The 5 Best Electric Toothbrush 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The 5 Best Electric Toothbrush 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Our Choice: Low Budget

The 5 Best Electric Toothbrush 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The 5 Best Electric Toothbrush 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The 5 Best Electric Toothbrush 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: Low Budget

The 5 Best Electric Toothbrush 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The 5 Best Electric Toothbrush 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Brushing teeth is the sine qua No to keep fresh breath and keep teeth and gums healthy as long as possible. With increasing technological developments in brushing, individuals now have access to electric toothbrushes, two times more efficient than conventional counterparts, who help take care of our mouths.

In practice, it will be enough to put toothpaste on your brush and then perform a movement similar to the one you made during a traditional brushing. The difference is that vibrations and circular movements of these electric brushes will improve cleaning, effectively destroying plaque and unwanted residues. The effectiveness of the object is no doubt, provided you choose the best electric toothbrush!

With our final purchase guide and electric toothbrushes that reviews below, it will not be complicated.

How did we make our selection of the best electric toothbrushes?

To make this comparison of the best brushes teeth electric market, we had to make choices. First, we paid particular attention to the opinion of the medical experts and the recommendations of dentists who insist particularly on the minimum brushing time and the technology used by each electric toothbrush to clean your ratiches. Some are too violent, others soft top and it was therefore necessary to make a first choice under the guidance of pros.

To choose the best electric toothbrush market, we also consulted the user experience feedback on key commercial sites because nothing beats the view of those who have been on hand every day. Finally, impossible to ignore tests and tested experts in new technology, anxious to dissect the latest developments of the market.

In this way, we kept the electric toothbrushes that meet the following criteria:

Choose the best electric toothbrush is not only the best way to preserve the health of your teeth whiteness and cleanliness, but it’s also a way to guard against gum infections or against cavities. If the acquisition of such a brush with a much higher cost than an ordinary toothbrush, the savings you will make visits to the dentist will make you quickly forget the initial purchase.

The Best Electric Toothbrushes in 2020

1. Toothbrush Pro 2 2500 Oral B – Reliable toothbrush and cheap

The Oral B brand, popular with dentists for the care it gives to the teeth and gums through its various products, offers a cross-Action model which allows precise cleaning teeth, while taking care not to damage your gums .

For this, this electric toothbrush using the oscillating-rotary technology cheap Oral B, which consists of a round brush head that rotates on itself by performing up to 48,000 movements per minute. A famous technology for its ability to permanently remove plaque while preserving the gums.

This brush Pro 2 Oral B 2500 removes up to 100% more plaque with bristles that penetrate between teeth. From the first use, the spaces are cleaned and stains on the teeth mitigated through a controlled pressure.

Indeed, this model has a pressure sensor that tells the user if the pressure on the teeth and gums is too strong, and that reduces the speed automatically, from the standard mode to smooth fashion. This is extremely convenient!

Another major advantage of this electric toothbrush, the timer 2 minutes to keep to the recommendations of dentists brushing time. Better yet, a beep will sound after 30 seconds of brushing, to tell you it’s time to change area in your mouth.

This electric toothbrush Oral B do effortless, since it is enough to make it to an area of ​​the other slide your mouth so that it cleans the surfaces it touches with its vibrations and rotations. It recharges easily and can hold more than a week autonomy at full load. Besides an indicator tells you when the battery runs low, which predicts when traveling or moving. Finally, the storage case provides help you to take care of the brush over time!

Verdict – This electric toothbrush entry is a cheap model, which has an excellent quality / price ratio. It ensures optimal cleaning of your teeth, gum protection, and the technology used by Oral B ensures a pleasant and effective brushing, which will help users keep healthy and white teeth longer. An excellent choice!

2. Sonicare DailyClean 3100 Philips – The best brush cheap electric tooth

> Best Choice Quality Report Price

Despite a brush appearance that closely resembles an ordinary model, the toothbrush DailyClean 3100 Philips is an electric model capable of cleaning the mouth of its users optimally.

For this, the brand relies on Sonic technology, which causes vibration at high speed of the brush head. Up to 31,000 movements per minute, this solution is the challenge of a deep brushing, almost automatically, that will not damage your gums.

