The Best Coffee Pistons in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Did you know ? Every day, 2.3 million cups of coffee are consumed worldwide. Out of bed to breakfast to wake up throughout the day to support your work or relaxation or late evening to complete the records … Coffee accompanies every moment of the day for many of ‘between us ! It even has built a reputation for new black gold with the success of modern baristas and expert in vintage wines that have revived old methods of making day as filter coffee sweet, coffee in pods, the strong espresso coffee prepared in Italian, the traditional coffee plunger!

And it’s good, because we propose to examine in this article piston coffee makers, which will give a taste to your mug retro morning!

Piston best coffee in 2019

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

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How did we make our selection of the best coffee plunger?

Piston coffee makers are everyday objects current, accessible to very different prices depending on the brand or the modes of acquisition. To make the selection below, we based on the following criteria:

You feel this good smell that rises in the room? How coffee plunger of our selection comes she? Let’s find out right away!

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Bodum Cafetteria, the best coffee plunger for the city solo

A mild coffee, a practice that washes easily. I have long used a Aeropress but I started to ask me questions about the distribution of plastic to boiling water. So I preferred a precautionary move on a glass coffee maker that is a noble material and adapted to alimentaire.Utilisateur of Bodum coffee plunger Cafetteria.

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Trendy Bialetti, the best coffee plunger in the Italian style

The quality is there this coffee is a wonderful look both retro but modern at the same time, I’m really ravie.Elle arrived in a special cardboard packaging that protects it very well so no break with the verre.Utilisatrice piston coffee maker Bialetti Trendy.

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Bodum Chambord, the classic French press

Product glass and stainless steel, being reluctant to capsules in plastic and aluminum, this is what I cherchais.Facile use, the more complicated is to assay well, but do not worry, there are indications. Very easy to carry and nettoyer.Utilisateur the Bodum Chambord coffee press.

The Best Coffee Pistons In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Simplicity Bialetti, purifies and efficiency in one coffee

Rugged, waterproof, elegant and easy to wash. The Bialetti coffee press is a very good value, much better in my opinion than its competitor principale.Utilisateur the coffee press Bialetti Simplicity.

5. Bonvivo Gazetero perfect for a mug solo

Very pleased with this coffee piston.Utilisateur to the coffee press Bonvivo Gazetero.

6. Bodum Kenya, modern coffee plunger

Very simple to use, easy to clean, good quality coffee plunger and maintains a warm temps.Utilisateur of Bodum coffee plunger Kenya.

7. Ozavo the coffee plunger stainless made to last

I bought this coffee maker has stainless steel plunger because I broke the glass that I had. This one double wall stainless steel is super strong and virtually unbreakable, a purchase vie.Utilisateur the coffee press Ozavo.

Buying Guide: A coffee plunger, yes, but how to choose?

Piston coffee patterns do not vary from one range to the other in their operation. Litters improvements are generally about aesthetics or the fineness of the screen or the quality of materials used. It is important to pay attention to certain details before purchasing any validation!

Attention to capacity!

Materials and Sustainability

More than a matter of aesthetics, materials which constitute the plunger coffee can have an impact on the sustainability of the coffee, especially at the pitcher:

Ergonomics and safety

Although the chances of injury with a coffee plunger are thin, it is important to pay attention to the bill for them. An ergonomic and insulated handle like the Bialetti Trendy can avoid the risks of hand burns the service. Moreover, a flat push button facilitates manipulation of the object in the morning and a spout designed to limit splashing as the Bonvivo model are significant details in everyday life.

Aesthetics and ease of maintenance

The simplicity of a coffee plunger allows many freedoms in terms of aesthetics. Whether you prefer the classic and retro style of a Bodum Chambord, minimalist sketch of Bialetti Simplicity or futuristic originality of Bonvivo Gazetero I, the decoration should not impinge on the ease of cleaning or use of the object. Check that the various component parts of coffee are easily removable and exchangeable necessary.

Availability of spare parts

Last but not least, it is important to check the availability of spare parts in case of damage as well as their prices. All models do not accept filters or universal glass pitchers, and in some cases, spare parts can cost more than the coffee press itself.

FAQ: Want to know more about the piston coffee makers?

What is a press coffee? ☕

Concept patented in 1929 by the Italian Attilio Calimani then improved in 1958 by Faliero Bondanini, the piston coffee maker is composed of a pitcher wherein fits a coffee filtering system sliding along a thin metal rod. It is better known by the Anglo-Saxons as the French press, in reference to the first manufacturing plants of this device, based in France. It differs from percolators by the coffee brewing method. The first operation in the filtering of the hot water through a layer of coffee powder retained by a filter. For the piston coffee maker the water-coffee mixture is filtered after infusion, thereby releasing more aroma to the beverage.

How does a coffee plunger? ☕

Making coffee with a coffee press is similar to that of making tea. Simply mixing hot water (over 90 ° C) with the coffee powder inside the pitcher and infuse the mixture between 4 and 5 minutes. Once infused, it gently presses the piston of the coffee maker so as to slide the filter to the pitcher of the bottom and thereby separate the coffee grounds from the beverage. It only remains to serve all and enjoy!

How much coffee should be used with plunger coffee? ☕

Most manufacturers recommend putting a teaspoon of domed cup with coffee powder, to obtain a balanced taste beverage. Some even provide a measuring spoon for a more accurate measurement. However it is possible to play on the amounts of water and coffee powder for a more or less light drink caffeine or aromas.

How an espresso with coffee plunger? ☕

The coffee for espresso is generally thinner, allowing a rapid infusion and give “body” to drink in addition to a more intense flavor. It is difficult to reproduce the same look and taste with a coffee plunger. To get as close as espresso, choose a grind a little thin for your coffee and reduce the amount of water. Pour the equivalent of a small cup of hot water in the pitcher to soak the coffee and release its aromas. Then pour the remaining hot water and steep the usual time before pressing.

What brand of coffee for a coffee plunger? ☕

All types of coffee can be used with a coffee plunger. However it is important to check the consistency of grind grain. Indeed, if the grind is too fine, it will pass through the filter, and you end up with coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup. It is worth noting that most available ground coffees in supermarkets are too fine for a coffee plunger. It is recommended to invest in a coffee grinder or ask a specialist dealer to carry grain milling for the purists consumers.