The Best Running Watches | Review & Guide

The Best Running Watches | Review & Guide

The running watches are very specific gadgets, not to be confused with the fitness watches. They were created for those who train a lot and very seriously. You can track your workouts in detail, plan your sessions and take care of your well-being. These are very complete objects, which are made for those who need a real support in their workouts. The best running watches market you will improve your sleep, optimize your efforts and choose from a multitude of sports. This type of article is quite expensive, it is an important investment that will need an article like this to help you in your choice. We selected the 10 best running watches that are unbeatable and that will cover everyone’s needs.

The best running watches in 2020

The Best Running Watches | Review & Guide

1. Garmin Forerunner 935: The best shows running all categories

The first model of Garmin we see all is the Forerunner 935. This is the predecessor of 945, which is still current with its many options. You will not find so easily such a versatile model.

This model is perfect for those who do not necessarily need the latest technology. During your training, your running watch will measure your level of effort and will tell you if you use excessive force or otherwise, not enough. Here too, there is the Running Dynamics feature which analyzes in detail the way you run. There is also cyclism and Dynamics Swimming, cycling and swimming. For all this, the watch will give you a ton of statistics (useful for some, for others less). The battery is great and can last up to 60 hours without UltraTrac (monitoring heart rate).

Design is the main drawback of the Garmin running watch that is not thinner and pretty. It really is not modern either. For cons, the screen is high resolution, which will be perfect during your workouts.

Compared running this shows the old models from Garmin, it’s just a bit less accurate the statistics. As for the options, it has nothing to envy to others. It regrets that its price remained higher.

The Best Running Watches | Review & Guide

2. Garmin Forerunner 645: The best shows running cheap

This model of Garmin we see all is the Forerunner 645. A little less expensive than the other, this watch belongs to the penultimate generation of the brand. She still holds the road thanks to its multitude of options and quality Garmin unwavering.

For starters, this watch fits almost all types of sport profiles. Cyclists will find information of particular interest. The measurements are so precise that during the running, the watch records the time of contact on the ground, stride length, the vertical relationship, etc. This is essential to prepare and improve your fitness. With the information on your heart rate, the application may suggest rest time with the efforts you have made during your session. Underwater, it measures distance, pace, the number of movements, and many other elements … In short, a very precise clock that provides endless opportunities with Garmin Pay here too. The trouble occurs in the heart rate sensor, which is doing its job in the time of rest, but not during training: Sometimes the pulse is lost or is not so accurate. To remedy this, Garmin offers more accessories.

The design is fine and neutral, so it will appeal to many people. With only 42 grams, you barely feel on the wrist. The screen has a nice feature: a button to illuminate in dark conditions.

Our team of experts could not rule out this model of this article, which is one of the best watches of all time. This is a good compromise if your budget is limited compared with the latest models.

The Best Running Watches | Review & Guide

3. Garmin Forerunner 245 Music: The watch running at the best value

Garmin is the leader in running watch market and because they were the first to have created these products in early 2000. It is also the brand that offers the widest range of different watches. The Forerunner model has become a great success and we will describe the number 245 Music, which surely please all.

The price Forerunner 245 Music is more than reasonable and is among the lowest in our selection. The options are very interesting: it is one of the most successful watches about positioning. The GPS + Galileo + Glonnass are the best available with a total of 74 satellite operators who will follow your movements with great precision. The battery lasts a long time and you will not need to charge more than 2 or 3 times a week. By cons, with music playing, the watch held 6 hours at most. For more complete this watch, Garmin has included two very useful applications: Garmin Coach for a custom training guide and Garmin Connect App, a data backup tool. There are even collectible badges to motivate you to move (as in video games!).

The design is not the strong point of this watch, it does not really give quality air with its plastic housing. That’s what you get for that price. The good thing is that it will light when you wear it.

To summarize, this watch is running one of the best in terms of value. Do not let its appearance deter you, the options it offers are great.

The Best Running Watches | Review & Guide

4. Garmin Forerunner 945: A watch running multifunction, very light and with high performance sensors

The second model of this selection is also part of the Garmin range. This is one of the most popular running watches, thanks to the multitude of options it offers. Performance is also particularly extensive.

Garmin is a pro in the field and we demonstrated once again with the Forerunner 945. This watch is like running the Forerunner 935, but with a completely redesigned interior. On the latter, there was no music and fewer options. Here you will have a real support during your workout, whether for triathlon, running, cycling or swimming … The watch measures your statistics through V02, a tool that allows you to understand and manage your fitness. It describes the maximum speed at which you are able to bring oxygen into your body, transporting it to your muscles and use it effectively. The higher your level V02 is, the more powerful you are. And all thanks to the last sensor Garmin Elevate HR cry surrounding factors do not interfere with its operation, all the noises are eliminated, even underwater.

The accuracy is the same as in the Forerunner 245 with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. And little more, the cards are in color. Thanks to Gorilla Glass, you will earn 75% more visibility. Add to that a Sony GPS chip high technology, which improves measurement accuracy and battery life (up to 10 hours in GPS mode with music). Finally, to make this watch even more convenient, Garmin has included its Pay Ready app that serves wallet. Here are compatible with this system banks in France Arkea Credit Mutuel Fortuneo, Max, PCS, and Transferwise Boon for Master Card, Visa and Boursorama for Revolut for both.

In short, a very complete model, the 3rd most expensive of this selection, for athletes who spend a lot of time training.

The Best Running Watches | Review & Guide

5. Polar Vantage V: The perfect watch waterproof running for triathletes and runners

Technical characteristics:

Weight: 66 grams | Material: Stainless steel | Water level: up to 50 meters | Display resolution: 240 x 240 pixels | Battery: up to 40 hours in the drive mode

Polar Vantage V is a running watch that wishes you well. She will take care of you so well that you never want to go!

This measure shows running a bunch of settings that you will not even thought. There is everything you need for any type of sports. In addition, it will measure the quality of your sleep, and even how you have recovered from your stress or workout. There is a called Serene application that will guide you through breathing exercises for a better recovery. The watch also measure your steps and follows your activities. The specific brand that is particularly suited to triathletes. The battery will be enough for average use, which corresponds to 40 hours and two loads a week.

The positioning technology is used GPS + Glonass. It is less accurate than both Garmin seen previously, it will perhaps few more seconds to pick up the signal. Nothing very serious. For cons, the heart rate sensor is very accurate.

Regarding the appearance, it is more “fashion” than other models. The lines are thinner and there are several colors of wristbands: black, orange, blue or white. The screen is black and in color, with a Gorilla glass that allows maximum visibility. By cons, controls and display are somewhat confused, it will take a little practice to get used to.

Our team of experts love this watch because it focuses a lot on recovery and not the drive. It is quite expensive, but its price is way over competitors.

6. Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Titanium: Robust, accurate and with few options too

The Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro is the most expensive watch of this selection. Its price is around 1000 euros. It is a great investment that needs a detailed review:

To justify this price, Garmin has included a lot of options. Some will be useful, others are superfluous, but in any case, everyone will find his account. First, we find here also GPS + GLONASS + Galileo trio, with over 2,000 ski resorts cards worldwide. It is perfect for sports enthusiasts in nature, triathletes and runners. The multisport mode lets you change activity just by pressing a button. You can follow your SMS and smartphone notifications, calendar, listen to music, set an alarm or timer … The PacePro options and V02 will give advice to run efficiently on any type of terrain. In summary, your Fenix ​​6 Pro, you will not need your phone she already knows everything. She even replace your wallet with Garmin Pay Ready. And to easily navigate through all this, the widget menu was very well thought out. Its battery do not let go even for longer activities. In smartwatch mode, it will last up to two weeks.

The titanium version is 11 grams lighter than the steel model, but is still a little heavy on the wrist. It is a defect necessary given the activities you will do with this running watch. Sapphire glass is scratch resistant to gain even more strength.

Compared to Fenix ​​5 Plus, the battery lasts longer, the screen is bigger and the interface is much clearer. This shows running is considered the best in the high end. This is a real investment, rather satisfy collectors and top athletes. For basic use, you will find much cheaper models that will do nicely.

7. Suunto 9 Baro: The specialist in long-kind sports sessions

Technical characteristics:

Weight: 81 grams | Casing material: polymer reinforced with glass fibers | Lens material: Corning Gorilla Glass 3 | Water level: up to 100 meters | Display resolution: 320 x 300 pixels | Battery: up to 120 hours

The watch Suunto running 9 Baro is one of the top models. With a price that reaches 700 euros is the second most expensive item in this article. We’ll explain what justifies this price and prestige …

Suunto has a unique feature that is the customization of the battery. This offers you the possibility of limiting the maximum refill. You see, there are many options and rest assured, this has no effect on autonomy. Thanks to this feature and that it has a built-in barometer, it is the number one ally of hikers. Apart from this activity, it will bear 80 others. Since this is a watch designed for lovers of sport in nature, it is an option that can detect bad weather, including storms, so you can provide shelter in time. In addition, it has a glass Sapphire crystal scratch resistant, in case where it would fall during your hike. To simplify your life, it will show various graphic live, including measurement of heart rate, the number of steps and calories burned. You can also share your performances on social networks.

We chain with the display, which is in color, a significant point, and that is not found in cheaper models. To navigate it, it will be easy, since there are only three buttons on the side. What we really loved about this model is its original design and variety of colors and bracelets available. By cons, some steel models are quite heavy (up to 81 grams). This is still a necessity, given the sports for which it was designed.

For those who are wondering, this model differs from the old Suunto 9 for two things: the barometer & Sapphire glass. This gives a watch running 20% ​​more expensive, but this is well worth the shot.

8. Suunto 7: shows fitness connected with endless features

Suunto 7 is very good as a smartwatch, less as a sports watch. This may suit those who do not need extensive options for their workouts.

The thing about this watch is running the Wear OS application, which is connected to Google and offers the following functions: dictation, voice control, messages, incoming calls, Google Fit, timer, calendar, translation, Google Play Store … And many others. By cons, when you add to that the core application Suunto, all gets a bit confusing and frustrating time to adapt.

For the sporty, Suunto 7 can boast a very good pulse sensor. It is also compatible with 70 sports, suddenly, everyone will find his account. The Suunto expertise still offers all necessary options for your workouts are followed seriously. A feature caught our attention in particular: offline maps. Even in nature, without connection, you can find your way and it really is a big bonus. The navigation system is GPS only, which will be less effective than previously seen on some models.

In summary, this watch offers the best connected applications while supporting your sports sessions. The only concern is the price a little high compared to competitors.

9. Fitbit Ionic: The best shows Fitbit for running and the gym

This model of running watch is the most complete of the brand Fitbit. For a reasonable price, you get an efficient model and with very effective options.

Fitbit is a Ionic watches the lightest on the market running, with only 30 grams and a very slim design. It has nothing to do with the traditional running watches, quite voluminous and sometimes cumbersome. There are three predefined color combinations: silver gray, blue and flashy orange and finally brown.

As for performance, we enjoyed the navigation system which operates under GPS and Glonass. This watch will measure your steps running, the number of mounted stairs, your distance traveled, calories burned and sleep, 24/24. And the option most original of this review: a reminder to turn on you if you sit too long. Perfect to motivate you! Sometimes we do not realize how much time can pass quickly … For even more fun, you can store up to 300 songs. Only flat, walking and cycling are measured by the number of stairs, a pity that the statistics is not more accurate at this level. There is also the heart rate sensor which is great when you are resting or you exercise heavily, but fails whenever engaging in light activity. Too bad for the drives lovers in “fast burning zone”. Know that you will enjoy personalized workouts, by cons, careful not to spend too much time to follow your running watch.

If you want to spice up your workouts without this makes a hole in your wallet, this is the perfect watch for you. This is the best show running Fitbit for running and the gym, it is really amazing at the options. It is part of the watches that you pamper and we love it.

10. Polar Ignite: For custom training and very accurate

The watch running Ignite Polar is designed for serious amateurs. It offers very good benefits and will be perfectly sufficient to help you improve. And all this at bargain prices.

Options that caught our attention are: training tips and your sleep, a pulse sensor trendy, just a summary of your statistics after your workout and Polar Flow application that analyzes your results in depth. There is also an integrated GPS that allows not lugging his phone during training. The information it records are very relevant and will push you to improve yourself. This is a fairly complete product. However, the accuracy of measurements and navigation will never be as good as on competing models. For athletes who tend towards professionalism, this model is not appropriate.

This watch is very easy to use, since just press a button to start the sport mode that suits you. The operation takes no more than two seconds. The design is the last thing that should worry at that price, especially here it is not really appealing, with a plastic strap that gives a look “cheap”.

Finally, we believe that this model holds the road very well and it did its job for the price it presents. Do not expect anything fancy, just enough for a workout boosted.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about running watches before buying a


Price is the first thing that you will think, because here it varies between 150 and 1000 euros. Your sporty profile will define in part the price of your watch, but it will also consider the options that you matter. More options you’ll have, the more your watch will be expensive. Similarly for accuracy. This kind of product worth investing because they are very complicated systems and high-tech operating inside. If you define your needs well before you buy, you will be sure not to regret your decision.

Your sporty profile

Whether amateur or professional, what is certain is that a watch running will help. Whether for a simple overview of your performance or for a thorough study of your workouts, you will find your happiness with these products. You will therefore consider the use you make of your watch.


The options are diverse and more or less numerous in running watches. You should make a list of options that you like while reading this article because they are all different from one model to another. This will depend on your sport profile, but also to your own tastes. Some may have no use to have information on their quality of sleep, but it’s always nice to know. This is one of the major points which will need to think not regret a too expensive purchase with too many options, or rather, lack of useful functions for you.

The (or) sports you practice

The running watches cover more sports different, with some models that support more than 80 disciplines. The more you practice sports, more such items is helpful. The brands have been forced to design their models in this way, to fit all. However, some watches offer more relevant statistics for a sports type or another. You will realize by reading our magazines. Keep still in mind that whatever sport you practice, virtually any model appropriate.

connected applications

This is not the most important point about the sport, but it may be for some users. There are models that have a lot of applications to share your performance on social networks or to customize your watch (eg Suunto 7). This also allows to replace your smartphone during your workouts.


The design will also play on your choice. Although most are similar, with a “sporty” look, some offer a bunch of different colors or materials. The Garmin watches are particularly well thought on this point, there’s really much choice.


That is something that can be very useful, and which we must not forget to think. Most watches are waterproof, given their price. Moreover, swimming is a very popular sport, so for fans of this sport, there will be plenty to do.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask about running watches

A running watch is an essential accessory for anyone wishing to make a sport seriously. It tracks your efforts in real time by measuring your heart performance and speed in km / h. On one show to another, the information varies, but what is certain is that no other objects will give as accurate information. For athletes who want to improve their performance and train effectively, these gadgets are a gold mine. Some watches are so complete that they even replace the functions of your smartphone. A very practical, because playing sports with his phone is always embarrassing.

Here are some functions qu’apportent the running watches:

Stopwatch, alarm, calendar, compass, altimeter, GPS, music, SMS, social network notifications, weather, and much more …

You can easily find a running shows on any website that sells this type of product on the brand sites or directly on Amazon, for example. They are also available at stores like Decathlon, Darty, Boulanger, etc.

Prices vary between 150 and 1000 euros. For proper watch, do not plan below 200 euros, and a watch with quite interesting functions can go around 500 euros. This corresponds to a so-called use “basic”. Anything beyond succession of luxury and concerns top athletes who have a critical need for varied and accurate information.

The type of sport you practice will set the clock running it will take. You can find more details on this in our buying guide, but in summary, think first of your budget and your athletic profile. The more you are professional, more you will have a serious watch. Our product already makes it easy because we selected the 10 best shows running the market.

The biggest difference between these two models is the technology used to measure running speed. Garmin is a GPS only system that is not very accurate in urban areas, but the best hiking in nature. By cons, Polar uses an accelerometer that is suddenly much more precise and works everywhere. This is a point that will be very important for marathon runners, for example. See for yourself if that matters or not.

More new series of watches running out, smartphones are less useful. Indeed, most of the watches have connected applications that allow you to view your SMS, to pay or provide for the weather. The goal is, in fact, allow you to train without your phone. It is painful to carry and risky to leave it somewhere in your absence. Today, running watches are even able to store music to give you the most pleasant drives.

Watch ⌚ running or connected watch?

They are two very different products. The running watches have been designed to really push your workouts beyond your limits. This is to help you progress and dissect your sports sessions. This will be really useful for serious hobbyists to large sports professional sports. Whether for fun or only for specific purposes, you will get a real gold mine of information about your physical condition, your performance, and even tips to improve. On the other hand, shows a connected may be able to give you information such as your step count and heart rate, but that’s it. You will have no analysis. Connected watches are much more focused on social networking applications, and instead deal if you transfer your smartphone on your wrist.

Best Anti-Barking Collars 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Anti-barking collars 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The dog is still man’s best friend and many of us love them, but when it barks constantly, day and night, it can cause a number of disorders.

For you, it’s painful because these noise disturbances are powerful and eventually you insupporter. The barking can disturb your sleep and prevent you to relax at the right time. But maybe patience allows you to tolerate this nuisance? But your neighbors may soon no longer bear the barking of your pet.

To avoid problems Neighborhood and stop these barking, you can use a bark collar. As Best Comparison you present in this selection 5 dog collars, they will put an end to these barking and help you train your dog without harming it.

Our selection of the best necklaces bark a glance:

Best Anti-Barking Collars 2020 | Reviews And Guide

There are a variety of collar for dog bark so we had to make a strict selection by us based on specific criteria.

First, it was determined what were the most important points for an educational dog collar, which will help him prepare and to do stop barking. We established this list:

With these points, we could identify the best anti barking collars of the moment. Offered by trusted brands (like Petsafe, SportDog or Gleading particular …), these necklaces have undergone a battery evaluation.

We evaluated their effectiveness in different situations thanks to the many comments scanned client. At home in the garden, when walking in parks, to verify the statements of different manufacturers. It took monitor changes in the level of barking for several weeks to ensure that the reduction of these was not only momentary, as we recall, it is good to teach your pet not bark unnecessarily.

We also evaluated the electric models, to ensure that landfills were not violent (it stings!), So that at no time the animal does not suffer.

Of course, we assess the strength of each product because a dog does not take care of its bark collar. For this, we grouped all customer feedback on the question stretched necklaces, trampled, immersed in more liquid (water, juice, …) and sealing test, soiled to see if they were cleaning easily, and even let the dogs play with as if they were only toys to see how they resist!

The 5 anti bark collars that have survived are part of our final selection.

Best Anti-Barking Collars 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Anti-bark collar of Gleading – A training collar for small and large dogs

This bark collar Gleading the brand is a model recommended by many veterinarians for its educational value and must admit that this product is very well designed.

It is in the form of a collar with straps that are used to adjust the choker – between 16 cm and 53 cm – and to maintain the anti-barking housing, and has a remote controller to control signals even when your pet away. The range shown is 300 meters but we look into 150, 200 meters in reality. If this model is not very aesthetic (it is a bit big for small dogs), it is solid and very effective revenge.

It works with a 3-level system for education of your dog gently. The first level is to send a beep to your dog, to warn him that his barking is annoying. If he continues, simply go to the next level by vibrating collar. Often the animal is already sensitive to these stimuli and understand that it has to stop barking. If it persists, then you have the option to send a small electrical charge that he did not appreciate.

