The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best comparison

We all remember the first time pregnant, the sound sometimes more or less approximate, we had to connect to our devices via a jack to listen our favorite music or at an event. But that was before the arrival of wireless speakers with Bluetooth speakers revolution.

With models that continue to have an increasingly attractive design, more compact and easy to carry, the new generation of Bluetooth speakers have become true companions of the life of every day, and you can also enjoy your playlist walking in the street, at home, at a party …

Nevertheless, with all models available in the market, it can be difficult to find the items you offer the best performance at the best price. That is why today, in this new comparison, we invite you to discover our selection of the best Bluetooth speakers cheap.

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

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The best Bluetooth speakers at low prices in 2020

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

1. Sony SRS-XB12 – The best Bluetooth speaker cheap

The new generation of small Bluetooth speaker that claim to offer a powerful sound, waterproof design, great features … a small price no shortage of models. However, the Sony SRS-XB12 is one of the few models to live up to its claims.

Let’s start with the design. The SRS-XB12 is a small round speaker set in really well designed and you can also enjoy this model in black, blue, gray, green, purple or red. Compact, you can easily put it in a purse or briefcase and take with you anywhere.

Based on the speaker, there is a control panel with the power buttons, increase / decrease the volume, play / pause (which also serves as answer / end call, or jumping tracks in several clicks).

The bottom panel of SRS-XB12 is rubberised with the rest of the outside. However, it warns you on sounds with quite low, your speaker may move a bit, and that’s why we found it very convenient that Sony includes a clip and we recommend you to use at startup.

The IP67 SRS-XB12 means it is waterproof and can therefore be in contact with water, provided that the cover protecting ports closed. It can be submerged up to one meter for 30 minutes, so it can withstand rain or splashing in the pool and can be rinsed under a tap. It is also resistant to dust and, overall, the SRS-XB12 seems to be strong enough

Overall level audio performance, the SRS-XB12 is more than adequate, although it is recognized that for music with bass heavy, like any speaker this size, it is a little rough. At moderate to high volumes however, its sound does not lack punch, with DSP (digital signal processing) that mitigates a little severe to prevent distortion. At maximum volume level still, the driver is slightly exceeded and the sound may creak a little.

Sony estimates that the lifetime of the battery SRS-XB12 is about 16 hours, but still know that it will mainly depend on how you use your pregnant and particularly the volume level you use.

Overall, for a small Bluetooth speaker at this price, you get a design unit, powerful, portable, waterproof and resistant and therefore, overall, it’s already really not bad. As we respect, we found that the SRS-XB12 was one of the models offer the best quality / price ratio.

Feature Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB12:

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

2. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom – The best Bluetooth mini speaker cheap

Utimate Ears offers two Bluetooth speaker models, the Wonderboom Wonderboom 1 and 2 model, which stole the show with its predecessor with a longer battery life, better sound quality, etc … so let’s present this latest version .

Overall, the enclosure Wonderboom offers a nice enough design and fluid with a shape that reminds us that of a soda can. Again, opting for this Bluetooth speaker, there is something for everyone and you can choose between the following colors: Black, blue, gray, unicorn, peach and red. One of the first benefits of the design of this speaker is that it projects sound from all sides, allowing everyone to enjoy the same listening experience no matter your position. While many Bluetooth speakers promise a 360-degree sound, much better sound from a specific angle. This is not the case with the Wonderboom.

Since the Wonderboom is waterproof, its controls are sealed by a rubber membrane protecting the device. On top of the enclosure, you will find power buttons, pairing and reading. The playback control knob is actually quite the EU logo at the top, which left us puzzled at first, because there is no indication that this part is a button.

At the front of the enclosure, there is a mesh surrounding the enclosure and buttons to control the volume. The only port on the enclosure is the microUSB charging port is covered by a waterproof flap. It would have been nice a USB charging type C, like most phones and computers now, but nothing dramatic though. The only downside in our view and this little cord that comes out of the enclosure and which is not used much, since it does not really allow you to hook your device.

