The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best comparison

Make your garden the size of a postage stamp, or you have a large lot to maintain, sooner or later we must ask the question of mowing. And it may be time to change equipment … The good news? The best electric lawnmowers are not as expensive as before, and there are exciting new features on the new models.

But this influx of new brands has also created confusion. We can not quite trust some unavoidable, which declined in quality, while others offer a surprising value.

The best electric lawnmowers in 2020

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

1. Einhell – The cheapest electric mower

Einhell is a reference brand in the entry level for 50 years. And if they have not always produced the best models on the market, they offer basic lawn mowers and reliable power. This is rare, in a slice as cheap. Of course, we must be cautious and ensure that performance – modest – of the model correspond to what you need.

This mower has a 30cm cutting width. Called cutting width, that is the total diameter of the rotating blades. You will notice quickly in this comparison that 30cm is relatively low. But like other technical features will attest, this lawnmower is mainly for those who have a small working area to mow.

You can adjust the cutting height between 25mm to a flush effect and compact, 70mm, for a softer grass.

Indeed, it appears that it is effective for a maximum of 300m2 garden, we advise not to use it for areas larger than 200m2. The 1000W motor only, which is quite low for a mower.

Similarly, it is better to avoid mowing his yard when the grass is too high or wet. The weight of the grass can burden the motor movement. And it turns out that this model can have heating problems, recurring problem on lawnmowers electrical entry. Our recommendation? A break every 30 minutes to allow the engine – and you! – recover.

The catcher also is relatively small, with a capacity of only 25L. This equates roughly to mowing a 150m2 plot maintained properly, so plan to empty your bin at a time!

Good surprise on the other hand, this mower offers a mulching function, which redirects the grass instead of cut.

The other notable thing is the presence of an anti-pullout cable protection: because the price should not influence safety. In addition, it weighs just 11kg; knowing that some are around 30kg, it is a relief in terms of comfort.

The Einhell is a good lawnmower basic, well-suited for small-area land: it is a safe choice for small works of gardening. If you have the feeling that it will be insufficient, is that it takes slightly increase your budget and refer you to a more powerful and larger model.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

2. Black + Decker 351 – The best electric lawn mower for small garden

Black + Decker is a reference mark and a certain guarantee of quality. If it has tended to deteriorate in recent years – that longtime customers regret – that lawnmower still bears the mark of a good knowledge and seriousness.

This electric lawn mower has a cutting width of 32cm, with a height adjustable on three levels, from 30 to 65mm. As the Einhell, this suggests that it is more appropriate to use on rather small terrain.

Especially since its 1000W rated power below recommended standards of the market, will not allow to overcome a longer provided Wet garden. Stronger than the Einhell, we can recommend it for lawns from 250 to 350m2: especially as it presents no problems heaters individuals.

The 30L tank is also quite generous, even if it is not large enough to hope mow a large plot in one. And we regret the absence of a mulching option, which is not expensive to install, and which is good for garden maintenance.

However, it makes up for ease of use. Thanks to its handle which is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed, first, which is always nice for long work like mowing a lawn. But above all by its light weight of 8,3kg, quite a feat! It is perfectly possible to carry it with one hand. And it is not as anecdotal than you think. Besides the fact that it is less heavy to push, this advantage also can store the lawnmower easily even do height.

No mulching? It is certainly a shame. If this option does not interest you, and you are looking for an ultra-economic model, Black + Decker 351 is the power mower for you. No-brainer, easy to use, solid and effective, it falls into the category of those who are forgotten: we leave them once a year, it does the job, and the range.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

3. Bosch ARM 32 – An excellent versatile electric mower

Bosch is a leading brand in the field of tooling. They have built a solid reputation in the manufacture and development of engines, especially. Or, for an electric lawnmower, it is precisely the most crucial point. This model also has the advantage of being very cheap! Let’s see what he has in the stomach.

Width of 32 cm cut is similar to that of Black + Decker, with an adjustable height between 20 and 60mm. This time, to adjust the height of the blade, simply use a lever on the side of your mower, which is convenient for the land where you will want to vary in height. It may be the case if, for example, you must back up the blade time to move on paths or stone barriers against or where it can be damaged.

With a power rating of 1200W, it reaches a level that can begin to describe as satisfactory. Overall, it is advised to land from 300 to 400m2, although the tank a bit limited – only 31L – will require you to empty several times.

