The Best Coffee Machines Pods 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Coffee Machines Pods 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Coffee is the small daily pleasure for many of us, and it brightens our mornings, give us a boost after lunch and sometimes accompanied our evenings. For this time is as valuable as possible, it is important to be equipped with a good coffee machine.

Unlike coffee machine filters or Italian coffee, which requires preparation and a little patience, to enjoy his coffee, coffee machines pod (or capsule) allow you to get your drink in seconds.

Very easy to use, since they are designed to do one or two tasty coffees and it just press a button to get coffee, good pod machine will also offer you several options. You can set the desired intensity of your coffee, length, and even his level of foam. With some models, it is even possible to enjoy other drinks!

So you can select the coffee machine most interesting pods for you, Best Comparison reviewed 5 models that achieve very good coffee, and meet with all the most important criteria of choice you will find in the final purchase guide.

Opt for the best coffee machine pod, it’s a nice way to have available a tool every day, turn your coffee break into small daily joy!

Coffee machines using pods differ among themselves in their design, their ability to make more or less good coffee and additional features. If the Senseo Philips remains one of the market leading models, other manufacturers have tried to manufacture these coffee machines!

After reading coffee pod machine models we reviewed, the following key elements to know to make the best choice to fit your home and can drink the best coffee every day.

Why choose a coffee machine pod?

The main reason a consumer to buy a coffee pod machine is the ease with which these machines make coffee. In less than 1 minute, your cup will be served and you can enjoy your drink hot with great pleasure.

Now the models are very reliable and efficient, and offer coffee lovers a wide choice of compatible pods. So even the toughest can find the coffee that suits them.

Ideal for those in a hurry, for large consumers of coffee and for those who often host guests, the coffee machine pod simplify your hot drinks preparations.

What coffee machine pod choose?

This is often the main question that arises, given the multitude of options available to us in the market. The different coffee machines pod (not to be confused with the capsules, less environmentally friendly), have specific features and technologies that make the experience more enjoyable consumer.

Depending on your case and your needs, so you choose the one that offers the services you need. To choose the following selection criteria will be the most important.

Utilisation facility

Since this is the main reason you buy a coffee pod machine, it must be understood that it is convenient to use.

This requires a legible and functional interface with the minimum possible and clear indicators buttons. Senso on machines like the model Quadrante HD7866-61, pictograms representing a cup / two coffee cups allow you to immediately understand the function of each button.

Who says usability also said ease of adjustment and maintenance. Preference is when the cup rest is adjustable in height, so that we can use the container which it is desired (this is the case, for example, Model Senseo HD7866 / 21) and when the machine tells us when must be filled with water or descaling.

The most significant of certain machines: the ability to make 2 coffees simultaneously.

Available features

According to the coffee machine pod model chosen, you will have varying features. We love when you can do something other than coffee (tea, chocolate), and when the machine allows us to create a foam on the beverage. It’s pretty, and tasty!

Among the welcome features, note the auto power, the ability to adjust the length and intensity of coffee, or the possibility of launching the preparation simply pushing the cup against the machine (which offers the Tassimo TAS3205 from home Bosch).

The rapidity

These coffee machine models are designed to produce a drink quickly. Ideally, after inserting your cap, you should not have to wait more than a minute for your coffee is ready.

It depends on the heating time of the device and its ability to link the preparations. The best is that the preheating of the machine will do at the beginning, so you can prepare several cafes row without having to wait between each.

The noise

You should know that there is no coffee machine 100% silent. However, in the pod coffeemakers are much less noisy than most coffee models, including grain, allowing drinking his morning coffee his having to endure unpleasant noises when you get up.

Depending on the model you are interested, you will find that the sound will be more or less pronounced. In order to have a silent model, Senseo Quadrante HD7866 / 21 from Philips is a good option.

The capacity of the reservoir

Depending on the number of coffee drinkers that there are home, it will adjust the capacity of the reservoir. For 1 to 2 persons, models with a capacity of 0.7 / 0.8 liters of water will be sufficient. You will make 6 to 8 cups.

For larger families, we advise you to choose a machine with a greater than 1 liter, so you do not have to remove the tray and fill it every day.

What pod?

Your coffee pod machine asks you to fill in … with pods! They may be of the same brand as your coffee, which guarantees good compatibility and quality, despite often slightly higher price, or an independent brand.

The important thing is to ensure that you can easily find pods that fit your machine. This is why we recommend choosing among the broadcast brands such as Senseo and Tassimo.

The price

This is a factor that is important, because if the initial investment may be more or less expensive (a good machine will cost between 50 and 100 euros), it will then buy the pods quite frequently. So choose a machine that offers coffee pods at affordable prices.

Good to know: the average price of a pod is 0.25 cents. At Senseo pods are found at about 0.16 cents on average, when in Tassimo it is around 0.35 cents.