The Best Cameras Sport 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Cameras Sport 2020 | Reviews and Guide

You are a lover of thrills and beautiful images? Then you need the best sports camera in order to reconcile the two. Indeed, sports camera is an object that can accompany you everywhere and capture the best images in a photo or video. This is a more practical purpose as a video camera or a camera, stronger than a smartphone and can be easily carried everywhere.

Best Camera Sports 2019 will be able to go underwater to follow you in the mountains or in the cold and so capture your best sporting achievements! Surfers, divers, skiers, snowboarders, and practitioners of any sport that combines thrills and framework paradise like climbing, you’ll be delighted to have a cam action model worthy of the name to share your best moments with the largest number .

For travelers, sports cameras democratized by Brand Go Pro are also a great way to record their most beautiful excursions to be able to share on social networks.

With an increasingly impressive image quality and handling that is constantly improving, the time of sports cameras will be up to your expectations, and without costing you a fortune! Contrary to popular belief, there are very good models for less than 100 euros!

Discover the best sports cameras Compare Best has chosen for you, and a final purchase guide will help you find the model that fits you.

Comparison of 10 Sports Camera (2019)

Top 5 Sports cameras

Here is a selection of five sports camera models, each with characteristics that we detail here.

TecTecTec XPRO4 – The best camera Sport (2019)

The Best Cameras Sport 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our view of the camera sports TecTecTec XPRO4

This model of camera sports the French brand Tectectec to everything a great, and is carried out as soon as one lays a hand on the object. Small and lightweight, it comes with a whole bunch of accessories that allow a wide use.

Among the good points that we illico remark, there is the manual in French, perfect, and know that if needed, the customer service brand is very present. They are happy to answer any questions! Moreover, note that the video tutorials offered to understand how best to use his camera are very well thought out!

But turn to the technique of this sports camera appearance. It uses the latest technology to provide the best possible experience, and rendering images as sharp as possible. It has for that LCD very good bill and a stabilizer that can take photos and videos without altering the image.

This sports camera is capable of shooting 4K at 30 fps, HD at 60 frames per second in full HD 1080 at 120 frames per second and even 720p at 240 frames per second! We appreciate the many opportunities that allow to choose the right format, depending on the quality of video you want. Regarding the photos, they can go to a definition of 16 million pixels! On the TV or computer screens, the result is sensational!

In addition to this, its many features video allow you to change leisure to your way of achieving your movies and photos fisheye long exposure taken, Superview, Iso timelapse … the possibilities are vast and the curious will unleash creativity!

Among the most significant ideas about this model of camera sports, we found that the Bluetooth remote control brought a real plus to this model. It can trigger taken videos and pictures in full action, with a touch of the remote. It’s more convenient than having to rely on the camera!

Moreover, one can link this camera sports the free application of XPROCam TecTecTec to control the camera remotely. So you can shoot from afar and make cool effects, for example by setting the camera on a drone!

This model is undoubtedly the best camera Sport 2019 this selection, since it is as complete as powerful! If you are looking for a model that will accompany you everywhere, to make the best possible videos, so go for it!

WiMiUS Q1 – The best Chinese sports camera

The Best Cameras Sport 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our view of the camera sports WiMiUS Q1

This small WiMiUS Action Cam is available at a small fee, which attracted our attention. And despite the low price, it manages to offer excellent services, which is not so surprising when you know the Chinese brand that produces such models.

Supplied with numerous accessories including attachments for bikes or backpack, a set of 2 batteries and a waterproof protective shell, we are delighted that the many possible uses of the camera are made very easy by these elements. Regarding the batteries must admit that its running time does not exceed one hour when shooting in 4K, so that the second battery is very useful when you go on tour. Its charge time (via a USB cable not supplied) is about 3 hours.

This sports camera is presented as a camera 4K able to film and take photos in HD quality. After using it during our activities, we can confirm that the images are very good, although the 4K presented here is more like 1080 pixels. Nothing serious but is seen when compared with some models more expensive 4k.

You can also faires 1080p video at 60 frames / sec, or 720 percent to 120 images / second. As for the pictures, you have the choice of 16 million pixels, 12 million pixels, 8 million, 5 million or 2 million pixels. Apart from the quality of the image, this choice affects the life of the battery.