It is painless, but the dog, surprised, immediately stop barking. It is also a way to teach him how to have a good overall behavior because you can use these stimuli to prevent biting, jumping on people or to fight.

This collar anti barking dog fat is very easy to use, with a functional remote control which we quickly grabbed the operation. You have to press several times to select the correct mode (we would have preferred a button for each mode) and an LED indicates the intensity, reglablesur 100 levels, you definie.Il is also nice to have a backlit LCD screen, for walks in the dark. Only flat, the receiver startup is a bit painful because you have to open the housing sensor, which will be done at your home.

Among the most notable qualities of this bark collar for large dogs, long-life lithium battery. Just 3 hours to charge the average use of one week. It’s just a shame that no charging indicator tells you the remaining time for use. We also liked the fact that the device is waterproof (not waterproof), because it is used without difficulty in rain and will not fear splashing when your dog will roll in the puddles.

Within days, the dog will change your behavior without you having to go through the training box. You will make yourself educated, with a thoughtful progressive system! Undoubtedly one of the best anti-bark collars for dogs the most imposing.

Best Anti-Barking Collars 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. PetSafe Collar Anti-bark – Automatic necklace progressive stimulations

The PetSafe brand is recognized for its expertise in the field of animal welfare here and book a bark collar for dogs of all sizes 100% automatic. You will have nothing to do because the collar will adapt itself to the barking frequency of your pooch.

This innovative collar works as follows: it detects vibrations caused by the vocal cords of the dog barking and when it triggers an electrostatic stimuli Level 1 (the lowest). Surprised, the dog stops barking. If within 30 seconds, he barks again, he will receive a new stimulus but this time level 2, and so on until the maximum level is level 6.

This form of progressive education allows the dog to understand by himself that barking triggers the collar and it should therefore not continue to bark. If within 30 seconds after barking, the dog is silent, then the collar resets and the next stimulus will be level 1. It’s really well thought out and it works wonderfully with dogs cease to bark in A few days. For safety reasons, the collar off for 3 minutes if your dog barks 15 times or more in a 50-second interval!

The bark collar from PetSafe is lightweight (136 g) and is adjusted with an amplitude to fit all sizes of dogs (for a maximum choker 71 cm), with a minimum weight of 3.6 kilograms. It is rather nice, with a red strap around the housing and solid, with a finish resistant nylon. Care must be taken to tighten it because if your dog shakes his head and the sensor is found near the vocal cords … it will not detect anything. This is the only drawback to this innovative device.

It is a model that works with 6V batteries and has a battery level indicator, not to fall stranded at the wrong time. The outer protective collar is waterproof and resists easily splash or rain, but you can not immerse it. If your dog wants to swim, you will remember to remove it.

After a period of self-study or longer depending on the character of your pet, it will simply stop barking. It will associate the sound it emits the collar punishment and you will not have to raise your voice or even to use a trainer to teach him good manners. From time to time, if he resumes his bad habits, you can give him the bark collar.

The fact that it is painless (even at the maximum level, which will surprise the dog) obviously in his favor and very good price / quality leads us to place it among the best bark collars of the market.

Best Anti-Barking Collars 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Dogs Anti Barking SportDOG – A waterproof collar and long range against the barking

This bark collar for SportDog is a highly accurate model, which is aimed initially at the training of hunting dogs. They must learn to remain silent and be as unobtrusive as possible and triple technology used here allows to teach the dog not to make noise.

For this, it has 3 modes and adjustable distinct operations, according to your desire.

The first method called Learning reflects your dog’s character. It will determine, after several tries, the stimulation level to which your dog reacts and when the animal barks, the collar will automatically go off at that level. Immediately stop the barking.

The second mode is the progressive stimulation, with a degree of intensity of evolutionary discharges. When your dog barks once, the collar sends the lowest stimulation. If within 30 seconds, he barks again, he will suffer a new landfill, level 2 this time and so on, with an amplitude of 10 intensity levels (even the highest still safe). Soon, the dog made the connection between his barking and stimulation. And if in 30 seconds, no sound, then the collar off again at level 1! This is ideal for the dog does not bark in your absence.

The third and last available mode is the free mode in which the master may choose the level of discharge current. Each barking dog will therefore receive a stimulus 1 to 10, according to the chosen setting.

This triple feature makes this anti bark collar for dog very complete, but it has other particularly interesting advantages. Silent Partner Technology is a tool to isolate the sound of your dog by separating it from outside noise. The advantage of such a function and prevent your dog receives a discharge while this is the dog next door who barked, or the collar has detected the bad noise was akin to a bark. It is unfortunately common on bad bark collars! With this system, no unjustified punishment!

Also note that this model of SportDog brand is waterproof and Waterproof. It can survive up to 3 meters deep, which makes it ideal for the more adventurous dogs. It is obviously very strong, and can be adjusted for chokers between 12.5 cm and 55.5 cm, which is perfect for small and medium dogs; for larger breeds, consider measure around your pet’s neck!

This anti bark collar recharges quickly (in 2 hours), for an autonomy of 200 hours! A real feat, to which is added a battery level indicator to keep an eye on the remaining time for use. They also add that he has a very clear instructions for use, for immediate start.

Its price is certainly higher than average necklaces this selection but it is a professional model that allows a perfect education for most dogs.

Best Anti-Barking Collars 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Anti Bark Collar A + Trainer – Effective collar against nuisance barking

If you are looking for a bark collar affordable and effective, this model of the brand A + drag may interest you. It is intended for dogs between 7 and 55 kg, with a choker 19cm to 60cm, allowing use with most breeds.

This product, designed to train your dog without being harmful, works via small electrical stimuli that trigger automatically when your dog starts barking. The device, fastened around the animal’s neck will detect the vibrations emitted by the vocal cords and send a small shock when it barks. It is ideal, because this way, only the noise from your dog are taken into account and not background noise, eliminating unjustified punishments.

Namely that for optimal operation and so that the collar is good contact with the dog’s neck, you may need to mow where will be placed the sensor.

The device includes 7 levels of adjustable stimulation and above 2 modes. You can choose between sending vibrations (which are similar to those of a smartphone) and the electric mode. While the first may be sufficient in some dogs, it may have recourse to the second most rebellious in some canines. However, very rapid results allow quick stop barking!

It is you who set the intensity of the shocks and so it is good to proceed in stages: first, the lowest discharges and depending on the reactions of the animal, you can adjust the intensity. To choose the right setting, it’s easy, because you have the particulars of the right settings depending on the size, age, weight and breed of your dog!

This bark collar features a blue light flash function which monitors the behavior of the same animal in the dark, and a long rechargeable battery capable of holding up to 10 days when it is full with only 1 hour of charging.

It is a product very practical, however it must be taken to tighten because if it is not pressed against the vocal chords of your pet, it will lose effectiveness. It is therefore advisable to do bring your dog at first, without activating it, so he gets used and does not move in any direction to remove it. Thereafter, you will find that the results are fast, with a reduction and disappearance of barking that occurs within days. What regain good relations with your neighbors quickly!

Solid, easy to adjust and efficiently without harming the health of your dog, the bark collar also benefits from a quality / price particularly interesting.

5. Anti-bark collar small dog Anitech – Intelligent anti bark collar

To train your dog to stop barking, here is an anti barking collar as convenient as cute. It is a black and blue pattern that from a distance looks like a bow tie and that will make your hair ball a real star!

This product, offered by Anitech brand has an intelligent detection system that takes into account the vibrations emitted by the vocal chords of your dog when he barks. This will reflect only noise emitted from your pet, isolating those surroundings. Very handy when you live in a noisy area or if your dog has a habit of barking when he is in the company of other dogs.

To cause no pain to the animal, not anti-aboiementn’utilise necklace electric shocks, but only sounds and vibrations. When he barks, so he receives a sound stimulid’abord which prevents. If new barking, it is the vibration that snap and who understand your pet it’s time to stop bothering the neighbors.

It’s automatic efficaceet unsysteme practice to prevent the dog from barking, especially when you are not there. Note however that the intensity of shocks remains weak and that the strongest or the most aggressive dogs could get used to it quickly and live with it.

We appreciate the fact that it snaps into protection mode automatically when the dog starts barking more than 7 times in 1 minute, so as not to shock the!

You can adjust the intensity of beeps and vibrations on 7 levels and adapt the necklace lanyards ranging between 15 to 60 cm. Moreover, it is suitable for both small and large dogs (but it will be less effective with the heaviest breeds), with possible use from 3 kilograms. With an IP58 level sealing, is resistant to water and will suit most players dogs who are willing to wade through puddles and jump into the fountains, but be careful anyway because the charging tip is only protected by a thin plastic strip.

This bark collar for dog comes with a USB cable for quick and easy loading for a range of almost 2 weeks. You will also receive an Ebook that gives you many tips on training your dog and a leash braided nice enough. The instruction manual – in French – is very clear and allow you to set various options in a snap.

In the end, the brand offers Anitech, cheap, a dog collar that helps combat nuisance barking very easily and without traumatizing your companion. If you own a small or medium dog and quesouhaitez it gains in education, please.

Buying Guide: Choosing the right bark collar for your dog?

After learning of the best anti-bark collars on the market, here are a buying guide that will allow you to choose the most appropriate according to your expectations and the kind of dog you own.

A bark collar for dogs will be used to educate the animal and to teach him not to bark unnecessarily. For this, the different models use different methods of operation:

If the principle remains the same and that some models allow you to choose one or the other of these modes of operation (such as Dogs Anti Barking SportDOG), various necklaces vary by the type of stimuli used: beep sound, vibration , electric shock … We will see that this is one of the criteria.

Park led a necklace to fight against the barking is not subjected to torture and that their use is rarely done on the long term. The goal is to teach your dog to stop barking. It is recommended to make sure a health check with your vet and why not ask his opinion.

Now here is our selection criteria to offer the best collars for your pet!

The type of stimulation used

There are many types of stimuli in anti-barking collars and decided to retain the most effective and those that do not harm the well-being of your pet. Among them :

They are also found spray collars that squirt lemon grass and are very unpleasant for the canine, which ends anyway get used. That’s why we do not recommend. Rarer, necklaces Bark ultrasonic remain too expensive for the time to be interesting for an individual.

What necklace for any dog?

This is the first thing to ask. According to the temperament of the animal (submissive, aggressive, rebellious …) but his build, you need to opt for one or the other educational methods proposed by the collars manufacturers.

For small dogs and least courageous canines, beeps and vibrations enough as he will often be necessary for mastiffs and for the most stubborn dogs to resort to progressive ESD.

For those who want to educate their dog globally, so favor the most complete models like the one proposed by SportDOG.

The autonomy of the collar

It is important because many teachers choose to use this type of collar for dog bark to prevent their dog barking during their absence. This requires that the battery of the collar is strong enough to keep long hours.

We also appreciate the simplified refills and fast, like the collar of A + Trainer.

The resistance to water and damage

Your dog will not spare the collar, especially as he will sometimes as an enemy (at least the first time). He will try to chew, to remove it and the object must be solid. Then we also can withstand water, land, mud and numerous dirt in which your companion will roll.

For this the models or at least waterproof raincoats have our preference.


If the bark of your dog collar should be convenient for him, it must also be practical for you. So it is nice to have some options for ease of use.

Adjustable straps to secure them necklaces (this is important for models that react to the vibrations of the vocal cords, as good bark collar PetSafe) and the presence of a remote control can please the masters wish to control distance the actions of their noisy dog.

Finally, a must for a good bark collar is the noise insulation function to sanction only the barking of your dog. Previously, it was not uncommon that the models are activated at the slightest sound too powerful or when another dog was barking and the dog thus received a totally unjustified punishment. Now, this will not happen again!

Best Voice Recorders | Best Comparison

Best Voice Recorders | Best comparison

Dictaphones are not reserved only for doctors who do not have the time to indicate their schedules to their assistant or apprentice spies who want to trap their surroundings. Discrete and lightweight, they can be useful for recording during a particularly busy in college, share your progress with your guitar around, or keep track of your intimate thoughts and great ideas for a new project.

Interested in this subject practical and versatile? Good thing, because we have selected eight dictaphones, with performance adapted according to your needs, and quality / price undeniably interesting! On your marks, get set, register!

Best dictaphones in 2020

Best Voice Recorders | Best Comparison

1. COOAU – Easy extra dictaphone to handle

Subject discreet and elegant, COOAU voice recorder is distinguished by its long, thin lines, its black glossy finish and its small LCD screen that verifies a glance that the registration takes place in the best conditions. Discreet buttons on the side allow you to control the switching on or off the unit, setting the record, the volume, change audio track when listening and the organization of audio files. A jack is provided for connecting a headset to the device. A suitable USB cable is provided to facilitate the transfer of files to a computer. The microphones are integrated inside the housing, and a small clip on the back allows to fix the object lapel necessary.

The dictaphone COOAU offers 8GB storage capacity. This ability can unfortunately not be increased because the object does not offer port to insert an SD card or other memory card. Nevertheless it will be possible to record many hours of conversation WAV or MP3 format, with a very good quality playback with the DSP device that reduces extraneous sounds. Versatile, this voice recorder can also be a music player, and can support MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, APE and OGG for your favorite music and podcasts follow you wherever you go. Its lithium battery is sufficient to use the Dictaphone throughout the day, unabated.

Once turned on, this voice recorder records and pauses when it detects a voice or a prolonged silence. This automatic startup option can be disabled if desired. A button allows replay loop some audio tracks, which can be handy if you use the voice recorder to store information. To avoid data loss due to accidental power off, you can set the voice recorder for it automatically saves the current record at regular intervals (30 minutes, 60 minutes or 120 minutes) without interruption or change track. Furthermore, a class stamping system different audio files by date to facilitate their search. Little more interesting for people saving sensitive data: It is possible to block the use and transfer of dictation data with a password. Thus, if lost or stolen, no one can use your data.

Best Voice Recorders | Best Comparison

2. ADOKEY S30 – Best Dictaphone for students

Powerful and rather easy to use, the ADOKEY Dictaphone has a quality / price attractive to those seeking a clear voice reproduction in a noisy environment. This stylish voice recorder comes in the form of a black box in bright finish, a bit heavy (72g) with a chrome wheel to scroll through the files, reading and configure the object. An LCD display provides all the information necessary to ensure the proper conduct of the registration. The case is also topped by two chrome microphones for miking fine and clear stereo. Two buttons on the side to manage the tensioning device and data backup. In terms of connectivity, the ADOKEY Dictaphone has a jack for headphones, a micro USB port with the supplied cable to transfer files and charge the battery and an SD card slot.

The dictaphone ADOKEY has an 8GB of memory, expandable with its SD slot can accommodate a memory card of 32 GB. And this extension is indispensable when one realizes that the device provides a file format for recording, WAV. This certainly guarantees impeccable quality, but there is a lot of memory space. The lithium battery ensures that dictation recording a 30h period of uninterrupted listening time of 70 hours continuously or a hundred hours in a configuration of mixed use. To save battery power, the voice recorder will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of silence. Conversely, it is also possible to set the device to trigger a recording when it detects a voice or sound close, being in the acoustic frequency range defined. A device for reducing parasitic noise DSP allows for clear recordings even in noisy areas. Music lovers will appreciate the ability to use this item as a digital music player. In this respect, the dictaphone ADOKEY plays MP3, WAV and WMA. There is also a repeat mode for those who want to learn their lessons. To conclude, it is important to note that the performance of the device, very satisfactory for taking notes or recording voice in the context of a conversation, will prove insufficient to capture music or singing because microphones crackling on high volume.

Best Voice Recorders | Best Comparison

3. TASCAM DR-05X – The professional voice recorder for the best price

For those wishing to make recordings worthy of a studio without breaking the bank material, the audio recorder Tascam DR-05X may represent the best compromise.

The case of this dictaphone put more on comfort and clarity of use on aesthetics and discretion. On the size and weight equivalent to that of a television remote control, the Tascam DR-05X has a wide LCD display to visualize at a glance all relevant information to monitor the quality of the recording. Large buttons on the front of the device prevent any mishandling. These are explicit enough for a quick start. The case is surmounted by two broad microphones fixed internal capacitor, oriented on the sides, as a catalyst for stereo sound on a wide directional spectrum. In terms of connection ports, you can connect headphones (mini-jack port), an additional microphone (mini jack port) and a mini USB cable for transferring given or the power supply (not supplied with the product). A slot for micro SD card is also present.

Warning: the voice recorder Tascam contains no storage space and comes with a memory card. To keep your registration, it will either connect your dictation directly to your computer or phone (with a cable that you will need to purchase), or invest in a micro SD card. The device runs on two AA batteries. It is also possible to connect to an external battery via a USB cable. These batteries guarantee about 18h Recording time on a WAV audio format. It is possible to record in stereo, WAV and MP3. Each of these formats is configurable, so you can get the best output quality, whatever your sound environment. Although it is not possible to direct the microphones, sensitivity largely makes up for it and captures the most subtle sounds. If necessary, the ability to connect an additional microphone can overcome this defect, which makes the Tascam DR-05X a perfect investment for semi-professional users for both musical projects, podcasts and movies.

Best Voice Recorders | Best Comparison

4. Benjie M23 – The best extra dictaphone

All dressed in chrome, Dictaphone Benjie M23 can go far for a USB stick, due to its size. The sleek case features two buttons underneath a discreet LCD screen to start and pause recording of a finger. The other side buttons control the power of the device, change recording track and volume, navigation between the various files and setting the record. A mini USB port is for transferring files to a PC and charging of the device, all via a supplied cable. A jack is also included for connecting headphones to the voice recorder, and an SD card slot.

The dictaphone Benjie M23 will delight people who need to record long periods of time. With 16 GB of internal memory, the fear of a possible recording interruption due to lack of memory space flies; This storage capacity can be expanded if you add an SD card. This perspective is reinforced by the life of the lithium battery integrated into the housing guarantees a recording without interruption 25h or 20h of music if you use the voice recorder listening. For this last matter, it is recommended to use an audio rather than the speaker headset, it is not very efficient. The two microphones and noise reduction system can record voices and sounds in mono good quality over an extended distance (50m depending on the manufacturer, less than ten meters by users). We must take precautions, however, and mount the volume to maximum to get a satisfactory rendering. The sound is in MP3 or WAV format, both on a configurable bit rate range from 512 to 1356 kbps. The recorder can play MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC and WAV if you want to use it as a digital music player. It can also store JPEG, PNG and GIF, as a USB key. Finally, two features are of interest to students and busy people: the repeat button, which allows to loop a track for learning, and the recording function activated by voice (configurable), which triggers recording as soon as the microphones capture sound.

Best Voice Recorders | Best Comparison

5. COOAU – The most versatile voice recorder

The first word that comes to mind when looking at this dictaphone of Cooau brand is robust. Curves stocky, matte metallic finishes, yellow LCD screen and big buttons controls that leave no room for false manipulation: the object is like a mini calculator at the summit of which have implemented two integrated microphones on the sides. However, do not be fooled by appearances. This dictaphone is no shortage of resources for optimum sound recording in various contexts, if we look at its connectivity and accessories that accompany it:

No doubt: this voice recorder responds to virtually all business situations!