Its main advantage, however, is in the design of the hull. Instead of being perfectly round, it is equipped with fins on the sides, which have the function to fold the grass toward the blade. And it is not insignificant: it eliminates the need for a different tool, lawn shear, which allows perfect mowing the lawn along walls or fences. The result does not equal the use of two tools, it’s true, but frankly it really take to have a perfect English garden to offer both. From this point of view, the Bosch model is therefore a good compromise.

Especially as it is lightweight, with only 6.8kg on the scales. This is a big advantage in terms of handling and comfort.

Bosch ARM 32 is arguably the best lawnmower entry power. Not too big, not too small, with the correct power rating, it should be adapted to small gardens as the means, and this is by far the most versatile.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

4. Ryobi – The little electric mower for small and medium gardens

Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturer of tools, specializing in qualitative input product range. We could situate at Bosch and Black + Decker, with few specifics. The brand tends to be generous, especially in terms of features and usability. And lawn mowers are no exception!

This electric lawn mower has a cutting width of 33cm – which falls in the low average of this price. But do not necessarily judge a mower solely on this factor there. The cutting width further determines the size of the field where it is most efficient, but not its quality in general.

Especially with its rated power of 1300W, it promises performance slightly above the lawnmower from Bosch. It is also possible to adjust the cutting height of 5 levels between 25 and 65mm: a wide selection allows to adapt the use of the mower with best practices, both for the health of your lawn for that appearance.

In general, it should for gardens whose mowing area does not exceed the 350-400m2. And its 35-liter tank, quite comfortable, should help. It has a mechanical load indicator to tell when it is necessary to empty. This is an interesting option, because if we continue to use the mower with a bag full. Not only there is a risk of causing a jam that is blocking the blades of grass clippings – which is not very good for the engine – but it also presents a real danger. The excess return of grass could be housed in the mower housing, a party may become hot during prolonged use. If the grass is very dry, it can even be a fire hazard.

Another advantage of the reservoir: it is equipped with a removable opening for mulching. This is a very good solution for turf health, if well practiced, and even if you do not think you use, it is always interesting to have this option.

The ratio of power-noise is another advantage of this electric mower. For its 1300W, it emits no more than 90dB: it seems high, but it’s actually some feat when some approach 95 or even 100dB. Moreover, it is relatively light with only 9kg: a maneuverability and storage asset.

The Ryobi is a good robust lawnmower for small gardens area, especially if you are looking for a compromise between the entry and mid-range without breaking the bank. If your area of ​​land allows, the Ryobi is relevant compromise to offer an affordable price and premium.

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Best Comparison

5. Grizzly – The electric lawn mower at a low price and big potential

Grizzly is a British brand tools popular in Britain. And if it competes with German or American competitors, but also because his mower is in excess … for a very measured prices.

This electric mower far surpasses its competitors in terms of performance. And it is very rare to come across a model in this price range that does the same.

The 44cm cutting width will be adapted for land from 400 to 1000m2 on which you will not find too many obstacles or boxwood. The height adjustment, more classic, you can choose between 6 positions, ranging from 20 to 70mm.

But what convinces us most of the relevance of this mower for large areas, it is its power 1700W. Beyond 1500, it is assured of the effectiveness of the mower on particularly hard surfaces: grass, or wet lawn … but also his stamina for the long term.

You’d think a more powerful engine tends to heat more … In the case of electric clippers, this is not exactly how it goes. A heater has engine problems when it is continually pushed to its maximum. Or a 1700W motor will encounter less difficulty, both face inhospitable terrain on a long session of mowing. This is what explains the correlation between the engine power and the size of the field.

The filling tank is consistent with those ambitions, also, since it can contain 52L vegetable waste. It is equipped with a mechanical indicator, which will prevent the jam situations.

At this point, the tank size will even become a big problem – or rather, weight. To empty the mower already weighs 19kg; we can estimate that it will reach at least 30 kg when full. Suffice to say we will not bring it up the stairs.

If the interface is relatively well cared for proper handling, it would be excessive to say that this is the main strength of this electric mower. In fact, it is rather not recommended for those who have difficulty pushing, and that will be more comfortable with a model of modest performance and a more conventional weight.

