to one meter for 30 minutes, so it can withstand rain or splashing in the pool and can be rinsed under a tap. It is also resistant to dust and, overall, the SRS-XB12 seems to be strong enough

Overall level audio performance, the SRS-XB12 is more than adequate, although it is recognized that for music with bass heavy, like any speaker this size, it is a little rough. At moderate to high volumes however, its sound does not lack punch, with DSP (digital signal processing) that mitigates a little severe to prevent distortion. At maximum volume level still, the driver is slightly exceeded and the sound may creak a little.

Sony estimates that the lifetime of the battery SRS-XB12 is about 16 hours, but still know that it will mainly depend on how you use your pregnant and particularly the volume level you use.

Overall, for a small Bluetooth speaker at this price, you get a design unit, powerful, portable, waterproof and resistant and therefore, overall, it’s already really not bad. As we respect, we found that the SRS-XB12 was one of the models offer the best quality / price ratio.

Feature Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB12:

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

2. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom – The best Bluetooth mini speaker cheap

Utimate Ears offers two Bluetooth speaker models, the Wonderboom Wonderboom 1 and 2 model, which stole the show with its predecessor with a longer battery life, better sound quality, etc … so let’s present this latest version .

Overall, the enclosure Wonderboom offers a nice enough design and fluid with a shape that reminds us that of a soda can. Again, opting for this Bluetooth speaker, there is something for everyone and you can choose between the following colors: Black, blue, gray, unicorn, peach and red. One of the first benefits of the design of this speaker is that it projects sound from all sides, allowing everyone to enjoy the same listening experience no matter your position. While many Bluetooth speakers promise a 360-degree sound, much better sound from a specific angle. This is not the case with the Wonderboom.

Since the Wonderboom is waterproof, its controls are sealed by a rubber membrane protecting the device. On top of the enclosure, you will find power buttons, pairing and reading. The playback control knob is actually quite the EU logo at the top, which left us puzzled at first, because there is no indication that this part is a button.

At the front of the enclosure, there is a mesh surrounding the enclosure and buttons to control the volume. The only port on the enclosure is the microUSB charging port is covered by a waterproof flap. It would have been nice a USB charging type C, like most phones and computers now, but nothing dramatic though. The only downside in our view and this little cord that comes out of the enclosure and which is not used much, since it does not really allow you to hook your device.

Level audio performance, the Wonderboom has overall not ashamed to face competition. The bass are correct, the mids and highs are clear enough, but like any small speaker at maximum volume, the sound control loses its quality. The lifespan of the battery is on average 10 hours a moderate listening volume, which is less than some competitors, but remains in our more than enough.

Overall, Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker is one of the best models sold in the market. It is perfectly sealed, offers good sound quality 360 degrees and can be coupled to two devices simultaneously. The Wonderboom is in fact so good we would forget its few flaws.

Feature Bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears Wonderboom:

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

3. Vtin R4 – A Bluetooth waterproof speaker and cheap

Of course, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, for security, you can head to the big brands like Sony for example. However, if you are looking primarily a reliable and affordable device, it prompts you to discover Vtin pregnant.

As for design, although it is recognized that prefers small circular enclosures, which offer better handling and are easier to carry in our view, we recognize all the same that the enclosure has a Vtin nice design, with a hard plastic facade that looks pretty solid.

The sound emits from the front of the enclosure and therefore, with this model, you will enjoy obviously not a 360-degree sound, such as the Wonderboom you can find above. Its design bicolor offers him a little extra touch of style and opting for this model, you have a choice between versions in black and blue or black and red (or black color).

This enclosure is sold as waterproof, but understand with IPX6 mention that it can not be completely submerged in water. You will bathe you not with your pregnant, but you can still listen to music in the rain and you can possibly rinse quickly under water.

There are six buttons on the walls that are large enough and easy to use. You will find the power button, a Bluetooth button, a play button and pause, volume buttons and bass. With a microphone, the pause button and playback can also be used to accept and end calls.

Easy to transport thanks to its small size, this model is also very easy to configure. Simply load the speaker, then connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The speaker will appear as “VTIN R2” in your Bluetooth settings.

With this speaker, you have two listening options, normal or low mode, which means that the normal mode will improve the clarity of the treble and midrange, and then optimize the depth and intensity of low for better listening experience and better sound quality.

This enclosure has the advantage of having a long battery life that can last up to 20 hours to about 50% by volume, or 15 hours at 60-70%. That’s more than many other models and loads of time is only 3.5 hours. With this model, so you have a Bluetooth and USB connectivity but also a 3.5mm AUX cable for wired listening.

For its price, we have the whole was more than pleasantly surprised by the Bluetooth Vtin pregnant, which offers good performance, good sound quality and good connectivity.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Vtin:

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

4. Elehot – A Bluetooth speaker cheap and good quality

A Bluetooth speaker to the original design that promises good performance with a 360-degree sound, a connection up to 10 meters, speaker HiFi … a virtually unbeatable price? Really ?! Let’s see what is really pregnant Elehot.

Level design, there is therefore firstly a circular structure as with many other models that allows good grip and fits easily into a purse or briefcase to carry easily. But the first feature of this place is that it has an LED light, with 5 color options, and while it may seem like a detail, it’s always cool to create a good atmosphere while listening to music.

For a Bluetooth speaker with an affordable price, you get more here of a 360-degree sound, allowing everyone to enjoy optimal listening experience. However, unlike the models that we present above, this speaker is not waterproof and therefore recommends you avoid putting it in contact with water.

There are six buttons on the walls that are large enough and easy to use. You will find the power button, a Bluetooth button, a play button and pause, volume buttons and bass. With a microphone, the pause button and playback can also be used to accept and end calls.

On this model, there are also in addition to Bluetooth connectivity Micro USB 2.0 port (for charging particular) and a SD card slot, TF and TO 3.5 cable for wired listening.

In terms of audio quality for a speaker at this price, it’s still a reasonable quality, although it is recognized that in high volume and bass, the sound may start to be less accurate.

While this may seem enough, we still recognize that we were a little disappointed with the autonomy of pregnant Elehot that up with a moderate listening, you will last 8 hours, to a charging time is when even 5-6 hours.

While other models may make a nice competition Elehot Bluetooth speaker, still it remains on a very affordable model that offers good performance and allows you to enjoy your favorite music on any occasion.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Elehot:

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

5. JBL GO 2 – Bluetooth speaker JBL cheap

As for the audio performance, it is generally true that larger speakers provide better sound quality because they have more space to contain the best drivers. That said, however, there are speakers that go far beyond what their size would suggest, as the JBL GO 2 model.

The JBL GO 2 differs firstly from the outside, while other models would use waterproof fabrics, this model sustainable housing rubber. We also like to have the choice among 12 colors: black, beige, blue, gray, light blue, yellow, mint, orange, dark pink, red, green and dark blue.

At the front of the enclosure is a large JBL logo and a grid that allows the sound to project outward. It’s true we would have also liked to have an outlet for the bass, but for a pregnant like this, you can not really ask for more.

All controls are located on top of the enclosure. You have power buttons, pairing, volume and a multifunction button. The latter functions as playback controls and via a long press for voice your phone wizard, although it is recognized that the microphone is not hyper sensitive.

Right at the top of the enclosure, you can find a rubber flap that hides the micro USB charging port and an audio jack of 3.5 mm for wired listening.

Do not be fooled by its small size, the JBL GO 2 can support pretty much all your playlists. We found that 50% of volume, the listening experience with this speaker is very comfortable and even pushing 75%, the sound is always clear enough. But attention, the sound degrades slightly when you go up.