This model, which boasts to remove 2x more plaque than a conventional brush has very good ideas, starting with Easystart option. So that the user becomes familiar with the electric brush, this brush will, during the first 14 brushings, increase the intensity gradually. It is ideal for those who have never used this type of model!

This electric toothbrush Philips has a timer that can control the brushing time, to be consistent with the recommendations of 2 minutes minimum made by specialists. Moreover, its Quadpacer option notifies you at 30 second intervals, which must move the brush to another area of ​​the mouth, to continue cleaning.

The grip of the brush is extremely simple and does not move away that much of a brush classic tooth, making it a good model for beginners. With an activation button and a LED (too quiet) to check the battery level, it is not encumbered by unnecessary. For cleaning, it will rinse the part of the head, removable, because toothpaste tends to store there.

With a full charge in about 7 hours, which guarantees a range of more than 1 hour (which is still 2 weeks of brushing) is very convincing for a proposed model to a sweet price.

Verdict – The electric toothbrush DailyClean 3100 Philips is the model we recommend to those looking for a classic electric brushing brushing, without investing too much in the first model. Simple and effective, this product will allow you to clean your teeth gently, without rushing through your gums sonic Philips technology.

3. Toothbrush 8 Genius Oral-B – A high-end model to protect your mouth

With its model Genius 8, the brand Oral-B has an electric brush upscale tooth, packed with technological innovations art.

The first interesting element is the position detector of this toothbrush that you clear areas with brush and already own areas. How? Via a connected technology that links the product to your smartphone. This innovative use of transformed brush the brushing experience an almost medical practice, allowing you to control the brushing time, the pressure on your gums and sides of your mouth to clean better.

You get a total percentage score at the end of each brushing, to motivate you to do better next time!

This tilt-rotary model opts for a brush capable of eliminating up to 100% more plaque compared to a regular brush, through a round shape adapted to the shape of your teeth. The rhythmical pulsations and pressure applied and controlled allow bleaching teeth and a perfect cleaning.

It has a timer to control your brushing time, and 5 modes to fit your mouth and gums (care, softness, whiteness …), making it an ultra-complete product. It adapts more to all brushes Oral B.

The toothbrush Braun Oral B genius 8 (developed in partnership between the two brands) even the luxury of being pretty. Silver, it offers an effective grip and bright icons to check the current mode and the level of remaining battery. Besides, its autonomy is remarkable, with two weeks of permitted use under full load.

If he had to find a fault, one could cite vibration noise generated by the engine, which is a disorder that found on virtually all toothbrushes electric market. For the rest, it’s all good!

Verdict – Leveraging interesting technological innovations – including connecting to a smartphone – this electric toothbrush Oral B will guarantee your brushing further than ever. You will be able to control the results of it easy to try to reach 100% required for a healthy mouth and a radiant smile. A remarkable model, and certainly the best electric toothbrush at this price.

4. Brush teeth Smart 4 4500 Black oral B

> Technology for your teeth

This brush connected rechargeable tooth comes, manufactured by Braun Oral B, is the one with the coolest design of this comparison. This is indeed a special edition Black comes with a Black and a coating of the same color very successful.

Of course, the aspect of the BDE is just a detail, but lovers of beautiful products there will not be insensitive.

In terms of brushing, this 4 Smart model 4500 is a connected toothbrush, which allows you to get real-time information when you brush your teeth. A real step forward for everyday gesture, too many people do not do properly. Dentists will tell you that very few individuals brush their teeth perfectly! With this technology and application related to it, you will not have excuses.

With its rounded head and his hairs round end around the teeth without irritating the gums, the included brush ensures deep cleaning and you can, if you wish, change the brush as the full range of Oral B fits this electric model.

Capable of removing up to 100% more plaque did against a tooth brush in hand, it will also be beneficial to whiten your teeth, with visible results on mitigation tasks in a few days! Moreover, its 3 brushing modes (Daily, Sensitive and Whiteness) allow to adapt to individual needs.