How to explain this weight, anyway? 400W more than the Bosch triple the weight, it is breathtaking. In fact, the problem lies not in the engine itself, but a considerable advantage presented by this trimmer compared with its competitors. If you lift the hood, we find that the entire frame is steel.

The advantage is threefold. Steel absorbs some vibration and is much less unpleasant to use a PVC clippers. In fact, this material also has a positive influence on the noise level, which is not particularly high on this mower – especially given its nominal power. Finally, it is of course in terms of sustainability advantage.

The Grizzly is a great lawn mower for that price. But it is for a very specific audience, which should maintain a large plot without a large budget to spend on a clipper. Do not leave the mower principle that greater and more powerful is necessarily better: if your parcel is less than 300m2, this mower will cause more problems than it will solve. Heavy mowers high cutting width are relevant to long straights without obstacles, on a relatively regular. If this is your case, thanks to the Grizzly, no need to break the piggy bank too.

6. Makita DLM38 – The best cordless electric mower midrange

Makita is a Japanese manufacturer Bosch very similar to all points of view. Like the latter, it has specialized in power tools. But it was the market leader in wireless models, with a battery system used on their entire catalog model competition was quick to imitate. And an electric lawnmower, what it gives?

It makes the Makita DLM28 a lawnmower that is not encumbered an extension cord or cable. At this point, it should be noted that the price quoted by Makita does not include the purchase of two batteries and charger of the brand, which must be purchased separately. At first it explains his excellent in position value. If it-is advantageous, we must not delude ourselves: a cordless lawnmower still costs quite expensive, and must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such a device.

Wire or not, is this a good lawnmower? The least we can say is that it is quite surprising. Most cordless electric mowers have very modest ambitions. Makita boxing in a whole other category.

With a 38cm cutting width, a little lower than the Grizzly, and 40L collector, it is suitable for land up to 500m2.

The catch? Both 5Ah batteries should be more appropriate for approximately 300 to 400m2. If you’re ready to mow your garden twice, no problem. Otherwise, it is better to move towards a wireframe, or an electric mower without high-end wire, much more expensive.

Its main advantage is ease of use. Besides the fact that we do not bother to secure the wire while mowing, its design aims to reduce the effort of pushing through the shape of the handle and a low center of gravity.

The Makita is probably one of the best lawn grass wireless market: the progress of lithium batteries provide good durability and minimum maintenance. However, we recommend this model mainly to those who already have a load block and Makita battery. The value is so much better, for the same performance.

7. Black + Decker 481 – The best public electric lawn mower

This second electric mower Black + Decker is the great mid-range sister of the 351 which we have already spoken. And this is probably the best in its category, you will see.

With a 42cm cutting width, it is for those who have to maintain a large plot of land without obstacles or too many irregularities. Such width, that is the guarantee of a fast cut and a clean work. This electric mower should be suitable for plots of 400 to 800m2, without problems.

Especially as the engine displays a power rating of 1800W: it is among the highest in the market in mid-range, and quite a feat for its value. At this point, we need to look a little on the performance of this engine, because besides power, good performance makes it possible to reap the benefits. Now Black + Decker offers a high and constant torque that promises good performance over time. This lawn mower will be quite capable of overcoming a particularly high or wet grass.

Especially since his 50L collection bag fitted with a level indicator, should be satisfactory for large plots. Only drawback: the tray of the ventilation holes are too big. If you mow a particularly dry grass, there are risks of larger dust than other models. Allergic to grass? Invest in a mask and goggles, and take a good shower after mowing.

You will understand, like the Grizzly – which has relatively similar characteristics – it is also a heavy model: 17.5kg on the scales. Fortunately, the grip is comfortable, with an improvement rather original design. Instead of a simple handle – comparable to a stroller – here we have two horizontal handles, similar to those of a racing bike. This is the guarantee of an easier and more comfortable pushing.

Other ergonomic advantage, this mower is equipped with fins to fold the grass located along walls or trellises, and is therefore suitable for light finishes.

This is undoubtedly the best lawnmower midrange. Ideal for medium sized plots to large, versatile and well thought, this model presents sustainability advantages, ergonomics and performance that should suit the majority.

8. Murray – Wireless electric mower midrange

Murray is a brand known American equipment – and recognized – across the Atlantic. If it is still not very widespread in France, it may be changing: although it is more expensive than the average of the products on sale in France, Murray has many advantages and good build quality.

