The Best Bars His 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Bars His 2020 | Reviews and Guide

If there is one area in which technology has undergone considerable leap past two decades, it is that of the audio. Components upscale less expensive proliferation of brands influx of Bluetooth wireless transmission, avant-garde design … Designers do not lack audacity and imagination to offer products increasingly pushed. These new devices that invade our homes to our delight: Sound Bar. Highly concentrated high-tech, they are the perfect complement to your TV or video projector in a small space. Indeed, exit speaker systems and complex and bulky amplifiers to enjoy your favorite movies. Here is the compactness and discretion prevail thanks to a suitable design for small living spaces.

Top 10 as her writing bars

And the benefits are many. Among them, and not least the absence of unsightly cables running through the living room. In fact, nothing more difficult than to camouflage along baseboards or behind the plasterboard lining in the room. Here the problem does not arise because the sound bar is facing the viewer and connected directly to the TV, just like a decoder or a DVD bluray player. The price is also taken into account. Indeed, a sound bar is much less expensive than a set of home theater. Although high-end models are around 1,000 euros – which is after all quite rare – opt for a sound bar of good quality is a plus for your wallet, especially if you live in a small space. Another plus: the manufacturers sometimes offer a subwoofer coupled with the soundbar to give more relief and depth to the sound effects such as explosions and other impacts. It is possible to enjoy a sound worthy of the best cinemas in your living room for a bargain.

Thus, although the spatial or smaller than a real set Dolby Stereo 5.1 or 7.1 sound bar but offers an excellent alternative for all users slightly frustrated by the quality of the speakers proposed by TV manufacturers. Little more significant: besides use in home cinema mode, a sound bar can also provide an unparalleled listening pleasure when connected to a sound source such as a CD or MP3 player.

To help you make your choice, Best Comparison to reviewed 10 references in the field. soundbars combining the latest technology, design and affordability to the cinema as if you were there.

Samsung HW – K450 / ZF – The best sound bar for less than 300 euros

It is no longer the Korean brand multi-product high-tech deeply embedded in our daily lives. Samsung’s bars do not also exception to the rule. The proof with this HW – K450 / ZF which has been very successful in Europe. Here, 300 watts RMS and surround sound offer total immersion and realistic. Through high-quality materials and compact design, this sound bar blends discreetly under your screen, creating a perfect harmony in every home. Side ease of use, “TV Sound Connect” function will help you to connect very easily your audio and video systems to your TV without the clutter of unnecessary cables. In addition, the option “Surround Sound Expansion” reproduces the sound of a real movie theater for total immersion through a unique system of spatial.

The Best Bars His 2020 | Reviews And Guide

To do this, 5 surround modes are available to best match the desired atmosphere. Another unique model: the effect of “Clear Voice” that allows better appreciate the film dialogues. Here, the voices are clearer than usual thanks to a refinement of the spectrum in the treble. Result: the dialogues are accurate and do not require to increase the volume to be audible. To perfect the whole rendering his cabinet almost 30 cm deep reproduces bass to perfection for a spatial sound unconventional. Also wireless, you can have it anywhere in the room for a fully customizable configuration. Another option that enables the HW – K450 / ZF stand out from the competition: the “Bluetooth Power On”.

Thus, it is possible to turn on your audio system directly from your smartphone and play music that you want. Coupled with the application “Samsung Audio Remote”, your mobile can control the main functions of the sound bar for total freedom of movement.

For purists cables or users that do not have Bluetooth technology, the soundbar has obviously all connectors necessary for its functioning: a USB port to play its directly favorite tracks from a key or external hard drive two HDMI ports and a jack. What benefit as it should be for all media with a complete audio system that actually undoubtedly one of the best sound bar for less than 300 euros the market.

Yamaha MusicCAST YAS – 306 – Best Sound Bar Yamaha

It’s a surprise for any music lover who respects: Yamaha products in the field of musical instruments and equipment Hi-Fi are among the blue chip stocks. Omnipresent in all areas, manufacturing of concert pianos to the most prestigious audio amplifiers, the Japanese brand garners for decades expertise unparalleled. Proof is again with his Musicast YAS – 306, concentrate of technology in the service of your TV.