We also liked the pressure sensor, which you mentioned when you press too hard on your gums and then adapts the speed of vibration and rotation, not to irritate your gums. Professional timer is present to indicate that you have reached the recommended 2 minutes brushing.

With a load of 15 hours (rather long), it can hold more than two weeks without recharging. This is a major asset when we go on vacation and do not want to carry around the charger.

Verdict – The toothbrush Smart 4 4500 Black oral B manages to offer a condensed technology coupled with a very nice design. Hardly less extensive than 8 Genius model presented above (which has 2 additional brushing modes), this brush connected electric tooth is an achievement that will satisfy the most fastidious users when it comes to their healthy mouth. For us it is one of the best brush models electric toothbrushes, with a quality / price.

5. Oral B stages Power

> The best electric toothbrush to awaken children brushing

If you want to introduce your children to the electric brush – especially your daughters with this model – then the toothbrush with the colors of the Snow Queen might be the best way to do it. It is true that children do not necessarily take the measure of the importance of proper brushing and it sometimes takes a little nudge to encourage them to spend 2 minutes complete in the mirror for deep cleaning.

Note that this toothbrush is also with images of Disney princesses or Cars, enabling to offer this toothbrush to girls as to boys. Too bad a Spiderman or Star Wars model is not available!

Proposed a mini price, the electric brush Magic features a timer that will push the young user to brush teeth during the 2 minutes required by the experts. For this, it needs to download the application that will reward the small, with entertainment and bonuses when brushing is completed. Children love and brushing teeth correctly without even noticing!

A study of the brand, 90% of children brush their teeth longer with this innovative and fun system.

Other aspects specifically for young people, the rotary brush and fine animal hair and soft, which adapt to the more fragile lips of children. Its size respects that of younger mouth and the pressure exerted is sweet for protected gums.

Apart from decorations and colorful design, the electric toothbrush of Oral B Stages Power recharges easily via a stand, and it takes about a week at full load, which is OK. Too bad it lacks a battery indicator that would know when to charge it, because small think are not alone …

Verdict – To awaken your child the importance of a good brushing his teeth for, and to grant more autonomy, this model Oral B / Disney is more than advisable. It’s simple, it’s the best electric toothbrush for kids that know and with its mini price and features tailored to younger mouth, it will delight your little ones!

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about electric toothbrushes before purchasing a

To choose the best electric toothbrush, as good as able to adapt to your real needs, it is important to define the criteria you need to consider. Here they are.

Operating Modes

Some of this comparison toothbrushes offers up to 5 operating modes, such as Genius 8 of Oral-B. What adapt brushing your envy (softness, daily) or to change the speed for a specific operation (whitening, scaling …).

If the input range of models in this selection are provided with timer functions (control for 2 minutes minimum brushing required) and the pressure sensor on the gums for some, should be fitted range to access toothbrushes the most comprehensive.

The quality of the brush

A good brush results in hair density suitable for your teeth and gums, and will therefore be more flexible for sensitive mouths and those of children, harder for users who tend to accumulate plaque.

It should choose his electric toothbrush according to proposed brushing technology, with either brushes electric sonic teeth (perfect for sensitive gums) or brushes to tilt and rotating electric toothbrush, better adapted to small mouths.

The efficiency of the electric toothbrush

The best toothbrush will offer a perfect cleaning, brushing after brushing. It must therefore be able to switch between the different gaps of your teeth, to reach the bottom of the mouth and clean the back teeth.

Efficacy is seen in use, with some electric toothbrushes that provide whiteness results after only a few days of use. This is the case of the toothbrush Smart 4 4500 Black oral B.


If the design is at the discretion of each (although children will enjoy the models that are addressed as the Snow Queen version of Oral B), product ergonomics must be well thought out.

It will favor the models that will not slip from the hands, and that display battery indicators and indicator lights clearly indicating the active mode. Better yet, the beeps and vibrations that allow to know when to change brushing area and when we can stop cleaning. We find these options on the toothbrush Pro 2 2500 Oral B.

The full load autonomy

While one can carry a tooth brush classic trip without worrying about anything, it is important to check the battery of the electric toothbrush. Even in everyday life, the preferred models capable of holding at least a week without recharging.