The Cooau Dictaphone has an internal memory capacity of 8 GB, not expandable due to the lack of port for SD card. Side autonomy, the built-in lithium battery supplies the energy required to ten hours of continuous operation. The device has only one audio file format for recording, WAV, available in three “qualities”: 324, 128 or 32kbps. This facilitates the setting but can not meet the needs of the most fastidious users. The sound is made by means of two microphones, mono, a satisfactory sensitivity to about 5m. It is possible to improve the rendering quality using either the supplied lavalier microphone or using any microphone connected to the mini jack port for this purpose. The device can play MP3, WMA and WAV if you use it as a digital music player. The repeat function A-B automatic equalizer and buckle can be interesting in this context. Finally, the time stamp files adds an extra touch of simplicity to identify at a glance the recorded audio file to a specific date. Easy to handle and versatile, this voice recorder is a real all-terrain object at a great price.

6. Olympus W852 – Best Dictaphone for conferences

Known for having created many successful on the market for voice recorders, the Olympus offers its model W852 with a powerful purpose and suitable for both experts and newcomers. On sober and simple look, this voice recorder has a large LCD display and large control buttons. Two microphones are hidden in the box on top of the device, on each side. Two jacks are used to connect an external microphone and headphones if needed, while a micro SD card slot is nestled on the other side of the object. Finally, a retractable USB port inside the box eliminates any risk of loss cable to transfer files.

The capacity of the internal memory of the W852 Olympus is a bit small compared to other products in this roundup. 4GB Fortunately, it is possible to extend it by adding a SD card to the device or by connecting directly to your computer during recording. The recorder uses two AAA batteries and offers a battery life of approximately 110h recording, a variable length depending on the setting of the unit. It is possible to record only one file format (MP3), the quality of the latter being configured according to your needs. The sound recording is made in stereo. To facilitate the handling of the device by the greatest number, the Olympus offers two original functions in addition to the automatic voice recognition recording. The first concerns the adjustment of the sensitivity of microphones depending on the sound environment either manually or automatically. Indeed, depending on the volume of the room and the distance of the main contact, the device will choose the best settings for a clear recording even in a noisy conference room. On the other hand, it is possible to choose between a simplified method of use or normal, depending on your comfort with the setting of such an object. In simplified mode, voice recorder offers fewer features in its menus and preset recording configurations, so you can focus on taking notes and not the quality of the capture. Finally, it should be noted that Olympus can not be used as a digital music player, and it only recognizes MP3 files playback.

7. SAVFY Pen Recorder – The recorder who does not look

The voice recorder Savfy wins the prize for the most discreet of this comparative dictaphone, since it hides inside an elegant black ball pen and chrome. One button on top of the unit controls all the actions it is possible to do. Two tiny blue and red lights on the side for a short time indicates the operating mode. The microphone is hidden on top, pin side clip of the pen. Besides the pen and two spare mines, the object comes with a micro SD card to 16GB, earphone, USB cable, charging cable and a small screwdriver.

The recorder pen Savfy hosts a micro SD card to 16GB which serves internal memory. Its rechargeable lithium battery allows it to record conversations for 20 hours without interruption. As can be expected, the pen Dictaphone SAVFY offers no recording setup options. These are 192Kbps MP3 format. A noise reduction system ensures clear rendering of voice without ambient interference in a 10m radius around the pen. To save battery power, the pen switches to standby after 3 s quietly and automatically resumes recording when it detects a sound. The LEDs remain off during the entire duration of use and only light up when the control button is operated for greater discretion. Only 4 controls are available: light, save, save and off. The pen can obviously be used to take notes, but also as a digital music player (but do not read other file formats than MP3). Once connected to your computer, you can recover the files sorted according to the date and time they were created. Simple and suspicion, this voice recorder will be appreciated by those wishing record meetings or conferences discreetly.

8. COOAU TF31 – The extra daily dictaphone

Few elements distinguish the model COOAU TF31 his associates presented above, if not its modern design with finishes in brushed titanium. On one side, the case has a small backlit LCD screen and a single button that controls recording and pausing the dictaphone. On the sides, two small buttons to power up the device and menu navigation. The box contains two microphones, and can accommodate a mini SD card. The voice recorder can connect to a computer via the mini USB cable, or to a headset, through the mini jack.

The dictaphone TF31 of COOAU has an internal memory of 8GB which can be expanded by adding an SD card (32GB max). The rechargeable lithium battery is sufficiently enduring to record sounds for 72h continuously. You can choose the audio format of the return of file (MP3 or WAV), with four bit rate options for each format to adjust the recording quality based on your listening environment. The sound recording is made mono. Like its predecessors it is possible to schedule the backup files every 30, 60 or 120 minutes to take no risk of loss in case of low battery. The tracks are time-stamped to facilitate file search. They also can be protected by password if necessary. Little more, it is possible to adjust the recording settings in the sound recording without interruption. Think to plug in the headphones before you start recording, to directly control the rendering quality. The recorder has a DSP noise reduction device. Repeat mode allows replay of the selected track as many times as you want, at the desired speed. Finally, this voice recorder can be used as digital music player. He can play the following file formats: WAV, MP3, FLAC, APE for your favorite music follow you all day.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about a dictaphone before buying a

The conditions of use

According to the different uses you plan for your voice recorder, your selection criteria will vary. The sound environment, the duration of the recording session, the processing of recovered sounds … you help define the selection criteria that will be crucial for you.

Generally, voice recorders on the market fall into three categories:

Storage capacity

The storage capacity is a criterion to handle with care. Indeed, depending on the format selected audio file (and the quality of sound reproduction recorded by consequence), the storage capacity stated by manufacturer may seem largely sufficient or otherwise mediocre. In fact, over the recording quality, the higher the audio file will take up space. For example, 1 GB may contain approximately 16h recording in MP3 format at 128Kbps or about 2 hours in WAV format. In most cases, it is recommended to choose a model with a capacity of at least 8GB, which will save the equivalent of a day’s work, regardless of the selected audio format.

Moreover, it may be wise to check the possibility of increasing the storage capacity of the voice recorder, by adding an SD card for example. This can be beneficial to master the cost of investing in such product.

Battery autonomy and

Again, the autonomy of a voice recorder varies depending on the quality of its decision sought. One thing is certain: you do not care that your voice recorder turned off in full recording session! At a minimum, the voice recorder must record a conversation without fading for the equivalent of one working day (10h) continuously.

Also, if you hesitate between two models, the power criterion can help you in your decision making. Many dictaphones still operate on batteries, which causes a triple problem:

Therefore, for your well-being and that of the planet, prefer whenever possible dictation on batteries, if you have regular use.

File formats and compatibility

The ability to choose what file format you can record your conference or interview is crucial. Indeed, this choice gives you flexibility in the use of your voice recorder (by modulating the recording quality), allows you to save resources (storage space and battery life), and provides an overview the compatibility of the product with other objects (microphones, computers, headsets …). It would be a shame not to exploit your registration because the audio file can not be read by your computer!

Depending on your usage, your computer equipment and your render expected, you will probably not need to have a wide variety of formats. MP3, WAV and WMA files (a format compatible with Windows Media Player) are the most common formats proposed by dictating manufacturers, and can play on the quality / storage (MP3 being the lightest and WAV, most informative). FLAC and OGG formats will be interesting for professionals or semi-professional recordings for podcasts or music for example, because they restore all the richness of its WAV without being greedy in storage. Finally Mac product owners will be able to support AAC without difficulties.

Design and Accessories

The dictaphone design can be a criterion optional or predominant choice according to the use you want to do. You will probably not want to walk around with a bulky object in the bag, just to save your lecturer. However, the design may be constrained by the quality of its socket. It is clear that the voice recorders which offer a sound recording in stereo or multi-track, are less discrete when laid on a table by the positioning of their microphones.

Whatever your choice, it is recommended to ensure that the voice recorder has a large enough screen for you to see on what audio you record your course as well as the battery level (and if possible, the storage volume yet available). Simple controls and clear to use can provide additional comfort.

In terms of accessories, these vary by manufacturers and can use the object. The ability to add an SD card to the device to increase its storage volume is an asset for those who wish to save a day of discussions with a good quality of sound. A USB port and cable is required to transfer files to your computer. Some voice recorders also have a jack to listen to your recordings (or your favorite music) without disturbing your neighbor metro. Finally, for most professionals, it is possible to connect an additional microphone to your voice recorder to be sure to only record the sound you are interested in the best possible conditions.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask about dictaphones

What is a dictaphone?

A voice recorder can record sounds with ease, be it a class, professional exchanges or even personal notes. It is usually in the format of a case, more or less discrete, containing one or more microphones and a data storage area (mini-cassette, in the case of an analog tape recorder, USB memory for digital dictation). There are three types of dictation: dictation spies (or booster), the monos and stereos. The best known brands are dictaphones Olympus, Sony and Phillips.

Choosing a dictaphone is based on the intended use. Besides the price, it is important to consider the storage capacity of the device, its autonomy in terms of energy, the type of audio files obtained and compatibility with your computer equipment, and connectors used to transfer files or to connect other equipment to the voice recorder (additional microphones, headphones, computer …).

A voice recorder is an easy material to use. However, the next few precautions will help you to recover a quality audio file:

Where to buy a dictaphone?

It is possible to purchase a dictaphone in most stores offer computer hardware, telephony and small appliances. You can also choose a dictaphone on merchant websites of these stores, the brand sites if you know the make and model you want, or sales platforms like Amazon, C.Discount or other …

How much is a dictaphone?

The price of a voice recorder varies depending on the make, model and performance. It takes about ten euros for an input voice recorder range and up to several hundred euros for professional equipment. However, you can find models of a good quality / price ratio between 20 and 50 €, which you will get high quality recordings in a variety of listening environments.

Best Solar Chargers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Solar Chargers in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Proponents of nomadism and high-tech devices are well aware: the autonomy of battery-operated devices is crucial. While some mobile phones very energy efficient does not hold more than a day load, difficult not do without an electrical outlet. However, alternatives exist to keep your device turned on as long as possible. If the best external batteries are extremely popular, an equally attractive alternative exists and begins to have the wind behind the solar charger.

Besides its very ecological side – since it requires no power source to operate while creating – this device can generate electricity unlimited and totally free. The technology of solar energy and batteries having made a huge leap forward in recent decades, this device is highly reliable and environmentally friendly.

Operating exactly like traditional solar panels found on rooftops, solar charger integrates photovoltaic cells that capture the sun and are responsible for converting light into electricity. Result: it is quite possible to go hiking, camping or picnic while being assured of juice for your electronics completely autonomously. Better yet, the solar charger can help you out in case of a power outage at your home.

Thus, there are two categories of solar chargers: dishes and powerbanks. The dishes chargers consist of several panels that can fold over themselves for easy transport. Once folded, they are absolutely set anywhere (on a backpack or tent for example) in order to capture every ray of sun. Equipped with USB ports, they can generally charge several devices at once. Stored, they do not take more space than a magazine A4. The powerbanks, meanwhile, are cases that can be likened to external batteries. These welcome photovoltaic cells on their upper face to draw the light and turn it into energy. Also equipped with USB ports (or Lightning for Apple devices to owners), they also can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Generally compact, they also offer other features, such as the flashlight. An excellent solution for budding adventurers.

Best Solar Chargers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

So if you decided to take the plunge and opted for sustainable energy and free to charge your high-tech items, Best Comparison reviewed for you the 5 best solar chargers.

The best solar chargers in 2018

If you are looking for another original way to charge your phone, discover our selection of the best induction charger.

RAVPower 16W / 5V – Best Solar Charger hike

Best Solar Chargers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the solar charger RAVPower 16W / 5V

Specializing in the battery industry, especially in manufacturing external backup batteries, spare batteries for mobile phones, adapters and chargers, RAVPower is one of the world leaders in this market. Established in 2011, the company has since sold millions of copies of its products throughout the world. This is why the brand is a must when it comes to evoke the best solar chargers. Indeed, this laptop model is particularly efficient 16 watts and adapted to nomadism. With its high efficiency solar cells, the RAVPower 16W / 5V allows to get a total solar conversion ratio up to 23.5%. Thus, it is safe to always get the most power, be it a sunny day or in a cloudy sky. Its two integrated USB ports allow you to connect to 2 devices at once and let nature do the rest. Off-road, it delivers the ideal current of up to 2.4A to accommodate the needs of load devices. Small but powerful, the RAVPower 16W / 5V is portable and ultra lightweight characteristics that allow to venture anywhere without suffering weight. Indeed, with only 450g, it remains one of the lightest compact solar chargers on the market. Furthermore, when folded, the charger is not larger than a magazine (24 x 15.5 cm). Thus it is quite possible to hang the backpack, in the tent, or the nearest tree to be sure to draw light to maximum sunlight. It remains the trump ideal for camping, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities without worrying about fuel.

Moreover, the technology advanced combination iSmart intelligent and integrated circuits to detect all individual input voltages of connected devices. Thus, it is able to distribute all energy to ensure optimal load for each.

Another major asset, the device is waterproof. Here, a rugged polyester fabric is tightly wrap the panel so that it is resistant to water and to the whims of nature. In addition, the RAVPower 16W / 5V has 4 very practical grommets to draw as much light as possible solar. Also, two USB iSmart cables used to connect a large number of electronic devices. Smartphone, camera, tablet, or any other USB device can thus be fed without fear of their battery turn off.

Thus, with a lightness without equal, two USB ports and performance, the RAVPower 16W / 5V easily won the prize for best solar charger touring market.

RAVPower 25000mAh – Best Solar Charger for iPhone

Best Solar Chargers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the solar charger 25000mAh RAVPower

Falling flat battery in full appeal is something that is not desirable to anyone, especially in emergencies. To recharge his mobile at all times without worrying about having a nearby outlet, RAVPower offers ultra-convenient charger and very robust. Equipped with an integrated solar panel, it converts sunlight energy available to charge the external battery. However, the manufacturer does not recommend using solar energy as a source of primary recharge but to opt for the latter as a secondary solution. Indeed, the speed of loading will depend on the intensity of light and the panel of the conversion rate. Moreover, and it takes a week to get a full charge when the sunlight is used alone. Therefore RAVPower equipped its charger with two ports: a Micro-USB and another single USB to accelerate the charging of the battery. Moreover, the device has three outputs to feed three smartphones or tablets with both the ports ‘Fast Charge’ USB-C and iSmart. Perfect for large families and connected.

Also, its large capacity gives it impressive performance since at full load, the battery provides 9.3 recharges an iPhone 8, 5.6 refills a Samsung Galaxy S8 or 3.3 refills an Ipad Mini 4. what anticipate any untimely breakdown and enjoy its mobile devices to the maximum in any environment. Also, the charger is completely designed for the outdoors. Indeed, it is extremely robust thanks to a dust casing, shock-proof and waterproof. Features that allow it to be carried everywhere, camping, hiking or at the beach. Also, a weight of 551 g (for a dimension of 18.1 x 8.9 x 3 cm) supported this printing Robustness. And with its integrated suspension ring, the magazine is attachable RAVPower almost anywhere to enjoy its power in all circumstances. Practice, the solar battery is also equipped with an emergency light very powerful LED that works in three modes: continuous, strobe and SOS. Perfect for walkers venturing at dawn or night. Comes with two Micro-USB cable, the battery provides charge two devices from its first use without the need to purchase additional cables. Ideal for enjoying the battery out of the box.

With an impressive load capacity, incredibly robust and simultaneous charging of three devices, portable battery RAVPower is unquestionably the best solar charger for iPhone.

Poweradd External Battery Solar Apollo 2 – The best solar charger USB

Best Solar Chargers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Your opinion on the solar charger Poweradd Apollo 2

Founded in 2010, Poweradd was forged from a solid reputation as a high bill electronics manufacturer. With the desire to give a great place to ecology in its range, the brand has developed solar panels quality but also very well designed powerbanks. This is the case with his model Apollo 2, a nomadic battery that keeps its promises. Indeed, you only have to look at his performances to find that it is quite possible to go hiking with mobile devices without worrying about battery failure. Showed his ability (12000mAh), the Powerbank of Poweradd has three refills an iPhone 7, two refills a Samsung S8, and recharge an iPad Air 2, a tablet known for its battery considerable autonomy . Equipped with two outputs 5V / 2.4A, it is possible to charge two smartphones or tablets simultaneously. With a solar panel, the Apollo 2 can be recharged by solar energy when it is in the light rays. Note however that the charging time depends on the intensity of the light, and does not rely solely on this method for charging the device. Indeed, it would take more than 36 hours of sunlight to charge its battery to 100%. However, the function is very handy on long trips. Evidence that the battery is designed for more adventurous situations, it is equipped with a lighter. Perfect for lighting a fire in nature and sleep under the stars. A function that can not be found elsewhere on any other mobile battery. Rainproof with a rugged construction and IPX7 level of sealing, the battery also has a dust protection and fall protection for barouder without fear. Very complete, Appolo 2 also has two LED flashlights. The latter offers three modes: constant light, strobe and SOS distress situations.

With correct dimensions for its range (17.6 x 11.2 x 2.5 cm and weighs 400g), the Powerbank of Poweradd is cut for long trips with an integrated carabiner handy. Thus, it is possible to hang in the back of a backpack to recharge when walking and enjoying the sunshine. Supplied with a short cable Micro-USB, the battery is suitable from out of the box.

Thus, due to a rock solid, excellent battery life and surprising additional functions Appolo 2 Poweradd provides everything needed to go on an adventure with its mobile devices. It serves best USB solar charger in its class.

Foldable Solar Charger BigBlue – Best Solar Charger

Best Solar Chargers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the foldable solar charger BigBlue

Very practical when starting hiking or camping, foldable solar panels are fast becoming must when one is equipped with mobile devices and you want to travel peacefully. The BigBlue brand has understood here and offers one of the references in the field. Beyond an unbeatable value, the solar receiver offers sacred charging performance. With its lightweight 400g only, and a thickness of 2.8 cm folded, the charger provides a power of 28 watts. Its energy efficiency from 21.5 to 23.5% is provided by solar mono-crystalline panels SUNPOWER reinforced PET. Equipped with two USB ports, it offers the user the ability to charge two devices simultaneously. Also, the digital ammeter for gauging the amount of amps generated. One option uncommon for this price range, which is very convenient when you want orient optimally panel. Also, its internal smart chip ensures a stable load of the device. Moreover, his pocket with zipper allows for its part to mobile phone and tablet out of the sun when charging. Very valuable when we know that the panels of this range usually offer only pockets Velcro unnecessary that open inadvertently.

Thus, the solar panel BigBlue is primarily designed for modern adventurers and high-tech. Perfectly suited for outdoor activities, it is ideal for camping, trail running, climbing, fishing, hiking or picnic with family. And to draw all its benefits, simply attach it to a backpack or tent thanks to clever loops and let nature. Proof of its high strength, its PVC fabric IPX-4 standard ensures reliability and impermeability foolproof during bad weather. Note however that it is not completely waterproof and must keep away from water areas in order not to damage the mobile devices in the zippered pocket. Due to its high compatibility, all Android devices and some cameras are greeted with the micro USB cable supplied with the solar panel. Once unfolded, its large 28.2 x 84 cm exhibition area allows a fast charge two devices simultanes.On however regretted that with such a power output, the solar panel is not equipped with a port for 18 volts laptops.