While the bass is almost non-existent, mids and highs are clear enough. We rather regret that the JBL GO 2 will push the sound forward, but given its design, the other models of this type would do likewise. So if you’d rather listen to music in a group, we recommend you rather a model with a 360-degree sound. In terms of autonomy, the JBL GO 2 unfortunately do not hold more than 5 hours, which is quite low compared to other competing models.

Overall, with the JBL GO 2, you get an ultra compact enclosure which, again, is waterproof (IPX7) and although it does not offer the best audio performance in the industry for a model this price, you can enjoy all the same very good quality / price ratio.

Feature Bluetooth speaker JBL GO 2:

6. Anker soundcore – A Bluetooth speaker cheap and powerful

Although some may be content to use their smartphones to listen to their playlist for optimal listening experience, it is far from ideal. If you are looking for an effective and affordable solution for listening to your favorite music on any occasion, the Bluetooth Anker soundcore pregnant could also then be an ideal solution.

We will not give any medal Anker for the design of its soundcore pregnant, with a rectangular design very basic or very basic control buttons, but the simplicity sometimes work very well and still we like to have a choice from three colors: black, blue and red.

At the front of the enclosure, you will find a black metal grille that hides two speakers of 6 watts. On the side you will find a waterproof flap that protects the microUSB charging port and 3.5 mm audio port for wired listening or not running on devices with Bluetooth.

The structure of the Anker soundcore is covered with a rubber mat black member, pleasant to the touch but quickly leaves footprints of brands. The build quality is excellent and it is nice to know that its waterproof structure also resist quite well to shocks. However, remember that the soundcore is a waterproof IPX5 device, which means it will survive splash but can not be immersed in a pool, unlike the enclosure Wonderboom example.

The sound quality of the Anker soundcore is generally reasonable, and in any case much better than that of the speaker of your smartphone. With a well-balanced sound level, low, however, can sometimes be poor. The highs are good but have a distortion when the volume is increased.

Like other models with similar rectangular design, its sound will leave only face and therefore, with the Anker soundcore, forget the 360-degree sound. However, one of the great advantages of this compound is its long battery life of 24 hours, which is much longer than other competing speakers.

Anker soundcore also has the ability to make calls and use with voice assistants like Siri and Google. Simply press and hold the play / pause button to activate the phone’s assistant.

For its price, is found throughout the soundcore Anker offers a ton of features, particularly with its waterproof structure, long battery life, robust design, etc … We might like to have additional elements such as a sound 360 but for the price, you can not really ask for more.

Feature Bluetooth speaker Anker soundcore:

7. tribit XSound Go – A Bluetooth speaker 10W

In the market for Bluetooth speakers, you will find many models of major brands from fifty euros and can for the most top models a few thousand euros. And there are models like the tribit XSound GB, you certainly have never heard of and yet could pleasantly surprise you by both their affordability by leus features.

While the design tribit XSound GB nothing special. It is a simple rectangular enclosure very similar to the Anker soundcore that presents above, but do not let his humble design fool you. Moreover, it fits easily into a purse or briefcase and opting for this model, you can choose between black or blue.

At the front of the enclosure, you will find a calender with tribit logo hiding the drivers. The speaker controls are all located upstairs with power buttons, Bluetooth pairing, multimedia playback controls and volume controls. Very basic buttons, but big and easy to use.

At the rear, a flap cover silicone microUSB charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The Bluetooth speaker suppress growing the analog, so it’s nice to see that the 3.5mm jack remains on the XSound GB. However, although the microUSB port is fine, we would have liked a port C-USB charging because most phones and laptops use it. The tribit XSound also has the advantage of being supplied with a strap attached that makes it easy to carry and can be attached to a backpack. Waterproof IXP7, you can safely swim while listening to music and spend your pregnant underwater.

If you believe the adage you get what you pay for, there is little chance that you get much level sound quality with tribit XSound GB. Fortunately, this speaker is one of the exceptions to Rule. This speaker is powerful enough to provide a good listening experience throughout the room, even at full volume, there is a small distortion in the treble.

Audio balance is overall very correct, the voices are distinctive, acute extend well and the bass is surprisingly good for a speaker of this size, although you should not expect that the tribit XSound do waltz your table. Deep and powerful bass can only be obtained with larger speakers.

As with Anker soundcore, there are also exceptional battery life of 24 hours at a moderate volume listening, about 20 hours at full volume. Charging the battery takes several hours, so make sure that the speaker is charged during the night and not an hour or two before having to take it with you.

Overall, we find that the GB tribit XSound really hits above its class, with very good sound quality for a quality / price than many other competitors can not offer.

Feature Bluetooth speaker tribit XSound Go:

8. Doss – A great cheap Bluetooth speaker

We are still left with another Bluetooth speaker that will certainly appeal to people looking for a reliable device, offering good functionality, quality and above all affordable.

Just by opening the box, we are pleasantly surprised by the feel and appearance of the Bluetooth Doss pregnant. Certainly this is not the most compact speaker that is, but the whole structure looks pretty solid and provides good grip. Coming with the enclosure, you find a microUSB charging cable, an adapter and a 3.5mm audio cable for wired listening. In addition, this device also comes with a storage bag that offers you a great place to store it when not in use. Moreover, we also appreciate here have several options regarding colors with black models, white, blue and red.

Located at the top of the camera, you find the touch control keys. You will find all the standard buttons, to play your music, pause and change tracks. In the center is a small dial that offers a unique way to adjust the volume. Simply slide your finger in the direction of clockwise to increase the volume and counterclockwise to lower it. This is a pretty cool design and innovative, especially for a pregnant this price range.

The most important characteristic of any speaker is of course the sound quality. With Doss model, we do not expect exceptional audio quality, especially considering its affordable price. To our surprise, the sound was quite good, at least better than what can be expected, and this model also features a 360-degree sound.

We have reviewed this speaker on a variety of music styles and overall the sound was always clear enough. The highs and mids are generally well supported and, bass are not especially powerful, but one can not expect miracles on a speaker of this size.

Moreover, we found that for its size, the speaker gave Doss still good power and, even at maximum volume, there is really no distortion. Inside are two 6 watt drivers that seem to work perfectly together.

Big downside however we found with the enclosure Doss is that it is not waterproof, unlike many other models in the same price range. So for indoor use on weekends, during the evening, etc … no worries, but this is not the speaker you going to take with you to the beach, pool and so on.

Overall, the Bluetooth speaker Doss still remains a very decent model with good sound quality, good features, a battery life of 12 hours … in short, for the price, one can generally say that you get for your money.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Doss

9. VicTsing – A small Bluetooth speaker cheap

Most people looking for a Bluetooth speaker also want their device is small, lightweight and easy to carry on any occasion. As for portability, we urge you to discover VicTsing pregnant.

Let’s start with the design of this small speaker … Here we discovered a small circular design that easily fits in hand and, on the whole, the structure with its grille looks pretty strong. In addition, this model also, you have a choice of two colors: blue or black.

Now, however, with a small speaker of this type, do not expect miracles regarding the sound. Being only a small 5W speaker, this speaker will send its course over the speakers of your phone, but do not expect your house starts to vibrate.

Still, at moderate listening, 50 to 70% of the maximum volume, the sound is clear enough, with sharp and well supported media. As for the low, do not expect no miracles, but for listening at home, in the street, at the beach, in the garden … most consumers probably will think this place is perfect the case. By cons, when you switch to full volume, it is recognized that the speaker loses some of its audio quality.