Level audio performance, the Wonderboom has overall not ashamed to face competition. The bass are correct, the mids and highs are clear enough, but like any small speaker at maximum volume, the sound control loses its quality. The lifespan of the battery is on average 10 hours a moderate listening volume, which is less than some competitors, but remains in our more than enough.

Overall, Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker is one of the best models sold in the market. It is perfectly sealed, offers good sound quality 360 degrees and can be coupled to two devices simultaneously. The Wonderboom is in fact so good we would forget its few flaws.

Feature Bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears Wonderboom:

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

3. Vtin R4 – A Bluetooth waterproof speaker and cheap

Of course, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, for security, you can head to the big brands like Sony for example. However, if you are looking primarily a reliable and affordable device, it prompts you to discover Vtin pregnant.

As for design, although it is recognized that prefers small circular enclosures, which offer better handling and are easier to carry in our view, we recognize all the same that the enclosure has a Vtin nice design, with a hard plastic facade that looks pretty solid.

The sound emits from the front of the enclosure and therefore, with this model, you will enjoy obviously not a 360-degree sound, such as the Wonderboom you can find above. Its design bicolor offers him a little extra touch of style and opting for this model, you have a choice between versions in black and blue or black and red (or black color).

This enclosure is sold as waterproof, but understand with IPX6 mention that it can not be completely submerged in water. You will bathe you not with your pregnant, but you can still listen to music in the rain and you can possibly rinse quickly under water.

There are six buttons on the walls that are large enough and easy to use. You will find the power button, a Bluetooth button, a play button and pause, volume buttons and bass. With a microphone, the pause button and playback can also be used to accept and end calls.

Easy to transport thanks to its small size, this model is also very easy to configure. Simply load the speaker, then connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The speaker will appear as “VTIN R2” in your Bluetooth settings.

With this speaker, you have two listening options, normal or low mode, which means that the normal mode will improve the clarity of the treble and midrange, and then optimize the depth and intensity of low for better listening experience and better sound quality.

This enclosure has the advantage of having a long battery life that can last up to 20 hours to about 50% by volume, or 15 hours at 60-70%. That’s more than many other models and loads of time is only 3.5 hours. With this model, so you have a Bluetooth and USB connectivity but also a 3.5mm AUX cable for wired listening.

For its price, we have the whole was more than pleasantly surprised by the Bluetooth Vtin pregnant, which offers good performance, good sound quality and good connectivity.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Vtin:

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

4. Elehot – A Bluetooth speaker cheap and good quality

A Bluetooth speaker to the original design that promises good performance with a 360-degree sound, a connection up to 10 meters, speaker HiFi … a virtually unbeatable price? Really ?! Let’s see what is really pregnant Elehot.

Level design, there is therefore firstly a circular structure as with many other models that allows good grip and fits easily into a purse or briefcase to carry easily. But the first feature of this place is that it has an LED light, with 5 color options, and while it may seem like a detail, it’s always cool to create a good atmosphere while listening to music.

For a Bluetooth speaker with an affordable price, you get more here of a 360-degree sound, allowing everyone to enjoy optimal listening experience. However, unlike the models that we present above, this speaker is not waterproof and therefore recommends you avoid putting it in contact with water.

There are six buttons on the walls that are large enough and easy to use. You will find the power button, a Bluetooth button, a play button and pause, volume buttons and bass. With a microphone, the pause button and playback can also be used to accept and end calls.

On this model, there are also in addition to Bluetooth connectivity Micro USB 2.0 port (for charging particular) and a SD card slot, TF and TO 3.5 cable for wired listening.

In terms of audio quality for a speaker at this price, it’s still a reasonable quality, although it is recognized that in high volume and bass, the sound may start to be less accurate.

While this may seem enough, we still recognize that we were a little disappointed with the autonomy of pregnant Elehot that up with a moderate listening, you will last 8 hours, to a charging time is when even 5-6 hours.