Very resistant, perfectly designed for the outdoors and has an integrated ammeter, the foldable solar panel Big Blue is the perfect companion for your mobile devices on the go. Its advanced technologies allow to enjoy the clean, natural energy without limits. Features that make him the best solar charger market.

Power Bank 24000 mAh Bernet – Best Cheap solar charger

Our opinion on the solar charger 24000 mAh Bernet

With a growing reputation in the market for solar products, Bernet offers here a solar charger with very interesting properties. First feature that challenges: the enormous power 24000mAh that can simultaneously charge three different devices. With the impressive issuing 5 A, 9 refills Powerbank ensures an iPhone 6, 7 refills of Samsung Galaxy S6 or 3 refills an iPad Air. Result: a full charge ensures 9 days continuous use, all with incredible speed. What anticipate any battery failure under any circumstances. Thus, the Li-polymer battery of high density withstands more than 500 load cycles. It is also secured by protections against overload and overvoltage. With a wide compatibility, Bernet device can be recharged using Lighning or Micro USB cables with quick entry of 2.1 A. Equipped with mini polycrystalline solar panels, the battery is fully loadable so natural and clean. However, as in many of this category, it is better to focus this process in cases of extreme urgency because the load is very long. Another interesting feature: the charger is equipped with small USB fans that provide cooling in hot and humid outside and it is impossible to find other supply sources. Lightweight and compact (165 x 85 x 20 mm for a weight of 350 g), it can be led absolutely everywhere for maximum nomadic without fear of short current. Practical, its user is constantly informed of the amount of remaining energy thanks to an ingenious system LEDs flashing color: white for a load of 80 to 100%, blue for a load of 40 to 80%, and red for a charge from 0 to 40%. So no surprises in use. Strong and robust, it can slip into a backpack to enjoy all its mobile devices hiking, camping, or during any outdoor activity.

Thus, thanks to its incredible battery life, light weight and versatility, the Power Bank 24000 mAh Bernet ensures fully function for a mini price. Characteristics that make her the best cheap solar charger market.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best solar charger?

All solar chargers do not meet the same needs and uses can be multiple. Everything will depend on your equipment Annex and its characteristics. This is also the reason why there are two families of solar chargers to adapt to all situations. And if each brand has its own strengths, there are many differences between models. This is why it is imperative to be well informed before making his choice. To help you see more clearly, here are the main criteria to consider when choosing the best solar charger.

The solar panel technology

There are three types of solar panels: monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline, and CIGS. Monocrystalline panels are usually black and are energy efficient. Also, they can function in low light but are more expensive. They are found for example on the foldable solar charger Big Blue. Polycrystalline panels are blue and are cheaper to manufacture. Disadvantage: their performance is lower and lower thermal tolerance. The CIGS cells offer for its excellent performance but are more fragile.

The power

This is obviously the name of the game since it is what will determine the charging time, the number of possible recharges and type of accepted appliance. Thus, to ensure proper and quick charge for the latest generation of phones and tablets, you can opt for a charger from 15 watts as RAVPower 16W / 5V.

The integrated battery

There are two types of solar chargers. Those with integrated battery, as RAVPower 25000mAh, and simple as the foldable solar charger Big Blue. The first category allows more energy and store to store for later use. Only drawback: the integrated solar panels are not sufficiently large to ensure fast load. Simple chargers are composed of solar panels much more extensive but do not store energy. They are optimal to get the most sunlight. Hint: it is quite possible to couple it with an external battery to enjoy the benefits of both devices.

The USB ports

Their number will obviously depend on one of your devices. Generally two in number, as in Poweradd External Battery Solar Appolo 2 USB ports can effectively and simultaneously recharge mobile, tablet, and other device with this technology. In addition, some brands have not forgotten the Apple lovers since their models have a Lightning port, as the Power Bank 24000 mAh Bernet.

The accessories

Some solar chargers are cut for adventure and have very practical annexes accessories, such as an integrated LED lamp which can illuminate or launch an SOS in case of difficulty in the wild. Others go even further by adding a lighter there, like Poweradd External Battery Solar Appolo 2. No excuse, therefore, for not exploring distant sunny regions while being assured to operate its mobile devices during hours.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

Do not worry about their energy consumption: blenders soup heating are products that are used for 20 minutes. It’s a small period of time that does not necessarily require a large investment in energy savings. The 1000 Watt standard will not be very intensive electricity while you prepare your meals.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. The heating blender Easy Soup LM841110 Moulinex

For less than 100 € this heating blender is really the best. There is divided opinion but honestly for me at the top. That makes 3 months I have soup and a package have been made since! Easy to clean thanks to its option “easy clean” .Utilisatrice the heating blender Moulinex Easy Soup.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. The heating blender soup cheap Philips HR2203 / 80

Truly the best for good … very smooth soups receipts books are really good too, a good blender chauffant.Utilisateur heating blender Philips HR2203 / 80.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. The heating blender My Daily Soup Maker LM540810 cheapest Moulinex

This heating blender is ideal combo for soup in 20 minutes, I highly recommend it. Very happy with this purchase! User of heating blender Moulinex My Daily Soup Maker.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. The heating soup blender Philips HR2204 / 80

After extensively studied various heating Similar blender, I am delighted with my purchase. In 1/4 hour, the soup is cooked, mixed in velvety and remains hot for a long time. Cleaning is facile.Utilisateur the heating blender Philips HR2204 / 80.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. The heating professional blender Soup Maker MXC36 of H.Koenig

Blender heating line with my expectations. It allows me to make very good soups, smoothies, gazpacho but also to the pilee.Utilisatrice ice blender heating H.Koenig Soup Maker.

6. The Domo Soup Maker, the heating blender mL cheap

Just top to make soups. We regularly use and we are ravis.Utilisateurs the heating blender Domo Soup Maker.

7. The heating blender soup professional Aicook

I like this blender! Its quality is very good, look good, good job! It is very heavy, glass is thick, giving a sense of securite.Utilisateur blender heating Aicook.


The capacity is an important point that can make the difference in your choice. A large family probably will opt for a model with at least 1.2 L volume. This is the minimum for normal use. With a bowl of this size, you will get 2 large servings (main course) or 4 small as an input. To see if you convenience. The appropriate volume depends on the number of times you use your device. If you decide to turn it every day, then 1.2 L can do the trick. But if you prefer to prepare at once a larger quantity and keep fresh the rest for the next few days, you will have to bet on larger bowls.

Programs tailored to your needs

Each heating blender has 3 basic programs: soup velvety soup with pieces and mix. These will do nicely to fill the basic features you would expect from this type of product. However, if you want to be more creative or if you love the most comprehensive programs, it is possible but it will obviously be more expensive. This criterion is very personal. Our team loves the innovative products we present you with pleasure. This does not preclude that we always keep under wraps one or two basic models for those who prefer simplicity.


Again, this is a point that is tricky because you can not argue about taste. To try to find a middle ground, we strive to find different models that can fit in any kitchen. The blenders add elegance to the room and it would be a shame not to enjoy. For heating blenders, designs are not over worked but we still managed to find some pretty candidates. They are very compact and have a design height: they do not take up much space, and will even be installed on your overall work plan. This is why it is important that the design you like it.

Used materials

You can not use any material to manufacture a heating quality blender. It would first be tested by the heat. Imagine that it is not a quality plastic: it would escape of toxic substances and the lifetime of the device is greatly reduced. Most manufacturers are opting for stainless steel bowls. Its main and property it does not rust, and is more highly resistant. In general it is better to opt for a matte finish that will be easier to clean … The bowl may also suffer food crashing on the walls. The ingredients like tomatoes or raspberries have small seeds that eventually can damage the machine. Of course, the blades must also be strong enough.

However, if you do not use your machine correctly, even with good materials, it will not survive. It will take care to cut and clean food and not use ingredients that can damage the blades.

Options more

We believe that the automatic cleaning function is very convenient for this type of product. Unfortunately, only a small number of features. We must keep in mind that the heating blenders are not compatible with the washing machines. Soups and smoothies are very sticky liquid and if you do not rinse it right away, it will be difficult to clean up after. This is a detail, but we must think about it, because we find ourselves quickly overwhelmed when preparing meals and can quickly forget this step.

Another feature that could be useful: pulse. It is a system which propels food that accumulate around the blade during mixing. Another option that you facilitate cleaning.

If you will be using your heating blender soup occasionally, so this criterion will not be decisive for you. Even the chore of cleaning will be bearable for a time to time use. We try to think of every consumer profile and adapt to all.

At first glance, the heating blender like a blender classic. However, it offers more possibilities since it can make soups and sauces, and independently. He takes care of first cook your food until they are properly al dente. When cooking is finished, the blender starts up and this, in no time, you get a soup made fresh house. The baking lasts about 15 to 18 min and mixing is very fast, 1-2 minutes. On some models, you will have the ability to customize the cooking time and power, other programs will be predefined and you only have to press a button.

The use is very simple. We tried to find the products with the easiest interface to follow. Generally, you simply press a button or two and the heating blender handles everything. As for the same soup, just cut into the right measures your food, add with water in the blender and voila. The most painful part is peeling all that … As you can see, the use is not complicated and that’s why we love these little gadgets.

There are two possibilities: either your blender has two cleaning functions and in this case it will be very easy to clean your blender. First, the pulse function that projects the remaining food inevitably around the blade will be very convenient. And automatic cleaning function helps you all since you only have to add a little water and a drop of dishwashing liquid and clean the device itself. You only have to empty the contents and have a quick sponge. If you do not have these features, then it will all be cleaned by hand and we do not hide that it is quite a hassle. Know that these devices are not compatible with dishwashers.

The heating blender is popular for two reasons:

For one, it allows you to save time by preparing all in one container. No need to cook and then transferring to mix, everything is done in a snap. Your work plan will not be cluttered, you will gain in cleanliness.

All heating blenders are sealed during cooking. The steam does not escape, allowing well preserve nutrients from your vegetables. This is a very important point to which we sensitize bit.

Prices are quite reasonable in general for this kind of device and it does not take up much space in your kitchen. There are often 2 to 1, in order to make hot and cold dishes. They will revive in the summer and you will warm in winter!

For those who use their blender often: do not even think about a blender without automatic cleaning. The capacity will be equal since you often use. It remains to then choose the options that suit you.

For consumers who want to use this time to time product, a basic machine will do nicely and will be cheaper.

The only difference is that the materials used in the Babycook are often tailored to baby’s needs. However, you can find models BPA in conventional heating blenders, such as blender Aicook our selection.

Both are very resistant. However, the glass can see through, which is convenient for dosing and follow the preparation. For cons, the glass heats much as stainless steel, attention to burns.

These two brands are reliable and recognized. Cuisinart United States and Moulinex in Europe. You will not be disappointed with them, but we prefer Moulinex because it is much more commercialized in France and you will have a better choice of products.

It is not recommended to make purees with a heating blender. Indeed, pureed texture can easily stick to the bottom and form a crust. You will not have good results. To prepare purees, better use a blender for this purpose.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best comparison

Make your garden the size of a postage stamp, or you have a large lot to maintain, sooner or later we must ask the question of mowing. And it may be time to change equipment … The good news? The best electric lawnmowers are not as expensive as before, and there are exciting new features on the new models.

But this influx of new brands has also created confusion. We can not quite trust some unavoidable, which declined in quality, while others offer a surprising value.

The best electric lawnmowers in 2020

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

1. Einhell – The cheapest electric mower

Einhell is a reference brand in the entry level for 50 years. And if they have not always produced the best models on the market, they offer basic lawn mowers and reliable power. This is rare, in a slice as cheap. Of course, we must be cautious and ensure that performance – modest – of the model correspond to what you need.

This mower has a 30cm cutting width. Called cutting width, that is the total diameter of the rotating blades. You will notice quickly in this comparison that 30cm is relatively low. But like other technical features will attest, this lawnmower is mainly for those who have a small working area to mow.

You can adjust the cutting height between 25mm to a flush effect and compact, 70mm, for a softer grass.

Indeed, it appears that it is effective for a maximum of 300m2 garden, we advise not to use it for areas larger than 200m2. The 1000W motor only, which is quite low for a mower.

Similarly, it is better to avoid mowing his yard when the grass is too high or wet. The weight of the grass can burden the motor movement. And it turns out that this model can have heating problems, recurring problem on lawnmowers electrical entry. Our recommendation? A break every 30 minutes to allow the engine – and you! – recover.

The catcher also is relatively small, with a capacity of only 25L. This equates roughly to mowing a 150m2 plot maintained properly, so plan to empty your bin at a time!

Good surprise on the other hand, this mower offers a mulching function, which redirects the grass instead of cut.

The other notable thing is the presence of an anti-pullout cable protection: because the price should not influence safety. In addition, it weighs just 11kg; knowing that some are around 30kg, it is a relief in terms of comfort.

The Einhell is a good lawnmower basic, well-suited for small-area land: it is a safe choice for small works of gardening. If you have the feeling that it will be insufficient, is that it takes slightly increase your budget and refer you to a more powerful and larger model.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

2. Black + Decker 351 – The best electric lawn mower for small garden

Black + Decker is a reference mark and a certain guarantee of quality. If it has tended to deteriorate in recent years – that longtime customers regret – that lawnmower still bears the mark of a good knowledge and seriousness.

This electric lawn mower has a cutting width of 32cm, with a height adjustable on three levels, from 30 to 65mm. As the Einhell, this suggests that it is more appropriate to use on rather small terrain.

Especially since its 1000W rated power below recommended standards of the market, will not allow to overcome a longer provided Wet garden. Stronger than the Einhell, we can recommend it for lawns from 250 to 350m2: especially as it presents no problems heaters individuals.

The 30L tank is also quite generous, even if it is not large enough to hope mow a large plot in one. And we regret the absence of a mulching option, which is not expensive to install, and which is good for garden maintenance.

However, it makes up for ease of use. Thanks to its handle which is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed, first, which is always nice for long work like mowing a lawn. But above all by its light weight of 8,3kg, quite a feat! It is perfectly possible to carry it with one hand. And it is not as anecdotal than you think. Besides the fact that it is less heavy to push, this advantage also can store the lawnmower easily even do height.

No mulching? It is certainly a shame. If this option does not interest you, and you are looking for an ultra-economic model, Black + Decker 351 is the power mower for you. No-brainer, easy to use, solid and effective, it falls into the category of those who are forgotten: we leave them once a year, it does the job, and the range.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

3. Bosch ARM 32 – An excellent versatile electric mower

Bosch is a leading brand in the field of tooling. They have built a solid reputation in the manufacture and development of engines, especially. Or, for an electric lawnmower, it is precisely the most crucial point. This model also has the advantage of being very cheap! Let’s see what he has in the stomach.

Width of 32 cm cut is similar to that of Black + Decker, with an adjustable height between 20 and 60mm. This time, to adjust the height of the blade, simply use a lever on the side of your mower, which is convenient for the land where you will want to vary in height. It may be the case if, for example, you must back up the blade time to move on paths or stone barriers against or where it can be damaged.

With a power rating of 1200W, it reaches a level that can begin to describe as satisfactory. Overall, it is advised to land from 300 to 400m2, although the tank a bit limited – only 31L – will require you to empty several times.

Its main advantage, however, is in the design of the hull. Instead of being perfectly round, it is equipped with fins on the sides, which have the function to fold the grass toward the blade. And it is not insignificant: it eliminates the need for a different tool, lawn shear, which allows perfect mowing the lawn along walls or fences. The result does not equal the use of two tools, it’s true, but frankly it really take to have a perfect English garden to offer both. From this point of view, the Bosch model is therefore a good compromise.

Especially as it is lightweight, with only 6.8kg on the scales. This is a big advantage in terms of handling and comfort.

Bosch ARM 32 is arguably the best lawnmower entry power. Not too big, not too small, with the correct power rating, it should be adapted to small gardens as the means, and this is by far the most versatile.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

4. Ryobi – The little electric mower for small and medium gardens

Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturer of tools, specializing in qualitative input product range. We could situate at Bosch and Black + Decker, with few specifics. The brand tends to be generous, especially in terms of features and usability. And lawn mowers are no exception!

This electric lawn mower has a cutting width of 33cm – which falls in the low average of this price. But do not necessarily judge a mower solely on this factor there. The cutting width further determines the size of the field where it is most efficient, but not its quality in general.

Especially with its rated power of 1300W, it promises performance slightly above the lawnmower from Bosch. It is also possible to adjust the cutting height of 5 levels between 25 and 65mm: a wide selection allows to adapt the use of the mower with best practices, both for the health of your lawn for that appearance.

In general, it should for gardens whose mowing area does not exceed the 350-400m2. And its 35-liter tank, quite comfortable, should help. It has a mechanical load indicator to tell when it is necessary to empty. This is an interesting option, because if we continue to use the mower with a bag full. Not only there is a risk of causing a jam that is blocking the blades of grass clippings – which is not very good for the engine – but it also presents a real danger. The excess return of grass could be housed in the mower housing, a party may become hot during prolonged use. If the grass is very dry, it can even be a fire hazard.

Another advantage of the reservoir: it is equipped with a removable opening for mulching. This is a very good solution for turf health, if well practiced, and even if you do not think you use, it is always interesting to have this option.

The ratio of power-noise is another advantage of this electric mower. For its 1300W, it emits no more than 90dB: it seems high, but it’s actually some feat when some approach 95 or even 100dB. Moreover, it is relatively light with only 9kg: a maneuverability and storage asset.

The Ryobi is a good robust lawnmower for small gardens area, especially if you are looking for a compromise between the entry and mid-range without breaking the bank. If your area of ​​land allows, the Ryobi is relevant compromise to offer an affordable price and premium.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

5. Grizzly – The electric lawn mower at a low price and big potential

Grizzly is a British brand tools popular in Britain. And if it competes with German or American competitors, but also because his mower is in excess … for a very measured prices.

This electric mower far surpasses its competitors in terms of performance. And it is very rare to come across a model in this price range that does the same.

The 44cm cutting width will be adapted for land from 400 to 1000m2 on which you will not find too many obstacles or boxwood. The height adjustment, more classic, you can choose between 6 positions, ranging from 20 to 70mm.

But what convinces us most of the relevance of this mower for large areas, it is its power 1700W. Beyond 1500, it is assured of the effectiveness of the mower on particularly hard surfaces: grass, or wet lawn … but also his stamina for the long term.

You’d think a more powerful engine tends to heat more … In the case of electric clippers, this is not exactly how it goes. A heater has engine problems when it is continually pushed to its maximum. Or a 1700W motor will encounter less difficulty, both face inhospitable terrain on a long session of mowing. This is what explains the correlation between the engine power and the size of the field.

The filling tank is consistent with those ambitions, also, since it can contain 52L vegetable waste. It is equipped with a mechanical indicator, which will prevent the jam situations.

At this point, the tank size will even become a big problem – or rather, weight. To empty the mower already weighs 19kg; we can estimate that it will reach at least 30 kg when full. Suffice to say we will not bring it up the stairs.