Top at this level is the Sonicare DailyClean 3100 Philips that recharges quickly (about 7 hours) and takes 2 weeks!

The noise ?

Note that all electric toothbrushes make a certain noise, due to their vibration, rotation of the brush and rubbing against the teeth. Do not expect to silent models because it is not found.

However, the teeth of this comparative brushes reach a proper compromise this level, with a reasonable noise during use.

The price depending on the range

The price of electric brushes increases depending on the range, which varies depending on the available operating modes and advanced technology of the product. You pay more connected models.

If you do not use a toothbrush linked to your smartphone, investment (often less than 50 euros) in a brush input range is sufficient to obtain very good results.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask about electric toothbrushes

Brush electric or manual tooth?

If you brush your teeth properly, respecting the minimum 2 minutes and making sure you go to all corners of the mouth, the manual brush may suffice. However, opt for an electric toothbrush can guarantee your mouth sparkling clean without pie without tasks, you avoid taking too regular appointment at the dentist.

For maximum efficiency, we therefore recommend that the electric brush, with initial investment is quickly amortized.

The first thing to do, choose the electric toothbrush, is to know your mouth. Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums and the size of your mouth, you will opt for a particular technology.

Then it’s a matter of practicality. Some will want to have only a timer, others will want at all costs to the pressure sensor or the possibility of linking the brush to a smartphone, while others will choose an electric toothbrush according to the quality of his brush.

The important thing is the end result. It is recommended to trust acclaimed brand by dental specialties like Oral B and Philips.

Brush sonic or rotary electric toothbrush?

Sonic toothbrush operates with a system of rapid vibrations, resulting from 15 000-31 000 movements per minute. To use it, you have to make the same move for a brushing with a manual toothbrush tooth to accompany the tool. But no need to rub, because the brush deep cleans automatically. This gently rubbing allows all those who have sensitive gums or sensitive teeth to opt for the safe electrical.

Oscillating-rotating technology preferred by brand Oral-B, has a rounded head which fits perfectly into all the cavities of the mouth. The result is striking and cleanliness alone does exerts more pressure than the sonic templates makes discouraged consumers to painful gums. For others, it’s great!

To brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, it’s very simple. You will not have to rub, but simply to guide the brush in your mouth, from zone to zone.

Wet the head, add toothpaste and start with a full brushing gums. Then move the brush on the inner surface of your teeth, and then on the outside, until passage of time required (at least 2 minutes).

After use, remember to clean the brush and dry the toothbrush before resting on its base.

The comparison of the toothbrush use batteries, which simply charge via an AC outlet which will connect the base provides. It’s simple, but it can take a few hours (between 7 and 15 pm charge) for a full recharge.

How much does an electric toothbrush?

The price of brushes the best performing electric tooth will oscillate between 50 euros and 200 euros. Why such a price difference? This is often the extra features that drive up to invoice, with connected models that often revolve around 150 euros.

Apart from children’s models, which can cost twenty euros, it is wiser to respect this price range not to end up with a toothbrush ineffective, which quickly abyss or that the battery no longer holds load after a few weeks.

Where to buy an electric toothbrush?

Now, electric toothbrushes enthroned beside classic models in pharmacies and some shopping centers. Approved by dentists, they have democratized and are easy to find everywhere, but you may pay more expensive in pharmacies, which can set their margins.

For best rates, Internet retail sites are the preferred solution.

Cleaning a power toothbrush is essential to ensure a good life to the object and allow it to remain effective as long as possible. To do it properly, you should clean it daily under water by rubbing the brush with your fingers after use. Finish with a passage under hot water to get rid of fat and persistent microbes.

Every 2-3 days, it is recommended to remove the brush head of the unit and soak in white vinegar base and water solution (50/50) overnight. Rinse the brush in hot water before reuse.

When to change its electric toothbrush?

Real nest of bacteria, conventional toothbrush should be changed at least once every 3 months. For its electric version … it’s the same! It will replace the brush head in this period, as it would normally have bent hairs and distorted. If you realize that your brush cleans as well as before, is that it is time to replace the brush head!

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