While other models may make a nice competition Elehot Bluetooth speaker, still it remains on a very affordable model that offers good performance and allows you to enjoy your favorite music on any occasion.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Elehot:

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Dear No | Best Comparison

5. JBL GO 2 – Bluetooth speaker JBL cheap

As for the audio performance, it is generally true that larger speakers provide better sound quality because they have more space to contain the best drivers. That said, however, there are speakers that go far beyond what their size would suggest, as the JBL GO 2 model.

The JBL GO 2 differs firstly from the outside, while other models would use waterproof fabrics, this model sustainable housing rubber. We also like to have the choice among 12 colors: black, beige, blue, gray, light blue, yellow, mint, orange, dark pink, red, green and dark blue.

At the front of the enclosure is a large JBL logo and a grid that allows the sound to project outward. It’s true we would have also liked to have an outlet for the bass, but for a pregnant like this, you can not really ask for more.

All controls are located on top of the enclosure. You have power buttons, pairing, volume and a multifunction button. The latter functions as playback controls and via a long press for voice your phone wizard, although it is recognized that the microphone is not hyper sensitive.

Right at the top of the enclosure, you can find a rubber flap that hides the micro USB charging port and an audio jack of 3.5 mm for wired listening.

Do not be fooled by its small size, the JBL GO 2 can support pretty much all your playlists. We found that 50% of volume, the listening experience with this speaker is very comfortable and even pushing 75%, the sound is always clear enough. But attention, the sound degrades slightly when you go up.

While the bass is almost non-existent, mids and highs are clear enough. We rather regret that the JBL GO 2 will push the sound forward, but given its design, the other models of this type would do likewise. So if you’d rather listen to music in a group, we recommend you rather a model with a 360-degree sound. In terms of autonomy, the JBL GO 2 unfortunately do not hold more than 5 hours, which is quite low compared to other competing models.

Overall, with the JBL GO 2, you get an ultra compact enclosure which, again, is waterproof (IPX7) and although it does not offer the best audio performance in the industry for a model this price, you can enjoy all the same very good quality / price ratio.

Feature Bluetooth speaker JBL GO 2:

6. Anker soundcore – A Bluetooth speaker cheap and powerful

Although some may be content to use their smartphones to listen to their playlist for optimal listening experience, it is far from ideal. If you are looking for an effective and affordable solution for listening to your favorite music on any occasion, the Bluetooth Anker soundcore pregnant could also then be an ideal solution.

We will not give any medal Anker for the design of its soundcore pregnant, with a rectangular design very basic or very basic control buttons, but the simplicity sometimes work very well and still we like to have a choice from three colors: black, blue and red.

At the front of the enclosure, you will find a black metal grille that hides two speakers of 6 watts. On the side you will find a waterproof flap that protects the microUSB charging port and 3.5 mm audio port for wired listening or not running on devices with Bluetooth.

The structure of the Anker soundcore is covered with a rubber mat black member, pleasant to the touch but quickly leaves footprints of brands. The build quality is excellent and it is nice to know that its waterproof structure also resist quite well to shocks. However, remember that the soundcore is a waterproof IPX5 device, which means it will survive splash but can not be immersed in a pool, unlike the enclosure Wonderboom example.

The sound quality of the Anker soundcore is generally reasonable, and in any case much better than that of the speaker of your smartphone. With a well-balanced sound level, low, however, can sometimes be poor. The highs are good but have a distortion when the volume is increased.

Like other models with similar rectangular design, its sound will leave only face and therefore, with the Anker soundcore, forget the 360-degree sound. However, one of the great advantages of this compound is its long battery life of 24 hours, which is much longer than other competing speakers.

Anker soundcore also has the ability to make calls and use with voice assistants like Siri and Google. Simply press and hold the play / pause button to activate the phone’s assistant.

For its price, is found throughout the soundcore Anker offers a ton of features, particularly with its waterproof structure, long battery life, robust design, etc … We might like to have additional elements such as a sound 360 but for the price, you can not really ask for more.