The Best Bars His 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Here everything is done to an almost instantaneous use and highly ergonomic. For connectivity, there are indeed spoiled for choice: from left to right, there is an optical input to output audio from a TV or a game console, a coaxial input for a DVD, Ethernet port for users allergic to Wi-Fi, an analog input RCA output for connecting a subwoofer and a USB port for updates. Moreover, the device comes with an optical cable, wall mount and a remote control that can be paired with that of his TV through the “Learn” so as not to unnecessarily encumber two devices.

Also, Yamaha offers with its sound system mobile iOS and Android compatible application. It proposes setting up one or more speakers depending on the choice of sound. Thus, the functions “Volume”, “equalizer” and “source” are in range of indexes. Very handy when you want to be free to move. The firm has even pushed the system beyond its limits, since it is possible to rename the speakers of the group or assign a custom picture. All on a clear interface and clear.

If one looks at audio playback, we are dealing with Yamaha quality. The two woofers 5.5 cm coupled to two twitters 1.7 cm, 7.5 cm to the subwoofer and bass reflex two events offer everything you need to beautify the sound of your TV. With crystalline treble and mediums present, everything is implemented for total immersion. And engaging the “Clear Voice” mode, the voices are perfectly highlighted. Only small problem highlighted: the addition of an optional subwoofer is to be considered in more depth in the bass. However, with its power, precision and the multitude of settings available, the Musicast YAS – 306 remains one of the best bars of his Yamaha.

Eivotor – The soundbar cheap

As in all areas of high-tech, there are the famous brands but also lesser-known manufacturers who nevertheless worth seeing. This is the case of Eivotor, which is discreet since its inception, but that certainly spawn a place on the bar market sound. Thus, the brand offers a powerful sound system but very discreet. Indeed, thanks to its very unique mini design, the enclosure fits easily in a living room, an office or a bedroom.

The Best Bars His 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Its robust body but resolutely sober hosts a wide gate protection steel the most beautiful effect. Thus, the compound is very easily positioned regardless of the device to add sound. Practical, its power is supplied by a USB plug that prevents it from being connected to the mains. It is thus possible to prevail almost everywhere for freedom of listening unparalleled. In addition, the device’s sound quality confirms expectations. Indeed, its small size does not prevent in any case to deliver power Right Honorable thanks to two full-range speakers of two inches and a technology offering sound very harmonious multidirectional.

For added convenience, the connectors were perfectly thoughts. Indeed, a port and a headphone mini-jack microphone jack 3.5 mm are placed at the rear of the enclosure, on the left side for easy access. Also, a big volume knob is present to turn on and adjust the sound level in a jiffy.

Furthermore, compatibility with many terminals make it a very versatile audio system. PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, MP3 player, game console, TV … Eivotor The bar is connectable to all devices with a mini-jack 3.5 mm jack.

The respect of the sound spectrum is in turn waiting for you with sharp ends, present mids and deep bass to make the most of his films, his music titles and his favorite videos games.

Thus, with an unbeatable price-performance ratio, sound bar Eivotor offers budget the opportunity to enjoy their favorite media to the fullest and without breaking the bank. Features that allow it to rise in the best sound bars cheap market.

Elegiant – Best Sound Bar USB

It is not uncommon to find, alongside the giants of the high-tech, smaller manufacturers offering high potential for surprises. This is the case with Elegiant brand that offers a powerful USB sound bar and affordable.

The Best Bars His 2020 | Reviews And Guide

At first glance, the design and quality of design that literally obvious. Indeed, its black color and metal inspired elegance and solidity. Thus, its sleek design does not leave indifferent and undoubtedly adapted to the most modern interiors. In tune with the times, the Elegiant made pregnant also on practicality thanks to its ease of use.

In fact, no need to bother with batteries or a power cord because its technology “Plug and Play” allows it to connect directly to the sound source. Once connected, simply turn the imposing volume button on the left side of the device to enjoy his music or his favorite movie. practical side always, there is a headphone port and microphone port 3.5mm jack behind the enclosure for silent operation.