Moreover, since we are on a portable speaker, we appreciate that the brand has designed this model to make it waterproof. Be careful though, with IPX5 mention, remember that this model will resist quite well to rain, you can hold under the water, but you must not immerse and leave the water.

With a small clip on the top, we find that this little speaker is convenient because it can not catch on support badly, either a backpack, a mirror, etc … However, since this enclosure is quite small, the battery it either will not be huge. A moderate listening (always between 50% and 70% of maximum volume), this model will offer a range of up to 6 hours.

Despite its few drawbacks, the Bluetooth speaker has still many advantages, including its portability and affordable price and for simple listening of leisure, it was found that the VicTsing could very well do the trick.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Doss

10. Zamkol – A Bluetooth speaker cheap mobile

Like many people, if you want a Bluetooth speaker, you will certainly be tempted to buy recognized brands models. However, it is sometimes worthwhile to look for certainly less known models, but that could still offer good performance at a more affordable price.

At first glance, one discovers a handsome cylindrical enclosure, which at first the advantage of offering a 360-degree sound that you can use wireless (via cable or Bluetooth). You will also find a microSD card slot and the speaker can read MP3, WAV, FLAC and APE. Again, you have several choices for color models with black, red and turquoise.

The Zamkol pregnant ranked IPX6, which means it is waterproof and can not only withstand the rain and go under water, but also be submerged if used at the beach or in a swimming pool . For its small size, this model still offers a reasonable battery and charging autonomy as all other models via a USB-C cable.

Pairing is done via Bluetooth 5.0 which is not only smarter and more efficient, but offers a longer range. The Bluetooth speaker Zamkol has TWS capacity, which means you can pair it to another speaker to enjoy a true stereo experience that can last you up to 10 hours.

The sound is clear and the bass are well represented, but we would still like to enjoy an audio experience a little more powerful. The 360-degree sound was up to our expectations and allows a group to enjoy a seamless audio quality.

Another feature that we appreciate with Zamkol pregnant is its ability to connect to the digital assistant on your phone as Google or assistant Siri. This is not revolutionary as other models do, too, but for a model in this price range, it still remains quite practical and interesting.

Overall, as we concerned, in view of price, features, performance and all that has to offer Bluetooth Zamjkol pregnant, we found that this model offered in all a good enough price / quality ratio.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Zamkol:

Purchase guide

There are so many new speakers coming to market with often stunning designs and innovative features that can be difficult to determine which one you need. While the choice may seem infinite, certain criteria could help you make your decision. Depending on your needs, here is what you should look at before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker.

The battery

The battery is a key criterion in choosing your Bluetooth speaker. You certainly do not want to have to recharge your device every hour? Depending on your usage, the enclosure you choose should be able to last as long as you need it. Small speakers typically have smaller batteries and therefore had less time, but be aware however that some models can offer up to 24 hours of battery life, such as Anker models tribit and that we present in this comparison. Depending on the type of user you are, for example, if you plan on using your regular speaker during the day, a model with good battery life is essential.

Sound quality

Obviously, we all want our Bluetooth speaker offers good listening experience. Know that in general, the more a speaker is, the less the quality of sound will be optimal, especially in the bass. We will not specifically go into details, but you can generally evaluate the quality of a pregnant by the frequency range. Is considered to enjoy a sufficient quality audio, you should have a speaker that can reach 100 Hz low frequency and high frequency 20 kHz. For those waiting for power in the low, remember that the higher the frequency lower down, the better.

Design, size and grip

You’ll find Bluetooth speakers of all sizes and all designs. First, you will want a speaker that you like it aesthetically and therefore, in terms of design, since all tastes are in nature, the choice is up to you. Regarding the size, everything depends on whether you want to carry your pregnant with you regularly, if you want to slip into your backpack easily … Finally, look good shape, the location of the buttons and the ergonomics of your speaker . For example, some will have more comfort to handle a rectangular enclosure a cylindrical model and vice versa.


Of course, nobody wants to buy an enclosure that let go after two weeks. Look therefore whether the structure of the model you chose looks solid and, depending on your usage, you might find it interesting to have a waterproof model, resistant to dust or to chocs.Connectivite

When we talk about connectivity, as Bluetooth pregnant, you want a speaker that then connects to Bluetooth. The Bluetooth v.1 was the first version out there for many years and it is quite rare to find equipment that is now used. Version 2.1 is much rependue, but there are also many products that use later as Bluetooth 4.0 and even Bluetooth 5. So remember to watch you have a Bluetooth-compatible version, although it is rare for it is not.

Some may also want their enclosure can be associated with another chamber for a better stereo experience. Finally, you might also want your speaker has a wired connection in case you want to listen to your music in peace without disturbing anyone, for example when you are in transit.


You may also want your enclosure has additional features. Many speakers are used for example to make and receive calls. Some models can also connect to your smartphone assistant, Siri or Google. If you like having connected devices, so you definitely want a forum with many features.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, it is not lack of choice. You will find as with any product of the first models price and other high-end. So depending on your needs and preferences, up to you which speaker will best suit your needs.

Frequently questions

What Bluetooth speaker choose?

Before deciding which speaker Bluetooth is best for you, you must first answer some questions: what is your budget, would you primarily an enclosure with considerable autonomy, do you want a very light and portable speaker, etc …

If you want such primarily a Bluetooth speaker cheap, we recommend in this case you towards models less known brands, such as Anker models or tribit that we present in this comparison. However, if you want a model of high quality and reliable brand, we recommend the Sony SRS-XB12.

If what you matters most is portability, we introduced the speaker VicTsing which is a small special model for listening to music in the shower, hang your speaker to your backpack …

Finally, if you want above all an enclosure that has a large autonomy, we will redirect once again to the Anker and tribit speakers.

A Bluetooth speaker uses the same technology as a car radio. It connects directly to the source of the sound, and without needing a wired connection. This allows the Bluetooth speaker can be moved and continue to play even when the source is not next door.

You can configure your Bluetooth speaker where you want. So working wirelessly, simply just connect your speaker to your phone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth connectivity settings and listen to your favorite music and playlists.

Whether you are on an Android or iOS device, regardless of the model of your speaker, simply initially to turn on Bluetooth on your device. Turn your pregnant and go to the connectivity settings of your device and search for Bluetooth devices. Depending on the make and model of your enclosure, you should see your speaker appear in the list of Bluetooth devices that can connect to your phone.

The method is essentially the same as with a phone, you are on Windows or Max, you still only have once to turn on Bluetooth on your PC and turn on your speaker. Then start searching for devices that can be connected and you should see the name of your vessel (usually the make and model), appear in the list of devices you can connect.

The principle remains the same as on PC or phone. The tablets running also as Android smartphones, iOS or Windows, you just have to find the connectivity settings of your device you pair your speaker that can play music via your gallery or even music you run on platforms streaming like Youtube, Deezer or Spotify.

We hope that this comparison has helped you choose the enclosure that best fits your needs and give you appointment soon for a new comparison.

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Coffee Pistons in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Did you know ? Every day, 2.3 million cups of coffee are consumed worldwide. Out of bed to breakfast to wake up throughout the day to support your work or relaxation or late evening to complete the records … Coffee accompanies every moment of the day for many of ‘between us ! It even has built a reputation for new black gold with the success of modern baristas and expert in vintage wines that have revived old methods of making day as filter coffee sweet, coffee in pods, the strong espresso coffee prepared in Italian, the traditional coffee plunger!