If the interface is relatively well cared for proper handling, it would be excessive to say that this is the main strength of this electric mower. In fact, it is rather not recommended for those who have difficulty pushing, and that will be more comfortable with a model of modest performance and a more conventional weight.

How to explain this weight, anyway? 400W more than the Bosch triple the weight, it is breathtaking. In fact, the problem lies not in the engine itself, but a considerable advantage presented by this trimmer compared with its competitors. If you lift the hood, we find that the entire frame is steel.

The advantage is threefold. Steel absorbs some vibration and is much less unpleasant to use a PVC clippers. In fact, this material also has a positive influence on the noise level, which is not particularly high on this mower – especially given its nominal power. Finally, it is of course in terms of sustainability advantage.

The Grizzly is a great lawn mower for that price. But it is for a very specific audience, which should maintain a large plot without a large budget to spend on a clipper. Do not leave the mower principle that greater and more powerful is necessarily better: if your parcel is less than 300m2, this mower will cause more problems than it will solve. Heavy mowers high cutting width are relevant to long straights without obstacles, on a relatively regular. If this is your case, thanks to the Grizzly, no need to break the piggy bank too.

6. Makita DLM38 – The best cordless electric mower midrange

Makita is a Japanese manufacturer Bosch very similar to all points of view. Like the latter, it has specialized in power tools. But it was the market leader in wireless models, with a battery system used on their entire catalog model competition was quick to imitate. And an electric lawnmower, what it gives?

It makes the Makita DLM28 a lawnmower that is not encumbered an extension cord or cable. At this point, it should be noted that the price quoted by Makita does not include the purchase of two batteries and charger of the brand, which must be purchased separately. At first it explains his excellent in position value. If it-is advantageous, we must not delude ourselves: a cordless lawnmower still costs quite expensive, and must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such a device.

Wire or not, is this a good lawnmower? The least we can say is that it is quite surprising. Most cordless electric mowers have very modest ambitions. Makita boxing in a whole other category.

With a 38cm cutting width, a little lower than the Grizzly, and 40L collector, it is suitable for land up to 500m2.

The catch? Both 5Ah batteries should be more appropriate for approximately 300 to 400m2. If you’re ready to mow your garden twice, no problem. Otherwise, it is better to move towards a wireframe, or an electric mower without high-end wire, much more expensive.

Its main advantage is ease of use. Besides the fact that we do not bother to secure the wire while mowing, its design aims to reduce the effort of pushing through the shape of the handle and a low center of gravity.

The Makita is probably one of the best lawn grass wireless market: the progress of lithium batteries provide good durability and minimum maintenance. However, we recommend this model mainly to those who already have a load block and Makita battery. The value is so much better, for the same performance.

7. Black + Decker 481 – The best public electric lawn mower

This second electric mower Black + Decker is the great mid-range sister of the 351 which we have already spoken. And this is probably the best in its category, you will see.

With a 42cm cutting width, it is for those who have to maintain a large plot of land without obstacles or too many irregularities. Such width, that is the guarantee of a fast cut and a clean work. This electric mower should be suitable for plots of 400 to 800m2, without problems.

Especially as the engine displays a power rating of 1800W: it is among the highest in the market in mid-range, and quite a feat for its value. At this point, we need to look a little on the performance of this engine, because besides power, good performance makes it possible to reap the benefits. Now Black + Decker offers a high and constant torque that promises good performance over time. This lawn mower will be quite capable of overcoming a particularly high or wet grass.

Especially since his 50L collection bag fitted with a level indicator, should be satisfactory for large plots. Only drawback: the tray of the ventilation holes are too big. If you mow a particularly dry grass, there are risks of larger dust than other models. Allergic to grass? Invest in a mask and goggles, and take a good shower after mowing.

You will understand, like the Grizzly – which has relatively similar characteristics – it is also a heavy model: 17.5kg on the scales. Fortunately, the grip is comfortable, with an improvement rather original design. Instead of a simple handle – comparable to a stroller – here we have two horizontal handles, similar to those of a racing bike. This is the guarantee of an easier and more comfortable pushing.

Other ergonomic advantage, this mower is equipped with fins to fold the grass located along walls or trellises, and is therefore suitable for light finishes.

This is undoubtedly the best lawnmower midrange. Ideal for medium sized plots to large, versatile and well thought, this model presents sustainability advantages, ergonomics and performance that should suit the majority.

8. Murray – Wireless electric mower midrange

Murray is a brand known American equipment – and recognized – across the Atlantic. If it is still not very widespread in France, it may be changing: although it is more expensive than the average of the products on sale in France, Murray has many advantages and good build quality.

This mower, width 37cm cut, is a top-end of the Makita equivalent. It is suitable for approximately 400m2 land. Provided not to have too many obstacles, bushes or land too irregular: in fact, the cutting width is indeed a bit too high for difficult plots.

It can take an hour autonomy of the two 2,5Ah batteries, which have the advantage of being included. Double-charger is also included. This is a clear improvement of Bosch or Makita battery models that traditionally only support one battery at a time. That makes sense: most of their tools have only a battery port – drills, electric saws … In the case of the mower, it is another matter, and it is much more convenient to recharge his two blocks at a time.

The 40L grassbox, whose capacity is aligned with the recommended plot size, is equipped with a mulching function: it is a very positive.

But this is not the only design asset. The great strength of this lawn mower – and which gives it its superiority over many competitors, even in this price range – that’s ergonomics. His soft handles absorb fibrations, despite its large size, it presents no undue weight.

Result: it is rather light – only 12.5kg – and easy to maneuver, with a real added value in comfort. Especially since the rear wheels are larger than the front wheels. And this is not a detail! This improvement, too rare on most models, has a very real impact on handling. This allows the mower to maintain a low center of gravity, which is especially important on light models. It is less likely to tumble on the sloping terrain and ensures closer mowing grass, regular, whatever the field. This improvement is not very expensive to implement cost, and we would like to see on more models, regardless of price.

Murray has serious advantages that reflect the seriousness of the construction, but also in the long history of the brand, which enhances its design for a long time. The price remains prohibitive: power or less equal with Black + Decker 481, it costs significantly more expensive. On the advice for those who want a serious and model are that it is wireless.

9. Greenworks G-MAX – The best cordless electric mower

Greenworks is another American brand of high-end tools. And if the name is not as famous in France as Bosch or Makita, their mowers Electric lawn as the G-MAX worth quite a detour.

With a 35cm cutting width, it is perfectly suited for small and medium sized plots to 400m2. The great strength of this model? Its flexibility in battery run.

If you have a small garden – 250m2 for example – you can get away with a single battery. But you can also cover nearly double this surface with the second battery included. To save weight and size of the mower, there is only one slot usable battery. But the block design allows for ultra fast change.

Especially since the charging time of the battery is more or less equivalent to its autonomy: only about 30 minutes, almost a third of that offer most of its competitors. This allows you, if necessary, to support the empty battery while you use the second, and go on to have covered the entire surface of the garden without too much difficulty. On top of the lawnmower, prominent, there is a battery indicator that will let you anticipate the need for change. Only drawback of this design: the charger supports only one battery at a time.

The cutting height is adjustable on 5 parameters ranging from 20 to 80mm. We advise to start by 80mm at the beginning of summer, then gradually reduce the time for a healthier lawn.

The other advantage of this mower is the ease of maintenance. The blade change, if necessary, is facilitated by a smart and intuitive design. The 40L tank, generous and easy to dismantle, has a mulching option.

In terms of security, this mower is of course equipped with a security key – this is especially relevant if you are away for exchanging batteries.

The Greenworks is more expensive than what we usually spend in a lawnmower in France. But if you insist on a wireless model and the mulching function for a medium-sized parcel, it is the best choice. Its width modest cut and maneuverability allow you to navigate more difficult terrain – even if you have boxwood, stones or obstacles to overcome. Convenient, no-brainer, durable and easy to maintain: that is all we ask for a wireless electric mower!

Buying an electric lawn mower

Lawn mowers are among the purchases that we will want to do once: it is a tool that ideally remains in the garage much of the year. Hence the importance of making the right choice the first time!

Choose an electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mowers have many advantages. Besides being less harmful to the environment than petrol mowers, they also have a cost to use and less maintenance in the long term. Indeed, gas mowers can pose the same problems as the engine of a car: oil level, filter …

In general, with the improvement of this type of model, the market is gradually moving towards electric mowers for home use. Only the larger models will be powered by gasoline, for the maintenance of green areas or fields especially great.

Mower wireless or wired electrical

One of the questions that will arise before your purchase is as you acquire a corded or wireless. The wired models have the advantage of operating time you want – within the limits of capacity and engine warming.

However, if your garden has many obstacles or small areas, cable management can be a real fuss. Especially since he is a real danger for you and the device should it be caught in the mower blade.

Cordless mowers give you all the freedom of movement, at a price: the batteries are expensive, and will add an average of 100 to € 150 on your invoice for the purchase. Besides their backup time is sometimes disappointing, and to optimize this to last, wireless models never show the largest nominal power.

If you have a particularly high or thick grass, more difficult to cut, you’ll probably need a wireframe model with at least 1300W rated power.

Le mulching

Mulching is a treatment of the cut grass that offers some lawn mowers models. In a context of ecological gardening is an increasingly popular solution. The grass is finely chopped and rejected on the side of the unit as you mow. It is a natural fertilizer for regrowth and the health of your lawn!

The advantage is twofold, since the mulch also helps to avoid the chore of collecting the grass after mowing. However, be careful not to practice if the grass is already high: it will clump together in bundles that may smother the lawn.

The cutting height

The height of cut is not to be overlooked if you want to maintain your lawn properly. Most mowers offer settings between 25 and 60mm, with various gradations.

The ideal for the health of the grass is never cut more than a third at a time. So you let the plant the opportunity to regenerate before the next mowing. Spend a 12cm high grass to 2.5 in one mowing, and you may see some of your lawn die during the summer!

Fair questions about electric lawn mowers

How much does an electric lawn mower

It all depends on your needs. A wired mower suitable for a plot of 250m2 you can come back less than 100 €. For an average parcel to 500m2, count 100 to 180 € for wired electric mower, about 300 for a wireless versions.

You’ll understand: the most expensive model is not automatically the most suitable for your land!

Mowing the lawn is like pruning a tree or plant. It is necessary for good health and density, which will return in a natural action against weeds.

Keep in mind the rule of thirds: Never cut more than one third of the grass height in one. And only healthy lawns can survive a very short shearing – less than 3cm. Systematic mowing flush to cause various problems: increased vulnerability to summer sunlight, pests, diseases, loss of color or death of part of the grass.

It is also important to mow his lawn, if possible, when this last-dry, to limit the wear of your mower. Avoid mowing when it’s too hot, however, because the cut grass is more vulnerable to drought the first two days.

To maneuver your lawn mower, be sure to always push forward and not to return to where you are already past.

Finally, for your safety, do not let your children or pets to play around the mower while you maneuver.

Electric mowers also need some service! Even if they do not operate gasoline and demand generally less work.

First, clean your mower after use. It is not necessary to do it very carefully: simply remove the grass or dust packages that may have accumulated around the blades, vents, housing and motor. Indeed, fresh grass contains a lot of water that can damage eventually some vital parts of the mower.

For proper operation, you can also lubricate the moving parts – the rotor blades and wheels – about once a year. Less friction also means a longer lifespan.

Finally, do not hesitate to sharpen the blades with material adapted once a year or every other without the frequency and intensity of use.

What is the best lawn mower for the environment?

From the moment you choose an electric model, it is not really in this question lies the ecological impact. But more in the way you mow your lawn.

One may have the habit of starting with the edges for a cleaner result and finish towards the center. But this practice forces all insects and small animals that live in the high grass to take refuge in the middle of your lawn … where, when you pass, they will have no escape.

For good biodiversity in your garden, it is advisable contrary from the center and eventually ends, to allow them the opportunity to flee. You can also substitute natural techniques such as mulching, to a part of your chemical fertilizers.

What cutting width choose?

To select your mower cutting width mowers electric, consider the size of your garden and its natural constitution.

For land to 250m2 without barriers individuals, a 30cm blade suffice. For medium-sized plots of 250 to 500m2, count 35 to 40cm. Beyond 500m2, you can direct you to a 40cm cutting width and more.

It is important to choose a suitable width of cut to the size of his land. In fact, too small blade on a large lot will multiply your work time. While too large blade on a small field will limit the maneuverability and, indeed, the cleanliness of the work and finishes. Especially if you frequently need around bushes or trees!

What equipment do I need to use an electric mower?

If they are not strictly mandatory, some safety accessories can be welcome.

A security system for eg cable, it is included in the unit or you have tinkered, is paramount. It allows you to ensure you always have the cable behind you and do not pass on by accident.

If your grass is very dry, especially if you are prone to allergies, wear safety glasses and a construction mask.

Finally, some mower models have a dangerously high body – especially suitable models to large plots. To prevent accidents, consider wearing safety shoes.

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

The Best Foods for puppies | Best comparison

If you are a newcomer you, an adorable little puppy you want to take great care, buying the best kibble puppy will be a must! Yet, faced with the abundance of brands and references that are flooding the market, it is not necessarily easy to find the most suitable food to size, race or weight of your little 4 legged companion. With our buying guide and 8 types of cakes that we review below, you can make the right choice.

You will find that the best dry food for puppies are not the same for all animals and we must be attentive to many parameters, which include the composition or the brand. Ready to please your pooch, with quality kibble?

The best dry food for puppies in 2020

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

1. Growing Eukanuba Puppy – The best dry food for puppies without cereals

Eukanuba brand offers here kibble for large breed puppy, able to cover the needs of dogs 1 to 14 months. Very complete, this grain-free will help your puppy to grow as it should and begin his adolescence in good health!

Available in bags of 3 and 15 kg for this food husky malinois, labrador boxer or to name some of the big dogs of breeds among the most popular, are designed to provide your pet a healthy and balanced diet.

For this, these croquettes are banking on a high fiber and prebiotics (FOS), which will promote good dog’s digestion and optimal transit, and its richness in calcium, phosphorus and essential that serve minerals to ensure the growth of these puppies to be imposing. The large breed puppies obviously require a diet that fits their bones and their musculature and these croquettes, composed of 28% of animal protein will fill that role perfectly.

In order that the puppy develops antibodies and their natural defenses are strong, we need his diet is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega 3 (which also promote intelligence) and omega 6. This is the case of Growing these nuggets offered by Eukanuba Puppy.

No flavor, no GMO and no added artificial colors, these croquettes without puppy for cereals are so balanced and healthy. Moreover, they seem tasty as hairballs that seem to taste the worship!

Eukanuba offers the best with this recipe puppy kibble without cereals, ultra complete and designed to cover all needs of the most sturdy puppies. For your dog healthy and grow up to be strong, beautiful and quick-witted, it is a very good choice!

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

2. Ultima Junior – The best dry food for dogs

For owners of puppies and dogs under 10 kg, junior kibble Ultima chicken and rice, balanced and nutritious, sold in packaging 1.5 kg could be good food for your pet.

These kibbles for small dogs and puppies to rely on a complete recipe and balanced to meet all the nutritional needs of your doggies. With a thoughtful mix of ingredients such as chicken, rice, whole grains and vegetables, and the proper intake of vitamins and minerals, they are intended to support the growth of the animal during the first months and older dogs provide all the elements they need to be in perfect health.

Its composition is designed to promote healthy growth of the puppy and give it a quick wit that will make an intelligent animal, thanks to fatty acids and omega-3 it contains. These elements will also be good to expand the view of the puppy and give it the energy it needs every day.

For a good digestion, he can count on rice, chicken and fiber in vegetables to transit without a hitch. For a puppy, digest it properly is a source of well-being should not be overlooked!

Junior kibble Ultima contain no dyes or preservatives and no added sugars. The ingredients are carefully selected and more healthy foods, we find vitamin D and minerals that will strengthen the bones and teeth of the animal.

Homeowners looking kibble for Chihuahua or a French Bulldog should appreciate the care taken with these foods.

With a recipe that takes into account the smaller dogs needs, steam cooking which maintains the flavor of food and promote digestion of your canine, the Ultima brand can claim to offer the best dry food for puppies and small breeds of market.

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

3. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive digestion – The best dry food for digestion puppies

Specially designed for puppies with sensitive digestion, these specialized brand kibble Purina Pro Plan is based on the work of veterinarians and dieticians to provide a rich lamb recipe to puppies or medium dogs.

These croquettes Puppy Sensitive Digestion will allow the puppy to have an easier digestion, consistent with stools and a balance of its intestinal microflora, which allow him to be in good health as they grow.

Highly digestible, that food consists mainly lamb, but also poultry protein, cereals and rice, guarantees a perfect transit to the animal. If they are recommended mainly for puppies (and dogs of medium breeds), they are also recommended for bitches in gestation and lactation.

The Optidigest formula will bring the puppy everything he needs to grow properly, and to allow his body to withstand daily assaults. As a child, the puppy should be protected from bacteria and germs and these nuggets will help strengthen its metabolism. The size of the kibble is adapted to the jaws of these small jigs / means and the puppy will have no trouble to chew well, which improves even more assimilation.

For the particular characteristics of these croquettes, that they contain bentonite, a 100% natural clay recognized for its benefits binder. When the absorption of food by the dog’s body, it will act as his stools are ideally formed. Note that for a composition that is as healthy as possible, these cakes contain no dye and only natural antioxidants.

Purina Pro Plan offers the best dry food for puppies digestion, more expensive than the average kibble but essential to fight against constipation or diarrhea affecting some puppies and some dogs. Natural, complete and designed by specialists in dietetics, they will provide intestinal comfort necessary for the health of your dog.

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

4. Perfect Fit Junior – the best dry food for dogs under 10 kg

The Perfect Fit Junior kibble aim to bring small dogs under 10 kg everything they need for healthy growth. Developed with nutritionists and veterinarians, they rely on a natural composition for general benefited for the dog.

The Perfect Fit brand highlights a clear philosophy for the welfare of dogs, which is based on three pillars: Feeding, Move, Play. If the last two will be in sole charge of the master and the family that welcomes the animal, the care of good nutrition can be done via these croquettes, special dogs.

To promote full growth, these foods rich in chicken, without added artificial coloring, influencing factors 5.

First, they will ensure your puppy development and maintenance of such strong natural defenses as possible, through the vitamins and minerals they contain. Then they will promote digestion because of their richness in protein and probiotics, which help maintain a good balance of intestinal flora. In addition, the formula of the Junior kibble helps to bring the little dog that will consume the energy and nutrients it needs everyday. Your pet will be full of vitality, ready to play and to walk at your side!

The aesthetic aspect of your 4 legged companion is not better, as these kibbles provide him healthy gums and teeth strong, thanks to an active agent that reduces tartar while strengthening the robustness of fangs. In the same vein, the animal will have the hair shiny and soft, silky coat, with input recognized Zinc and fatty acids contained in Perfect Fit nuggets.

Let’s finish with the presence of DHA, a nutrient found in particular in milk, which promotes the proper cognitive development of the canine. What to have a dog as beautiful as lively, and healthy!

Owners of small dogs find the best dry food for races of less than 10 kg with a 6 share and one that ensures the essential. Thoughtful in their size, these foods are consumed easily and dogs seem to dote!