Also, the speaker is ultra-versatile if one refers to its compatibility with existing sound sources. Thus, it is possible to connect it to a desktop computer, a laptop, a television, smartphone, MP3 player or other device with a 3.5mm mini-jack port. If we look at the sound quality, we are pleasantly surprised by the clarity of the rendering. Indeed, the sound bar Elegiant offers a refined sound with a total lack of aggressiveness in the treble and a real power in the midrange. The set is played through two speakers 3 watts more than enough for a small room sound to qualitatively.

Elegant design, its the height and versatility. Three advantages of size that make this lightweight speaker and practice a must in the range of USB Sound Bar.

Sony HT – RT3 – The best sound bar 2018

In the field of audio, Sony has more accountable for the quality and extent of its range. This is again the case for the famous brand with its Japanese Soundbar HT – RT3, one bestseller in its class with innovative design and a real serious about product quality.

The Best Bars His 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Here, the 5.1 surround sound (5 different sources of broadcasting to which is added a subwoofer) allows sublimate movies and games, but also music and sports broadcasts. Thus, the sound bar in the front and two compact rear speakers deliver unmatched made with balanced sound and a wider sound spectrum. The subwoofer complete the work for deep powerful bass but controlled.

For convenience, we greatly appreciate the presence of an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel or) that allows the transmission of the audio signal from the TV without additional cable. With this method it is possible to enjoy all the contents of the devices connected to the TV via the soundbar. For starters, we are in the presence of an optical connection to connect a DVD or Blu Ray to enjoy surround sound Dolby Digital high wire. And if unfortunately the cables scare you, NFC (Near Field Communication), a proprietary Sony technology eliminates the need for bulky son. Here, you can simply connect a smartphone or other NFC device with the sound bar to instantly read all multimedia files. And if you do not have devices with this technology, you can manually pair your devices via Bluetooth.

If one focuses on the system design is clean sobriety Sony predominates with an all-black dress that gives the whole a clean look and very discreet. A choice that allows it to fit into any modern interior.

Side-quality sound, 600 watts RMS audio system provide full immersive realism while maintaining the smoothness of the original sound. Here, the spatial is fully respected for rendering worthy of a movie theater at home.

Thus it is not surprising that the addition of all these good points make this HT – RT3 the best sound bar 2018.

Bose Solo 5 – Best sound bar Bose

Founded in 1964 in Framingham, Massachusetts, Bose company has always managed to impose his unparalleled expertise in sound systems, they are installed in public places or private homes. With a significant growth it needs to develop its Bluetooth audio systems in recent years, the brand offers a complete range of speakers of very high bill. Among them, the Solo 5, an audio system that greatly improves the sound quality of your television.

To do so, the sound bar uses advanced technologies to achieve sound finesse no television can offer alone. For example, it has a “Dialogue” mode in which the clarity of words is obvious without having to adjust the volume from one scene to another. With a simple design and a discreet size Solo 5 is embeddable anywhere, from the shelf to the wall mount under the TV. Its simplicity also makes a considerable asset when wishing to give relief to sound films or videos favorite games. Thus, from the device has a port for optical audio cable, coaxial, or analog to best meet your needs. Practice, the bar automatically detects the type of cable chosen for instant use of the system. To reinforce this ease of use, a universal remote control is included with the sound bar to control all your devices connected via Bluetooth and your game console. With it, it is now possible to take control of the audio system itself but also many other video sources. A considerable time to enjoy faster all your multimedia equipment.

Also, the audio quality is like the reputation of Bose. With a total of 30 watts distributed throughout the bar, the power is more than enough to enjoy sound inclusive and realistic nor too loud nor too flat. In addition, the low frequencies are adjustable via a dedicated button on the remote control, like volume controller. A little extra that helps refine its settings according to the broadcast media.

As usual, the famous American company offers with its 5 Solo a great alternative to a true Dolby 5.1 surround system sometimes too large to small spaces. A model that comes without doubt in the category of best bars Bose sound.

Taotronics Soundbar – The versatile sound bar

Founded in 2008, Taotronics remains one of the leading brands of consumer electronics devices around the world. With innovative products of daily life, the company has built a solid reputation by combining quality and competitive prices. That’s why there is a safe bet that the sound bar model should know a resounding success. In fact, just look at the camera closer to understanding the competition with the best known brands will be fierce. Here, the sound bar 21 inches offers two speakers of 18 watts that project sound and efficient impacting the room with sound.