Feature Bluetooth speaker Anker soundcore:

7. tribit XSound Go – A Bluetooth speaker 10W

In the market for Bluetooth speakers, you will find many models of major brands from fifty euros and can for the most top models a few thousand euros. And there are models like the tribit XSound GB, you certainly have never heard of and yet could pleasantly surprise you by both their affordability by leus features.

While the design tribit XSound GB nothing special. It is a simple rectangular enclosure very similar to the Anker soundcore that presents above, but do not let his humble design fool you. Moreover, it fits easily into a purse or briefcase and opting for this model, you can choose between black or blue.

At the front of the enclosure, you will find a calender with tribit logo hiding the drivers. The speaker controls are all located upstairs with power buttons, Bluetooth pairing, multimedia playback controls and volume controls. Very basic buttons, but big and easy to use.

At the rear, a flap cover silicone microUSB charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The Bluetooth speaker suppress growing the analog, so it’s nice to see that the 3.5mm jack remains on the XSound GB. However, although the microUSB port is fine, we would have liked a port C-USB charging because most phones and laptops use it. The tribit XSound also has the advantage of being supplied with a strap attached that makes it easy to carry and can be attached to a backpack. Waterproof IXP7, you can safely swim while listening to music and spend your pregnant underwater.

If you believe the adage you get what you pay for, there is little chance that you get much level sound quality with tribit XSound GB. Fortunately, this speaker is one of the exceptions to Rule. This speaker is powerful enough to provide a good listening experience throughout the room, even at full volume, there is a small distortion in the treble.

Audio balance is overall very correct, the voices are distinctive, acute extend well and the bass is surprisingly good for a speaker of this size, although you should not expect that the tribit XSound do waltz your table. Deep and powerful bass can only be obtained with larger speakers.

As with Anker soundcore, there are also exceptional battery life of 24 hours at a moderate volume listening, about 20 hours at full volume. Charging the battery takes several hours, so make sure that the speaker is charged during the night and not an hour or two before having to take it with you.

Overall, we find that the GB tribit XSound really hits above its class, with very good sound quality for a quality / price than many other competitors can not offer.

Feature Bluetooth speaker tribit XSound Go:

8. Doss – A great cheap Bluetooth speaker

We are still left with another Bluetooth speaker that will certainly appeal to people looking for a reliable device, offering good functionality, quality and above all affordable.

Just by opening the box, we are pleasantly surprised by the feel and appearance of the Bluetooth Doss pregnant. Certainly this is not the most compact speaker that is, but the whole structure looks pretty solid and provides good grip. Coming with the enclosure, you find a microUSB charging cable, an adapter and a 3.5mm audio cable for wired listening. In addition, this device also comes with a storage bag that offers you a great place to store it when not in use. Moreover, we also appreciate here have several options regarding colors with black models, white, blue and red.

Located at the top of the camera, you find the touch control keys. You will find all the standard buttons, to play your music, pause and change tracks. In the center is a small dial that offers a unique way to adjust the volume. Simply slide your finger in the direction of clockwise to increase the volume and counterclockwise to lower it. This is a pretty cool design and innovative, especially for a pregnant this price range.

The most important characteristic of any speaker is of course the sound quality. With Doss model, we do not expect exceptional audio quality, especially considering its affordable price. To our surprise, the sound was quite good, at least better than what can be expected, and this model also features a 360-degree sound.

We have reviewed this speaker on a variety of music styles and overall the sound was always clear enough. The highs and mids are generally well supported and, bass are not especially powerful, but one can not expect miracles on a speaker of this size.

Moreover, we found that for its size, the speaker gave Doss still good power and, even at maximum volume, there is really no distortion. Inside are two 6 watt drivers that seem to work perfectly together.

Big downside however we found with the enclosure Doss is that it is not waterproof, unlike many other models in the same price range. So for indoor use on weekends, during the evening, etc … no worries, but this is not the speaker you going to take with you to the beach, pool and so on.