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

5. Bosch Junior Mini – The best gluten free cakes for small breeds

If you are looking kibble for a French Bulldog puppy (known for its complicated digestion) or for an animal of small / medium breed, the Mini Junior kibble Bosch could be the right choice. Complete, intended for farms and individuals, they will accompany the dog under 15 kilos during its first 12 months of life.

With these dry food for puppies of small breeds available in bags of 3 kg or 15 kg, the Bosch wants to offer food as complete as possible. For this, she put on a size and shape of kibble that small animals can swallow and digest without difficulty and to perfection, and a healthy composition.

This food contains a minimum of 25% of poultry and have a protein content which hovers around 26%, to effectively support the puppy’s growth. They also contain colostrum, an ingredient known for its virtues on the intestinal flora and help the puppy to digest better, and that from the withdrawal phase. They are increasingly composed of gluten free cereals, avoiding stomach problems and frequent gasses in small dogs.

Bosch knows that growing puppies through strong bones and this product does not neglect this part, providing the nutrients necessary to the good development of the animal, which will be more in shape. We love to see the dogs jump, run and play and for this we need their food takes the road!

Apart from the taste, the puppies seem to enjoy, we see that the consumer is particularly shiny coat, demonstrating the benefits of this food.

Sold in a package with a zip cool so they do not get damaged, they can be stored and preserved without damage.

Healthy and complete, gluten-free and easy to chew for small dogs, enjoy these nuggets in addition to a very good price / quality ratio. In addition, they meet the owners in search of dry food for growing dogs that tend to have some digestive problems.

6. Brit Care Grain Free Puppy – The best dry food for puppies big

To change croquettes with meat, here’s a great product for puppies, grain-free and made of salmon and potato. Suitable for all breeds of puppies between 4 and 12 months, it promotes the well-being of your pet while providing what they need it to grow well.

Brit Care is a manufacturer known for its products that promote online dogs, and these cakes with salmon and potatoes, low glycemic, are the perfect example. If you fear that your pooch is pasted, because of his greed or lack of activity, choosing him a healthy diet will solve part of the problem.

These croquettes are designed to accompany the puppy during its first 12 months of life, and its composition is thought to he develops a body as healthy as possible. The strong product vitamin content ensures strong immune system, and fatty acids will ensure the puppy a soft, silky coat that will seduce you when you caresserez. If you want a Husky puppy kibble for example, they will be perfect!

They contain crude fiber, which help the animal to have a good transit and offer minerals and essential nutrients to the dog’s vitality and the strength of his body. Some deficiencies in the diet of a puppy can cause later diseases and weaknesses and these nuggets without grain Brit Care want to prevent any risk.

Sold in packs of 3 kilos or 12 kilos, if you want to do some shopping, they have a very ergonomic packaging that avoids to put across when serving food to the animal, and easily store.

Dog owners who want to monitor the physics of the animal for his well-being or to engage in contests of beauty canines can count on these croquettes adapted to this objective. Appetizing for dogs who seem to love this recipe fish / starchy, they allow the dog to keep the line while feasting.

7. Lifelong Amazon – The best dry food for small breed puppies

Amazon offers croquettes for small breed puppies without cereals, prepared with fresh chicken meat but also available with lamb or salmon, to vary or adapt to your dog’s palate. If you are looking for a complete food for puppies, this range may interest you.

The Lifelong croquettes Amazon are natural and do not contain flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives. Their Premium recipe, developed with veterinarians, setting natural antioxidants (such as fruits and vegetables) and fresh ingredients, to support the growth of the puppy.

There is no grain in the composition, as they are replaced by other sources of carbohydrates of plant origin, such as small-pea starch. Thanks to a high content of meat or fresh fish (frozen), the nutritional characteristics of the staple food is preserved, to bring the best to the puppy.

Among the ingredients in these croquettes for small breed puppies, some surprise, as Yucca Schidigera whose root helps reduce unpleasant odors of feces of the animal, or marigold, known to maintain good eye health of the dog. Finally, the use of taurine in these croquettes improves cardiovascular health of your pet, for a strong organization for years to come.

also composed of herbs, to ease the dog’s digestion and balance of its intestinal flora, and glucosamine and chondroitin for strong joints, these croquettes are proving very complete.

Texture of fat enough, they become almost appetizing for the master who pays them …!

The croquettes Amazon Lifelong satisfy the most greedy dogs, because of their high calorie content and consistency, and will cover their nutritional needs as a whole. If you own a small breed puppy, difficult to power level, you will have more choice of the main ingredient.

8. Pedigree Vital Protection – Very complete dry food for puppies from 2 to 15 months

The Pedigree kibble Vital Protection, offered at a very affordable price, could tempt the owners of Staff, Labrador and Boxer, with their complete recipe able to cover the needs of the most imposing puppies.

The Pedigree brand, known for its food quality for different animals, offers here a complete recipe with chicken and rice, and guaranteed no added artificial colors. To meet the needs of different breeds of puppies, she put on 4 axes.

The first is digestion, more fragile in dogs babies in adult animals, and chicken and highly digestible rice improves the transit of your fur ball, with consistent and frequent bowel movements. Then Pedigree wants to ensure that the puppy will have healthy gums and mouth, and that means a calcium and phosphorus content well balanced.

The third important point will be the coat, that the fatty acids and omega-6, zinc and sunflower oil make more beautiful and brilliant. Considering these hairs as the dog’s protective coat, we take the measure of the importance of this action. The last point on which act croquettes Vital Protection pedigree, are the natural defenses, which will be strengthened thanks to the minerals and vitamin E contained in the product.

The bags are available in various sizes (from 2 to 12kg) to fit your storage space and only the smell, both kibble and excrement thereunder, may interfere with the user.

Between 2 and 15 months, the puppy should have a complete diet, which ensures a future in top form. These Vital Protection croquettes provide most, they are offered at a good price / quality ratio and if they fish by their smell, they could be a good alternative to other brands for variety.

Kibble Puppy Buying Guide

So your puppy grow up in the best possible conditions, it is important to choose her a suitable diet. The criteria of the most important choices to determine what the best dry food for your puppy.

As a child, the food you give your dog young influence – positively or negatively – on the rest of his life. It is important not to choose lightly what will be his meal.

The ingredients croquettes

The composition of kibble puppy is obviously the most important, since it allows to ensure that the ingredients used are of good quality, they cover the needs of your little fur ball and they will avoid it became ill.

In general, we prefer compositions which rely on the natural, with a high protein content, a high content of vitamins and fatty acids to the vitality and the dog’s coat, fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) help the dog to have strong teeth and bones, as well as natural antioxidants.

Some nuggets like Growing Puppy Eukanuba brand, are designed to improve digestion of the puppy. When it is still small, the dog will not yet have the intestinal flora as strong as that of an adult animal and it will therefore help through a balanced diet. In this context, the croquettes with too many cereals are not recommended and that is why you will find in our selection of products with low levels or no grain cereals. However, it takes fiber (found in vegetables and fruits) to improve transit.

We avoid the croquettes with dyes and preservatives added, preferably, and those containing ashes, as some dry food Royal canine puppies, as this only serves to increase the volume of food without bringing in nutritional values.

For puppies transit recognized as difficult, we can recommend the Mini Junior kibble Bosch, ideal for French bulldogs

The benefits and power of virtues

Choose quality puppy kibble also asked to analyze the supposed benefits of each product. The purpose of your purchase is to feed your puppy, of course, but especially to ensure that all her nutritional needs will be covered. This is the key to optimal growth!

In this context, there are several points you need to consider:

The size of the kibble

Puppies do not all have the same size shoes, the same size of teeth or the same force and that is why the size of kibble, and their consistency must be analyzed carefully. We will choose by the same dry food for a Chihuahua for a German shepherd or a greyhound!

Better to focus on small or medium sized kibble to promote good chewing and therefore easier digestion.

The activity of puppy

The best dry food for your puppy will also depend on the physical activity of the latter. If he spends his days in an apartment or in a small space, special kibble lines (such as Brit Care for puppies) will be more suitable because they are not too caloric. Ditto if you realize that your dog is particularly greedy … Just like us, they have vices!

Conversely, a young dog and very much alive fufu can easily consume the Lifelong offered by Amazon, richer and more calories, without risk of pasting!

The croquettes brand

Some kibble brands are recommended by vets and we can only advise you to follow the advice of these specialists. In general, this means that quality controls were performed and revenues of these foods were developed with the help of nutritions and dieticians, who ensured the product of balance and lack of risk to the puppy.

This is an important point because it is the health of your pet!

Fair questions kibble for puppies

Choosing the right dog kibble for his request to consider the breed, size and weight of the animal. Then it will analyze the composition of kibble and ensure that the benefits of each product line with the needs of your pet.

It will check that the croquettes are good for growth if you have a puppy to feed, they take into account specific situations (sterilized dogs, pregnant dogs or lactating old animal …) and you will find, by relying on the composition and the virtues of each food, best croquettes.

How many grams of kibble for a puppy?

Depending on the race, his age, his size and activity, the right amount of food will not be the same for puppies. We must therefore look at the croquettes packets that indicate the proper dosage, depending on the animal.

Keep in mind that a puppy will eat fractionally during its first months of existence, with 2 to 4 meals a day. Between 4 and 7 months, he gets his real teeth, his intestinal flora will be stronger and he can eat twice. Special diet puppy is recommended generally between 2 and 15 months.

For information, you can rely on these numbers to a daily dosage:

What are the best dog food brands?

Some brands are known for the attention they lend to dry dog ​​they produce and market. Among them include Purina Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Perfect Fit, Bosch, …

Dry puppy: until what age we should give him that power?

Again, the size of your puppy will impact the maximum age you give this food to your pet. Note that your dog is more large breed puppy will remain more long! Therefore, its baby food may be extended.

For a small dog, it is advisable to go to adult kibble between 8 and 12 months, for an average race it will be between 12 and 15 months when the big dogs will wait until their 20th / 25th month.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The least we can say is that the heating material technology continues to evolve. Old classic cast iron radiators, we are today, with electric heaters much more sophisticated. It should be noted in fact that manufacturers in this field, tirelessly looking for ways to upgrade their equipment to ensure each user, more reliability, efficiency and comfort. Thus, the electric heating will include the day.

These followers are millions today and reputation transcends borders. Whether indeed the radiator oil bath or fan heater (etc.), they will undoubtedly emerge as the ideal solution for anyone looking for an effective heating alternative for a small area. These are excellent electric space heaters. They are also very popular for the warmth they offer and their affordable price. They are also lightweight equipment that perfectly fulfill their mission.

Our selection of a look:

Table could not be displayed.

Our selection of best economic electric heating

Find out in this article, our Best Comparison of the best electric heating for the year 2019, and a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose your electric heater when the time comes.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Digital radiator Bath Oil Pro Breeze, the best electric heater 2019

In all seriousness, you will not find at the moment, better electric heating the Pro Breese. High performance, this digital radiator quickly radiates heat inside the house, while maintaining the temperature to the desired level.

Breese Pro Features

The radiator Pro Breese oil bath is particularly equipped with a powerful motor of up to 2500 watts of power and a dozen hot columns. This device also includes a timer 24 hours and four options for the power level settings. Supplied with a remote control of its CNC is amazingly simple. In terms of security, you can sleep without fear in your ears, because this equipment has an automatic switch in case of fall, but especially preventive protection system against overheating.

In relation to the design, we can say that the Pro Breese has a serious advantage in its design. Its light gray color gives it a very elegant look. Moreover, it has the merit of being super ergonomic and extremely easy to install. This radiator oil bath also has four multidirectional wheels that allow you to move easily and according to your desires. The length of the power cord is the convenient hand and you can the folded easily on the cable-range incorporated.

Regarding its size, the apparatus has a weight of 16 kg for a thickness of 26 cm, a width of 55 cm and a height of 67 cm. So you can see that it is a very compact and very practical for endless days of winter.

Heating Performance & power consumption

With 4 adjustable heating power, digital radiator oil bath Breese Pro ensures high performance that is capable of adapting with ease to your needs so you can enjoy and maintain the room temperature at a level ideal in winter and during periods of cold. To offer a heating solution for maximum efficiency, this equipment includes in addition a thermostat that regulates the temperature automatically around your device.


The Pro Breese radaiteur digital comes in the end, as the most powerful electric heating device market. This ensures its role as effectively in any type of room. It offers several adjustment options, and advanced technology facilitates the acceleration of the flow of hot air, which allows the radiator to heat much more quickly and efficiently than conventional oil bath equipment, with fluency the ideal temperature. For that alone, we would definitely recommend it!

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. The radiator oil bath Electric AEG RA5521

Considered by many as the best radiator market oil bath alongside the Pro Breese, AEG RA 5521 has everything to please really. Inspired by the German know-how and true to quality Swedish-made, one could indeed expect better of this subtle technological mix.

Radiator Features bath electric oil AEG RA 5521

In general, when it comes to electrical appliances, power is seen as one of the criteria if not the most important for decision. On this point, we must immediately say that the AEG RA 5521 provides with its high power of 2000 watts. In the electric heaters universe, you just there one of the highest ranges of the market.

Regarding its functions, radiator oil bath electrical switches on once it has been plugged into a conventional sector. It hosts a very essential thermostat to set the desired temperature with perfect precision. However, unlike some electric heaters, this model has no electronics, but saw its performance we can consider this as just superfluous.

The German simplicity also deserves to be exalted to this AEG 5521 whose size is among the best in the industry. It must indeed 64 cm in height, for 45.5 cm wide and 24.5 cm thick. In other words, it is a device to dimensions optimized for easy storage and ensure that it takes very little space in your home: for additional heating, there is nothing as important . With a small size, rapid heating capacity and weight of 11.3 kg lightweight, you’ll have no trouble moving thanks to its wheels, and out for 1 or 2 hours.

Heating Performance & power consumption

The good power of 2000 W radiator AEG oil bath allows it to display high heating performance with ease in a room of 20 m2. Moreover, this device is able to maintain through use in larger rooms, such as those from 30 to 35 m2. However, it will take longer before the heating takes in this case, but once launched, you will be simply dazzled.

Equipped with a thermostat to regulate the temperature and rapid heating system, it should be noted that a large gap exists between the level of electricity consumption AEG RA 5521 and an electric heater. The first is indeed much more economical, and optimized properties you avoid unnecessary consumption. In doing so, the AEG 5521 is as an economic electric heater.


There’s something to be a little proud of the German manufacturer when viewed AEG AEG RA 5521. radiator oil bath This is a very high quality camera which has no superfluous. Designed to heat the room, it completely fills its function. And despite the lack of a screen, it heats all the same very quickly. So, it is quite advisable to all those who want to spend the winter and through periods of extreme cold in the greatest comfort and greater softness.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. The electric heater Clatronic Kh 3077

The Clatronic kh 3077 looks undoubtedly like the best cheap electric heating for a room in the home, office or a small workshop. Therefore, it is much appreciated and knows a huge success with a large number of users.

electric heater features Clatronic kh 3077

The electric heater Clatronic kh 3077 is a fairly ergonomic auxiliary heating which has as such a very easy to use. It is equipped with two switches (0 and 1) and a thermostat which adjusts the desired temperature according to the three power levels available: 750 watts, 1250 watts and 2000 watts.

While we note the absence of a reel to store the cable when not in use, this heater has 2 small wheels however, that allow you to carry it with ease from one place to another. With small dimensions of 57 x 42 x 19.5 cm and super light weight of 2.60 kg, you can even wear it just in case of need.

In terms of design and manufacturing quality, it notes that this is a small device in compact white metal and cool, which also presents some black accents here and there. The finishes are conform to what can reasonably be expected, even if they are not bluffing. The finesse that characterizes the metal walls suggests that the quality is quite correct for once.

Heating Performance & power consumption

The electric heater Clatronic kh 3077 provides heating performance that will surprise many. Not only heats very quickly, but it only takes a few seconds to feel the heat escaping and warm the entire room. For a room of 20 square meters, this will require still a few minutes. Obviously, the level of effectiveness will not be the same at 750 W, 1250 W and even less than 2000 W when your radiator reached a level of optimum performance ideal for slightly larger rooms. Its power consumption system, convection, however, it is less economical in terms of energy AEG RA 5521 for example.


Overall, it is noted no unpleasant surprises at the 3077 Clatronic kh that fully plays its role. Compact, easy to use, heated very quickly and with competitive prices, it stands out as the ideal equipment for all users looking for a powerful and cheap electric heater.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. The fan heater DREXON 923 200

It is certainly not by pure chance that the fan heater DREXON part of this comparison of the best electric heating. It is comparable to previous models and those that follow, and on the contrary you will be pleasantly surprised by what he is capable of doing.

Features r {adiateur blowing DREXON

This radiator stands as the most classic booster heater you currently find on the market. However, it is perfectly able to effectively meet your heating needs in any room of your choice. With maximum power of 2000 watts, it heats quickly indeed your home. DREXON the addition was equipped with a mechanical thermostat that you can use to adjust the heating temperature level you want.

The fan heater 2000 W DREXON also takes safety into account by including a system for switching off the heating in case of falling or tipping. Anti overheating security mechanism still allows this, your machine to stop automatically when the heat reaches a critical threshold.

On the design side, we can say without hesitation that this is a stylish model with its presqu’ovale form that holds in place. Its white purity releases a pleasant feeling. Right in the middle of the switch (on / off) and the safety button, you have a red LED operation that accentuates its charm.

In terms of size, this radiator measures 22 x 13 x 27 cm and has an almost zero weight of 1.10 kg. In other words, it is a very light equipment to be easily transported daily through its integrated carrying handle.

Heating Performance & power consumption

The simple and ergonomic design of this space heater promotes taken extremely easy hand. But what impresses more is its high level of performance that allows you to have the best temperature heating in rooms from 20 to 30 square meters. Moreover, this device also offers a cold ventilation solution for the same use in warmer weather.

In terms of electricity consumption, we imagine that it is a model just as economical as it heats quickly. Once connected, it does not wait long minutes before start and start releasing indeed the expected heat.


Quiet and perfect for heating for example the shower before bathing, fan heater DREXON is the ideal equipment to provide heat in your rooms and endure much beating the winter cold. Its features are just copies and it does exactly why it was created. In addition, it is guaranteed for 2 years. We therefore recommend the full.

Best Heating Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. The electric radiator mica without oil Duronic HV101

The electric heater HV101 Duronic fully meet your expectations if you’re looking for a nice auxiliary heating and efficient for the bathroom, bedroom, office or a small garage … Its particular characteristics indisputably ranks him in the category Bestsellers in the market right now.

electric heater Features Duronic HV101

The design of Duronic HV101 is clearly one of the strengths that hold right away attention. The electric heater was indeed a very polished look, sober and elegant which gives it a really nice side. Totally black, this camera has a grid cover on both sides to protect its panels in mica. The appearance slightly wider small base from the top further enhances its charm.

The manufacturer also no detail as to the quality of manufacturing Duronic HV101. It’s just remarkable, with aluminum and steel materials that confer robustness to the equipment. The finishing and assembly are for their flawless, so, this space heater is comparable to models sold much more expensive.

Concerning its dimensions in the average is still significantly with a height of 65 cm, a 50 cm length and a thickness of 23 cm, all for a light weight 6.24 kg. The presence of two wheels on the bottom amply facilitates the movement of this powerful super radiator.