Moreover, the model is equipped with two types of connection in order to adapt to all configurations. Indeed, and can connect the speaker via Bluetooth up to 10 meters of the device to add sound if it has this technology. Thus, the latest generation of televisions and laptops or desktop computers, smartphones and tablets can be matched to the soundbar. If you do not have multimedia equipped with this wireless system devices, no problem on the horizon since it is possible to connect the speaker to the terminal via a mini-jack cable 3.5 mm RCA or optical . Moreover, it is better to opt for the latter, not only because it is included with the enclosure but also to enjoy a sound restitution of unparalleled purity.

Moreover, several sound configurations are possible to make the most of your movies, your music tracks or your favorite video games. Indeed, the sound bar Taotronics can be placed under the screen or may be attached directly to the wall according to the preferences of its user and the provision of its interior. Icing on the cake: the device has an infrared remote control with high sensitivity that displays the various sound modes available. It is also very easy to find at any time thanks to LEDs of different colors depending on the selected function.

Thus, thanks to an ultra-simplified installation, a multitude of connections and the ability to choose between Bluetooth and wired mode this Taotronics pregnant is undoubtedly a best mark of his versatile in its segment.

SoundBar Chialstar – The sound bar autonomous

Born in 2004, Chialstar has built a solid reputation in the markets for professional sound reinforcement before gradually sliding towards the products for the general public. The reason for this opening to individuals lies in the development of Bluetooth technology, an area that mastery brand already for many years. That’s why the bar sounds proposed here brings a truly comprehensive solution to all music lovers and movie buffs confirmed, whether the comfort of their couch or traveling. Indeed, his bar is fully nomadic here with a battery life of 12 hours of continuous playback. Equipped with a built-in battery 7.4V 4000mAh, it takes only four short hours the latter to be fully charged.

If we look at the sound quality, it is very pleasantly surprised by the overall rendering for a camera of this size. Indeed, compactness does not prevent excellent sound distribution through alignment 4 speakers 6 watt combined with an integrated subwoofer and two passive radiators. Thus, the result is impeccable indoors or outdoors with a clear and a clear depth at low frequencies.

Also, the sound bar Chialstar is compatible with all devices with 3.5mm jack port. Desktop or laptop, TV, smartphone, tablet, game console, mp3 player … The enclosure can adapt in any situation. Icing on the cake: it houses a built-in microphone for their calls handsfree.

Other significant highlights: the system can play all audio files thanks to its SD card slot (up to 32GB), and also offers a F.M. receiver to listen to his favorite radio stations wherever you are. Convenient remote control is supplied to keep a total freedom of movement. With its ability to read a multitude of media and sound sources while being extremely mobile, the soundbar Chielstar has undoubtedly very bright future. Indeed, its great practicality makes her the best sound bar autonomous market.

Sound bars LG SJ1 – Best sound bar to less than 200 euros

Second largest manufacturer of televisions behind Samsung, LG has continued to innovate and grow. With an exponential growth, the South Korean company is expanding its range year after year for the general public, combining know-how and quality. The sound bar SJ1 summarizes also his state of mind. At first sight, first one is struck by the simple and minimalist design of the enclosure. Extremely simple and elegant, its 29 mm height allow it to fit into any modern interior. A discretion does not prevent him to restore the sound spectrum with high precision thanks to its dual passive radiator. Here, the method allows complete immersion in the sound while clarity and realism.

With Bluetooth, the system is open to all wireless devices equipped with this technology. Smartphones, computers, tablets, connected TVs … It is now possible to enjoy its music or its remote favorite videos. The enclosure also houses Bluetooth before, a system for starting the sound when the audio is transferred to the sound bar. Thus, it remains in the standby mode and turns on when the sensed signal. A very convenient feature that avoids many manipulations.

