The Best Dry Cat In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Dry Cat in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Buying Guide – How to buy the best dry food for his cat?

What are the most important elements to consider when you want to provide the best nuggets to her cat? Should we trust the brands advertising, touting their products? What information to look on the package?

They tell you everything in this buying guide will help you find the best dry food for your feline!

What cat kibble for what?

Depending on the health of your cat, his age, his daily activity and its environment, the best kibble will not be the same. Care must be taken to choose an appropriate diet to his condition.

croquettes are easily found for:

Depending on your cat, you will opt for the right kibble. Some favor a beautiful coat, help kitties to have teeth and stronger bones, facilitates the elimination of hairballs and may even benefit from a bad odor reduction system perfect for cat owners who live in small spaces.

Ingredients: natural or artificial?

The ingredients croquettes are obviously capital for the health of your cats, which are – let us remember – carnivorous animals. We must therefore ensure that the meat rate (or fish) contained in the food is sufficient.

To read the label, you should know that the foods are presented in descending order, of the composition. The first is the one that is the most represented! It is estimated that the first 5 ingredients on the label are determinants.

But beware: lots of cat food contain a high percentage of cereals. However, these ingredients are separated by commas, which does not allow you to see immediately that in reality, the cereal is higher than that of meat. Take time to read.

Among the items to avoid, we animal meals (bad for the health of the cat), wheat, oats or soybeans, which do not digest well. It is also good to avoid cat food containing sugar or too much salt, and any food containing colorings, flavorings and preservatives that can cause your cat to grow or develop heart problems.

The levels of protein and fat

The best nutritional values ​​of dry food for cats to analyze as:

If you are aware that your cat allergies, check the label and the various elements above. Know that the humidity is also interesting because cats do not have the same perception of thirst than us. With dry food with a high moisture content, they will hydrate more easily.

The importance of good digestion croquettes

When choosing a cat kibble package, we can not be 100% sure that our little fur ball will love these cakes. Like us, they have certain preferences and tomcats are more difficult than others.

However, one can truly influence the proper digestion of these croquettes, simply by opting for a quality product. Know that if your cat eats well, with food prepared by specialists, it will have less of an upset stomach.

However, if it absorbs the low-end products, digestion may be blocked because his intestines become clogged. Make sure your cat look right to litter regularly and his stools are not too irregular or too smelly.

The provenance of the ingredients

It is not necessarily easy to know from where the ingredients used in the manufacture of dry food for cats. However, if these elements are shown, it should be aware and if possible, avoid kibble with raw materials from Asia. They are considered less qualitative.

Net weight: to get an idea of ​​the number of filled bowls

Depending on your cat’s weight, age and activity, the amount of dry food that you will pay in his bowl will not be the same. We must know how to balance the kibble ration your cat for his well-being, which will prevent it from growing. A cat eats as he is given to eat!

With the weight of each meal, you get an idea of ​​the time that will last you a packet of croquettes 2, 5, or 10 kilos!

FYI, it is estimated that the proper dosage for a normal adult cat is 40 to 50 grams / kilogram. If there is a neutered cat can be increased by about 10% this assay for each bowl. If the cat is sterilized, ill, elderly or very dynamic, it will be necessary to adjust this amount.

dry food for cats of the price?

Depending on your budget, the price of kibble may be an element that will play on your choice of the best kibble. However, talking about the good health of your pet, and it is an element on which it is better not to save money.

How to change the diet of the cat?

Finish with a recurring question: can we change the food his cat? If you have decided to order new food for your cat, be aware that it is advisable not to change her diet drastically.

Get used to the cat’s new food gradually, including the new food in his bowl sparingly the early days, before they completely replace other over a period of 7 to 10 days.

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