Heating Performance & power consumption

Very easy to use, the mode of operation of the electric radiator Duronic HV101 is based on a traditional system of two-button double-position: 0 and 1. These buttons reveal even the presence of three power levels distributed among 1000, 1500 and 2500 watts of power. The existence of a built-in thermostat to adjust the performance of your device to the desired level … and when set to 2500 watts, that’s just part of the most powerful on the market.

In terms of heating, this model is comparable to an oil cooler, as his two mica panels perfectly store heat to allow it to stay hot for a while. The diffusion of heat is from all sides, it is still very fresh. The Duronic HV101 is able to quickly heat a room from 20 to 35 square meters, and you will not need to set it to maximum power.

Smart technology allows its thermostat moreover him to turn and stop automatically according to the temperature set: what easy not only the safe use of your device every day, but especially avoids excessive consumption energy for the greater good of your savings.


The Duronic HV101 is an excellent electric heater, with super friendly look. Very powerful, it does not consume a lot of energy and ensures a perfect heat preservation. There is also no way to omit any objection on its price which is quite good in terms of performance. We thus recommend without hesitation.

6. The fan heater Brandson

Those looking for an extra heater that combines performance and beauty will not be at all disappointed with the fan heater Brandson. Compared to other models of this comparison, it appears from afar as the most visually appealing. Suffice to say that it’s 2 in 1 comfortably enjoy the warmth during cold in your home while bringing a decorative touch as well.

Radiator Features blowing Brandson

The first point that truly weighs the electric heating advantage is its good power of 2000 watts. However, it incorporates an adjustment function that offers the possibility of using this device in 1000 or 2000 watts depending on your needs. In addition, this radiator is provided with an IR remote control which can easily control the distance. It is also possible to adjust the Brandson the heating temperature ranging between 10 and 350 C.

Side design, it is clear that there is a perfect combination of high heat output of this radiator and black white attractive structure made with durable ABS plastic. The heating elements are in turn designed ceramic, which gives us the finish, a fan heater very robust. His aesthetic accentuated the class must definitely in electric heaters and it will be just perfect for supplemental heat coupled Deco piece in your living room for example.

In terms of size, you a nice fan heater ceramic which is 41 cm high, 17 cm long and 13 cm wide, all for a minimum weight of 2.25 kg. Compact and super light, so take just as you will have no difficulty to transport and manipulate.

Heating Performance & power consumption

The fan heater ceramic Brandson is a high performance device that be used with equal effectiveness in a room of up to 30 square meters. Super quiet, it goes very quickly on and heats your home with exceptional speed.

Possible alternation of power level between 1000 and 2000 watts you can finally consume much less energy, while enjoying optimal efficiency from the radiator.


Like previous models, the fan heater Brandson is doing very well. This is a fast model with double power level that allows a net diffusion of heat to the desired temperature. It has an edge over the others in terms of aesthetics: it is an elegant super model with finishes that are just perfect. So, recommend without any hesitation.

7. The radiator inertia Jarpa 49590

Boasting of convenient features, the Jarpa 49590 is among the best radiators inertia on the market, why it deserves its place in this comparison.

Characteristic of the inertia radiator Jarpa 49590

The modern and unique design of this radiator inertia immediately attracts the eye. It is a compact and discreet whose white color ensures perfect integration into any room in your home without, however, affecting the decoration. There is also an all black version offer you a wide opportunity to choose your preferences. Provided with a holder that allows to fix it to the wall, this device has a flat horizontal shape. Its body has been made with safety glass, while the chassis for its part is lacquered steel.

With double insulation, radiator inertia Jarpa 49590 has in addition to the IP24 protection index. All this, assuring him accordingly, perfect protection against foreign objects and water jets when cleaning or bathing.

In terms of power, this extra equipment receives a good engine 1000 watt, followed by a trained heating unit from massive cast iron elements. The heart of heaters for its part is designed ceramic, which keeps the heat efficiently. The 49590 Jarpa finally has a digital screen backlight on which you can read various data such as the heating temperature, among other …

This heater has a backlit digital display that lets you see different data such as temperature for example. Several other features also impressed with this unit. This is the case of the weekly programming that you can customize according to your needs, the frost option to prevent the room from being too cold, prolonged fashion, ecopilote option, the option ecocitizen or the parental lock system for child safety, to name a few.

Heating Performance & power consumption

This radiator inertia is capable of heating an area of ​​10 to 15 square meters with its 1000 watts of power. The diffusion of heat is evenly. The released heat is also very soft, which protects you against sudden and abrupt changes of temperature.

This additional heating is further provided with an electronic thermostat that allows you to adjust the heating temperature from 13 to 30 ° C with good accuracy of 0.1 ° C. Its thermal inertia system allows it to continue to shine for a while after stopping … anything that allows you to consume much less energy and therefore reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

You can adjust the temperature of the heating system from 13 to 30 ° C with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C. This is facilitated by the electronic thermostat it has. Even after his arrest, he continues to shine for a while thanks to its thermal inertia. Thus, you make more money on electricity bills.


Featuring an automatic thermal safety function for safe use, the 49590 Jarpa reports to finish, such as radiators inertia of superior quality with many practical functions to be programmed according to your desires. There are no complaints about his very neat and chic aesthetic. Moreover, it is super easy to install and use. This heater that will not disappoint, that’s for sure!

How did we make our selection of the best electric heating?

Choosing the best electric heating necessarily involves consideration of a number of criteria determining in the field, and the selection of models that have been presented above was made in scrupulous compliance with this requirement. Among the elements that we have thus served as a compass, you have:

The power

This is probably the most important element when it comes to electric heater. Depending on the size of the room you want to heat, you always rest assured that the model you choose is powerful enough to perform its function effectively. For a small room, it is clear that average power radiator will do. By cons, since it is the great outdoors, we recommend that you surf a higher power of 2000 watts at least.


When buying, necessarily opt for an electric heater with a safety system that stops the machine automatically in case of overheating your engine. Most models offered today also adopt an ergonomic design that provides waterproof protection of your entire system against splashes, dust and water jets. These are very interesting in this sense.

The radiators with heat limiter whose role is to block the minimum and maximum temperatures are also a good alternative security. Indeed, handling errors (sometimes very expensive) are less likely to occur in this type of auxiliary heating.

The design and design

The aesthetic is something that you should not overlook here, and no matter that this is, facilities intended for occasional use and sometimes to the prying eyes of your visitors. Regarding the design, it must be said as well that there is a wide variety of choices in terms of colors and shapes … so that everyone will have to choose only according to his own personal tastes.

In terms of design, the compact and lightweight electric heaters are as the ideal alternative for those who want something that will be easy to move from one room to another. The ergonomic designs, easy to handle will also delight users who have no time to lose. Overall, it will be necessary to dwell here on the size of the device (dimensions and weight), and possibly the availability of wheels.

The heat distribution system

This is a fundamental criterion in the acquisition of an electric heater. Models equipped with radiant panels guarantee that sense, rapid heating and homogeneous. Only drawback, they consume too much energy. On the other hand, you have electric heaters that produce warmth for comfort and above all to protect you from convection. The radiators inertia in turn prove much less energy while you ensure continuous delivery of a gentle heat.

One finds finally, electric radiators which accumulate sufficient heat before releasing thereafter throughout the room: the spread here is very fast and heat very nice except that it will spend a little more for have a model like this.

The consumption

This feature is also very important and should be taken into account when choosing your electric heater. As you can imagine, the consumption level of your device will be closely linked to its power. However, the best electric heating, including the most powerful models are very economical in terms of energy because of their advanced technology.

You have for example for this purpose, which are equipped with a power redistribution mechanism absorbed 100%, and others who have the ability to autoprogrammer due to a detector they own. This sensor adapts not only the heating period in your presence, but also stores your lifestyle to better satisfy you. There are also connected models that allow you to control your electricity consumption remotely from your tablet or smartphone.

The options

Whether you choose a wall-mounted electric heater or on foot, do not neglect especially not the proposed options. It there’s indeed models that are more sophisticated than others. This is the case for example mufflers radiators that provide a much more comfortable use of models offering protection against overheating radiator with antifreeze mode that activates automatically heating when the temperature drops it is to below 5 ° C.

Moreover, you will find the most innovative electric heaters that have an LED screen and touch where you can see all the heating data, models able to detect your presence, or those who can detect the closing or opening windows, etc.

All this is taken into account, but the final choice will obviously always depend primarily on your needs.

Electric heating or gas: what is the most economical?

The question is often to know which solution is the most cost between electric heating and heating with natural gas? If one starts from the premise that tends to push the price per kWh, then in that case it should be noted that the gas heater has an advantage in economic terms compared to electric heating. Indeed, though it requires a bit more initial investment for installation of the boiler and the connection (in some cases), heating with natural gas is found by the much more generous suite economically to warm your rooms. This is the case especially, new condensing boilers with energy efficiency helps lower consumption during use. Add to this the fact that you can also enjoy some subsidies that allow modernize low-cost facilities of this type of heating.

For its part, the main advantage of electric heating is that it really does not involve a lot of installation work compared to other types of heating. It is a simple solution that you can even get a tax credit for the fund. In addition, the electric heater requires very little maintenance, which is far from the case with natural gas heating and others. You even have some electrical heating models to adjust the temperature to desired level while avoiding overheating, and others who are provided with a programming system. The majority of homes using this solution are also equipped with a full hour meter / peak hours this … to tell you that night, electric heating is cheaper than day.

Ultimately, the electric heating which implies a low initial investment is presented as the ideal alternative for small perfectly insulated homes: small apartment or small studio. Not only is more comfortable in this environment, but we must also take into account the relatively low cost of the subscription to electricity applied to small consumers.

Heating with natural gas will be against a more economical for large spaces. And even if it involves a large initial investment, the fact remains that over the long term financial investment will largely pay for itself … especially for those who have a connection to the gas distribution network.

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Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

What better than a juice extractor to be used at home, every day! These devices ensure optimal rendering, since they are very gentle with food during the throwing. It is ideal for making juice “home” healthy with no additives or added sugars. Today they are among the must-have in the kitchen. Some models allow you to concoct yet other types of preparation … These are items for the most expensive enough, because the innovations they use are fairly complex. Indeed, we need quality food materials to keep up your preparations. We have chosen for you the best market juice extractors, with prices that will fit any budget. And to help you choose, read our buying guide.

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

The Omega Juicer is best extractors horizontal juice market. It is very efficient and is part of a favorite consumer products.

This juicer is very efficient thanks to its screw and its screen, very sophisticated. The system is simple: a single screw, easy to disassemble and clean takes care of crushing the fruit. They bump against the screen patented two-phase, which will make a maximum of juice. Food is crushed once rudely and juice will filter through the portion with large holes. Then, the wet pulp goes forward to the extractor where it is strongly pressed and there, all the juice out. Finally, the juice passes through the fine sieve part of the pulp dryer and the spring on the other side. Please note, the screen is not in stainless steel and it will be necessary to dry after cleaning.

One of the other flaws of this device is that it is not compact enough to keep it on his kitchen counter all the time. Its appearance is classic, the body is white with a green label “Omega Juicer” above.

The first product of this review is the Omega 8224 juicer, a model design and multifunction horizontal. This is one of the best models on the market, because it is very powerful and customer ratings no shortage of compliments.

The major advantages of this device are its multiple functions. Moreover, this partly justifies its price. You can cook almost anything you want with this juicer: fruit juice, vegetables and herbs without pulp, creamy purees, sorbets, nut butters, pasta, breadsticks … In short, plenty of opportunities for your great pleasure. Take time to read the user manual, in order not to use food that could damage your machine. In case of problems, Omega cover damage for 15 years (manufacturing defect, technical …). The only downside is that it will return the product at your cost to Britain.

However, it does not appear that this machine makes you worried, as customers have stressed many times the strength of this extractor. This is the best extractor powerful horizontal juice. The pressing screw is formidable and eight times stronger than its competitors. His power does not stop being silent: you can do your morning juice in peace.

This Omega juicer is the best on the market, because it is very efficient. The juice it produces are delicious and healthy. The screws that grind food is resistant to everything. In addition, this machine offers a lot of possibilities.

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

The second model that we will see part of the high-end market products. Its price is quite high, because it is a very well thought extractor juice. There are many details we loved our team of experts.

The appearance of this juicer is available in several colors: silver, white, black and red. It therefore melt perfectly in any kitchen. Its small size does not take up too much space on your counter, which is convenient for those who want to use their daily extractor.

It has 8 different rooms so two sieve juice (large holes / small holes) to adjust the consistency to your liking. The container that collects the juice is very large for comfortable use.

This juicer is the best market in terms of speed. Indeed, the extractors are known to be much slower than the centrifuges. This model Biochef Atlas is pretty fast compared to its competitors, a considerable asset when pressed in the morning …

This device uses cold pressed and the protective enzyme system, which is very important to keep a maximum of nutrients intact. The slow extraction pressure allows very smooth, result: no friction and no heat aired on food. In addition to conventional juice, you can cook fresh tofu, almond milk, boiled vegetables, fiber … Our team of experts love multifunction devices like this.

Most of this apparatus is that it has an overtemperature sensor for even more security. In addition, the materials used are tritan, guaranteed BPA free and non-toxic. So, you can make juice for your babies without worry.

Cleaning starts already during operation of the device. This task is quite easier. However, the brush that comes with was considered too soft to remove the remains effectively.

This is a premium product, with a price that is unbeatable in its class. The guest reviews are unanimous: the juices are excellent and the opportunities this extractor are really interesting. A real gem for cooking enthusiasts that will accompany in their culinary adventures.

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

The AMZ juicer Head is also part of multifunction machines. It is efficient, robust and is able to perform a number of recipes. It is also the second high-end product in our product, and we’ll see why.

Most juice extractors has two outputs on each side, one for the juice and pulp for. This design makes the rather cumbersome device during use over the AMZ Chief, because containers that take up space. This model is horizontal and its output for juice sits just below the screen, while the pulp is poured in front of the camera. The base that houses the juice container is convenient to avoid splashing. It is very quick to assemble. This will be advantageous in the morning when you have not much time …

The parts of the extractor were thoughtful. The neck is quite small, a positive for children, who can use it safely. The grinding spiral is divided into 7 parts 90% nutritional value in addition, because the extraction is still softer.

The motor 80 rpm is perfect to preserve maximum nutrients and reduce foam which often creates during pressing. This also makes it very silent, less than 60 dB: to get an idea, a clock is a little quieter with 40 dB. There is also a function “reverse” to expel the remains and to facilitate cleaning.

There are two cups, one of 700 ml and 1 L. These are wide enough templates for the whole family. All parts are anti-oxidizing materials, high quality food, BPA. The tritan is one of them and is corrosion and heat resistant. So you can prepare delicious juice to your baby and more to prepare for you.

For Amazon customers, there is a month free trial and a 2-year warranty with technical support and customer service for life.

This juicer is one of the best of our selection. Customers have only positive product reviews, it is difficult to find a fault. It is so well designed that there is no need for instructions for use. It wad hardly and is robust in the long term. It is a 10/10 AMZ Chef!

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

Infinity Juice extractor Moulinex is a model without much artifice and meets basic use. We will see all its features that make this product a good value.

The appearance of this extractor is quite attractive, gray and black mixture gives an air elegant enough for all. The two containers are in black plastic, which adds more modern.

What makes this special model is that it has two different options for his neck. You can choose a standard model neck or extra-wide mode (4 x 5 cm). This will save time when cutting your food. There are a total of 9 different rooms including a system-drip.

Customers have reported a fault in the design: the unit is too high and does not pass on some kitchen items. It will not be useful if you want your device to your throne counter.

This unit is also quieter than its competitors, this detail, the extractors are developed. This is partly due to its engine 82 rpm, with 200 W power, which gives a very effective device. The nutrients, color and the flavor are preserved. Opinions are quite positive, they show a quality juice, the best on a centrifuge. The “reverse” function is much appreciated, as it allows to expel the remains, especially as this model is more difficult to clean than others. The fact that the parts are compatible with the dishwasher is suddenly very convenient. Indeed, customers have noticed some kinks during extraction: there is too much foam in the end, this may annoy some. Also, bowls for juice and pulp are too small and fill up quickly.

You will understand here that we can extract fruit juice, vegetables and herbs. Nothing extraordinnaire, but that does not stop this extractor to make delicious juice, which is the principal. The price is high compared to what you get, but Moulinex’s still a trusted brand, and this partly explains the price.

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

The fifth product of this article is not a conventional extractor. This is a Kenwood food processor accessory, which serves as a juicer. An interesting object that allows a notable saving of space in the closets!

This sentence seems to be the watchword for the creation of this extractor. Kenwood is a fairly common name and many of you may have this brand food processor. So they designed an accessory that will simply attach to the front of the robot to use. The design is quite simple, the device is gray with orange details inside. This accessory weighs just 2.5 kg for dimensions of 27 cm x 22 cm x 21 cm. It will be easy to store without making too much mess in your kitchen.

The power of the robot associated with this innovative accessory provides very good results. Indeed, it is able to do everything as a “real” extractor: fruit juice, vegetables, almond milk (perfect for lactose intolerance) … And what really is more is that it can grind almost any food, including: citrus, squash, cucumber and mango. Be careful to remove the seeds for grapes. On the other hand, the pulp is collected so it can be used in your cakes, brownies, falafel or in soups.

To clean, it’s simple. Just remove the inner parts, rinse them well for several minutes under running water, then put them in the dishwasher. Attention, it is important not to put the whole apparatus under water.

A cleaning brush and a container of 400 ml (which seems small for once) come with the extractor.

This extractor is rather expensive in comparison with others … Since obtained only part of the extractor, at this price, we can as well buy entire machines. This accessory especially suit those who often use their various kitchen appliances. There will be more to add the part you need, the robot base will stay on your countertop to prevent you from out each time. Finally, despite the high price, this extractor is worth it because it produces excellent juice.

Here’s a better extractors and processors of food that exists. Pressure extra slow and really nice design will please everyone. Let’s see what he has special.

This horizontal extractor has many qualities: its design is beautiful and practical at the same time. The body of the device can be gray, red or black, your choice. The finishes are varnished. There are four feet with suction cups for safe use. No risk of slipping or splashing.

For horizontal model, it is quite compact and is ideal in your kitchens. It has against by a fairly wide neck of 4.5 cm in diameter, a detail that will greatly facilitate your use.

The detail that makes this special machine is its mild engine, with only 60 rpm. It is slower than all models seen so far. This ensures removal of respectful and quiet. With 150 W, you can be sure that this device will last over time and will be very effective.

The surprises do not stop there: Juice me is one of the few models with a manual cutter wheel for adjusting the desired amount of pulp in your juice.

It is also a multi-function extractor. You can easily prepare homemade delicacies to 6 for your family and friends: sauce for tortillas, sauces for meats, thick purees, soups, tapenade, sorbets, jams and even … Juice Me accepts all kinds of ingredients, even the more hard and fibrous (nuts, herbs, leaves) There are various accessories for nut butters, pesto, bases in sherbets, chopped meat, baby food, hummus, ice cream … in short, list does not stop, and that’s what we enjoyed in this extractor. Few devices that offer many possibilities.