Its LCD screen that lets you see the live video is correct, and help you achieve beautiful montage. Note that night, the camera is less powerful, with too dark images. By cons, underwater, it is really effective and can make awesome movies! Surfers or dive enthusiasts will be delighted!

It accepts SD cards up to 64GB, so you can use the app (free, compatible IOS and Android) brand to control the camera remotely by wireless. No problem there, she provides! The app is well done, though, as well as the installation instructions, it is not necessarily translated correctly!

Ultimately, it is a model that is not without fault, but its price / quality ratio makes us soon forget. If you pick a good camera sports and your budget is not very important, this is a very good choice.

Crosstour – The best waterproof sports camera

The Best Cameras Sport 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our view of the camera sports Crosstour

For most sporting of you, especially those who enjoy water activities, surely this is the best sports waterproof camera of this selection!

This is the brand that we Crosstour offers a cheap model, which is intended especially for fans of extreme sports. Indeed, among the many accessories that are found in the package containing the camera, there is a remote bracelet that is extremely convenient!

Attached to the wrist, just press the button to activate the choice video or photo, remote. In action, it is a cinch and it captures the most intense of your practice times, easily. The remote control range is 10 meters, which does not allow to fix it in such drone!

This sports camera comes with 2 batteries, which take between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the resolution with which you record. It’s little, but the fact of having two on hand overcomes this problem a little low life. For recharge, simply plug in the USB media.

It is a camera able to film 4K (25 images / second), or 1080p at 60 frames / sec. In addition the camera offers a very good record with catches to 16 million pixels. When you switch the recordings on your PC screen or on the TV, the record is pretty good, unless you activate the zoom x 4 too, which tends to make less sharp image.

Applying iSmart DV is really well designed and easy connection to WiFi, you can set your recordings and their resolutions, manage files, and change camera settings.

Finally, its waterproof case allows it to dive up to 30 meters in order to make underwater movies breathtaking! Also, note that it only supports SD cards up to 32 GB.

So here we have a superb waterproof sports camera, capable of excellent photos or videos in the air or under water. Its control bracelet is very clever and users of this model who want to share easily their performance and their best videos will be satisfied!

GooBangDoo of Bopower – The best sports camera under 100 euros?

The Best Cameras Sport 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on sports camera GooBangDoo of Bopower

The model that we present here is the Goobang of Bopower, camera sports ultra complete proposed within 100 euros. It comes with a set of accessories worthy of that offer packs Go Pro (bikes bindings, helmets, surfing …), and the brand’s accessories GO Pro is also compatible with that model!

This small camera is light, which did not prevent filming 4K (25 images / second) or 2.7 K to 30 images / second. The record is very good, and it is the same for photos that, if they do not reach the 18 million pixel models presented above, still amount to 12 million pixels, for a quality result on all the screens.

The sports camera has various view modes that create striking effects to beautify your activities. The time lapse had its effect, and we appreciate the continuous recording mode that allows you to make a continuous film several minutes! The mode at 170 ° vision is great for pictures with others, without the need for a Selfie stick!

Also in terms of practicality, note the remote strap that attaches to the wrist, which triggers the taking of video or camera with the touch, up to 15 meters away from the camera. But be careful because the bracelet is not waterproof, unlike the camera that has a case for him to go up to 30 meters deep under water! Sports enthusiasts will be pleased to use this model in the water, in the snow or wet!

The application EZ iCam, usable on smartphones and tablets, to control your videos, edit and set your camera sports. You can also share all your achievements easily via this app ‘! It is easier to learn and even beginners will understand very quickly how.

Supplied with sectors cables or USB to recharge and able to accommodate a 64 GB SD card, this model is the best camera sports within 100 euros we had on hand so far! If you want the fullest possible model for fast without compromising on quality, this is a very good option.

Muson – The best HD sports camera in this range 4K

The Best Cameras Sport 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on sports camera Muson

Among the sports cameras at entry level, some models take their game and this is the case of this camera the Muson brand.

This model offers a wide angle view of 170 ° and videos in 4K, which you can view via the HD 2 inch screen of the device. It features a MOS sensor to miss nothing of the action, and you will enjoy a crisp image quality, day or night, which is quite rare!