This mower, width 37cm cut, is a top-end of the Makita equivalent. It is suitable for approximately 400m2 land. Provided not to have too many obstacles, bushes or land too irregular: in fact, the cutting width is indeed a bit too high for difficult plots.

It can take an hour autonomy of the two 2,5Ah batteries, which have the advantage of being included. Double-charger is also included. This is a clear improvement of Bosch or Makita battery models that traditionally only support one battery at a time. That makes sense: most of their tools have only a battery port – drills, electric saws … In the case of the mower, it is another matter, and it is much more convenient to recharge his two blocks at a time.

The 40L grassbox, whose capacity is aligned with the recommended plot size, is equipped with a mulching function: it is a very positive.

But this is not the only design asset. The great strength of this lawn mower – and which gives it its superiority over many competitors, even in this price range – that’s ergonomics. His soft handles absorb fibrations, despite its large size, it presents no undue weight.

Result: it is rather light – only 12.5kg – and easy to maneuver, with a real added value in comfort. Especially since the rear wheels are larger than the front wheels. And this is not a detail! This improvement, too rare on most models, has a very real impact on handling. This allows the mower to maintain a low center of gravity, which is especially important on light models. It is less likely to tumble on the sloping terrain and ensures closer mowing grass, regular, whatever the field. This improvement is not very expensive to implement cost, and we would like to see on more models, regardless of price.

Murray has serious advantages that reflect the seriousness of the construction, but also in the long history of the brand, which enhances its design for a long time. The price remains prohibitive: power or less equal with Black + Decker 481, it costs significantly more expensive. On the advice for those who want a serious and model are that it is wireless.

9. Greenworks G-MAX – The best cordless electric mower

Greenworks is another American brand of high-end tools. And if the name is not as famous in France as Bosch or Makita, their mowers Electric lawn as the G-MAX worth quite a detour.

With a 35cm cutting width, it is perfectly suited for small and medium sized plots to 400m2. The great strength of this model? Its flexibility in battery run.

If you have a small garden – 250m2 for example – you can get away with a single battery. But you can also cover nearly double this surface with the second battery included. To save weight and size of the mower, there is only one slot usable battery. But the block design allows for ultra fast change.

Especially since the charging time of the battery is more or less equivalent to its autonomy: only about 30 minutes, almost a third of that offer most of its competitors. This allows you, if necessary, to support the empty battery while you use the second, and go on to have covered the entire surface of the garden without too much difficulty. On top of the lawnmower, prominent, there is a battery indicator that will let you anticipate the need for change. Only drawback of this design: the charger supports only one battery at a time.

The cutting height is adjustable on 5 parameters ranging from 20 to 80mm. We advise to start by 80mm at the beginning of summer, then gradually reduce the time for a healthier lawn.

The other advantage of this mower is the ease of maintenance. The blade change, if necessary, is facilitated by a smart and intuitive design. The 40L tank, generous and easy to dismantle, has a mulching option.

In terms of security, this mower is of course equipped with a security key – this is especially relevant if you are away for exchanging batteries.

The Greenworks is more expensive than what we usually spend in a lawnmower in France. But if you insist on a wireless model and the mulching function for a medium-sized parcel, it is the best choice. Its width modest cut and maneuverability allow you to navigate more difficult terrain – even if you have boxwood, stones or obstacles to overcome. Convenient, no-brainer, durable and easy to maintain: that is all we ask for a wireless electric mower!

Buying an electric lawn mower

Lawn mowers are among the purchases that we will want to do once: it is a tool that ideally remains in the garage much of the year. Hence the importance of making the right choice the first time!

Choose an electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mowers have many advantages. Besides being less harmful to the environment than petrol mowers, they also have a cost to use and less maintenance in the long term. Indeed, gas mowers can pose the same problems as the engine of a car: oil level, filter …

In general, with the improvement of this type of model, the market is gradually moving towards electric mowers for home use. Only the larger models will be powered by gasoline, for the maintenance of green areas or fields especially great.

Mower wireless or wired electrical

One of the questions that will arise before your purchase is as you acquire a corded or wireless. The wired models have the advantage of operating time you want – within the limits of capacity and engine warming.

However, if your garden has many obstacles or small areas, cable management can be a real fuss. Especially since he is a real danger for you and the device should it be caught in the mower blade.

Cordless mowers give you all the freedom of movement, at a price: the batteries are expensive, and will add an average of 100 to € 150 on your invoice for the purchase. Besides their backup time is sometimes disappointing, and to optimize this to last, wireless models never show the largest nominal power.

If you have a particularly high or thick grass, more difficult to cut, you’ll probably need a wireframe model with at least 1300W rated power.

Le mulching

Mulching is a treatment of the cut grass that offers some lawn mowers models. In a context of ecological gardening is an increasingly popular solution. The grass is finely chopped and rejected on the side of the unit as you mow. It is a natural fertilizer for regrowth and the health of your lawn!

The advantage is twofold, since the mulch also helps to avoid the chore of collecting the grass after mowing. However, be careful not to practice if the grass is already high: it will clump together in bundles that may smother the lawn.

The cutting height

The height of cut is not to be overlooked if you want to maintain your lawn properly. Most mowers offer settings between 25 and 60mm, with various gradations.

The ideal for the health of the grass is never cut more than a third at a time. So you let the plant the opportunity to regenerate before the next mowing. Spend a 12cm high grass to 2.5 in one mowing, and you may see some of your lawn die during the summer!

Fair questions about electric lawn mowers

How much does an electric lawn mower

It all depends on your needs. A wired mower suitable for a plot of 250m2 you can come back less than 100 €. For an average parcel to 500m2, count 100 to 180 € for wired electric mower, about 300 for a wireless versions.

You’ll understand: the most expensive model is not automatically the most suitable for your land!

Mowing the lawn is like pruning a tree or plant. It is necessary for good health and density, which will return in a natural action against weeds.

Keep in mind the rule of thirds: Never cut more than one third of the grass height in one. And only healthy lawns can survive a very short shearing – less than 3cm. Systematic mowing flush to cause various problems: increased vulnerability to summer sunlight, pests, diseases, loss of color or death of part of the grass.

It is also important to mow his lawn, if possible, when this last-dry, to limit the wear of your mower. Avoid mowing when it’s too hot, however, because the cut grass is more vulnerable to drought the first two days.

To maneuver your lawn mower, be sure to always push forward and not to return to where you are already past.

Finally, for your safety, do not let your children or pets to play around the mower while you maneuver.

Electric mowers also need some service! Even if they do not operate gasoline and demand generally less work.

First, clean your mower after use. It is not necessary to do it very carefully: simply remove the grass or dust packages that may have accumulated around the blades, vents, housing and motor. Indeed, fresh grass contains a lot of water that can damage eventually some vital parts of the mower.

For proper operation, you can also lubricate the moving parts – the rotor blades and wheels – about once a year. Less friction also means a longer lifespan.

Finally, do not hesitate to sharpen the blades with material adapted once a year or every other without the frequency and intensity of use.

What is the best lawn mower for the environment?

From the moment you choose an electric model, it is not really in this question lies the ecological impact. But more in the way you mow your lawn.

One may have the habit of starting with the edges for a cleaner result and finish towards the center. But this practice forces all insects and small animals that live in the high grass to take refuge in the middle of your lawn … where, when you pass, they will have no escape.

For good biodiversity in your garden, it is advisable contrary from the center and eventually ends, to allow them the opportunity to flee. You can also substitute natural techniques such as mulching, to a part of your chemical fertilizers.

What cutting width choose?

To select your mower cutting width mowers electric, consider the size of your garden and its natural constitution.

For land to 250m2 without barriers individuals, a 30cm blade suffice. For medium-sized plots of 250 to 500m2, count 35 to 40cm. Beyond 500m2, you can direct you to a 40cm cutting width and more.

It is important to choose a suitable width of cut to the size of his land. In fact, too small blade on a large lot will multiply your work time. While too large blade on a small field will limit the maneuverability and, indeed, the cleanliness of the work and finishes. Especially if you frequently need around bushes or trees!

What equipment do I need to use an electric mower?

If they are not strictly mandatory, some safety accessories can be welcome.

A security system for eg cable, it is included in the unit or you have tinkered, is paramount. It allows you to ensure you always have the cable behind you and do not pass on by accident.

If your grass is very dry, especially if you are prone to allergies, wear safety glasses and a construction mask.

Finally, some mower models have a dangerously high body – especially suitable models to large plots. To prevent accidents, consider wearing safety shoes.

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