Juice Juice Extractor me was definitely the best of our selection. The details were well thought out and the opportunities it offers its really limitless. This also justifies its price, very high, and even the more expensive of this article.

The latest model of this list is a high-end extractor. The slow juicer Joerid is one of the slower market, which also means the healthiest possible juice. You can be sure to refuel vitamins through this extractor.

The brand wanted to make an extractor that will be practical and therefore will not interfere with your work plan. In addition to this, it is fast to mount because it has only 4 games. This is really nice, especially when you know how painful it can be on some appliances.

Not only the expression is slow (60 rpm) and two-step, but there are no blades to chop the ingredients, just a propeller that gently extracts the food. No foam or oxidation, and nutrition is suddenly 90% larger. There is also a button “reverse” that extracts more juice. There are up to 85% more juice than a lambda extractor. With Joerid, the vertical extractor you can extract only fruits, vegetables and herbs. Beware of soft fruits such as mangoes or bananas.

It is so quiet that you’ll find not even notice it is running. To give you an idea, when a conversation, the noise level reaches 70 dB, and the extractor does not exceed 60 dB. A significant asset in the morning!

The detachable parts are food grade materials BPA free and all are compatible dishwasher. Customers found this extractor easy to clean.

Finally, this device is safe because it does not turn on if you hurt assemble. A good place for the children to use comfortably.

We find that the price of this device is a bit exaggerated, it is around 400 euros. Certainly the results are impeccable, but there is no very special options to justify a price too.

Desired type of juice

All produce juice extractors, yes, but not all the same. There is a difference between the juice of a vertical or horizontal extractor (see FAQ). Each is compatible with very specific foods. In addition, some models have accessories to vary the preparations, for others it will buy them and others have just not. We will have to reflect on this based on your personal tastes. To you to see if you just want to make juices, or other preparations too (pasta, sauces, sorbets, mashed potatoes …)


Vertical models take up less space because they go up. The horizontal models will not be suitable for small kitchens. Take into account also that in addition to the extractor, it will also place the juice and pulp containers on the sides.


Prices of juicers can range from 70 euros to 1,500 euros. Your budget will thus considered in your purchase. For proper puller, have at least 150 euros. In our selection, prices range from 100 to 400 euros. Let’s say this is the minimum for quality machines. Anything that goes beyond 500 euros qualified professional equipment and will not be found so easily in the shops.


That’s a point at which we will have to think. If you want your machines lasts long and your juices are of quality, then it will take care of your extractor. There are some steps to follow scrupulously:

A trick to effectively wash the screen: the fibers are sometimes encrusted strongly in the small holes. If you have a shower head with the powerful jet option, you can rinse your sieve. The water jet remove all residues in seconds.

compatible ingredients

In general, the extractors do not like too all soft foods. Some examples: bananas, golden apples, mangoes, pears, zucchini, cucumber, avocado … Or too hard foods: sweet potatoes, celery, carrots. These foods will be perfect in a blender to make smoothies. Here, they get stuck in the sieve that has tiny holes in order to make the purest juice possible. Some devices can accept some of these foods and in this case, it will cut into very small pieces so they can move easily (you can find more details about this in the FAQ – vertical or horizontal extractor).

Please also a logical order if you use soft foods, alternate like this: pear and apple and orange and re pear and orange …

Conservation of juice

It is recommended to drink your right after extracting juice, so that nutrients remain intact. More juice waits, the more vitamins lose their vitality. If you still want to extend a little conservation, use tinted blue or brown glass bottles to avoid UV destroying the nutrients and most importantly, keep them cool.

The juice extractor is a device that separates the fibers of fruit juice, vegetables, herbs and other foods. With such devices, you get pure juices and healthy, no additives, dyes or sugars.

All extractors work on the same principle. There are several parties who have a particular role. First, the food is inserted into the neck that can be more or less wide. The larger it is, the less you have to cut your food into small pieces. Then there is a pressing screw which hosts food, coarsely grinds slowly and pushes the screen that separates the fibers of juice. The pulp comes out one side and the juice of the other.

Some extractors models have specific screen that perform purees, sorbets or milk plants.

For a quality juicer, it takes at least 100 euros. Indeed, the mechanism that allows a cold expression is quite expensive. This is the best way to extract your healthy juices. In our selection, prices vary a hundred euros to almost 400. There are also mid-range models with about 180 euros. More expensive your model is, the better your options and accessories. To you to see what suits you the most.

You can find this type of product in any appliance store. However, on the Internet you can find products that are not necessarily located in France. There are two such in our selection. Also note that on Amazon, you can benefit from very attractive discounts.

The extractions systems are completely different from one device to another.

The centrifuge consists of a blade which first cuts the fruit at high speed, then the projected against the walls of a sieve and through the centrifugal force, the juice extract. This system allows you to filter the pulp, seeds or tail of food. The result has more to smoothie juice pure. To give you an idea, a centrifuge has a motor of 800 W and can reach 2700 rpm. It allows to make juice very quickly. However, because of the high pressure on food, there will be a lot of heat and suddenly loses the nutrient juice.

However, an extractor is much slower. The juice hardly lose anything in vitamins, colors and aromas. The juice is sweeter. The pressure is cold, which guarantees respect for all cells in the juice. To compare with the centrifuges, speed ranges from 60 to 80 rpm, for an output of 150, 200 W. The machine is quieter and easier to clean.

In conclusion, the centrifuges are convenient for those who want quick results, the juices are still good and much healthier than industrial juice.

The result will be completely different with an extractor or a blender. We saw the extractor produces a pure juice and reject pulp and fibers, while the blender mixes absolutely everything you put inside. There is no waste. The blenders are specialized for smoothies. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can add milk, ice cream, spices …

You can see this in more detail in the buying guide, but choose your extractor will depend on your needs. If you use it often, or large amounts of juice, you need a professional model. If it is for occasional use, then you can settle for a model not very expensive and not very specific options.

The horizontal juice extractors are versatile. Its shape allows it to handle a wide variety of foods. It has several accessories such as a full screen that allows him to make purees or sorbets. Some models can even make fresh pasta or crushing oilseeds! This type of extractor is perfect for those who want to achieve more than simple juice. He will realize almost all your desires.

The vertical juice extractor is for its more convenient in terms of design because it takes up much less space. In addition, it offers other possibilities that are not adapted to a horizontal puller. For example, the vertical extractors are perfect for grinding plant milks, soft foods or smoothies.

To you to see what type of income you want to focus.

Recipe Ideas

Energy: apple, lemon, ginger

Detox: corn salad, celery, orange, lemon

Immunity: carrot, beet, lemon, orange

Best Dog Harness | Review & Guide

Best Dog Harness | Review & Guide

If you are looking for a dog harness to walk your constant companion, we have selected the best models of 2020.

It is important to choose a model that suits your pet to make the moments of trip as pleasant as possible. You are unsure of form and matter, here’s a comparison that will help you make your choice. There are many dog ​​harness models on the market and some are more suited than others to breed your dog and your activities. Choose the size of the harness is also a challenge, your pet must feel good about his ride equipment. The harness should be effective and should not hurt your pet.

The best dog harness in 2020

Best Dog Harness | Review & Guide

1. Dog Harness Rabbitgoo – The best anti-pull harness for a dog that pulls on leash

The dog harness Rabbitgoo provides strain relief equipment that fits perfectly to walk dogs that tend to pull on leash. The fastener which is located in the front of the harness allows to distribute the pressure on the dog’s body without the choke. Depending on the situation, you can also attach the leaves on top of the harness if you wish. A strong grip will allow you to catch your pet if you need to hold it tightly or you want to catch him when not allowed to cross a road, for example.

This is the best dog harness for dogs and muscular sports labrador type malinois, american staff …

The padding of the harness makes it comfortable for the animal. Some dogs have sensitive skin friction or moisture. The dog harness Rabbitgoo was designed in a lightweight material that is both waterproof and breathable. It is a harness that can be used in winter and summer without having to worry about the comfort of your dog.

You can go for long walks with your pet or play sports with him. Jogging, hiking, biking, your dog can accompany you everywhere without stand equipment. We like the reflective tape that can travel safely at night walks or in poorly lit areas.

The harness will be delivered with instructions for the set. Its implementation is simple, just follow the guide provided at its first use.

The only negative point of this harness is the ring material fastening which are plastic. Their strength needs to be reviewed. They can always be replaced by metal rings in case of breakage.

Best Dog Harness | Review & Guide

2. Harness PetSafe EasySport – The best classic harness for walking everyday

The harness EasySport PetSafe is the best dog harness for everyday use. It is a solid harness, provided with a fastener highly durable metal. Your leash is not likely to let go for a walk, even with a dog pulls. The fleece material is qualitative and comfortable for your dog. He is not bothered by his equipment and can run and spend as they wish. Whether he leaves or freedom, he can wear his harness in comfort. A top handle allows you to control your dog in case of imminent threat: fight, car, children … This is an essential safety feature for walks in busy places. Your dog may have sudden or unpredictable, then you can easily catch up and tie his leash in a jiffy.

The two set points allow precise adjustment of the harness, whatever the shape of your dog. You can adjust the straps to the width of his chest and abdomen. It regrets against the two elastic at the front which will tend to relax after prolonged use. This is a harness that is ideal for going to the park, for training or for short periods of walks averages. If you are athletic, prefer a model for sport. Using a harness not suitable for the activity can cause friction and hurt your dog.

The harness PetSafe EasySport suitable for medium-sized dogs like border collie, Australian shepherd, spaniel Breton …

The harness is available in several colors, from green to red through purple. You can give your dog’s coat. It is an elegant model that will allow you to have fun at the same time as your pet.

Best Dog Harness | Review & Guide

3. Harness Puppia Ritefit – The best adjustable harness for a precise fit

The harness Puppia Ritefit is the best dog harness for the ride. This adjustable model in the neck allows it to perfectly fit the dog’s morphology. It is ideal if you have a small dog with a wide neck pug type bull terrier or bulldog French. These breeds high neckline often have difficulty finding harness small sizes which widen enough to the chest.

With this harness you can be sure of the comfort of your dog. The material is lightweight and breathable, comfortable to wear. However, we avoid using this harness prolonged rainy days as it is not waterproof and can maintain moisture on the back of your dog.

Several sizes are available, from S to XL, the smallest size that can fit a chihuahua and even a cat. A guide will give you the precise measurements of different sizes to make the right choice for your pet.

In terms of colors you will be spoiled for choice, the harness is available in 9 versions, from pink through the camo. If you attach importance to aesthetics and the look of your dog, you will be served with this harness and impeccable finishes.

The parties Velcro could have been avoided because the noise is not suitable for all dogs. If your animal is fearful of the kind, the establishment of the harness and its Velcro can quickly turn into unpleasant moment.

Best Dog Harness | Review & Guide

4. Dog Harness Kurgo – The best safety harness for the car

Harness for dogs Kurgo will be your best place security if you frequently take your dog in the car. Sometimes it’s nice to change the ride area to stimulate your partner. You can make yourself in vehicle elsewhere. It is recommended to choose a dog harness adapted to the car to use while traveling. This is important for the dog’s safety but also for yours. The Kurgo model has a carabiner clip that attaches directly to the seatbelt in your car. The fastening system is certified crash test for dogs up to 34 kilos. Extremely easy to set up, you will ensure appropriate given your dog during the trip.

Padded at the chest, this harnesses is very comfortable for your dog. It will not feel pressure or choking during trips if you brake or turn. You can move, trip or ride with confidence.

You can complete the device in your vehicle by a barrier fabric to separate the beach front of the back seat. There are also compact booster specially designed for small dogs.

Harness Kurgo can also be used for walking, even for dogs that tend to pull on leash.

Be careful to choose the size of your harness, it is a model which tends to cut small. You can see the precise measurements on the size chart provided.

Best Dog Harness | Review & Guide

5. Harness DOG Copenhagen – The best light and comfortable harness

The dog harnesses DOG Copenhagen offers a perfect compromise between a resistant harness and a comfortable harness for the animal. This is a lightweight device that fits in the daily ride. The reflective stripes and the color orange will be very useful for evening strolls. It’s not always easy to spot your dog in the dark when you detach. It is also necessary that it can be viewed by cyclists and motorists.

The material of the harness DOG Copenhagen is lightweight and breathable, providing unparalleled comfort to your dog. The materials used are of good quality and stainless steel fasteners are resistant. It is even possible to spend that harness machine. If your dog loves the rolls in the mud, it’s a real power over maintenance and washing equipment.

Easy to adjust thanks to its 4 set points, the XL version adapts to the morphology of large dogs: German shepherds, chow chow, golden retrievers … The smaller version XS will suit a puppy or a dog of very small size.

The ergonomic design protects the back of your pet and it provides quality maintenance. If you have a dog that is aging and sometimes with pain, it is a harness that is suitable. Indeed, even more than other dogs he has to feel good in their harness and not feel the tension of the leash.

6. Harnesses Julius K9 IDC – The best work must harness

The harness Julius K9 IDC is a true reference in the canine community. Tried and tested by the trainers, professionals and dog handlers, the equipment close to perfection. These harnesses offer genuine reliability for both the master and for the animal. The ergonomic design offers uncompromising comfort and impeccable maintenance. The straps are wide and padded, the dog is perfectly responsive to the slightest indications transmitted via the leash. With this harness your dog will be more sensitive to your specifications.

This is the best dog harness to play the sport with your dog. If you want to take her jogging or hiking, it is the equipment you need.

The harness Julius K9 IDC will also be suitable for the practice of dog sports and dressage: canicross, agility or flyball. These are special moments with your pet that require adequate equipment.

The model has already won professionals who use work in harness: tracking, security …

You will be able to set small bags on the sides of the harness to put a gourd, a ration of kibble or toutounettes.

Very effective reflective strips ensure visibility and that of the dog in the dark. You will also be able to set a small flashlight on the harness.

It is therefore recommended equipment for active dogs who love the movement and dynamic activities. However, avoid using this harness on a dog that pulls on a leash because the front strap could pop sternum.

7. Harness Ruffwear – The most difficult terrain multi-function harness

The harness Ruffwear is an ideal dog harnesses to think outside the box. To take your companion in your wildest adventures, it is necessary to equip uncompromising. You will find in this harness all the qualities combined to make it a must during your travels.

When practice trail, mountain climbing, mountain biking or skiing with her dog, the master is responsible for their pet. He has to control it, to keep it safe while sharing with him the pleasure of the adventure. If your dog goes everywhere with you and he loves you as much as outdoor sports, this is the best dog harness.

With Ruffwear harness your dog is maintained by strong straps. A handle on the top of the harness has been designed for you to help him pass the obstacles and raise it if necessary. The reflective strips allow you to ensure the safety of your pet during night practice.

The selected materials are resistant to difficult conditions: moisture, heat, cold … Fasteners Aluminum will not fault you, even with high pressure. You can keep your harness long without doubt its reliability.

This is equipment used by dogs who practice looking for victims of avalanches. Because our companions are as true heroes, we must offer them the best in equipment.

This harness is available in sizes ranging from XXS to XL.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about dog harness before buying a

Choosing the right type of dog harness

Many teachers are choosing a dog harness. The collar is not recommended for the comfort and safety of the animal. The neck area tends to become completely insensitive dogs wearing collars, especially among those who pull on the leash.

However, it is important to choose a harness for your dog and activities you do together.

If you’re athletic and want a harness to take your dog hiking or to use during your runs, it is recommended to choose a flyball harness. It is also to this model need to move if you practice canicross.

The anti-pull harness allows owners of a dog that pulls on leash to grant some relief to their arms. These models allow to better distribute the tension and thus remind the dog gently.

Finally, you find classic harnesses for walks everyday. If you are strong in search of equipment for everyday use is the model for you.

Choose the size of the dog harness

Your dog should feel good in his harness for its rides are fun times during which he can spend without injury. This is why it is essential to choose the size of the harness. When you order a product online, it can be difficult to project and make the right choice.

You must take the chest measurements of your dog with a tape measure. Add 5 cm to know what size harness corresponds. Know that most harnesses have multiple adjustment points that allow you to adjust the equipment to the shape of your dog.

It is to consider that the sizes differ depending on the manufacturer. It is recommended to consult the harness size guide that you have chosen to avoid disappointment. You can choose between XS, S, M, L and XL.

Having a harness to the right size is essential for the comfort of your pet. In addition, it will be easier to direct your dog without hurting him with a well-fitting harness.

Choosing the harness adapted to the dog’s morphology

All races have morphologies that are different from each other. There is a wide variety of dogs and as many measurements. Some dogs are tall and thin as greyhounds for example, while others are small and stocky, like English bulldogs.

You will need to choose a harness adapted to the shape of your dog so that he feels good about his equipment. It is recommended to move towards a harness that has multiple attachment points. So you can adjust the straps as close as possible to your dog.

If your pet has a broad chest, orient yourself a model T which has no strap around the neck. This is the model that best suits the pugs and French bulldogs.

If the dog is otherwise rather harmonious measurements, such as German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, you can choose a harness H.

Conventional harness and the most common, Y are those that adapt to all races. If you had to pick just one, it would definitely be this one.

Finally, do not hesitate to consult the opinions and forums, you will find valuable information. You can your turn to share your experience. Users are often the best counselors.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask about the dog harness

The dog harness is an alternative to the collar for dogs. This system allows for walking the dog without hurting themselves. The collar can indeed exert dangerous pressure on the neck of the animal, especially if the dog tends to pull on leash. The harness meanwhile distributes the pressure across the body through more straps around the animal.

You’ll find it easier to direct your dog. With a harness, the ride becomes a nice time and terminates the power of duel that could confront you with your dog.

The harness is positioned on the body of your pet at the bust. There are different forms of harness: H, T or Y. You will need to choose a model that corresponds to your dog and activities you do with him. For example, a Y harness will be comfortable and allow more freedom of movement to your dog. The T-shape about it adapts to a dog that tends to pull on leash since it avoids the pressure in the neck.

You should be well informed on the harness type that you buy so you can make good use.

You can buy your pet dog harness in course or in some veterinarians. There is also a wide range of harnesses on the internet. Buy your online harness allows you to compare different offers and the prices of these devices. This is the best formula to make a considered purchase.

You can also read reviews from other users, they are often a great help. To choose the size of a harness you can, based on the reviews, whether the model size properly. You can also find out about the reliability of the harness, strength and comfort.

a harness The price range for dogs between 15 and 50 euros. You will find different grades, different shapes. The harness designed for outdoor sports are often more expensive than conventional harness. These models have in fact more accessories: handle, pockets, extra fasteners …

Moreover harness intended for difficult conditions are designed with waterproof and breathable technical materials that are often more expensive to purchase.

To have a dog harness quality, durable and comfortable, it is recommended to choose a harness around 30 euros. This is the right compromise for quality equipment that remains accessible.

In order to choose the right dog harness size, it is important to properly take the measurements of your pet. Here’s how to measure your dog:

To ensure your dog’s comfort, it is necessary to add 5 centimeters. You then have size harness for you. It is important to check the sizing chart before ordering your harness since sizes vary by manufacturer.

At the first use you will definitely encounter some difficulties in correctly position your harness on your pet. However once this set, you’ll quickly become accustomed and you should be able to without worry.

Depending on its form, your haernais is positioned differently: