The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols – forget the cramps!

Forget muscle cramps and fatigue with the best percussion massage guns.

Running, weight training, swimming and crossfit from time to time: there is no denying it, if there was an attack of unexpected zombies, you’d probably be one of the last representatives of the human species to survive. While other engulf the seasons of the last series in fashion, you, you brave the elements to get your daily dose of endorphins and redraw your quadriceps. Except that just, for some time, said quadriceps pull a little more than usual. You have tried massage a physiotherapist, but you can not afford the services of a weekly professional. Have you considered investing in a percussion massage gun? If that is the case, our comparative massagers guns might interest you.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: Best

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!

Quality / Price

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!
The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!

Our Choice: Best

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!

Quality / Price

The 7 Best Massage Percussion Pistols - Forget The Cramps!

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percussion massage guns currently on the market will want easy to use and accessible to everyone, from amateur looking to not turn into Robocop after each session, to the professional athlete (or physiotherapists) who wishes to optimize muscle recovery capacity and improve performance. To help you in your choice, we used the following criteria to select models in this roundup.

Power: percussion massage guns are used for a massage of all body muscles in order to promote physical recovery. They must be strong enough to handle both surface muscles of deep muscles, regardless of the morphology of the user. The speed (the factor determining the power of the device) is expressed in this comparison in number of percussions per minute. We favored massage guns that allow you to vary the speed and power that they adapt to your needs and not the opposite.

Autonomy: the percussion massage guns require a significant amount of energy to function to the best of their abilities. The battery capacity and autonomy are important criteria to consider for the gun does not fall down during a recovery session.

Ergonomics: good ergonomics can not only use the gun only massage without needing to be an expert in physiology or a contortionist, but also to reap the benefits of a deep massage on a specific area body. The ease of use and accuracy are key elements when it comes to taking care of his muscles and his health.

The product’s versatility: the adjustment of the power of percussion massage gun enters the versatility criterion as well as accessories that enable a massage experience closer to that lavished by a health professional. Successful products offer different head massage and various programs to meet your expectations.

Value for money: it is possible to find massage guns hammer prices on the market, from the entry level to the questionable performance, the equipment used by health professionals and sports. We focused in this comparative select products with proven quality and accessible to all budgets.

The best percussion massage guns in 2020

1. Weesey – Massage gun at the best value

2. Recoveryvolt – The public all massage gun recommended by professionals

3. JFG – The multi-speed massage gun

4. Evieun – Good value for money, the futuristic look and more!

5. Cotsoco – The frame percussion massage pistol to last

6. KYTD – The best percussion massager this roundup

7. Euopat – The percussion massage gun small budget to great effect

Unless you play sports intensively or have already toured a physiotherapist, it is unlikely that you regularly see percussion massage guns on the shelves. And for good reason: although starting to democratize, this object is rather expensive to buy. Furthermore, it requires a fairly good knowledge of his body to avoid injury, soliciting more than necessary already strained muscle. To help you make the right choice, and that, whatever your budget and your needs, follow the guide!

Faster, more powerful!

percussion massage guns are designed to mimic the benefits of a therapeutic massage thus facilitating either the preparation of muscles for training or recovery after exercise. The rhythm of percussion and the force of impact are crucial to maximize the benefits of massage without damaging the muscle fiber. The speed is expressed in number of percussions per minute. The impact force when it is indicated on the package, is expressed in number of millimeters indicating the depth of impact of a hammer. Some percussion massage guns, such as Recoverypro, used to adjust the force of impact.

It is also recommended to choose a massage gun that offers a wide range of speed settings and the further away speed amplitude possible, as the model of Cotsoco brand that offers varying the pulse rate between 1300 and 4600 percussions per minute.

A question of time and endurance

The selected programs, percussion massage guns are more or less energy. The battery is a key criterion to take into account, in order not to find themselves short of electricity in full session recovery. The recharge time and its terms are also interesting data to be reckoned with. Some massage guns (like Recoverypro) propose a charging stand, which does not need to be plugged in to recharge the unit. This feature can be useful if you want to recharge your massager at the gym, while you do your exercises. Most models are opting for a more traditional mode, which results in the form of a cord plugged into outlet to insert at the base of the unit. In this case, be sure to check that the plug is adapted to French standards.

Ergonomics for the welfare

You may have no desire to play contortionists to massage your middle back and your gym partner is perhaps not the fiber of an occupational therapist. In fact, be sure to check the ergonomics of the device by asking yourself the following questions:

percussion massage guns fall into two categories in terms of design, which greatly influences their ergonomics. Those hammerhead are a bit lighter and offer easy handling. However, certain areas of the body can be difficult to massage precisely because the massage head remains at a fixed angle (horizontal). The triangle models, by contrast, offer two points of grip and often can rotate the massage head at an angle of 90 °, allowing you to reach precisely any area of ​​your body.

Finally, remember that you go use this object for several minutes and it will vibrate more or less intensely depending on your selection: more it will be lighter, your wrists will thank you.

The accessories, the little extra that can decide between two competitors

Finally, the accessories can play in your choice of a percussion massage gun. Depending on your usage, you may be interested in a wide range of massage heads. Regarding the latter, make sure that you can buy them separately, especially if they have a silicone coating. Successive cleanings after each workout, wear the silicone material and may tear. If you want to integrate a cream or massage oil in your recovery routine, stainless steel heads (such as the Evieun model), easier to clean, could get your attention. Finally, robust carrying cases and manuals containing professional advice are little more significant.

What is a percussion massage gun?

A percussion massage gun is an electronic massage device. From the medical and professional environment, it helps to relax the tension in the body by reproducing a massage technique (pat), with the piston movement of the massage head of the unit.

The massage head of the device (often silicon) makes a piston motion at a predefined rate before start-up. She just tap the area of ​​the body to massage with varying strength and helps to relieve tension in it.

Can a massage spray is effective?

A percussion massage gun acts on two factors: the flexibility of the fascia, a tissue essentially of collagen that surrounds the muscles and organs, and blood flow. The massage will relax micro contractions of the fascia and maintain flexibility, to reduce tension and muscle pain. Moreover, the massage will speed up blood flow in the area worked. The solicited muscle will thus both be better oxygenated and more quickly eliminate waste, including the famous lactic acid responsible cramps and muscle pain during exercise. Thus the percussion massage gun accelerates muscle recovery and reduces soreness.

What massage pistol choose?

Depending on your business, your needs and your budget, you will not choose the same pistol percussion massage your sports partner. To help you in your choice, why not check out the buying guide our comparison?

When to use a gun massage?

A percussion massage gun can be used before a sport, in addition to a warm-up to prepare the muscles for the effort. However, in most cases it is used to accelerate muscle recovery after exercise or to relieve tension in the shoulders and back caused by stress or days spent sitting in the office.