And it’s good, because we propose to examine in this article piston coffee makers, which will give a taste to your mug retro morning!

Piston best coffee in 2019

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

How did we make our selection of the best coffee plunger?

Piston coffee makers are everyday objects current, accessible to very different prices depending on the brand or the modes of acquisition. To make the selection below, we based on the following criteria:

You feel this good smell that rises in the room? How coffee plunger of our selection comes she? Let’s find out right away!

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Bodum Cafetteria, the best coffee plunger for the city solo

A mild coffee, a practice that washes easily. I have long used a Aeropress but I started to ask me questions about the distribution of plastic to boiling water. So I preferred a precautionary move on a glass coffee maker that is a noble material and adapted to alimentaire.Utilisateur of Bodum coffee plunger Cafetteria.

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Trendy Bialetti, the best coffee plunger in the Italian style

The quality is there this coffee is a wonderful look both retro but modern at the same time, I’m really ravie.Elle arrived in a special cardboard packaging that protects it very well so no break with the verre.Utilisatrice piston coffee maker Bialetti Trendy.

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Bodum Chambord, the classic French press

Product glass and stainless steel, being reluctant to capsules in plastic and aluminum, this is what I cherchais.Facile use, the more complicated is to assay well, but do not worry, there are indications. Very easy to carry and nettoyer.Utilisateur the Bodum Chambord coffee press.

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Simplicity Bialetti, purifies and efficiency in one coffee

Rugged, waterproof, elegant and easy to wash. The Bialetti coffee press is a very good value, much better in my opinion than its competitor principale.Utilisateur the coffee press Bialetti Simplicity.

5. Bonvivo Gazetero perfect for a mug solo

Very pleased with this coffee piston.Utilisateur to the coffee press Bonvivo Gazetero.

6. Bodum Kenya, modern coffee plunger

Very simple to use, easy to clean, good quality coffee plunger and maintains a warm temps.Utilisateur of Bodum coffee plunger Kenya.

7. Ozavo the coffee plunger stainless made to last

I bought this coffee maker has stainless steel plunger because I broke the glass that I had. This one double wall stainless steel is super strong and virtually unbreakable, a purchase vie.Utilisateur the coffee press Ozavo.

Buying Guide: A coffee plunger, yes, but how to choose?

Piston coffee patterns do not vary from one range to the other in their operation. Litters improvements are generally about aesthetics or the fineness of the screen or the quality of materials used. It is important to pay attention to certain details before purchasing any validation!

Attention to capacity!

Materials and Sustainability

More than a matter of aesthetics, materials which constitute the plunger coffee can have an impact on the sustainability of the coffee, especially at the pitcher:

Ergonomics and safety

Although the chances of injury with a coffee plunger are thin, it is important to pay attention to the bill for them. An ergonomic and insulated handle like the Bialetti Trendy can avoid the risks of hand burns the service. Moreover, a flat push button facilitates manipulation of the object in the morning and a spout designed to limit splashing as the Bonvivo model are significant details in everyday life.

Aesthetics and ease of maintenance

The simplicity of a coffee plunger allows many freedoms in terms of aesthetics. Whether you prefer the classic and retro style of a Bodum Chambord, minimalist sketch of Bialetti Simplicity or futuristic originality of Bonvivo Gazetero I, the decoration should not impinge on the ease of cleaning or use of the object. Check that the various component parts of coffee are easily removable and exchangeable necessary.

Availability of spare parts

Last but not least, it is important to check the availability of spare parts in case of damage as well as their prices. All models do not accept filters or universal glass pitchers, and in some cases, spare parts can cost more than the coffee press itself.

FAQ: Want to know more about the piston coffee makers?

What is a press coffee? ☕

Concept patented in 1929 by the Italian Attilio Calimani then improved in 1958 by Faliero Bondanini, the piston coffee maker is composed of a pitcher wherein fits a coffee filtering system sliding along a thin metal rod. It is better known by the Anglo-Saxons as the French press, in reference to the first manufacturing plants of this device, based in France. It differs from percolators by the coffee brewing method. The first operation in the filtering of the hot water through a layer of coffee powder retained by a filter. For the piston coffee maker the water-coffee mixture is filtered after infusion, thereby releasing more aroma to the beverage.

How does a coffee plunger? ☕

Making coffee with a coffee press is similar to that of making tea. Simply mixing hot water (over 90 ° C) with the coffee powder inside the pitcher and infuse the mixture between 4 and 5 minutes. Once infused, it gently presses the piston of the coffee maker so as to slide the filter to the pitcher of the bottom and thereby separate the coffee grounds from the beverage. It only remains to serve all and enjoy!

How much coffee should be used with plunger coffee? ☕

Most manufacturers recommend putting a teaspoon of domed cup with coffee powder, to obtain a balanced taste beverage. Some even provide a measuring spoon for a more accurate measurement. However it is possible to play on the amounts of water and coffee powder for a more or less light drink caffeine or aromas.

How an espresso with coffee plunger? ☕

The coffee for espresso is generally thinner, allowing a rapid infusion and give “body” to drink in addition to a more intense flavor. It is difficult to reproduce the same look and taste with a coffee plunger. To get as close as espresso, choose a grind a little thin for your coffee and reduce the amount of water. Pour the equivalent of a small cup of hot water in the pitcher to soak the coffee and release its aromas. Then pour the remaining hot water and steep the usual time before pressing.

What brand of coffee for a coffee plunger? ☕

All types of coffee can be used with a coffee plunger. However it is important to check the consistency of grind grain. Indeed, if the grind is too fine, it will pass through the filter, and you end up with coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup. It is worth noting that most available ground coffees in supermarkets are too fine for a coffee plunger. It is recommended to invest in a coffee grinder or ask a specialist dealer to carry grain milling for the purists consumers.

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

Best Action Games for Xbox One | Best comparison

Discover the best Xbox One action games, in this selection of securities that guarantee you hours and hours of intense battles, epic and rhythmic in various universes. Whether fans of fantastic worlds, universes S.F or more colorful worlds, you will find with these 10 games to satisfy all your desires by taking advantage of the Microsoft console.

The independent action game in the dreamlike atmosphere blockbuster the most violent, ready to clashes that will test your reflexes and your gaming skills to hardships. And if you do not know how to choose the best action game for you, we book you our advice and recommendations in the final purchase guide.

Best Action Games for Xbox One

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

1. Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is the fourth installment in a series of violent action games, intense and dark, but it stands out from its three predecessors by offering a top view, the Diablo. This is a Hack and Slash nervous that we offer the studio Airship Syndicate and he resumed own the franchise universe and some of its famous warriors, it also helps to embody the last fighter of the Apocalypse, Discord which uses two guns to knock out enemies.

The universe of Darksiders is fully respected, with a cartoon artistic touch that characterizes and charismatic characters. What quickly be immersed in this dark story and an adventure that oscillates between two distinct phases: the fighting and puzzles. Very well balanced, this mixture changes the player frantic struggle moments to phases of reflection and platform, that can vary the pleasures and never get bored. Between his dungeon level design thoughtful, thrilling scenes on mounts, or titanic monsters, Darksiders Genesis will surprise more than once.

And for even more fun, know that it is possible to play two together, online or in split screen. In this case, the difficulty adapts and thickens, to provide enough challenge players noted.

Darksiders Genesis is a very successful action RPG that will allow owners of Xbox One discover a fascinating universe in a fast-paced game!