Of course, the audio system can also be connected via cable. To do this, it will go through the mini jack 3.5mm input or optical connectivity for optimal sound. Another advantage of LG’s bar comes with a remote to control the sound of fingertips. Moreover, the LG TVs, Sony, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic, Vizio, Toshiba and Samsung are also compatible with the enclosure. A great way to not get lost in all the remote controls in the house.

Thus, thanks to its fine design and accuracy of Dolby Surround 2.0 sound it offers, juggling SJ1 skillfully between simplicity and power. Assets that are unquestionably the best sound bar for less than 200 euros in its segment.

SoundBar Auna Areal Bar 950 – Best sound bar 2.1

Since 2007, the company Auna’s objective is to democratize the sound quality through advanced technologies while ensuring competitive prices. The proof with this 2.1 system while in power and design. Here, the Areal Bar 950 proves an ideal complement to sublimate its TVs, Blu-Ray and DVD players or game consoles. Compact, it enhances and enriches generally sounds dishes from these terminals with bar sounds and a wireless subwoofer. So his dispatches digital amplifier sound to 4 high-quality speakers for a result of 40 Watt RMS. Ample power to immerse your living room. Practice, the system has several equalizer presets to refine and customize the sound. Thus, we can build on maximum clarity regardless of the sound source, while accentuating the depth through its subwoofer 30 Watt RMS particularly powerful and effective.

Also, connectivity lets do interact with many multimedia devices.

Its Bluetooth interface provides the ability to read files from devices equipped with this technology, while its USB port is compatible MP3 for keys or readers. Also, the sound bar is equipped with a mini-jack 3.5 mm audio input for connecting with desktop computers or laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. To be perfectly complete, the enclosure also houses an optical port for unsurpassed sound quality.

Particularly effective in small spaces, the Areal Bar 950 is ideal for users who are allergic to the cables. Indeed, it is quite possible to install the system on the television or on the wall with two attachment points present on the back of the unit. Wireless subwoofer can be installed anywhere in the room regardless of the soundbar. A feature that allows it to adapt to any space for an optimal sound reproduction. A remote control completes the whole for a total freedom of movement (batteries not included).

So Areal Bar 950 Auna promises hours of fun multimedia to a floor price for the proposed features, and enters the closed circle of the best sound bars 2.1 market from titillate major brands. A great performance.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best sound bar?

At a time when the sound is now part of the multimedia experience, the choice of a good sound system is crucial to fully enjoy his movies, his music and his games. And when the space is limited, difficult to have the feeling of freedom put forward by the directors, musicians and developers. Fortunately, the sound bars are the best way to combine sound quality and smaller interiors. And many are invading the increasingly flourishing audio equipment market. To help you find your way, here are the key features to move the scanner before making your final choice.

The power

True to the old adage: choose quality over quantity. Indeed, the race number of watts being completely outdated, better opt for a reasonable power, especially if your system is for small spaces. Your ears will thank you, and your neighbors too. Thus, a power of 100 watts is more than enough to enjoy your media in a bedroom or living room.


By definition, a sound bar is not equipped to provide enough bass for accentuate the explosions in movies and video games, or sublimate the kick pieces electro furious. To overcome the problem and not be disappointed with the final result, it is better to turn to models with a subwoofer who will reproduce the low frequencies of the sound spectrum. If you hesitate, you can completely turn to a model with a port that can accommodate an optional subwoofer. A great way to scale your system as needed.

the connectors

This is a crucial point if your house is equipped with multiple devices. TV, game console, DVD player, tablet, smartphone … all require different connectors. Thus, for more comfort, choose a sound bar equipped with a maximum of connectors. HDMI for everything related to the image, and optical mini jack 3.5mm audio, and Bluetooth connected devices. Little trick to gather all: you can totally connect all your media devices to your TV and connect it to your pregnant through its audio output. So you will not have to disconnect and reconnect all of your SoundBar to use.

the design

This is an important point of detail! Indeed, your sound bar will be visible at first glance in your living room or in your room. As far as the system integrates perfectly into your living space. The advantage of these speakers is their slender forms that allow them to slip under any screen. So they know how to be discreet, simple and elegant. Moreover, the difficulty lies in the place taken by the subwoofer. Often imposing, it will take the best fit in your interior. To do this, do not hesitate to opt for a wireless model to place it where you want.

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