The Best Connected Watches Children In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Connected Watches Children in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Children are increasingly attracted to the connected objects to be like their parents. Indeed, it is a behavior quite normal, but sometimes they are too young to have the right to use a personal smartphone. This suggests that the connected watches for children are the perfect compromise between a smartphone and a simple watch.

However, it can be a bit difficult for parents to learn about the connected watches for children, because they are fairly new on the market. That’s why we offer this section summarizes a selection of 6 best watches connected to child as well as a shopping guide that fits every budget.

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In this section, we’ll explain how we made our selection to choose these products. To select a watch connected to child, there are many criteria to consider and we want to be transparent in this process, so we will enunciate here our selection process and the criteria that we used. It is a little difficult to know where to start especially on this type of gadget so we put forward the most important criteria.

However, if you are more interested in the playful side, there are specialized watches in learning, there are brands offering these functions there. However, it will use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for updates. Some also offer 4G, but this is not a necessity.

The Best Connected Watches Children In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Garmin Vivofit Jr, the best shows connected to overall child

The Best Connected Watches Children In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Watch connected Willful Child

The best fitness shows connected to child.

The Best Connected Watches Children In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. The watch Fitbit Ace 2

The best for young children.

The Best Connected Watches Children In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. The watch connected to child Kiwip

The more secure with GPS.

The Best Connected Watches Children In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. The watch connected to child LBS

The more ergonomic and cheaper.

6. The watch connected to child VTech Kidizoom

The watch that looks like a smartphone.

The watches connected children are relatively new on the market and are aimed mainly at parents who want to give more freedom to their children, but are not ready to buy their smartphone. With watches connected to child, it is possible to know where they are in real time and also to monitor their physical activity. Depending on the model of the watch, it is possible to make hundreds of activities, from video games to the fitness games that are practiced outdoors. Above all, remember that watches their child are for, so do not give them a show for adults. Indeed, the watch can be physically carried by the child’s age, but the features do not go their to be adapted. In this section, the buying guide will help you to help you select the ideal watch for your child by putting you forward the main features.

Before stating the types of watches for children and their characteristic, it is important to talk about the pros and cons of this type of object.

The watches connected children are very interesting gadgets and can help parents locate their children at any time to find out where he is. This can be very useful especially if the child is in an urgent situation. It is also possible to synchronize the children’s watches with your phone to contact your child when you want. Finally, connected watches for children are made to them and therefore their design and features are tailored.

The types of watches connected to child

There are many types of watches for children. The main types of watches are those oriented games and those oriented fitness.

The watches connected to child specialized in games are watches only for playing a game somewhat like a tablet. It provides access to hundreds of games depending on the age of your child. They fit so children want a new gadget between the game console and tablet.

The watches connected to child specialist in the fitness watches are suitable for children with very active families. Indeed, these watches simply offer fitness tracker, challenges and games with physical activities. These watches are adapted to children a little older and can read in order to understand the activities.

The main characteristics of watches for children

children’s watches offer many features similar to adult watches, but obviously they are suitable for children.


The basic function is access to video games. You can play educational games for fun, but also to learn. This is the perfect feature for parents wishing to offer a fun gadget to their children.

Connectivity to parent devices

Connected watches can also be connected to phone their parents. This feature is not present everywhere, but when the watch has it, it is possible to contact the child at any time.


Sustainability is also a very important feature, because children tend to take less care of their business, which is why it is important to get a strong enough showing connected. Most watches connected to children are waterproof and scratch resistant screens.

the design

The last is the specific design that adapts to children. They are thoughts so please children. They are smaller, but also more friendly in terms of design. It is also possible to customize them by changing the wristband example.

Regarding the disadvantages, we must know that the connected watches contribute to addiction to technology, which is why owning a connected watch can contribute and create the feeling of a burden for the child. Also, it is quite risky to have the GPS feature on a show for children, because your child may not like it, and GPS are not always safe especially on the least expensive models. Finally, the watch can also be stolen just like other objects connected in public places or even at school when the child is not under adult supervision.

How does a watch connected to child? ⌚

A watch connected to child works just like a watch connected to adult. It is very simple to use for adults as for children. Just turn it on and select the application you want to go. Watches for children with physical buttons and a touch screen as a watch connected to adult. You can also configure some options as an adult depending on which model you purchase to ensure the safety of your children.

How to adjust the time of a clock connected to child? ⌚

It is very easy to set the time on a watch connected to child. Depending on the model, the time can be set to any one hour in case of change of time or to change the time manually in the options of the watch connected to child. It is generally required to read to change the time, so this feature is in the settings and are not accessible by children quite young.

How to choose his watch connected to child? ⌚

Choose the best shows connected to your child is quite difficult. We recommend that you read this article, as well as the shopping guide to identify your specific needs. You can also read the reviews of this article that you indicate what criteria must focus your attention. Then, the choice depends on the age of your child if he is rather young or will he go to college. Finally, of course, take into account your budget and adapt according to this criterion. Many connected watches are available at a low price and you will inevitably find your happiness with your budget.

How to load a watch connected to child? ⌚

It is very easy to load a watch connected to child. Just plug the charger supplied with the watch. Do not use other chargers, as this can be dangerous, knowing that some are not approved by the manufacturers.

The watches connected to children are they good or bad for health? ⌚

Like all electronic devices, microwave necessarily have an impact on health, but it is not necessarily bad. In fact, it depends on the exposure of your children cope with waves. It is therefore important that you check how your child is exposed to technology. The effect is basically the same as if you expose your child to the wireless waves, telephones as well as computers. So be careful and remove the watch from the wrist of your child so that he does not care all day and think as to turn it off. Therefore, you save battery and your child is not exposed to more waves than necessary.

How much does a watch connected to child? ⌚

You can find watches connected a little at every price. The lowest price in the market is about to 30 euros and can go up to 150 euros and a little more. However, the selection of products that we have made does not offer product below 35 euros. There are certainly connected watches children very well, but we selected the ones with best quality / price ratio.

How is it possible to receive a text message on a watch connected to child? ⌚

You can receive sms on watches connected to child. However, all watches do not have this feature. This requires that you connect your smartphone with the watch and then you do the necessary settings. Each watch is different and you will therefore follow the steps on your phone and / or on the watch.

Where to buy a watch connected to child? ⌚

It is possible to buy a watch connected to children everywhere. In fact, you can buy a watch store and checkout which will save you time. You can also buy a watch connected to child online on many websites. However, we recommend that you go through Amazon because you almost always have a guarantee in case of non-receipt of the package and you can also read reviews from other consumers to make you a concrete opinion.

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