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

2. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

The franchise Plant VS Zombies became known a few years ago with a wacky tower defense mobile, in which plants and zombies (hence the title!) Battled to take control of areas, blow traps and good strategic decisions. In this third installment, we find the two clans for a large scale war!

plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville offers the player to pass through several cities, modeled in a 3D childish. But beware, this does not mean that this is a game for children. The goal, according to the selected game mode is to capture an opponent’s territory, eliminate all enemies with your teammates to capture the enemy base or follow different mini very fun missions in particular in the way the conquest of the very successful turf.

And to achieve your goals, you will learn to use your characters on the fingertips and to know the special features of each. Between the devastating attacks, faster or magical abilities trips available heroes, the choice is vast and one can only smile at the offset look and unusual attitudes of the characters.

With a central hub, which takes the form of a colorful city, where you find other players and where you can learn more about the history, and a multi-player mode in split screen two, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is a very entertaining action game, playable with family and friends!

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

3. Control

The studio Remedy Entertainment has become known with the title Max Payne, very adult, or the strange but captivating Quantum Break, and it comes back to offer us this supernatural story that puts you in the shoes of Jesse Faden, a young woman in search of his missing brother.

Control is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) visually very nice, if not lavish at times. Not everything is perfect, including a dialogue sync / lip movements is poor, but sometimes attends scenes breathtaking. The heroine lives in a world where the paranormal in its neighborhoods and the scenery is changing, evolving, driven before our eyes. As disturbing as fascinating.

The title immerses you in taking scenario, which can be discovered little by little. You have to search, read documents and be careful around to pierce the mysteries, but you’ll be rewarded for your perseverance by a thrilling story.

To evolve in Control, you have a scalable weapon that fits your situation, taking various forms, as well as telekinetic powers that provide a sense of exhilarating power. Facing you, enemies a tad silly at times but numerous and aggressive, which will give you a headache.

With agonizing music and atypical universe Control can be considered one of the best games of action of the Xbox One, with an experience that will mark you for a long time!

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

4. Blazing Chrome

Fans of the old action games, you will be served with the Blazing Chrome that offers retro adventure where only your weapons and your reflexes will save you.

Very typical year 90, the title of the studio JoyMasher recall good memories for players who have already laid their hands on the famous Metal Slug and are found in Blazing Chrome, both these animated pixel graphics and gameplay and funs nervous that gives its spice to this type of action play.

You progress through the levels (4 + 1 bonus) stuffed enemies and vicious traps, that will put your nerves hardships. In this game, the errors are fatal and must demonstrate talents controller in hand and a Tactical empowered dose because running into the pile does not pay.

Level graphics, we are faced with a title that makes a nice tribute to Run’n gun the 16-bit consoles and fans of that time will be in heaven, with the proliferation of details and nods to the screen. Younger find it a more of a challenge than often offer current action games, but with a max ‘of fun to go!

Blazing Chrome is a real success, only playable or two, with sustained action throughout the adventure, a soundtrack of thunder and Boss that you will scream your TV. Everything we love in a quality action video game!

Best Action Games For Xbox One | Best Comparison

5. Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice

Players who blame the recent equity securities of too much ease or lack of challenge will be delighted to learn that Sekiro: Shadows die twice is one of those tough games, in which the death hit you on numerous occasions. We find the key ID Software, responsible for Dark Souls, an adventure that takes place in feudal Japan revisited.

In skin Sekiro (or wolf, in French), a ninja who plays his stealth and its ability to advance the sword, you will cross a lavish decor that will delight lovers of Japan. Sekiro The graphics are beautiful and the soundtrack that rocks your games is as much. But do not expect a journey of discovery quiet because death is everywhere in this game!

With a very punitive combat system, which will ask you to control against attacks and to have perfect timing, Sekiro: Shadows die twice asks the player to invest and to practice the sword, failing to get slaughtered each fight. From private to Boss disproportionate, all the enemies you can be fatal. Sure, you can try a stealthy approach, in the style of Tenchu ​​games of the past (the same studio!) But you will not escape the dual katana and it will be ready.

This game is one of the best action games on the Xbox One, with its own universe, its dark and haunting atmosphere and intense battles that will provide you great joy, with each victory. A must-have!

6. Devil May Cry 5

The latest installment of the Devil May Cry saga was released 12 years ago, so it’s a real pleasure to find Dante and his little friends in one of the most enjoyable beat’em all we know. In Devil May Cry 5, you incarnate the demon hunter of the most world class (Dante), Nero and his mechanical arm ultra-convenient and V, which uses a panther and a volatile to go to the break-pipe. Three very different gameplay, to vary combat and defeat the many enemies they encounter.

Devil May Cry has not changed and it is still moving forward in corridors-sets tortured, destroying demons that you stand in the way of the most stylish way possible. And no matter which character your privilege to do so, the gunfights are still heady and you will master your demon hunter, the more you will enjoy to chain the craziest combos.

If the scenario does not shine by its originality, the game often very funny turns out because of the strong character of the protagonists and cutscenes will make you smile more than once. The music is punchy, gothic atmosphere unique to the series always as pleasant and varied enough monsters throughout the game. Special mention to some colossal Boss!

Unleash hell in this Devil May Cry 5, which reminds us how good beat’em are rare nowadays.

7. Came

Developed by the independent studio A44, the action-RPG Ashen offers the player to embark on a dreamlike adventure in a semi-open world, which has its own mythology. If Graphically, the title is not up to the best action games Xbox One of his generation, his strength is not there.

Very quickly, when you enter this new world, we see odd shapes that compose, its unknown creatures, its inhabitants … and we understand that we will take a trip, in the third person, alone or with others as it is possible to walk his land in multiplayer mode.

In Ashen, fighting require practice and it will be careful to dodge and strike at the right moment to win. It will therefore be strategic and well kitted before going browse the dungeons of the game, which are particularly well thought out. The game offers a challenge statement, without being too difficult a Sekiro!

The map is vast, but it is not accessible in full and you have to perform various missions to access new areas, prompting the player to explore. This is also a pleasure to travel the lands of Ashen, who will surprise you more than once.

If the soundtrack is bland, overall, and the beginning of the game is quite slow, we are quickly taken in this universe made of light and shadow and it becomes difficult to let go of the joystick before have discovered the secrets of this poetic action game as we would like to see more often!

8. Gears 5

The saga of Gears of War has profoundly marked the history of Xbox, since securities (especially 1 and 2) offered both a gripping storyline, charismatic characters and especially continuous action based powerful weapons and big muscles. The return of the series was more than expected and Gears 5 exceeds expectations.

We find the view in 3rd person and frantic shoot stages in this fifth installment, but welcome news are emerging as the most open world that allows to go from mission to mission, the little Jack customizable robot or small phases appreciable exploration. The fights are pleasurable, and history will take you to the guts from the tutorial.

Visually, it’s a great show with 4K 60fps which honors the power of Xbox One. Clearly, we take in the view and some scenes will remain etched in your memory for a long time gamer. The sets are sublime, the level of detail, with smoke, explosions or collapse is simply amazing and left speechless once.

Regarding the soundtrack, nothing to say, the work is excellent and music that accompany your adventure are very well made, as the impeccable sound effects. Finally, the multiplayer modes and its elimination, horde or flight offer under an infinite life, if you like the games online.

Beautiful, intense and very rhythmic, Gears 5 is one of the best games of action of the Xbox One, simply.

9. Red Dead Redemption 2

Expected as the messiah since its first presentation, the title of Rockstar Games (also responsible for the GTA series) you place in the Arthur Morgan boots, a cowboy who travels the lands of the Wild West, with a game that makes the link with the previous episode released in 2010.

The greatest strength of Red Dead Redemtpion II is its open world, shouting realism. It’s simple, it offers what no other game has done before him: hundreds of kilometers on foot, horseback or stagecoach, and a variety of landscapes that honors the early nineteenth America century. Cities with saloon and shops to work or buy your weapons to vast deserts, through the green plains, is a virtual postcard that you find throughout the adventure.

The shoot missions, hunting or escort enchainent to advance an exciting story, with characters a bit cartoonish but you remember your Western favorites. It is not bored one second, whether in the main missions or during the dozens of side activities offered this Red Dead Redemption II.

Easy to learn, with a small onion gameplay and deep, with the obligation to establish social bonds with different characters for the sake of your character, the game holds spellbound from one end to another, despite life who blithely exceed 50 hours, excluding Online mode!

For a trip unforgettable time in the Great West, it remains you to discover one of the masterpieces of the Xbox One.

10. Dark Souls III

The last episode of the saga Dark Souls – considered one of the series of the most difficult games – plunges you into a desolate world with panoramas always as impressive as the regulars of Dark Souls will appreciate.

Dark Souls III allows you to create the character that will face enemies overpowered during the game, we will have to equip your hero with the accessories and items acquired during the adventure to hope to survive the intense fighting. Always hard too, these battles are more epic than ever and some battles against the Boss offer titanic clashes. A real slap visual, but also a better dosed gameplay than before, more fluid and lively.

It will hit the right spot at the right time, otherwise you will be killed immediately. The errors do not forgive in Dark Souls III and you will have a concentration at all times. The reward is the feeling of power you get by defeating an enemy, which only increase over the game.

If you usually advance linearly in levels, design-level is breathtaking and one can only applaud the work done by the Japanese studio From Software. The epic music will give an even grander scale battles and you will not want to let go of the handle before destroying the monsters that assail you relentlessly.

Dark Souls is one of the best action games on the Xbox One, you will not forget anytime soon. Clearly the best installment of the saga Dark Souls!

Here are some criteria that will help you choose the best action game on Xbox One, according to your gamer habits and desires!

the graphics

With Xbox One, you have a powerful and capable console to provide a visual rendering of beauty on securities who can take advantage of its capabilities. To benefit, you can opt for games at 4K and 60 fps per second to combine beauty and fluidity (like the fabulous Gears 5) or apps that offer deep decorations in a universe that please. With Sekiro, feudal Japan offered to you, and you will travel in the Wild West by opting for Red Dead Redemption II.

To you to choose between realistic graphics and more adult and cartoon graphics, perhaps more suited to younger people.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere of a title depends on your mood and your mood. Some action games will be more relaxing or more poetic as can be Ashen, while others swear by the frantic action of the Devil May Cry 5.

The overall atmosphere of a security is also marked by its music, soft or sharp, and the sound effects of the game.

Finally, the level design (ie the organization levels and their style) is not to be taken lightly, as some sagas of games among the most famous have built their reputation on this criterion, mainly.

The difficulty level

In this selection of the best action games on Xbox One, there are titles to normal or classic difficulty, as Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, or games that offer more challenge statement to delight the Hardcores Gamers. In this context, Darks Souls III takes the cake.

Depending on your gaming experience and the level of involvement that you want in the selected title, you select the best games for you.

Alone or with others?

If you want a player with family or friends, be aware that some action games on Xbox One are playable in co-operation on the same screen, which is now a rare enough to be reported. You can browse through the levels Darksiders Genesis or Blazing Chrome, two, sitting down in your living room!

Otherwise, the online multiplayer option is available on many securities of the Microsoft console, but a subscription is required to enjoy these features online. You will then have access to Online games based on cooperation or the classic Deathmatch.


A good game is not necessarily a game that lasts dozens and dozens of hours, it is better sometimes a short and intense as a game that drags on, by artificially inflating its life with quests Additional tasteless.

However, when you have one best action games on Xbox One hand, one would like it never ends! If you want to buy a game that you busy for weeks, go for the title with an online mode or those offering long-term adventures.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews and Guide

At a time when all objects are connected, it is not surprising that today the bulbs are too. These are smart bulbs that can easily satisfy our requirements bright atmosphere using our favorite object connected the Smartphone.

Our house will not have a monotonous brightness we get tired pretty quickly as we can make adjustments to the As the seasons. Why does it always have the same light intensity inside while outside it is constantly changing?

Lighting connected we offer a smart and responsible energy consumption, as these products are known for their respect for the environment. What really makes obsolete the old models of bulbs that consume a lot of energy.

In addition, with the evolution of technology, the connected bulbs are no longer content to have one or two features since some models are, today, capable of amazing things through applications on our mobile phones.

All these features make the connected bulbs or Smartlight English are gaining more and more followers. More unique designs and sophisticated are emerging every day to offer more choice and satisfy more customers who are waiting to receive good quality products.

Comparison of Best Connected Bulb

AWOX Smartlight – The best bulb connected

This model bulb connected is probably the most efficient. The bulb has the best features available. In addition, it effectively meets the criteria set current customers. Indeed, nowadays, when people buy the bulbs, they seek more simple items that produce light. They also care about other potential uses that can have the bulb. Fortunately the bulb connected to AWOX has many modes and functions that will greatly serve to customers. Anyway, it would have been surprising if AWOX Smartlight could not offer such a variety of purposes as it is considered the bulb connected to the moment that totally stands out and takes top accolades in the online shopping sites and as price comparators.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

AWOX SMLm-C9 E27 Smartlight is controllable using the connected devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, or, which is quite normal for a connected lamp. However, most smartlight models require the presence of Wi-Fi before being synchronized with connected objects. This is where the difference is with this model, because the connection is possible even without WiFi as smartphones or other electronic gadgets similar feature Bluetooth® 4.o or later.

This is very useful especially in remote areas where WiFi is not going very well, especially at the present time where Bluetooth is an inseparable feature of many objects connected models.

Energy consumption is also a problem that everyone wants to solve. With AWOX SMLm-C9 E27 Smartlight, one more is done to improve the way we illuminate our homes. This bulb connected consumes very little power and energy class A + is proof of this ability to save energy. In addition, this low appetite for energy does not diminish its performance, it has a power 9 W with a luminous flux of 806 lm at 3000ᵒk. For a more concrete idea, these figures demonstrate equivalence with an incandescent lamp of 60 W, from there we can clearly see the difference. The AwoXSmartlight connected bulbs have an average life of 20,000 hours and a 240 degree angle of illumination.

The various functions that the bulb connected to play a big role in its success. The disco mode is the one that customers value most. To create a nightclub atmosphere in his home, this function changes the usual lights are a bit of life. But other more useful features are also available such as adjusting lighting and extinction. With it, we can adjust the times during which the bulb on and off. A proximity detection and incoming call signal is also feasible, unfortunately, it is reserved for devices with Android operating system. The group creation is possible, it allows grouping fifty bulbs and thus extend the range up to 100 m.

TP-Link LB130 – The bulb connected multicolored

In terms of innovation for the connected bulbs, this model has no equal. This is the bulb connected art that relegates its competitors in another category. It is distinguished mainly by characteristics worthy of the greatest films of science fiction. Equip his home in the TP-Link LB130 bulbs will greatly increase its standing, and it is very easy to impress friends when we have this kind of items. Lighting connected take another dimension with this model, since their passing simple useful electrical objects to illuminate the night in a marvel of technology that beautifies our everyday facilitating certain tasks and making us see all the colors. TP-Link LB130 is the bulb of the future that we can get right now.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The greatest asset of TP-Link LB130 is the color it can offer. In sum, it has up to 16 million shades of color, which is an astronomical number. We can not complain about the failure to find the color that matches our desires because 16 million is a figure beyond what we can imagine. In addition, we can make adjustments in order to obtain the greatest possible precision the mood we want. Even white light can be adjusted so that it is similar to natural daylight, it’s like having the sun for himself in his house.