The camera offers a resolution of 12 megapixels and images on your screens will be perfectly clear. It was tried with different brightness each time, for reports that are very good.

Waterproof to 30 meters once you have installed it in his security cabinet, this sports camera can accompany you in all your activities, in water, in the air or in the snow! And a simple connection to the application via WiFi (compatible IOS and Android) allows you to share your achievements with your friends.

The camera battery is correct, with 1 hour at 1:30 of recording for 3.5 hours of loads (and it comes with 2 batteries), it comes with a carrying case for convenient protection and accepts SD cards up to 32 GB. Its many attachments make it a suitable object to all lovers of beautiful pictures, and no matter the situation, you’ll be able to make catches sensational views without having to add anything to this complete package.

Not much wrong with this sports camera Hd, apart from its more limited storage space that precedent.Malgre its low price model, it comes compete with more expensive models! If you want to acquire the best HD sports camera in this range, this model should hold your attention.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best sports camera in 2019

To choose the best camera Sport HD, there are different parameters which you will need to consider. On the one hand, its use, because the best waterproof camera is not necessarily the best camera sports Hd. Performance varies depending on the use, but some criteria can be applied to all sports cameras.

Here are the key points for choosing the best camera sport!

The video resolution

If the first use you make of your sport camera is filming your sporting achievements, while the resolution of the selected model is paramount.

The maximum is 4K, which offers the most impressive rendering at present. We talk about HD 1080p and 720p, where the quality of video is less but still quite acceptable!

Everything will therefore depend on your objectives for videos to share with family or friends, 4K is not necessarily essential. However, if you want to get the best possible video and / or use your images for professional purposes (or for a website, a blog …) then select the highest resolutions.

The resolution picture

This applies even if you take pictures with your camera sport! We talk Megapixel when it comes to evoke the resolution cameras, and it’s the same for models fitted to the cameras.

If the maximum here is 18 million pixels, which offers a striking depiction on any screen, you can easily settle for 12 million pixels for this type of camera. Again, everything will depend on the purpose of use of your images.

The image quality will be significantly impacted on you pass below the 8 million pixels.

The life of the battery

Since these sports cameras are designed to follow you in your adventures, it is important that the battery follow. This is often the big downside of these cameras!

With a battery life of 2 hours, we can be satisfied with the battery of his camera. But it is a rare performance, which is however mitigated in some packs, with sports cameras sold with 2 batteries.

This prevents breaking harbor while you’re capturing the most beautiful images of your life!

The accessories supplied in the pack

The best sports camera hd will adapt to all activities and all your needs. Therefore, we appreciate when the pack contains all necessary accessories to vary the activities.

These practical accessories, it is important to find attachments for bikes, helmets, tripod, bracket body and a stabilizer for perfect video rendering.

In addition, the camera’s protective cover must be provided otherwise quickly damage your small appliances.


It is important to look at what capacity your camera can accept in memory. Those who like to shoot long videos will choose accounting cameras with SD cards of 64 GB!

See more: Best Micro SD Memory Card 64GB

Waterproof or not?

The protective cover can be sealed or not. This is important in terms of the sports you practice and images you want to capture, but we tend to advise you to focus on cameras with a waterproof shell.

Indeed, in almost all sports, there will be a risk of splashing, be it snow, sweat, or a dip in the water, so it is more prudent to provide the right accessory .

Remote control systems

It’s nice to be able to control his remote port camera. This can be done via Bluetooth remote controls (including remote controls equipped ingenious bracelets on some of the models reviewed), or WiFi.

Practice, these remote controls allow for photos of groups, but also to make more creative shots, triggering the camera while it is attached to a drone or an animal!

Let your imagination, because these sports cameras can innovate in movies and photos!

The application and its features

The best sports 2019 cameras are often related to applications of varying qualities. These allow you to set the camera, edit photos or videos, and especially to share it on different screens or on websites and other social networks.

These applications are so important, and although most are compatible with all phones and tablets, remember to check this when making your purchase.

Your budget

See our selection of discount models, including the best sports camera at less than 100 euros. This allows all budgets to be equipped with performance models as it does not necessarily need to spend more than 400 euros (these are the prices of some pro GO) for quality models!

There is very good models for less than 100 euros, and you access the hardware pro almost doubling this rate.

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