Overall, the Bluetooth speaker Doss still remains a very decent model with good sound quality, good features, a battery life of 12 hours … in short, for the price, one can generally say that you get for your money.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Doss

9. VicTsing – A small Bluetooth speaker cheap

Most people looking for a Bluetooth speaker also want their device is small, lightweight and easy to carry on any occasion. As for portability, we urge you to discover VicTsing pregnant.

Let’s start with the design of this small speaker … Here we discovered a small circular design that easily fits in hand and, on the whole, the structure with its grille looks pretty strong. In addition, this model also, you have a choice of two colors: blue or black.

Now, however, with a small speaker of this type, do not expect miracles regarding the sound. Being only a small 5W speaker, this speaker will send its course over the speakers of your phone, but do not expect your house starts to vibrate.

Still, at moderate listening, 50 to 70% of the maximum volume, the sound is clear enough, with sharp and well supported media. As for the low, do not expect no miracles, but for listening at home, in the street, at the beach, in the garden … most consumers probably will think this place is perfect the case. By cons, when you switch to full volume, it is recognized that the speaker loses some of its audio quality.

Moreover, since we are on a portable speaker, we appreciate that the brand has designed this model to make it waterproof. Be careful though, with IPX5 mention, remember that this model will resist quite well to rain, you can hold under the water, but you must not immerse and leave the water.

With a small clip on the top, we find that this little speaker is convenient because it can not catch on support badly, either a backpack, a mirror, etc … However, since this enclosure is quite small, the battery it either will not be huge. A moderate listening (always between 50% and 70% of maximum volume), this model will offer a range of up to 6 hours.

Despite its few drawbacks, the Bluetooth speaker has still many advantages, including its portability and affordable price and for simple listening of leisure, it was found that the VicTsing could very well do the trick.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Doss

10. Zamkol – A Bluetooth speaker cheap mobile

Like many people, if you want a Bluetooth speaker, you will certainly be tempted to buy recognized brands models. However, it is sometimes worthwhile to look for certainly less known models, but that could still offer good performance at a more affordable price.

At first glance, one discovers a handsome cylindrical enclosure, which at first the advantage of offering a 360-degree sound that you can use wireless (via cable or Bluetooth). You will also find a microSD card slot and the speaker can read MP3, WAV, FLAC and APE. Again, you have several choices for color models with black, red and turquoise.

The Zamkol pregnant ranked IPX6, which means it is waterproof and can not only withstand the rain and go under water, but also be submerged if used at the beach or in a swimming pool . For its small size, this model still offers a reasonable battery and charging autonomy as all other models via a USB-C cable.

Pairing is done via Bluetooth 5.0 which is not only smarter and more efficient, but offers a longer range. The Bluetooth speaker Zamkol has TWS capacity, which means you can pair it to another speaker to enjoy a true stereo experience that can last you up to 10 hours.

The sound is clear and the bass are well represented, but we would still like to enjoy an audio experience a little more powerful. The 360-degree sound was up to our expectations and allows a group to enjoy a seamless audio quality.

Another feature that we appreciate with Zamkol pregnant is its ability to connect to the digital assistant on your phone as Google or assistant Siri. This is not revolutionary as other models do, too, but for a model in this price range, it still remains quite practical and interesting.

Overall, as we concerned, in view of price, features, performance and all that has to offer Bluetooth Zamjkol pregnant, we found that this model offered in all a good enough price / quality ratio.

Characteristic of the enclosure Bluetooth Zamkol:

Purchase guide

There are so many new speakers coming to market with often stunning designs and innovative features that can be difficult to determine which one you need. While the choice may seem infinite, certain criteria could help you make your decision. Depending on your needs, here is what you should look at before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker.

The battery

The battery is a key criterion in choosing your Bluetooth speaker. You certainly do not want to have to recharge your device every hour? Depending on your usage, the enclosure you choose should be able to last as long as you need it. Small speakers typically have smaller batteries and therefore had less time, but be aware however that some models can offer up to 24 hours of battery life, such as Anker models tribit and that we present in this comparison. Depending on the type of user you are, for example, if you plan on using your regular speaker during the day, a model with good battery life is essential.