To perform these settings, we do not have to look far enough because our smartphones for everything at any time. You just have the free mobile application Kasa which will allow us to control the bulbs and so do all the adjustments is to say the management of the brightness and color, programming schedules of ignitions and extinctions and the monitoring of consumption. In addition, it is unnecessary to worry about the brand of our smartphone since Kasa app is available on both iOS and Android. But the most fascinating with TP-Link LB130 is the existence of the voice control. You can order the bulb just by speaking. You just have to match the bulb with Alexia Amazon, Google Assistant and other equipment that could be aligned with the voice command.

Unfortunately, TP-Link LB130 has a high enough price. But this is not surprising given its performance. However, this cost a little above is not so huge that since the bulb consumes very little energy. With an LED bulb and an energy class A +, our consumption will be 80% less than if we use an incandescent lamp of 60 W. The surplus that we will pay will be profitable each electricity bill comes your way. Especially this bulb connected TP-Link has a long life, the economy thus lasted until long term. TP-Link LB130 is the new generation of connected light bulb and it’s only a matter before it replaces the other models.

Philips Lighting – The best brand of bulb connected

Philips is no stranger to the world of lighting, including light bulbs. It is quite logical if the bulb connected Philips was the first to invade the market. This brand has an edge over its competitors because it works for a long time in the design of lamps. Lighting connected Philips does not stray from the quality that this brand has always offered. In typical style Philips, the Lighting model modestly plays in simplicity, however, it’s just a hasty judgment, because if we deepen the bulb is made with components of choice and level of light intensity can illuminate a large room without encountering difficulty. Philips Lighting is a credit to the reputation of the mark where his presence in this list.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Like any bulb connected Philips Lighting is controllable by means of connected objects such as smartphones. This command per connected object is achieved by a hue bridge (or bridge) which permits synchronization between the bulb and the phone. The bulb connects with E27, the latter is present in almost all connected latest generation bulbs models. The remote control allows for precise adjustments, because the display settings on the smartphone is both clear and ergonomic. Unfortunately, unlike other models, Philips Lighting will only diffused than white light. But with the settings, we can have the intensity of light that suits your mood to create a serene and fresh atmosphere that will make our home sweet as ever.

To save on your electric bill, Philips Lighting is the bulb connected in the best position to ensure that we spend more colossal sums for lighting. This model is very energy efficient, it has an energy class A +. The bulb used is an LED bulb, demonstrating Philips intend to minimize the consumption of its smartlight. With an output of 9.5 W and a luminous flux of 800 lm, our play will be really dazzled as much as if we used an older model light bulb with a power of 60W. In addition, we can easily make a group of lights that we can control, because the bulbs can simultaneously connect with the hue bridge.

Big deal with Philips Lighting is that the pack includes 2 bulbs. A little calculation is enough to understand that the price of a bulb is really accessible, which confirms more the economics of the connected lamp. However, the hue bridge that allows the bulbs connection is not provided with them. We are therefore obliged to think at an additional cost so that our light bulbs connected to function properly. But in general, buy Philips Lighting amounts to a great buy because in addition to the price of very small bulb, the life it reaches 25000 hours, which in the long run can save a lot of money, but also to preserve the planet.

Xiaomi – The bulb connected easy to use

Since the invention of electricity it a long time ago, bulbs lighting has never stopped evolving to become connected bulbs as we see now. This connectivity can sometimes cause problems for some customers who are not comfortable with the new gadgets. However, with Xiaomi, they have nothing to fear, because this model has been designed so that even the most ignorant in technology can operate it without difficulty, that in order to popularize the use of the bulb connected. Xiaomi connected bulbs are therefore made to equip all homes that even those who are reluctant to the idea of ​​smart bulbs that will control more than just a switch back and forth.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Xiaomi connected bulbs can be controlled anywhere and anytime. And this feature is really useful because in case you forgot, we can easily solve the problem of ignition and extinction by controlling the distance bulbs. Nothing could be simpler, we carry only two steps. Firstly, it is necessary to connect the bulb that is equipped with an E27 base. Then it only remains to settle in our smartphone Xiaomi the Smart Home App. The two that is to say, the bulb and the phone will automatically find it to synchronize. Just by doing these small steps we can have total control over our lighting. The application interface is clear and we can understand the parameters instantly, therefore, no need for a long period of adjustment to be able to make adjustments.

Once we have all the cards to use our smartlight Xiaomi, it remains only to enjoy the many benefits it offers. First, the number of colors and shades available for creating different atmospheres: family with children, romantic for two people or a total calm to rest fully. Secondly, we also have the ability to adjust the color temperature between 1700 K and 6500 K, which adds one more asset in creating atmospheres corresponds to our desire. A small side note, to increase our concentration, ideal temperature is 5300K. The base of the bulb connected using professional optical structure keeping stable source of light that our eyes are fully protected.

Of course like most smartlights, the LED bulb is recommended since it consumes only a small amount of energy. The luminous flux of 600 lm is Xiaomi with a power of 9 W. It is quite suitable for illuminating a larger or smaller chamber. The bulb has a suitable life of 25,000 hours, which is well above the average for a connected lamp. It is possible to combine multiple connected bulbs Xiaomi controlled by a single smartphone. This allows us to blow our creativity by producing blends original colors that will offer a unique design to our home.

Horsky Smart Bulb Wifi – A perfect light

Horsky is a brand specializing in new technologies, especially in the world of connected objects. She makes devices in order to create a truly connected home. Smart lights are among the best known of its products, including the Smart Wi bulb sleek, modern design. This is a standard bulb and thus well suited to the middle of the ceiling on a bedside table.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

This intelligent bulb works with RGB LED technology resulting in the possibility of varying the color of the emitted light. Thus, it has a range of 16 million colors which allow to enjoy the bright atmosphere that is to be create at home. White light is excellent with a color temperature of 6500 K, which is just close to perfect. The brightness can also be changed as needed as for a reading or in to serve as pilot. However, it is necessary to note that the maximum brightness is quite limited if the room becomes too large. This lamp is rather intended to be used in a medium sized room or as extra lighting.

Being a smart bulb, this model is logically accompanied by a dedicated application called eFamilyCloud supports Android and iOS. A simple smartphone is used to control the lamp wherever one is in the house. She uses it for 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity through which it is not necessary to be in the same room as the bulb to use the remote control. This is rather useful when you need to turn off the light in another room without having to move. Despite all this, the settings with Google Home is a little more complicated especially as the lamp comes with instructions in English only. Once connected to the home network, it can even be remotely controlled via the 3G / 4G smartphone, or tablet.

Many features available through the application accompanying this bulb and provide the user a more comfortable use. The settings of the light can be programmed according to eight different customizable scenes. It is also possible to record up to 20 time parameters groups still easier the programming of the device depending on the hour. The lamp can detect the presence of the user on and off automatically.

This bulb connected is easy to install. You just have to do is place it on a socket and make the first settings. One has no need of a hub to connect it as everything is already integrated into the bulb itself. The operation of the device can be done if the switch is on and it should not be turned off if the lamp will not be powered and the application will prove useless. There are, however, not too much risk of power consumption because the power consumed in standby is less than 0.3W if 6W running.