Sound quality

Obviously, we all want our Bluetooth speaker offers good listening experience. Know that in general, the more a speaker is, the less the quality of sound will be optimal, especially in the bass. We will not specifically go into details, but you can generally evaluate the quality of a pregnant by the frequency range. Is considered to enjoy a sufficient quality audio, you should have a speaker that can reach 100 Hz low frequency and high frequency 20 kHz. For those waiting for power in the low, remember that the higher the frequency lower down, the better.

Design, size and grip

You’ll find Bluetooth speakers of all sizes and all designs. First, you will want a speaker that you like it aesthetically and therefore, in terms of design, since all tastes are in nature, the choice is up to you. Regarding the size, everything depends on whether you want to carry your pregnant with you regularly, if you want to slip into your backpack easily … Finally, look good shape, the location of the buttons and the ergonomics of your speaker . For example, some will have more comfort to handle a rectangular enclosure a cylindrical model and vice versa.


Of course, nobody wants to buy an enclosure that let go after two weeks. Look therefore whether the structure of the model you chose looks solid and, depending on your usage, you might find it interesting to have a waterproof model, resistant to dust or to chocs.Connectivite

When we talk about connectivity, as Bluetooth pregnant, you want a speaker that then connects to Bluetooth. The Bluetooth v.1 was the first version out there for many years and it is quite rare to find equipment that is now used. Version 2.1 is much rependue, but there are also many products that use later as Bluetooth 4.0 and even Bluetooth 5. So remember to watch you have a Bluetooth-compatible version, although it is rare for it is not.

Some may also want their enclosure can be associated with another chamber for a better stereo experience. Finally, you might also want your speaker has a wired connection in case you want to listen to your music in peace without disturbing anyone, for example when you are in transit.


You may also want your enclosure has additional features. Many speakers are used for example to make and receive calls. Some models can also connect to your smartphone assistant, Siri or Google. If you like having connected devices, so you definitely want a forum with many features.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, it is not lack of choice. You will find as with any product of the first models price and other high-end. So depending on your needs and preferences, up to you which speaker will best suit your needs.

Frequently questions

What Bluetooth speaker choose?

Before deciding which speaker Bluetooth is best for you, you must first answer some questions: what is your budget, would you primarily an enclosure with considerable autonomy, do you want a very light and portable speaker, etc …

If you want such primarily a Bluetooth speaker cheap, we recommend in this case you towards models less known brands, such as Anker models or tribit that we present in this comparison. However, if you want a model of high quality and reliable brand, we recommend the Sony SRS-XB12.

If what you matters most is portability, we introduced the speaker VicTsing which is a small special model for listening to music in the shower, hang your speaker to your backpack …

Finally, if you want above all an enclosure that has a large autonomy, we will redirect once again to the Anker and tribit speakers.

A Bluetooth speaker uses the same technology as a car radio. It connects directly to the source of the sound, and without needing a wired connection. This allows the Bluetooth speaker can be moved and continue to play even when the source is not next door.

You can configure your Bluetooth speaker where you want. So working wirelessly, simply just connect your speaker to your phone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth connectivity settings and listen to your favorite music and playlists.

Whether you are on an Android or iOS device, regardless of the model of your speaker, simply initially to turn on Bluetooth on your device. Turn your pregnant and go to the connectivity settings of your device and search for Bluetooth devices. Depending on the make and model of your enclosure, you should see your speaker appear in the list of Bluetooth devices that can connect to your phone.

The method is essentially the same as with a phone, you are on Windows or Max, you still only have once to turn on Bluetooth on your PC and turn on your speaker. Then start searching for devices that can be connected and you should see the name of your vessel (usually the make and model), appear in the list of devices you can connect.

The principle remains the same as on PC or phone. The tablets running also as Android smartphones, iOS or Windows, you just have to find the connectivity settings of your device you pair your speaker that can play music via your gallery or even music you run on platforms streaming like Youtube, Deezer or Spotify.

We hope that this comparison has helped you choose the enclosure that best fits your needs and give you appointment soon for a new comparison.