Led Bulb Morpilot Bluetooth: Smart Bulb with speaker

A light bulb connected always practice at home, but the models are not all alike. Some users will be attracted to a cheaper bulb and other rather many features. This intelligent Morpilot bulb is an LED bulb equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It is noticeable thanks to the presence of a speaker for listening to music from a smartphone or tablet.

This model is signed Morpilot bulb E27 using LED RGB technology. This is a multicolored lamp can reproduce up to 16 million different colors and offering its owner the freedom to choose the mood that wants to install at home. It reproduces color at a temperature of 3000 K, which reproduces a white hot enough to relax.

This bulb uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect it directly to a smartphone or tablet. It is controllable through a single application, JBSmartPro compatible with Android and iOS. To get it, just scan a QR code or search directly the name of the app in Google Play or the App Store. This application will change the color or brightness of the lamp according to the needs of the user. It must nevertheless be held in a not too far distance from the bulb if the Bluetooth connection can not be made. The installation of the lamp is not complicated, just as it must be inserted into a single socket connected to the mains and let the power switch on. The light is programmable through application to enjoy optimal light at some point. Thus, it may as well set it as a night at bedtime and automatically turn on the alarm clock.

Apart from the light, this bulb is also equipped with a speaker with whom we can share the music played on the smartphone. To enjoy this feature, just pair the lamp with the phone like any other Bluetooth device and play music with any application. When the automatic light mode is activated, the light emitted by the bulb will change depending on the music. However, the sound is a bit too steep for our liking and the low level is fairly random. A small problem occurs if one associates two bulbs at the same phone. The application can control that one of them at a time and not both simultaneously. It is possible in this case a light bulb plays music and the other light.

The biggest concern with devices that have many features usually energy consumption. The power consumed by this lamp, however, is only 5 W, which represents a very low consumption. It has an estimated life of 16000 hours and is made in good quality materials (ABS, PC).

Minger with wireless remote control – The bulb connected intelligent Cheap

Among the many models of smart bulbs on the market, it is difficult to know which most closely matches their budget. Many users are interested in the cheapest smart bulbs market in order to make maximum economy. This smart bulb Minger in this list bulbs competitive price and is is however not stingy with functionality.

This device is a E27 LED bulb whose shape is more traditional with a dedicated remote control. This is a RGB lamp, that is to say, it is a multicolored lamp. It allows to choose between a total of 12 colors in RGB mode. It also has the distinction of producing a white light whose brightness is 100% more powerful than ordinary lamps. Therefore, the lamp can be perfectly used as main lighting in a fairly large room.

Despite its price more than attractive, this bulb has a lot of interesting features. Besides the fact that one can easily choose between a dozen colors from the remote control, it is also possible to select dynamic mode of color change. There are 4 modes, including flash mode, strobe mode, the smooth mode and molten mode. As for speed, the lamp offers 5 different parameters.

One can control this lamp in many different ways. First, there is the infrared remote control that allows for lots of manipulation as well as to turn on or turn off the lamp. In order to use the remote control, it is imperative that the switch is turned on. It is also possible to control this smart bulb through a smartphone application. This requires that the phone in question has infrared connectivity to simulate the original remote. It is impossible to use a smartphone without the Infrared with this lamp.

Another way to control the functions of the smart bulb is to use the wall switch. Unlike conventional lamps where it only serves to turn on or off the light, here you can control the color with this single switch. The handling is quite simple. When turned off and then back on the lamp in less than 3 seconds, it automatically changes color. Four different colors will thus succeed in loop as we turn off / on the bulb. If you wait about 5 seconds before turning it on again, the light turns automatically to white. This manipulation is very useful if the remote control batteries fail without having spares on hand.

This bulb is easy to install and no manipulation is required because it automatically detects the remote control. It consists of aluminum or plastic, which leaves expect good durability. Moreover, the lifetime of this bulb is estimated at 50,000 hours. For the duration of this use, it will not consume a lot of electricity saw its ranking in energy class A +, which means very low power consumption.

Shopping guide to choose the best bulb connected

A bulb is connected to a bulb that can be fully controlled by the user. In addition to the turn on or off, one can also change the brightness, color or the program switched on or the lamp shutdown. A connected bulb can also offer other features in addition to the lighting. The problem is that there are a multitude of intelligent lamp models on the market and it is difficult to navigate. To learn how to buy the best bulb connected, here are several criteria to be taken into account.

The technology

If all models are named lamp connected or smart lamp, how this connection establishes may vary widely, as changing the operating mode. For starters, there is WiFi connectivity which allows the lamp to connect directly to a smartphone or tablet through home WiFi network. An application will connect the lamp to the smartphone. WiFi gives the advantage to control the lamp from any location covered by the network and even allows remote control through a 3G or 4G network.

Another technology used is the Bluetooth connection. Like WiFi, it installs an application to be able to handle the lamp. If it saves a little more energy than WiFi, its scope is also less important. In addition, a lamp connected via Bluetooth can not be controlled remotely unless it is used with a special hub allowing the home WiFi network connection. Also, the smartphone must have used Bluetooth Low Energy or the connection can not be made. Most modern smartphones are equipped with this connectivity.

A connection mode less frequent than the first two is the infrared link. It is more economical and models are usually cheaper. The manipulations are generally done through a special remote control or with a phone with the infrared port. Features are typically a little limited compared to other technologies used.

Available features

What most differentiates a bulb connected to an ordinary light bulb is that it is possible to do many other things besides turning on and off the lamp. Many connected bulbs can change the brightness or color or both. While some models offer a choice between a handful of preset colors, others allow you to choose up to 16 million colors. Some smart bulbs also offer other modes in addition to the normal lighting. One can for example opt for a strobe mode when you want to organize a party in itself and dispense as a system of independent lighting effects.

Newer bulbs connected speakers embark generations for broadcasting music. They thus act as Bluetooth speaker to share music smartphone. If some bulbs produce speakers sound good, others can be quite poor. It is also possible with this type of smart bulb brightness associate with the music played and thus enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere. This bulb can also be used as an alarm clock or to set an alarm.

The quality of light

Even if a bulb connected offers many useful features enough, his main role will still illuminate the room where it is located. It is then necessary to ensure that the light emitted is of the highest possible quality. It must also match the expectations of the user.

For a better choice, it is necessary to consider the different technical parameters of the bulb. The temperature of the light directly affects the color of the white light of the lamp. Measured in Kelvin, it may vary between 2000 and 7000K. Between 2700K and 3300K, it corresponds to a light warm tending to yellow and proper relaxation. Between 5500 and 6500K, the more matches the color of the day and therefore natural light, which is the ideal temperature. Beyond this, the color seems too cold and turns to blue.

One can also measure the illumination of the lamp in Lux, corresponding to the amount of light produced. The higher the value, the greater the light bulb will be. There is also the light output in lumens (lm) which is related to the illumination. The lamps to the most intense lights usually have a luminous flux of about 2000 lm, corresponding to 100 Lux for a room of 20m².


When buying a bulb connected, there must be the ease with which it can be used. Generally, bulbs are connected in standard form, that is to say screw E14 and E27 or B22 bayonet. It is then necessary to check whether the base of the bulb corresponds to the socket installed at home.

Convenience also depends on the wattage of the bulb because it will generate the lamp power consumption. The higher the value, the less the bulb consume electricity. In general, economic connected bulbs do not exceed the power of 10 W.